Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1935 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 3, 1935
Page 4
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Racing Star j* .*•» BiMirfg fo IPfcvtous t%ranpH9WH,' |*WteMf, foot. at, es. coimttfand. . modern. * ¥*f reform, 68 Narrow gray- elly ridges. 67 He was a renowned -—. 68'He has is, tee> otd for bringing in -s> VEBTICAti 1 And. 2 Melody. 3 Part of plant. 13 Deity 4 SoHtary. 6 Roof nolnt coveriMy, 6 Half as env. T Company of musicians. 8 Per 3 Perched. 10 Grandparental. 11 title. Immerses. 18 Company 19 Settlor 20 He is now a- night club (pi.). 23 Spendthrifts. 2* Russian rulers. 26 Jetsam. 2? Monkey. 28 to embroider. 29 Anger 31 Brink. 32 Hail! 33 Five and flve-. 39 Singing voice. •Id JtCetcH. 41 Color 43 SklUet. 44 Advertisement. 46 Eggs of fishes. 4ft Observed. 4? To merit. 48 Otherwise. 50 Sorn. 52 Snow shoe. 64 res. 56" South West. 59 y> *^ $•' E- 4?' '. _ , _ „ . , , I marriage of a buddy. Earl Thompson tells about the boys | " That . s an accdm pii she d girl Ben is over at Fairmont (West Virginia- Post, going to mar ry," observed one of the who'were discussing the impending j men- . <she can swim> ri de, dance, — drive a car, and pilot a plane; a real all-around girl." "They should get along fine," replied another. "You know Ben is a good cook." S«ll It! Find It! Hent It! Buy It! in the Hope Star w v\ MA RKET PLACE Remember, the more you tell, the „; quicker you selL 1 time, lOc line, min. 30c For consecutive insertions, mini" f mum of 3 lines in one arf , 3 times, 6c line, min. 5Q« . - ., 6 times, Be line, min.' 90c, " 26 times, 3%c line, mm4.J2.70 (Average 5% words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that the bill is payable on presentation of statement, before the first publication. Phone 768 Half of the 56 signers of the Declaration of Independence wer§ college- bred; 16 had "classical" educations; two were instructed entirely by tutors; and 16 had very little learning. Help Wanted—Female LADIES, work spare time, copying names, addresses for Distributors, good pay, "experience unnecessary, write stamped addressed envelope Mutual Advertising Service, 370 Lexington "Avenue, N. Y. C. 3-ltp , WANTEi) TRY THE Sea Food Market at Home Ice Company Fresh Sea Foods direct from the original French Market at New Orleans. . This is the month, to plant your fall crops. We have a good supply of seed oats, Wheat and Rye. Southern Grain "and Produce .Company. l-3tc I WANTED— Dress Making, Tailored and Fancy. Apply Louise Bonds, 219 South t Washington 1 at Sweeny Copeland 'residence. ' l-3tp We pay the highest prices for Poultry. Southern Grain and Produce Company. l-3tc WANTED— WE pay top prices for poultry, 15e for hens, 16c for fryers. opposite Frisco Freight Depot. T. P. Beard, 2-3tp FOR RENT Eggs are to continue high this fall and winter. Feed your hens Ultra Life and you will be surprised at the eggs you get. Southern Grain and Produce Company. l-3tc FOR RENT— Three room apartment with private bath and garage. Mrs. Anna Judson 220 North Elm St. Phone 291. l-3tc ANNOUNCEMENT W. E. Bailey, with 16 years shoe repair experience, has bought a half-interest with C. W. Keen. We fix your shoes while you wait, or will call for and deliver. KEEN & BAILEY 105 W. Front St. Phone 388 Let us make an estimate on your| PRINTING Johnson Printing Co. Cecil Johnson Phone 311 nr FOR RENT: Comfortably furnished two room apt,, near bath, running hot water, utilities paid. Four-thirteen S. Main, under new management. 3-3tp SALE OR TRADE We will exchange meal, flour, sugar, lard, shorts, bran or anything we have for shell corn. Southern Grain and Produce Company. l-3tc l,6~ST~ LOST—-Bill fold, containing currency amj checks; several receipts and other papers. Reward to finder for return to C. H. Sutton, Button & Kale's Service Station. 3-3tp SPRAYED OH STOLEN—Big de- howied Jersey cow from our pasture one mile east of Hope, near John Cornelius home. Branded X on left hip. Reasonable Reward. Briant & Co. l-3tp We will pay the highest prices, cash or trade for cotton seed. Southern Grain and Produce Company. l-3tc SERVICES OFFEREP treatment and diagnosis of feet. |>r. C. B. Bledsoe Chiropodist. Expert chiropodist at Ladies Specialty Shop. Consult Roy Anderson and Company for Complete Business and Personal Insurance. WANTED PINE HEADING BOLTS AND ROUND BLOCKS 23-in. LONG. For prices and specifications Apply to HOPE HEADING COMPANY Hope Ark. Phone 245 Get the World on a CROSLEY All-Wave RADIO Tubes Tested Free Houston Electric Shop GENERAL Vacuum Cleaners .95 up 17 Harry W. Shiver Plumbing-Electrical Phone 259 HOPiS. ARKANSAS BOARDING HOUSE TO SCHOOL.' _ ,^U|vAT:~SPL! ON NEEtiLES ANt) WOR-RYING THAT YOU WOULD IT OUT TO vSL I HAVE \T MATCVAtt) TO NEXT SPWN<b,W\TH THE CVAAMP\ON T-RO<£> OF THE N\LE,AT —- I ANA EXCEE'DlNCaW ._ W\TH YOU, h/CUKto I- By AMERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLS; W\N\ /^r NlOON "P£CE^^>,\NT "PLAY YAT^ti.AN H£t3 ONW YbO A L\TTV-E HOT 5 S\OtWAYS WHEN "PINKY" "BUNT2. WOULTD "BLOW W MOUTH OR6NN' AT HIM/ ^*i %v.^v © 1935 BY NBA SERVICE, INC. ~. M. REO. U. g. PAT. OFF. /^TAKB THAT TWIMG DOWM AT ONCE/ STOP THE CAR ,.BEFORG THE WMOLg , TOW^4 SEES / DON'T T£LU " ME TWOSG \MEGNIG5 AND POTATOES BOfW BROKE OUT OF THE BAGS NO-BUT A SPUD BROKE OUT AM' GIVE ME TU' IDEE- G05W, CAN'T A GUV ENJOY WIS5ELF, . v BACK WERE ? YOU \ WIMMIM KIN GAB, -A. Df IT —, —, *• v BUT fflte'. PlAtfisMi ;»»«?"!w. 1^ SOLITARY CONFINEMENT. .jr.CT.WiUl.i^K ie-3 BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Everybody's Happy by MART) WE\A. » C MOM , HPtf T.M U\J . NT -- TO . VXJOOLO \T (S1935 BYNCA SERVICETlNG!' ALLEY OOP A LITTLE MATTER, HEH ? AW- ^\ I'M GONMA HAVE SUMPlM TAKE IT EASY, \TSAY ABOUT THAT/ TUMK - I GOT A LITTLE MATTER TO TAKE < , cte CARE OF, ) ., JS&, FIRST- CMOW, DOOT5V- LE'S 6IT OUTA QUICK Umpa Gets an Earful B y HAML! WELL, FER CAT'S SAKE - WHATCHA GONNA DO? DON'T YOU KWOW TH' LONGER WE STICK H ERE, TH' LESS CHAMCE WE /-' AW- GOT OF MAKIW A f MOW, DOWT GET-AWAY? WASH TUBES FIGHT! ]STAMD UPAWD TAI^E IT, MUG! Y HEX DONT AIM TO QUIT SLU&GlM' I yQjj / ' TROUBLE, ^ ARE YE ?^ REMEMBER WHAT I SAID ABOUT THIS LI'L QUEEN? WELL, \ NOW.S MY 60 GITTIN' SCARED LISTEN! - CHAWCE TO GET HER,; ' SEE? © 1935 BY NEA SKRV|CETlNC~;r, M Lulu Belle Butts In f I'LL LEARN \6EGGIWG, YOUR PODDON,MA'M, YOU TO PICK') BUT I'M ABLE TO FIGHT MYOWM BATTLES. FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS © 1935 By NEA SERvicEi INC: T. M REG. I DC. : ,' MEED DOMTGIT SASSY I AMY WOMAWyYOU HORSE-FACED^! POTAMUSi 1AINT Ribbing 'Em By BLOSJ FIWE TEAM YOU ARE/ THE SCRUBS HELD YOU EVEN .'/ AREN'T Y^D PROUD ? YoD MUST ALL BE DIETING ON LADYFINGERS /AND CREAM PUFFS // SATURDAY WE HAVE A PRACTICE GAME WITH LEESBURG.,.. "THEY'RE SUPPOSED BE THE WEAKEST TEAM IN THE CONFERENCE / I WONDER " THE NEWFANGLES (MonVn Pop7 ' BY TUE TIME YOU OET 'V LEW/YOU OOTTT ^ KNOW ENANAY-TUE tAORE SHE THINKS OVER A TWNG.TUE fAQRE RILED UP SHE GET6-1 KNOW WHAT'S \N STORE FER ME---A PILE OF ASSORTED AMMUNITION / HOME, EM!W VV'ILL WAVE FO5GCTTEN ALL ABOUT OU<? SNEAKING OFF TO TWE PACES AND LEAVING UEP WAITING IN MY OFFICE f HERE...TAKE THESE AND PASS ONE TO EACH MAN/ THEY'RE TICKETS 1 TO THE GAME.' / I WANT TO /BUT WHY MAKE SURE ' Do WE YOU ALL HAVE ONE .'/ rc WELL, THE LEESBURQ TEAM SAYS THEY'RE GOIWG TO SHCVE ^f&U FELLOWS RIGHT OUT THE STADIUM....AMP I THOUGHT YOU MIGHT LIKE THOSE: TICKETS TO SET BACK IN .'/ Windy Stocks Up OOC , £ WANT A COUPut. OF PACKAGES OF COURT PLASTER *\i\io SOME ADHESIVE TAPE! /MSOACOUPUE ~ F BANDAGES-AND WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TM/ST'S _ GOOD FER BRUISES ? 8uT,VOU HAVEN'T A ON YOU ,' VvE.LL,l WILL WHEN I G\T H0^ i >< M ~^A^

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