Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on November 1, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 1, 1937
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE MRS. SID HENRY TfiLEPHONB 321 Bargains In Onys Just n few left Hint arc sunny and Summer cume bringing n marvelous store — Bright clnys nnd dreamy days, dnys mmlo fro pleasure; These lire the last. There lire really no more. Will you hnvc one of the few still remaining? Just for the Inking! The small price one pays Never is missed. These are wonderful vnlues- Rcmnatits of summer! dnys! Uargiiins in Look, you will find thorn .surprisingly lovely; Those that are dusty will be freshened by showers; Each one ilr.siKiioil by an iirlist in color; Some arc embroidered in exquisite Mowers. Will you Imve this one of glodcnrod ptittern All wrapped about with ;\ soft purple lui/e? This is the last clearance sale of the season— Remnants of summer! Bargains in dnys!- Selected. Beginning the clpb year's programs on "Music Appreciation nnd Favorite Opera the Friday Music club met on Friday afternoon «l the homo of Mrs. Fred II. Harrison, South Pine street, with Mrs. Stith Davenport as joint hostess. Following the choral hour, Mrs. F. L. I'adgttt conducted a short business |ten<id, »t which time Mrs. J. G. Mitrtindulc was made First Vice president, and in compliance with the new ruling in the Federated Music clubs, the office of third vice president was adopted and Mrs. A. C. Kolb was elected to that position. Mrs. R. M. LaGrcmc Rave a report on the district meeting recently held in Magnolia. Mrs. I'iidfiill presented the first study on "Equipment for the Listener." Under the topic of "Adventure" Miss Guyntn Uiiyse played "Waltz in E Flat Major by Chopin, followed by Mrs. rison, pastor of the First Methodist church. The bride is a graduate of the I-'rescott high school. Mr. Parker is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Parker of Hope and is an employe of the Hcmpstead County Lumber Co. The couple arc domiciled in the Chamberlain apartment on South Main street. -O- In memory of the birthday of Juliette Gordon Low, born 77 years ago in Savannah, Ga., founder of Girl Sculling in the United Slates, Girl Scouts throughout the country began on Sunday, October 31, celebrating Girl Scout week. Under the supervision of the Captain Mrs. Clyde Monts, the following activities began with church services on Sunday morning, followed by community service, handy craft of Thursday, health program for Friday. Tlic activities will close with u hike to the Clyde Monts estate on Saturday. Attending church on Sunday were Misses Sarah June Murphy, Frances Gwen Williams, Margie ONenl, Dorothy Ruth Dodd, Billy Irene James, Mary Lee Cook, Martha Jane Eason, Virginia O'Neal, Shirley Gibson, Frances Holhi- inon. Betty June Monts, Margaret | IHish, Mary Jane Hearne, Dorothy Walbert, Marian Crulchfield, Ruth Bowdcn, and Mary Lou Morgan from a sister Troup. The City P. T. A. council will meet nt 'I o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the city hall. All members are urged to be present. -O- Mr. nnd Mrs. Orville Not Twins—Not Hers, Stye Says Hempstead School Club Is Organized \ A. B. Worthington of Blevins Is Named Uresident of Club Claiming that her 8-year-old "twin sons" are neither her own children nor twins, Mrs. Elvn Mai Bales Tortorice, pictured above with the boys, countered the tenth attempt of her former husband, William Bales, (or custody of the lads. Mrs. Tortorice said she went to a Pittsburgh, Pa., hospital in 1929 where the boys were brought to her from an adoption home. She and her husband perpetrated the hoax to please Bales' sisters, Mrs. Torlorice said. Baits denied any knowledge of the alleged hoax. Bighain un- John Wellborn, demonstrated "Excitement" with Grieg's "Peer Gynl Suite, Aso's Death," closing the program. The next meeting will be held on November 12, McNeill leading. with Mrs. C. C. Miss Mary Elizabeth Bright of Chic-kasha, Okla.. spent the week-end visiting with her mother and brothers, Raymond and Vasco Bright. -o— The dance scheduled for Tuesday nounce Die arrival of a son, October 31. Mrs. Uiidiain is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W, L. Porter of this city. Mother and son, Richard, are doing licely. —p- Thc Jo Vescy circle of the Mcth- >dist church will meet Monday night it 7:30 at the home of Miss Clarice -'annon, 705 East Second street, with Miss Mary Louise Keith as co-hostess. This ixlvice to young men given nany years ago .still strikes me as being worth any young man's attention: 'Once in every man's youth there conies the hour when he must learn, what no one ever yet believed save on the authority of his own experience.—that the world was not created to make him happy."—O. O. Mclnlyrc. Their Resemblance evening iit (he Mope Country club has been p<ist|xmcd until Thursday evening November -I. -O- Mrs. Orville Huclschcr lias returned from Little Hock where she attended the beautician convention, the guest of Mrs. Bertha Martin, an instructor in the convention. Announcement is made of the marriage of Miss Joyce Thornton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Horace Thornton of Present! to Glenn N. Parker of Hope, which took place on Saturday October 2.1 at the home (if the officiating minister, Hev. Fred H. Har- (Conlinued from Page One) forms. And—to wind up—they smeared the paper so thai no readable prints could be obtained, nnd then they Ro offended by so much ink and began to cry, in unison. The detectives retired, baffled. The scientists, being also psychologists, solved the problem. They rubbed a cold-crcam-und honey lotion into the skin of n quint's hand. The ham) was then pressed lightly on a sheet of glossy paper laid on a rubber pad. The hand being removed, the paper was treated with finely powdered and sifted -.amp black, and after the exee.ss powder was shaken off, the print was fixed by putting the paper in a solution of resin and alcohol. The result was a set of prints which would delight J. Edgar Hoover—and 3—Shorts—3 Fox News Cartoon Color Novelty Return Showing of a bin thriller— Johnny WEISSMULLER —and— Maureen O'SULLIVAN "TARZAN ESCAPES" I NOW SHOWING RITZ BROS. casts were made of the hands and feet, which brought out the fine details even bolter than the ink. Diffcrcnl From Brother's An elaborate study of these prints revealed that the quints are identical throughout. The tola) ridge count of the finger patterns differed very little among the quints, for instance, but was considerably different in their brother Ernest and their sisters Rose and Therese, whose prints were taken for comparison. The shape of the finger patterns was also very similar. Furthermore, each of the quints possesses one or more intcrdigital whorls—tiny whirlpool effects on the palm at the base of the fingers: a rare feature possessed by less than 1 per cent of the general population. Neither Ernest, Rose nor Therese has one of these. Here is another thing. If you are one of a pair of identical twins, your right hand will resemble your left hand less than it resembles your twin's right land. By this standard, Marie anc Cecile are identical through their lefi (lands, Yvonne and Annette througl their left hands, Yvonne and Cecile tl.rough their rights—and Emilie, through resemblances in ridge counts, whorls an dso on, is closely bound to all of them. The Stamc Story The footprints told the same story the handprints told. From hands and feet the biologists moved up to faces; and it is only fair to report that they often got completely baffled by the five ruddy countenances they were studying. The quints themselves, however, never make any mistakes in identifying each other, and they become highly amused at the mistakes of their elders. The biologists also found that the faces are even more alike than the hands and feet. The form and color of the eye, and the pigment pattern of the iris, is the same for all five. The iris color is a medium brown mixed with gray, by which did delight Drs. MacArthur and Ford. To supplement them, plaster Last Day Mon.—2: 4: 7 mid 9: (First Kim) "MELODY FOR 2" with JAMES MELTON J'ATKCIA ELLIS Plus 4 More- Big Names —Added— Latest Pullii! News TeclinU-olor Cartoon —Vauduvillians— 14 Cases Disposed (Continued from Page One) of driving an automobile without a :cense. Otho Vines and Horace Vines wen At a meeting at the city hall in Hope Saturday, October 23, a Hempstead County Schoolmaster's club was or- A. B. Worlhinglon of Blevins, was :ho!icn president with Elmer Brown, 'atrnos, vice president, and J. 1. Licb- long, Fulton, secretary treasurer. The program committee consists of Jiimnic Jones, Hope; L. Hayes, Washington. and vice president Brown. The club will meet on each second Tuesday ninht in each month. AH schoolmasters in Hcmpslead county are members and are cordially invited to attend its first meeting which will bo held in the dining room •>f the New Capital Hotel in Hope on Tufsrlny night, November 9. The program for the meeting is a round table discussion led by President Worthington, of general problems. Probably a spring literary and athletic meet for the county will be discussed. acquitted on a grand larceny charge when arraigned on a charge of carrying away a Ford car, the property oi the Slate of Arkansas. The Town of Ozan was given judgment in a civil suit for action in re- plevin fo a pair of scales against C, D Webb, Jr. SAGAS OF THE SKIES By R. C. Ocrtel TUES. & WED. No. 1. First Time in Hope "Federal Bullets" No. L'. First Time: in Hope "LUCK I<OAKIN<; CAMP" witii OWEN DAVIS, Jr. JOAN WOODIiUKY Mats, lOc COL HAJ* Nights 10-20c Entertainment with a capital "E" "LIFE BEGINS AT I WED-ONLY t \ i 4 I 2 for 3(c See Our S5.00 Silk Dresses L A DI E S' Specialty Shop the way. Eyelashes are all long, curled ;ind dark brown. The hair is all wiivy. 11 dark, slightly-reddi.sh brown, uniform in texture. Contours of the hairline on forehead, temple and neck we the same. One difference was noted; the hair whorls on the crowns of the quints' heads all g o countrcclockwise with the exception of Marie. Hers swirls the other way. Complexion and skin texture for all fire children are the same. Complexion: fair, clear and rosy. It tans deeply, but docs not freckle. Cecile and Annette each had a srnull temporary mole on the right cheek near the eye, at one time; they're gone now, Even Ears the Same People's cars arc almost invariably different, even on identical twins. The quints' ears were studied with vast care, but only very minor differences could be detected—so very minor that me of the biologists twice in onp day failed to identify a given quint by the shape of tho ear, which had been supposed to be an almost foolproof system. As you know from their pictures, I be quints look alike. The biologists tested the regularity of the girls' features in an involved and painstaking way, and nt last came to the same con- elusion. The biologists examined the quints to see which hand each girl preferred to use. Emilie may turn out to be a southpaw, the others are all right- handed. The quints' blood was tested; all five of them are in the same blood group. T HE world throbs to the pulse of speed, and no exception Is the pomp and circumstance that accompany the monarchies of the world. Dramatically combining the new nnd the old world was a recent event In Bulgaria, in which an airplane added a new note lo the century old pageantry of that famous country. Born June 16 in tho Clementine Hospital in Sofia, was the Crown Prince of Bulgaria, Prince of Tir- nova. Celebrating the importance of his arrival and the joy of the country, it was decided by King Boris and Queen Joanna, daughter ot the King and Queen of Italy, that the baby should be named Simeon, after Bulgaria's colorful tenth century ruler, under whom the country attained its greatest glory in the Balkans. Great preparations ware made for the christening of the baby. To the capital came the members of the royal family and dignitaries of the government, .as well as high offices of the army and members of the cabinet. Centuries old traditions were observed as Bulgaria prepared for the naming ot its crown prince. The night before the cere'mony, a plane swooped down on Sofia, taxied up the field to a waiting knot oC government, officials and members of the royal family. Out »f the plane stepped a weary army Dfllcer and surrendered to the rroup a small bottle. In the bottle rras water from the River Jordan to Palestine, traditional baptis- FLAPPER FANNY © BY NC» SERVICE. INC. T. M. REO. U. S. PAt. OfF. "Listen, Chuck, how about getting a little more waltz and less hesitation into tliis?" share honors with "roomief paas&bget accommodation" and "an effect, well* supported driving position-wi.lM ail e«* sential controls lo Wftndi*' Midget cars are popular aside frdm the fact they're easier to worm through traffic jams. First, they're cheaper, although the cheapest open car, a roadster, costs $560 at the factory, and the cheapest closed car, a sedan, costs $587.50. The British call 'em, respectively, "two* sealers" and "saloons." Second, there's a government lax of $3.75 per horsepower. Even though A car rated at 85 horsepower in America is scaled down to 30 here, the tax is high. The baby cars pay a $30 tax on only eight horsepower. Third, petrol—gasoline to you—<ostt 37 cents a gallon. And the midgets Will go abouWO miels on a gallon. Fourth, a midget can be insured for legal liability for about 525 compared to the $50 and ?75 required for larger cars. Moreover, the midgets may have an engine only as big as a minute but they'll do from 50 to 60 miles an hour. And, under ordinary care, they're supposed to run for seven years without falling to pieces. Britain to Go (Continued from Page One) "Watchfob Cars" (Continued from Page One) mnl water for members 'of tho Bulgarian royal family. With what unbelieving eyes would the Tenth century namesake of the Crown Prince have viewed this manner of bringing the water from the Jordan. The following day, In the chapel of the royal palace, in the presence of the King and other members o£ the royal family, members of the Cabinet, and high military authorities, Crown Prince Simeon was baptized, given the title Crown Prince of Tirnova for the Bulgarian capital of that name in the Middle Ages. Proud of his distinction nt the ceremony was tha Prince's godfather, General Nikola. Jeff, oldest general of the Bulgarian Army. Proud too was the general oi his young army WTicer, performing a, royal commission via the Sunday. The British have blamed all these losses on Japanese fire. The latest casualties were caused by two shells striking a hut near Jessfield Park occupied by British troops. Maj. Gen. A. P. D. Telfer-Smollett, commanding British troops here, made vigorous representations to the Japanese army and navy commanders, urging that direction of the Japanese artillery fire, apparently aimed at the new Chinese lines in the Hungjoa area west of Shanghai, be altered. Chinese held these lines in spite of an intensive 15-hour bombardment. They reported that the Japanese had laid down a two-mile smokescreen to cover an attempted crossing of Coo- chow creek, the new front line, bu had been drive back with heavy losses. Japanese Incensed General Telfer-Smpllelt, Admiral larry E. Yarnell, commanding the Jniled States Asiatic fleet, and Admiral Sir Charles J. C. Little, British aval commander in China waters, atched the battle together from the op of a tall apartment house in West- rn Shanghai. Many shells fell dangerously near ie British-lines at the International Settlement boundary. During a Japanese bombardment early Sunday a hell fell within a few yards of Ad- niral Yarnell's flagship, the cruiser Augusta, in the Whangpoo river, but used no casualties. The assistance give nby British roops in the escape of the Chinese lost battalion" from Chapei into the nternational Settlement early Sunday nd continued disputes over the at- empt of Japanese naval launches to navigate Soochow creek along the British defense lines contributed to he Anglo-Japanese friction. Japanese commanders were described as incensed by the British army's role in enabling about 400 of the lost battalion" to reach the safety of in internment camp in the settlement n the face of a Japanese assault. Japanese felt their final triumph in Cha- •>ie had been spoiled. Morewover, Japanese sai dthat quan- ities of fresh foods had been found in the warehouse citadel abandoned by ;he battalion, declaring: "We can not suppress a feeling of wonder and displeasure at the presence of these provisions, which must have been smuggled through the British defense lines." row, bad roads and Increasingly heavy raffic posing a problem which the government is trying to solve without success, so far. Stronger body, better brakes, clearer vision—these are new features which Prescription 200, 000 Kills Parasitic Itch (Scabies) In 30 Minutes Price 50C JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rcxall Store Phone 63 Delivery WANTED! Wood for Fireplace— Lcnglli 30 inches. Call 696. Orville W. Erringer A Three Days' Cough Is Your Danger Signal Campfire pictures are easy to take with any camera. Try itl. NKXT — Measuring the mental development of (he quintuplets. The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt.— 23c The New Sterling Oil, cjt. 30c Oil Co, n Pay & Nite East 3rd, 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cent loans are bere, and we are now prepared lo arranKe loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage nf some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loa^is can be assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotvon Merchants 8 Soufli Walnut Street Hope. Arkansas W ITII the arrival of cooler day:; and nights just about everybody, It seems, wants to take advantage of every opportunity lo get oil I. in'the country, tho lake or seashore fur marstuniillow roasts, fish fries, cum roasts, clam bakes, and what have you. Taking pictures at night nvouml tho Ciimpflru is a lot of fun ami ihe results very plciislng and out of th' 1 ordinary. Since tho introduction of .the photoflash lamp there has been u tremendous interest in eanipllrc pi'- tures for this lamp is so simp!'- u) operate. The phototlash lump is similar in appearance to a common >•!' c- trio bulb uud can be screwed into a special holder resembling au ordinary hand 'flashlight tube. Tln-M 1 holders are very inexpensive uud can bo purchased ;vl almost any store selling photographic siipplii-* The flash is set oft by pressing a bu; ton, as on an ordinary flashlight, ;iini it gives an intense lighi without an\ noise or smoke. This is how you tako a campi'r.o picture. Tho peoply shr.nid K grouped as close to the lire as comfort will permit. Tlio of the group can bo viewed in the finder of the camera, by having someone hold a pocket flashlight firebrands at each .side of the scene. This will indicate just what aucl who ,]| included lu the picture. AM Ut-iuQ warn you—be sure you lave everybody In full view In your finder or else in tha finished print you may llud the decapitated body jf n, dear friend appearing in th« shadows of the night a.s the reincai latlon of that famous character In Washington Irving'a "The Legend o' Sleepy Hollow" — tho Headless Horseman — who scared tha day lights out of Ichubod Crane. It is well not to have the fire too wight, nor yet allow it to die dowi to embers when the piclure is made With tha camera resting on a tri pod or firm support, set it at stop /.i (U. S. 4) or largest opening o; slower Ions cameras; open the shut tor, flash tho bulb and. then bo sur to close the shutter immediate!) When using the photoflash hull hold it to one side of the camera, anc slightly back of it. This position pre veins possibility o£ lens flare frou Just a common cough, a chest cold, or a bronchial irritation of today may lead to serious trouble tomorrow. They may be relieved now with Creemulsion, an emulsified Creosote that Is pleasant to take. Creomulsion is a medicinal combination designed to aid nature in soothing and healing infected mucous membranes by allaying irritation and inflammation and by aiding in loosening and expelling the germ-laden phlegm. The Medical Profession has for many years recognized the beneficial effect of Beechwood Creosote in the treatment of coughs, chest colds, and bronchial irritations. A special process was worked out by a chemist, for blending Creosote with other ingredients and now in Creomulsion you get a real dose of genuine Beechwood Creosote which is palatable and can even be taken frequently and continuously by both adults and children. Creomulsion is one preparation that goes to the very seat of the trouble to help loosen and expel the germ-laden phlegm. When coughs, 1 chest colds and bronchial troubles— due to common colds—hang on, get a bottle of Creomulsion from your druggist, use it as directed and if you are not satisfied with the relief: obtained, the druggist is authorized to refund every cent of your money. Creomulsion is one word—not two, and it has no hyphen in it. Ask for it plainly, see that, the name on the bottle is Creomulsion, and you'll get the genuine product and the relief that you want. (Adv.) Announcing— the opening of Lowthorps One Stop Super Service Station. Visit Us for Complete Service MOBIL GAS FOR YOUR CAR Wash, Lubricate, Clean (Pre- \vjix Cleaned) and complete wax S4.50 Makes Finish Like New MOBIL OIL U. S. TIRES LOWTHORP SERVICE STATION 3rd & Laurel St. On Highway 67 the Hash. Hero's one simple lion: — see that the camera is place' where possible smoke from the fira may not be blown towards the lens or between it and tha subjects. Remember, too, it is not necessary to own an expensive camera to take campfli-B pictures at night. You can take such pictures — and good ones —with a box camera by using the largest stop. So i£ you are planning on au outdoor party at night, 'be sure to be prepared to take some fascinating outdoor photoflash picture*, John. Van Guilder 1. Be slow fo hang up when calling. 2, Be quick to answer when called* * In the Southwest/25/000 people a day hang up before the called party has a chance to answer, SOUTHWESTERN BELL TELEPHONE CO,

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