Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 3, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 3, 1934
Page 4
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'An African. Farm' for •feminism In the English language, of ft ' 14 Sea ; ISfo think fslowty. follow. JSfranspose. Victorious. SiAqua. 39 To sport t forth. 23 Like. 41 Neuter S$Sacfc. pronoun. 24 Balk. 42TorenUm- 25 Otherwise. erate. &1 Fetid. 43 Harmony... S9 To rem41ft, 44 Form of "bo." Sft.Gooelby. 45 Branch. 31 Negative word. 46 Mu&teal note-. 32 End of a dress 47 To pasture on. coat. . 33 Insade. ,- 34 To wove > onward. ', 35 Maize. 36 BumpkJr:. 3$ Halt aii em. 50 Ever}-. Sl.She lived in a South colony. 52 Her father was an • missionary. 2 liome of a beast. 3 Petty demon. 4 Go on (music). GHabitifftl . adnmkrtKl. 6 Company. 7 Leases. ; 5 Gaelic. it Habituated. 10 Born. 11 Corpse. ^ 13 To peruse. 15 She wrote one of the IS She wrote un- tier a •>='• '•" , 20 Soft mass. 21 To lament. 22 Toward Sea. 23 Morsel. 24 Principal bortduit. 26 Flaccid. 28 Card feaine. 29 Small tumor. .12 Tipster. 05 Heart ol an apple. 30 Pertaining to the moon. 37'To simmer. 38 English title:}. 40 To dilate. 41 To press. 42 Sanskrit . ' dialect. 44 Constellation. 47 Before Christ. 45 Southeast. 49 Type measure. 50 Morlndiu dye. tit Find It! Kent It! BUT 1« ," , in the Hope Star Market PI ace ) the more you teQ. th« , qnickei you sell. i 1 time, lOc line, mia. 30o Toe consecutive insertions, \ ftom of 3 -Uses in on* ad. : 3; times, ft; line, mia. SOc . g times, 5c line, mia. 90c r 26 times, 3%c Iine r min. ,$2.11 1 (Average 5% words to the line) ads' will ba accepted >ritb ( 'the understanding that the' bill is' payable oil presentation of statementi befor* th« first publi- Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FORWENT NOTICE—For Sale or Kent, 14 acres deep well. Ten pecan trees 10 year; 'old, v Electric Lights. One mile from town. Call 392. 27-3t COURT ORDER Lafayette County Court July Term Fifth Day September 3rd, 1934 in Regard to. Calling in County 'Warrants: The Court deems it necessary and expedient at this time, for the purpose of ascertaining the actual financial condition of the County; that the Court and the Citizens of .the County, may be fully advised in the premises, that all outstanding Script, Warrants and other evidence of indebtedness of said County issued or drawn upon the Treasurer of said County prior to the First day of January 1D34, should be called hi for examination, cancellation and reissue, as provided by Section 1994 of Crawford & Moses Digest of the Laws of Arkansas. - -It is therefore considered, ordered an(d adjudged by the Court, that all outstanding Script, Warrants and TOR KENT: South bed roomi-with V ot her . evidence of indebtedness of without bath, phone 321. •FOR .RENT—Furnished four-room 'apartment, private bath, electric refrigerator. Phone 132. Mrs; K. G. MeRae.' 27-3t-c. RENT— Comfortable bedroom, adjoining bath; close in. Phone 505-W. v» —... ,. 2-3te. ••• FOR RENT-— 3 room furnished apartment, adjoining' Bath," • outside" entrance, front and rear. 717 Main, Phone 315. 3-3t FOR SALE JBeat Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE: 200 bushels of pears. See Vincent Foster. 18-3tc. fine BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. •Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. ' USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. FOR SALE—29 Chevrolet truck with flat bed. cab and new tires. $135 cash. Thompson Bros. Call 22. 26-3t FOR SALE—Pears 75c bushel or 40c half bushel delivered. Phon 16G. 26-3t FOR SALE—Oak fire wood, any length. Write Joe Rowe, Hope Route 4,'Washington-Hope Road. l-3tp .Cabbage Plants, Onion Sets, Vetch, Winter Grass, Bulbs. Monts Seed Store. 3-6tc WANTED A national organization will select several reliable ambitious men now employed—with foresight—fair education and mechanical inclinations, Wpo want to better their postions Who want to better their positions and art willing to train during spare time oi 1 evenings to qualify as installation arjd service .experts on all types of commercial and household Electric Refrigerators and Air Conditioning. Write giving age, occupaton, education and phone number. Refrigeration Engineering. Write box 98. •WANTED--Located. near-Frisco depot Will give for hens 10-llc; fryers J3C; ducks 6c; turkeys 9-10c. T. P. Beard. 26- 3t P WANTED—To rent pasturge for 60 head cattle. Must have good water. Well fenced. See Jewell or Harry NOTICE NOTICE—For Sale or Rent, 80 acres lafoJ, 2 houses, electric lights, running water, 6 mules, 8 milk cows with yount; calves, 1 mile from town. Call 392. - 27-3* Lafayette County, Arkansas, issued or drawn upon the Treasurer of said Lafayette County, Arkansas, prior to the 1st day of January 1934, be and the same is hereby called in, for the purpose of examination, cancellation and reissuance. And that all outstanding Script, Warrants and other evidence of indebtedness, shall 'be presented to the Court in the Town of Lewisville, Lafayette County, Arkansas at office cf the County Clerk, on the 10th day of December, 1934, for the purpose of examination, can<jellation and reis- suance, and all persons who may hold such Script. Warrants and other evidence of indebtedness aforesaid, and who shall fail, neglect or refuse to present the same according to the requirements of this order and notice given, shall after said 10th day of December 1934 be forever debarred and precluded from deriving any benefit from their claim, as provided by section 1996, Crawford &: Moses Digest of the Laws of Arkansas. It is further ordered that the Clerk of this Court shall furnish the Sheriff of said County of Lafayette. State of Arkansas, with duly certified copies of this order, to the end that he may make due publication as the law requires, by posting a copy of said order at the Court House door and at the several election precincts in each Township in said County of Lafayette, State of Arkansas. And that said Sheriff be and he is hereby required to give notice as the law directs and that he make due returns on a copy or copies of this order, showing his entire proceedure in connection herewith. It is further ordered that due notice be given by publishing this order in two News Papers printed and published in the State of Arkansas, one of which said News Papers shall be printed and published in Lafayette County, Arkansas, an<-' by printed ha'nd bills posted up in public and conspicuous places in said Lafayette ounty, Arkansas. Signed this the 3rd day of September 1934. A. M. Shirey County Judge STATE OF ARKANSAS COUNTY OF LAFAYETTE ss I, P. T. Landes, Clerk of the County and State aforesaid, do hereby certify that the annexed and foregoing instrument in writing, is a true and correct copy of a COURT ORDER, as appears of record in record book Vol. R, Page 632, records of Lafayette- County Court, Lafayette County, Arkansas. JN TESTIMONY WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the seal of Lafayette County, this the 3rd day of September, 1934. P. T. Landes (SEAL) County Clerk Oct. 3, 10 Wednesda^October. 0. OUR BOAKDtNG MOUSE 8y^ER^PUjQt§.WAy ErVWS BY GAtAEW imT N$U <3Et NOUR - A "RATE V\E AGUfeSt tWtoY WAG <30\N6 GSB TH 1 PLASffcft , |£j f^i HALL*-* •|t'S KNlO64fe6 OFF IN GREAT CHUNKS*, ON YOU KNOW I'M A IT*^ <aCMN6 *tO CjC3S,T YOU 5&2.O A WEEV< VAE^E TOR. U YdUU ' H£ AhS^L/ " «*^ WN OK TH1ERJ5 WAS' SOME OTHEft pcAcfe to *e&: TH 1 B-ASe^uRNgl IN SUMMER, BESIDES GUr JN-tHfeSHfeO. THAT ST AlhVT NO PER SHIMS— IT \* H-H-HOH — WOULDN'T MIND IT , WE'RE/ AN i MEANS ARCTIC T.«.Rto.u.s.p*T.orr. I l»34 nV ME* StRVtCt. fn -LJ BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES nun I u s. PAT. orr. BORN THlRty Y6ARS TOO SOON. Tsk! Tsk! O'R.Wll.l.lPth C 1934 BY NEH SERVICE, fl \ \ HOW ~^. D MM By MARTIN —•. i' j "••- I A,;! WAV OOV OM OCtWA—AU. [ j)J934 BY NEA SERVICE. INC. T. M. REG. U; S. PAT. OFF, fi ii ii II : HllUls: : -i ALLEY OOP Bring on the Victim ( By HAM! WEUL, UMPATeEOUEj YEH, f GUESS £O-WEVE JUST MY PET, \S EVERYTHING / FINISHED DECORATING" TH' READY POR TH' / DELL, AN 1 NOW, IP YOU. PON'T WEDDINO? r^3T6O AN 1 STUB YER SO&E TOE A6AIN, EVERYTHING WILL GO OFF i WITHOUT A HifCH/ .MOW ALL i &OT TO DO 15 TO 6ET WOOTIETOOT ALL PRETTIED UP ~^- WMEEOOOO/ MY. BUT 'I'M TIRED/ I'LL SURE / BE 6LAO WHEN THI5 X" X AFFAIK IS ALU / M6<^ •OVER/ .M TOD/ J y r \\IBLL - I 6UESS N. OH, NO YOU DON'T, THECE AINT NOTHIN'JYOU BIC5 LOAFER.' FEf? ME T'DO BUT f YOU SEE T'&ITTIN' bO BACK AN 1 SIT j ALLEY OOP OVER . OM MY THRONE/ / MERE, RI&MT AWAY ,' ' I IVANTA TALK TO HIM/ HEY, D08A/ SCRAM OVEK. ) AN' TELL ALLEY OOP TO REPORT T 1 TH' PALACE, PBONT0/ 18 '.iSa f»H pi «%>;». ift 1 Bff O 1934 BY NCA S.invior, INC. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT.'< i»S WASH TUBBS Boardy Won't Give In! *wTl.L, CHEER UP, BOARDV. y TUP-NJIPSf BAH/ AT LEAST WE HAVE SOHPlMl I DETEST TURNIPS. . , TO EAT. -^ xv —. " T TRV AM APPtg THEM. i TIHEV'RE WORMY. | \_^IT FOR A HOG By THEY AREN'T TO EAT. .^ "V ^WELL, YOU CAM IT'S EITHER RAW % TAKE V EM OR I TURMIPS 'N' WOfJM/ LEAVE 'EM, BIG .(APPLES. OR NOTHIM/ ^ I'LL EAT W^ I'LL EVEKI WEAR THESE CLOTHED I'LL EAT SLEEP IKI A BARREL. BUT IF YC DIZZY GALOOTS THINK VOU'RE SHC ME A GOOD TIME, IF VOL) THAT TH' 000| EM. 'RE i MS O 1 934 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. IV%(',. U. R. PA" && mx FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS £7;£ii\ Some Common Sense! YOU REALLY MEAM YOU'RE / , 3 THE GREAT BIFF CAMEROW \ I'M THE WKO STARRED, BAlk IM / CBU'^ ALL | 10H ? GOSH.' VOU MUSTA J RIGHT BEEN POPULAR IN THOSEyi CAYS ' IT'S GREAT WldLE YOU HAVE IT, KID.. 1 MEAN TWE CHEERS, AMP ALL THAT.. BUT YOU CAN'T BUY BUTTER J AND EGGS v/ITH ,/ NEWSPAPER _ CLIPPINGS .'.' ^ O AND THERE'S NO MARKET AT ALL FOR THREE'RAHS' AND A BURST OF APPLAUSE! IT'S SWELL TO LISTEN TO...AND |F YOU'VE GOT THE RIGHT STUFF |W YOU, IT MAKEfe YOU SET IM AMD DIG/ BUT DON'T LET IT FOOL YOU, 1 FOR EVERY FORTY- YARD KICK YOU MAKE, SOMEONE'S GONNA DO FIFTY, NE*r YEAR, AND ANOTHER HERO WILL BE CROWNED.' j« „,, ByBLOSSEj [(|f X WAS PRETTY GOOD OH A GRIDIRoW ALL RIGHT, BUT IT DIDN'T DO ME MUCH GOOD, V/HEH I LOOKED FOR A JOB .' AND YOU'LL FIND THAT UIFE IS PRETTY MUCH LIKE BLACKSMITHING....THE ONLY HORSE.SHOES YOU GET DUMPED IN YOUR LAP. ARE THE ONES YOU MAKE YOURSELF J THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) Leaping Lil Tells 'Em! By COWAN YOU BOYS DONT ^ THWT'S OOP' SEEM Cy/ET?-OOYED kBUSNHESS- -WHAT'S T'SEE. ME-WUMT'S \ YOURS? THE BIG CONFERENCE , ALL,. ABOUT? O 0 |e UEFT THIS GANG JUST AS * KNOCK ON THE DOOR INTERRUPTED A UTTLE PUOT THEY WEBE. IWCWlNQjtO H^B DW4 UOtA&'S SO THAT'S THE WAY IT »"3? WELL., I NEED SOME OF THE. DOUGH THAT'S COMIN' TO 11E - \NHW DOUGH 1 ? SEEMS TO HAVE SUPPED MY MEMORY r IS THAT'S W-U 1 r, WAUT T'KMOW^ AFTER i LURE: PIS'FISH INTO YOUP TffAP, I DON'T ) JOB WE COOK UP GET A XilME.- 0-KAY!/ FOT? YOU FOPGET IT, UL\ THAT WAS JUST CHICKEN FEED,TO WHAT YOU'LL CUT IN ON,THE NEXT t r USTE:H,VOU LUGS', YOU \f wHY,LiLf KNTD VOUR COOKEO-UP 3OBS CAN BOW TO K COISP . BEFOBE I'LL. SERVE UP ANOTHEP MEAL OF FISH FOR VOU DOUBLE- CPOSSEPS, X THROUGH ir YOU ACT AS IF YOU'RE •5OPE. OQ SUMPIN U >« .' T M ncc:

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