The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT COURIER NEWS Red Caps Fear They'll Wind Up In As Tips Vs. Pay Row Nears Dccisioi Ky NEA Service Tlmt lied Cap who smartly ups to you sit Die rnHroad .station with his "Carry your bag, sirV"—is he a rugged individualist competing for your business at any rats s.n .- lii'j service eon Or is he a wage-worker? yiiybl nl the moment, he is b' 1 - Iw-ixl and ueiween. While U. S. Circuit Court in Cincinnati considers plea and comilei-plea by Ihe Wage-Hour Hoard and Hie Union Terminal, rnllrond stallmi.v all over the country are slnijjglin 1 .; lo put their lied Caps on a system that will be legal and just. In Cincinnati, at Ihe Illinois i Central .slutkm in Chitazo, or ::t i the Kt. Louis Uni«:i .SHltou, your Red Cap is just a collector, lie (charges j(j (:n iU for each bn-( or •package curried, lie turns i-i t>it> | money to tlui railroad. Then he is [ p.'tiil a wrekly wage oi $14.40. ! Hut in most othf-r rltlt«, I in- Red Cap still depends on his tips, tf he has taken in less than SH.4U, the railroad makes it up. Hed Caps on a lO-^e.ii.s-.i-pkri-i: basis view with nlnrni. The $2JO minimum per diiy tend. 1 ! to become a maximum, bs- causc tipping falls o(f when the standard charge is adopted. "I'm taking in from $3.25 to £3.SO it day now." said one Hc;l Cap. "'Hint's $21 a week. U UK"; put in thiil SH.40, people ain't gonna lip no more, l.oolc'i to me The railroads are more likely to lose money, especially II Ihe \v"r n- Hour Board wins Us case. Fat the country's 0000 Hed Caps c-ouui i..,-,i sue for double the wajw l.icy haven't Uecn gettin<! since the Wage-Horn- law wont I,:to effect In 1038. It might cost the mill-onus Chicago Ited Cap \Vyalt KdRi-i- ton si'ciiis nlra.sril hy no-tin , more than $5,000,000, Mexico's Mysterious Spliyuy Mexicans And Filipinos First; Then Come Dust Refugees PHE3NO, Calif. HJi'l—Califor- nia's agricultural areas for decades have needded and 'made extensive use of "seasonal workers" during, plaining and harmling seasons, giving rise lo a roving or mi-grant 'lav, of worker who "followed the crops." Tlmt .system, was followeil tor jrars, without any oiiislandlns problem arising until" rffuge-s fi-om dust bowl areas came lo the . i ;Ute In such hordes thai the .>o-t'all<'r) migrant problem developed. After the World War, in Ihe 1920s, thousands of Mexicans came. a!!d were brought to California tu fill the expanding labor needs of the state'- farmers. Tilt Mexicans worked In the fields. 1'ilipino labor was also extensively imported. Packing hoiii-e anil cannery jobs generally were lilled by local \u\iur or the "fruit tramps." Turnover Not Crcut The jobs generally were ronsld- c-rcd at least semi - skilled. Tiie same persons were employed year cal Inbor usually Included house-1 wives, who were thus able to mid : to the family Income, often making the purchase of luxuries possible, ami high school and college students, who found Ihe work profitable summer employment which helped defray the expenses of education. Then cnme the depression ycara ot the early 30s; dust storms hit the Middle West; the migration of i "Okies" and "Arkles" starlcd. Most of the newcomers were "broke." Partly out of sympathy, but largely because local residents i would not work in the fields for i the depression wages its low asj those accepted by the migrants, the housewives and simienis discontinued doing that type of seasonal: work. There was llttl; or no Idea ] of the future e::len'. of 1:13 problem which then was starting. Mexicans Lost Jobs Sympathy was fell for Ihc first thoiisantls of the migrant refugees. They were unfortunate Americans, [ fellow countrymen, most of them white. Melxcan field hands—those who had been imported for the work—were unable to find employment. The migrants were hired, because (lie farmers wnnt'ed lo help Americans first. Thousands of the Mexicans were scut buck to Me..- ico lor repatriation. Migrants, were unaccustomed to much of California's agricultural 1 •work. They found picking oranges : in southern Callfornl.i, ior exam- j pie, too dirty and too hard n job. Mexican crews were gradually i c - tur*cd to the job. Mexicans could ' make a living that, satisfied them picking oranges. Mexicans were returned to other types oj ,vorX- too i -they didn't complain about liv-1 ing conditions, working contllliaiis, Origin of this giant stone heud nml or wages. , archeologlsls of the joint National Geographic Society and developed. The migrants in desperation had no alternative, 'apparently, other than to establish and move into sciualld camps near dump grounds mm-oilier Insanllnrv places. Eventually wiser counsel prevailed. Concern and sympathy for the migrants reappeared. Callfor- nians realize today the migrants are in the state permanently. The problem is to rehabilitate them, to see that they become satisfied residents of the slate and do not remain in their present circumstances where they are discontented. Camps are no longer common. The trend is toward continuous improvement of conditions. The attitude is no longer one of resentment—rather it Is genuine concern. Editors To Tour Own SUIc MONTGOMERY, Ala. (UP) Alabama editors, to gel better acquainted with Ibelr own state, will hold their annual summer tour through the stale instead ot to some out-of-stiHe point. The Alabama Press Association says the proposed tour will include every section of the state. ins" I rend to make the circus conform with present-day tastes and haljils. The circus' will come here from Joiieshoi-o and (lie following clay \ ill exhibit. !•) Memphis. Vast Cellars Are Equipped To Treat Wounded And Gassed HV SAMUEI, IMS'IIIKM, United I'n'ss Slair CYiiwsjiiijiiK'jil I'Aim. i UP)—Frenchmen have bcui burrowing underground, tight| (nlns up cellar windows and rein- I (wciiig foundation walls under biilldiiiij.s, measuring cubic space in eoal and wine cellars and dicck- »m on means of access lo ihese i wiTiis. The result was lhal wlir-n > n- was declared, Prance was ready that very night for a mass air- raid on its cities. Realistic Frenchmen do not lake chances. In addition to Hit civilian ill-mid shelters or abrls, the war f u lories of Kranco, where workers "i' ruled I'oulvalent to soldiers, an: all equipped with adequate l;nmb- ool refuses. One of.the biggest of these was shown this correspondent by an official of the armamenls ministry. It can Accommodate 10,000 persons, 'mis colossal abri, which 1 is constructed from an abandoned thy quarry, has galleries projecting in all directions, not unlike the famous catacombs of Home, but much lighter and more cxtnslvc, Shcller Has streets Dry, lighted and well aired, this big industrial abri could swallow up almost the entire personnel of one of France's biggest war ftic- lories. Automobiles pus.',- through its galleries as If they were streets. At one intersection ol galleries, someone had painted Downing Street on one side and Rue de la I'aix on the other—evidence of the Entente Cordiale. This vast abri was constructed months before the war at an enormous cost, millions of francs. It was built. When the world believed ' ' S e ' 8 '" lc °' hl8 "' lwpllls ' rs ' et in circumference mui 1 Wei 8 lls twenty tons. Tin- heads were found on n swampy plain 01 I Mexico's gntf coast. i(l(i mllfs from Ihc nearest source of basalt The ostrich, ivliich grows lo height of 9 feet, weighs as much as 300 pounds, and-provides feith- ers-ior feminine adornment, is the largest extant bird domesucat -u man's use. NOW YOU CAN HAVE BUTANE GAS SERVICE Without biyriiur a BUTAMI GAS PLANT. Enjoy (his pleasure for Cooking, Healing Hot Water and Gas Refrigeration. For full information write us or make inquiry at our office. • WEIS BUTANE GAS COMPANY Whfalky--West Memphis Blythevllle Russell Show To Be Presented Here In Two Performances This community is soon to have Circus Day. that gala annual event without which no season would be complete. Arrangements have been made by Kussell Bras.' Circus to appear in Blythcvllle Thursday, April 181U on South Highway No 61. That the circus. a,s a i;ra-d uld American institution, is far from dead was the emphatic declaration of the advance asent who was here airnnging the advertising. "!t Is true." lie said, "lhal lasl season was disastrous for some cir- L'llsc.s and Uu.l (here are fewer than ever on Ihe road this scaso:;. nut what actually Is happening Is thai the circus, like everything else. Is having lo change its ways lo survive in a changing world." One thing wrong, he i:o:>(timctl. Is Iliat circuses have born ch.'irging too hijli prices. He ammurccd that Russell Bros, this season lias adopted a greatly reduced admission price as a means of perpetuating Ihc circus' popularity. "And nt the same time v:e have cm our price." he added, "we have improved rather than cut down our show." This move is made possible, he explained, by an enormous se.iliu'j capacity assuring u large volume of business, together with a decided reduction in overhead costs I brought about by the adoption of I modern methods of trnnsporlitiT' and opcrnil:.-(j the show. T'.ie lius'-:! show H consider >• j pioneer of the current "strcamliu- NOTH.'K OF CONTEST Department, of liie Interior Gcucrnl Lmid Office WasluiiBton. D. C. March 15. 1040 To Lex K. liickmnn of lilylheyllle. Arkansas. Contcstcc: You are hereby notified Ibnt Gnuiy G. Flowers who gives R|. One. Blythcville. Arkansas, as his post office address, did on January 2'J, is-io. file in this office his duly corroborated application to contest and secure the cancel- ation of your homestead Entry, Se- ••lal No. a. |j. O. OWO. "made Mnrch 14. 1B39. for the'S'i. NK''i, HE'.i Section 31. Townslilp ""ie North, nnngc 10 East, mm principal Meridian. Arkansas, and as grmmdK for his contest he alleges that Lex E. Hickman has failed (o occupy, improve, or otherwise coin- ply with the department rrgnlii- tions You are, therefore, further notified (hut (he said allegations will Ie Ink-en as confessed, am) your sild entry will be cnncdeil without further right lo be beard, either before tills office or on appeal, if you tail lo lile in this office within twenty dnys afln- the Fourth ijnblieation of ihis notice, us shown below, your answer, under onlli, specifically responding to these nllegntlons of contest, to- getlicr with clue proof Iliai yon have served » copy of yoiir answer i on the said caulestant rilher ini person or by registered mail. . I You should state In your answer the name of the post office to which yon desire future notice? to be sent to you. A. E, Donluiu Acting Assistant Commissioner. FREE! All Spark Plugs Cleaned Free During NATIONAL SPARK PLUG WEEK This iiffer will Ust one week only Ilcgliinjng Sunday, April Ttli Ihriiueli Saturday. April Iliili. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 2 Great New STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUISIANA DISTRIBUTED nv : sH.nmSTTcoTA^™iT^.... tors for Arkansas, l.lKfc , !or k, Vine JBIufT, iK-nnoit, Fori Smith Dmt Ilio llgiitnlns! -.vr,r thrrntcne;! hy Adolf HHIej- might ninU'rlaUxe. The officials of the bij,' w»r plant were inking no chance, so they mnde every provision for the very worst Hint might happen. In case of an alr-rald alarm, there was ample menus of transferring employes from Die exposed factory to the shelter either through concrete trenches or itiraugli n direct passage from the factory yard. Inside (he shelter, providing the employes were not gassed or wounded, they might sit about and wait for Hie danger to pass. Should anyone ue Injured, there is an emergency .station and field hospital. Vapor Ha|>i S rinf.iiini Classed patients would be disrobed Immediately and given a tag They would i>c passed immediately Into a de-gassing vnpor bath, like ordliifiry bath showers which emit fine spray jn.sjead of needloshou-- eis, and from there to specially covered beds and tables where doctors administer first aid. For ordinary wounds there Is another division and for serious cases an emergency operating room. At all times this hospital is ready. The vapor showers are heated and ready to be turned on, The head doctor is present. The oxygen stores are in place. The «nliro shelter Is ready mid will remain ready until the war is over. Every factory has its abri or shelter, cither beneath the buildings or nearby. Although the gas mask regulations save bcen.sorms wind relaxed, SOIIIB factories still' ve(|iiirr- iheb- employes to curry JPRTDAY, APRIL B, 1MO 'their masks. All schools require pupils (o have their masks continuously with them, I'lorJi Aroepls Albino (Vow CORVAI.L1S, Mont. (UI 1 )—A local crow has knocked into a cocked hat the old adage about being "as black us a crow." It i s a perfect albino. Jt apparently has no prejudices, for It eats with a flock of black crows, and they in turn seem to show no resentment against the while member of their flock. H APPY UOUR R H DKUVKH Mf W. Mnln 8t, Phour U THE HOUSE OF MEAD t t y **i r > f S* \ A&-A;*&>* SN.jkV; Ar.iw'' %3* ^/t^ m iffiL Spruce up for Spring in a Pewter Grey Double Breasted Suit of GuHweighi DOESKIN FLANNEL '50 Tailored by HART SCHAFFNER & MAHX Here's a suil fhal will put yoti m (he head of Ihc sprini; fashion paratic .... and keep you (here for many months thereafter for I'ewtcr Grey Doeskin Flannels have swept forward to fashion heights! And since they're tailored in the famed Hurt SchalTner & Marx Gullwcight construction it means you'll have an ideal suit, to wear from today until November. .You get a suit (lint weighs 22',r'less than a regular "weight and when Ihc sun hears down in summer wear it without the vest and yon stay comfortable. Other Suits from $25 As Usual the Best Values Are Always At MEAD'S 315 - ai r>

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