Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 4, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 4, 1937
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS f?Jt Thursday, November 4,155? 1 "the More You fell, the Quicker Ydu Sell" RATES One time—2c word, minimum Me Three times—3Vac word, mln. 50c Six times—6c Word, niininium We One month (26 times)— ISe word, minimum $2.79 Rates are for continuous Insertions only. In making word count, disregard classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," etc.—this Is (tee. But cadi Initial or name, or com* jlete telephone number, counts as a full word. For example: FOR HfiNT—Thrcc-foom modern furnished apartment, with garage, close In. Bargain. 3. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, 39c for one time; at 3Vic word, S3c for three times, etc. NOTE: All ^rders placed by telephone are due and payable upon presentatiuu a( bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience a. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf IN THE HEMPSTEAD CHANCERY COURT STATE OF ARKANSAS . Plaintiff, v. No. 3078 DELINQUENT LANDS IN HEMPSTEAD COUNTY FORFEITED FOR NON-PAYMENT OF TAXES AND SOLD TO THE STATE OF ARKANSAS ... Defendents The defendant Anna R. Sciklamore is hereby warned to appeur in this court within thirty clays and answer the cross-complaint of Price Jones, tn- tervenor herein. Witness my hand and seal as clork of said court on this 25th day of October. 1937. RALPH BAILEY Clerk Oct 15. 22, 29 and Nov. 5. OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hooole OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS TOO MUCH/ VET! WE'LL PUT LESS (Ki THIS TIME A LOT LGSS. YEW, AN 1 SOMEBODY ELSE \S GONMA TRY IT? «JIS CU2. TM TH' BIGGEST IS MO Sl£>N 1 GOWNrX TAKE ALL THE BRUNT! VOU'LU NEEP MORE PADPIN'~* QUITE A BIT, Today's Answer* to CRANIUM CRACKERS SERVICES OFFERED—New or re- , new&l subscriptions to any magazines. \ Special for Christmas gifts. See Charles i Reynerson at the City Hall. Hope. j 4-6te Hempstead County Mattress Shop builds new cotton mattresses and rebuilds old ones. Work and material guaranteed. 712 West 'Fourth street. Phone Paul Cohb. 853-J. 2-tfc For Sale FOR SALE— B.TTrUosley farm 1'ij mile from city limits _>n old Fulton i road. Farm consists of 160 acres high I state of eultivitation suitable for farm- i ing or stock farm. Has deep well water | and running water year round on farm. | Buildings consist of one large 5-room i house, one tenant house and neces- I lary out buildings. Price S4.000.00,1 vvith 5500.00 down and long term balance. Write or see Mrs. B. D. Mosley ! at above address. 27-12tp Questions on I'agv One 1. Iowa. Idaho. Illinois, and Indiana are the states whose names begin with the letter "I." 2. Wall Street is in New York. Downing Street in London. Champs Elysees in Paris, anrl F-onte cli Riiilto in Venice. 3. The Dead Sen is an inland lake on the southeastern borders of Palestine. Because it has no outlet its waters contain about 25 per cent salt. It is frequently mentioned in the Bible. 4. Pete weighs five pounds less than John. 5. The parents of John were divorced and the parents of George were divorced. John's mother married George's father and they had a son Carl, a stepbrother of John and George. John's father married George's mother and they had c\ son Harry, also a stepbrother of John and George, but not related to Carl. FOR SALE — Three, bred Poland China Gilts: 1937 Cabinet model battery set Phiko Radio, same as new; first class sorghi'm Ribbon Cane for RO "America's Finest Gas Range" EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical sT: Brown Ieahejake seed. G. L. Johnson, Hope. Ark Three , Home !cc Cc and Pron , Strect miles East of Hope, highway No. 4. l-5tp FOR SALE—1937 Ford pick-up truck Driven 1200 miles. Bargain for cash. Mrs. Ida MeGuirp. Prescott. Ark. 2-3tp FOR SALE—1937 Seven tube Philcc car radio. Ed Percell. Washington Pike Service Station. 2-3tp FOR SALE—Nice country home, modern: one acre land. 5 blocks from corporation line near highway 67. See W. E. Eruner. Hope. Ark. 3-3tc For Rent FOR RENT—3 mom apartment. Private entrance. 1 , garage. 215 South Washington. Phone 241-J. 4-3tp " FOR RENT- in. Phone 66. -Small apartment, close 2-3tc Lost LOST— BUi Mare mule, weight about 800 r.ounrLs. Lost four miles north of Ozan. Thursday. October 28. Reward. H. C. Brown, Ozan. 2-3tp on to town. F. J. Gordon. 912 East; Third. Reward. 4-3tp YOURSELF, YOU THE^e SPOTS ARE MOT THE RESULT OP A BUT A-NKRELY AM EXPERIMBKJT IM THE t?eCEPTIOM<— FACT THAT vOU ARE INDICATES THAT KNOWLEDGE OP MEDIC A L. SCIE.WCE WILL BE OP C3REAT APVAWTAGE |M A SCHEME THAT I WAVE CTOJCOCTEP/ UMP -P —-HAWD ME MY HAT AMP 1 WILL LASJ MISTAM AAAJAH.' WHAT PEM RE IP <C SPOTS ALL CVAH <^_ YD FACE "2 LETT .ME OUTA MEAN / PAT'S OE SMALL- > POX, SHO AS YOU , V--- ' L/l S;!l^%! BORN THIRTY V6AK5 TOO SOOM By MARTIN BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Serves Him Right, Too COPR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U.S. PM\gff.^ ALLEY OOP The Disposal Business Is Getting Bit* By HAML1N LOST—Gold bar Pin on streets of ' Hope. If found return to Hope Star, j A reward is offered. 4-3tp Help Wanted—-Female WOMEN EARN GOOD PAY. Wonderful Opportunity. Experience Unnecessary. Addressing envelopes for us. Everything Supplied. Write, enclosing stamped addressed envelope. Nationwide Distributors. 401 Broadway, N. Y. Z-ltp Salesman Wanted WANTED—Farmers or farmers sons over 21 years of age with good car to travel in the country. Steady work. Write for particulars. G. C. HEBERLING CO. Dent. -13 Bloomington. III. ; 4-3tc Wanted MOW THERE WON'T BE ANY HEM* VBLABBIN' AROUNP OL' GU'Z sui^ A&CWMV—''METELLIN GOT RIPPA THAT>5£CRET//6UZ THAT THEIR ANP PIP HE FALL FOR THAT! HAH! ITLIkEDTO 5CAREP 'IM T'PEATH! FUNMY TALK WAS Ps SYMPTOM OF TH' BLOO 600FU5 WAS A SWELL ' STUNT! DOUBLE CROSSIN FOOZV AN' HIS PAL OOP IN A HURRV! \S COM'N BACK r \ NOW WHAT'S. WRONG - HEM ? WrlAT'J THIS?/ YOU JUST COME WHAT D'VA iv\EAN WE\ ALOM& WITH M£- AlN'T 60'i TH'BLOO\ I'LL SHOW VLIH! OCVUS5TAMPEP// OUT VET? . -•' ' aoO^ _A1 I THERE,NOW, USSPN TO G^* X ^7- TWAT! OU DINNVS GOT j » | f ' 'I t*V *Trx"\ f^ t 1 I ^t t J II ^*»» I / A *~»l -} A IT,TOO! NOW, HOW ARE I \ WE 60NNA P5POSE OF HIM? ^ COPR. 193? BY NEA SERVICE. INC. flV REG. U.S. PAT..OF?. IJ Former Baseball Star WASH TUBES IKE A BUNCH OFCACKLIN© HENS, WNTED. Wood for fireplace-length T^^^f ^1^^^!^ o •>n ;„„),«.<.. r-»n co« nr,,iii^ w p.,.;,,.! J"^ 12 - V1LLASE.YOUN& AND OLD SATHER TO FEEL HIS SEAR.D, TD MARVEL, ANP TO GASP THEIR. AMAZEMENT." 1 Welcome, Little Stranger By CRANE 30 inches. ger. Call 690. Orville W. Errin- 4-lt-dh HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured man. 8 He was the most famous ball of. his day. 13 Black. 14 To pickle. 18 Evils. 17 Finish. 18 Impelled. 19 Jewel. 20 Right. 21 Ugly monster. 23 Small nail. 25 Northeast. 26 To barter. 28 Behold. Answer to Previous Puzzle 12 Respiratory sound. slave. 45 Dunce. 47 Stop. 40 Fence rail. 29 Volcanic tufa. ">_\ j; !rns 31 To assist. -<•"-33 Electrified particle. 34 Kinsfolk. . 35 To thread. 37 Twenty four hours. 38 Network. 53 Dry. 55 He made a record hitting runs. 56 Relieves. 57 To bathe. 58 Those who read. 40 Musical note. 59 He competes 41 To accomplish. in golf * 43 Domestic today. VERTICAL 1 To exist. 2 To instigate, 3 Buddhist festival. ". Settles an income upon. 5 To arrogat?, 6 Lacerated. 7 An embrace. 8 Foot lever. 9 Frenzied nervous malady, 10 To bark. 11 Enthusiasm. \jl •"-* *•** IV4 « rU 15 To harden. 20 He as a professional player some years ago. 22 Piston packings, 24 Hearty. 26 Sounder of mind, 27 Pertaining to tides. 30 Eggs of fishes. 31 Conjunction, 32 Arid. 36 Changed direction. 39 To come in. 40 Cavity. 42 Instrument 44 Ages. 45 To opine. 46 Powder ingredient. 47 Bees' home. 48 Poems. 50 Wine vessel. 52 Electrical unit 54 Hurrah] 55 Hour. WHITE V ^'. )SAV, LISSEW HEEE, VOU PERN MIPSET^I AM FYGMY.'ySr-,A HOT A PVGMV.' I'M A f Ull'6ROWM #MN AHOUitM PONY \AANTA BE FANNED/ 60T1A i ^BffppVv '""1*937" HY NLA 'SEHVlCt. INC FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS On the Spot IMAGINE ,r, MOTTY'. MS.WAYM^S) HELPED GET MY AWKLE IM SHAPE, AMD BV CX3IKJG IT, I MAY PLAY HIS "i-EAM ' IT'S- FuwKr,',-roo,BECA'JSE: /, LOT OF" PEOPLE EXPECT ME "TO LAY DOWKI IKI THE p; GAME V/TTW K1MC3STDM <." BECAUSE I'M FRIENDLY WTTH JUWE V/AYMAW By BLOSSER DOCS' WIBST V.'AY^-1AW kMOXV /OLIVE B&.EM SWADYSIDE B STAR PLAYEF2. FOR ~Tf-<£L PAST COUPLE Or ^??fs^, A|JKLE "'"* "".^' '" I-IE SEEMED "TO -JD "rl^T HE V.'ORKED HARD OW :L *. FRECK,YOLl'pE KIWD OF OM A SPOT f IP YOU BEAT KINGSTON YOU'LL HURT THE GUY WHO HELPED YCU ....AMD IF YOU DOW'T BEAT KIMG^TOW, PEOPLE WILL- TALK RTH, SPECIAL NURSE Familiar Footsteps ADD IT ALL up AWD YOU HAVE THE WHY I CAW'T SLEEP WIGHT© .'.' By THOMrauiN AINU \/ f.M REC. U.S. P»T. OfF COPR. H--I Bt ME* SERVICE. I «<•*"$ ^ U BUiL rvAKPOM KWOW THEV\ .PS, AMV WHERE SOMEOUE GO^A|^J& THE WHAT SHALL W& DO," GO BACK TO OUB, CELLS AUD PEETEMDJ WE'RE STILL LOCKED IM; MO-IVE A BETTER P1AM- COME OVEK. HE: RE IM THE SHADOWS BV THE HALL wow, WHEN) nr COKAES INTO THE CORi^lDOfc . VOL) SLIP Pi-^WM "IMt AkjD C'UC'K ifJIO ' iKotCV... HL KtH.I. f tr -3HMHH. HtHt Mf ^ C TJMfc S .' /r - HEY, PICbEOlJ / WHERE ARE VOU? TH' MOB'S

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