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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, October 3, 1934
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VOLUME 35—N U M HER 302 ill to clotidy Wedi»t*dfcy night and Thursday; local showers in JHOKthweit portion thi»*day; warmer iwtthWest portion Wednecdfty hi|fct. as. HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 3,1984 of Hop* founded 180»t Hopr IJnlly J! 1 ' 1 ' 1 Xinnnllanted nil Hope Star, Janunry IS. 102B. 1 i B * f » PRICE 5c VBMH^HBM^MW ft ft ft ft Three Are Indicted DETROIT ^ i*r • •• *& ^ i% >? of Glenn Williams Total of 36 True Bills Returned in Grand Jury Probe Moten Hill, Drew Williams, Andrew Smith Named for 1st Degre 'PASS ARSON CASES Three Men Arc Indicted for Robbing of Bank of Blcvins Motcn Hill. Drcv; Williams and Andrew Smith, nogro prisoners held in concction with the murder of Tollgate-Keeper Glenn Williams nt the Fulton bridge, were indicted for first degree murder by the Hempslend county grand jury in its first and finnl report nt Washington Wcdnes- j day. j The Krand jury returned a total of . 36 Indictments, must of which will I probably be heard at this term of- criminal court, though trial dHtrs had m> 'b«m announced Wednesday noon. Action on arson charges against Charles Crosnoc, Martin S. Bates and Robert Perry Boyd was passed by the Ifrnnd jury until a Iatcl ' s cssion Throe men hold in connection with the robbing of the Bank of Blcvins were indicted: Will Green, two bill» for each of the following charges- after the fact of burglary, after the fact of kidnapin», before the fact of robbery, after the fact of robbery; Bert Wwldell, two for kidnaping, onfl - for burRlnry Vnd;,?T5n<l''B'-ccny; Kc3- cr Monroe, two for kidnaping, one K.r burglary. There were the following other m- Co-Ordinator Eastman to Make 4 - Fold Report on Railroads His Recommendations Will Pave Way for Congressional Action on Transportation Crisis W\sAlNGTON-f/M—President Roosevelt siild Wednesday that four ImpJrinf^SSWrc,,carl, 1R completion byJoseph B Eastman trans- pcrUtion co-ordhuilor, to form the basis of railroad lc*L, a ton Ih H winter At his press conference Wednesday the president mid it was too early to predict when or whnl forms of Icjrlsnltlon will be sought. The four reports Eastman expects to submit include; I. The. extent to which transportation agencies arc subsidized by Iho tmvenmuiU .either rfJrcclly or indirectly. 2 Wagrs and working conditions of agencies other than the railroads. ;]'. PooiliiR of railroad frelRbl cars, will! a recommendation that nil box cars be handled on a pool basis. 4. Rttllronl passenger traffic. General Butler Is Cut Off on Radio Violation of Good Taste Charged in His Remarks to Veterans LOUISVILLE, Ky.(/P)-Major Genre! Smcdlcy D. Butler was cut off he air Wednesday during an address before the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention after he had used B phrase that the state WAVE of the WEAF-NBC chain objected U>. "Turning food Into fertilizer" was he expression that Nate C. Lord, sta- ion manager, declared was language contrary to the federal radio Inws and hat Lord ;mid caused the station to ;akc action, . •'*' Extortion Case Is SetforOctoberll But New Jersey May Turn It Aside to Push Charge of Murder Henry, negro, murder. Itoy Franks, flceine from the scene of an accident, and manslaughter. Claude Ogdon. Fred Collom, Henry Williams and Coy Roborsoti, bui'Rlnry and grand larceny. Commodore Harris, three indictments for burglary r.nd Krand larceny. Freddie Mack, burglary and larceny. Leonard Mack, burglary and grand larceny— to which Brown plead Bull- Elder, ''sullinc intoxicating ty. Molly liquor. In the civil division of circuit court the case of James H, Styles versu. McGuirc & Cuvcndcr was continued to next April. NRA to Tighten Up on Code Violators Johnson and Richberg Friendly Ajjain at Reorganization Meet WASHlNGTON.-f/l')-!!! an atmosphere marked by the first bandshake ich- DetroifCaptivated by Dean Brothers Dizzy and Paul Center of All Eyes in American League City DETROIT, Mich.-Likc the brothers Romulus and Remus who drank n breakfast of wolf milk on the banks of the Tiber and proceeded from that menl to go places and do things, the brothers, Jerome and Paul Dean.j Tuesday morning detrained, sipped orange juice in a hostelry located on the Detroit river and then proceeded to tako full charge of this bunlins- draped, horn-blowing, fun-infested mecca of the world series. The two brothers, the most sensational adolescents to bounce into the baseball headlines in this generation, literally captured and held the sole attention of this cock-eyed village Schoolboy Rowe? Frankic Fnsch.' Mickey Cochranc? You ceased to think of them. You ceased to hear of them The Deans were the story. Wither they went there immediately followed a siren-shrieking sqiim! of police cars, a clattering escort of jitick- swuiRinK mounted potrolmcn nnd » surging crowd of fans. Out to the bull park for practice Back to the hotel for food. Through the streets,' bucking in and out of taxis, popping up and down elevator NEW YORK.- (A') -County Judgi James M. Barrett of the Bronx Wed ncsday set October 11 as the date foi the opening of the trial of Brun< Richard Hauptmimn on nn indict menl charging extortion in the Lind bcrfih kidnap case. Meanwhile the German awaited a sanity examination, while investigators scoured the Bronx for an accomplice in the passing of the ransom money. The Bronx trial date may be set in vain,-however,, as New Jersey plmis to extradite Hmiptmnnn on charges-of, kidnaping and'"murdering Charles AI' Lindbergh, Jr. . '.",', [ All-Woman Jury Sentences Smith Hempstead County Man and Buster Yates Convicted at Murfreesboro Guy Payne to Lead Locals in Fordyce Game Here Friday Will Replace Brown, Who Is Ineligible, in Quarterback Position WILLIS STONE OUT Tackle Has 3 Broken Ribs —Three Candidates in Line for Post With Pete Brown ruled out by the Arkansas Athletic association on the grounds that he had participated in high school football four years, the Bobcats will probably be led by Guy Payne in the quarterback position against Fordyce Redbugs here Friday night. Coach Foy Hammons indicated aS much Wednesday in considering How's prospects for clearing another hurdle in its hitherto unbeaten 1934 career . "The loss of Brown was a great blow," said the coach, "but our boys will be out there fighting twice as hard to make up for it, this Friday. Stone Is Out Coach Hammons said Willie Stone will be out of the Fordyce game, or account of three fractured ribs; and the. tackle position will probably hd between three candidates: Wilbcrt Anderson, whom the coach may start at Stone's position; Hobbs, who reported Monday and looks good, but hasn't completely learned 'tho tijaifi's signals; and Dick Moore, an- otlier likely-looking prospect. •' The other tackle, Hamilton, has been suffering from a charley-horse, but will probably start the Fordyce game, Wood Advocated as Fuel for the Municipal Plant A. C, Erwin and T. R. Bryant Make Proposal to City Council IS SENT BOARD weeks between Donald R. Rich- unofficial chief of NRA «nd Hugh S. Johnson, Us retiring adrnm- .-Wrator. the new governors of the Wflnc Eagle Tuesday began their l«sk of reshaping its control over inditf- try i The Industrial Recovery Board, newly named by the president, was executive session for hours , shafts, the two brothers went arm in with nichberg, director of the Policy bhap- ing Committee. Tho conference ended without action. . Then the entire group paid respect. to Johnson. It was the first meeting -and a smiling one-betwern Uich- berg and his old chief since their differences over reorganization methods, generally credited with hastening ohnson's withdrawal. "We had a friendly little chat over future NRA polidu-V Johnson said htvr "We've had no disagreement and all that talk about it is the hiuik. "Chiseling," as Johnson expressed it has long been recogni/.cd a majoi threat to Blue Eagle codes. The- board was reported to be fully aware of this problem and to plan a painstakms survey of existing compliance machinery with au eye lightening up. arm, mutually advising, congra ing and supporting the other. Both have clear, nxd eyes. Bo h have rich deep voices. Simultaneously they rare back their heads as some happy thought strikes them and then hearty laughter echoes in the frostj air that blows oft LaUe St. Clair. The sky darkens. The street li bloom. Calliopes parade the downtown district playing the "St. Louis Blues." The Deans lean out of their hedroom window to jeer and instantly traffic below snarls so tightly fi third call goes to the neighborhood precinct captain f<»' more reserves. MURFREESBRO, Ark.— (/I')— A jury of Ai'kansas women Tuesday found hurley Smith, HempsteaJ county convict, guilty on 10 indictment:; chrag- Uig kidnaping, robbery, assault and attempt to kill and fixed his sentence at 34 years in the penitentiary. Earlier Smith and Buster Ya'.es, a fellow onvict, had been found guilty on two kidnaping counts and sentenced to 10 years for of seven women nnd five yenrs, making u total of Smith. A ;ury verdict of guilty 10 similar indictments 'and fixed his punishment at men returned a against Yatcs on according to the coach. Mr. Hammons estimated Fordyce Wednesday as a formidable opponent, While the Redbugs were beaten 32-0 by Pine Bluff, the game wns played in a hard rain, eliminating Fordyce s 2' 1 From Board of Public "Affairs, 2 Private Citizens, Will Report A proposal to burn wood as po^vc: fuel for the city-owned water anc light plant was'submitted to the.Hope city council at its meeting Tuesday jjiight by A. C. Erwin and T. R. Bry ant, /.The proposal was debated at lengtl by members of the council on th possibility pf whether wood is cheaper fuel than natural gas, whicl is being used at the present time. ';'!Mr. Erwin and Mr. Bryant al* contended |hat .the proposed measure yould serve as a relief purpose t farmers who have a surplus suppl; pf wood.. . , '. After arguments which consume nearly two flours, the council passe a- nVotion that two men from th Board of,Public. Affairs and two oth- ir business men be appointed to. i>re- jare a detailed statement as to the sornparative cost of gas and wood, and ubmit the report to the next meeting of the council. ; The • council received a "report that tijc sewer'' lines had been placed in repair at a cost to the city of ?1GO. The Marathon Oil & Gas company, of Tulsa, Okla., was given a permit to erect a filling station at Laurel and Third streets. The council received a report show- mg there were five city fires during September, four of them being trash- fires, the fifth a $175 loss in a gasoline tank explosion on South Hazel street. Dizzy Dean Wins His 31st * ^ta^r,- TT*—"»-«i —?"••* iSBS crack passing attack. Fordyce had ^l O.I.IV |«WM.e» .ft t r. expected to give Fine Bluff a run for .. _ __ _„ j *« rt lr ^ftft fans lr> InC its money, „., ,..„....,. and took 500 fans to the Zebra city-and an equally good delegation will be on hand when the Red- bugs reach Hope Friday night. Fordyce Is Hard One Fordycc was virtually co-$t4te- champion last year, Rock, Camden and defeating Little Pine Bluff, and nn additional 20 yr:irs. The, two convicts escaped from Tucker prison farm during and kidnapod five bo.vs near iMiwy. U was testified that, the convicts robbed the boys of .several pocket knives and small change and held them prisoners in the woods for several hours. losing only to El Dorado, which me fewer state opponents and was therefore not given a clear title over the Redbugs. Fordyce is considered mos dangerous again this year. Local fans while disappointed ovc the ineligibility of Pete Brown con skier that the coach of that period and not Brown was to blame for permitting him to play as a high school substitute quarterback at a tune when eihth rade of .The police report showed 58 arrests n September, with 11 cases being appealed to the circuit court. Monthly accounts for September were ordered paid when properly approved by the chairman of the various committees. he was only in the eighth grade .school. Brown,.as a grammar school August',student, didn't have the foresight to mdi-rstand that his action would ba> ,im from football in his senior lugh C taer,y'it was the rule that high FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: RCO. U. S. PAT. OFF. to a general Ecuador President Quits Unexpectedly OU 1TO Ecundor.- f/P) - President Maria Velasco Ibarra, recently ted to succeed Dr. Abclardo resigned Tuesday night, was named to the prcsi- Ecuador October 17. 193X aW the .senate ousted President Junn MaHiucz Mem on cahrgcs of nwl- ^Hu'toolc office October 20, and Mar- t'lici! Mera lent his co-operation in funning the new government. Jos< inaugural.' Montalvo, Mont'ilv duncy of have fired a pistol and sawed-off shotgun nt their captives. Judge A. P. Stoelo refused a compromise offer from their lawyers that they be given IS yours each and they firs'l went to trial on two kidnaping charges. They were found guilty and given 10 years each. Judge Steele said he believed U marked one of the few times in Arkansas history an all-woman jury had tried '•< criminal case. 5% Dividend Paid by Home Fire Co. Is First Receivership Payment Since Collapse of 1030 ichool plavcrs were eligible for five play, to allow for eighth-grade Pars' students Playing "» where there w«»rc no school facilities, and the 'ootball Uilenl was commun. tics senior big) ?* accordingly Uni- Giving him tha cold shoulder will be iu style tbia winter. L1TTI.K HOCK.-A five per cent •livideivl. iJ!i;:ii;gntinK ?i;n,150.fi(i. to L'cnimon creditors of the defunct inire Fire Insurance company was u'bi ri.a-cl T»i\-uY.y by Judge M;\nu oil petition of Elmo Walker, receiver for Ihc company. Tlii.s i.s the first payment on common claims ;.'^insl Hv> company sijice it. to;;i ther with many banks and olh- :;• rompunios controlled by A. B. lla'iks iind n.-wK'i.ile.s, collapsed in November. VJiiD. Checks for liu: claimants were prc- pan-d b.N Mr. Walker before the c >url : rder directed payment of the dividend, find lhe.se were placed in the mail immediately, U-aviivs thy receiver a cash balance of only $<J8").. r >9. Mr. Walker, who was iippointed receiver November 24. ISM filed a report, reviewing the liquidation of the fire insurance, company, which with it.-, affiliuto.s mice occupied must of five floors of tho Southern building and finployeJ more than 150 parsons. oo ted But this rule was later changed, restricting play to four years only. Certificates for Surplus Planned Speedy Action Promised Farmers Whose Cotton Crop Is Large LITTLE ROCK-Ncw lax exempt ioi certificates will IK issued by the Cotton Section in Washington and for warded to county asMbtauts in col ton adjustment to cover all lions for surplus tax e«««P lificates, and authority to Sfc louis'Greift Star Lets Tigers Down With 8 Hits Medwick Leads Cardinal Batters With Three ' ,'' Safeties 3 DETROIT HURLERS Crowder, Marberry and Hodgins Xield Total " of 13'H;ts The great Jerome (Dizzy) Dcaii pitched the St. Louis Cardinals to vie- ' ,, tory Wednesday over the Detroit Tigers in the first game of the World Scries, 8 to 3. Dean allowed eight hits, while tho Cards jumped on Crowder, Marberry, and Hodgins for 13 safeties, including « a home run by Ducky Medwick, St. Louis centerfielder'. ' Detroit made five errors as compar? cd with three for the Cardinals. St Louis scored its runs in the second, third, fifth and sixth innings. The Tigers made their runs in the third, , sixth and seventh inning. Hank Greenberg hit a homer for Detroit t Medwick, with three hits, led the . Cardinal attack. The game was play••d at Detroit, Score by innings: St. Louis . ..0210140QO—8 Detroit. , 001001010—3 Play by innings: First Inning ST. Louis—Martin hits first ball jitched to Owen at third base who ;ossed. to Greenberg at first base for the first 'out. Rothrock flied out tp White in centerfield. Frisch, hits hard grounder to Owen who is unable to aandle .it. Medwick singles to cent-j erfield. Collins flies out to center.-, :ield. No, runs, one hit, one error. Detroit—White, a left hander Jiittcr, v TOP—The peerless Dizzy Dean pitched St. Louis to victory against •Detroit in the World Scries opener Wednesday. BOTTOM—Joe Medwick starred at bat for St. Louis. release these certificates to growers will be given by telegraph as rapidly as bUi- plu.s 4 Jurors Chosen for Insull Trial Case of Accused Utility Promoter Gets Under Way CHICAGO— OP)—Four of 12 juror to decide a $143,000,000 mail frau charge against Samuel Insull Sr., Civ cago utilities magnate, and 16 asso ciates, wore selected Tuesday. It in believed the jury will be completed Wednesday. The. four selected arc: George Barclay, 65, garage keeper at Yorkvillc, 111., and former sheriff of Keifdal) county. Walter J., Cassidy, 27, Chicago insurance salesman. William Austin, -17, a dairy farmer of Richmond, 111. Louis Bending. 46, proprietor of a Woodstock (III.) grocery. Special Assistant Attorney General Leslie E, Sailer was ready to tender four more when court convenes Wednesday. In this group were E. E. Trovillion, Earlvillc, an electrician; Edward W. Hawkins, an xmcmpolyed telephone engineer, Oak Park; John Keeler, a carpenter of West Chicago, and Roy C. Richardson, Evanston, who deals in commercial diamonds. Waiting in the box for further examination, were Paul Perkins, vice president of a Chicago coal company H. D. Picrson, a real estate dealer; W A. Westbrook, a grain dealer of MH1- ington. HI., and Charles H. Wilson manager of the Illinois Steel Company plant at Joliet. 11). lasull Drowses at Timts ' Insult, deposed head of a .system o power and light plants valued at H- 000,000,000, sat chin in hand, drowsing West Memphian Held for Murder His Wife Tells Sheriff Service Station Man Slew Own Brother MARION, Ark.-^-A 37-year-old West Memphis filling station operator and his 28-year-old wife were held in the Criitendcn county jail Wednesday awaiting arraignment on charges of slaying J. M. McBride, brother of the man in custody. The couple were arrested Tuesday night. Sheriff Sid Campbell, of DeSoto county, Mississippi, quoted Mrs. Mc- 3ridc as saying her husband killed lis brother last Tuesday night by pounding him on tho head with a lia miner. After the slaying, Campbell quoted Mrs. McBride as saying, the body was taken to a spot near Walls, Miss. Robbery was the apparent motive. Sheriff Campbell said. , Joe „., exemption certificates .- UHUI ,, amounts are turned in to UK national pool. T. Roy Reid, director in charge of t Extension Service, was advised day in a telegram from C. A. C*bb, chief of tlie Cotton Section. This procedure should greatly c*pe- ditc handling of surplus exemption certificates and assist in marketing ol the cotton crop in sections which have produced more cotton than they h»ve been allotted under the Bankhcad act, Mr. Reid said. Warning was given by Mr. Cobbm a supplementary telegram regarding necessity for compliance with \ )ro " visions of the Bankhcad act in a11 details of bundling surplus tax ex ciiipii'jn certificate's and in dispositi 01 ol i;u;h certificates undw specific regulations', Mr. Reid said. occasionally, while the three govern numt attorneys and the eight defens lawyers suavely tried to secure : sympathetic jury. His son, Samuel Jr. chewed gum vigorously. Both sides conserved peremptor} challenges. Assistant Attorney General Sailer rejected Frank Sullivan an unemployed steam fitter, and fcm" Roberts. 21, a salesman. Floyd *• Thompson, Insull's chief lawyer, turned down Edward Candra, 43, a Braidwood till.) farmer. Uofciisi' Proceeds Cautiously Questions directed at veniremcn indicated that the defense Deputy Likely to Succeed Norwood Attorney General to Become State Housing Director Cards Favored to Win the Series New York Experts Betting on St. Louis by 3-to-5 Odds wanted a jury without unpleasant J)W» orl ? s °! stocks and bonds, particularly of ""• stocks of InsulTs huge public uUUtj government prosecutors — , -- - - - — (Continued on WASHINGTON — (#>)— Donald R. Richberg, National Emergency Couu- cildirector, clarified Tuesday the Arkansas set-up of the council by directing J. J. Harrison, present state director to continue in charge of NRA compliance. Monday the council announced thut Hal L. Norwood, state attorney general, had been named state director (or the NEC. In a telegram Tuesday to Harrison, Richberg instructed him to continue, actinH primarily as compliance director. It was said that Norwood would be director of the housing program in die state. I>ei)uty May Succeed LITTLE ROCK—Although lie received telegraphic notice Tuesday of his appointment as director of th Federal Housing Adnunistaliioii in Arkf lisas. Attorney General Hal L Norwood said he had no comment pending a letter of confirmation which hu expects Wednesday. Mr. Norwood said the letter probably will explain when he is expcctec" to assume the new duties, and jus' what those duties will be. His for- NEW YORK-(/P)-The St. Louis Cardinals, despite the general opinion that the Dean brothers have been overworked, remained the favorites to win the first game and the world's championship from the Detroit Tigers in the metropolitan betting mart: Tuesday. Jack Doyle, Broadway commissioner, reported only a scattered financial interest in the scries but what there was made the Cardinals the 7-to-10 choice lo take the first game and the i-to5 favorites to win the scries. The Tigers were held at 11-tolO for the opening contest and 6-to-5 for the scries. Another commissioner reported handling §32,000 on the scries and $16,000 on the first game at 10-lo-13 and 5-to-G, respectively. cr at shortstop'wh° Bosses to Collins ( . at fjrst base. Cochrane hits grounder ; to Frisch at second base, and is thrown out. Gehringcr singles to left field for first Tiger hit. Greenberg bounds to Pepper Martin at third who throws to Collins for third out. No runs, one hit, no errors. Second Inning- St. Louis—Delancey, left hander hitter, flies out to Goslin in left field. Orsatti, singles to left for second hit' of the afternoon for the Cardinals. Durocher flies out to White in centerfield. Dizzy Dean hits gromider to Rogell at shortstop who tosses to Geringer at second. Gehringer drops ball. Martin, bounded to third and was safe at first on Owens' wide throw.. Rothrock singles to cerAJrfield, bringing in two runs. Frisch bounds out to Gehringer at second base. Two 1 runs, two hits and one error. Detroit-Goslin singles to centerfield. Rogeell hits to Frisch at second who steps on the base and throws to Collins at first for a double play. Owen strikes out. No runs, one hit, no errors. ;. ' Third Inning ST. Loui*--Medwick leads off with a base hit to left field for his second safety during the afternoon. Collins grounds to Gveenberg who throws to Rogell in an attempted double play, but Roeell 4rops ball. Delancey grounds to lirsl base, but Grepnberg is unable to hold ball and,..Collins scores. Orsatti flics out to' right- (Continued on Page Three) Lower Rail Rate on Feed Ordered Railroads Authorized to Cut Tariff in Drouth Areas WASHINGTON — (/P) — The Interstate Commerce Commission Wednesday authorized the railroads serving 21 Western and Southwestern states to reduce rates on feed and livestock in the drouth areas. The authorization covers counties ii the various states which were tubjec' lo the reduced rates in effect prior to September 1. The rates expired a that time und the railroads refused to renew them. The rates are 10 be reduced unti April 30, 1935, on feed, and until December ol this year on stock. Arkansas counties included arc Bradley, Cross, Drew, Lincoln and St. Francis. field. Durocher hits first ball pitched to Goslin in left field, for third'out. One run, two errors and one hit. Detroit-Fox, a right hander batter, lifted pop fly back of first base, Collins making the catch. Crowder grounds to Dean who throws to Collins for second out. White walked, the first pass Dean gives up. Cochrane lines out single to left field. Gehringcr, left hander hitter, lines out hard one to centerfield, scoring White and advancing Cochtane to tliird base. Dean strikes out Green- reuring tne side. One run, two hits, one error. Fourth Inning St. Louis—Dean lifts long fly to lu£ ield which is taken by Goslin. Martn pops to Cochrano. Rothrock flie; out. No hits, no runs, no errors. Detroit—Goslin grounds to Fnscr md is thrown out at first. Rogcl; akes high fly in centerfield hit bj Rogell. Owen pops to Frisch at second base. No hits, no runs, no era's. Fifth Inning St. Louis—Friich fliss to Fox in •ight field. Medwick, with two hits out of two trips to the plate, hits a icmcr into left field stands. Collins walked. DcLancey flies out to White in centerfield for second out. prsaiti, a left hand batetr, singles to left field, advancing Collins to second base, Durocher flics out to White in centerfield. One run, two hits, no errors. Detroit-Fox pops out to Collins at first base. Joel Jack sent in, as pinch hitter for Crowder and fnes out to Orsatti in centerfield. White walks. Cochranc grounds to Frisch who steps on second base, forcing White out. No runs, no hits, no errors. Sixth lulling- Firpo Marberry is sent hi to relieve Crowder on the pitching mound- St Louis—Dean doubles to iclt center. Martin singles to centered, scoring Dean. Rotlu-ock grounds out, on P»ge Three;

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