Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 3, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 3, 1937
Page 3
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Wednesday, November 3, 1087 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE MKS. Sio HENRY TELEPHONE 321 We lire not nlwiiys Kind wlien wo smile; tiKli we wear ;> fiiii face ;iii(l nro . And the world we docii'Vi.' Moy not ever heliovr.' We could l;iui;li in :i happier Wiiy, Yel, down in (lie ik-plh.s of Hie soul, Oft limes, with our faces aglow, There's im iiolu- and 11 moan Thiit we know of Mono. And a.s only the weary may know. We are nol always ghid wlien we siniU 1 , • For the heart in a teinpte. v -t of pain. May live in the C.UIM: Of a Kinilt' in the eyes As a rainbow may live in the rain; And ttu 1 storniie.-t nmht of out woe May liann ovit a radiiuit Mar, Whoso liuhl in 'he sky Of <les|ian is a lie A.s Mack a:; the thunder rlouds are. But ever, o ever, till pi ide All devasion .<.li;ill e*.'a.%e In defde The .saered ret'ess Of Ihe son), we eonfe.x:; We are mil alwa.v.s ^lad when wr smile. Select, -d. of (he life of Hisluip 1.,-tmbelli. Mr.s. K. P. Stewart read an article entitled "Courage" fn>m the Oetoher (jood UdiiM'hci-piiiK. At Ihe eonehi.'.ion of n short business purioil, the hostesses M-rvpfl a IrmpliiiH salad course with lea to 17 niemhers and Iwo visitors. After a few days visit with home folks, Mrs. James ti. Jamison has returned to Texiirkana, The IV T, A. council held its regular meetiiiM at the city hall Tuesday, November 'i- Mrs. A. C. Kolh p,ave the ilevotional. After commilUe reports Mr.--. D'issiMl made a report on the stall.- I'. T. A. meclinii al Pine Bluff. MKs Henry announced that there would be an out of town spealter for Ihe December meeting. Famous Girls Are (Continued from Page One) The I'M! Clebinne chapter. U. D C. will hold its November meeting at 2 'M Thursday aflein.x.n ;.t the home of Mrs L. W. Youni' on South Hervey Street, with Mis. H. V. Heindon Sr.. and Mrs. II C. Whitworlh as associate ho.slcs.ses. -O The Woodmen Circle Poplar Grove I'.Mi held its regular meeting Tuesday cvenitu: at 7 !IO at Ihe Woodmen Hall with a splendid attendance. The '•('Kular routine of business \vas dis- palcL.'d 'Ihe next meeting wd! be field on die third Tuesday in November. -O • The Hmlders' class of Hope Gospel Tabernacle will lt"l hold it.s regul/ir m in!)i;y business and .social mi-etmg en .«•<'-mil <>f Ihe meelim: in progress al tin- Tabernacl' 1 The next ineeling will be held i.n Ihe fir-1 Thursday evenun; in I)i".ember. O A ni'.st mtere.a mj; me* tMir. of Cnele N.. :; W M S Fu.sl Methodist church wa.; hi-li| :it the home of Mi- Charles llarrell on West Sixlh -tree!, with Mrs Claude Waddle as joint busies;, and the leader Mr-. W. G. Allison pre- sidinL' A \ * i v beautiful and appropriate devn! i,>n.i! wa-- i.'iven by Mrs. R. L. Hroacb Ji . nsini; a.-, her theme, "Entei tannin. 1 , Anr.cl> Unawares." Mrs. Don Smith "p. ned the jnoiinini with iin mien-slim; r .per on 'The Missionary ,i Undue Fiom America lo (he Forell'll Coimtlles" followed by Mis. R. M. ),..<; i one who read a short sketch School News Knsstnn High School The high school in » recent meeting elected (he following as Who's Who: The host nnturcd boy, Erwin Fairchild; best natured girl, Helen Martin; mo;,t popular boy, Horace Phillips; most popular girl, Opal Forbes; most di.-vili.sli boy, Klmer Sorrels; most devilish girl. LJI Vern Purlle; best informed, James O'Keefe; most handsome boy, Jalnes Hoover; prettiest girl. Helen Martin; most studious boy, Lee Jarvis; most studious girl, Margaret Kairchild; best boy athlete, L. D. Forbes; best girl athlete, Opal Forbes; sports reporter, James O'Keefe. Tln> senior class at Ihe same hour elected the following officers: Cla:s president, Margaret Fail-child; vice president, Opal Forbes; secretary and treasurer, Floy Caldwell. The community Halloween carnival Friday night proved to be a success. The proceeds going to the P. T. A. The Houston basketball teams will go to Bodeaw Friday night for three games with the Bodeaw teams. Oxan picture of personality growth ami development sue has fould be obtained m no other way. Tbe psychologists showed, for in- stame, thai Kmilie has about an equal number i,f "to" and "from" contacts; that is. .she rec-eives the overtures of lit r M-ters just about a.s often a.s she inakef, nvei lures to them. Annette and Marie, on the other band, have considerably more "lo" contacts than "from" contacts- which i.s In .say thai they make overtures to Iheir sisters oflener thin their .sisters m; ke overtures to (hem C'eeilc and Yvonne, however.: have iiK.re "from" r'intact.'.- (li.'in "to" con- lacl.s; dial is. Ihen sistt-i.s (-dine to .see them oftener th.-lii (hey go t,, see their |f'liiart were visitor.s in Ashdown, Suu- <i.si,.i-s I day. Miss Kli/abeth Hanna, who has All "I which means ju.-t about what uld suppose it inean.s. Kmilie a :>0-.MI ha.--.is. Annette soei.dly aggressive, and nne are the ones sought Miss Mamie Twitchell. of Hope, was a gueM of Mrs. Chas. Locke, Friday. Mrs. Kate Goodlctt. Mr.s. Ltila Goodlett. Miss Erlna Earlc Hanna. and Reece Goodlett were shopping in Ifype, Monday. Mrs. Kcece and Miss Ota Recce, of Nashville, were guests of Mrs. Kale Goodlett. Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ren Goodlell, Mr. and Mr;. Floyd Maldiew.s. find Sloman Goodlell motored lo Shreveport, La., Sunday. Misses A.lma Manna and Willie Thursday <£H Friday at the 'New 1 Dorothea Kent In Ihr title role, nm) Robert Wllcox In "Carnival — Universal feature alone; the same you goes along oi and Marie an (Yrile and Yv out by the others. Hut there is mi I line. Yvonne initiates relatively the fewest "to" eontaets of any of the st.sters. but responds more often to the overtures they make. That i.s just another way of .s:r. IIIK that Mi.-.s Yvonne is more socially mature; she remains oil the outside of thing, herself forward, but lo le.spond 1. 1 an; the others. Fnrthci more, all four of dren re.sjionri cage! !y to Yvonn -he fn.il:e.s overtures. When Marie or Cerd<- Iiy lo .stai I something. how' vef. only Yxontic and Annette .shou- mli'e't. Kindle does not re- lo any of the others with the t .sin- shows toward Yvonne, boil.s down to ihe faet thai nne is tin- most .sought-after of entire group and Mane the least. ' been .spending the past two weeks with j Mrs. A. M. Harding, of Ashdown. rc- i turned home with Misses Alma Hanna and Miss Stuart. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Hines were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Locke. Sunday. The Rev. G. W. Robinson conducted prcachine; services at the St. Paul Church. Sunday morning. Mrs. II. C. Murphy spent four days last, week visiting her brother. Dr. Roland Hohins. of C'amden, and her mother and father, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. never trusting j Kobins, of Arkadelphia. alwavs ready | Mr. and Mr.s. L. J. Hohins, who spend Presenting an interesting, breezy .story of the drama, romance and comedy in n bi glime carnival show, Uni- verssiJ's 'Carnival Queen' opens Thursday for two days at the Nesv Theater. The blonde beauty of Dorothea Kent is decidedly easy on the eyes. She portrays the owner of Prcscotl's Mnm- noth Carnival, around whom a series at surprising dramatic episodes revolve. Robert Wileox, one of Hollywood's handsome young actors, gives a splendid performance as the man Miss Kent lircs to manage her carnival. From the moment they meet in n blinding rain storm, their romance keeps pace with the dramatic action. "Carnival Queen" presents an intimate and revealing picture of love and laughter in the lives of these nomadic souls who pass up the security of home to trail with carnival tents on a merry-go-round tour of the country. One of the funniest sequences is the one where Hobart Cavannugh becomes mystified by the manner in which own feats of magic go wrong. Dorothea Kent plays this scene delightfully as "dumb Dora" who spills the beans. (heir weeks in Arkadelphia and their week-ends at hc;me in O/an, were at chil- home from Thursday through Sunday. inti' n .-•pond mlere.s Tbs Yv. the Annette makes a great many efforts to interest her sisters in herself and her own concerns, but gets much less attention than Yvonne nets. Kmilie, on the other hand, goes her own gait. Like Mr. Kipling's eat. she lias a was 1 of sliollmg off in the yard or i.'arden alone, picking up Ii hies and bits of grass -which, later on she is (pule apt tn transfer to the locket of one of the investigating psychologists, wiio usually discovers it only afler returning (o Toronto. It is Kimhc. too. who has the individual way of waving her hand lo .say "G.ioclhy." The others give a daintily formal hide wave; Kmilie flips her hand olllward m a gay, "Hi iheie!" manner. \Valch Amu-tic .Must Anyone who has observed small children knows that they .spend a good |/art of llicir tune logcther simply in wakhing each other. The • psychologists made careful Holes on | Ihe uay the quinti watched each i other, and came up with some mlercsi- ! ing discoveries. 1 Annelle, for instance, i.s die one Ihe I other gn Is watch the mo.sl often. They I walrli her far more lhail she watches ' any of them. j Lit lie M.inr does more watching than any of the mhers do and gets walched die least. Mane has hern ; handicapped physically, and hence j from her sisters' .standpoint has been die least worth watching. All of this i.s inlere-.tmg to the j general public, hut it has been even more interesting lo die p.-,j chologists. For here are fice children who, form Ihe rircunisliinres of then hull) and I rearing, might he expected lo be very j n.iich alike; yet the outstanding fact about them, i.s revealed by this psychological study, is that they are so different. "One thing is certain," says IJr. Hlal/.s report, "and that i.s that these children do not fit into a similar mold of iicrsonahly development, and ll.al Ihe variation manifested al this age i.s .showing signs of wider di- vergeace. They purchased a new 19.'(8 Chevrolet :-edan. .Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Rohin.s are the owners of a new car. Mr. and Mrs. Johnnie Thornton aii- noimic the arrival of an infant son Ocloher 26. Mrs. John Robins, Mrs. O. C. Robins, Mr.s. R. C. Murphy, and Mr. and Mrs. Troy Smead attended the showing of "Thin Ice," at the Sacngcre theater in Hope, Sunday. Mr. and Mis. J. S. Crane attended Ihe reunion of the Green family at Norman. Ark., Sunday. Mrs. Crane was a Green before her marriage. Mr.s. Mollie Sue Middlebrooks and Miss Pauline- Jones, of Hope, were visitors in the home of Mrs. Miller Stuart Friday. Miss Pauline Jones was a Sunday guest of Mis.s Eathel Robertson. Mr. and Mr.s. F. P. Cilly made n business trip lo Hope, Saturday. The Rev. G. \V. Robinson conducted his lasl preaching services, before the annual conference, at the O/an Methodist church, Sunday night. Mrs. F.mma Bland, of Saratoga, was in O/.an, Sunday. Mrs. Dudley Locke, who has been visiting her sister, Mr.s. Chlora Cilly, has returned to her home in Pharr, Texas. Mr. .mil Mrs. Robert Cook, Ethriclge Patterson, anil Harvey Patterson attended the Louisiana State Fair at Shreveport, Saturday night and Sunday. Ollie Browning entered the first grade in the O/au Public School Monday. Mrs. Clyde Osborn and children spent Saturday with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Sim.s of Emmet. Mr, and .Mrs. Loyd Spencer of Hope, were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mr.s. Clyde Oshorn. Mr. and Mr.s. K. llaselnian were in Prisch Was On Fire, at That ST. LOUIS—(NEA)-Frank Frisch's announcement that he has definitely retired as a player and the removal of his name from the St. Louis Cardinals' active list recalls the time his name was first entered in a National League box score. John McGraw pent the young Forclham Flash into a game against the Chicago Cubs as a pinch runner. "I didn't catch the name," said Charley Dryden, greatest of baseball wits. "Frisch," Dryden was told. "What's that?" "Frisch. F-r-i-s-c-h. Frisch." "Hmmph," commented Charley, "sounds like something frying." thai where Dorothea Kent's dog becomes stuck up with more feathers than n Zulu chief. Dorothea Kent's silly-sallies skitter all through the picture, like daffodils on April Fool's Day. Tlie screen play, written by James Mulhwuser and Harold Buckley, was based on the popular novel by Richard Wormser. "Carnival Queen" possesses the gla- mor and atmosphere of the magical world of sideshows on the midway. Miss Kent and Robert Wileox beat the gang of crooks who are using the carnival to cover up their bnnk robbing, in which Hobart Cavannugh turns out to be the real brains of the outlaws, provides a smashing climax to the play which is sure to bring spectators to the ends of their seats. "Carnival Queen" was directed by Nate Watt and the associate producer was Robert Presnell. Supporting players who contribute to the entertainment value of the picture include G. Pat Collins, as the heavy, David Oliver as the ferris wheel operator, Jonathan Hale as the detective, Ernest Cossart Forgetful Blind Man Walks 3-Story Ledge WASHINGTON COURT HOUSE, Ohio.—(/P)—Courthouse employes here walched breathlessly a man they knew to be blind clamber out onto the third- story ledge of n building across the street, inch bis wa yto n distant window, and let himself inside. To amazed questioners, the climber, Jntncs Knislcy, sightless violinist, said he had forgotten the key to his room, so he had to go out a hall window and around the ledge to gain entrance. He's done it often at night, he said. Chicks, Goats Buy (Continued from Page One) and they had some hens wbich turned out to be "cannibals" and killed many of the others. Net profit for the year was only about $300. They hope to make up a little of that this year. They has installed lights . in the poultry houses which are turned on automatically from 9:30 to 10:30 each night. The lights cause the hens to cat an extra meal and lay more eggs, the Smiths say. • All three members of the family know (he poultry busniess thoroughly. Another laugh provoking sequence is and Harry Tyler. Haile Selassie sues in British court to prove title "Emperor of Ethiopia." Wonder if Mussolini will be. called as defense witness. Gas masks for British babies. Italy gives them guns. Europe has just about completed restoration of buildings destroyed in the World war, and is aching for an- othcr conflict to tear them down again. When angry a skunk stamps the ground with its forefeet. And that's not all. Government will supply hunters with big game. A real service would be .supplying fish to end nil those talcs about the ones "that got away." Hollywood dancing girls "pickle" feet in salt brine before work. Perhaps that explains why so many movie musicals go "sour." Two lost, unloaded torpedoes cause U. S. government worry. One place searchers won't have to look is in the Mediterranean. Nurse objects to expectant fathers crooning in hospital corridors. Ju.st practicing for night watches to come. Evidently hiding under false colors i.s the Los Angeles thief who took a red wig. four blond wigs, a platinum and brown wig and a brown toupee from a hair store. Americans use 25 pounds of soap per capita annually to top the world's soap consumption. With the record how can we give belligerent nations dirty looks? A lock of Milton's hair i.s in the possession of a New York firm of book dealers. Hope, Monday to iittend the Webb vs. O/iin town case. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Sims and Mr. and Mrs. Mir! Richards of Emmet were dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde O.sborn, Sunday. Kills 3, Alleging He Planned Own Suicide CHICAGO—</P)—A 24-ycar-old-man, his courage bolstered with liquor, told police Wednesday he shot and killed two members of his family and critically wounded a third because "I figured if I killed somebody else I'd have guts enough to kill myself." The vicloms of six bullets from Samuel Econoniis' mail-order pistol were his brother and two sisters. Women and Children First on Land, Too OMAHA, Neb.—W)—President William M. Jeffers is proud of the Union Pacific's nurse-stewardess service. He boasted recently 54 children under two years traveled on one U. P. train at the same time. "We don't have hostesses," he commented. "We assume tired business men can find their own relaxation." Spring Hill Preaching The Rev. Ed Haney of Tcxarkana will preach at the Mel rose church on the Hope Spring-Hill road Friday night. November 5. The public is invited. The Rev. Haney preached at Mclrose several weeks ago and his sermon was well received. DUGGAR'S Match Your BUDGET! Maybe you don't have a budget—but whether or no, you cannot afford to pass up the swell array of dresses al all prices at Duggars. DRESSES 2 95 These little dresses arc traffic stoppers—everyone who walks past them stops in surprise at their class for such low price! Materials—tops for this price range for winter! Styles— you say it! , HOLIDAY SUGGESTIONS The Thanlcsgiving bird hasn't been carved yet, it's true, but plan your Christmas shopping early this year—see our windows, and take advantage of our LAYAWAY PLAN. Paris Fashion 2 SHOES 3 95 95 You've seen Paris Fashion shoes advertised in Good Housekeeping and other nationally read magazines—you know their hcighth o£ style and quality for such low price—sec the newest gabardines and suedes on display. DUGGAR'S Ladies Ready-to-Wear—SHOES 111 West Second ili£- ae. NKXT: How the quintuplets fcr in sccial development. Hully Grove Cake Walk 'Ihe Kpworlh League of Holly Grove community will hold a cake walk at the John Hartsfiekl homo Saturday mghl, November (j. The public, is invited. —l.iist l)ii)— Double I'Vature— "Luck ul the KiKiring t ;mi|)" ••H:i)KK/\L JH'LLICTS" IT'S CARNIVAL-LOVE TIME w/lh ROBERT WILCOX DOROTHEA KENT HOBART CAVANAUGH A NEW UNIVERSAL PICTURE Also "llaumiiin Capers" Oswald Cat toon "l.ovo Sicli" the little rat who has been giving us the ruu- around for twenty years!" REMNANT AL Thursday Morning at 8:00 Best Assortment In Months Hundreds of Yards of Splendid Quality Fabrics in all the Important Colors and Designs We Give Eagle Stamps The Leading Department Store Geo. W. Robison & Co, Hope Prescott Nashville THURSDAY FRIDAY SATURDAY MONDAY 88c DAYS • Hand Made Gowns Ladies Hand Made Porto Blcan Gowns. In white or color. 2 for 88c 88c DAYS DOMESTIC 10 Yards Sea Island 40 inches wide. , SSc DAYS PRINTS The very best 80 square prints, All new patterns. 4 yards 88c SSc DAYS • Full Fashioned Hose One lot of the very best fall colors, in chiffon, riuglcss. — SSc DAYS Ladies Wash Dresses Guaranteed fade proof prints. SSc DAYS • Uniform Dresses Fast color linen dresses. Double or single fronts. Kr • •< SSc DAYS • MEN'S SHOES Dress or Work Shoes. Values to ?2.43 SSc DAYS • LADIES SLIPS Crepe slips, lace trim or plain. Bias or straight cut. 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