Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 2, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 2, 1937
Page 4
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fdtlR "KM More 7au Tell, the Quickef SMI* RATES minimum 3fc word, atfn. 50e Six tfan«— 6e word, minimum 90c One month (28 times)— 18c wotd. minimum J2.78 Batea are toe continuous Iflser- HOBS dttly. bf retaking word want, disregard dt&fficatfon ttome such as "for fleftV* "flirt Sale," et«i.*-thls Is tese; Bat each mltlpl or name, or COM- Jtete telephone number, counts as ft Ad! word. For example: I*OR HEN3— three-room modern furnished apartment, with garage Cltt* hi. Bargain. J. V. Blank, plicae 9999. Total, IS words, at 2e word, Me {0r one Hmc; at 3%« word, 53e tor three times, etc. NOTE: All «rden placed by telephone are due and payable* upon presentation at bilL PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty years experience A R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Phone 171W 5-4-tf tesueo STAMPS pEACE has dominated the tot•*• Sign policy of the Soviets, Jractically since the beginning of .his Communist state. They wish ;o avoid war chiefly because war would defer, perhaps wreck the realization of the socialization dream. At the same time, the Soviets: lave feverishly plunged into the' business of building a vast mili- ary machine such as the world Aas never before known. It boasts, he ultra-modern in artillery and he swiftest in aircraft. So .war- Conscious have the Soviets become hat mass parachute jumps are today a.national pastime. Yet Russia deplores war and has suffered repeated insults from Japan t« avoid war. To maintain Sewing both plain and fancv. alterations. Phone 423 W, 21S N. Hamilton, Mrs. W. M. Garner. l-3tc »*. v . ... ,, __ peace they have been willing to Hempstead County Mattress Shop yield their control of Northern .builds new cotton mattresses and re- Manchuria. They acceded to thei builds old ones. Work and material Kellogg-Briand pact. And they! guaranteed. 712 West Fourth street, took another step, unique among! Phone Paul Cobb, 853-J. 2-tfc nations. Russia issued a set of' For Sale stamps to symbolize the horrors of modern warfare. Two of these, KTHJ OATIT v u -~i depicting the bombing of a mod- FOR SALE-New sorghum molasses crn city and war dos t roy j n g civjli . ?.ation, are shown here. They were issued in 1934. fa new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call *t office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. FOR SALE— B. D. Mosley farm iy- mile from city limits' on old Fulton road. Farm consists of 160 acres high state of cultivation suitable for farming or stock farm. Has deep well water and running water year round on farm. Buildings consist of one large 5-room house, one tenant house and necessary out buildings. Price 34,000.00, with $500.00 down and long term balance. Write or see Mrs, B. D. Mosley at above address. 27-12tp PIANOS FOE SALE— Two car loads used Pianos, good condition. Some cannot be told from new. Priced S47.50 up. 55.00 down 51.00 weekly. Will accept Victrolas, Radios, Live Stock and Farm Produce. 'Part or Full Payment. Pay Half Now Balance Next Fall. Special Low Price NEW Studio and GRAND PIANOS. Write and will bring one on Approval. BENSBERG'S MUSIC STORE. Camden, Arkansas. l-3tp (Copyright, 1337, N'EA Sorvte*, Inc.) FOR SALE — Three, bred Poland China Gilts; 1937 Cabinet model battery set Philco Radio, same as new; first class sorghum Ribbon Cane for seed. G. L. Johnson, Hope, Ark. Three miles East of Hope, highway No. 4. ^ ;;•'..'__• i-5tp FOR SALE—1937 Ford pick-uplruck Driven 1200 miles. Bargain for cash. Mrs. Ida McGuire, Prescott, Ark. 2-3tp FOR SALE—1937 Seven tube Ehilco car radio. Ed Percell, Washington Pike Service Station. 2-3tp For Rent FOR RENT—3 room furnished apartment. Mrs. J. L. Lewis, West Sixth street. Phone 715. l-3tc Today's Answers *o CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions en Page One 1. Grover Cleveland was elected President twice. 2. An ordinary cigarette is 2% inches long. 3. The Kentucky Derby is a race for three-year-old horses. 4. An officer wearing two silver bars is a captain. 5. "Happiness" is found in the dictionary. FOR RENT—Furnished phone 146-W. apartment, l-3tp FOR RENT—Small apartment, close in. Phone 66. 2-3tc Lost LOST—Biack Mare mule, weight about 800 pounds. Lost four miles north of Ozan. Thursday. October 28. Reward. H. C. Brown, Ozan. 2-3tp Royalty in Exile Answer to Previous Puzzle HORIZONTAL 1,8 Pretender to the throne of Austria. 12 Hatters' mallets. 13 Resilience. 16 Work of skill. 17 Short jackets. 19 Nut covering. 20 Nay. 21 To nod. 22 Mesh of lace. '24 Southeast . ;25To accomplish. lAJOM 26 Amber ;28 Flight of a 50 Melodies. missile 53 Stranger. ;30 Visible vapor. 53 Atmospheric. •32 Incongruous 55 Backless chair. jumble 57 Conjunction. |33 Company 58 To rub out. J35 Smooth. 59 He is heir to ,36 Type standard, the j'37 Genus of auks. dynasty. 39 Doctor 40 Credit 41 Most unimportant. 43 Father 44 Pertaining to thallium. 48 Musical note. 2 Rodent. 3 Court. 4 Valiant man. 5 Sketched. 6 To consume. 7 Before. 8 To influence. 9 Toward. ask. II Uurdin. 21 To annoy. 23 Names. 25 Dower property, 26 He expects to be to the throne. 27 Born. 29 Third-rate actor. 31 Conjunction. 34 Liquid part of fat. 38 Ingredient of varnish, 40 Kind of tree. 42 Experiment. 43 Century plant fiber. 45 Laughter sound. 46 Pertaining to wings. 47 Large marine fish. 49G,-.c-lie. 50 Tough tree. 51CV.I1 for help at sea. AITCANBAS Tuesday, November 2, OUR BOARDING HOUSE Major Hoopla By WILLIAM t 1 ALWAYS HAVE MV SPRAY-GUW T=OK ANY THAT'e FLYlMG AKOUMt? TO MEST MY ACREAGE 1 HAT'S HOW 1 KEEP MV HIW<3es PROM CREAUIWO/ YOU POW'T cTATCH MS LS"TT)M<3 MY 6UARD WHEW X STEP IMTO THE RIMC5 WITH MICROBES/ THIS? MALADY SPOTTED F6VER/ VICTIMS OF THIS PLAQUE BREAK out WITH SPOTS MAS GAR<5U=t> •STRONG COUUTe-RACT A -DEAPLY THAT MAS wis SNAKE BITE / > BY JOVE/THIS' MAY r IKJ HAMDY/ WHY MOTHERS SET GRAY BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Playing Safe By MARTIN 1 -\H006HT COOVO Wt\.9 TO '. 1'VX 00 XOO WE. ALLEYOOP Are Out of It, Anyway By HAMLIN COMES LOOK1N: AN' HE'S WALK/N FAST! WE'LL HAFFA TIME TH 1 'JUMP R16HT, ORLVOU'LL MISS MM.' WHEN I .SAY"NOW.". YOU POOZV/HOW PI6GER T GIT OOP? ^-^COPR. 19371 Orders From Breeze WASH TUBBS EA-JV RETURN'S _ By CRANE WASH DIONT GET AWAV, EASY, OK. WATT AMD HIS 6AM3-- BLEW UP THE LOCOMOTIVE I COULDN'T FINO WASM 1 USTEN MORE SHOOTINGf OH, POOe ^ IT'S MV BET H£ 6OT AWAY THE KIP IS SMART! HE'LL B£ SHOWING UP SHOCTLV. HOWS THE ANKLE? OKAY! OKAYf THE SHOTS WOULDN'T CONTINUE! HE NEEDS' HELP- - AND IT'S UP TO YOU? PON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU RMD HIM'. Coach Wayman FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IS VISrriWG JUNE WAYMAU WHOSE FATHER COACHES KIMGSTOM, SHADYSIDE'S BITTER RIVAL FRECkLES, I TRY TO UkD£RSTAWD THE BOYS WHO PLAY OW I GUESS THERE'S wo LAV/ AGAIMST TRYIWQ TO UHDERSTAWD A BOY OW AWOTHER TEAM ! WHAT'S THE MATTER WfTH YOUR LEG ? MY LEG DID JUWE TELL You? WO,Ivr/ BOY. 1 BUT I CAW /5HE YOU'RE LIMPIWG A ' LITTLE.' DOES YOUR COACH kWOW ABOUT IT ? AWD DOES THE LEG HURT MUCH? JUWE....C3ET ME SOME HOT APPLICATIONS AMD A ROLL OF BAKJDAGE I HAVE A JOB JUNE ...YOU GO IWTO THE CfTHER ROOM ! I WAKTT TO HAVE A TALK V/fTH AH, HAH I .' YOU'RE GOIWG'TD TRY TO LETARW TH£ SHADYSIDE SIGNALS.' 60 His murder set I DIDWT TELL MY COACH ABOUT IT ! HE DOESN'T KWOW THAT'S V/HV I'M NOT PLAYIWG SO HOT "THIS YEAR.' off the World 12 H: War VERTICAL 1 Pertaining to v.-as trom its native- land. 53 P;-rt of circle. 14 Sta eagle. S4 Affirmative. 15 Visionaries. 56 Pound. 18 Musical note. 58 Half an em. Pigeon Is an Easy Victim MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE M KESPOM^e TO MYRA'5 PLEAS, PIGEOW SHUFFLES UP TO THE CELL BLOCK,. DO VOL) 7HIMK THE DOCTOI2. WOULD MIWD IF I MAO .SOME MEDICIME ? A MOMEM7 LATER, PIGEDM IS BACK ViTH THE MEPICIME XKJD A GLASS OF WAlEfi. I-I HAVE AM AWFUL HEADACHE IT : REAliy-HAPP£NED IH TOOTBALLI U NIQUE in the annals of modern football is Hoy Rif.i;v!.s lanu/a Vo* yard run in the WRONG DIRECTION. With 70,000 fans packing the stadium for the Rose fiowl game of 1929, California opened a first quarter attack that was chi'ikwl by Georgia Tech on the southerners' 25-yard line. Tech fumbled and Riegels, California center and captain-elect, scooped up the ball and started to uin. Suddenly he about-faced and headed for his own goal. The roar of the crowd drowned the yells of his teammates as he clashed on to the 6-inch line where he was tackled by Ufimy Lorn, California left half, Lom's punt from behind the goal was Mocked, giving Teth two points on a safety that provided the margin of victory in Tech's 8-7 victory. By THOMKiUN AND COLL I* JO THEM, AS MVKA REACHK:-. PLH 1AKE THE A1EDICIME AMP SEIZES "rilE OUMCE OF HEK "IO :>nE -• WITH W, , i n /

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