Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 20
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 20

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1952
Page 20
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~"f I r>X ^**™»$ ft 5i * -fC-MN 'r* ' - * *V l i i i,,..iiwJoy, July 17, If J2 -^ . ' v;< ^ ,. f ^ ^ < ^ , HOM STAH. HOM, ARKANSAS t MISS THE LAST 8 DAYS OF THIS LOSE OUT The White Elephant The Last 8 Days of this Gigantic Closing Out Sale. The Entire Stock Must Be Sold REGARDLESS OF PRICE Glasses |: All wolcr glasses in 3 '•!»,. . . He 5c-7c Double Boiler 1.19 Aluminum Perculator 94c 7,C0mo and got 'em Coffee Pot Aluminum 1 07 *i ?• tt * 1 *, ,» I * wfanF Tea Kettle $ ''" Aluminum 3ten 1.00 Silverware It;All Stainless V f Steel .. „„, Prleo Cups-Saucers Plastic — Red, Blue, yellow 1C-for Cup I *) V & Saucer ierving Trays sold ? $ Uy, NOW .. , Water Jugs L for Relrigerator. jtO — '""" " with lid , OOC Ws Coffee Cups White. k O- only . ...... ..., QC Coffee Maker Porcelain If epomel, drip Butcher Knife ..... . 44c tithes .... „ each 4c srs MS for v. i Bedspreods Double size chenille Value up to $6.95 2.99 and Bedspreads Double bod size. Woven $4, 95 value ........ O ^L^. O.OO Sheeting Extra heavy bleached. 81 Inches wide Por yard ........... ...... Sheeting Brown unbleached, 81 inches wide Por yard , Throw Rugs Loop twirl Size 24x36 REDUCED Men's Pants One lot of men's cord, khaki & shantung pants 1 ftT $3.00 value ....... I . V/ Blue Jeans Man's Slodgo, $2,98 value . Overalls Men's Sledge, $3.69 value 2.97 Blue Jeans One lot boys' and girls' blue leans. $1.27 value, fto Sizes 0- 6 VOC Men's Shirts Khaki and Grey. 1 O O $2.79 value I.OO Men's Pants Khaki and Grey. O O"T $3.95 value Z.Q/ Only a Few Days Left at the WHITE EUPHAHT Men's Shirts One lot of Men's Khaki Shirts. Some extra heavy. Close Out, (Not O >I"T oil si?es l«ft) 4.*l/ Colored Jeans Ladles and girls. $3.00 value Pajamas Men's shortey pajamas. $3,49 valus, Sixes ""2? 1. Pajamas One lot boys' and girls' sum- m«r pojamg*, Sixes 1 - 8. « I, Boys T Shirts 74c Pancy. Values to $1,39 Men's Hats Men's felt hats reduced. as much df\0/ as 3U /O OFF Men's Hats Mori's Straw Hats close out. One Half Price of Original Price, Baseball Caps Men's Basqboll Caps. Red, royal and navy. "T7 98c value 53c & / / C Sport Shirts Men's long sloecc sport shirts. Value to 1 ^."T $3.00. Close Out I.O/ Dress Shirts Men's fancy, "I Q A $3.50valuc I.OH Tee Shirts Men's $1.98 terry cloth Tee Shirts. O7- Close out. r/ C Men's Shorts Men's Hanes Broadcloth. Shorts. /TO 98c value OOC Men's Unions Men's summer One-Piece. Unions. l $1.98 value I. Men's Shorts Broadcloth. VlO — 59c value. .. H\£C Undershirts Men's. Combed yarn. All sizes, 59c value Boys' Shorts Broadcloth. Size O Q 8 to 16. 59c value OOC Summer Pants Close out. All men's summer pants. Value to $7.95. All one o A/\ price. Pair ... O»Uv Panties Ladies 39c. Close out price. 21 c Panties Children's Training Panties. Size 2 to 6. i j| White only. Pair |*|C SHOES Must Go. Men's and Ladies Values to $7.95 $1.00 $2.00 $1.47 $2.97 $1.66 $4.87 Panties Ladies 59c. X, XX, XXX. Pair Panties Children's 50c vol. 1Q Sizes 6 to 14, Pair IOC Half Slips Ladies Rayon . Pink, yellow, blue and white. TUIC ls tlie Final I III J Q \ The White Elephant. Tqke advantage of the many bargains. Gowns Ladies Batiste Gowns and pajamas. 1 /LO $2.00 value . . . LOO Cotton Slips Children's. Sizes 4 to 14. Close Out s -7 _. Special ........... O/C Full Slips Ladies Cotton Full Slips. Sizes 32 to 52. $2.49 value . . Panties Ladies extra heavy, fancy Rayon panties. 79c value. Pair .. Panties Ladies extra fancy 100°o Nylon. $1.49 -TO value. Pair ...... / OC Rayon Slips Ladies white and pink, Gored Rayon Slips 1 *7Q Special .......... I./O Jersey Slips Ladies Blue Swan Rayon Jersey Slips 1 OO $2.98 value . I.OO A FEW DAYS LEFT. SHOP AND SAVE. Half Slips Ladies Cotton, Q"T lace trimmed . O/C Ladies Slips Slightly soiled Value to .95. Not sizes Brassieres One lot of Ladies Brassieres and Slips. QA~ $1.98 value VHC Ladies' Purses All ladies purses. Close Out. MARKED BELOW COST "T"A I/ 7 C Advantage of I A\IVt these low price. Our loss is your gain. 9x12 Rugs First quality. Q OO Linoleum O*7^ Nylon Hose First quality. Very Special. Pair Curtains Cushion dot. Cotton marquisette. White | "JT/L & pink. Close out I./O are the final Days at the WHITE ELEPHANT. Cushions Plastic covered chair Cushions. "7O $1.00 value / OC Plastic Covers Plastic covers for Chair Backs. To match Q7 cushions O/C Sheets Colored. 81 by 99 Also 81 by 108. Special Pillow Cases Colored. To match £LA sheets. Each ......... O*IC Lace Panels 42 by 81. $1.29 value Towels Heavy colored Hanes towels. $1.00 value /r Q Close out OOC Table Cloths Plastic Table Cloth A A Savers. 59c value *t**C Table Cloths One lot of cotton | table cloths 97c & I. 80 Sq. Print Fruit of the Loom. Cloth of Gold. OO 59c value. Yard .. OOC Sheer Goods One lot of Sheer Material. 69c value. O O Close o»it Yard OOC ^^^IWW« , > L 110 EAST SECOND STWIiTJ Notions All other notions Reduced DRASTICALLY. forget. These are the final days at The White Elephant. STOCK MUST GO. Eyelet Batiste One lot of Eyelet Batiste. Value to $1.50 yd. C'T Close out. Yard .... O/C Materials One lot of Organdy, Broadcloth, Gingham, Shantung and Silk Material. Value to $1.49 yard. All OQ-, one price. Yard OOC Prints One lot of fancy and solid color print. Fast *|Q color. Yard I7C 'Kerchiefs Men's handkerchiefs Q White only. Each OC Dress Sox Men's O *> 49c value OZC WashCloths Cannon. "jr Special / C Work Sox Men's. Short and long. Pair Sport Sox 49c value Childrens Sox One lot of Children's White sox. Slightly soiled lOc Sport Sox One lot of Men's 39c sport sox Sox Ladies and Children's .Sox. 29c value *>O Pair 29C 29c value *i*> Pair ZZC Towels 20x40 Fast Color. Made by Cannon. 32c Pillow Cases Size 38 by 36. OO Type 140 OOC Shorts Ladies and Girls Sledge Shorts. In colors. 1 OO $2.39 value I.OO Girls' Shorts One lot of Girls Shorts. Blue, brown, green and white. $1:39 vol. Ladies Hats Close Out on All | fUV 6x9 Rugs Linoleum First quality Ladies Blouses One rack of Ladies blouses. $1.29 value 4LQ — Close out. ..: ........... OOC Dresses One rich of Ladies New Dresses. *> Q"T $4.95 value ........ Z..O/ ENTIRE ST M°U CSK T MOVE IN 8 DAYS. •j Dresses One Rack of Ladies Dresses. Values to $7.95 ................ Blouses One group of ladies short and long sleeve blouses. $1.95 value. Close out ........... Dresses Dresses Buttons Shades Thread All 5c Thread ... All lOc Thread ... All 29c Thread ... And Ric Rack Special Hair Nets Buy now and Save Zippers Ribbon ly Cfitek Ytmif OZARK IKI HEWS COMES TMATPESt NUTLEY A TEN-SPOT UNTIL ) FRIDAY. CWCWOOOf m JL 4MO rttSAUNNEfiS AfiS Off WITH rue CMC* Of rrte &*r AS me ftexr MTCH is weo to rtfff terr OP SECOND OAK * Answer to Preview Puzzle OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Willlomi Go to Your Head «T MfelMMl O /•me r TAKES. BETTER PICTURES BUT BETTER SMAP IT QUICK,'CAUSE L GOT TO HEV/CUt IT *< flNaett MB AS AN OUT/ VA CANT 1 CONVICT, WILL VA> ' HORIZONTAL 53 Weight THI& PRETTY SARlW HOSe IS COMIM' BACK. ON ME AN* L<X!IB/WHATGIVB& J HBKBf 1 Brimless N covering for -. _„. head 55 Slide ,4 Turkish head 86 Permit ' covering 57 Rocky crag 7 Shaped 58 Scatter v covering for t VERTICAL the head 10 Operatic solo U Head • coverings of a multitude . „„,„,„ . of forms 5 Before • J 18 Land parcel — 36 Most adored i 20 Requests 39 African ' 23 Exclamation of sorrow 24 Native of antelope • , ! 40 Frozen rain 41 Perfume 42 Wager , . 25 Italian city\ 43 Ellipsoidal i 26 Go by aircraft 44 Had on / 27 Genus of 46 Liver i, ! shrubs A. .» secretion\ ', 28Gunlock catch 47 Dry K 29 Number (pi.) 48 Fiber knots^ 34 Wild plum •* 51 New (comb. 35 Traveler , ' form) ' 12 Roman poet 14 Weights of India 15 Beverage 18 Rowing implements 17 Chemist's tool , _ _ . , „ . e > 19 Large spoons "Doctor of Holy 21 Goddess of Scripture I dawn 22 Prophesy, ' (var.) 23 Vigilant 26 Sea bird 27 Devotee 30 Fewer 31 Worm , coverings for t - head and neck 8 Grandparental WASH TUBBS T5K,T&K. H WHArCOLOR,«yVOUR 5WEBR5 LEAVE NOW LET«5 NOf IT» *, MR. JOtflPH 0» ' HANBM'T dBENSUCH MUOI QUITE UMRUPHBD, KOONrZ GET PERSONM.YOD .... frMS HB'# Ml MtT/jM &IMCB THEV ST/XRTED V..Y00 JEMOUS, FUZZV-EVEO PMNT-DRIBBUMGi, «,YOU MIW 5M 5UMP CftlflC.MI'MIMfMtOP PKVIMG THE RCHSD5! AMP TECHNIQUE... HORRORS, 1 CAM HP.RPLV 100K.— BRUSH-SUCKIMQi V^ 010 VOU'LL RESRBf TH' ftB^OKMSW MUMUM sewcrioMcowMitTip TWO TIMIWS 32 Golf device 33 Pewter coin of ) Thailand .34 Steamer (ab.) OUR BOARDING r.OUSE Wltn Maior Hoopla 66AD/1F IT ISM'T ARKA»STICE,V( MY OLD 3Ockey/-~~- J/>> HEERD you VJHERE HAMEYOU -%K\ PRESIDShiT "DERBV/ SO 36 College official |37 Female saint BEENl, OLD CHAP? I DOM'T 6PECK YC>0 ; <ab.) (38 Card game; ,39 Toothed wheels . 40 French coin 41 Collection of sayings " 42 Derby 45 Moslem • headdress •- * VMHAT I^6\NS OF OUD HORSE PREADM AUGHT, &OT TIAAS TO LOOH AT A LAKLY FILLY 6E«. "OPTS AND HER BUDDIE* RATG/ SME'SA^r PAOGVATER OS OLE OREAD- 49 Bacchanals cry » Interest (ab.) 62 "Emerald Isle" ; CARNIVAL OFDREAD- MALiBHT? VOHER& TUKNEC7 \ INTA> THA.T ALLHV / J 1 PON'T WANNA> J LOSE HER/ ' '^ FUNNY BUSINESS By Henhberaer » ate^H^' 4^*«.'.-.''" ''•'''/'•''.'"!»;'',''"! ; ;' /3 ••ii^Vt 11 ''' 1 ' 1 ''- 1 ^''''* V P^^Li 1 '.'^T.''.V : ''"'''"'"''^ : ' .* ^^ <T»7:..^» •••'•'.'" ,i/. •„• ALLEY OOP YOU PEOPLE OF \ YE0.,.THA.T5 WHY WE SHEBA RE6ENT j WERE SO DESOLATE/'...WHEN WE KAPOOKUT'S / WHEN HE SHOWED /HKD HOPED VOU USURPING < VOU TO BE TH 1 QUEEN'S 1 MERE MORTAL THRONE? WERE THE OF THE GODS v WE'D PRAYED ALLEY OOP AND FOOZY ARRIVE ON THE ANCIENT 6CENE. . . ^r:^';^^ mtrtfW- •'.• ••..•'•••'" •"• •'."«• -^ -'- r ' T. M. R.J. U. 8. P«t Ott.V -' ' Ccpr. 1952 by NEA Slr»ici. Inc.' ."These picture* of family life will be handy for Junior tofT use .when he get* older and goes to the psychoanalyst I"' n ,^rfC^>.'l»SJkVNtASir.Ul.lnc. "•' 7 * T. M. «... U. I. F.I. Oil. • SIDE GLANCES •y Gclbrallh It'ft.tho.fireworktimanufacturer'getting hit. boll. out of "* CHRIS WELKIN, Planeteer FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS VAfeULDNT LIKE Tb MEET Y UP WITH THAT BOZO ON A PARK NIGHT/ HURRY AND FILL HEK up, l 4 PHONE/ PUNBTOP PKOXIMA ITWASA PUSHOVER. mg/ Children's new print dresses. Reduced up to .......... DU /O OFF All Ladies Maternity dresses REDUCED All Ladies Ready-to- MLL. Wear, Cotton Goods and Silk Goods Reduced. You will find Money- Saving Bargains in Every Department. All Jewelry One Half of original price BUY AND SAVE. All buttons C Card .......................... -DC One lot of Paper Window Shades. Q Q 29c value .............. OOC Bias Tape Close out on all zippers as marked. Bath Sets Vl " ue ,54c r*g'**^*t***i'TV "~?>*f

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