Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 5
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Thursday, November 4, 1037 HOPE STAK, ftOPB. ARKANSAS PAGE JPIVA THE SPQ] Star Dust Blytheville Prepares for Hard Game With Bobcats fly t.RONAttn KM,IS Our personal nomination for lh< gre.nle.sl high school hark roiiining .slate gridirons this- sens-oil is grinning Vasco Bright. l. r >r>-p'iiind Hope quarterback Bright is truly an nll-slrilo man. We bi-lif-vp hi- will be selected on the mythical all-state team by the majority uf '.ports writers and will be the ihoirp of ;dl eoai-hi-s who have seen him perform this yiiai He has been the sparkplug of the Bobcat offense all season He has player! ill every game, although an Mikle injury conspired to remove him from the Cnmden battle Had In- not been hurt. Bnt'lii nui'lil have turned the tables on Mint inspired ("anther team Hiight is a triple-threat player of Ilir first cahbiiv He has ,• bouMi-n d th.' majority of pouting, passing and running with II.e ball He has M-ored 16 of the Bobcat.- 110 tourhdouns this season As a matti'l of fai I Ihe entire running game seems to be built around this sturd\ little ball-carrier Besides Ins offensive ability, IJrighl i.s aboul the besl defensive back we have seen in .iclion Fi-w are more adept in diagnosing intendeil passes A dei-.dly tackier. Blight can sense intended aei lal he;>ve<- and manages to be on the spot m !I,MC to break them up. A maaiuficrnl performer. Bright will In- battling dov.-n thv home Mreti h a 1 iilvlhevillc il.,s Ki id.ii, night for all- 'Uite honors There ate sevei ;d li.ieks m ihe Mate this sea.-;;m that are mak- • COTTON LOANS % <H'K,K SEKVtCi: A IMMEDIATE FAVMKNT TOM KINSER Mope, ArkaosTii Call Harry Phone 148 Call Harry I'll pick up yinir laundry. HARRY PHIPPS Pine Bluff Star Is Ruled Ineligible C. W. McGibbony Found to Be 21 Years Old in October • LITTLE ROCK-'/Pi-The Pine Bluff | High School Zebras nre without the services Thursday of Quarterback C. W. i Hub) McGibbony. ! The executive committee of the Arkansas- Athletic nssocialion lifting i,n a protest filed by North Little Rock. ruled McGibbony ineligible Wednesday night. 'I he dei.'isioii was based on the (L'l-ound that (he Pine Bluff star bei (ime 2\ years old on October 23, 1937. 'I lie Zebras are slated to meet North Little Koek in a conference tilt (it North Little Hock Friday night. The X.i-biM.s h.-ivo been undefeated this vein and are at (he head of the Arkansas- Athletic conference with six VK (fines ing bids for the mythical all-stute— but toss their names m a hat. pull out one, ami this writer will still take I'nghl as the more accomplished all- around player. Brinl.I is the (tamest little man we haw .-i-eri this year. He'll make some college or university team a valuable I man- and don't forget it-he's lough. : hard to hurt. And he's smart. There's no doubt about it. Hammons Vasco Bright is the I ol Ihe gridirons. * * + •)< -tt I We get it from a reliable source that I Coach Homer Norton of Texas A. & • M . Matty Bell of Southern Mcth- | ..dis| University and Coach r'retl 'fhumseo of the University of Ar; kimsns have then eyes' on Vasco : Bright and Freeman Stone. We are told that Louisiana Stale .' i.-. watching Captain G. V. Keith and Woodrow Parsons, the Bobcat stellar 1 guards, and that for the past two years I the University of Arkansas scouts j have had an eye peeled on both Percy Ramsey and Hugh Reese. HEY—NIX! Foy gem Logs, Blocks and Bolts \\V are in (he market for \Vhi(e Oalc, OviTnip. Hurr Oak. Keel Oak and Sweet Gum Logs. Koiiiiil Sweet Gum and Black Gum Blocks, Oak, Anh nml fine Holts. Cor Prices and Specifications Apply to Hope Heading Company PHONE 2\:> Prescription 200, 000 Kills I'arasilic Itch (Scabies) In :m .Minnies Price JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Hexall Store Phone fill Delivery From .1 sports column conducted hy J. P. Friend in the Blylhevdle Courier News we quote: "The Chicks can look for Hope to shoot Ihe works. . . . This guy Foy Hammons is as full of tricks as Cartel- is oat.s. . . There is nothing he won't try. from hideout to the old chicken neck formation. 'Minna, tl.at man again. ... Of course, it's Vasco Bright. Hope's star of Hope. He has scored 16 of 31) touchdowns Ibis year. Stop Bright and you will m a way throttle the Bobcats opines Seoul Craig . . He's the big Klin and the lean) clicks heller even 1 r the defense when he's in the Value." * * * ¥ * The Bobcat football team and Coach Foy llamimins boarded a Tn-Stale l.us shortly after S a. m. Thursday for Hlylheville. The team is due to ar- i ive m Blytheville late this Thursday •ifternoon and will work out under Ihe lights of the Cluck stadium Thursday night. ***** r.on't forget the play-by-play account of the game Friday night nl Hope city hall. A loud speaker will be mMalled and the account of the battle will be announced by Leo Robins. Adults will be charged 25 cents and .students 10 cents. The game starts at 8 m. Act or no act, somebody stands to get hurt when a couple of rasslers get mnd at each other. La Verne Baxter and Daniel Boone Savage neglected to con- line their activity to the ring in Los Angeles and at a very opportune moment Baxter grabbed a stool and started to commit general mayhem. At that, he 'ost the decision. 23 Unbeaten Teams BattteThis Week Baylor Prepares for Texas, Alabama to Meet Tulane NEW YORK --(/l'i - Twenty-three starters in the annual football sweepstakes will go into the first November Saturday unbeaten and untied. Of that happy handful, there are only seven whose performances will command attention beyond the limited area of their own cheering sections. They arc. residing from Berkely. Calif., to Kas-ton, Pa., in approximate geographical order: California. Santa Clara. Colorado. Montana. Baylor, Alabama ami La- Fayettc. The form chart says lliat. of the spotless seven, all but Montana and LaFayelle should get by this week's DOLLARS WASTED ON UPKiEP CAN'T BUY NEW ROADS Inferior roads seem cheap and easy to build. They stretch a paving fund so that it covers a Jot of territory. But after a year or two, the trouble bo ^r ,! Maintenance costs go up and up. Soon all your paving niutic 1 ' is spent on upkeep . . . and no more new roads are bu.lt. That's why it's wise—and economical—to build concrete roads. Concrete lasts! It re. tjuires almost no upkeep. Each year, the paving fund builds more miles of concrete until the whole job is done—for keeps. Concrete's smooth, non-skicj surface is safe and satisfactory to drive on. It speeds up traffic ... reduces accidents ... saves gas, tires and repairs. Get concrete. Insist on it—for safety, comfort and economy. 1 tf com piece information write to PORTLAND CEMENT ASSOCIATION 1412 Syndicate Trust Bldg., St. Louis, Mo. installment of the gridiron obstacle race without losing glamor in the process. The Golden Bears, behind violent Vic Bottari, will .scaiare off against Washington, coast conference champions of 15130. m their latest bid for Ihe I!)li7 title and the Hose Bowl ncminalion that goes with it. Not impregnable against a bighgeared of- j tense, the Bears defensive record matches that of the Huskies while their allaek has rolled up four limes as many points. The Baylor 'Texas variety' Bears, will meet Texas, which has yet to win I Us firsl Southwest Conference game for Dana Bible, ha.- scored only three touchdowns since its opener, and hardly seem.- a match for Bill} Pat- i ti'i'son and his runnm.u and scoring- • nates. Alabama, with a record of I>IK> points m six siarts. will travel to New Or- I leans lor M Southeastern Conference Joust with Tulane A beautiful spot for mixed metaphors as ihe Crimson j , Tide goes against the Green Wave, i ' il hardly seems the place for an up- I set. The Wave has been submerged by North Carolina, tied by Auburn and accumulated H-l of its 112 points against Mi.sMsaippi College. i-'auta Clara, against high-scoring bill minor-league San Jose Stale and Colorado. Rocky Mountain powerhouse, against Utah, beaten by Denver and Idaho, also seem in fairly .-ecure position to annex then .sixth triumphs of the season. The outlook for Montana and La- Faycttc is distinctly le.-s promising. Lafayette, only one of the seven survivors to be unscored on as well a.- unbeaten ami untied .is matched with a Rutgers outfit that has been scored on (6-fll and beaten only by Princeton and boasts the country's Inp scorer in Bill Tranavitch. Montana's opponent will be CJon- zagu, not only Bnig Ciosbys ,dm i muter but also the team which heln Washington Slate and Si Mary's to M-'orclcss lies. One Hem m the Moni -nan,- favor however, is ihe fact that they whipped Sail Francisco 17-U whereas Gon/.aga diopped a 7-0 decision to the Dons. 11.j form chart, of course, has been in tably unreliable this season. Yet it •till remains the best guide there is. It there were a bettor one. the experts long since would have found it. -— -- - --*»4»1W» - -Curing (he first half of 1937, American movie-goers numbered iW.Oflfl.OOO ti week. i Blevins, Prescott to Play Thursday; i Game Will fie Played at! Prescott—Kickoff at '< S o'CIock The BU'vins High School Hornets ' imil the Prescott Curly Wolves will buttle this Thursday night on thi? Preseott High School field, starting at 8 o'clock. Both loams are reported in good condition and both expect victory. Tne Blovins team, couched by E. O. Epperson, has lost but one gamo this yei;r. Prescolt have been unable to get going, although Ihe tc.irn Is reported to be gaining strength. The probable starting Blevins lineup will be: E. D. Yocom. left end. 145; D. Bonds, left tackle. 1GO; J. D. Stone, left guard. 155: E. Cummings. center. 175; Olen Mouser. right guard. 170; T. Taylor, right tackle, 180; J. T. Manning, right end. 150. Gviy Brooks, quarterback, 1GS; Coy Ncli'ii, left half, 1GO; K. Goodlett. right- half. 135; Leo Smith, fullback. 155. I'rescdtt Rcuily FRESCOTT. Ark.—In an effort to arouse enthusiasm to support the Curly Wolves in their last home game of the ••eiiKon, the high school pep squad held f bonfire and rally Wednesday night. Blevins. the Wolves' opponents for Thursday, has sent word that it intends tc bring at least seven bus-loads- of supporters to the game. The practice .sessions Monday and Tuesday were devoted to improving the liming, blocking and passing defense: of the Wolves. The team is full lit pop for the game, ready to close Ihe home season with a victory. Hot Springs Wins JuniorGrid Title Push Over Touch(Unvn in Last Quarter to Heat Jonesboro JONESBORO. Ark.—Pushing over a last-minute touchdown, the Hot t-prings Junior High School Spartans defeated the Jonesboro Junior High Whirlwinds, 12 to G. here Wednesday night in a battle for the state championship. Il was the Spartans' second straight year to win the title. The visitors took the ball on the opening kick-off to the Whirlwind four-yard line, from where E. Hunter plunged to a score. In the middle of the fourth period T. Hunter circled end for six yards and Ihe winning score. Datigherty plunged through the Hot Springs line for n yard and Jonesboro's only touchdown in the middle of the third cpjartcr. The Spartans held the upper hand f-l I !.-<•> battle in the first and final periods, with Jonesboro standing out in the third quarter. r Bears Prepare for Tough Texas Team State Teachers Battle ] Howard Payne Co]lego Thursday Night ; NORTH LITTLE ROCK-iypi-Two 1 unbeaten and untied football elevens, , Arkiin.su.'-, fjtule Teachers College of jConwny and Howard-Payne, College of | Brownwood. Texas, meet on neutral j ground here Thursday night in prob- ) ably the week's host southwestern in- lereollugiate engagement for small schools. '1 he Teachers are strong favorites to ; retain the state college championship j they won last sca.son while Howard- Payne is rounding out the same sort of title race in the Texas college conference. Lending the Arkunsans will be the ?rnsntkmal Raymond "Rabbit" Burnett, little All-America candidate, who barks signals from his left halfback position. A real triple-threat man. ! Burnett has been the spark plug in i three consecutive seasons of uncle- lealed football at Teachers college i and Arkansas Tech. | Working behind a fast charging ! line. Burnett guides a backfiekl that ! includes Howard "Pee Wee" Montgomery and Jack Baldrklge. two of the iM-tesl little ball carriers in the game. i The forward wall of the Bears has i two outstanding tackles in Joe Conti and Woodrow Holman. Howard - Payne depends upon straight football and claims to have I Ihe best blocking team in Texas. James Minor and Wayinon Wilson are a pair of hipper-clipper backs who do most of the ball carrying. Alternating in the backfiold, they have gained a total jofll'M yards in five games this season, and piled up a total of 65 points. Vasco Bright Best High School Back in State, Saysjkxnit of Chick Team Wonder Boys Drill on Hope Plays—Don't Be Fooled Because Hope Lost to Camden, Is Warning Given to Blytheville Squad Rufus Tollett Quits Nashville Grid Team NASHVILLE. Ark.—The- Nashville Scrappers, victims of a 25 to 7 de- leat by the Texarkana Razorbacks last week, will play their last home game 1.1" the season here Friday night, meeting the powerful Subiaco eleven. K. Tollett's withdrawal from the team two days before the Texarkana iiame has given tht Nashville eleven a terrible setback as he was one of the outstanding backs on the squad and rate das the leading high school scorer in the state. Orrus Irvin has been groomed to fill Toliletl's position au'iinst the Subiaco team. Florida has alligator, bird. fish, ostrich, and snake farms on a commercial scale within its borders. INSURE NOW ROY ANDERSON ntul Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance Rob Smith, iibovo. is called the , I in ,-t hif;li school player ever developed in West Virginia. A M-mor in Ihe barkfield of Beaver II mh of Blue-field, the 18-year-. old Smith's punts in seven Hiiinos this reason averaged 53 \ ;iids from the line of scvim- m:iSo. Rumbling Rob's average return of punts is 41 yards, and he has averaged nine yards at lushing. The youngster weighs 1UU pounds and starxis 5 feet 11. He'll probably go to a preparatory st-hool for a year before enrolling in college if in the meantime he isn't killed in the oi scouts. Precious stones nre smuggled into the United States to such an extent that it is estimated duty has not been paid on half the diamonds and other gems sold in the country. Ancient races on tiny Easter Island, in the South Pacific, carved hundreds of giant stone images, and stood them in groups, along the sloping shoreline. The enormous statues were rolled from the quarries and erected without the aid of lumber, since the island WHS entirely treeless. BLYTHEVILLE-'-Don 1 '. sell those Hope Bobcats fhorl," was the warning of Backfield Coach Mitchell Best and James Ace Fuckett. Junior mentor, as the Chicks started definite preparations for Messers. Vasco Bright & Co. The two members of the coaching «tuff were in the Camden stands Friday night when the Bobcats went down under a 28-6 deluge, but that' failed to alter opinions one bit concerning their strength and power. Don't be fooled and misled by the (oct that Hope.came out on the short end of such a big score. That doesn't mean a thing. Camden was keyed to the nth degree, were playing at home. gol the breaks and cashed in on them. Bright went out early in the second quarter with the score 7-6 against them, and Hope isn't the same when he if out. Should the two meet every week 1 believe Hope would easily win 4 of 5. I just can't realize it happened." said Best. "When Joe Craig said that Vasco Bright, their star quarterback, was the best prep school back he had seen 'ince Hershel Mosley he wasn't kidding. I never did see the ex-Chick in tction and from all reports he must have been a great ball carrier, but I have seen Bright and I do know he can certainly carry that mail. He will have to be stopped and stopped thoroughly before Blytheville can hope to win. If they let him get loose, say at least a couple of times, the visitors are liable to have a couple of touchdowns. He does everything and well, and is so deceptive and elusive it is hard to tell just what he is going to do. Fans who attend the game Friday night can expect to see a real ball game and a real star. He is an All- Slate back if I ever saw one." Craig has said all along, that is. after he saw Bright shine against Jonesboro. that Hope must not be taken lightly as long as Bright is in the game. He is the spark on the offense and the team functions much better when he is in safety position. Jonesboro scored all their touchdowns when he was out of the game He tal- liedas many himself. With Dan Warrington. star right end. definitely out and Fullback Le-, Roy "Bronco" Brown ailing with a sore throat, all is not rosy in the Chick wigwam. Head Coach Joe Dildy worked Hildred Bunch and Leon Stafford at Warrington's terminal and used Big Carl Hughes at full. Bunch and Stafford were especially effective in snagging passes during the comparatively light workout, while Hughes was running with an unusual amount of speed and drive. It isn't at all un- i iikely that Carl will have to open. Brown's condition was unchanged Wednesday afternoon and. even if hie should be able to get up, he will likely be weak from the fever. The Chicks will get some experience against Hope plays this afternoon. Beit spent almost an hour drilling a scrub team with enemy formations. He is expected to enact the role of Bright during the drills, that will be limited to dummy scrimmage. Have your winter Suit dry cleaned in our i modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS. Cleaners & Hatters The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt _ 25c The New Sterling Oil, qt 30c ToJ-E-Tex Oil Co. East 3rd, KOR—Cpen Day & Kite , Orville W. Erringer Hope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund Sponsored by Hamilton Depositors Corp. 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer to- over 30 years. 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