Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 2, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 2, 1934
Page 3
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v • OctolSer 2,Jft&C H0PE STAB, fit OJPB, ARKANSAS SB OCL MRS. sro HENRY TELEPHONE 821 Whftt arc we hero for,,you nnd I. As the long and wonderful days go by? JtjWc are here to sign cheer, of hope and Whefv the skies are dark and the way way seems drear; Wo att>> here to be faithful and strong ond trAie To the Work that lies (o our hands to <to; To fnuko for all that is noble' and good, Ami' be true to the bonds of our brotherhood. i This art* we here for, you and I, As the long and wonderful days go fry; Welcome them gladly, for each one brings Tho duty and things; beauty of com man Audi ns they unfold, shall unfolded Ho Owl's own purpose In you and me. —Selected. SHORTE COLDS PROVED RY 2 GENERATIONS • I Mil I ..... •! ........ • ••^^^ ........... • Galveston Wins, Stays in Series Buccaneers Prevent Pelicans From Taking Crucial Game NF.W OHLKANS, La.-(yp)-The Galvcstoii Buccaneers got back into the "f Dixie Scries, The Womans Missionary Society of the Kirsl Christian church held their October meeting on Monday afternoon at the homo of Mrs. ,1. A. Davis on South Elm Street, with Mr;;. W. W. Duckett and Mr;:. Evelyn Yeager as n.i associate hostesses and Mrs. Llle Moore leader. A most inspiring devotional was given by Mrs. Guy Holt followed by 1111 anniversary program led by Mrs. Moore. One- new member was added to the roll. Following a short business period a most tempting salad course was served with hot tea to ZG members and one visitor. John P. Cox hns returned from several days visit in New Orleans, La. Miss Fern Garner of Ouachita college, Arkadelphia, spent the week end with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Garner. Circle No. 4 of the Womans Missionary Society of the First Methodist church held their regular monthly meeting on Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock at ihe home of Mrs. E. P. Stewart on North Hervey street with Mrs. J. W. Strickland, Mrs. Frank Henrne and Miss Anna Wagner as as- 'sociate hostesses. In the absence of I the chairman, Mrs. George Ware, the | vice chairman, Mrs. Stith Davenport j morn j nf , f,,,. „ f ew days visit with her j presided. A splendid devotional was | ,j. ulg i llel . j Mrs. B. B." Brown and Mr.! though still (railing by one game, with nn H-lo-9 victory Mondny. The Buccaneers scored six runs in the fii-Kl two inning. 1 ;, added another In the fourth and (wo each in tile sixth and eighth to swamp four New Or-' leans hurlers. The Pels had only to win (he game Monday to relain their Dixie series championship. The BUC.S entered the giimc trailing by two games. Now only one game back in the series and, if the Hues win Tuesday, will be all even with (he Birds. program were Mrs. C. T. Floyd. Mrs. Chak Harrell and Mrs. H. II. Stewart. During the business meeting, plans were discussed and perfected for the Sunday School picnic to be held at the fair park on (he evening of the fourth. Durnig the social period the hostesses served a delightful ice course GENERAL JOHNSON (Continued from Page One) (;a ) <Ci M] . s _ o ' ]? Thompson left Tuesday the former cnvlnry officer, stocky and bronzed, told his audience (hat h«-W*» resigning ns recovery administrator to still a running fire of criticism that was tbrenteninB to retard nn,d, paralyze NHA. "Very oflen," ho said, "(he cruci*' fixion of n man menns more to the- thing he is trying to do than nil his living efforts." His whole philosophy, he added, could be expressed in these words: •"To die with honor when you cart no longer live with honor." Johnson plans to spend most of his time until October 15 preparing final records for President Roosevelt 1 and the five-man board that succeeds him as administrator. After (hat he probably will take a month's vacation before entering private business. It was reliably reported he would resumehis former association With Bernard M. Baruch, financier and close friend of Mr. Roosevelt. "I have had all I wont of politics," he said in reply to ti question. His assistant, Mists Frances Robin; son, also has resigned and will go with Johnson to his new duties, what-ever they mny be. She was in the background Monday as the general faced his audience of fellow workers. 103 ATTEND (Continued from Page One) given by Mrs. Edwin Ward and a most interesting program on "The Rural Nci-.ro" was led by Mrs. M. M. Mc- ClotiRhan. Others assisting on the <f H^IBHHII^HHHHHIHBB^HHBHB^BBMMHMHHHII^IHHi^H^HHHi^Hi^^HHB"l^^ Hl ^ PHB ^^ 3rd Largest Circus DIXIE'S OWN SHOW NEW IRAWCD WU.O ffWARW MARVUOUS ftHITAHY EUEPMANT ORIOINAU fKOLAR * toni PV HOPE Wed. Oct. 3rd Show Grounds West Ave B 57 STEEL CARS 57 25C PEOPLE 250 20 CLOWNS 20 Big Double Minstrel Show 2 Bands White and Colored 2 6 Acres of Tents 6 3 Herds of Performing Elephants 3 Featuring- Miss Vates Lola Movie Star Admission Children 25c Adults 40c IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIHIIIIIIII Press Courtesy Ticket Clip this out and bring to Circus. This Coupon and lOc service fee will admit one child 16 years or under, or this Coupon and 25c service fee will admit one adult. Good afternoon or night to Sehell Bros. Circus. Brown in Little Rock. subscribing to the magazine. The Bay View Reading club will ] rj' ur | n g the noon hour the assembly meet nl :i o'clock Wednesday afternoon at Hie home of Mrs. W. P. Agee on East Second street with Mrs. C. M. Ar/M! as joint hostesses and Miss Mninic Twitchell lending the program. Thursday afternoon nl 2:30 o'clock the Pat Clebtirne Chapter U. D. C. will hold their October meeting at the home of Mrs. Don Smith on South Elm street. The Edith Thompson Class of the First Methodist church will hold their regular monthly business and social retired to the school cafeteria, where an enjoyable two course luncheon was served. At 1 o'clock the group reassembled in the library and was led in .another group of community -songs by Mrs. olm Wellborn. The first speaker of the afternoon was Mrs. Henry Haynes, who discussed "The New Curriculum." Mrs. Haynes snid that education must not merely repeat the past, but that schools must keep pace with a rapidly chang- meeting on Tuesday evening at 7:30 ing socia i worlc j in ordcr to fjt the at the church. Group No. 3 will act chi | d to take nis place m soc iety. This new curriculum includes, under the guidance of teachers, all the periences of childhood. All subjects are related to one another, so that the child will have a completely united mind and not many merely a hazy understanding of many units Mrs. Haynes emphisized the fact that host. MY. and Mrs. C, C. Spragins and Mrs. Clyde Hill motored to Texarkann Tuesday to attend the wedding of Miss Pauline Wilson daughter of Mr. and Mrs, Sluarl Wilson to Boyce SlerlinK Paj/an, which will be solemn- i/ed at the Arkansas Presbyterian church, Tuesday evening October 2. Dr. Grandison Royston of Barnes hospital spent a few hours in the city Mondny cnroutc from Washington to his home in St. Louis. Miss Baggie Bell spent Tuesday in Tcxarkana, guest of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Marshall. The Brookwood P. T. A. will not meet Wednesday as previously announced but will meet Wednesday, October 10. The Beta Delta Sorrority met at 2:30 Sunday afternoon at the home of Miss Happy Pritchard. Miss Frances Snydcr. vice president, presided in the absence of the president. Plans were discussel for pledges and initiations. A party for Halloween night was planned and will be held at the home of Miss Sibyl Williams. The next meeting will be at 2:30 Sunday afternoon nt the home of Miss Geneva Higgason. Mrs. M. H. Barlow and Mrs. Elizabeth Pritchard of this city, and Mrs. J. L. Uoyd of Corpus Christ!, Texas, have returned from a visit lo Mrs. F. E. Howson and H. R. Barlow in De Quocn. Members of the Beta Delta Sorority •ire urged to attend a call meeting at More-land's Drug Store! at 4:^0 Wednesday afternoon. Marylin Ward, Hope sophomore, Ht-ndrix college, was recently elected Kcrgermt-at-arms of Beta Phi, local sorority. Old Folks Like This Laxative Bicault of weakened dige«tiv« ocgtni, old prople need • thorough ItXitlve, but » gentle, one, Delicioui Feen-a-mint, th« chewing gum lixitive distributes tile laxative ingredient by chewing, uniformly into the system, thui giving i "full" complete action that ta more natural —and gentle. Doctora regularly prescribe the laxative Ingredient in deliclout Fenvunint. Delay It dangeroua, so today safely get back on schedule and »uy there. Chew non-habit iormlng Feen-a-mlnt for censrlpatJon. fflwst ferr nppwwrT by the 1 jarents and . that they must woTKi land in. hand with the schools in order t* achieve success. Mrs. O, A. Groves, first vice-president bf the state congress of Parents and Teachers, gave an address oil meml>er*hi|>. She said that nrt organ* irjition is worth • much, unless it serves. She sumrricd up the worth of the P.- T. A. to the childhood of America, making every member feel that all time devoted to P; T.'A. work would bring in lasting returns. Mrs. Graves then gave an interesting' account of a luncheon for officers of the national council of the P. T. A. whioh she attended in Chicago this past summer. Mrs. Lester called upon ten members to tell what they hnd learned during the day, and it was unanimously .agreed that the school of instruction had been very worthwhile. 6f sellifig •Worthless stock in the Cor* fioratibn Securities Company <tf Chicago, using the mails ns a medium, fjlamina was listed as a prim* requite foc'jurdrs because it was estimated the prosecution •will require five weeks to unfold its case and the defense may take us long. > Insull appeared rested Monday, His health had been a matter of concern since he collapsed on May 81 upon his return from a flight to Istanbul, Turkdy. Judge Wilkorson is- no stranger to the intricacies of big business. As special prosecutor in 1905 he prose'cut- ed the Standard Oil Company of Indiana for illegal trade practices, a case famous because Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis assessed the record- setting fine of $29,000,000. INSULL'S TRIAL (Continued from Page One) the judge ordered a second panel of GO. Carpenters set up a 22-foot shelf for the exhibits in the case and federal attaches labored in with a small mountain of books, ledgers and files concerning some 50 companies. So many witnesses will bring in so many records that a special register was opened to register them. It was agreed that each side, the government prosecutors and the Insull attorneys, may have a team of six accountants to keep track of the million dollar transactions which were expected to be disclosed. Insult's son and 15 others, all bluebook financial figures, will answer the charges with him. 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Second, tonic iron which helps overcome • the ravages of the chills and fever and fortifies against further attack. Play safe!! Take Grove's Tasteless Chill Tonic. It now comes in two sizes—50c and $1. The 51 size contains 2'A times as much as the 50c size and gives you 25% more for your money. Get bottle today at any drug store. _ SHOULD PREVIEW 11 p. m. FRIDAY NIGHT Claudctte Warren COLBERT WILLIAM // x-» i , // Cleopatra First showing in, {he State! LfqnM, tftt)l«W, Salve, CWttt Malaria in 3 days, Colds day, nesrdattftet o* Wetmflglff mutates. FINE LAXATIVE ANtJ IWfost Sp«!dy Remedies KridwM. 606 AVOID A JUDGMENT. Ifavenfrpro* Vide COM PLEAS Pufillc Liability Insurance for yo»t pa*. ROY ANDERSON L CO PHONE 610 HOPE, ARK Lady Says CARDUS , Eased Pain In Skle Cardul helped an OklahotaAI&dfcr as described Below, and vs&sy others have been benefited- ra A similar Way. ... "1 had a hurttoJg in my side every few weeks," writes Mrs. BUI Stewart, of Dewar, Okte. "I had heard of Cardul and started taking it. It stopped my hurting and' built ny my strength. I toofc 11 bottles and I sure felfc better." Try Cartful lor patns, cramps, ness due to a rufl-ddwn condition. sands of women testily Ca '<£ J i,£?? e * them. II It doea not. benefit) YOtf, cott* milt a physician. elson•.;•• Huckins Pillows Property Laundered and Sterilized—Each fPHONE 8 * * NEW ., We have just received another shipment of new Fall shade-; in Airmaid Hosiery with the new "ringless" feature A shade for every costume. Cedar, Taupebark, Smoke- mist, Trotteur, Mex-ique, . Let us deliver you a pair today. John P. Gox Drug Co. Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamps DIZZY DEAN MAY (Continued from Page One) "Leave it to us," promised Dizzy lo the excited. fans, who blew the old town wide open Sunday night with one oC the most tumultuous celebrations St. Louis had ever seen. Then the Vij{ fellow, who clinched the pennant Sunday by .shutting out the Cincinnati Reds, 9 to 0, for his thirtieth victory of the season, looked up Manager Frisch to make another plea for th< right to pitch the series opener Wclnosday. Manager Frisch wa.s set on the rest of his starting line-up, figuring- to list- tin same team that clinched the pennant Sunday, but he was still uncertain as to the wisdom of sending Di//.y tr> the mound after only 1-J hours ol rest. He wanted to give his I not' the afsiimment, but wanted him to get his chance at his very best. Although the starling pitcher rep- cented a problem to Frankie, the wise- onos fiBMnxl "Wild Dill" Hal la- ban would bo sent to the mound for the first engagement agamst the hrnvy hitting Tigers. "Wild Bill has had indifferent success this season, but he stood the same Tigers on their tails in exhibition games this year ::t IVIroi! ;md Buttle Creek. In the Detroit exhibition, the one Di//,v Dean missed at the personal (v.irn-e of S-lnli, Hallahan allowed only five hits and the Cardinals won, 7 to 1 Mcst of 111" Detroit regulars were in that game. Added to Bill's sue- t . L ".s in thise exhibition games is the fact lie.' ranks us one of the greatest money pitchers in baseball, having wrn thivc and lost one in the world series of ISSO anil '31 against the Athletics. If Hallahan doosn I draw the os- siynmtnl, Janifs Otto Carleton, who has a sido arm curve that baffles the best hitlers when in control and wliose peculiar style of delivery always puxvles first time batters, may be named. Carleton is noted as a cool weather piti-her. Paul Dean, sU'r freshman of the team, will be a sure starter all right, and could hurl the opener, but is al- mo.st a cinch to follow his big brother Di/./.y. Bill Walker is the other sure .starter, gu'inii I'Visch a pitchini.! staff thai .siicreedv-'d in turning in 15 shutouts— seven "f them by DU^ in thu Nationr.l League race IhiK sea- II has been fstiuiatod that the population of Tokio will exceed 1U.5H6.000 by 1964, barring earthquakes, wars, faminos, and oilier calamities, at thu present rate of birth increase. "It's toasted " V Your threat prttttcthn—aitaintt irritutHi^aiaiitt So round, so firm, so fully packed— Luckies are made of only the clean center leaves —these are the mildest leaves -they cost more - they taste better.

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