Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1934
Page 6
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iU,;. c ;r,:^''-'r; :vv ,?*Vi>V"* > ,' t i> • < i. 1 " ' W HOPE STAR. HOPE/ARKANSAS Wednesday, October Offered Emergency Post ? Attorney General Says He ^ :, Will Resign.If He Accepts U. S. Post WASHINGTON.-(fl>)-Hal L. Nor- itfcdd 1 , Arkansas attorney general, was panted Monday as state director for WA National Emergency Council. Tfto appointment was announced by Donald R. Richberg, executive director of the National Emergency Council 'who, with the concurrence of J'ames Av Moffett, federal housing administrator, requested Norwood to assume direction of the better housing program in Arkansas. Not Yet Received ' ^LITTLE ROCK.—Mr. Norwood said JVIchday night that he had not received notification of his appointment as state director of the National Emerg- cjhcy Council He said he would wait fbrv official notification before he def' hiitely accepts. He added that "if I accept I will resign as attorney gen- '' "I did not ask for the position," Mr. Norwood said. "I guess I must have •bcch selected by Mr. Richberg. whom V 1 have; known for many years, first ' met him in Little Rock." ', Mr. Norwood and Mr. Richberg • Were associated in defense of the Arkansas full crew law several years , ; ago. Mr. Richberg represented railway employes' organization and Mr. "• Norwood the state. ' Mr. Norwood was defeated for rc- , npfirtination by Prosecuting Attorney . Carl E. Bailey, who will take office January 1. In event of Mr. Norwood's / resignation, before that date, his sucr ' cessor Will be appointed by Governor *,Futrell. ^ , --»-*»• — : Cora-Hog Program , Vital for Farmer Without It Prices Would 'Fall, Loans Cease, Warning by AAA . 'WASHINGTON.—(/P)-Com and hog , producers were warned Monday by Administrator Chester Davis of the , AAA that overproduction and lower ' prices almost surely may be expected r r if they fail to vote to continue the . corn-hog control program in 1935. „ Without a control program, he said, it • Will he? impossible for the government ". to continue lending on corn stored on "• the 1 farms. :. • question is put squarely up to Mr. and Mrs. dgaf LevcrcUe and children wort shopping in Hope Sat. urday. Wiley Browning of Hope attended the N. V. P. S. Sunday night. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Brooks spent Monday in Washington. Mr. and Mrs. Wilson House and children have moved to Hope. Miss Opal Honea spent Sunday night with Miss Geneva Cromer, Rev. Thompson of Blevlns will preach here next Sunday afternoon, everyone is invited to attend. Dan Honen and sisters. Miss Opal and Lorene arc leaving for Tuscon, Arizona. Misses Dclores and Wanda Ashcraft were the Sunday afternoon guests of MisS Bernice Wood. We are glad to learn that Lester White is improving at this writing. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Daniels of Texas is visiting Mrs. Will Daniels. Lyal Kenneth and Welton Wood were Sonday visitors of Harold Yates. Finley Goodlett made a business trip to Hope Saturday. Can't You Just Hear the Wedding Bells? the corn and hog farmers," Davis said. ',*ijrhe price of hogs on the market twice as high as it was a year Georgia Guard Is Hurriedly Called 6 Companies Mobilized— Trouble Suspected Near Chattanooga, Tenn. ATLANTA, Ga.—(/I 3 )—Six companies of the Georgia National Guard were ordered mobilized Tuesday by Adjutant General Lindley Camp and moved to an unannounced destination. The order of Governor Talmadgc invoking martial law in any localities where troops .were situated during the national textile strike hns never been withdrawn. The adjutant general in issuing his order for mobilization did not make public his reasons, but it has been! known for some time that trouble has j been brewing in the northern part of the state, near Chattanooga, Tenn. Farm Credit Head to Visit Arkansas W. I. Myers, Governor, to Speak in Little Rock October 9 ' LITTLE ROCK,—William I. Myers, governor of the Farm Credit Administration, Washington, D. C., and commissioners of the four units of the administration will discuss agricultural problems and agricultural credit con- 'Wouldn't you like lo know the absoluta truth about, tin; romantic rumors that havo been flying out of. Hollywood so thick and fast you might almost hcliuvc s-cmc: OL them? There's Cliarlia Chaplin and Paulctto Goddard, for instance, shown,.upper left, as (hoy nticndod a. recent tennis 'match. The couple has been seen together so often they've be'-n practically ("!;cn for granted. Then there's tho persistent friendship of Franchot Tone nnd Joan Craw ford, iipprr rUht. They were phologr'aplici together at the Reinhardt proiluelion ot Shakespcavu's "MUh.'imm' r Nishl'H Urea in." And at tho ^me performance, tho photographer s'aw Herbert Marshall and CUm.i. Sv.-anson, uulov,', with. Gloria ~ '' sUiuost resenting tJie.inLcrtereace. of autngraph s'">kor-i. U. S. Veterinarian Assigned County Dr. N. L. Cissell for Hempstead—-LaFayette and Nevada Named Dr. N. L, Cissell, vctcrinarinn, Monday . was assigned to active duty in Hempstcad county where cuttle pur- chascs by the fedora! government wore resumed Tuesday. The appointment wn.s one of nine in (he drouth relief counties made- by D. 1 . S. H. Stijl, Inspector in rharjjo of Ilic Bureau of Animal Industry »l Little Rock. Others designed for service with the cnttlc purchnsing units in Southwest Arkansas ore: Dr. J. 13. Hunkins, LaFnyctto county; Dr. 0. Stuart, Nevada county; Dr. Enrle Kittiell, Columbia county; Dr. F. S. Hewitt, Ouachlta county. Purchase of approximately 2,000 head of sheep at a cost of ?4,(IOO and about 1,000 head of female Angora yoats at a cost of $2,000, was authorized by national drouth relief officials Monday in a telegram to T. Roy Reid, state drouth relief director. These allotments were specified for distribution among the producers most severely affected by drouth conditions. Dissatisfaction with the recent cattle quota of 10,000 head was voiced by Mr. Reid, who said that he considers the number inadequate for some counties. Doyle Shover Springs The rain which fell here Saturday was appreciated very much. Next Saturday night and Sunday f A VIJAV.111O cuiu Cl£>l *Vl**H41 til *-i tXill, t.Vti~ in'i • i •, , ditions at a meeting of agricultural | and Sunday night will be regular and business leaders of Arkansas, pr ^l n f. t l™f;..^? rybody comc : sponsored by the Little Rock Chamber ', » *"****** All 2 Accused of Bribe in Scottsboro Case Charged With Bringing Pressure on Mrs. Victoria Price Plans for the meeting were announced by Mr. Lewis following a telephone conversation with F. W. Niemeyer, general agent of the Farm Credit Administration, in St. Louis, The commissioners who will accompany Mr. Meyers here are: S. M. Gar- wod, production credit commissioner, formerly of Little Rock; G, M. Brcn- nen, Intermediate Credit bank commissioner; A. S. Goss, Land bank com;' missioner, and F. W. Peck, Co-oper- I alive bank commissioner. j The FCA executives plan to spend next Monday in St. Louis where a meeting, similar to that which will be planned for Little Rock, .will be ' held. Next Tuesday and Wednesday | they will visit cotton and rice fields in southwestern Arkansas and Missouri. Mr. Meyers operated a farm' in New York state and taught farm management and farm finance at Cornell week end with her daughter, Mrs. Gifford Byers and family. Mrs. John Crews of Harmony, spent last Tuesday with Mr. and Mrs. John I-' ago before the effect of the adjust- j o rCommerc'e,"at the"HoterMarIon~at ! and . fo " rt , h . Sun ? ay , a£tcrnoon - f n^ent program was felt. On top of; 7 next Tuesday niaht October 3 D are lnvited to attend. f that the packers a re paying $2.25 a . Hodson Lewis, chamber secretary,'an! MrS/ Gilbert of Fulton spent *« -..hundred processing tax. This higher nounccd Monday, price of hogs didn't just happen by/ p] a ns for the Vitself. - The hog farmers are on the ' .threshold of a year of comparatively ^satisfactory prices. I do not believe '• there is any manner by which they , can maintain themselves in that posi- - J tion if they abandon their effort to control the volume of output." * 'Davis scored "a lot of wild tales go, ing the rounds about the 1934 corn- hog program.' He said some appear to have been "deliberately circulated •with the idea of prejudicing the city consumer against the farm program." Recce. Mr. and Mrs. Harrold Sanford of Harmony spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Howard Collier. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Rogers of El Dorado spent Sunday with their mother Mrs. Charles Rogers. Mrs. Delia Pickard and sons, Jette of Rocky Mound and Arthur Nippers of Magnolia, spent Tuesday afternoon with their father and grandfather, J. W. McWilliams and Mrs. McWilliams. J. S. Reed called on Virgil England Sunday morning. Bryan Rugglcs of El Dorado spent Sunday with his family, Mrs. Bryan Miss her Rugglcs and family and sister, Forrest. Mrs. Gifford Byers started school at Guernsey Monday. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. S. Reed. Miss Jimmio Givens spent last Wednesday afternoon with Mrs. Allen Walker. Miss Lillie May Aaron spent last Sunday with Miss La Veta England. Jack Rogers of El Dorado spent a while Sunday morning with J. W. McWilliams. Miss Forrest Ruggles accompanied W. II. Norwood and wife ,-md R. M. Norwood and family were the dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Jackson Sunday. Prayer meeting at J. W. Hutson's Sunday night was well attended. Chas. and David Bslch were business visitors in Billstown, Ark, Saturday. Jewell Moses was in Hope on business Saturday. Miss Helen Ruth Moxley of this place entertained a number of her friends from DcQuccn Saturday night at Nashville. Miss Marie Myrick was tho guest of Miss Cleo Orr Sunday. Jas. W. Balch went to Washington Saturday. David Balch, Earl and Pierce Brandon, were chapel visitors Sunday evening. Miss Ester Lee Orr and Miss Eva Brandon were dinner guests of Miss Margaret Furnotter Sunday. Singing Convi October 6tl Annual Event Held at Main Sp( Camp Groun Southwest Arkansas' annul singing convention will bel tober 6 and'? at Mnin Sprlj] ground, three miles east ensf colt, it wns announced Tuc G. Steed, president. Tho district convention nine counties, Hcmpstcnd, 1] Howard, Clark, Lafayette, Q(i Ouachita, Miller and Calhouij The annual meeting of slnf hold last ycnr at the Univg Arkansas Fruit nnd Truck br perlmcnt station, near Hope, 'ja The two-day session at Main I Is expected to dram hundreds' sons. Singing nnd picnic luri and probable election of new ' will feature the program. The public is invited. M AUY KKICGS, prct- ly bfunt'l, called herself a liilch-hikcr. \Yithin 21 hours police were searching for her as the key witness in a sensational in y s I e r y. Head her story in the excilinji new serial, "The Clew of (he For- .uotlen aiurdciv' H begins Tomorrow Holly Grove School will begin here Monday morning, with Miss Jcttie Watkins, of New Hope at teacher. Miss Ruth Bowdcn spent Sunday night with Miss Beatrice Hcmbree. We are glad to have Mr. and Mrs, Sherman Roberts move back into our visiting relatives here this Luel nnd Elston Willis of were the Sunday dinner gift John Willis and Miss Francis. Mr. and Mrs. Liye Beard daughter, Ilila, of Hope spent with Mr. Derrybcrry and fami Hail Bowdcn of Shreveport, spending n few days with his'! er, Vaughn Bowden. Miss Delma Ycagcr hns home jiftcr n few weeks stay I'.islcr »t Hope. Beatrice, Allison and Dcnvj brec starter to school at DC day. , Mr;;. Fred Johnson, Mrs| Evans and -son. Cecil, <:a Eviins and family Monday a Mr. and Mrs. John Robcrsdi proud parents of a baby Friday niyht. >;; Mrs. Maudic Elliott called Bowdcn Monday afternoon. We ure sorry to report till Willis, Formerly of this pit of Roswcll. N. M., was in a| plosion last Friday, and is in serious condition. China ha:; no national ant is the only nation in the worlg one. —*1» C47»~ The London zoo has s with C.VTS that shine like mot<| lights in Die dark. Mrs. Wade O'Neal to Dallas, Texas, Saturday. Mrs. O'Neal is returning to her home in Big Springs, Texas, after attending the sickness and funeral of her mother, Mrs. H. B. Sanford. Mr. and Mrs. Lelman Rugglcs of community. Hope spent Sunday with Bryan Rug- Miss Audrey Derryberry is visiting gles nnd family. relatives at DeAnn this week. Mr. and Mrs. Gifford By6rs and John Malone of near Prcscott, spent daughter, Marjoric, spent Sunday the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Carl with their mother, Mrs. Gilbert of Evans, near Fulton. Mrs. Jennie Wray of Little Rock is Bilious Altai For bilious attacks due to pation, thousands of men a: en take Thedford's Black-; because it is purely vegei brings prompt, refreshing "I have used Black-Draught,' Mr. T. L. Austin, of McAi" N. C. "There Is a package my mantel now. I take it _„ ousness. If I did not takeB dullness and headache would puff; of business. It Is the quickest to relieve me thnt I know." Thedford's BLACK-DRAW Purely Vegetable Laxatll "CSIILDBEN LIKE TUB BY.BV ... University, Ithaca, for several years. HUNTSVILLE, Ala.-(fl>)-Alabama authorities Monday night took steps to bring into their custody two men held at Nashville, Tenn., on charges of Attempting to bribe Mrs. Victoria Price, the state's principal witness in ! Rate Increase Is Plea of Railroads Armed with information from J. W. Pearson, of Birmingham, who was arrested on a similar charge Saturday, Sheriff Ben Giles left for Montgomery to obtain a- requisition for the two men held in Nashville. G7 P ° r Ccnt ? f Ra{1 Mile ' gained' agC Operating at LOSS TodaV uuaj? ,„ A r.Trrur»m*r ™ <r~ • i ^ ASinNOTON.- (/P) -OrganiMd allfl determined moves to get more The men in Nashville, identified by mnn *y for alr ™ tl and ' re 'Sht car- Tennessee police as Daniel Swft, who . ners brought talcs of woe and purely lc S al arguments Monday before the described himself as a New York attorney, and Sol Kone, also of New York, were taken into custody there. Pearson was arrested as he drove Mrs. Price on a highway toward Nashville, on a warrant sworn to by the woman. Pearson then swore to a similar warrant against Swift, and today jack Tiller, bodyguard for Mrs. Price made an affidavit against Kone. Sheriff Giles said Pearson had directed him to his home in Birmingham to obtain letters he alleged were " written him by Swift and others concerning Mrs. Price. argurnents Monday before Interstate Commerce Commission. There were two separate hearings. In the one on the railroads' application for $170,000,1)00 in freight rate increases commissioners were told that higher operating costs necessitated the raise. In the air mail hearing, another group of commissioners heard Postoffice Department representatives ague that the ICC had no authority to change present contract rates. R. V. Fletcher, general attorney of the Association of Railway Execu- T fives, which is handling the railroad Pearson, according to Sheriff Giles' case, started things with the assertion said he had met Swith in Chattanooga, that carriers "simply seek to be class- 1'eitn., in June to discuss the matter jfied with industry generally and be and agreed to attempt to see Mrs. permitted to advance the price of what Price. The man said his only interest in the case was to help Mrs. Price obtain some money. Mrs. Price, who has had a body- they have to sell when costs which (h ov cannot control make such a | course imperative." VVngo increases and added costs for guard smce February, 1933, when Ruby materials and supplies bade fair to in- Bates, second alleged victim of at- crcaso railroad operating costs nearly aboard a freight train March 25. 5300,000,0(10 a year, he said, although disappeared, tipped police of the many efforts to get her to change her testimony. BellsOmpel We erivite the public to attend pyayer meeting here every Wednesday night. Mr. and Mrs. Daniels and i-on of Waco, Texas, spent the week end With Mr, awl Mrs. Walton Bonds. Mrs. H. F. Talc entertained her Sunday school pupils Saturday. Mrs O L. White, Mrs. Floyd Brooks ready learned to seek out the canon and Mrs. Melton White were shopping who keeps watch over them. in Pffcscott Wednesday. Miss Joyce Wood was the Sunday carriers were unable to earn their interest and rental charges. He was backed up in this statement by Dr. Julius H. Parmalec, director of the Bureau of Railway Economics, who said 67.1 per cent of the 2oO,000 mile.? of railroad in the country operated at a loss from January 1 August 1 (his year with an aggregate deficit of 599,000.000. N'-trtdamc Cathedral, Paris, has a bin 1 hospital, operated by the choirmaster. Canon Renault. It is atop the rnc-f fl one of the wings of the cathedral and the sick birds have al- The meat-eating lily is nearer being gue.il of Mis* Chloe Brooks, a« wjiinal than a plajjt. and while ive're talking about cigarettes I don't suppose you were ever in a warehouse where they were storing hogsheads of tobacco. Anyway here's something interesting; Liggett & Myers, the people u'ho make Chesterfields, have about 4H miles of storage warehouses ivhere they age the tobacco. Down South where they grow tobacco folks say . . . It's no wonder so many people smoke Chesterfields. The tobaccos are mild and ripe to start with, and then they're aged the right way to make a milder, better- tasting cigarette. A V a ^** a wf ~e4 bt&z6i*te — the cigarette that's MILDER the cigarette that TASTES BETTER WEDNESDAY MNO MARTIXI KOS'i'tl-A.MiTi! OKCUUST); <i 8P.JI. (c.S.T.;.-fY-|s •• SATUIJBAT <mt4 ) lyj (, JJccfirr & MVJ*S TOBACCO Co.

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