Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 1, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, October 1, 1934
Page 2
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-'VW.WV ' "*"' • ft i& W*ek-<dar «ft*n»«» by Star Publishing Co., Inc. x. H. Woshtmrn), at The Star building, 212-214 South jfoP*. Arkansas. . ^ C. E. P&LMEH, President AUM. JBL WASHBUKN, Editor and Pablbbtt ttMMdltt MfeMd-dttfc Watte* at the postoffi« at Hop*, ArkanM* **--*-— ik.^. AA^. -A «*^^..« i* 4£Ai* Getting fo Be Civilised A PSW V&MfcS foow tm<3ouih! no SltCcttrJck. b 4ft KatltuHon <fe*eU**d by modern drtl- ™ * y - *° ftsstep eotaiHerce and Industry, ftdwfctlswnenW, and to furnish that check Upon so constftuUtm has *m teeh able to prt>vlde."-Col. R Ml If Til Mi By city carrier, per ' ' to Hempstead, Ne layette COUlifle3.J3.50 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. *»• AdWjrttolnJt t : New »"*••«» Press is . of all news dispatches credited to it or also the local news published her«m Mo., St r **»»«*», »•" Charges wffl te Wade for all tributes card!* ^solutions, or memorials, craceWng the'denarferi f£ml . , , to thfcix>licy la th6 news columnTt.^ £-rft f ° al of ame-Skta* l^ff .£?s£j diS .a return ot any unsolicited mLuscrir Your Health By DR. WORMS FISHBEIN Editor, 3<mrtial of Hie American Medico) AwMlatlon, and of Uygela, t( fr Mottih Immune Frotn' Inllwwmation „ „ Whenever you feel the slightest ir- f&rtitation in your mouth, and your ton" I gtte seems constantly to be seeking it fodt»<you should suspect an inflamma- *tten that many become more serious §,*ith neglect. »'j ? / Inflammations of the mouth may H*-H— burning by taking soup or. ssggssasssaat YOUR ^_i I-TWIT ' j • '^^ • m _yl've Roberts Barton Adults Cherish Memory of ClfiMl"'' hood Tabus Tlie little old chair stood in the corner. .It was at one time bright yel- ow, with festoons of roses and vio- lets.on back and stretchers; but gave gave it the appearance of being regarded through brown glasses. uvuuuig, ~j uun>v5 owui; ut. ^-"i H. stood the new maid denning I^UIUEV tliat is too hot or by eating windows. The only day the chair had R$ highly spiced foods or irrittints, such [teen out of its brooding corner for \®4 as, mustard. Most frequently, how- i'years. ffifsllpt, infections fesult from improper ! The lady of the house, owner of the 'fflCare of the teeth, from the abuse of I chair, stood transfixed with horror at § tobacco or snuff, or similar irritants, the sight, then suddenly galvanized L/Afflad cwfeasionalty from wearing of into motion. Off went Maggie the te|.dental plates tliit do not fit satisfac- profaned chair was reverently carried fetotily. You might also contract an in- j back to. its corner. l '|!flammation of the mouth from an in-! "You sec," she told us. "It wa« Infection in tlie tlrtoat. {Grandma Perkins'chair. If the house hs< Of course, you know that even a i burned down I think I'd rescue my pjt,tinjr spot of inflammation in the (little chair'first.'- K*»*"»wrfh»is annoying. Any small ulcer We looked it over. Both of us had >lft-fhrprfk Hmnfi OS lnrtr*k na it nrvtil*l.» Sfl*»n n*)l«r Tilrl n K.,:*.~ _* ri_ ;u_ ,.. DINGS SIDE GLANCES ByGeori National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. St. Louis 95 sg .621 New York 93 60 .608 Chicago 86 65 .570 Boston 78 73 .517 Pittsburgh 74 76 ,493 Brooklyn 71 81 .467 Philadelphia 5G 93 ,376 Cincinnati 52 98 347 American LCIIRUC Clubs- Won Lost Pet. Detroit 101 53 ,G5G York Cleveland Boston riiil.-idc-lpliin .M. Louis 94 CO 85 GO .010 .552 76 7G .501 68 82 ....45; 07 85 .441 Washington G6 86 43. 53 99 .349 Results . CS>&? £e<2ls three t times as large as it actual- ' addition, inflammation of the - •" *• "* «»>•»• A-JULit \ji u o field seen other old chairs of its ilk. We tould not understand her fierce pride in the relic. French artist continued. Tlieii he went on to say that the fundamental principles of correct makeup are the same, whether a girl is wearing a street dress or .her wed- ding gown. Houge — very little of it- should be blended higM^n the cheek bones to ' make n flatteUpBiframe for the eyes. Powder must be applied evenly from the base of the throat _j3jp_y_Miv__ upward to tho hairline. Lip&tick should bo put on from comer to corner, allowed to tlr> for a few moments and then wiped off with a piece of cleansing tissue. That 0.UB • *ff. t A**, UV*VMUVnif jiit-*tiJtiJiie*i,nji« UA. VIII l&nouth 'results in a chronic bad taste, j A Chair With a Halo -°-*- odor and in swelling. While j -: "Why," thought I, "does she hold **»•« -r\r\+ IflfPi V if\ eiif^«*f nnnnYt i np>- . r\]A /ttini** r*s* r. n ».._.! i_n _ i are not likely to suffer much such inflammations, children develop, fevers and be seriously the -old chair so sacred while she .treats the new with absolute uncon- ' ! . '"When we were little and visited Babies frequently suffer with an | Grandma," she explained, "none of us vrcre allowed to 'touch that chair or little stand. We grew up thinking there was a sort of halo around them." . That seemed- to'her like the real explanation for ha- pa:nic!n 'for the chair. 'But I knew better. All of us boast of the things we J*f inflammation of the mouth, including lijlJarticularly the lining membranes-and "i^the gums, due to a variety of causes, ^.'Sometimes the trouble is simply lack '<«f cleanliness. ..The-mouth of even a itiny infant may be cleaned with a ^'ifmall piece of gauze and some salt I solution. "**•*"•««*- . *»* \ji ua uuu.il. ui uie inings l,» Sometimes the mouths of infants are j were "not" allowed to do, not of the Undisturbed by acute injections Mich as | privileges we had when little. Some- 11 y *.«_ * . « ..(_*_**_ — _._i— .1*.. i. t; ,, . . .. |]|i!jose associated *ith measles, diph- "liheria, scarlet fever or mvimps. Babies put objects with they happen to lying about, into their mouths ;ana become infecled from this kind f of material. J Whenever the mouth is inflamed, it B ~y is''first necessary to find the cause. I |This involves not only location of a •^single visible fools of infection, but |,$jflso study by the dentist to determine' I,,'Whether' injection may be concealed |»in the gums or around the teeth. y r During the time of inflammation Kail irritating substances and foods that [fire too hot should be avoided. The "foods taken should be cool and either (liquid or soft ji'« -The mouths of Infants should be ^Carefully sponged with cold water af- • v-'ter each feeding afld the material of IK the. sponge should be small pledgets I'^of cotton wrapped around the finger, ' -and -touched delicately to the mucus times the resentment sticks, of course, when there was too much "forbidding." But the little reservation;; of childhood were good for us and we kndw it, and still know it. That i.-j , why we -boast. The Salt of Existence Old customs were not all wrong. BEGIN IIEHE-TODAY BOOTS KAI2HURN. 18, «lopr* •ntth IIUSS 1.VND, unlmmlnff Ib. •tructor. \Vh»n HUM gam to Piorlda. iiromUlim (o tend for her later, RootM goe* to work U a dennrliiH'nt More. llnsn docs nut. write. Month* J>n»» nnd (lien cnnici word lli:it lie linn livt-u killed In a motorbimt necidcnt. . N Boom meet) DENIS PEXWAYt yonn^ author, nnd GUWARU VAN SCIVEII, iviMillh.r nnd noclKlly Iironilnent. She In In \n\v with llt-nln and Jenloun ot tcnuii^ul KAV CIULLlXGIPOni}, . • '; Hoots geiH n Juli in n Honk •tore nnU KOCS borne in live In order to Ifctn ,h6r- HnK-)lt» llmiti- clally. • Rilunril rciiciilctllj' ururs her to nisirry him nnd flimllr kbe iiKrceM. Oh ClirlMiiin* l)ny (key KO tor ii iv.-ilk in tlie (tic nniJ Kdivnrd Is lindly hurt, iiivlni; Hoots from n rc'i-l;lo»» drlrfr. tirn. Itaeliiirn lenrim' she hai n irlnnlitK ilvket In n lotlerV nnd lilniiN to t.-ike her liuKlmnd to Cull- tornln, Itootx nnd lid\vnrd urc to lie innrrleil n* noon nn he l(-;\v<-n the ho«|lllnl. He lr!ln tlnnm the en^.-iKi-nii-nt between licnlN null Kny IK lirolten. jj,»jembrane, C' n»>some'..'cases the placing of small i i»iec«i.4rf ice in th« mouth is helpful. Mouth wf5tJ»cs will not in general cure 1 the conditions thai /for the inflammations, reiponsible . The dress and shoes kept for .Sunday; the special lamp lighted only between six and seven; the book that couldn't be opened without first scrubbing (he hands; the little chair thai musn't be touched at all. It is as wise today as it cvor was, except perhaps that "too many" things used to be verboten. It is well for children to feel at home and free and comfortable to use the house and their belongings, but there can still be restrictions on certain things. It engenders not only a habit of keeping something extra for "nice," and "a feeling of providence mid thrift, but it is a brake on indulgence, n little whisper that dictates thus: "Satiation is life without salt. It i;i the -littli« things we cannot do, cannot touch, cannot ;:ay that i;ivc nil living , help to control Ihe odor and to give a ' feeling of greater comfort. Most mouth but they du I its real savor." •washes contain anfceptic [''which in r, many instances serve to reduce','the pain ., The diets of those with chronic iii- i flammulions of the mouth tliould al- vv/ays'be studied to make certuin that jithere is a sufficient amount of vitu- niins and sucli minerals, as calcium and phosphorus. Our little chairs. No wonder we love them. GLORIFY! NG YOURSELF ggl By Alicia Hart f; I ; Blood-Lust of War Made Him a Vlm- .p!re*-Here's a Welril Novel About , •• a Dracula-Llkc Theme By BRUCE CATTON Puring the war Arthur Machen _ wrote a. shivery little story called If fThe Coming of the Terror," in which he visioned war's blood-lust and I hatred as infecting the whole animal I kingdom, so that sheep and cattle attacked farmers, robins ganged up on pedestrians and even Insect* swarmed out to help "destroy the human race. . The same sort of note jp struck in I Harms Heinz .Ewers' "Vampire," an '" safe and satanic sort of novel about P ff man mysteriously nffUcted by the [, complaint of your old friend. Count Bridal Veil Sets Off Coiffure "A fall bride's coiffure jmd tho way her veil is arranged arc- ju.sl in; important to per charm and beauty as the- wedding gown and the shower I briuquet," says Dumas, famous New j York coiffure expert who makes a specialty of bridal modes. ''After all, everything a bride wears should serve as a setting for her lovely face. If a veil is wound around a girl's forehead, attention is centered on it instead of on her eyes, her smooth brow and beautiful hair. This fall's brides have been won over to the argument in favor of veils that are draped far back on the crown of the head, forming a halo-effect frame for their faces and coiffures," the This man is a German—a world- wanderer who finds himself in America when the World War begins. At \ tint he planit to go back to Germany and light; but German friends in New Tfork persuade him to stoy in America and help direct German propaganda *wk to offset the Allie-d prop- He does so—and then, as if infected fey the blood iuat which Has swept the F world, he becomes a v«W»pirc. For a ! lone time he does not know it. He I knows only that at times he gets e>:i ceedingly tired and lackadaisical, and that if he can spend an evening with a wealthy German woman who has befriended him he will get new strength. Not until she is on her deathbed does he learn that at these seanacc-i he has been slashing her bosom wilh a knife to drink her blood! All of this, ntaurally, makes a weird and macabre book. If your taste runt; that way, you'll find it a very good specimen of its kind. Published by John Day, it sells for $2,50 KOW GO ON WITH THE STOn* CHAPTER XLVI 'pHEV wero packing in tho old house at Liflcluieclt and It was long, wearisome business. Upstairs Miss Florida was In a tangle of tennis rackets, curtains to he sent to the laundry, crates already nailed up and marked for storage. The house had been rented to some people named Blair from Pottstown. They were coming In on the first or May. Meantime everything which could possibly be packed/was In that state, Olil books, magazines, china tliat had not been used for years—nor would lie again—was being sent to the Salvation Army. The big rooms had a iinro, unlived' In aspect. The cat prowled uneasily about, aware tlint ci'c.it changes were Inking place, Mr. naeunrn was staying; nt Dr, Hart's during tho Ronernl uplienvai and Ills wife, turhaneil and aproned, went briskly from task to task with an energy .she had not known for years. Colored Black Mettle came in to 'he'p push ihingn around" and left nightly with such treasures as old panania hats, failed pictures am! chocolate IKJXCS which had lieen allowed to gather dust In the attic, Uoots had finally given up her work in the Bay Tree nud was quietly rnalmis her marriage preparations. It was the llrst week In April. Eilward liad gone back to the house In upper Kirtli avenue. Next Friday—In ti-.ree ilnys—Hoois and Kdwanl were to be married, very simply, without fusa or flurry in the church near Larclin»f-i< Square. Their plans had been secret. No one, with the cxceplio'u of Mrs. itncbm-n herself, Knew whnt they were. "Want this, Burbnra?' 1 fiojt:; glanced up from the bundle of lampshades she was iioiiecien- tioualy wrapping In brown paper to see her mother holding a w i,| l(J linen frock, many times washed and ironed, limp from its frcqueu: visits to the tub, ' "i—1 don't think so." Then she • remembered. Yes, of course. That was f.lie dress slio had worn thn; early summer mcrnliig when shq had lirsl met and talked with UeiiU Fenway. On an impulse she picked it up, hugging it to her, "Think I'll keep it, after all. I was always fond of that dress." i Coin's. Denis, Two weeks had passed and still there had been no . word of him. Where was tie tu<j what was he doing? Would she erer be . able completely to forget him,.with his dark brows, his slow. ing on his cane. "Would you call that a day?" She was a pretty little thing, upon her? ;i. H9 , ikcd ^ she ^•'Vlm ,»„,.„ I didnt hear what you said,;.and mingled her soprano notea ot Mums." "1 said I thought I'd pack up all this trash and, put it out for the man to cart tuvaj\" "Yes, I'd dp that." metriment with his own bass ones. "Well. I'm considering taking a rest," Miss Kerrigan told him. (She hadn't been sleeping well of nights lately but a nurse didn't tell her patient that. Heart trouble? Well, W HAT dtd it matter? What did:, r ' eS- r? f a S0rt ' , Not U ' e klnd Dr> anything -matter? Once slie'!'^,,^;' 60 would 1Koscribe £or ' would' have .thought It heaven- to i-' laveal) this excitement in the ram- ' Moy«e I'll drop in lo see you ily. Now she was only Uf«!essl>-.'tomorrow about 11," she decided. ;fad for her parents' sake that n vas so. This was no,way, sl)e thought. 'or a girl to feel'practically on the ; (So slio wasn't to see the lust o! jhlin tin's niorning, then, with Ills U-liecl; in her pursa ami a "Tlianlt you. Mr. V;ih Sc-lvcr; It's bean a pleasure." on her lijis.) "I'm stay- . . - ing with rny s.lster over In Urook- Jhis . wcak-eiul," .she pursuea. ' 'Ve of her wedding. "you going to get that beige hlng we saw at'Lord's Saturday, i ,. Vr _- ,.,,',„ , , , Boots?" ' ' ' c a t() C()n!C She Tousfed, . tisrself to answer with enthusiasm. "Yes. 1 called up today and told them to send It out you're a darling to huy it for St. Louis 9, Cincinnati 0. Brooklyn 8, New York 5 (10 innings) Roslon 4-f>, Philadelphia 3-4. Chicago 8-7, Pittsburgh 2-5. American _,.., Detroit 10-6, St. Louis 6-2. Washington 5, New York 3. Chicago 9-3, Cleveland 5-5. I'.oston 5-2, Philadelphia U-4. PROPOSED CONSTITUTIONAL, AMENDMENT NO, IS Referred to (lie People by (he General Assembly in regular session assembled, 1933. Be it resolved by the House of Representatives of the State of Arkansas and by the Senate of the State of Arkansas, a majority of all members elected to each House agreeing thereto: Tliat the following is hereby proposed as an Amendment to the Constitution of the State of Arkansas, and, upon being submitted to the electors of the State for approval or rejection at the next general election for Senators and Representatives, if a majority of the electors voting thereon, at such an election ndopt such Amendment, the same shall become a part of the Constitution of the State of Ar kansas, to-wit: That Article 5 of the Constitution o the StiUe of Arkansas be amended b adding thereto the following: SECTION 1. Not less than a major ity of the members of each HOUS& o the General Assembly may enact law. SECTION II. None of the rates fo property, excise,' privilege or persona taxes, now levied shall be increased by the General Assembly except afte the approval of the qualified elector voting thereon at an election, or in case of an emergency, by the votes o three-fourths of the members elected to each House of the General Assembly. SECTION III. Excepting monies raised or collected for educational purposes, highway purposes, to pay Confederate pensions and tlie jusl debts : of the State, the General Assembly is hereby prohibited from appropriating or expending more than the sum of Two and One-half Million Dollars for all purposes, for any biennial period; provided the limit herein fixed may be exceeded by the votes of three-fourths of the members "Ah, yes, I remember her. She had golden cill?jj next to us in the sixth grade geogiaphy old me. . . ." "Well, you ought to have a feic good things," her mother rctnrneti with spirit. Privately she rellecter) that Boots was behaving rather oddly these dnys. Kdwanl was everything that was tine and. De- aides, now that their own financial affairs were so beautifully arranged ("And Where's the white-faced chit," tho nurse asked herself conversationally, smiliHK at the butler who let lier out of the heavy plate glafio. l;rons!e-gri!led door. "And wliero'3 the chit he's supposed to marry? Ai loas-t. 1 .suppose they're 'soldi; lo bo muiTied. He seemed crazy c:iou;ili alxiiu licr."> :-.lai.-!:cd on .linriy Adv. • ccvc-r ••Ah-.jT ILHIH." "V, r : I:!in;'!.'lf. "tic I'm Ko!n;-. there remained in her mind no lingering dou.iu as to the girl's mo- tix r e In accepting him. "If I'd thought she was marrying just to seo that/Daddy nacl 1 were taken care of I couldn't have borne- it,'' said tho oldetv woman to herself. She eluded herself for Deln i= > fanciful. There v.'as certainly no reason on earth why any girl shouldn't jump at tlie chance to marry Kdwanl Van Soiver. (July- well, Doots didn't ueliave II',;e p. radiantly happy percon and she li.nl been noticeably excited, flushed. whenever 3-011113 Penwsy had called in the past. Dm ho had gone awr.y nov.-. So that was all right. I'rtsontly HcotK wouhl l)o young Mm. Van Sch-tr and settle down hanpHy and properly as a youiis matron and evoiy thing would ho as it should be. "Don't you need Konie white thiiifra for the boat? Von linow 1 j 'i-.;:::;::;i i:i--:-c wauled you to e-H tha^j t'rocUs tlio ! cowboy Ni-.-i-r other dny?" j 7 her:.- v.-:.:; "I'll get those the t'nv before w? sail. Edward ssld to wait. \SVva enough to do now." (Somewhere, on blue cens a dai-U- eyed young nmn would l;e starin.q moodily at the skyline. Oh, If I could see him for just a moment, Roots' heart cried hungrily.) "I'd get the while lace for evenings with the deep red wrap. . . ." She said yes. yes, to everything. The white lace, tha bag with lint ! seed pearls I.'dw;;rd had sent. I lie- new trunk. . . . Uoots ii::c<l her eyes sternly on these symbols of her new life. What business liad she drean:- of a man who hadn't o::rud enough for her to s;iy good:jy? loft alone, prowled lamely r.bout. lil.-i Eiiite on Ihe second floor of tho big house. Ii deadly 10 bo Indoors this HIK sprln;? \vc-ather. This lime or year tlie poi-Ioa core klcldns up ihe turf out nt \Vestljiiry and the nails wore bci:ir; kjifx:!;:>;| iibi.ut on <•<•• inont i-dtii-lH. Ik- l\:>.<\ rend every- thin;; ta siclil —or b;;d hi 1 ? What about that pik- of ijool.-.-i jji'iils had f'op.t lo h!i:i tho I:;:-;, d'-iy hu'il h?en 111 .V«\V Mlil'ti!!'.' lli! l'o\:-.ul thi.-m at l:i:!t, nostly ii I'.oiitsr table. "An'•'-•" in lt:\ brlshl Ijliif u.V A;:iciiii.; ,-i!i(l |-Jp!c- way, all rough edges are smoothed down and il stays on much longer. When the bride has been made up nnd her hair IIUH been arranged becomingly, her veil should be fixed in a bow-type cluster at the buck of her head. If that particular way isn't becoming, she can have the veil arranged in a band—but not u band that covers up her forehead. elected to eacli House of the General Assembly. SECTION IV. In making appropria- ions for any biennial period, the General Assembly shall first pass the General Appropriation Bill provided for n Section 30 of Article 5 of the Constitution, and no other appropriation illl may be enacted before that shall lave been done. SECTION V. No expense shall be incurred or authorized for either House except by a bill duly passed by both Houses and approved by the Governor. Tlie provisions of the Constitution of the Slate of Arkansas In conflict with this Amendment are hereby re- peated in-ofar as they ( herewith, and this AJ be self-executing and have full effect immi adoption by the elect The above rcsoiutio.. the office of the Secret the Stule of Arkansas'! of January, 1933. Each elector may |V against, the above prof inent. WITNESS MY HAT._ seal of this office thi|f Of March, 1934, ED P. . Seer ESSO SERVICE STATION! Third and L. & A. Tracks f<((. ~*~>* • k,*- •* ka»«n» K <• t:. t . lil:-.li .jw or two r.iy. lory Tlii-j-c '.'.-;• 10 r.:i; otoricv, to;>. Ii.; II i<Jiy, l;c-D!iil::;; Intcrojiiud at lant tu OMO ol 1 thr::: —a ;;,;;•>• :;!Va!r In whUli u TltiL.i: :i:i!.\-;l :-u;!.'.::•;•, with a Cull d.'il i'.\vay vvjili a u:i a ducla ruiu'li. no M,Mii;i| In the lily rcf.jii for a lona timo K:IVI- the dm- ti-r of i.;'.:;n.i ;: ;K| iho (ilja nf IJi- xvr.nl'a c!.':arot n.s It e::;ilri!il in tlie uoui'liy i:io(Je;-ni.-:(ic rujjinriniii. "(hin.-l I'or lli.-« (i.slii':;," ho cliiu.-lilofl. ll)inl;ii!j; of l;jt; i:iul|-,:;r':i I':;CR if (ihc lir.d KC-!:I lii:-. (!i:-.-i:;jv.:l u!' ihu claart't. Ha f:ti>f;;;cd l'i retrieve iho on- •i;t I'cM from tiie pases uf lha liool; lio >v;-.3 uo ! p :ir.n:-:- wklilji. Alrn;j.;t v.-i «•;-..••• ho w:::.; Tlic-re :<n :n:d \vi oui tha -H. ivoman's \ voice, strained and terrified..." a gloved hand, knocking ... a door, from behind which might emerge reassurance — or tragedy! OPE l9^ffig&V* i/Mi ML? THE WISE OlD OWL 6 ESSOLENE'S LIKE AMAGICIAN- GIVESTOOLOCARS AMBITION/ SMOOTHER PERFORM '•(.'. I: •X^OU won't be needing me now. •*• I suppose." Ml:;ti Veroiiif.i Kerrigan, very smart in her new spring enseinhle of navy blue, in-r flyaway hat tipped with a st-ur.'in feather, smiled brllllnntly at patient. "Oh, I don't Uiiow," tlrav/led ward Vail Sciver. It was j-a ionely in the big bouse with •hose servants. "Maybe you'd come in caoi-niu^b end ree-3 ta I&0." be proposed, lean- j Iir.-nt v::::::-inr; v:liat It t'.'i".}'.:; lu rc-ad ihe !,'(• ;. Hi-.' IV.-; lu!;:llu:ii'.-(l, i.'iu:- d::-j;.-.:::vr| ::!ialilly f--j:-w:;rd. 'I'ly: her Ed- thc.- all ':(!-:(;r p-.i :: I'.-;-.-.-.--:! TI.J l-.-tter lif..-.;.;n "I'l.i rein.',' ::'.vuy lj:.i-:ui,-;- I c;::i't J-'iir to s:ue yu:i |'.L!U:I;; iu sonic- io;iy clfo," it :aid in |n;rl. "l-'.wr incr.' tliat fir.-;I dyy ulinn I - : ;nv VDII, • illli! and .sicl; and lU'liilons, liKt •'i b-jJeasuorcd ki(ic:i, yois'vo Leon in ni.? blood. Kd's a pri::,.,.. Slit It l '-'il!i hir.i. Coed luck. (; l]( ) [ J : c , Ja .Vul!." L'tl-A'ard whlKtlotl. very | 0rt . "So that's the way of it." (To lie Continued) THAT DOOR These dramatic ingre,* dients make one of $he ^ exciting chapters in "The ||| Clew, of the Forgotten^'" Murder," the new seru by Carleton Kendrake, story that rings with adffffif tion ... electric ... im/oiv^'^ get table. Beginning Thurs Hope S Sta

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