Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1934
Page 3
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TELEPHONE 821 Genius Genius -spreads its winfis And sours beyond Itself, or solfisl things Talent has need of stepping stone? some cross, Some cheated purpose, some grea pain or loss, Mu!& lay'the ground work, and arouse ' ambition, Before it -tabors onward to fruition But as the lark from beds of bloom will rise ' And sail nnd sing among the very skies Still mounting near and nearer to the light Eo genius soars—it does not need to climb Upon God-given wings, to heights sublime. —E. W. W. Circle No. 4, Mrs. George W. Ware leader of the W. M. S. of the Methodist church will meet Monday afternoon at 3 o'clock ot the home of Mrs. E. P. Stewart on North Hervey street. Tile executive board of the Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday nflurnpon at the church. Miss Alice Prilchard had as dinner guest at (lie Hotel Barlow Friday evening, Mss Sarah Early of Ciunden. Miss Early is senior sponsor for the Camden football team. F Circle No. 1, Mrs. Jim Martinclale leader of the W. M. S. Methodist church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. O. Milam . Mrs. George Meehan and Mrs. O. L. Ro'ed will be associate hostesses. o Mrs. Arch Moore spent Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Ellington in Atlanta, Texas. The W. M. S. of the First Christian church wil meet at .') o'clock Monday afternoon in-the home of Mrs. J. A. Davis on South Elm street with Mrs. W. M. Duckett and Mrs. velyn Yea^cr as associate hostesses. Mrs. Lilo Moore will lead. Rufus Hcrndon, Jr., left Thursday for Cincinnati, Ohio, where he will enter the Cincinnati 'school of Embalming. Mrs. Lawrence Boyd arrived Friday night from Corpus Christie, Texas, for a visit with Mrs. M. H. Barlow and other relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. D. M. F'mley have as house guest, Mrs. John Sykcs of Corpus Christie, Texas. Circle No. 2 of the W. M. S. will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. E. White on North Louisiana street. Max Cox left Saturday for Detroit, ich., where he will be joined by Mrs. Cox who has spent the past six weeks visiting with friends in Michigan points. The Beta Delta Sorority will meet al 2:30 Sunday afternoon at the home of Miss Happy Pritchard on North Hervey street. Female dogs have a finer sense of responsibility than do males hence they are used as leaders of dog teams in the Far North. Louisiana 'is the wettest state in the Union, with an annual precipitation of 57.5 'inches annually. Chicago's Queen; In Follies, Too on Saenger Screen GSS Revealed by Swanke as Meaning "Greater Show Season" HOPE STAR,-. HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE Good fortune Jurit 'rolled In on Miss Alice Jaglowskl, so she gives tho world her best smile, to show how she appreciates It. First she won a city-wide -contest .and Was named Miss Chicago at tiro world's fair. Then she was awardefl a season's contract with Zlegfold's Follies. She's only 19, a law student and .portrait painter. The New Deal i;; now 18 month old. It has been applied to America' needs in a progressive series, eac designated by a 3-lctter initial. Al Americans know NRA, AAA, CCC RFC, etc. A new uit is now in pros pect. GSS will be inaugurated in Amcr ica on Sunday, September 30 and wil bo celebrated for a 10 week period o outstanding events probably unmalch ed in all your previous experience It will be headed by General U. S "Happiness," one of a supcr-bnrin- trust; but, curious as it may seem, i is rumored that there are some "lamebrains" in the unit, as well. GSS is dedicated to FDR, hero of the USA and will start PDQ. Briefly, GSS is one of the fina phases of that great sociological experiment which America is now ex- 'perimenting, known as the New Deal Its big job, in a few words, is "To provide the ideal use for leisure time. made available to all workers through shorter work hours." GSS, please understand, is a national proposition, and will be jus as active in Hope as anywhere else 'in the country. PROSECUTION ASKED (Continued from Page One) LONG MEN (Continued from Page One) Canal and Shellroad: William Farrell and J. Cuccia, employes of the board, and Rudolph Heuuslcr, employe in the registrar of voters' office. Capiases wore issued for the arrest of the four and their bonds were set at 51,000 each. Charges of vote buying, fraudulent balloting and conspiracy to violutethe; election laws tsreained through the bills of information. The charges were placed against the four men af ter a quiet investigation by Stanley who had before him many witnesses who testified to alleged fraudulnent practices in the election. A special session of the grand jury was called for Thursday by the •district altorney, but a quorum could not be raised. Long in his talks during the height of his campaign against Mayor Walms.. ley threatened to have Stanley, two judges and the "netire city gang" impeached and removed from office. Destructive termites work so rap- illy that foundations of even new houses have to be replaced after two years. • Ml »-«», The barbed stinger of the worker aee pulls off in the flesh of the vic- results in the death of the Tlie tension that characterized the meeting reached its height when Sheriff John C. Riley interrupted G P. George, former county judge and now nominee 1 for that office, with a charge that Judge George 'had offered members of the county central committee 51,000 to twitch votes froir 'Congressman Tilman B. Parks to Wade Kitchens before certifying result Kof the run-off between those candidates for the Seventh District congressional nomination. Sheriff Riley startled the 700 01 more persons attending the meeting with his accusation of bribe offering just after Mr. George said: "It is whispered that I offered ?1,000 to ge votes changed," and added that the report was -circulated by persons trying to slop the investigation of the ballot thefts. His answer to Sheriff Riley was; "When a rock is thrown into a bunch of hounds, it is the hit dog that howls." Pounding the desk, George, a veteran politician who served us county judge four or five times before he was 'defeated by the present judge, Y. W. Etheridge, two years ago, shouted thai he stands for "an honest vole and an honest count." "I'm & pretty good business man," he continued. "There is nobody mixed up in this that could not be bought for much less than $1,000, and I would be foolish to offer that much money to a person who can be bought for $100." DICK POWELL (Continued from Page One) With the Schell Circus in Hope October 3rd Bliss Vales Lola, movie star, and one of the herds of performing ^elephants with the Schell Brothers Circus, coming -to Hope Wednesday, October 3. Cars Suspended From Ford Y-8 Wheel tim and jee. Introducing— GSS —A— GREATER SHOW SEASON Designed to provide-- "Tlic Ideal Use for America's New Leisure Time!" Weil. Nile is "Hank Nile" ; "Greater Show Season" Starts— SUN. 6- MON. -—and continuing 1 with a year of greater screen entertainment! We open the— GREATER SHOW SEASON JANETGAYNOR and LEW AYERS 111 "Servant s Entrance The comedy-romance of a million - heiress v. ho m:isi]ilei'ade L i a:> a m.'tnl- 'i v:'iil I -SHOUTS Thclnui Tmltl-I';il\v Kelly ('omcdy "IS::rk Ic, Nalurv" l'ai-;;ni(jim( Neu-> NOW REX BELL 'Rainbow Ranch' "Wolf Dog" Pat O'Brien "Personality Kid" home the local boy who made gooc' in a big way in Hollywood. The governor shared an umbrella with the mayor and bolh gol wet a little. Women crowded and elbowed their way to the edge of the roped-off lane. Children crawled through the crowd to points of vintage. The hero's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Kwing Powell, beamed with pleasure at all the hull- aballoo over their boy. The high school band played bravely in tho rain. A huge searchlight from a National Guard truck played its shaft of light back and forth across the field, making the rain look like snow. Men, for the most part, stood back a little, somewhat awed Unit one: man . could create such a furore among I their womenfolks. J The plane was late. And still it I rained, but the crowd stood patiently and seemed not to mind. At last some one shouted: "There it comes!' ' And there it was. The red wing light of the big American Airlines ship glowed on the horizon, and a moment later the plane settled down on the field. As it taxied up to tho ramp, the crowd surged forward, the huge searchlight focused on the cabin donr, the band played furiously, and the watchers cheered. The parents, a chosen few of the. Reception Committee, newspapermen and photographers bustled forward as the steps were placed in position, and the door was opened. Dick Powell stepped out. He enr- ried a raincoat over his arm and hi.s hat in his hand. The famous, infectious smile was turned on at its widest. His (-yes widened a little when he sa wthe inob, the band, the spullii.ii. and the imposing Reception Committee. Then he spied hi.s parents anil he hurried to embrace them. Me hands with the governor, th OUR LADY OF GOOD HOPE 19th Sunday After Pentecost 8:00. The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Discourse: "Since we arc members one of another." 9:00. Catechelical -instructions. 6:30. Study ''Our Sunday Visitor." 7:30. Benediction with the Most Blessed Sacrament; prayers Tor the novcna to the .popular Saint, "Litftle Flower." The Feast of the "Little Flower" is October 3. First Friday devotions, October 7, dislribulion of Holy Communion at 6:15 in the morning; and the Holy Hour on Wednesday night at 7:30. HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Corner -of N. Main •.•md East Ave. D. Ttcv. Ph'inis A. iJc'wis iPastor. Sunday at 9:45 a. m. Morning service -al 11 a. m. Young Peoples service at 6:30'p. m. Evening service at -7:30 p. Th. The first young peoples service will be held Sunday evening at 6:30. All young people between the ages of 15 and 35 are invited to be present. Tlie pastor will bring the messages il bohl morning and evening services. The public is inviled lo attend these services. In tho Century of Progress the Ford Motor Company proves the strength of the welded steel-spoke wheel of the Ford V-S. Three cars are suspended from a single Ford V-8 wheel. Fourteen cars could be suspended without exceeding' the strength of tha wheel. Wilson. Mrs. R. C. Stuart and John Murray spent the week-end with Mrs. W. B. 3ooker in Texarkana. Miss Rena Johnson is attending col- ege in Cniiyon, Texas. Mrs. R. C. White spot, last week-end ,vith relatives in TexarUana and De Queen. Miss Ha/el Blaekwood, Miss Dora Gunter, James Gunler and Carl Hicks are attending school at Magnolia A. M. HOPE TROUNCES (Continued from Page One) ball and hi.s punts lacked their customary form. It was Camden's ball on Hope's 4U- yard line. Unable to gain, Camden Diluted io Hope's 20-yard marker, and Hope punted out. The punt wa.s aiiain short, aniT Camden again had the ball dangerously close to the Hope M,al. on the ,'iU-yard line. Camden fumbled, and Brown re- shook j covered fur Hope. Hope punted, and two I il was C.'iinden's ball on their own mayors, Federal Judge John K. Mar- i :!ii-yard marker. Camden passed to tinean, and as many others as p,ol past : Hope's 4. r >-yard line, and made first the barrier of policemen and National Mown, punting the ball on Hope's :!.T. Guardsmen. Hope w.-is penalised five yards, off"Hi. Kid," hi; shouted at some one | side, and it was Camden's ball on ':»• rei'Dgni/t'd ' "' l"-' :; IlM-yard line. Camden made He posed for pictures with his jiar-; first dou'ii. on Hope's 25-yard^ line. P a touchdown on the next play. The kick failed. Score: Hope 14; Camden 0. Coach Hammons began to send in Hope's second team, which continued to give a good account for the Bobcat name. The game ended with Payne skirting left end for 25 yards to place the ball on Camden's 32-yard line, apparently heading for another touchdown, when the final gun .sounded. The lineup: HOPE Hamilton . Anderson Richards . Holly Owens Hitchcock Kennedy .. Position CAMDEN Snyder Lefl End Cawthorne (c) Left Tackle Turbeville Left Guard Center liighl Guard liiglil Tackle Right End CJueal Patterson R. Sn FIRST METHODIST CHURCH E. Clifton Rule, Pastor "Christians Are Different" will be the subject of the paslor's sermon al 10:55 o'clock Sunday morning. "Christ First" will be the theme of the evening sermon. The service will begin at 7:30 o'clock. Mrs. Routon will be -at the organ, and the chorus choir will sing. At 9:<I5 the church school will meet. This is promotion day and the beginner, primary, junior and young people's departments will have .a program giving farewell lo deparlmenl graduates and welcoming new pupils. The city-wide survey will be made in the afternoon by teams from the co-operating churches. All of the workers will meet al Ihe Firsl Baptist church at 1:15 o'clock, promptly. Their final instruction for the workers will be given and Ihe materials for the work will be distributed. The young people's groups meet at 7 o'clock in the evening. Home Clubs IHngcn Tlie Women's Demonstration Club of Bingen •met at the community kitchen September 25 for their usual monthly meeting. There were 21 members present with two new members and two visitors, After the devotional led •by Mrs. W. R. Hobson and reports given by two members who attended the State Rest camp at Carrfp Pike. Miss Griffin, the county home demonstration ngdnt, gave a very help'ful •demonstration <m floor waxing and stainig. Blevins Mr. ,and Mrs. -3. .M. Thomas announce the marriage of their daughter, Beulah, to Herman Simpson of Hope, the wedding having taken place Saturday afternoon -in Blevins, with iRev. C., C. Merrill reading the ceremony in the presence of a few friends. Mr. and Mrs. Simpson are residing in Hope. Mr. Kirk Spears of Bleviris and Mrs. Iva Myers of Step Rock, Ark., were married 'Saturday afternoon at the home .of Mr. 'and Mrs. C. W. Leverett, Rev. C. C. Merritt officiating. The marriage of Miss Ruth Emma Carrington and Mr. Eual dloud both of Prescolt .will be of interest to many of the Blevins people. The wedding took place in Prescott Thursday, 'September 27. Mr. and Mrs. Cloud, aft-! er a short wedding Irip, will reisde in ; Prescolt. • Mr. J. Glenn Coker spent the week-, end dh Glenwood.' ! Mr. Watt Bonds, student of Henderson 'State spent Sunday with his par-, ents Mr. and Mrs. Roy W. Bonds. Misses Kathlene Brown and Char-; line 'Stewart, Mrs. >J. Glenn Coker and Mrs. Carl Brown were shopping in, Prescott : and Hope Saturday. ' Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Brooks and children were Sunday guests of Mr., nnd Mrs. E.' M. Bonds. Mr. arid Mrs. Vardell Parham and' children of Magnolia and Miss •? Lois Mayfield of : E1 Dorado were Sunday; guests. of Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Wade and family. Mr. and. Mrs. Jim White of Prescott wore Sunday guests of Mr. and; Mrs. Lester White. Mr. and Mrs. Dlin Phillips of: Stamps Were week-end guests of rel-; atives near Blevins. Miss Emma Phillips left Monday to grn. teaching school near 'Prescott at Chestnut Ridge. Robert -Taylor, Alvis 'Osburn, Tom Shackelford were attending to business in Hope Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar R. Peachey of Nashville were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Wade. Alibrey 'Stewart and Billy Brown motored to Prescott 'Saturday. Mr. Chas. Smith • of Blevins and Wiss Mattie "Cast 'of 'Prescott were married Monday at Prescott. ftev. Jonn J. Ramsey of New Boson, Texas, preached Sunday at Marl- rook Presbyterian church. Mrs. A. H. Wade, Mrs. Roy L. Bonds ncl daughter Teressa Ann were Mon!ay guests of Mrs. B. H. Nolen of the Bethel community. Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Stone of McCaskill and Mr. Chas. Thomas were iunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. 'homas. Just Received Hehdersdi Corset* and Brassieres THE Phone 252 Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Se*vit6 O. W. MILLS j 218 So. Walnut Phono 3$ i . New.Coats Just received complete line of netv winter Spoil, Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Excustve Bat Not Expensive" DON'T SCRATCH Use Prescription 200,000 Destroys all germs of scabies cfr parasitic ITCH. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL Store" Phone 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 ONE CENT SALE Permanent s 2 For $4.51 Call 287 for Appointment Mary's Beauty Shop 'Tom* Should Come " First Better Furniture, Better Homes, Better Citizens. Furnish -your home now.; .. Hope Furniture Co. Phone Five FIRST BAPTIST CHUHCFI Mr. Edmunds will occupy the pulpit of First Baptist church at the evening service, nnd will direct the training school and enlargement campaign during the week following. He will be assisted by the followig out of tow nleachcrs: Mrs. J. P. Edmunds, Little Rock; Mrs. J. L. Rawlings. Pine Bluff; Rev. Wilson Royal, Eureka Springs; Rev. Robert Naylor, Nashville. ents. Members of the Heeeplioii Com- ! miltee were waved hack hy the toijraphers. He put his arm a his mother and held his father': The crowd continued to cheer. I'amhc-rs had advanced to Hi. marker when the quarter ('ami !i-i >. red I'ourlli Quarter fiimhled and Hope tin Columbus to reeov- jwn 7-yard line. Hope llieir Hfi-yard line, and enali/ed five yards for the hall on Hope's -lil- lell I' 1 , .MI i Brown (el Quarter Back G. Payne Half Back J. Turner Half Back Stroud Full Back West brook- Woddell Reynolds N. Carthey bv I'.K avera.ee fainils if any ulher stale. L> O 'J.— (' >:: 11 n the :.kin of 1,0 I hid li FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Guy D. Holt, Pastor Our regular services Sunday, Bible School at 11:45 a. in. Worship hour 10:50 a. in., Intel-mediate Christian Endeavor at 5:15 p. in., and Young People will meiil at G-.SU p. m. Evening worship hour 7:'15 p. m. Sermon .subjects, morning "Elijah and I." evening "Enemies of the Cross." Teachers meeting Tuesday evening 7:.'!0 p. m. at home of the pastor. Prayer ineetini- 1 . Wednesday evening 7 p. 111. Choir practice following. I want lo urtse every member to be present at one worship service at least, hill every service if possible. CuiMo on time .vo that we may start '.>n time. Help tin. 1 chinch lo show a !.'II(H| |iereenlai;e of attendance at all run- sei vices. We extern! to everyone ;\n invitu- liuii and a Irue welcome to our ser- 12c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 12-cent loans are here, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with tho same prompt and careful consideration thai wo have extended the producer for over 30 years. The 'evidence of this construclive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largcsl and mosl influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length df time; and those \vlio anticipate placing their cotton in 12-cent government loans can be assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. B R O W N & C O. Cotton Merchants 3 South Walnut Street. Hope, Arkansas elson-Huckins Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each I PHONE 8 THE CLEW OF THE FORGOTTEN MURDER .samle.sl s t o r y li e a r d:--"J( should have been ijjsurcil." ft <mk C.ithay took poi^n, L own death. Why? And why did an impostor, using Cathay's name, register at a hotel in a neighboring city? "the Clew of the Forgotten Murder," the exciting new serial be^ in limp, soon in ihii iitvvu- pape,", £J\os the ansv.ois. TKF: CLEW OF THE FORCOTYLN MURHER 2 c A? a 1 rn <f e-.lif ,-V-S '^ 1 •4 ''$

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