Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1934
Page 5
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'if^r HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Spain's Radical Government Falls Conservatives I 51 o r e c a s,t • find Soon of "Minority MADRID, Spain-- </P)> Premier Ri- tSardo Sahiber's Centrist government CdUhpsed Monday cplneidfnlnlly with trie reopening of Parliament. : A Wild scene In • the Chamber of Deputies as 'one minister after (mother announced lie was resigning Was followed by (he premier's hurried visit to President Alfalni.'Zimlorn to present' the cabinet's resignation. After conferring with .the executive. he ntthoimctnt llmt Alcnlft Earriora would begin Conferences with 30 lenders Tuesday preporntory to forming another government, Miguel Maura, leader of tilt- Ccn tHst Consfcrvntive Republienrw, said he b*llev*d tile Samper uoyeritnient'* downfall spelled > the end of minority eovernmont In Spall). Battlefield Mrs, Ann and Miss Irma Sniith nt- tend'edl \hc fifth Sunday Loy.rncetlnu at Spring Hill. • •',•' Mr, tmtl Mrs.'' Kdwin Townsend of near Garland City ore spending n few duys with thdir parents,jWr. olid Mrs. B, W. SpringB, Mrs. Maggie Atkins.returned to her home here after yisiliiili in.' Los.1 Prqirle for awhile. -• Mrs. Klbert Tarp'ley and children spent lust Mtmdoy with Mrs. Frrtnk Hill at Soring rtlil. An nccount of the rain, the pie sup^ per has been postponed until Friday night October 12. The public is cordially invited to attend. The " : " .su|)j>cr is for church purposes. . Mystic. Symbols ori RidnapNotes pie Hinton Mrs. D. B. House called on her parents a while lasl Thursday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Jackson Smith. Several from here attended the 5lh 5,uhtlay tneeting at Correnth Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Tommie Gibson spent Sunday with the latter's parents, Mr. Mid Mrs, John T.' Smith and -family. W. L. Cox took a truck load to an allnlay singing at Sprint? Will Sunday: Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Camp and Grandmother Abner, were visiting ntar Garland City lust.week end. JAt. and Mrs. RoV Klledge and Mr. antl Mr*. LftWsdn Vox were pleasant callers at the T. Z. Gibson home Sunday afternoon. Ml 1 , nnd Mrs. Everett MOrHson call- td Oh Mr. and Mrs. Edd black Sunday. Ml 1 , uhd Mrs. Tommie Gibson and Mr. aild Mrs. John T. Smith were Hojie visitors Monday afternoon. The quilting at itfrs. Lillre Camps last, Thursday was well attended. There will be ,ci quilting at Mrs. Calie Kogcrs nuH Thursday October Xth, everyone has an invitation to attend. . .Remember there will bc'n pie sup- fier ut Patmos next Friday, October 5. evel-ybody come. A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Don't let them get a strangle hold. Fight ihem quickly. CrcomuUlon combines 7 helps in one. Powerful but harmless. Pleasant to take: No narcotics. Your own druggist is authorized to refund your money on th spot if your cough or cold it not relieved by Creomulsion. (adv.) Thursday. (Copyright, 1934, New tforlc World-Telegram Corp.) Here, published for the first time, aro the strange interlocking symbols used ton tho ransom notes by the kidnaper of Charles A t Lindbergh, Jr., to establish tho authenticity of his communications, In tho strli) ht the left tho symbol on the note left by tho kidnaper on tho Bill ot tlto Lindbergh nursery Is reproduced; others are from succeeding notes. Investigators say tho symbols prove positively that Uio collector of tho ransom and the abductor are the same person. Death Rays Given Off byttot Stars Literally Too Hot to Give Sensation of Light as We Know It WASHINGTON.- (/[>) -The discovery of huge "slat-it of denth." the rays 6f which would wipe out all earthly life if they L'oiild reach it, was announced Tuesday by the Smithsonian Institute, A vaid shower of "death rays" sent out by these star swns found to consist mostly of ultra-violet rayr, of very rthol-t wave-length. Similar radiation in given off by the sun, but fortunately the death rays cannot reach the darth because they are screened out by a layer of ozortc high in.the earth s Ulinfcophere. Virtually all of the blue-colored stars In the heavens were found to be 6! the "dtnth" type. Three times as hot as the sun at the surface—36,000 degreeo Fahrenheit—they were found to give off few of the sun's beneficial type of Ultra-violel or heat rays such' as make life possible on earth. The discoveries came as a result of research during the last summer at Mount Wilson bservatory, Cal., by Dr. Charles G. Abbott, secretary of the Smithsonian Institute, and his assistant, L. B. Aldrich. With a new set-up of astronomical instruments, they made the most delicate measurements ever achieved of the energy of various wave-lengths or coldrs of radiation coming from various kinds of stars. They succeeded in measuring almost Infinitesimal amounts of'star radiation that reach the earth after traveling for years across trillions and quadrillions of miles of empty space. The work is expected greatly to uicl Broken Spooh Takeft From Hauptmann; Pear Suicide Close guard was maintained oVet Brlmo ttauptniafin, Lindbergh kidnap suspect, after he had broken n spoon In four pieces, ns shown, here, sharpened the bo\VI, and secr'eted the pieces In a drain in his cell in Bronx county, N. Y., jail, FUrther sharpening of the spoon might have taada it au effective 'suicide Weapon, Sheriff J. Hatiley decjargd_ knowledge of. the stars. A typical one of the blue "stars of death", is Rigel. a Star in the left fool of the constellation of Orion. "There might be some fantastic speculation regarding the experience of a sensory organism (such as a man) dwelling in the neighborhood of such a star, which is lilcraly too hot to be bright." the SmilhsoniEn said. V'The major part of its ray .would kill organisms instead of supporting lige. The greater part of its radiation would not produce the sensation of light "in "an organism upon which it fell. Just, what sensation it Would .produce is hard to say." It has been,estimated .that'there ore tlill "about 5,000;000 slaves- in the world. . 4 JURORS (Continued from Page Oho) exhibited willingness to take almost any venireman who could'hear well. ''Did you , ever deal on the stock market?' 1 and "do you own any stock in the Insull group?" were always oiked by the 1 defense lawyers. Beth sides proceeded with the utmost caution, since both weie rigidly limited os to peremptory challenges. The defense con reject only -10 prospective jurors, the government only six. Defendants In Reunion There was a .brief reunion among the .defendants before 'they.-sat down in u row of chairs which stretched across^ the entire 'side. of the court- room. insull sat at the head of this section, a heavily built man with thin white haif, long While rriuslathe and ruddy complexion. Beyond him; tuppIHg the}* ears to hear the cjuestioning 50 feet across, the big marble and gilt'courtroom-was a line of hrnsitertHts looking Business associates, all somberly dressed, and sdrloUs of meiri. Alert to eliminate any of-Ihe pros pectlve jurymen who had lost money in Insull stocks, Defense Lawyer Thompson, challenged ; " four' of the first 13 candidates for prejudice. Tickets for Spcfccaldrs.' Only spectators with tickets from the United States marshal were dotted to the 230 seats op'en to the Circus Tent UjHMK Old Fulton"""" Sehell Brothers ShoxvHefSj Wednesday Afternoon Sehell B>6therj* Circus _ . v Hope Wednesday morning nrtfl cm*,? ploye& immediately began htifatfrtg tnt^ , big white tops of Ihi amu-jenfleitt-Witt^ on the thow grounds just 'w^SEjw~ v f I-ai'ley school, on the old Fulton hijgn-»»*| way. Two performarices will be fiisl stalling at 2 o'clock in tHe _ noon and the Other at 8 Wedtt«S&#" ,5 rtigljt. Each thow will last twt' "" ' a half hours, including cohcerls.! will open at 1 and V p m. ' , ,„,,*/: Many replacements have hash niaoe- v ffl in the Sehell CircUs during WjJ;-^ past year. New equipment, taelttB>fa|A (1 trucks, wagons, tehts, tfarapHeHiana .and costumes have been purchased. The program has been augmented >«y-j severa Inew features, notable afntJHg- which is the newly imported display of trained animals. public, but the .space,, was Mrs Insull was m the rear of the* courtroom, as was Mary McCornuC opera star and Insull's warm, frl , The Busy .. People's Laxative ; Prompt, fluid: tttUife, thstoil mpt, rf.lie , , thl rf.lieeui tutlng dwwihg gum lulu bu«r t>toj>t« «»cdy tot it* «t<n, ^ not interfere with 'their duties. Feen-a-Amr* j-J eonUlhi k U%ativ« ihftrcditnt _ . . Kfibfcd by pbyaldkns b»ctia« It a «lf*i i clcwue* 10 thoroughly. It conuiiis ho tun- ? n>u to up«« tiomaeh or tjiefc Delay '» <5*<J- r ' ' ' ;et b«dc ort KhMlut*^ DeAnn Tokio Mr. and Mrs-. Will Humphries and children colled on T. O. Br'uilu and family Sunday afternoon. Mi. and Mrs-. Ardell Clark spent Saturday night and Sunday with his parents, Mr. ahd Mrs. A. M. Clark. Mr. and Mrs. Elbcrt Burke and son were visiting in this community Sunday afternoon. Ml. and Mrs. Carl Spears and children from Oklahoma returned home Thursday after un extended visit with friends nnd- relatives here. School started at this place Monday October 1. With Mr. ones at principal. Miss Dorothy Stophs, grammor gi-adcs, and Miss Lottie Green primary • teacher. Mr. 'and Mrs. A. M. Clarlt, Mr. and Mrs. Artiell Clark and Miss Rona Clark spent'Sunday with their niece, Mrs. John RobinFon who is seriously ill. ' Glad to report that little Miss Margie Samuel is milch improved at this writing, hope -she will soon be up again. Iviaii and William Bright, David McKee and ewell Still, rallfd on Jessie McCorkle Sunday afternoon. Severn! from this community attended the party given by Mr. and Mrs. Albert McCorlcle and everyone reported a nice time. oseph Thomas from Prescoll called on his daughter, Mrs. Roy Burke Wulson ot Mrs. Vide Were The TOWN CRIER All Hope LISTENS TO .... When your grandfather's grand-dad had a shipload of shawls to sell or rooms at his inn to let he told tho town crier about it. The crier told the rest o£ the village and grand-dad paid him plenty to do it. Hope Star Want Ads took over the town crier's jot) long ago. They don't have to depend on lung-power to get results . . . wise buyers check the Want Ads without being told. Hope Star Want Ads get those results at lowest eost, too—as you've found out if you have used them. And, best of all, they get thorn FAST. Star WANT ADS Mr. and Mrs. Burlny Mineral Springs visited Hutch here last week. Henry and Chili-ley Griffin l.ntsiness vUilors to Wednrsday. "*Mrs. Quinton Sanford was bitten by i rattle snake pilot Monday and is- mproving at this writing. A. C. Holt was u Nashville visitor Wednesday. Dr. H. H. Holt of Nashville was a visitor here Wednesday. Noah Oldner was a Bingon visitor; Tuesday. W. F. Morris Sr., is very sick at this writing. J J. Hurley Cokcr was a business vis- i itur to Nashville Monday. i Alvin Cooley was a Nashville visitor Saturday. Jeff Hutscn was a business visitor to Nashville Saturday. Eltlen Cooley of Hot Springs visited r\is parents here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitmorris and little son of Prescott visited relatives here Sunday. Dec C-hism was a business visitor to Nashville Satin-clay. Henry Laekely was o Bingen visitor Saturday. J. S. Harris was a business visitor to Bingon Friday. Mrs. Henry Edmaston of Nashville visited her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Holt Saturday. Howard Kidd of Murfreesboro and Miss Bill Daniels of this place were married last Tuesday night at Murfreesboro. Justice Frazier Carter performing the ceremony. Mrs. John Shoddox of Nashville has returned home after an extended visit with her daughter, Mrs. Ed Nance anil Mr. Nance. Mr. and Mrs. William Robins of O.an visited Mr.s. Robins' parents here Saturday. Miss Ha/el McLarty visited her grandmother Mrs. C. M. McLarty at Nashville Sunday night. L. M. By rum was ti business visitor to Nashville Saturday. Alonzo Sanford was » business visitor to Nashville Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Stuart were trading in Nashville Saturday. Aunt Lucy Hutson was visiting relatives at Doyle this last week. Mr.s. Homer Smith and children of Nashville visited Mrs. Smith's parents here Friday. Taylor Smith of Doyle visited his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Smith Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. F, H. McLarty of Mineral Springs visited relatives here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. J. K. MeLarty and little sen, Edwin, of Nashville visited relatives here Sunday. Ozan Mrs. Ben Goodlell, Mrs. Floyd Matthews nnd Miss Lillian Robins wire shopping in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mr.s. Charley Irvin and girls, Mary Frances and Charlten were visitors to Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Robins and little grand daughter. Mary Sue Rye, were visitors to Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Lewis and little daughter Imogene, were visitors to Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Wallace wore visitors to Hope Sunday. Mrs. Kate Gooilk-U ;md boys were visitors to Nashville Sunday. Several from here attended t!;t" opening of the October term of court Monday. Mrs:. Chlora Citty entertained Hit? W. M. U. ladies of the Baptist church with a social Monday afternoon. MLss Charleen Crane of Hope was the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. £. Crane Sunday. Friends of O. H. Creen will be glad to know lie ix'tunid home Sunday from Julia Chester hospital in HOIXJ when; he has been a pullent. Mrs. Will Matthews and mother, , Mrs. Smifiion of Ashdown are the - guests of Mrs. Johnnie Cuvrigan.

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