Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 5, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 5, 1934
Page 3
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_ Friday, October 5,1934 HOPE, ARKANSAS FAGB MRS. Sro HENRY TELEPHONE 821 There's n tender, holy feeling, as of Autumn in the nlr, ' Tis n prayer, 'Tis a prayer; Sweet benedictions and all blessings beam upon us, Ev'ryWhere, ev'rywhere; While memories of summer now faintly fade nway, Hill and valley sing in Rice, "O' let Love the harvest be," With the lender, holy feeling, as of Autumn in the air.—Selected. Mrs. R. M. LaGrone has returned from a few days visit in Little Rock where she attended an executive board meeting of the Federated Music clubs. The different circles of Ihc Womans Auxiliary of the Frst Presbyterian church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon as follows: Circle No. 1 will meet nt the homo of Mrs. B. L. Kaufman; Circle No. 2 with Mrs. Mail Gnlstrr on North Hervcy street; Circle No. 3 with Mrs. W. Y. Foster Jr., North Main; Circle No. \ with Mrs. Will Orton, South Pine; Circle No. 5 will meet at 7:30 Monday evening at the home of Miss Miriam Cnrlton. East Third street. A most interesting meeting of the Truces, Abdominal Supports, Kins- tic Kncr Cups and Anklets Our stock i.s all new and of the very lale.st and improved merchandise. We fit children as well as grown-ups. For rnnny years we have sold this line of goods and now is quite an important department in our store. This stock is 'carried in a separate room where our fitters can serve you without interruption. We make no charge for fitting and our prices will pleusc you. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company Pat Clcburnc chapter. U. D. C. was held on Thursday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Don Smith on South Elm street with Mrs. Ida Boyctt, Mrs. J. F. Gorln and Mrs, D. H. Lipscomb us associate hostesses. Thn meeting was opened by the chapter president, Mrs. Wilbur Jones and following the U. D. C. rilual, and chapter hymn "How Firm a Foundallon," Mrs, J. A. Henry read Ihe minutes of the previous meeting and called the roll. The year book committee distributed the new year books, which had been typed by Mrs. Pal Casey and will be combined with Ihe old year books. Reports from the various committees were given. Miss Maggie Bell was elected as parliamentarian in the place of Mrs. J. L. Jamison, resigned. Mrs. Wilbur Jones and Mrs. Chas. Haynes were elected as delegates to the National convention meeting in November in New York City, Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp will go as Arkansas Division president. The program topic "Gettysburg" with Mrs. J. A. Henry as chairman proved ot be one of the most interesting and instructive programs in the history of the chapter. Mrs. Henry gave a very comprehensive review of the battle, demonstrating with a map showing the position of both armies, closing her talk with a highly interesting description of the picture of the battle of Gettysburg, us shown at the Century of Progress Eposition in Chicago. Fol- lownig the program Ihc hostesses served « very templing sandwich course with cherry pie and coffee. For the occasion the Smith bcmc was abloom with a quantity of lute summer flowers, including handsome dahlias, lovely pink roses find cosmos. The topic for the next meeting on November 8, will be "Vicksburg" with Mrs. Charles Haynes as chairman. o Mrs. Charles Dana Gibson and little son. Chas. Dana Jr., left Friday for a visit with relatives in Little 'M' System Store Quality Groceries and Low Prices Specials for Saturday FANCY LARGE STALKS lOc ONIONS YELLOW 3 , B , 10c CABBAGE C.OOl) FIRM HEADS—POUND 31c COFFEE RED AND GOLD—POUND 20c Del Monte Peaches LARGE CANS Del Monte Midget Peas No. 2 CAN 19c Tomatoes N,,. ic ,,,.- Arkansas Pack J CANS fa I U CORN Tiny Waitress—No. 2 Cans 0 CANS £ I C Star Washing Powder-2 pkgs. 5c FOR THE SCHOOL LUNCH BANANAS—Nice and yellow—Lb 5c Pt Jar Peanut Butter (Temple Garden) 13c Qt. Jar Peanut Butter (Temple Garden) 25c Qt. Jar Relish Spread (Table Garden) 25c Qt. Jar Salad Dressing (Table Garden) 25c CRACKERS—2 lb. box Quakerette, salted 20c LARD WILSCO—Pure Cotton Seed Oil—8 Pound Carton POTATOES m . „...,.„ 10 Ibs 25c 4S Lb. Sack Golden Puff ............ $1.65 24 Lb. Sack Golden Puff ........ 85c MEAT DRY SALT—Host tirade, Branded—POUND 18c -MARKET SPECIALS- Rath's Picnic Hams •1 to 5 I,)),—[,». 18c Veal Roast CHOICE NATIVE , 3 Ibs. 25c SPARE RIBS-Lb. 14c BOLOGNA-b the piece-Lb. 9c BACON WILSON'S LAUKICL SUCIOD—UJ. 2Gc Pork Shoulder Roast-Lb. 15c MIXED SAUSAGE 3 Ibs. 25c Fresh Dessed Hens, Fryers and Fish Rock and Brinkley. She was accom pnnicd by her sister, Mrs. Ben Flora of Brinkley, who has been a guest in the Gibson home for the past week. Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Smyth arc domiciled in their new home, recently purchased from C. A. Powell on South Main street. The October meeting of Circle No. 1 of the W. M. S. of the First Methodist church, Mrs. James Mnrtindnlc leader was held in the homo of Mrs. J. O. Miliirn with Mrs. O. L. Hoed and Mrs. George Median ns associate hostesses. The meeting opened with n hymn followed by prayer led by Mrs. Martindale. The devotional based on a part of the 12th chapter 1st Corinthians was given by Mrs. Minor Gordon. Mrs. Gordon also had charge of the program on "The Negro In the Rural South." She was assisted by Mrs, T. A. Turner and Mrs. Yancy. The regular routine of business was dispatched and n delicious salad course was served during a short social hour to 26 members and three visitors. Mrs. Chas. Hayncs and Mrs. 11. T. White attended a D. A. R. luncheon in El Dorado Friday. All members of (he church and all who do not attend Sunday school in other churches arc cordially invited to attend the Rally Day Service at the First Presbyterian church Sunday morning from 10 o'clock to about 11:30. Elslon Samuel, son of Mr. and Mrs. LcRoy Samuel of Route 5, enrolled in the Chilllcothe Business College in Chillicothe, Mo., for the complete business course. A very :illraclivc .sociiil affair of the week wa.s the bridge party given by Mrs. Arthur Swankc on Thursday afternoon at her home on East Third street. The rooms where six tables were arranged for bridge were beautifully decorated with early fall flowers and the hallowccn motif was observed in the bridge accessories. Favors went to Mrs. C. C. Lewis and Mrs. K. P. Stewart. A delicious salad course was served with hot tea. CHURCH OF CHRIST Glenn A. Parks, Minister Bible Study 10 o'clock. Preaching services 11 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. 5,'ub.jcct for morning sermon. "The Self Sacrifice of Christ." Subject for evening sermon, "The Exaltation of Chrisl." It is our aim to make these services Scriptural and soul inspiring ' to everyone. Whether you be a Christian or a sinner, we cordially SUMO! N O W Franchot TONE —In— "The WORLD MOVES ON" We recommend It! ANOTHER GREAT —Double Show— SAT. RICHARD TAIMADGE *OnYourGuan Ending Don't Miss It! "Wolf Dog" HALF A SINNER JOEL McCREA-SALLY BLANE PREVIEW P . m. TONITE (Fri) SUN-MON-&-TUES Anntlinr Greater Show AllOinei Season Hit! Sunday school at 10 n. m. Singing ing, Wcdncsdaycm{wy (..'.. J.,scshpdlu— it 7:30 Sunday evening. Prayer meet- c Wednesday 7;30 p. in. We invite everyone to come. $ mm ni B. and P. W. Club District 5 Host State President to Be Guest at Two-Day Session in Hope Hofe B. & P. W. club will be hostess to District No. 5 of the Arkansas Fct- crallon of Bhsincss and Professional Women's club at a two-day session which opens with a dinner meeting at Hotel Barlow Saturday nght. Mrs. Ha7el Dabnoy of Fayettevllle, state president, and Miss Aileen Morris of Little Rock, state secretary, will 30 honor guests. Mrs. L. R. Nash of Texarkana, chairman of District 5, will preside over the meeting. A large delegation of rcprescnta- ives from the Hot Springs and Texarkana clubs he meeting. is cxpcitcd to attend nvitc you to attend these services. Remember, some day you will bo iskcd to give an account to Him who sits upon the throne of God. What ill your answer be? Remember the date for the _ fall nccling, October 14. We are insisting hat everyone who can nt all attend hcsc services. GAJIRETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST I). W. BtUJcy, S. S. KITCHEN Cook Can Be Artist In Colors—Menus Properly Planned Will Result in Symphony of Many Hues BY MARY E. DAGUE NBA Service Staff Writer Did you ever try shutting your eyes and trying to imagine how your meal was going to look when you got in on the table? It's very important, Ihc y.spchologists tcil us, that we should enjoy the appetizing appearance even before we lake a single bite of food. And here's an interesting thing, too —if you arrange effective color contrasts in your foods, you will usually have made sure automatically of the DEADLY POISONOUS (Continued from Page One) cr procedure in the poisonous snake bites: treatment of PAUL DEAN HOLS (Continued from Page One) Apply D tourniquet, if possible, between the bite and the heart. It is important to release this every 10 or 15 minutes for about n minute at H lime. Incise the wound to a depth of from */4 to % inch. Apply a suction to the'- cut, massaging towards the wound. (A brcnst-pump can bei used in rural districts for •} suction.) Suction should be continued for at least nn hour, or possibly longer, depending on the symptoms. The tendency is' to undertrcat as far ns suction is concerned. As long as there is a continuance of swelling, I suction should be continued. If the swelling 'continues up the arm or leg,. 1 or over the body, multiple incisions, should be made at the edge of the' way of swelling and suction applied , Dr. Dudley Jackson believes that tihe poison "is diluted and transmitted | by the lymphatic system, and treats with suction accordingly. Venom is not absorbed as rapidly as was formerly thought, and regardless of the method by which it gains the general circulation, suction is very important. One or rnorc tubes of scrum should be given when the symptoms indicate. It;is best to give one or two tubes at once when it is known that the snake responsible is a large one, for in that case, it is more than likely that the ' amount of venom is likely large. The' venom works in. a direct ratio to the b.qdy weight, a milagrarri of venom of Texas Diamondback rattlesnake killing about a pound of body weight h the dog. The ratio would be sim- lar with tho.-timber rattlesnake, but we never know how much venom lias been injected. I Watch the development of the .symptoms carefully, and treat the patient accordingly- In most cases, the patient is undcrlrcatcd rather than ovcrtreated. Even where a life is saved by improper treatment, there is such destruction of tissue that there in a permanent disability. One per cent saline solution injected in and around the bite dissolves the venom, and makes cxtration easier. It is well to keep the bitten member lower than the rest of the body, as this increases eji-oma^c. in {severe cases, blood transfusions are advisable. Apply hot fomentations of magnesium sulphate, or one to ten thousands solution of potassium permanganate. Gas- bacilli has been found in the mouths cr venoms of rattlesnakes. The combined prophylactic injection aganst tetanus and gas bacilli should be given. Repeat the dose of anlc- vcntn scrum if more neurotoxic • symptoms occur. Keep the patient f quiet with morphine or other effective sedative. Force water, or weak coffee, and irrigate the colon. By all means, do not give an alcoholic stimulant. Do not depend on snake bite cures or home remedies, which arc of no value. The | antivenin treatment is the proper right. Fox flies to Rothrock. Hogstett pops to Martin at third. No runs, no hits, no errors. St. Louis—Medwick strikes out, Collins beats out grounder to first. Do- Lanccy lines to Goslin in left field. No runs, one hit, no errors. Ninth fmilng Detroit—Whit^ singles. Cochrane retires on pop fly to Durocher. Gchringer flies out to Frisch. Greenberg triples, scoring White for the , , , . . . ,, , ti annvenin uuuuiiuin i» i»»^ jjiv^v. neht complements m the way of fla- Uncnt to ive in snake bites , ex vor and food values. _ , th coral kcs and u is , 00 Cookbooks of fifty years ago m their , ^ thcrc ... no yenom treatment for hints on meal planning advised house,, h,^. ticular ropti i e , which is one keepers to servo "light colored veg-'] W ^ mosl rVoisonous found in North ctables with dark colored meats and A iricrica. dark colored vegetables with light colored meats." And while there are some vegetables we serve with any and all meats, the rule is worth remembering. A Colorful Luncheon Here's a simple luncheon menu for Tomorrow's Menu < Breakfast: Grape fruit, cereal, cream, broiled cottage ham, crisp toast, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Cream of spinach soup, croutons, English monkey, jellied tomato snlad, gingerbread waffles, milk, lea. Dinner: Baked stuffed blucfish, grilled sweet potatoes, buttered spinach, beet and cabbage salad, peach roly-poly, milk, coffee. TOUGH BATTLE (Continued from Pago One) the box office. Purchase price is 50 cents. i Officials for the game were an-' nounccd as: Referee, Edwin Cole; < umpire, Pete Rainey; headlineman, j Gordon Campbell; timekeeper Earlj O'Neal. The kick-off is set for 8 p. m. The lineup: Hope Fordycc Hamilton (165) Haygood (160) Left end Anderson (180) Estcs (191) Left tackle Richards (HO) Pride (170) | Left guard Ihc family that offers a chance for Holly (150) Caplinger (165) color experiments. Cream of spinach soup, croutons, English monkey, jellied tomato salad, gingerbread waffles, milk, tea. Cooked spinach is forced through a colander and added to a well seasoned thin cream sauce to make the cream of spinach soup. The result is a delicate green puree. The English monkey is made with a good hard cheese and the finished dish should be a warm golden color. The jellied tomato salad, being a sparking scarlet, is served in vivid crcen, sh.roddi.-l K-af-lcl'.uce and golden mayonnaise for contrast. The rich brown of the gingerbread waffles with their garnish of snowy whipped cream adds the finishing touch. (jingcrliroiul Waffles One cup molasses, 5 tablespoons shortening. I'.-i teaspoons soda, 'i cup sour milk, 1 egg, 2 cups pastry flour, 2 teaspoons ginger, '.<• teaspoon salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder. Mix and sift last four dry ingredients three limes. Heat molasses and Center Owens (US) Bcnton (167) Right guard Hitchcock (185) Harrell (190) Right tackle Kennedy (178) Hilbnan (165) Madison (150) Right end Quarter Ramsey (150) Payne (15G) Bonncr (172) Turner (153) Right half Williams (160) Left half Stroud (152) Hardman (170) Fullback NO GOVERNOR FOR (Continued from Page One) and Mr. Cazort ended a controversy by remaining at home. Both Governor Futrcll and Mr. Cazort had accepted invitations to a banquet at St. Louis Monday night before the outcome of the National Lcoguc race had been decided. The banquet will be in honor of W. I. Myers, governor of the Farm Credit and other FCA of- shortening to the boiling.point. ^ AclmiuUll , ttion , and ot , move trim, heat and heat n soda. Add Washington. sour milk and egg well beaten. miN I well and add dry ingredients. Stir until smooth and bake on a hot waffle iron. Serve hot with whipped cream lightly sweetened and flavored wilh vanilla. Just Received Henderson Corsets and Brassieres THE GIFT SHOP Phone 25Z WARNING ORDKIt In the llempstead Chancery Court. Roy Pcnnington plaintiff vs. Octavht Brewer Pcnnington - Defendant The defendant, Octavia Brewer Pcn- nington. is hereby warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff herein. Witness my hand and seal as clerk of said court on this 29th day of September, 1934. (Seal) DALE JONES, Clerk. Sept. 2U-Oct. 6-i:j-20. ! Electrical storms are less frequent in the western part of the United States than they are in the centt-al and eastern portions of the country. Mosquitoes reached the Hawaiian Islands by breeding in water barrels aboard sailing ships that were leaving U. S. ports for Hawaii. •It. is reported that cocoa is succeed- ng beer as the national drink of Germany. Consumption of beer is 38 jfcr cent below the figure for 1913, while cocoa is up 70 per cent over the same figure. Long-Used Laxative To be bought Mid used M needed for many, many years, fepeafcs well for the reliability of Thedfort'* Biack-Dr&ughe, purely vegetable family laxative, Mr. O. E, Bailiff writes from Rinton, W. Vs.: "My wife and 1 have used IfceAford'a Black-Draught thirty-five years for constipation,—tired feeling aiid headache. I use it when I fed my system needs cleansing. After all these years, I haven't found any* thing better than Black-Draught," Sold In 2S-ccnt packages. Thedford's BLACK-DBAUGHT "CHILDREN LIKE TUX BWHtf" .. Meats HARRY HAWTHORNE Groceries Salt Meat| ORANGES APPLES CORN CELERY RED BALLS—DOZEN 19c I BACON ONE CENT SALK Per mane nts 2 lv $4.51 Call 287 for Appointment Ivfary's Beauty Shop elson'Huckins Pillows Properly Laundered uiid Sterilized—Each PHONES KNOCK. 'ANT-ADS For Boiling Lb 16c MrMMMMVMWMMMN Cheese Full Cream Lb 17c FANCY JONOTHAN-DOZEN HAMS Picnic Style Lb 16c Neck Bones 2 Lbs 15c Spare Ribs Lb 14c Dressed Buffalo I2ic Lb. KYLO COUNTRY GENTLEMAN 2 For COFFEE FOLGERS 15c 25c lOc 10 Lbs. 53c 2Lb.65cl Lb33c SLICED EXTRA NICE JUMBO—STALK PURE CANE. COFFEE, Sun Rise—Lb. PIE CHERRIES Red Sour—2 For SPAGHETTI, Franco American—Can DOG FOOD, RED HEART. Can TOMATOES—No. 1 Can—Each TOILET PAPER Embassy—Rqll CORN FLAKES Kelloggs—2 Pkgs Evaporated PEACHES 2 Pounds POTATOES 10 Pounds 21c 25c 9c 9c 9c 5c 15c 25c 25c ONIONS 3 Pounds COCOA, Hersheys 1 Pound Can POP CGRN-Jap. Hullless—3 Pkgs RICE—Fancy Whole Grain—Lb SALT 3 Packages SODA—Arm & Hammer—G Packages Evaporated PRUNES New Crop—Lb KRE MEL Dessert Package Macaroni & Spaghetti Heart of America, pkg. 10c 14c lOc 5c 10c 23c 10c 5c 5c 24c Beef ROAST 3 "• 25C STEAK Lb 10c Weiners Large Size Lb lOc LIVER Lb 8c Fresh Oysters It*s fun to serve the cakes you make with highest 'Pitnent Flour There's a genuine pleasure in making a good cake. It's something to be proud of and it will draw smiles of satisfaction and compliments too from }'our family and friends. It is easy to bake cakes with MENU Flour. It's fine particles, it's snowy whiteness, it's even, high quality give you a cake of fine texture. You'll be proud of it. Get a sack of MENU Flour from your grocer today and bake your favorite cake. AH Grocers Sell Highest P»t«nt Ritchie Grocer Company WHOLESALE msluminous FOB 28 YKAKS

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