Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on September 12, 1896 · Page 6
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 6

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 12, 1896
Page 6
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The Governor of North Carolina said to the Governor of South Carolina "BATTLE AX" is the most tobacco, of the best quality, for the least money. Large quantities reduce the cost of manufacture, the result going to the consumer in the shape of a larger piece, for less money, than was ever before possible. K'iPLING'S LITTLE JOKE. How He Gave Criit a Policy for the Ao»- tr«ll*n«.. ' Eudyard Kipling ia usually rcpre- •cnlcd as being- very cold.nnd -distant to ^punjj- newspaper men, and proof against their efforts to interview him. (There is evidently a kind side to his nu- ftiira, however, as. is shown by n story that is told by the Literary Digest. In 'reg-ard to the statement in un. Australian paper that he landed on thatisland at. 12 o'clock and 16 minotes later "had ifonntilatcU an Australian policy," Mr.' •Kipling-, according to the Digest,inakea ttc following- explanation: "A .young, •reporter cornered me' just alter I 'landed. I treated him kindly, but (laid S&nJy that I was not to be inter- .•riaiived. 'I have cot thought of inter- ,-vicwing you," replied the reporter, with 'st sadness in his voice. 'I'nsk a mucli Beater favor than that,' It turned out' Ithat the reporter had an Australian' policy tvhich he knew-would be of the greatest benefit "to the country. No (paper would print it. His modest re-, •^uest, was that Kipling- would let him 1-p.TTt forth his theory; as the scheme of- rth'e- -novelist. 'They will priot it,' he «ric!',''if T ff^'e it as coming, from you.' I*AII'rig-lit,' ngreed Kipling, 'fire ahead.' >Si» the young reporter got in four mortal columns -telling the people of 'Australia how to govern their country. ;1 never read the article,' Mr. Kipling,-placidly says, 'but there musthnve been amazing Wworlcs in It from the storm it iaiscd.'" • PETRIFIED MAN FOUND. igaeor Discovery In a Bogey Field Near Marlnetto, TV In. I A most remarkable find was made the other morning- on Van Oholette's farm, .seven miles west of Mnrinette, Wis,, on the Teshtigo river. Mr. Cholletto Tient out in a bojjgy fle-ld to get some •wet muck to put under his horses' feet nnd had dii£ down about two feet In •ilve damp soil when his spndc struck 'stone. Ho investigated further -and •n-as horrified to sec the form of a man. TXhc remains were uncovered and found fo be-entirely ijctrificd.': Even tho | wrinkles ia the face or.d hnrids were i visible ami the evidences 6£ a mustache | Can be (iistingiiishcd. What appears to | to a bullct-lioie Ja In the left.breast and | a push lilie a stab nnd auotht-E smaller | toic in tlie right breast. Tho man was' .evidently r.trongly built a.ud ]l0^ycrful.'j •The check bones ore not liigh'enough lor nn Incli::n. The bodyn'ow weighs <00 pounda, find is five feet ten, inches long. Mr. Ciiillctte has already re- lusod a bif>- sum for the specimen. Tho Ca.f, In Annlont Epypt.'« | Amosug 1 I lie ancient Kgypti.-uis the cat ! was sacred to L«is or the moon, .tcmplc3i| were raised a-ntl/sacriGces olTe-red in ita ] Eoncr, ",icl its' body embalmed, after (fcnth. It was "customary, too, for the ftuiii.'y itfc wlios<- house the eat died ta •hove t.hcir eyebrows .OH a sign ol ajourning for the defunct pussy. iiSBASBS OF THE S1UN., . The inwr.s'.- itching ivnd sniartiiiR inc. flint to cc^fn.i, tetter, salt-rheum, and olhoi,, rHacascstrHi': «.'>ii) is instantly alliived by. ipplviup CiiRinberlain's Eye -ind S!dn Ointmtri;. MAIIV very had Jiisc-S luivc been •pcrnianentlr viir'cd hy-iU', It its .'equally cflicient fov'itching piics nncl'ii fiivoritcrcm- •ody for -nvo nipplra; chapped i.'ancls, chil- fAalm, f'rMi. bites.'nnd-rhronie Born eyoa. For sate iiy clrufigii'.!;; a: £5 L't-'ntn jitr bos. BURIAL ALIVE. 'Italian Physicians Bullovo It Occam Fr e •'' qucntly In Tholr Country. A commission of physicians is forming in Turin in Italy for the purpose of investigating the subject of apparent, death. Owing to the small delay necessary bctweo-n death oud burial in that country the subject is of great importance. The signs of apparent death •have, undoubtedly led to the interment of luu-uy persons still living. Turin" furnished a remarkable instance of the danger. A physician of that.city who had done admirable scrv- . ice nli through the epidemic of 1884 fell ut last n victim to tbe.malndy and was certified ns dead and was already laid out i n t^ 0 winding sheet, whilo his family, in an adjoining room, were awaiting the arrival of the undertaker. Suddenly they heard n faint •sound at the door, which was then feebly opened, and there they saw tho •physician himseir, who half an hour later might have been hermetically sealed in his .coffin, supporting himself ngainst the door post nnd upbraiding them in a voice scarcely audible for having neglected him so long. The panic- stricken family had him at once replaced Jnbed, and with the best aid that could be got, endeavored to resuscitate .him, but in vain. He died shortly after irom cardiac failure. " FINDS A MAMMOTH TOOTH. gonth l>»kotn Tammr Makes n Discovery of Interest lo SclontlBtB. N. E. Witclier, n. farmer in the Black hills, has on exhibition at Sturgis, S. D., a mastodon's tooth.of ny B pounds' weight, eight by ten and ouc-hall inchcv. side" measure and four by'four across the grinding surface,-which he recently found on the Little Missouri river bank at the point where the'stream intersects the South Dakota-Montana line.. Considerable remark was.caused not long ago in scientific circles by the size of a. similar tooth just discovered oC only four pounds weight. The present spexsimen is an unusually perfect, as well as -a very large one, and will probably be sold soon to an eastern scien list. F»rm Eaten Up by a Dojr. A dog which ha's eaten up a farm nnd a set of .buildings has been found . in eastern Maine. This dog killed ancigh- l>or'a fclieep. The neighbor offered to •call it square if the dog was killed. The dog's master refused to agree to this niu'i a lawsuit came next. To pay the costs and damages assessed by the court, the owner of the dog had to raort^ ffn'ffo his farm for #idO. The mortgage had n. bigger appetite than the dog 1 , and soon his farm wns g-one and the owner had to move awoy. Longevity an<l Late-Uouri, ' A German doctor who has been col- iectinjr information about tllehabits of ]ong-livcd persons, finds thai, tho majority of those who attained old <ige indulged in late- hours. Eight out of ten. persons over SO never went to bed. till well into the small hours, nnd did not g-ct up ngniji till late in the clay. Lorain, 0.. Sept. 11. —"Sheriff lord Thursday afternoon closed the doors of J. .Kesek's dry-goods house, the'oldest in the city.. The levy was made on two- judgment notes, one in fnvor of the Lornin 'Citizens', bank,for SSOO, nnd the other in favor of Simon Re~<;k, of Cleveland, for $l,S75. .The assets are 1 estimated at .$7,000, and the liabilities at •about $5,000. End "collections is as the cause. .-., .'- 1 -." 1 ....'--.' ' ' A SAD SUICIDE. Young Man Shoots ITmsalf nt the Side of His Dead Wife, Tragic Culmination to a Family Quarrel — Five Small Children Made Orphans. Altoona, Pa,, Sept. 11.—A sensational .suicide occurred .in. this city Friday .morning'.- James H. Crumer, a youug innn, went i)ito the room where his dead wife liiy'and blew his brains uut with a revolver, Tuesday lust Cramer and his wife had a quarrel, during which 'Mrs; 1 Cramer-picked up the kettle and attempted to throw boiling water on her luisUind. He sciy-ed the kottle and, in doing so, some of the scolding water was spilled on the woman's hands. A pleasant reconciliation followed the same night, and Wednesday morning Mrs.- Cnimcr went to the hospital to have the burns dressed, and just as t-lio iintered the waiting-room -for potie:its she dropped dciul. Ever since his wife's death Crumer has been much 1 depressed in spirits. Husband and wife will be buried together. A sod feature of the case is that the dead couple leave five small children. POWDER MILL EXPLOSION. T«-o Men Lono Thnir Live* ac Younstt- town.O. — Ciiutieof KaiploHloii Unknown. Cleveland, 0., Sept. 11.— A special to the press irum Ycungstown suys: An explosion occurred at the :uilis of the Ohio I'owdcr c.ompaiiy xi^uut eiglit o'clock, in which Daniel Davis and ileorge Lynch lost their lives. The explosion occurred in the pn-ss roam, and was Ircar'l for miles. Thr men were burned almost beyond recognition. The ,-ause of the explosion is unknown. The roruman say'i that he left the room a few minutes before the explosion ,und. all the machinery "'ns in good eniiilition. J)avis a nd Lycc-ii were the only ;:-.-I-SOIK. •p. the mill at I lie time. The property Joss is suuilli . l-luvla^ » Cooil Time. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 11.— The old-time telegraphers left the city at 10:30 o'clock Friday, . niornhg in a special train on the Pittsburgh &. L:ike Erie .railroad for a trip through the Beaver valley, A stop was made ;il Monuro for lunch, find to inspect the Fhccnix g-lnss works and later the party visited thi Carnegie steel works lit Homestead. The return trip from Homestead was made. on the steamship Elizabeth. They were met nt the Pittsburgh whnrf by the Yacht club, mid <\ v»ceptir>r> held and supper served by the club. At the banquet Thursday night Mr. J. t). Eei-3 was presented with $3,000 by two of the gentlemen -who "served ns messengers under him in this city 50 years ago. Ca|it. S, L). Shai'.iion DciKl. Baltimore, Md., Sept. 11— Capt. S. D. Shannon, nn inmate of Pikcsville confederate home, near this city, died Thursday from an attack of heart trouble. He whs 63 years of age .and served throughout the entire war. '.He enlisted in the First South Carolina regiment nnd afterward served on the staff of Maj. Gen. Richard Anderson. He was secretary of the territory of- Wyoming under President Cleveland for several years. He was a. brother of Col. Shannon, who wns killed in a duel several years agp by Col. Cass. ' Sovlnpit JJank President Arrested. Chicago, Sept. 11.— George L. Magill, president of the Avenue savings tank at Thirty-first street nnd Michigan ave- r.ue, w»s arrested at seven o'clock Friday morning, on a. warrant (.barging him with embezzlement, ihe complainant being JKI J. Mix, a. wholesale and retail milk, butter and cream dealer. The amount alleged to 'have been em- 1 be/zlcd is $284.75 cash and $240.15 in. checks.- Magill gnve bond in the sum of $3,000 for his appearance at his trial, Ayhieh was fixed for September 1C. MATCHBOXW THE NEW WOMAN Mau No Longer the KlonopolUt at Thli Convenience. Until this year the matchbox has been the unquestioned, exclusive property of- man. Never once did he think of such a thing as the fairer sex borrowing it. He. may have had a presentiment ol her laying claim to hia necktie, but his matchbox— never, says the Chicago , Tribune. But the bicycle girl, who makes whatr ever- she wants possible, has now laid siege to man's matc-Ubox. If she contemplated riding, at night she U£eds matches to .light her lamp, and necessarily 'she must cany them in a matchbox. That is the reason that there are any number of new matchboxes this 1 year which are smaller and more dainty than anything in this line ever seen before. y '' "Do the girls buy them ?" a prominent- jeweler was asked. To which'question, he answered: "Yes, indeed. Tlic smaller sizes nre made particularly for their special use." " The prettiest of the new matchboxes for girls nre of gold with on enameled decoration. The enameling either takes the form of. a college or yacht club flag or it resembles a hand-painted miniature showing a, girl on a wheel or the head of a dog. Many of these matchboxes are made with a conceaJed recess for aphotogmph. It is only when a certain spring is touched that thepfc- ture can be seen, so skillfully it is hidden away. -• . , •" The silver matchboxes, ' decorated with the outline of a tiny bicycle In enamel, aro also new 1 and much less ex•pensive. 1 ' _ ' '•'• Within the limitsof the United States in 1S01,. there were. 5,250,000. English.-. ( spen]dng people; .now there nre 70,000,-. 00.0. ' • ;' '. _;';.. S Klv-nls. ...'.' .:...... . Slieridnn .fell in'/lowwit.a Miss tirJey, '.told"'.tlic:;story::jii;.:''Th'e:. RiRls? ' 1 1 ' lladness Comes 1 . ji/ith a better understanding of the . » transient nature of the many phys=*i Ills, whioh vanish before properef 1 a/rts—gentic efforts—pleasant efforts— .'.•i'htly directed. There is comfort in Jvs knowledge, that so many forms cf ".ckness are not dnc to any. iictnal dis- ,:-^e, but simply to a constipated com?- rtOU of the svstein, which the plcnsniii •.~aiily laxative, Syrup of Fifra. prompt- removes. That is why itis the only •.uaedy with milliousof families, and is -•••erywhcre esteemed so hijjMy by all •••feo value good liunlth. its beneficial rf-icts are due to the fact, t'vt itis tlic ,:i. i remedy which promotes internal i-'.ialincss without tlcbilitat'ng the - rans on which it ads. It is therefore 'important, in order io £ot iu bcne- J.o'al effects, to note when you piir- „'•• «e, that you have the genuine arti- " •;, which is manufactured by the Ciili- biiaia Fig 1 Symp Co. 1 only and solO by «;j, reputable druggists. It in the enjoyment of good liofiil.li. •«,£ the system is regiihiv, laxatives or srilier remedies are then not needed, jj •wSictcd with any actual disease, ono rtiA^ be commended to the most skillful i&ysicians, but if in'nced of a laxative, awa should have the best, and with the Mil-informed 1 everywhere. Syrup of iftvsstands highest, and is roost largely "Bed andgivi;Kinnsi n-am>ral satisfaction. HOOSIER HAPPENINGS. News by Telegraph from Various Towns in Indiana. Com Slaw l)res<ln|f. The simplest i-s to add to two large tablespoonfulsof whipped sweet cream, t\vo oil sng.-ir iincl twice that nniount of vinegar \vith .--. )t to ta.sli". Again, a simple French dressing: is good over ciVbbape. So is that made by beating* the yollis of three hard boiled e/rjrs to n. paste, then soa^ouing with one small teaspoonful of French mustard, half a teasnoonfwl of salt imtV o. pincli of cayenne pepper. After these ingredients are w<;ll mixed, gradually add, i! st-irrinff, enough vin<?«nr to make the dressing- the consistency of cream 1 . Pour this over one pint of chopped or shredded cnbtnjre.— Good' Housekeeping-. • _ _ " • To llciiro.HOnt Hew York Stnto. .Albany, N. Y., Bept. 11.— The following 1 appointment by (iov. Morton was Friday announced from tiio executive chamber: James Swann, of the firm of Inmnnn, Swann <fc Co, of New York city, to be one of the commission to represent this state at the Tennessee centennial exposition. C. K.'H nt Sttn Frnnclnco In '07. Boston, Sept. 11.— The officers of the' United Society of Christian "Endea\or unnovmced Friday that the next international Christian Endeavor convention will be held July 7-12, 1S97. Snn Francisco h«s been selected as the place. lUlctsU with Diphtheria anil Typhoid. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 11.— A telegram from Uniontowii, Pn., says there .nre 100 cases of diphtheria and typhoid lever in that place, and that diphtheiia is prevalent at Browniield and other places throughout the coke regions. THE MARKETS. Grain, Provision*, Etc. ' . Chicago, Sept. 11. FLOUR— Quiet and steady. Quotations a3 follows: Winter— Patents, !3.-10@3.'in ; a, $2.CO@a.20: clears, $2.f>Oig>?;GO: sec- unds. S1.MSJ2.00; -low praties,. Jl 70<S>2.00. Spring—Patents. J3.35®)3.75; straiprhts, 52.CO fi>3.20;'bakers VSIWM. 25; low grades, Sl.."0® 1,75; Red Dos, $1.2001.40; "Rye, $2.00tf'2.20.! WHEAT—Lower early and then hlprher. September, 5fi<4@56$4c; December,57Ji(&^9V,c; May, 62»,(,iS>63Mc. • - CORN-Pirmer. No. 2, 20',ic; No. 2. Yellow, 20!>ic; December, 21Vi@21Kc; May, 23•«, OATS—Active and strong. No. 2 cash, iuVi©15V'C; September, 15}t((?l!JV*c; May, l^Va @13c Samples stea'dy. No Grade, 7@129ic; No. 3, 10>,A01Gc; No. 3 White, WaSjHUVp: No. 2,'l5%c; No. 2 White, J3V4@20%c. RYE-Was weaker. No. 2 cash, 30>,ic: rejected,' 1 2:iiy>29Vic,- September delivery, SO ®>30?4c, and December", 32V£c. BARLEY—Steady and fair sule. Old Barley quotable at 20i&,23c for thin, 23©32c for malting light weight to choice; new Eorlcy. easy, 17@23c for poor damaged to fair Roods, up'to 27@2Sc for choice maltlrc. MESS PORK—Market-fairly active and prices, easier. Quotations ranged at $5.GO!3> C05 for cash; $5.GC@5.6o for September; $5.COig5.C5 for October, and J6.SG@6.62% for January.' •• .. . LARD—Trading moderate and prices higher. Quotations ranped at J3.22Vi©3.i> for cash;' 53:22^03.25 for September; SS.^ ©3.30 for October,, and $3.6003.6!* for Jannary, ' BUTTER—Market firm at D(f?15c for creameries, and 10@13c for dairies. LIVE POULTRY-Qulet. Turkeys, *@ lie; .Chickens, 7',6©8c; Ducks. 8@SJic per pound; Geese, per dozen, $3.00fj;o.60. WHISKY—Steady on the basla. of ?1.1S for hlghwlncs. New York, Sept. U.. FLOUR—Quiet, unchanged. .WHEAT—No#2 Red steady, fairly active. December, 64$®GoO-10c; May, US 7-lCc. CORN—No. 2 moderately active, firmer. No. 2, 2i^ai26Vic; October, 2Gc; December, S'^i&^^-iCc; May, 23%c. OATS-No. 2 quiet, firm. Western, 10® 20p; October. 19»4c; December, 2054c. BEEF—Quiet and steady, unchanged. rOBK—Steady. NeWimess, J7.50@8.25. LARD—Quiet and steady. Steam rendered, $3.Go. . BUTTBR—Steady. Western dairy, SJj) 12c; Elglna. l€%c; Western creamery, 11 >A ic- do. factory, 7>4<3)ll 1 £c; Jmltatlon, . CHEESE— Moderate demand, (Irm. Part Bklma, 2@5^c; full skims, l^c. EGGS— Fairly active, sieady. Western. ' " Live Stock. ' . .'.•'•' : •• Chicago, July 11. CATTLE— Market dull, 2oc lower than. Wednesday and '35c lower.than last Monday Fair to.best beeves. SS.O'Jip-I.SJ; stockers and feeders, $2.EO@3.7D; mixed Cows and Bulls, $1^20®3.GO; Texas, J2.50ST'3.16. ' HOGS— Medium 'and light hogs, 3c higher' other* unchanged.- Light,. -J3.10®3.45; rough p'acklnr. $2.50@2.70; mixed and butch-. ••£rB','$2.80®3;40; ; -heavy .packing and , ship-: • Convict Indicted for Blurdor. Laporte, Ind., Sept. 11.—The Laporte county grniul jury indicted Henry Jones" (colored),', charging murder iu the first degree. ,Junes, while alteud- ing- chapel survicc one Sunday morning in July al the state prison north, where he is serving a term for assault with attempt to commit murder, attacked and stabbed to death-a fellow convict named Homer Thomas. Jones is at p?5seiTt Tir solitary confinement, and 10 within n few days ago seemed to care little aliont tjjc Jjojriblc 9rime whjch he had coinniittcd, but lately he has become despondent. J.Te spends most of his time sleeping, eats little and "is growing nervous. Tie claims that he is without a friend in the world. The case will come up for trial next Holiday, and should he be given the extreme penalty of the Jaw it will be the first legal hanging in Laporte county in 20 years. New Wiiy to Close it Saloon. Shelbyvillo, hid., Sept. 11.—The second attempt within six weeks was made nt one o'clock Thursday morning to burn down the town of Kilirlnnd, this county, and before the fire was sub dued the moat .market of Orin Crum ruid the saloon of Edward Ifarroll were destroyed. The loss will reach $3.000. The opposition to the liquor traffic in the place is strong, and the fire is supposed to have originated will) those op pose to the sumo, and the outlook is Hint some sensational arrests will result. .Vurdnrcr of Attorney Taylor. J'.ruzil. 1ml., Sept. 31.—The murderer of Attorney Robert R. Taylor, who was found dead near Clay City Wednesday, proves to be Oreif Hill, one of his ten- nuts, according to the story of Hill's daughter. "Jlili lived on Taylor's farm, and a quarrel arose regarding Uio rent Tuesday evening, when Hill secured his rifle and shot his-landlord through the head, thi-n. binding- his hands, drove him to a cluster of woods several roilea nway and left him. Hill is still nt large. Taylor was a bachelor and wealthy. •\Viintpd'to liny Green GoortK. . Marion, ind., Sjpt. 11.—Alfred Hahics, n wealthy farmer of this county, claims to have been swindled out of $~>.000 by the "green goods" method. He accuses John Evans, president of the G".s city bank, "and ,1. W. Crum", 1111 insurance 'ngent of Marion, of being the persons who got hi<- money. True bills were returned against Kviins nnt! Crum and they were arrested. They enter a flat denial and say Haines is insane. Dccoiiiponed Uody Found. .Jlishawaka, Ind., Sept. 11.—A decomposed human body wns discovered by n workman excavating for the new residence of Daisy Kegniers. The authorities were notified. The theory is advanced by many thnt the remains are those of Theodore Horstlnnn, for many years a druggist here, who disappeared mysteriously two years ago, and of whom no trace has been found. ,. A Ifcw CUnlrnmn. Indianapolis, led.,. Sept. 11.—The democratic state committee met her-j nhd accepted the resignation of Sterling E. Holt, chairman, and Rufus'Ma- pce, member of_.the committee from the Eleventh district. The conference to patch up the broken organization lasted all day, Thomas Taggart, mayor of this city, .was. chosen as chair- Prize Fl(tht Jfenr EvauiiviDo. Evansville, Ind., Sept. 11.—About 150 sports went to a patch of woods about eight.miles, from here to witness a mill between Gus Schacfer; of this city, and Jimmy Murray, of Cincinnati, for. a purse'of $100. The boys weighed in at about 136 pounds, each. 'Murray outclassed his opponent completely and won after six rounds, • IVIiy Those Cotters >>vcr Cnmc, Valparaiso, Ind., Sept. Jl.—At Porter etation, this county. In touring down the old Michigan Central depot, M. which the post office, was located o half century ago, a package of 100. letters thnt mysteriously disappeared 3d years ago was found among sorro 1 papers in a box. 'Most of the people to w-hom they were sent nre dead. A Rapid Divorce. Portland, Ind./Se'pt. 11.—In the Wells county circuit court Mrs. Orphin Popejoy filed a petition for a divorce, alleging cruel treatment. She also asked $1,000 alimony. The case was beard immediately, the divorce granted, and her former husband 'paid over the amount of cash, all in a few hours. Was » l'"ri«nU to Sold lor*. Elkhart, Ind., Sept. 11.—Mrs. Hau- nah Shields, aged 84 years, died hers. She was born n slave, and during the wnr rendered great service-to sick and wounded union soldiers, having as many as 50 at her borne atone time. Elder Wllnou Expelled. Tcrrc Haute, Ind., Sept. 11.—The northwest Indiana conference is in session here. The sensation of Thursday was the expulsion from the church of Presidjng Elder Wilson, of Valparaiso, on the charge of immorality. Brick Worka Durneri. . . • : Kokomo, 1'nd., Sept. 11.—The large brick works of Leach & Co. were partially destroyed by fire. Loss; $3,000; in- aurancc, $4.000. '• Suit* to Recover J-nrKO Sumn of Jloncy. Pittsburgh, Pa., Sept. 11.—Suits have been entered in common , pJe^s court here by D. H. Hostctter and Itosett-a Hpste-tter to rpco.ver, n>oney from J. H. Miller and William Gilmore, of Baltimore, Md. pnly'precipos Iwcre filftd, and the 1 amount clnimcd is not shovn, though, several hundred thousands' of dollars -arc said to be involvod. 'The Hostetters and other Pittsburghers in- . v<!£ted,.it is sair],.nbout $2,000,000 in i.he Maryland ...Central railroad and other companies,!engineered: by..Miller: and; '6r->'- :! :'&:\;i&*ti.tf J:~~v:!>.;f^^^.'. How Are Your Kidneys? 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