The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1940 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 6, 1940
Page 3
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SATURDAY, APRIL 0,. IfMO K inn Documents Removed From German H» Discusses Espionage Acliv-j 'ties In German "White ' Book" Charges While the war continues "nil qulM" at llio front, IP»OH]- breakliij? espionage activities- nokl Eui-opi, in n slate of iji- IPI-S. Tills Ls an article describing latest developments in ihi spy lei'lm!<|ue. l).v 'JIIOMAS M. JOHNSON N'KA Service Military Writer Hcveallng light u,,o!i ' Mn .-^..rjc; lhat Uocuments from Poland show Ambassadors Bullitt and Kennedy ogged oh I'oliuul. Britain ana Prance lo war against Germany is cast by another do-jiinifnt from Poland. 1101 handed «ut a s propaganda, Inn obtained at some efinn Irom n reliable source. There is external evidence of the genuineness of it.., revelation tlmt probably before Ambassador Bulliu allegedly told Poland America would join tlie war, certainly long before me war begun, the Nazis were undermining Poland a;:d preparing iu Invasion with consummate secrecy r.nd completeness. Tliis is ihe first publication of the document. H was taken by the Poles from a German aviator ^-dcpd, ivhlch discounts forgery. It Is an officinl instruction lo tile invading Cierman troops, showing the invasion was preceded by thc greatest secret service operation' in history. Before a shot was fired, the Germans'had honeycombed Poland with spies, bombmen,' saboteurs, «, mceiidiaries and snipers. And not ••' only freelances, hut also organized forces, with uniforms, arm bands, and a password whereby thc incoming Germans could" recognize them. These men were armed with Cierman regulation pistols mid hand grenades taken from Cv.ecb.o- slovakiii. The most desperate wore picked up and dropper) by German planes, floating to earth clutching parachutes — and dynamite, with which to blow up bridges and roads behind the Polish army while their comrades prevented the Polish troops from doing Ihe same before the Germans. All were to wage guerilla warfare—"little war" —especially against the Polish army's lines of communication RECORD-BREAKING SPY ACTIVITY And what they-sabotaged when war came. 1 ' 1 they had long before been spying upon and ropm-lm* to Germany. Their wortt helps to°account for tlie Instantaneous bombing by German planes of Poland's »air fields and railroad centers, 'me Nnzis knew where to go; their spies hart told them. .Those spies were largely Germans living within Poland, about 50,000 of them. The Poles claim they treated Germans better than the Ni«ls treated Poles within their borders, but they admit now it didn't work nnd the majority were loynl to Germany. To the majority of 750.000 nnd some Ukraniaus ar.d otnars in Poland's 35,000.00(1 who were dissatisfied, and that gives an urn., greater than thc "40,000 spies" Prussian stlcocr smuggled into France ere Bismarck falsified the Ems telegram and started an earlier war. stiehcr has held the record for mass spy-war. Now, enter pasty- faced -Hcinricii Himmler, chief of the Gestapo. What an intriguer! Agetils in Poland had to be recruited—» most delicate matter — enthused, paid, organized, coached. Pistols, hand grenades and dynamite had | Uo be smuggled in and distributed And nil secretly. At such patient details Germans excel; but even Germans need time. This stealthy invasion of Poland .( A HiL cou RJ!!;!LN EWS " Ilf Thc document was taken by the Poles from a Cierman aviutm-dead, which dl.scom.l.s ; or,;,ry. '? H > r ): b 1 a t t BpksnnisaU aj> die goffn PoUn «ln«eRcl*ten Truppen. In Pol«n leben neben r«in«i f\>]<>,, in v«r*chl«ilcmo Cc Mttin nooh <S*utoch» MlnderJielttn w j vtf eit vM^tutftD •it ntchtcUut.cher i'prache, die sber »H d«n £»ut«ch«n Ma dautaohen and onderen VolVagrupp«n woUan .icb ten <!•• polnlschen Joch Ufreten unij i,erd«n d.n 'rf <Ur «autach«n »ehrm»eht umarstutlin. ANNOUNCEMENT for The information of thc Troops attacking Polnnd /, ?i n M 0li lTVo CI | C :lr S, livi "S' in vari °ws regions, side by side wllh full blooded Poles, German minorities and other racial groups- who do not speak German, but who sympathize with the Germans fhe German and other national groups wish to free themselves from Ihc Polish yoke, and will support the battle of Ihe German club caplahri, es wtrdca aeeb wtltrre trttt. AertMher m«dutMt«ca un< antfercr Yelkftgr-aypca d*a KAjapf d«« 4aats«iMK ay. •ttlUu. 51* ttafta tolgtuii ZrkennsQszclokcnt 2) Alt Wfcttea rutolaa Br t*ah9«Mioh«a Ifcutcn, SIM! further forces of the German mmbrify and other racial groups will support the struggle of the German army. They wear the following marks of identification: 1. Swastika arm bands- hand 6rcnadc5 and. Inc-x Cliirlcy, gave reports. To«-els which have bti'n by the clothing dub v.cic by ihc group captains ami ihe re- Kvciils i Conic Week Will To Close In Pro N bounty thi. s WH- -or.shi,, of K ,, ( .,, llm i.ii,.;e or ,!„. c . olm!v , will come lo u close •ii.ioii wllh a program In Oscc- h. suits were as follows: tit\\. Pansy Manly; secoiKl, Pandora Whiuvorth; and third. Tucker Moore. Hurdi'tle (irouji Moris MLss Inez Kincald, cuimty nyeni met with K per cent of Ihc member.? of the Burdette 1-lt Club. Club Number O«c gave the pro- Ki'ain which consisted of a tulk on "Room Improvement" bv Virginia Moody, "How lo Select Wardrobe" by Lounell liisloy duel by Bnbn Steward, vlollulsl. and Uorolliy Aycock. iiinnisl Miss ICiiicatd lold Ihc girls iioiv to improve Hie home by icumdcliirj and covering old furniture. .' [in Suniluy. '"»' Piwum. lo br held nt th( L- Murk Chun-li pin., h uprii lo ilir [Hiljllc, Community n, uliii vV as niiplm- t'Uftt 1.1 this yrai-'s (Mwrvniicc. Dr. H. K .Schli-mer, director oi (he Comity Hout), Uml . jjj.... A(h ; lioyd. head nurse oi ihe unlf DJ- KB. Rubcrls, Dr. 3. K. Currle and '.I"'" Harrison, ni'iji-ofs, K , lv e !ec- | lur<'.i on t«o diseases which li'ive riiusdJ M ) ,,|,ren IHn ,, w , uu , (|W '. U) noil); Hi,, ncjjro nici 1 -Inbwciild.sis id syphilis. Early lulcllli;eni liriiliiioiit of Ihe individual was .singed along wllh the iiict thin neither disease is liny | respc-ci/r of persons :illhou)(li In (nude! '"<' ""<!«;i ill Imoe tuberculosis iiiul .syphilis nre menaces because irenimcm K [reiiuonlly de|K'iulonl Luxora Band Gets New Dress Uniforms LUXORA. Ark., Apr. G. ~ Uniforms for Luxora bund have been received. Thirty new grey gabardine uniforms with the black belt and ties arrived Ihis week to outfit the band before going to Ihc Memphis Cotton Carnival. Emblems are of black and gold as are the stripes around the cufTs "lid down (he sides of the trousers. upon (he shitus of |>eison. llcnllh lectures were (.|ven at Fionrhman'.s Ihiyoii, Pecan Point , tian-Lson at Hlytln-viile and Osceola schools. «tudenu or the third nnd fourth liindcs of Harrison slj |, 00 | save two radio plays and Ellen Hnrdson spoke on "Tuberculosis nnd Ihc Negro." The Osccola school has the best health piotjnun, no- cording (o tile sponsor. Working on the aim lo Improve the. health program each year, .sponsors have the ambition (o make ihe public demand nnd become more health conscious for Ihc ne- 8i'" vnee, It was announced In n statement mnde public today In which (hanks were offered for co- opcrnllon shown by those who mnde the program possible. PAGE-THREE''.; * Revived J]||||pH[.J|CT5 . IlLt Alumni Kc-Elect Neal President When circus day comes lo lilylhevlllc on TJiursrttiy, April imh, ninny memories will be n-vlved iiml the child of loday will also receive new impressions o[ animal and athletic allahs. misselt llros. Three Kin'; Circus with Its pels pictured above will junta, n n ,i |n| 0 re.s(liiK c.v- cltlni! day. Russell Says He'll Figlu Dniton M. Ncal, of niylhevllle. as reelcclcd president, of Ark-Mo Alumni Assoclallon .. Fieed-Hardeimin College, Hender here last nlyia nt. Hole! Noble. the oi New York, lie is nil the more dc-- .. ----- 0 -, ...,..,.^.- teiniinetl lo leach at Clly C'olleKC '!' cn . n ' .'". " s RUIIllnI nieetlng next school year, and ho has— ah— , made liitiiilvles rc the possi- Ton 4.r iteltung J»a« rinzelnei. wlrd es abhinfien.'ob Jl e D»utiob»ttaBlge BnvSlterune die RUokglUiUrung aller deutach «n da. OrofcJsutscie B«lch fraudlg tegrMt. fur di« RiohtigXelti It will depend upon the conduct of each individual soldier whether the population of German race joyfully greets the return' of all German territory to Greater Germany. For justice: (Signature illegible-) Major. Excerpts from Nav.i document, witli English translations, show German plans for invasion and instructions ivor working with spies n Poland. German portions are facsimiles of parts of the document. must have begun years ago, when Poland and Germany were "friends" and German "businessmen" and "tourists" thronged over the border 4-H Club IN oles Illackwater -l-i! club A meeting of thc Blackwater 4-H Club was held Tuesday with Wlll ,_ da Ray Caery presiding. Forty- cight club members and one leader »VI Ll 1.JIO LI II UllgUtl UVIir lllC DOJ'QCC —-•" VlLVy IVilHV.1 and ransacked Poland's military ! Werc l ' rcsenl - ' niu ro11 ca " was nil- areas literally "with gun and cam- ; swerccl b 5' cnch member giving era." Et was on n scale far «rcitcr i S0lne WHJ ' to im|)rovc thc hoinc ••-- --- - - ° The group sang Aiilrt Lang sync whicli was led by Lottie Scott, song than normal European peacetime espionage. It leading to one thing—war; but only when • 1 nlle<; isl in Stcllung"—it's all set. I'OI.ES KNEW OF ESPICTiVAGE Long before the German Foreign Office published its White Book, the German secret service had ivrilten in a black book the names of myriad spies and saboteurs who were ready to pull down Poland's house cnplain. Thc home agent aim the county agricultural agent were present. Re- the 4-lf nlub play tcurnamcot and also gave a demonstration on clothing. J. J. Pickren. agriculture' agent, discussed pigs. The following club captains gave reports; Howard Pish, wilma I'at- ton, Juanila Buck, Elswandn Stalcy Cole Hinge 1-11 Club A meeting of the Cole Ridge 4-H Club was held Thursday with Edgar Sawyer presiding. Eightcei club members were present". Tile group sang "Auld Lan Sync," led by Geraldiuc Singleton song' captain. The home agent nnd the county agricultural agent were present Thc following members made talks; Maude Franks, Ruby Bready nnd Oeraldinc Singleton. A report was given by the follow- g club captains; Sue rcany 10 pun down Poland's house ml! * VjU1 ' 1 ijCe ^oicman, home upon itself. And part of tlie tragedy ! ''emoiwlratipn agent, gave a dcni- r>f Ihnt t^nnco'c foil ir »i,-» ,i._ j onstration on srwinw i i n:-i. sr^^^pt^Z SytS: aml ^ B -"". Guy Whilney. corn captain; Lucille Patton, gardening and canning and Gloria Fayc Page, clothing captain Miss Cora Lee Colemnn, home ii. AIIU pan. oi me tragedy - IO _ L ' "&fiv, gave a deni- hoiise's fall i,s that the j onstration on sewing, j. j. p^. uiler-esplonage service was rcl1 ' »8>'icullural agent. gavc a -- ^- r --'- J ••- • • • ' demonst ration o of thai Polish counter-espionage' ,„„ not utterly befooled. It had an Inkling of the stealthy precautions, but was hog-lied by its government. "We don't want war," they said. "Britain and France nre on our necks not to provoke Hitler." Long before even Ambassadors Bullitt and Kennedy said the things the German While Book claims they said—if ever they said them — the Nazis were getting alles in Stelhmg for their Llglit- nl»£ War. They were waging against Poland a secret war that was subtle, and patient, and all- pervading as doom. . gc a demonst ration on cotton varieties I.oue Oak {;!„!> The Lone Oak club met Monday ,vith Orin Alexander presiding. Group singing wa.s led by Virginia Moreland. song captain. Twentynine members and t«- 0 leaders were present at the meeting. Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, gave n demonstration on clothing rind J j Pickren, agricultural agent, discussed testing seed corn. nox Klrlcr 4-H tluli George Davis presided over the meeting of Ihe Box Elder 4-H club Because nearly two-thirds of which was held Tluirsdav Twenu highway fat.ltties occur at night, eight members were present Jewel many stales arc Introducing leg*- Lee Bolln led the club , ' group lallcm to lower the speed limit after , singing. 8 ' d " kl Miss Cora Leo Colemnn discussed poultry captain. Mrs. Marvin Lane, sponsor, discussed the play Tournament. Miss Cora Lee Colemnn, home demonstration agent, gave a demonstration on judging towels, j. ,j. Pickren. agricultural agent, gave a •lernonslratioti of cotton varieties. Huffman 4-H Club Twenty seven members of the Huffman 4-H club were present at the meeting which was held Friday, with Billie Hughes presiding. Group singing was led by Joan 'I'ankcrslcy. Tlie following club captains gave reports: Calvin Russell, Onela Dedmon, Gerald Cassl- dy. Bobby Cassidy and Peggy Holmes. J. J. Pickren, agricultural agent, and Miss Cora Lee Coleman, home demonstration agent, discussed the 4-H club Piny Tournament. Promised Land 1-H c\ub Thc Promised Land 4-H Club met. Wednesday with Bill Godwin presiding. Jack Sleelton ](d the club In group singing. Mary Moore Uniforms for the drum major and tlie twirlers me of white iniln i oil ,,',"" " ••""•' """"••• • > «.«^ ..L M ""».-.•> ujgimniii; me possi- n«- band will lake i»arl In" ; L P"" 11 '°™cers mimed were: C., W. bllitle.s of somc-iih-lesial recourse Memphis couon Car,,l™l fcsUvl- l '-"" mi "' Kt '"" C "' '' M °" vlK " B ""t s1 ' ""•'°" s »«*»» «««• "'•>«! ties. Miss Prnnces Liverant is tlie drum major- twirlers rtn> Am, Claive Wilkins. Sara l'l»<!nn *!'" :. l . un .'.,°" Iclill . s or »'= «"»!- l»«" president; I3ennie L. Cook of }lly- thevillc, sccrctnry nnd ircusiirer. Members of the aluiiini association, officials of the school ind Frances Ho/ell. Townsend Club To Hold Bingo Party Plans for the blnyo party lo be en-en Tuesday night, at, eight o'clock at the Catholic Hall were announced ut (he meeting last night of Ihe Townsend club at (he court house. The party is being sponsored by the Ladies Auxiliary of the chib. The following program was nre- scnted at last night's meeting"Key to the United Slates "P for the banquet, meeting which wa.s featured wllh an address . by C. I>. Roland, faculiy member ot the Junior, college. Mrs. w. B. Powers, head of (lie English ilcpnrlniciil of the school; C. L. Prudon of Paragould. a member of the Board of Trustees; .lames Carey, a representative of Hie student body; Frank F. Puck(i(, minister of the Church of Christ In Joncsboro; NoMe Unvls of the public, schools In Para- uonld, and H. E. Black, prlnel|Hil of Crockett high school in Maury l.lty, Tcini.. nnd president, of Ihe j -., ...^ u HIIV.VI •Jim.u.'j 1 I UIJ~ ~ *«iivi lem," Raymond Klnncl; ciariiicl, Grllel '' 11 Alumni and trumpet duet, Fowler Lcnden- nie nnd Betty Jeaninc Shearer; vocal duet, Geneva and Gern'ldine White; vocal solo, Martha Ann] Slsk; lap dmice, Betty Jennine Shearer. Wilkins Cemetery To Be Cleaned Tuesday The nev. Hnrol<l C. Tliompson pastor of tlie Ekron Nazavenc church, today announced that a meeting is scheduled for Tuesday to clean Wilktns cemetery. He asked that those who will help make plans to spend Ihc entire day. At The Hospitals Walls Hospital Mrs. Charles Myers. Manila admitted. Pay Brewer. Number Nine ad- milted. Illyllinvillc Hospital Gwendolyn McGill, Burdette, admitted. Guy Martin, city, admitted. Mrs. K K. Atkinson, city, admitted. Mrs. J. N. ingle, Iinyti, dismissed. MLss Grace Hawley, city, dismissed. Memphis Ikvptist Hospilnl R. O. Hrctl, I.uxora, admitted. James fiiinis, Osceola, admitted. Berlh.-i Mac King, Wilson admitted. l-reed-Hiiniemnn, also spoke briefly. I'lans for a Homc-Comini; at thc college May 29 were announced by Mr. Black and Eilylhevllle was again cho.sen as tlie meeting place for next year's Ark-Mo Alumni I Association's incctini;. Arrangements for the affair were in charge of Mr. Neal. who acted as toaslmasUr, and Mr. Cook. Musical entertainment was provided by Miss Clco Garner anil L. T. Moore. Mr. Roland, in discussing Freed- Hardcman, acquainted the prospective students with IMC curriculum and standards of fhe college and pointed out. lhat, In his opinion, the school held a dlstincllve place In lhat it, was designed to III! In the education of thc youth of today. "The college stresses moral and religious Iralnlm; t 0 round out a well balanced education tor ll.s students In providing physical, mental, moral and spiritual development," he said. Miss Onrncr sang "One D.iy When We Werc Young" and "The Singing Hills" and Mr. Moore played a piano solo oi a medley of Stephen Foster's songs. Hlythevillc Gasoline At STATE LINE I'ltlCKS fi Gals, for $1.00 JOYNKR Oil, CO. U. S. Highway 61, Morlli At Red TOJI (Jin STONEVILLE 2B Experiment Station Test* I>wr« It To Be B«l Money Value Cotlon Tor MliMssIppt County We hue a llmllcd supply of these »el<i which are first j-Mr from Ptrll- grccd Slonevlllc 2 B bou E ht direct from Hie l>re«der. It KM grown on tool fatmi »nd H» purity is insoied by ipectil supttvlMon and strides sejnnlion In planting, plrtlng and glnulnj. Del trtslicr and purer jtsrt no«—we will b« g)«d lo Imde for your seed or you m»y oliutn lint dellnled «eed fo[ 12.60 per hnndted. Phone 173 RED TOP GIN North 61 l!l|bTC7 , Atk. Ouster On Moral Charge »y 1'ADl. 11AKKIRON bOS ANGELES, April !i.-lll Ills mild way, Ucrtrnurt Hussell Is pretty angry alraul some of the things being slratilcd iiualnst lilm Iran various persons who hav voiced— nh— declarative errors uf (act. He didn't mind as long /is east- "llut my human tnlcrcsls were uiiKalisfled," he mid. "World events and trends drauged me Into mure popular, current Holds such us teaching. I don't believe thai 'Iron JaW Acts And 'Casting Ads' Vby Interesting I'o Spectators With a big three rln^ circus siiOi .""as the Russell Bros, circus will 'h .Ls booked for this city at an early'' ' date, (here nre. two character oT " nets which compel the jmrformer to keep his or her mind' strlit.? ; concentrated on the lob Ihrv arc " ' ern moralists, protesting his ap- pululmeiits to the clmlr of phlloso- piiy. objected to his writleii opinions which starlltnijly advncalcd ;vx .experience for college sliulctila and adultery us a pnwerviittve lor some marriages. "Hut I do molest a pack oi— iili —lies Riicii us that my wllo aiul 1 conducted i< camp or Unit '| liitvt- a insU' for snlnclmis poelry." he said. "As Uilnjs .stand nini'.' I am forbidden by courl order lo tench there next fall. Hut there will be some further action." In his small office at tlic University of California al !.os An- gele.s- u hour shared with some of his Miidciils. the CS-ycni-old inlclleclunl lnll:ed 10 tills rcinrtcr about his plans, ills views nnd Ills family. "I wish Hint iflshop Manning," he said, referring lo iii s foremost critic In New York, "could know my elder son nnd daughter who are iitlcml- the university here. They're really very (inlet nnd studious— fltille unlike thc sort of youngsters he prouiihly hnngiiie.s." lly his third ni:d present wife, his former secretary. Russell has n 3-yenr-old son mimed Convacl. ifi.s foiu-lh nnd eldest, child, by hli tirst iiiarrliige, is not with him liei-c. The British earl dcrlnred Hint his piimaiy interest still is In nb- stracl philosophy — such as the nonumciilnl nnd widely acclalme< 'I'rinctpla Mnthcmnllca." which co-niithorcd with Alfre< Whltehead, mill "'Ilie Theory oi Mcanlne," which he now is com- ilellng. The tslrlii doing the "Iron law" net dare not allow their minds to H under for a second from what they nre dolnx, for If ihey do, their teelli-hohl on Ihc little leathcj- mouthpiece win relax and :lo v .'i llio girls will come, 'ilicrr: are (re- riwnlly accidents in the circus. iireim lo the girls doing ihe "Iron]aw" n:i, nnd Hie cause is always the same. Tin: most sensational of all aerial acts Is wliat In circus parlanco Is called "the casting act" or the "return net", These acts urc gen- ernlly jiresenled l;y « comfiany of five or six people, who lenp from the flying Irapoy.e and are laughi by Hie hands of the artist workin" opposite to them. The Five Fearless Flycr.s-, composed of three girls and two men imtlpi- Die direction of Hob Fisher me perhaps Ihe heailllners with thc lU'Mell llros. Circus. It is simply Impossible to describe their daring performance—it must IK seen lo be lippK-clntcd. The "leap- Pi-" In tills act is beyond nil doubt Ihe mosl sensullonal aerial nclor In show biisiiie.-.s. We doubt If he himself could explain or tell how he accomplishes certain tricks lie iloc.'i In mlilni,. Dob has often snld he would like ID tench an understudy so II tiny accident befell him the net would go on, but He Hurts himself Incapable ol giving Instructions on how lo do the intricate Uvisls nnd somersaults lie docs wlille leaping throng)) spare from his trnpcM lo the hands of his swlnifln^ imrlncr. When the Russell Bros. Tbrce nine Clrciis exhibits in Blythevllle Tlnirsrtny, April 18th, hundreds of people will be heard to any us they depart from the big tent, tlmt If they had not seen nnylhlug else, "thai wonderful IrnixMc act was worth the price of admission." However, ncrlnl performances arc nol all there is to be seen with Ihis circus, for the usiml program ,,..(£. i \iuii i UL-IIL-VI: LULU *u a Hlllc higher grade llinn usual cduniMon Is rpillo the key lo our I Is to be found nllrncllve In the troubles. Imt lhh:khie will help lo I l«'o hours of entertainment offerc: 1 find the key, which is boiler KOV- '•••-• erniuenl." He believes anolher century will llnd a United Sinles ol thei-worid. He hale.s Communism, despite! Ulsii- oj) MnnnliiK's cluiiBe that he Is u Kcd. iijirl Unco years HBO In a book, | by Ihe uusscll Circus. '-'" "Blln(rii s :"n but." "blind as an 'owl," iiiiil ."blind us n beetle" are The Practice nnd Theory of Bolshevism." he predicted u' Husslan- Cieiuuin nlllntice. "My leli-wln;; friends were outrnued," ho chueklcd. "My wire and f now nre pre- pni'liifi n history of the ronmtttlc movement," Russell continued, "lllllei- Is n product of It. You .see. basically it Is annrchle; 11 believes In strong pnsslons. And like must cxaiuple.s of unbridled passion, II. Is ilc.slriicllve. The only way In curb II Is by de.spolliiii. and tin: only ones who can enjoy II. are tin: people ul the top." "Hut your lllioriilhy icinrdln? sex matters—" f Interrupted. "Thal'.s Just the polnl. Suppression of sex makes for slioiiu. violent pnsslons; II produces disorder. Th« subject is nhnosl completely annlugoiis lo prohlbllloii. It cannot l)c iiiKiied Hint a man who opposes prohibllloi) Is ,ui ndvocalc of drunkenness." FOR SALE We have r.irload Pedigreed D. I'l. ami Sloncvllle Sitdl Also large amount of same kind that has liccn planlcil here'one year See or Call Us For Price! L. R. Matthews Very liberal yrJcc allowance for your tdil MT<|. Gin Co. I'lione 40.1-W-Z Yarbro, Arli. PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock Guaranteed Best Prices Kirby Drug Stores NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without liuylng: a nUTANIi <!AS PLANT. Knjoy Ihis pleasure for Cooking. Ufaltmr, Hot Water and Gas Hdrigtratfoii. For full infonti.ilion write us or make Inquiry at our office. WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Whcalle>---WMt Memphis Blythevllle And Then they were MARRIED... - . . and when you get married your troubles begin. . . remember the old rhyme? \Vell, washday trouble, and work nut! worry too, can easily be avoided by .sending your clothes to us. Economy is achieved this way, and clothes are cleaner and fresher. This is the modern way. For Expert Laundry and Dry Cleaning an vMe 326 STEAM LAUND/IY

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