Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPE. ARKANSAS ^ Grand Juries Hit _^ .Cimlit Judge Favors More Efficient System in Ft. Smith Speech FORT SMITH, A.rk.—(/PV-Describ- ing the system as antiquated, Circuit Judge- J. Sam Wood Wednesday advo- catcd changes in Arkansas's criminal cciwt procedure. Speaking at a luncheon meeting of i\\& Rotary club, Judge Wood, white not favoring abolition of the grand jury system, expressed himself in favcr of many changes in its procedure. Reduction in the number of challenges afforded defendants in criminal cases was cited as one method by which court costs might be decreased. "Certainly the day has passed when a defendant must challenge as many as 20 Jurors in an ordinary criminal trial." lie declared. However, he added that there possibly is justification for that number of challenges in capital crimes to safeguard rights of the defendant. 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They contain wonderful, harmieM, gentle vegetable extracts, amazing wbW It comes to making the bile flov freely. But don't ask for liver pills. Ask for Carter's Little Liver Pills. Look for the name Carter's Little Liver Pills on the red label. Resent a •ub*tituta.25catdrugstores, 01931 C.M.O the Sebastian circuit court exceeds $100 n ilny during thfc thrt« court sfis- sions of the year. Errbts 1ft indictments often cause delay and added ccst. ho said. Jtidjje Wood suggested that the prosecuting attorney should be Riven the right to filo information in circuit j court without necessity of first submit tin? the case to a grand jury. "The proposal to abolish the grand jury procedure is closely linked with j the question of personal liberty," he j said. "Nevertheless, the needs for al-, terations'arc evident, if taxpayers are to be given any relief from tjie present high cost of court operation." Pointing to the system successfully -pcratcd in Oklahoma, Judge Wood •aid personal liberties of citizens would be amply protected if irrand juries were convened only on petition of citizens and eliminated from regular court procedure. Constitutional amendment would be required to change the court pro- jedure and Judge Wood urged that iction be taken by the next legislature. Alley OOP Giant Treasury Silent Will Fix Him: on New Financing British Freighter Sinks; 26 Are Lost Millpool Goes Down in Mid-Atlantic—Searchers Finally Give Up NEW YORK—the .British freighter Millpool. bound from Danzi? to Montreal with a crew of 26 and a cargo of grain. apparently has foundered with ill! hands in mid-Atlantic. Two steamships which answered her SOS proceeded on their routes Wednesday pfter vainly searching the stormy seas for some trace of her. The Millpool appealed for help Tuesday reporting that the storm had beaten in her hatch and carried away her main topmast. She gave her no- sition as about 700 miles off the coast cf Labrador.; Her master Capt. Arthur Newton, wirelessed that three of his crew had been injured, and that his craft was drifting helplessly in the gale. The White Star liner Alaunia and the'Canadian Pacific freighter Beaver Hill hurried to her aid, arriving at her approximate position Wednesday morning. Aided by the steamship Beavcrford, which also came up, they criss-crossed the position given in the Millpool's last faint radio signals. Won't Confirm Rumor Billion Will Be Asked for Winter Relief WASHINGTON — (/TV- The government's financial program, with the first quarter of the fiscal year left well behind, Wednesday was more closely shrouded nnd hence the subject o finoro conflicting speculation than at nny time in months. Reports that an additional $1,000,000,000 or more would be sought for relief this whiter met the same silence in Treasury circles as the question of hem the money would be raised to meet heavy emergency expenditures already definitely scheduled between now and July 1. Treasury officials said any light on either the budget or the tnx plans to be presented to congress probably would have to await the president's message in January. One thing is certain. Whether or not relief expenditures increase above those now projected, heavy borrowing of new money must be undertaken somo time after the first of the year. The government must meet 56,000,000,000 of maturing obligations, largely six-months bills and other short-term paper, before July 1. i to lion*, that sho receives no saUry ** hrnd of the temple, htw no personal bank account, and dors not h;\rt.'l<- funds f>f thfr gospel association contrail Ahgelus Tcmt'Klp. She .she receives only "cxprnse.t," She s«ld. however, sho holds J250.000 trust tloecl against the under which she would tecolvo n month in rase she t-vpr dei'ido quit preaching or otherwise co«.<c br ing pastor. The hearing was con tinued to October 24. Protest Choice of Election Officials County Machines Reported Active at Little Rock Session THE WISE OlD OWi. . .... . by £sso USE ESSOLENE AND \ YOU WILL BE ] FROM ENGINE TROUBLE) EVER FREE/ 7 QuMtuuteeA 0 SMOOTHER PERFORMANCE ESSO SERVICE STATION Third and L. & A. Tracks Phone 68 The TOWN CRIER All Hope LISTENS TO .... When your grandfather's grand-dad had a shipload of shawls to sell or rooms at his inn to let he told the town crier about it. The crier told the rest of tho village and grand-dad paid him plenty to do it. Hope Star Want Ada took over the town crier's jot) long ago. They don't have to depend on lung-power to got results . . . wise buyers check the Want Ada without being told. Hope Star Want Ads get thoic roiults at lowest cost, too—as you've found out if you have used them. And, best of all, they get them PAST. Hope Star WANT ADS There'll be war •when Alley Oop's Cardiff Cllant finds out Bhput this fellow. The stone age warrior of the NBA comic strip brooks no rivals, so Tom Madsen, world's tnllest man, shown liero in Hollywood, is taking a long chance when he plays the Cardiff Giaut in & uc\v film.' Tennessee Taxes Used in Campaign Ex-Commissioner Testifies Money Was "Loaned' to McAlister MOUNTAIN CITY, Term.— (fP)— Joseph I. Recce, former stale commissioner of insurance and banking, who is on trial here on charges of embezzlement and fraudulent broach of trust, testified Wednesday that he turned over 522.000 of back tax funds in October, 1932, "to a finance committee managing the campaign of Gov. Hill McAlister.. ' Shortly after his testimony the case was concluded and tho first argument made by R. M. Atkinson, former attorney general of Davidson county, who is assiting in the prosecution of Reece. The case is expected to reach the jury Thursday. Recce testified he received the money a s"trustec from certain insurance companies" as payment on back taxes' due the state at that time. He said he was to hold the money pending the outcome of litigation to determine whether the insurance companies were liable for the payment. He told tho jury he deposited about $5,600 of the money in the Bank of Mountain City and the remainder in the Hamilton National bank of Johnson City in his name as insurance commissioner, credited to the back tax account. After receiving tho money, he testified he agreed to lend it to a "finance committee managinc; the campaign of Gov. Hill McAHster," and turned it over to the committee in October, 1932. The committc'J, he said, WHS supposed to refund the money to him, but instead "used it for political purposes in tho oampfigii." Harry Dnbush of Claiborne county, final wiliur.s for UK; defense, testified he receiv-jd $2.101! i;f the back tax funds in Mashv'll" and took it to Claiborne to be used in the gubernatorial campaign. He fornvrly WHS employed in the slat;.' Insurance Department. L. W. Smythe. cashier of the Bank of Mountain City and witness for the state, testified th;it Recce withheld over $;>.OnO of back tax funds from the bank in 1932. Joseph S. Tobin, now commissioner of insurance and hank- ing and also ;i stale's v/itnes:;, said the back tax funds in question had never been cfuly credited to the slate. Put Him in His Plate! "Thomas, what is the matter with your brother?" asked the mother ofj the boys. i "He's cryinjr." replied Thomas, "because I'm eating my cake and won't give him any." "Is his own cuke- finished?" asked the mother. ! "Yes, and he cried while I was oat- ing that, too."—Nashville Banner. j And Welcome ' The la.-:t word in the dictionary is "ZYXT." A correspondent says that so far as lie's concerned any woman can have it.—Everybody's Weekly (London). True of Most Fish Stories Fisherman—"I tell you it was thatj long. I never t.aw such a fish!" ! Friend—"I believe you." — Wall Street Journal. j In winter, smoky cities are warmer than the open country around them, : since the smoke acts u:i u blanket to ', hoi din the artificial heat. The longest stretch of railway hi the world is from Riga to Vladivostok, I more than 0800 miles. ' Aimee Admits She Paid OffHusband Evangelist Testifies She Gave Baritone "$2,100 on Divorce LOS .ANGELES, Calif.—(fl j )—Aimcc Semple McPherson Hutton, the evangelist reluctantly admitted from a witness stand Wednesday that she paid David Hutton a ?2.100 settlement when she nnd the baritone singer were divorced. During a judgment debtor's hearing, Mrs. Hutton was asked by a lawyer if she was paying Hutton "certain sums monthly." "After signing that settlement agreement." she replied, "I promised never to disclose ts contents, and I don't think I should tell." Commissioner Kurtz Kauffman ruled she must answer, and she testified "I did pay David 52,100." Asked where she got this money, she said she drew on her life insurance, adding "at that time I had insurance." . $. The hearing was on the matter pf the evangelist's ability to pay a 57 t 118 claim against her for judgmcrit and costs held by assignees of the la,tc JJ. Roy Stewart, film director. Stewart charged in a suit before his death that the evangelist broke a contract to star in a picture called "Clay. .in. the Potter's Hands." .-,'," The blonde evanglist said, as she has said LITTLE ROCK.—Charging the State Board of Election Commissioners openly has ignored wishes of Republican state and county organisations in the selection of some county commissioners, Wallace Townscnd, Republican national contmitlccnian, and Osro Cobb, chairman of the Republican State Committee, issued a statement Wednesday condemning the biennial practice of selection of county commissioners as n "political cancer" which should "be removed." The state board managed to complete the selection of the county boards despite—or because of—efforts of "delegates" to the unofficial convention of county officials and political wiseacres which was in session at the capitol Tuesday and Wednesday. Governor Futrcll. Secretary of Stale Ed K. McDun.'Ud and Attorney General Hal L. Norwood, members of the state board, attempted to grant hearings to the "delegates" mid to consider written recommendations. It was reported that most of the various county office-holders submitted their own suggestions for "Republican" iv.eivbcrs of the boards. T8ho two Republican officials charged thnt such recommendations wore adopted. . Many sheriffs were present at the "convention" and it was reported by a source close to the sheriffs that on the whole, they wore well pleased with the selections of tho county hoards. Most other county officials were pleased also, it was said. The sheriffs are vitally concerned in the proposed amendment that would extend terms ot office to four years. Insnll Stock Sale Termed "Swindle" U. 8. Clwrgort Mo His Market Deals Upon the Public CHICAGO -</VV- Snwuol xlrfk sales in his (ll-falnd Coipwn- lion Sccuritlr.t company \voro lorniod "a simple conspiracy to swlmllo, client nnd dotnnul Iho public" by thi* fiovornment «s it ovuHtioil Its nw'l fraud cnsir nKaln.sl tho iilllltiiM ox- ecutivo Thursday. The United Stiito.i dlstili-l attorney rhaigod thnt tho. company WHS sot up as a dumping nvouud for lnw> quantities of stock. Acquired in mmUet deals to boost the price of Iho Insull slock. And Glad (<> Cii> to Jnil "S'Ninlx>," snid Iho manistrnle reproachfully to (he negro before him, "I can not conceive of n meaner, more cowardly net than yours of deserting It is openly admitted that ill many counties, political dominance of one faction is determined utmost entirely by the election commissioners who appoint judges and clerks who know horn to count the ballots as the ballots "should be counted." Opposing delegations flocked in to interview the state board and one o fthose greatly interested in Ihe selection of the commissioners said that most of the "boys" now in office, or those mentioned to take- office January 1, were successful. In other words, it was s;iid, the integrity of (lit- county machines remains undisturbed by the action of the state board. . W«tl, U Helps Murphy got rich qU| lit* got rich so rwi't .vivlna n Rolf eUih wi ll«8 on his ;'.« whnl Alt I*,"» Detroit ******* WEAKJODNEYS Stop Getting Up Nights To harmlessly flush poisons and acid from kidneys and correct irritation of bladder so that you can stop "getting up nights" get a 35 cent package of Gold Medal Haarlem Oil Capsules and take as directed. Other symptoms of kidney and bladder weaknesses are scant, burning or smarting passage- backache—leg crarhps—puffy eyes. New Coats Just received complete line of new winter Sport Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Excuslve Bui Ndl Expensive" AVOID A JUDGMENT. Have its pro- v i d c COM PU5TE Public Liability Insurance for your car. COMPL£TC IHSUMHCf SERVICE PHONE 610 HOPE, ARK. THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Outstanding Values In New Full HATS Glen Royal $3.50 Penn-Craft $4.50 Others $1.50 Up SUITS 2 Big Groups * : M Newest fall patterns in all-wool worsted suita. You will like the fit of these suits, the high quality material and the fine tailoring. See these new fall suits before you buy. Dress Shoes $1.98 Black or brown, wing tip toe with high heels or plain or cap toe blucher. You will find it hard to duplicate shoes at this price. EDGERTON SHOES ........ Made by Nunn-Bush BOSWELL & NIC <#r ^m^M^&^- '• '^ ^ i i : :V::: : ™ . .V^'.y.<><-v-?^w<y^.^y^''v: ':'•;"..'..- .^.^. '*e*tM*&xa m 3i. TUa Luckies use the finest tobaccos—only the clean center leaves —these are the mildest leaves—they cost more— they taste better. "It's toasted" j Your throat protection — against irritation—'against cough

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