Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, November 3, 1937
Page 5
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Wednesday, November :{, 'HK17 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE FIVE SPO1 ^to^jlll* x %«*l^ Ji Seven Regulars Are Injured, Bobcat Team Handicapped ,""""*' , ——— ' —— „—, .—_—_ . _ JL <XL. j Chances of Victory jj Over Chicks Remote 1 MlltllllllllllllltllttllltllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllHn! STAR DUST rill 1 Sir: Sad but true >ur Bobcats lost a fool- ics uterback will ' sustained ;in iden game la.st m the ball Kiime F'riilay nifiht, at t.he hands of the Ciimden Pnnthers. The Cum- den boys put our ace. Vimco Rright, out of ccinuniKiion in the second qtiarter and from iheri on our hovs were out of luck. I see our friend, Epstein of the Ga- /etlr. picks Ihe Bobcuts as a longshol i hoiee to ben; Blythevilli-. I believe if the Cats will lay off the straight football mid resort to u little of this ^o-called "ra/./.le da/./.le" the buys may upset thy Chicks und. incidentally. partly make up for their defeat at the hands of the Camden tenm. Yours. - A Bobcat Booster. Injury-Riddled Team to Leave Hope Thursday for Blylheville Injuries In .seven regulars nf the Hope High School fcxitball tenin will >ctinus|y handicap the Uobeiit.s Fnd'iy night when the 1 tetim plays the strong Hlytheville l.'luck.s at Hlylheville. Coach Foy llaiiuniins was plenty down-hearted Wednesday a:, he sought replacements in Ixith llie haekfield and line. Lack nf reserve:, Las been ,1 handicap tu the team .ill :-e ismi. anil untie iegiil.il'., despite injuries, have hern (Weed (,, play the rule of "fid- miMiile" men. ('nach Hamnmjiv h.--led his casual! ax fallows. VaMco Bright, ace 0,11, lint l». ,,hle In tart H injured ankle in the C 'at w< i'k .an] was removed earlv M-rond quarter. IViuht has imt sin'ed up tln^ week ar,d i.«. Mill limping. Hi mht will make the tup hvit it is doubtful whether he will MM- much action i'.d'vard Aslin, lefl halfback, has a .•[•famed ankle and is nnt likely to ,.ee much act inn. .Jne Ka.vm regular fullback, wlm was '-in ,,( the Na.'hville came IICU.UM- nf • ' -pnniicd ankle. re-huM the ankle m the Camden game lit- limped tbr.uinh |i ulue Tuesday afternoon. U' >»<-rt .lewell, \vhn i.s playing hi.s fir-l M'ar at (enter, sustained a knee injury and probably v, ill be Inst for 'he balance nf the season. Ii i.s dnubt- bul whether Jewell will inali-e the Hi|i t.i Hlytheville. f'nach llammnns had .six men working at the center position in practice Tuesday Among t|,,. m wt ,,- t , Captain (: V Keith, legular guard. J. W Heard"!,. Kulkersnn and three others. Woodrow I'atsnn.s. who played a bang-up inline agam.sl Camden at j.'ii.n-d lia.s broken nut with bmls and will he h mdicapped against the h nUlhevillc team. Percy Ham.sey. j-egul ferine, fimn a i hal ley expei ted I,, he le'idv F,id.,\ l-'i'-em.ia St',n,., 2t).-,. 11() , m ,| all-slate l.ickle. went mi the operating table morning ami had a half 'ii removed frmn his injured shin. Kammnn.s had hopes of Alley, Chickasaw reserve tackle • vcment of Stone by Friday. • injury-riddled team will board a 'In-State bus here at K a. in. Thursday Tin- learn will arrive m Blythe- vdle late thai afternoon and will woi k' "I mid. . !he lights nf the Chick M.iilnun Thursday nif.;h| = By LEONARD EM-IS = TlllllllllMIIMIIIIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIIIIIMII lltllllllllllllMlllllllMIIMIIIIItllllllllllllllllT' UK nf- When the Bobcat.*-, riddled with injuries. no up against, the Blylheville Chicks Friday ni^ht the Mcpe team as a whole will be outweighed IK pounds to the man The Mope learn averages 170 pounds. with all (he ref.'ulars playing, against IS,H pounds- for Ihe Chirks. The Chick line averages 1 I!).') pounds to Hope's 175 That's a weight advantage of 18 pounds to the man ***** Here's the way that I'JS-puund Bly- lheville line looks- on paper: Bob Roberts, left end. 180: Lloyd Wise, left tackle, 25(1; Calvin Moody. left Kuard. 170; Mildred Bunch, center. ISO; James Burton, right guard. 1'J.T. H. Justice, right tackle, r.15; Dan War- rumton (reported to be injured > rifihl end. IKO. ***** Russell Mosley, the triple threat left halfback, weighs !T>fi pounds; Broncho Brown, fullback, weighs 105. Quarterback Slick Meredilh weinhs 1«(), and Homer Bersharse. the other regular halfback. Ifia. Put them all to- ri Iher and they add U|i lo an average of 1SH pounds. * -k * * * The Blylheville team is s'o tough thai one of the squad mid lie is a reserve at that -cats ra/.orblades. We quote from the Blytheville Courier News: "The little matter of having no place to dispose of his ra/.ur blades while shavinc- is no problem at all for Hal He lats them. "Yes sir. Believe it not (with apologies to Bub Ripleyi. Hal nibbles them into small pieces, and down they go where all good food should go. •'Young Alley, the .',011 of Mr. and Mrs II. A. Alley. Route 1, said he .Marled eating blades several years age as a result of it dare. After walch- ever. he would rather have a nice, juicy steak." After ***** lust wpok'x Arkansas High School conference games were played the .stunrlinKs were left like this: Porkers Complete ; M'Gibbony, Pine 60 for 909 Yank Bluff, Protested n ^*C< 4 C S A J Toams- Pino Bluff Little Rock Blythi.-ville N. Little Rock Hope Joncsboru Ru.sscllville Forrest City El Dorado Hot Springs Camden Clarksville Fordyee Fort Smith Bentcn W 0 3 L T Pet. 1 .000 1.000 1.000 .750 .B(i7 .fim .667 .500 ..TOO .1133 ooo .(10(1 .00(1 ing annlher local boy chew up one and .swallow it he was dared to try. Hather he considered a coward he did. Suffering no ill effects, he has done it several titne,s .since. He said, how- WiirriiiKliin Is Injurcil m.YTHKVII.LK The Olythcvdle C'hick.i: aws. candidate), for the Arkansas lni.:h sehnnl football champion- than ship, will be without the .services of [};,nny Warnnytnn. outslaiidiiiK end, m the name with Mope here Friday muhl. Me wa.s hurt m the (jaiue at (Heenvdle. Afiss., last Friday niijht aiuKvill be out I'm at least two weeks. \V.,niiii;tnn has been a tower of .-tri-iK-lh on defence ami has Marred • I: . p tss ; crei vei . C. arh Joe Dildy shiftccl his regular center. II,Idled Hunch, to end and' . L ~ r , .second striiiK play- QtlltS ilt Hot S [) 1' 1 11 g S undecided, how- I.iisf Week's Results North Little Rock 25. Bt-nton 7. •RiiFsellville 2(1. El Dorado 0. Clarksville 22. Fort Smith 0. Camden 28. Hope d. Junesboro 41, Forrest City 0. Pine Bluff :«. Hot Springs (I. flumes This Week Pine Bluff at North .Little Rock. Jonesboro at Little Rock Hut Springs at Camden. Forrest City at Clarksville. Fordyee at El Dorado Hope at Blytheville. ***** A .spokesman for the Young Business Men s association announced Wednesday that a play-by-play account of the Hope-Blylheville game would be brought to Hope fans Friday night at Hope city hall. A loud speaker will be installed at Lhe city hall and the game will be announced by Leo Robins. The play- by-play will be sent to Hope by telegraph. Admission will be 10 cents for students and 2fi cents for adults. This admission charge is to help pay expenses of the telegraph account of the game. ***** Coach E. O. Epperson of Blevms will take Ins football learn lo I'nscott this Thursday night where the Hornets will meet the once-powerful Curly Wolves at 8 p. in. The Blevms team lias been defeated but once this season, losing to Bauxite in the opening game this fall. Coach Epperson's crew i.s expecting victory over rtx-scott. The Blevins team is i" Rood shape with the exception of Finley Goixllell. regular halfback, who has a kme injury. Goodletl. however, i.s expected to see action. Saturday of next week the Hornets will play Arkadelphia High School ill Blevins. Razorbacks Average 15 Yards on Every Completed Toss FAYETTEVILLE, Ark—(/T'l-Every time pigskin Pcggers Dwighl Sloan and I Jack Hobbins find their target, a lf>yard gain is marked up for the Uni- versitv of Arkansas Ra/.orbacks. f.tatistics for Arkansas' five conference games lo date showed Tuesday that the Porkers have attempted M8 passes, completing fiO for 909 yards. This is an average of 182 yards a game, compared with 74 gained on the ground. Eighteen of the 148 tosses were intercepted. ' tloan leads Razorbaik passers, com• pleting 32 out of 73 f::r 355 in three • games. Robbins heaved the ball 01' ' times in three games. Twenty-two of his tosses found waiting arms for 3!I1 • yards. Sophomore Kay Eakin completed five of 13 for 63 yards. Jim Benlon and Ray Hamilton, rangy Arkansas ends, have boon on the receiving end of most passes. Bcnton ca|.lured 23 for 380 yards in five games. Hamilton snagged Hi for 183 yards. Eakin leads baekfieid receivers wilh ; five completions for 72 yards. Jn addition to the 90!) yards gained through forwards, the Razorbacks sue. eessfullv have executed ten laterals for 1211 yards. What's A .Mistake Among COLUMBUS,, O.-Between halves of the Northwestern game, the Ohio Stale l.i.nd, marching in well-drilled forma(ion. made a ••mistake" and spelled "Mildcat.v" instead of "Wildcats." The Buckeyes were forced to justify the error, by winning, 7-0. Both Chaucer and Villon wrote ballades requesting financial assistance from their patrons. North Little Rock Claims Zebra Running- Star Is Over-Age ARKADELP1HA. -I/P)-L. M. Go 7d president of the Arkansas Athletic association, announced Wednesday that North Little Rock High School had protested the eligibility of C. W. McGibbony. j-lnr Fine Bluff halfback. He said the pssncinlion's executive ctmmittee w.ultl meet officials of the two schools at Little Rock Wednesday nit,hl to thresh out the mutter. The protest charged that the playei was over-age. --- —*»«««»-Underdogs Whip Many Favorites Upsets Occur With Startling Regularity Each Saturday University of Nebr bnll curriers- .ire well fed as you plainly can set ID this \vormVeye view of the Cornhuskcrs' great center Charley iirotk l ready on the firing line Each Saturday afternoon now evi- j deuce i.s unearthed to strengthen the | belief that the day of the invincible j football team i.s over. With startling i regularity, "underdogs" have upset i highly-favored elevens. No one ean i predict safely which way n football is I Koing to bounce. I A top-heavy favorite in the prc- pnme selections. Minnesota wa.s humbled by Nebraska. Cornell, after downing Colgate and Princeton by lopsided i scores, fell before Syracuse, a team | thai few thought had a chance to score. Louisiana State, .rated one of the i .strongest teams in Ihe South on its ; early performances, was downed by a ! fighting Vanderbilt eleven. That's the way it goes on all fronts. It is generally conceded that, on n muddy gridiron, most teams are equals. A number of outstanding upsets have j cccurred on wet fields this fall, just | as they do each season. The defeat a despised Brown eleven (Dartmouth and Harvard had smothered the Bruins i handed Columbia was a striking example, although it did appear that Coach Lou Little's Lions expected the Brown boys to roll over and play dead. Only Sid Luckman of Columbia was not engulfed in the letdown that followed an easy triumph over Pennsylvania. Dr. Mai Stevens, coach of New York University, told of an incident that pretty well sized up the situation. His 8-year-old son expressed a desire to see his father's team in action, but stipulated that he wanted to be sure that N. Y. U. would win. The coach, feeling confident lhat his boys would defeat Lafayette, gave the boy a lickel for the conlest. After Lafayette had trounced the Violet eleven, Dr. Slevens had to go home and face Ihe youngster. "Your learn was awful," Ihe pride and joy of the Stevens household said to his daddy. "And you ain't much of a picker, either." "About all I could say to him at the Yerger Team Will ; Battle Prescott .. if Negro Football Game to Be Played in Hope at 3 p. m, Thursday The Yerger High School football team will play the Prescott Black! Wovles at Yerger Athletic park in Hope at 3 o'clock Thursday afternoon. It will be the second game for Hope, having dropped the opener to TeXai*- kana several weeks ago. The Hdpe Tigers are reported (o be ligol but scrappy. Little is known here of the Prescott team. The Hope lineup will be Fuller, right end; Kountz, right tackle; G. Green, right guard; Walker, center; Calvin, left guard; Carrigarv left tackle; Johnson, left end; Carson, quarterback; Poindexter, right half; Frison. left half, and W. Green, fullback. Dizzy Dean Acquires „ Gas Station in Florida ERADENTON, Fla. — W— Jerortle Herman (Dizzy) Dean, St. Louis Cards pitcher, Tuesday realized a week-lortg, but once thwarted ambition — to owii a filling station, in this, his winter home. The deal was concluded toda'y whereby he took over the lease otia downtown establishment. He ' took possession immediately. * • His first act was to change the name to "The Dizzy Dean Service Station, and to assume personal management.? ' Last week Diz announced that he had bought a filling station but 'negotiations fell through. The present deal will stick, he promised. * moment was:....'Please do not use the word ain't,'" the coach recalled., . Perry Resigns as Football Mentor rut Mill fi'iilu 1>r •" centei I < vei v.hellier Ihi.s i-ciiiibin;,]Jon would Mail iiu.unsi lliij.e. Urini Siaffm-d. u,i- dei-Mudy t,, Waii-inHi,,,,. may play i ml All nihri pl.iviT-- excepi ••Bmnchu" Ml AMI !!iri-|.miml lim |illinmiiu full- I uk. expected ),, .Mart iiKaiiiM 11, M j. H'-ijwii is MilYciiiu; from IVver and was ""' "i ll '»f i Tue.sd.i.\. although it u.i U-iiovcil In. would I),, able 1,1 pla> , Mii.MC.'il park .icieiii,c in Iij5 „( the l.ircer ciiic.s ,,f (I,,. I'liiifd Stales m- iii'iM-J III pi-i cciil lielwecti I!I25 and ' Have your \vinlcr Suit ilr.v cleaned in our modern planl—p by experts — ilclh crcil Cleaners & Hatters After Disastrous Season 11OS SPRINGS -Coach Men-ing 1'erry tendered hi.s resignation lo Ii. 11 Haley, city .superintendent of vchocls Tuesday. Perry also teaches history and will continue iji that ca- 1 acily foi the remainder of the school >Cill . • upermtt-ndeiit Haley sanl not had an npporUimt.\ In I i -i'i v s icMmialion to the ' Hoard. 1 "1 am vcr\ sorry t-, lo.se Mr he said. "I consider him a good coach j and 1 know he is a very good teacher. I He has been with Us going on eight ycar.s. He wanted to resign lasA year and I persuaded him not to do so. Mr. he had submit | The Best in Motor Oils j Gold Seal I(l(r; I'ciin., qt The New Sterling Oil, lit. ... Toj-E-Tex Oil Co. Kast 3rd, »J;i|* -Open Day & 25c 30c leriy ha.s not had Ihe best material lo : |f}, H | work with. 1 have never seen .1 school that i:nt nidi a winning stride lhat did n< I .start losing sooner or later." C'oacb I'ei'iy wrote that "circum- ; lances be.Mmd hi.s control" forced him In lake Ihe action. He .said that he Mibmiltcd hi.s I'lsignation curly, in order to give school aulborities ample lime lo .select .hi-s succe.ssor. He wrote ih it hi appreciated the loyal friends who had supporled the team and L'n- c'.uram'd him. bill believed it wa.s to the he-1 interests of all concerned to Mep out of the local grid picture. rcistiaih'il to Stay Last Year Last year il wa.s reporled lhat Perry had received a lucrative offer to jmn the coaching staff of a big Wesl- iin university, and hi.s re-signatinn was expected. However, friends, including tellow members of (he school faculty, per.-Haded him to remain. There ha.s been a great deal ot criticism of the football team tlu.s ye:ir. cine to its poor showing. Local supporters had excused previous defeat.s because the Hot Springs boys were greatly nut- weighed by other teams and could imt ,'tand up under the powerful drives nt their heavier opposition. Then, loo. Perry was handicapped by lack of reserves. He is said to have remarked thai those who would make "first class bucks were tooling horns in the high school band. Sli.rm Follows Defeat When the Pine Bluff Zebras armin- islci'cd the worst detent of the season tu the Trojans—H2-0- a storm broke. Because the Trojan.s had a slight weight advantage and were expected lo give the Zebras u hard fighl. That defeat was followed by ;i flood of anonymous Idlers, lo the ncw>p-.ipei's here. They were nut published, but were said lo have contained violent language. IVlomb.Ts of squad and Perry learned of ibis bite outbreak of criticism, and U is believed that I 1 .Try. disgusle.l with the situation, decided to let some other coach try hi.- hand next year. There was some talk that Wnyne OMD OS£ ON THIS 'MAKIN'S' TOBACCO THAT'S GUARANTEED MILDER, TASTIER-.OR YOUR MONEY BACK?"-SAYS PAUL HODGES Swaim. couch of Ihe Hot Springs Junior High School learn, might be jchosen to succeed Perry Like Perry ; Swaim was a great foi tball player at I Ouachita College, lie was assistant , coach to Perry as coach ut the scni'ir high school for three ycar.s before he transferred to Ihe junior institution. His junior team won the slate championship lasi season and has an unbroken and untied lecord for the present season. The team will play Joneshoi'o at the latter cily l-'iiday night for the junior stale championship. Henderson Team to Meet Delta Teachers 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are here, and we are now prepared lo arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer fnv over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronagu of some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for thai unusual lenglh of lime; and Ihosc who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can be assured of this mosl .satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it tu their decided advantage lo arrange their loans through our firm. Kcspcctfully. E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotxon Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas AHKADELPHIA, Ark. -The Henderson State College Keddies. who came through the llendrix game at Cunway without anj seriou.s injuries, fai-e this week's encounter with Holla Stale Teachers al Cleveland. Miss. ,vith cunt'ldence. Although Ihe Dull:) team ha.s shown strength this soa-sun. ll is, believed the Heddies can match them in all departments of play. The Reddios line was \ el y good against Hendrix, forcing Ihe Warriors ta make Iheir scoring play.s mostly by forward passes. Henderson's aerial game could n.Jt match the Hendrix an attack an.I tl.eretore the Keddics. dropped the game, according to local experts. Tlu Redciics continued to gain the admiration of all Henderson supporters. Their improvemeut since the season opened has been marvelous and looking ahead Henderson folks see a .strong tejin for HARRY SCHNOOR (that's the smiling' gentleman standing mi tho stepladder) has a knack for rolling his own, and he's handy with tools, too. This photo of Hurry, taken while he was doing' a little repair work around the house, shows him with some ('Hi-nils who have dropped in. Present company, reading' from left to right, is Leonard Lee and Paul Ilodg'os, who are joining' in with Hurry's praise of Prince Albert "makin's" tobacco. Below you can see wluit tliey say about this popular favorite of roll-your-owncrs. PRINCE ALBERT JUST NATURALLY SNUGGLES POWN IN THE PAPER FOR EASV ROLLING/ S, AND RA, SMOKES SO MILD AMD MELLOW, VET TASTES SO RICH. IT'S SOME TOBACCO/ P AUL goes on: "It took just one'makin's' cigarette rolled with Prince Albert to make me a P. A, rooter for life. Imagine a tobacco that smokes so mild and mellow, yet tastes so rich and full-bodied! And it lays exactly right for fast, neat rolling—no spilling, blowing around, or bunching. And then Prince Albert draws so good, and burns so slow and cool—and stays lit too." P. A, rolls, draws, and burns so smooth because of the special way the tobacco's cut— "crimp cut," it's called. Another thing—Prince Albert is "no-bite" treated, which, as Paul says, assures an extra-mild yet tasty, full- bodied smoke. (P. A,-means real joy in any man's pipe too.) HERE'S THE FAIR AND SQUARE OFFER PAUL'S TALKIN' ABOUT: Roll yourself 30 «well cigarettes from Prince Albert. If you don't find them the finest, tastieat roll-your-owncigarettev you ever smoked, return the pocket tin \vtth the rest of the tobacco in it to us r.t any time within a month from this date ( and we will refund full purchase price, plui po«tage, (Signed) R. J. Reynold* Tobacco Company, Winiton-Salem, N. C, fine roll-your-own ciga- rettea in every 2 -ounce tin of Prince Albert , R. >. B«j«»M. WHAM Co "BESIDES buiiiK so easy to mil," Leonard I.i'i 1 (above) adds, "I'riiuv Allic-i t is .I!M) a very mild and ta.sly 'm.-ikiii's' tobacco. It's Rut full, Miti>l'.vintf body—without har>hin^.- It burns slow and coi.il. too, and it sure 1 is mellow." HARRY SCHNOOR (above) is certainly going to enjoy that Prince Albert "jiiakin's" smoke. And no wonder, for, as Harry puts it: "That Print-e Albert crimp cut sure was made to order i'or iill of, us 'makin's' smokers,"

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