Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 29, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 29, 1934
Page 2
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TWO HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS •Saturday, September 29, 1934 Star , O Jttstice, Denver ¥&y JfJeratd From False Report! Published every week-dny aftefhdon bj- Star Publishing Co., Inc. MS. .& PalflSHf & Ate*. ». msh'lttjttO, « The Star building, 212-214 South Street, Hope, Arkansas. A Monument to Public Indifference C. E. PALMER, ftLfct. II. WASHBURN. Editor Mid Xntered as second-class matter at the postoffiee at Hope, the Abt'-aiarch 3, 1897. "tfte flMtiSfeapelr is tin tetStutieh -aeteloped -by modern <dVU- to present the he*s df fhfe dtey, to foste* comtncrce and Industry, trough widely circulated advertiSMneritS, and to furnish that check upon gowmment which no constitution lias *ver been able to provide."— Col. R. B. McCormick. Subscription Rate (Always Payable In Advariceh By city carrier, per ik. MV: iix month?, $2.75; one .year |S.W). By tnlail, In Hempstend, Nevada. Hotftati. Miller and LhFayette cotttfleS, $3.50 per year; elsewhere 55.00. •Vl- ..-''- ---------- Jl_ ---- r_m-xj-i --------------- --- ------- - ------ - ----- • - _- jj— — -. - __ T . ...m.mj.-!,. Member nf The Associated Press: The Associated Press is exclusively «mtUl»fl to the use for reptiblleatieh of all news 'dispatches credited to it or i.3t otherw-ire credited to "this paper aftd also the local news published herein. National Attverrlstnfc HepresMitiltlvefc Arkansas Dailies, Inc., Memphis'. Tean., Struck Bldg,; New Ydrtc City.tJraS^arBldg.; Chicago, 111., 75 E. Wack- 0>, Drive; Detroit, Mich., 7333 Woodward Aye.; St. Louis, Mo., Star Bldg. Clrarttfs on Tributes, 'Etc.: "Charges will be mad* lot trll ti-itrates, cards oJ fitanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial feevsrapers hold 'to this .policy, in the news columns to protect their readers from t, ilcluge of Space-taking memorials. The Star 'disclaims responsibility tor the ?,'{o-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR, MORRIS FISHBE1N Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and oJ Ilygein, the Health Magazine YOUR I*ro.st;»(c Crlantl May Harm Over 50 Thcio is a small organ, lying be- rtBAth the front end of the bladder, that moans little if anything to man, but thai can give him considerable trouble. Tins is the prostate gland. It tends to enlarge in many men after the age of 5P and disturbs lite functions of the bladder. About 35 per cerit o'f Ov'er CO have enlargement of this CHILDREN By Olive Roberts Barton Americans Should Sing Mora In Be Happy "Si-i-i-ing-ing In the Rain?" The little song that caught America by the ears not so long ago. That neat little, sweet little, fleet little song that had a tune one could remember. What a pity such catchy tunes die to make room for "hot" songs, "blue;;" songs, and the eteral croons about Cland and at least half of these are I c t loves anct fri S' d ladiesi! troubled by it ' j true I am no young lover or senti- difficulty is that the enlarge- ! men ' a ! h 'Sh school girl. But neither ' am I ln dotage. It doesn't strike the promoters that people might car and words that are neither or msnt interfere;: with excretion of fluid from the bladder. As a result of the delay in excretion, there ale ., many •nmptoms which are irritating I h . ot - bU ' e - moss-grown, or silly. Tunes and some which may be dangerous to ,.'j> nt - _nappy, lilty and brave, like j,j e I £mg in the Rain." One symptom is An increased ire- .-? ut , this is not what l startocl to que'ncy of excretion of fluid, especial- I talk about - ly during the night and toward morn- ' What I mean—we need more sing- Thrre may be hesitation and difficulty in th? attempt to get rid of 111 water from the body. As a result, afflicted persons may ing. Not more and more and more tunes, but more singing. Those Who Sing. Who sings any more? Oh, yes, the she'd miss him. His chauffeur bad strain a good deal, which tends to in- j children sing in school and we sing in r creaic the irritation and the trouble. I church. After the third drink almost r *Fho fluid remaining easily becomes any party gets either choral or chloral, infected and the strain upon the tis-. It is singing at'home and at work ancl sues may result in chronic inflam- !<at play that we are starving ourselves mation. j for—singing in the rain of everyday r Neglect of this condition may re-j life. suit jn absorption cf poisonous sub- 1 People used to do it but it's gone stonctos mto the body, so that there is j out with the lullaby. Like the lulla- a breakdown in general health. j bies o ftoday, we leave it to the radio The doctor makes his diagnosis by diicLt examination of the tissues, as iwell as by the symptoms. He can pi=5 a lube into .the bladder and in that way not only relieve the accumulation of fluid, but also aid his diag- ur'i, by examination of the fluid it- rtlf There are many hygenic measures v/huh v, ill help those who are afflicted to overcome the condition and to avcid serious symptoms. Congestion and swelling of the gland may be lessened by avoiding exposure to cold and net, by avoiding physical overexertion and. above all, by being moderate in all things. Overeating, overindulgence in alcohol, or overindulgence in sexual ac- UvjtiL'j is bound to be harmful. Since the accumulation of fluid and the difficulty of getting rid of it is ' one of the most serious symptoms, the a»"v tint of fluids taken into the body rn'.;.u be controlled. The desire to get ri-.i of fluid should always be heeded r oMiul" The mnn who has this condition is frequently a prey to all sorts of quack truiUi:t;siis. Ho tries heat, manipula- ticn". clsctrical methods, and similar f.ioc.xlurfB which sometimes are far nT.:r* harmful than letting the condition alone. Ov;iy ;; direct examination will rev..:>.) iiio actual extent of the swelling. or the concert stage or the show. We, as a people, do not sing. It is part of the Nordic temperament to make our 7nusic a business, or let us concede "art," but never mere sheer joy. To get a bit preachy and go into reasons, let's see why singing is a good thing. It is the greatest emotional balancer under the sun. No one can stay mad who sings—no one can nurse a grouch. or hug a jealousy, or harbor any sort of emotional poison at the moment a song is on his lips. They say that such things evaporate •out under the sky. V/c "walk" off .'•ome disturbing passion. But we can "sing" it off, too. Who Will Compile List? One trouble is that nobody learns words any more. We think, "What's the use? Tomorrow it will be gone." The chief value of folk songs in any country is that everybody sings thorn, alone ancl in groups. We wouldn't stand for "folk songs" as we know them, but I wish someone would list about twenty good tunes with words not too sensible, but not too silly- bright, wearable, lovely songs that whole families could learn and sing. And that would stay in next week. And incidentally nothing nets : quickly as both a .sweetener and yeast a.s mother singing as slu. 1 work Old Liberty Ci;!y • ckp.tific, clean handling will ri.::;;n «.;»!"i.-ty from infection. j One •-- thy condition is diagnosed, j the "i are numerous safe medical i J^.':ii,.:l'. i'or relief. Moreover, modern i ———• £!.;; ~\-:i\i r-.n-l el'jctro-surgical methods j Most every one around here will he. hax- IK-MI devc-loped which are safe j through gathering their crop:: by tho in ;hi.- Majority of cases, if the patient ! la.st of the week. \-/, -r-c-n Oiirly and if he is not too old | Mr. ancl Mrs. Connie Hi.rri.srm and r:i rh'! Tim'- when treatment is under- i family spent Sunday with Mrs. ,1. 15. ! Hicks. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Shearer were Sunday gue.st:; of Mr.s. ./. Ii. Hicks. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Pardiu; visited Mr. anil Mrs. Lad Wood:; nl Hupe i Sunday. j I Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Rrislow of ! | Fulton visited Mr. and Mis. Stcvi: j Hristow. I I Mrs. Joe Hicks spent Thursday ! 1 nifcht v/ith Mrs. Connie Harrison. j Fannie Hicks spent Wedni.-hday j niyht with Louise Calhoun. , BEGIN HEHK TODAY BOOTS n.vEituu.\. is. ciopc« Ti-il!i l:l!SS LI! YD. tin-limiting; instructor. When Ilusa srot's to Florida, firOMiisinp; t« Hrncl for her Inter, Hoots (rocs to tvork in n deitnrtmt-nt store. KUSS ilocx not write. Month* pns*i mid tlien come* word ilinl 'lie IIIIM lii-en killed in a uiotorbont accident. Hoots meet* DEMS FEN'WAV, youiip: nntiior, :ind LiliYVAUD VAX SClVIOSt. tvcnlliiy nnd socially nroini:icnt. She IN In love with 7),'ins .-mil jciilotiN of beautiful It*X)IM £l'(s :i job fn n hook ntore and proe.s home to live in order to help her fturent* llnan- t'lnlly. Kdtvnril repentetlly urp:e» her to ninrry liini nnd tlnnlly she ii^rree.-*. On Chrixtmns Uny Iliey K<> for n vrnllc In the fog nnil K<!\vnnl is hailly hurt. Ravine Ucoltt rroni n reckless driver. JUr.s. lEnc.'iirn learn* Mhe hn« n wianln.'r ticket In n lottery. She plans tn take her husliand to California. NO\V no ON WITH THH STORY CHAPTER XLV •ycnoxicA KILKUIGAN twitched a fresh pillow-slip in place and glanced down the hall In tho direction of the hospital suiiroom from whose open tloors echoed gusts of meirlment. Young Mr. Van Sciver's v/h-iol chair v/as established there, chc.ek by jowl with the Boston ferns and the old lady in 310, who was convalescing from a call bladder operation and who enjoyed a good story when she heard one. Veronica \vas on duty days now, ] taking care of Mr. Van Sclver. His clay iiiiiT.o, Klsie Goff, had been driven up that very afternoon the long car and taken away the music box and about a ton ot personal equipment his mother had sent up before she left for Florida. Miss Kerrigan sighed, considering an existence in which town houses, foreign motors and hampers from Hick's figured largely. ITow nice It must be to he rich! Not that she liked Mr. Van Solver! 'because of from it. If he hadn't a penny hc : d still be the dearest boy in the world. CHE flushed because the floor head, standing in the <loorv,'a'y and smiling indulgently, seemed to be reading her very thoughts. The Head was a sculptured beauty who had no use for men at all, although she had boon known to waste 15 ni'intites chatting to Edward Van Sclver wlion there were no temperatures to take, nor pallentfl' families to srnootli down. "Your patient wants to come back," she said. Miss Kerrigan fairly flew down the hall. Edward was walking now, slowly and with difficulty. He had a cane but it was little M!as Kerrigan who pooped prettily underneath his arm o.i the left side. It was Miss Kerrigan who steered him over the worn place in the mat- neat white shoes with their discree; rubber heels, gave Boots a frostj smi'lo. She, too, had read the story Some folks have everything, ehi told herself, Indignantly. ... "Did Dinny call you?" -W Boots felt her heart beat fastei at the mention of his name. "No he didn't. Why?" "Oh, he's got sand In his shoo 1 again, wants to light out. This tlim it's to be a, tramp steamer for th< West Indies or some place. He ran In at noontime. He's packing hit stuff. Says he's gone stale and can'1 write." There was a lump of Ice wlierc Coots' heart had been. She managed to say naturally enough, "1 guess he never stays In one plac« for long. But how about Kay Chil- lingford? I thought he was waiting around for her to corne back?" "Oh, that's all off—has been for weeks," Edward told her. "They hadn't been hitting it -off so well when she left and she'fl TfrttUai him a lot of sour letters. Dinny said they'd about decided to call It a day. She's marrying some dusty old member of parliament or something. Lady Swlzz-Bang." He chuckled. , |u. . ! | ting. "You did that beautifully, Just hoe-yoo-tifully," .she caroled, called home by tho illness of her j -uh, I'm getting there all right, father—providentially, Veronica (all right." thought. Klin had never had a patient ;>h:} liked so much as Mr. Van Scivor. (.',u3iH<KikliiK, rich, cnnsid- orati. 1 , a porfoc-t L'tnl.Ionian, she said to lierrrfelf, if over there was one. Just why that fiancee of his, that Hand j;irl from Larchneck, didn't Her heart went pit-a-pat when, he lool.od down at her like that. "Whrit'i; for Hiippo; 1 '.'" She- handed him the menu. New Martin Hospital was proud o[ its methods. A.s up to date--more KO —it was proud of t;:iyiii{;, than any of the city institution;!. sin;; for joy because she'd been BO Kdward groaned, contemplating lueky as to snaf- him V..-rnnlca l! '° 1 " Kti ; | ," :i:inu : " ll , 1 trjiro.-loa." lie said. "Uuast lamb. Koii.st bsef. simply did not understand. Sho i chicken fyjcu ;c( . " heir-elf j;i,t ilov.-n every night on hfcr Inieo.-: and prayed to St. Joseph to find her a cood husband, hud a small metal image of the "There are lamb (.-hops, urged Miss Kerrigan in a maternal, voice. "If they're not siz- i'll pep yutir.i up in the diet j kitchen." | "Will you do that?" He gave j her baud, with i! ; lirm, cumpotent a Hltlu ::iiu';07/j. "There's a TiiM Judge Learns Slayer Is His Son —Tlii-: Zi'uvtl Has Improbable But (Cxeitiitg Climax saint ivtrun;; arouiid her neck this ! very moment, on a thin silver chain. Ami all she'd ever got for it (up Iu ilut'.-) was the attention U'ood girl." of Will Scl.ulU, who ran a garage! As she fluttered down the hall in Now Ami-tin and wasn't half bad ;;ho treasured the thought of that IJy BRUCE CATTON ; n melodrama is paced properly, i;ivu the reader a feeling of sus- I surface by that no other kind of fiction provide:-:. i The Lindberghs One hundred thirteen Ions of water are deposited on e:;ch acre of jM'ouri't one inch of rainfall. H'. t'.-. hi • f:::: ood example is "Seed of Adam." ; in Oklahoma and shov/erl what r.ii.h novel by Violet Campbell. ; farmc-ri they are. But all the ••.:<: have a tale which— for all its they rushed repairss on ihc-ir jj its! if you overlooked hi:; grimy fingernails. Miss rta('1;uni (if you asked Miss Kerrigan about it, although nobody j would!) tvas prc'tty keen on that were 1 forced down | dark chap who ran her up to the- raltly littlu road- impulsive little fe.-Uure. Probably it didn't mean a thin'/, though. He was just a great big kid. . . . rJool.; fame the next night was alone. Denis hadn't .Slie had come down on "purple" v.'riting and i-ohaVjle twist of plot — i.s un ry that works steadily up ix and carries the leader V/ith it. ^found is an the bus. She saw ward's t..-•,- horrible bi'tinfl of insanity winch sults in "Jick the Ripper" crime •: i He does in a housemaid, gels eau upper-class i and i.s Irie'i before our ii|. riant ii-.t: set; respected old ' jnflgu. v/ith the struyglint; youn:-, lovely daughters, strug- ! ii.-,|er to defend him. barrister, dashing soldier j Comes now our melodrama, in India on leave, and ^o on. : middle of Ihe trial, ihe judve (ii ,-.. i.u'13 v.'omen ire eharrnin'.;. • tl .. that the criminal is hi.- own : ng men are handsome — i |,:-,;,iuci uf ,-,n encoiaii,..,- •.••ii!i :;" \:, one of (hose almost ; !. ; ^ht-c'-love back in hi-, imivi-r upiight and judicial old i d.^ys. exi'.-K.-nci; i. just a little 1 What thi.J does to Ih,- jirlee. an i:":-ir;ari readers to believe j ihe plot, can be im,'!»ineil. ll ;.. '.v. ! the yarn an inijjroljabie twi t; bu aL:;iiri:,r. thio background j :i \,. M make:: il. highly e::'-!!iot;. i!!'.-ii morose young barber | publisht-d by Duiton, Ihi-; b.jok i.-i.ed by that particularly tjils at $2.CiO. i Iio:;pital In his slor. ?.Ir. Van Hdver bad lean greyhound of a car. .Will woukla't like to ;.'.el. hi.-i lingers I,-ill over on it, iiomo d.iy! Sho'd told him broadly, about it. ;;:id he'd been interested. It was about all lie e-, or was interested in-- gadget;; ami (liu'erentials nnd f-park plu;;^ and : m.-h stuff! llanlly ever reail ;,. book and didn't know Joan Cr.uvford from Nurma Khi.-arcr. Aiii-s Koriigan harbored tho !;<:<:ret tonvii.tion that Ehe, herself, v/a.-i a di.;crcut com- tination of the two. Kiie and Mr. Van Hcivt-r talk,:d aliout movies :t lot. lie liked •.••a many of the pictured aho did. >V'a.;n'L that liuuiiy* CO all the time sho had chaffed "- him about Kny he'd known this and hadn't told her. Why? Edward touched her face lightly with a well-manici'.red forefinger. "We'll miss the old kk'l, won't we? He's a good guy." "Oh, terribly!" She tried to be casual but the effort did uot como off aa well as she'd planned. "Well, what about tho folks— have they made any plans? I suppose, they're all of a dither?" Hoots smiled, remembering. "Mother Is. Sho says she's going to rent the house for whatever nlia can get ami pack off to California. She hns u cousin in Palo Alto. She's already written to ask them about tindinj; her u -mall house. Miss Florida may go with them. Father's attitude 1s tunny. He's never thought !\!olher had any business .sense and of course this Is a freak thing but lie is treating her with tho greatest respect. She's thu wizard of llio family now. They've been simply wild, though, with newareel people and tabloid photographers swarming all over the place." "Fun!" Edward gloated, grin- n ing. "Well, it's all right for a while," she conceded, "hut I'll be glad when things settle back to normal." "Then y.m ami I start out on our travels . . ." he mused. "Ve.s." She looked at him with an odd pathos. Remit. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark School Little UocK 21, Uusscllvilln 0. Scarcy (i, North Little Rock 0. Magnolia 13, Standm-d-Umslcd 0. Dei-molt 20, Portland 0. Little Hock Junior College 0. Ark- nn&n.s Stnte Teachers 0 (tie). Catholic High G, Carlisle 0. Hot Springs 20. Prescott 0. Hope H, Camdon 0. Southwestern Freshmen Si), Jonesboro Baptists 0. Corning IS. Arkansas Sliite High (Joncsboro) 0. Norphlet 7, Stephens 0. Eudora (I, Oak Grovo. I,;i., 0 (tie). 1'fiimnnn 0. r-'iir;>;;oiild () Hie). Poenhontns :!0, Hoxie I). Naj-liviDf ,'!7. Dierks 0. Warren 2. iVIoniiccllo 0. McGehe-e fiG, Luko Providence. La.. 0. Kl Dorado I), llomor. Lu., 0 (tic). Do Qucim 'X, Idnbel, Ok In.. 7. Helena II. Clarendon 0. •DeWitt 21). Maryell 0. Sprsngdalc 'J8. Wnlt.s. Okln., 0. Newport 19, Tuclct'rman (). Stuttgart 7. West Helena 0. Cotton Valley, La., 7. Stamps 7(lie). Van Buron 12. Charleston 0. Harrison 22, Bcntnnville li. Glenwood 12, Coiiway I). Cirbrit 0, Atkins 0 (tie). Berryville V2. Huntsvillo 0. Paris '15, Mansfield 0. Ptgjjott I). Kennetl. Mo., 0 (tie). Benton 41, Bee-be I). 'Fort Smith 24, Heavener, OUIri., 8. Mu.slcugee. Olcla.. 12, Fn.vetlfvillc- (' Blytheville .'!!). Osceola li. Pelicans Defeat Galveston 9 to 2 Southern League Champs Take Lead in Dixie Series GALVESTON. Tcx;is-(/P)-~The Now Orleans Pelicans took a long step for ward in their fight to retain (he base bull championship of Dixie by over whelming the Galveston IJuccaneer.s SI to 2. behind the steady pitching o Denny Giilehou.su here Friday night The victory was the 1 Pels' second ii the first three gaine.s of the Dixie se ries with all the remaining contests ti be played in daylight, ill New Orleans Tho Texas League champions woul< have to capture three out of four ir their opponents' homo park. STANDINGS Niilinnal League Clubs— Won Lost St. Louis as 58 New York ....................... . 03 Chicago ............................ 8-1 Boston ....... ......................... 7;> Pittsburgh ........................ TA Brooklyn .......................... G!) Philadelphia ................ 56 Cincinali ................ ............ 52 Clubs- Detroit New York .. Cleveland Boston Philadelphia St. Louis Washington Chicago American League Won 93 83 75 67 67 (M 58 81 7.'! 7-1 81 9G 9G Lost 53 58 •68 75 81. K5 07 Pet ,G1 .Gib .508 .507 .497 .461 .351 .351 Pet .651 .Glf .551. .500 .45:] .447 .430 ..'149 FRIDAY'S UIOSULTS National League St. Louis 4, Cincinnati II. Only game. American League Open date. GLORIFYING YOURSELF y Alicia Hart <<iii:rd A(j:;iiis( nr.viiij; (if Skin lly Kail Winds Thc.se- brisk autumn days, bcauti- iil though thry an'' and certainly ex- •(.Jlent f(jr (he .spii'il.';. can play havoc tvilh a cimipk xion lhal has a leniency Inward dryne.ss. If your skin •umes in this category, tell yourself the inptant she met Kd•.; that she needn't tell had th(! pap'TS .strewn his b(:;l. jle gi'iuucd ".Some luck, c-h? 5),,mo fun!" "Lsn't it. i,,., m:ii-veloii:;'.'" Shf: leaned over his shouhlfr. Ktai-iug down at Hie pi,-tun: of her mot.iicr iiboVL- the headline. '•Kulin-brni iMiilfnii Wins I'r'r.a in (Jluifity Xii.-UL'iixttikCH." ".\evc-r Koi. such a kick out of iujythiug in uiy lif,,.," | 10 told her. "Olat brought (he papurs up with supj;ei- snd you pouid |i,-,ve lui fjiu over with a breath when 1 tho uowrf. I've been rouliue Vur your mother e'.er j-im-e." i, liijliiug iu ou her "You're walking well now, Edward? Mi.is Houyhton said you'd be leaving this week." "Yep. Hot the old pep back." "Well, Mien . . ." sho hesitated. "We may us well go ahead with our plans. . . ." ".Sure j on want to now?" She slated at him, frankly puz- /.led. "Why, Kdward, what ilu you , jueari?" Hid big laugh was tinged with \ emban'iis:-;meut. "1 thought maybe i you wouldn't want to airing along ' with mo now." I "Nou.sense." She couldn't accept this loophole, Just when ho was ki.d i In.'lplc.-j.-i and ueeded her. ead i On the threshold Mi.--.s Veronica ! l-'.i.-rrigau, listuuing, 1'rono lo alien- i liun. , {'i'o Be Coiitiaucdi ' voilh n pound ol cure, grl a jar of tih'.sue cream and plan to do a nightly beauty rc.iltini' lliat will I'lirninale Ibc dry c,;nilitioii!i and prevent I'oolball v/i-'alhei- from making your skin leathery and miatli'acuve, Choose a tissue or noinishinf! cream that is rich and of a ralhcr heavy c'on.sislenc-y. One new kind, made by a cosmetician who .speeiali/.es in the Ireatmenl ol ilr\- skins, smells luciou.s and really i;oe.s a long way toward keeping Ihe skin i.ol'l and stipple and preventinp. Unes an<l wrik.U-s. It is lo be used after you've cleaned your faee and Ibroal. of eour.se. Wash with .soap and water and clean with cleansinf; cream before applying tin.' richer ereani. Smooth I hi.- tissue cream from ihe base- i.-i ihe itiiual upward 'o the hairline. Then, u:-iu'j, a (.aller or your finyeitips, p:;t ii ii:t:: your skin. Don't pal tin liar'l. !iii! liun't. stop until the cream ha:. n.clOti. tli'MiL-mltn 1 tn pal upward ain! ,,nl '.vani on !h'- thriial. iliin. fb'ek, ; nd fiij-.'bi'ad -only uiil- ii" 1 e I,, Ihe ears. iV,' f;ni-:h",|. wipe off in'.', a bull 1 aiuuuil tin; l.'-.l. II .vuii i-an'l l),-ar ri, MIII MM v , ill,- ::l;in. • iiai-e and pal with . :..,-.,• oen :oake.| in U'imi C:ave. ;.' Ilnl H].iio''s. S. 1).. v.-a 1 : il'i. i-o'.-. ri.,! 1,;, ,, lumiei in IKS1. v.l!tn I" h,'. i,| a '.• ' i.ii v.l.i. llini: ami t'ullil'l il V. ,i . v. n:,| ' .,..]']!::', fi nm a Mil..11 aiji'iluii- n, il." i,".!:... "Wlu-n I wrote llioin Unit 1 llioti^lit a family rc'iinion •.would ho fine 1 , if we- lu-ld il at OIK; of Iheir hoiues tliis ^ time, they just dropped the. whole idea." THIS CURIOUS WORLD BFye William Ferguson WHICH BECAME EXTINCT IN I&44, WAS THE ONLY BIRD IN THE NORTHERN HEMISPHERE WHICH IT BECAME FLIGHTLESS THROUGH DISUSE OF ITS WINGS. Is Pattern avi^Ou-u <) '•} 385. K smart simjilicily of this frock recommends il. for •A social wear, looking rich in .silk < n-po and metallic prin In-muke patli'i-n.-; iu sixes :: I I,, .).|. si/.,. :!S requirec; ;; 1--I • ; :iO-inch fabric ami I 1-^ yaiib, ol' contrast. To secure a l'.\'i"|'|,'|' v \ a inl STIOl'-ItV-STI-:!' SK\V H'l'Kl.'C'J'lO.N'S, lill oul Hi,- coupon b,-low, lieiiiL- sure lo M THH -\.\Mi; OF 'JIMS M; WS|'.\ 1'J'JIS. The K.\I;L l>.VI"l'l-:i;\ HOOK, with a c,,m|)lete sell Julia lioyd design.--, no\v is ready. ll.'s J !, cents when p .separalely. Or, it you waul lo order it with Ih,- jialteru ah in just, an additional In cents with ihe coupon. JULIA liuYli. Hj.-l I'AHK AVKNUK. XK\V VOKK Knelosed Is 15 cents iu coin for Pattern No . . flixe. Name Address City SluU . N^nif oi' ilii,-; ijt.-'.v->j>;.tpi-r l\

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