Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 4, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 4, 1934
Page 4
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',%);?»„"*' ' :, u s ;,iV' V"" 1 '^'-* 1 "- ! ,^/<'" f ' '•' ' '' ,> v * ' •' - - ' , HO£E STA& HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, October 4,1934 • - 1 mi it Pioneer' of Speed or sitowshoe. strike noisily. 17 Center of nit Answer to .Previous Puazle ICt i TvtET- -fel£ 1HIP1E.I I go®' HSU HGSBfflB i amphitheater, ffygjg] IS To encounter. SOKir.-i 21 Those ivTio if OLIVE TlSGlll •tTtsHlj 40 Note in scale. 41 Like. 42 To wager 45 One who cattle. . 50 Bronze 6S Wine vessel 54'Vnit. 55 Wins part of a seed. ween 56 Born eyes on birds. 57 He is a pioneer "3r Three ami four. • (pi.). '38 Genus of ever-5S His first win- green shrubs; ninp car was ** 35 Comb of a cock. 23 Dual. 'S*I*uts on. "£5 Consisting of two 2* Coupled. 30 Coarse cotton drilling. 3&To coagulate. -wither as a plant VERTiCAT/" 2 Grandparental 3 Inclosed sheet of ice. 4 To scold con- stantly. 6 To long. 6 \\\i\CiS ot mineral rocks. 7 Kiiced as a coat. 5 A" UarllnR. 9 Distinctive theory. 10 Pieced out. H Stead. 14 Ood of love. 1C He first gained tame as a — racer. 19 Anguish of mind. 21 Bag of seeds. 22 Sorrowful. 24 To discover. 26 Puts off. 28 Genus of swans. 29 Largest Afrl- can bustard. 31 The hub. 32 Part of the ». Jtoman month, »te Tar. • 37 Dung beetle. 42 Cry of o sheep. 43 Mooley apple. 44 To make lare. 46 Collection of facts. 47 Pry. 45 Rowing: Implement. 4fl Deity DO Black.bird of the cuckoo family. 51 Snaky fish. 52 To harden. ;S«U It) Find It) Rent It! Buj It! ; < in the Hope Star Marketplace •fiewmber, the more you tell, tte «**•« i quicker you sell •V I tune, lOc line, min. Sta f i •- Xor consecutive Insertions, mini'. , mum of 3 lines in one xL 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c C times, 5c line, min. We , M times, 3&c line, min. J2.W . ^ (Average 5% words to the lint) .--MOTE—Want ads will be accepted isrith ' the understanding that the hUl;ia payable on presentation of. before th* first pubU- Phone 768 ?-Screetl doors—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR RENT Indict 3 Brothers for Tax Evasions U. S. Prosecutes Probe of Long-Allen Political Aides /FOE KENT: South bed room, with or .without bath, phone 321. JFOR .KENT—Furnished four-room apartment, private bath, electric refrigerator. Phone 132. • Mrs. K. G. MeHae. " ' 27-3t-c. RENT—Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath; close in. Phone 505-W. •V ' 2-3tc. RENT — 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining bath, outside ejftrance front and rear. 717 Main, Pfione, 315. ' 3-3t FOR SALE Bert Paint SoW—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. SALE: 200 bushels of fine pears. See Vincent Foster. 18-3tc. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A- Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. .PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A, Lewis Motor Co. FOR SALE—29 Chevrolet truck with flat bed. cab and new tires. $135 cash. Thompson Bros. Call 22. 2li-3t FOR SALE—Pears 75c bushel or 40c half: bushel delivered. Phon 1G6. 26-3t FOR SALE—Oak fire wood, any length/ Write Joe Rowe, Hope Route 4, Washington-Hope Road. l-3tp Cabbage Plants, Onion Sets, Vetch, Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed ...... 3-6tc WANTED near Frisco de- Will give for hens 10-llc; fryers 13c; diMJks 6c; turkeys 9-10c. T. P. ' 26-3tp "CANTED— To rent pasturge for 60 head eatile. Must have good water. W%H' fenced. See Jewell or Harry Moore. 26-3tc NOTICE NOTlC&^-For Sale or Rent, 80 acres land, 2 house:;, electric lights, running water, G mule's, 8 milk cows with young calves, 1 mile from town. Call 392. 27-3t ATTENTION BALL FANS! To World Series at St. Louis. Can acccmoclate four in Sedan. Round trip. Share expense. Call at 220 East 2nd Thursday or Friday from 4 to 7 p. m. W. H. Wells. 3-»p Sale or Bent, 14 acres, deep well.' Ten pecan trees 10 years old, Eteciric Lights. One mile from town. Call 392. 27-3t NEW ORLEANS, La. -(ff)- The United States government Wednesday cracked down in' its investigation of alleged • income •' t:ix: -.violations in Louisiana - wkjen , the:.' federal grand jury returned indictments against, three brother-officials of-a company which operated in Louisiana during the-golden highway building years of 1931, 1932 and 1933, when an ambitious road-building program was under way. The three indicted are Harry B. Nelson, president of the Mississippi Valley Conrtpany, Inc., and a 'colonel on the staff of Gov. O. K. Allen; Willis W. Nelson, vice president, and John P. Nelson, secretary-treasurer o£ the firm,' described as a manufacturers' agent for road construction companies. The company's main office was in Baton Rouge, the capital of Louisiana. The federal grand • jury has been digging for months into the financial affairs of members of the Huey Long- O. K. Allen political machine. 1'he jury brought in four indictments charging that the three brothers evaded a total of $29,279.10 income tax. And No Questions Answered At. the Children's Hospital Johnny was the terror of ^the ward. He was always in trouble. One day a weekly visitor, who knew his character, said to him: "Johnny, if you are good for a week, I'll give you sixpence when I come again. A week later she stood befoi'e Johnny's bed again. "Well," she said, 'T'm not going to ask the nurse if you've behaved. You must tell me yourself. Do you deserve the sixpence?" There was a moment's silence. Then from among the sheets a small voice said: "Gimme a penny."—Daily Express (London). There are no spark plugs in the Diesel oil engine. The fuel is ignited by heat generated by the high compression. WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win feck Pep ... Vigor ... Vitality HeditaJ authorities asrree that your kid- n«yi contain 15 MILES ot tiny tubes or filter* which h«lp to purify the blood and keeo you healthy. It you have trouble with too frequent bladder pautgct with scanty amount causing burning &nd discomfort, the 15 MILES of kidney tub** need washing out. Thia danger aiffoaS nifty be the beginning of na^in? btckaebe, leg pains, loss of pep and vitality, Setting up Bights, lumbago, awollen feet and ankjea, rheumatic pains and dizzineas. If kidneys don't empty 3 pints every day and get rid of 4 pounds of waste matter, your body will take up these poisons causing lerioui trouble. It may knock you out and Uy you up tor many months. IJon't wait. A»k your druggist for DOAN'S PILI.S . .. s doctor'g prescription . . . which has been used successfully by millions of kidney sufferers for over 40 years. They tfive quick relief and will help to wash out the IS WILES of kidney tubes. Bet don't take chances with strong drugs or so-called "kidney cures" that claim to fix you up in 1$ minutes, for they may uenounly injure and irritate delicate tissues. Insist OB POAN'8 PILLS ... the olJ reliable re- Uef that contain no "dope" or habit-forming drugs. Be sure you get UOAN'S FILLS ft yciltf toggiit, ® li'ii, OUR BOARDING HOUSE AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAl NOW, 1M GONNA LtT VOU m TUT \T IN TH" .DECKSrAUfRt 'EM UP, AN'TrAEN SEE IF VOU C/^K1 7INB \T-TH'ACt: OP T3\Asr/\ONt)SA->TH\6 \S VsV MA-Rt)E&TTR\CK,Ht)Cr TO jv\Y HINDU TRICK OF IN k TELEPHONE OH,I KNOV HOW V DO IT// THAT'C TM* •PHONEY "DECK VOU KEEP IN YOUR -DRESSE -DFAWER/ THUMB SUDES" TR % -DIAMOND LJP, ^AA^A\NC^ TWO "DIAMONDS / &0/« THE "DECK I WON'T DRIVE \ / VOU SHUT THAT \ THIS CAR ANOTH6R \ / T3OOR AND SIT BACK \ IMCH,UNTIL HE , \I IW THAT SEAT? IP SHUTS THAT DCXDP.i \ SHE WRfeCKS US, PEOPLE WILLTHINk I'LL BE IM IT, AND I'M JUST LEARNING I VOU MISHT AS WELL, TO DRIVE. A BECAUSE VOU CAN'T ^TT ALONG W/THOUT ME-— SHUT THAT" 'DOOR! T. MIGHT JUST AS. WELL f A GUV CAN'T; / Live HIS OWN! LIFE, SO WHUT GOOD IS IT TO HIM,. ANVWAY? ,/ 1> in ' H?< •^^ '*'•&& ~lf icrx y 1 \\1 AUSE TOFU SUSPICION, W o 1934 BY NCA soiviec, inc. r. M. me u s' PAT, ofr. i ^S .ARE MADE-MOT BORN T. M nrc u r BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By MARTIJ BOOTS'.'.'. HEY, GET UP '. TEVi O'CUOCW. 1 . IM SO -000 I 6HOUV.O WOULD <iv* '4.2. 1 Or- TIH* X GOT TWEVRE. en f IH Witit £Zi>f ALLEY OOP He.Laughed Outta Turn! ."). •HCA SERVICE, INC T. M. REG. U. i By HAM! T KING'S MESSENGER T'SEE YA-C'MON OUT,' ME WON'T TELL ME WHAT IT'S V ALL ABOUT' '\ WELL, WHAT 00 YOU x WANT ? THAT ti HAW/HAW/ A. SCfiEAM IW >s^ s 0.1934 BY NF.A SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. U. 5. PAT. OFF. SIR, YER. ROYAL HIGHNESS/ ALLEY COP WILL 06 r-:'f-^ tf^> I WASH TUBBS It's a Long Pull! ByCRj ^ WHAT/ RAW TURNIPS AGAIN) FOR )/ PKETTy SOOM V . \Vt-iV BREAKPAST ? NV STARS / WO // YOU'LL BE ABLE ) DON'T VDu TOOTHBRUSH EITHER/AND JUST / TO PLAIT IT LOOK AT t«iV BEARD, j —^ v DOWM VOUP? /( GARY'S CHEST. ^V RAZOR? y^/ 1 "Vv, BUT WHERE'S THS SOAP j IS N'T ANY. AN.'D HOT WATER?./ GO DOWM TO TH' . CREEK. / 'O\Wf v/rii \ /KEEP IT UP,Y SHOW *EM yOU V OW« HELP/ SEE MV M BOARDV. CAN TAKE IT. I ! Give UP- SEE, MY VALET ALWAYS SHAVES ME AND — YOU'RE DOIMG/ DOM'T BE A j THIS RAZOP.'5 PINE, QUITTER. 'tl t v '-^i / WORSE THAM A BUZZ, SAW. wr's PUNMV. IT Y MAYBE® WAS O.K. WHEW DON'T 1 CHOPPED THAT /HOW TO' TAKE " WHISKE OTHER DAY. AMD IT OP* 3-i Br NEA SERVICE. INC. T M. REG U. '.,. PAT. OFF I FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Brain vs. Brawn! FRECKLES / MY BOY, V/ORKIMG ARouMD THIS BLACKSMITH SH^P nj IS GOIKJQ TO GIVE t&U A n STRONG BODY !! THAT'S WHAT X FIGURED/ i BIFF.' C vtf' I'D LlkE It) SEE YOU STARTLE THE WHOLE TOWN WITH YOUR J^ FOOTBALL ABILITY... / GEE, AND I'LL HELP J THANKS, You ALL X /mrrli BIFF/ CAN; 'I'VE GOT TO SHOE A FEW NAGS FOR A RICH GUY UP ON STILLWATER ROAD.' | GO DOWN CELLAR ANO YOU'LL FIND A BOX OF HORSESHOES...see IF You CAS! LUG 'EM UP HERE .' OKAY: SEE, THAT'S THE KIND OF WORK I NEED...THATLL PUT ME IM FINE CONDITION .'! IT'LL TAKE , CARE OF EVERY- /THiWQ BUT THE OLD - * BEAN.' ....AND TAKING CARE OP 1 IS UP TO YOU ! DON'T EVER V JJj LET -YOUR ABILITY GIVE *rbU v) A SV;ELLED HGACJ BECAUSS ,'| i i ' -fHAT ONLY MAKES A BIGGER TARGET /.' i\J THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Take Your Pick! By COWA7 . _ TOMPKIHS' CORHERSA WERE IN UOVE ME AVJD AFTER JOIN^W (M WITH THeiU SCHEMES/TO M^KE SOME EASY MONEY,! DON'T GET ft DIME---WELL, I'M THCOUGH WITH tt>\ME! IT'S I DKH LONG GETS THE STPWGHT WID NAOROW fOR\ HIS FIRST PETURHS FROM HtS AT) rcori NOW ON EAPIH' LIL, THE OR PABACHUTC JUMPER, OUBl-E-CR BY HER CROOKED PALS COMES TO A %H THERE. MUST BE A HUNDRED P'rfCnfOS rtECte.IHf\O NO iPeE 5'MA.NY Title, BACK IN M BEAUTIFUL. WOMEN IT'S COIN 1 T'BEK \/ STICK'EM UP JOli'^lCKlN' OUT //WHERE WE CAN ON?: FROM ALL /I LOOK 'EM THFSE BE^TIES / V OVER J TAKE YOUR PICK, DAN! YOU CAN HAVE 'EM! /x""*>— 3 •/^ =• :^^ 51 %. (j k> y ^ •Srv« .-5=^4 SfV, >J1»|M.»Y MICA.M!HyiCgi IHC- ~ T M HCC. U, C PAT.'gf^j v->*'£^n

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