Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1937
Page 6
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~ T 7 < *. .. * * HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Saturday, October 80 HHH i ro GO Shirley Temple at Saenger Thursday She Dances by Zuycter Zee in Her New Picture, "Heidi" One of the most unusual sets ever built for a production was created for "Jftidi," Shirley Temple's new star- rtiig picture opening Thursday at the Saenger. when a quarter-acre pond Vras filled with oil for a novel scenic ettect. The picturtzation of the famous story by Johanna Spyri, read and loved the World over, includes a specially written dream dance sequence featuring Shirley and twenty-six oilier young dance is in a colorfully picturesque Dutch scene. The oil serves as the surfr.ce jf the Zuyder Zee on a set reproducing the dykes, islands, windmills and canals about this famous Netherland harbor. acting as a perfect reflecting medium. Every detail of the dance, which is done in wooden shoes, will be reflected in perfect perspective in the brilliant surface of oil, an interesting effect designed by Sammy Lee, dance stager. Composers Lew Pollack and Sidney D. Mitchell wrote a new song cspecil- ly for this number, called "In Our Little Wooden Shoes." RO "America's Finest Gas Range" EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing— Electrical , PHONE 259 Ritz Brothers at the Saenger It was in recognition of their rising wave of popularity that Darryl F. Zanuck. Twentieth Century-Fox production chief, decided to star the Ritz ' Brothers in their own right in "Life Begins in College." musical smash of fun, , frenzy and excitement featuring Joan Davis, Tony Martin and Gloria Stuart I and a notable cast, which opens Sunday at the Saneger Theater, i The Ritz Brothers, who came from Broadway to clown their way to star! clom in the movie capital, were recently in "Sing Baby Sing," "On the Avenue," I and "You Can't Have Everything." The decision came to star them after i thousands of letters had poured into the studio from all ixirts of the country i indicative of the increasing popularity of the comedians. Included in the supporting cast of "Life Begins in College," are Fred Stone, Nat Fendleton. Ed Thorgerscn. Dick Baldwin. Joan Marsh. Dixie Dunbar, Jed Prouty, Maurice Cass, Marjorie Weaver and J. C. Nugent. Butterfish lay their eggs in sea shells and then coil themselves around the eggs until the egf,s ^ia;_U. 'Trailing Trouble' Western at New Ken Maymird and Tarzan in Western Feature This Saturday He's Got What Is Called A "Real" Job BOYS, GIRLS JOIN OUR 1--2--3 FREE CLUB Children Up to 12 Years. AND HIS WONDER HORSE "TARZAN" Also — Our Gang Comedy "Little Papa" Chapter No. 4 "The Painted Stallion" SUNDAY and MONDAY" 5AY ' A musical battle royal between the King of Rhythm and »he Queen of Hi-de-Ho . . . i/ith no holds barred! with JAMES MELTON PATRICIA ELLIS MARIE WILSON • FRED KEATING DICK PURCEU • WINIFRED SHAW Craig R»yneld« • Charles Foy • Gordon Elliott DIRECTED BY (.OUIS KINO • MUSIC AND IYKICS BY HAR8Y WARBEN 1 Al DUBIN AND M. K. JEROME & JACK SCHOU A Warn«( B'Ot. PUIurt Cartoon in Technicolor She Was an Acrobats Daughter Vaudtvillians—Also LATEST PATHE NEWS EVERY MS. & WED, DOUBLE FEATURE No. 1—First Run "Luck of the Roaring Camp" No. 2—First Run "Federal Bullets' THURS. and FRI. Mats. SAENGER SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY RITZ BROTHERS in "LIFE BEGINS AT COLLEGE" WEDNESDAY ONLY JOHN BARRYMORE in "Bulldog Drummond Comes Back" THURSDAY-FRIDAY SHIRLEY TEMPLE In "H E I D I" RIALTO SUNDAY-MONDAY-TUESDAY JOHNNY WEISSMULLER ' and MAUREEN O'SULLIVAN Return in "TARZAN ESCAPES" WEDNESDAY-THURSDAY WILL ROBERS Returns in "HANDY ANDY" Fast-moving nnd exciting, with a comedy touch here nnd there to ease the suspense, "Trailing Trouble," Saturday lit the New theater with Ken Mnynnrd and his famous horse, Tnr- znn, in the stellar roles. This is the «eeond of the series of hifih class westerns, which the popular star is making for Grand National, produced by M. H. Hoffman under the Condor brand, the first of which was "Boots of Destiny," and Ken demonstrates again that he can ride and net with the best of them .while his personality carries the call of the great outdoors to his audience. The story of "Trailing Trouble" starts with a stage-coach hold-up and keeps a fast pace throughout the entire production. The bandit gets away with Ken's new hat, and thereafter Ken is mistaken for him because of the swap of headgear. This mistake in identity is an aid to Ken on various occasions. He collects money for stray cows from a tough rancher, who thinks he is the desperate bandit, and helps in straightening out the range rights for the heroine, his boss, who owns the Bar X Ranch. The fact that Ken is wearing the bandit's hat lends to all kinds of I amusing and amazing incidents, for everywhere ho goes he is mistaken for the notorious bad man. Even his pretty mistress, the suxeraine of the Bar X Ranch, takes a shot at him and sends him on a mission from svhich she believes he will come back full of bullet holes. But here the bandit's hat serves as a protection, and, instead, he brings her back the money for her lost steers, which she never had hoped to get. Eventually, however, Ken's real identity is discovered and in the ensuing buttle, Ken proves himself to be a belter man than the much feared bandit, captures him and turns him over to the sheriff, besides getting buck his much-prized hut. The- film is brimful of swift action and surprises and the many admirers of Ken Maynard and his equine pal, Tarzan, will find it screen fare that is 100 per cent entertainment. Playing opposite Ken in the principal feminine role is Lona Andre, as Patience Blair, owner of the Bar X Ranch and Ken's pulchritudinous boss. Roger Williams plays the villain. Arthur Rosson directed "Trailing Trouble" from an original screenplay by Philip Graham White, and both deserve credit for a workmanly job. Without Dieting NEW ORLEANS-Bill Mattis, Tulane halfback, lost 20',!> pounds during the 57 minutes he played against Auburn. Between scenes of "Melody For Two," James Melton oroons a few (times for this Igorious array of blondes, all of whom appear in the film HS members of his girl swing band. "Melody For Two," the season's most lyrical, laughable lulu, comes to the New Theater, on Sunday and Monday. I wish that I had pulled a rabbit out of ipargcl's ear.—Magician Harry Blackstone, after winning a $5000 damage suit from Jack Spargel of Detroit, Mich. MKS. HK.NIO Halloween Charley Foy Son of Great "Eddie" James Melton, Singer, Drinks Hot Water Before Recording Charley Foy, one of the sons of the late great Eddie Foy, boasts that one time when he was broke and couldn't get a vaudeville job he tap-danced for nine straight hours to win a $5 bel- aud lived on the five-spot for a week. James Melton, famous star of radio and screen, drinks a tall glass of hot water before recording a song. Dick Pereel 1 is collecting (he favorite joke.s of all his movie-actor friends, and intends publishing them in a book to be called "Joe Miller in Hollywood." Carlyle Moore, Jr., has appeared in four pictures during the last four months, and in each he plays the role of a radio announcer. Patricia Ellis' real name is Patricia O'Brien—but she changed it when she c»me to work for Warner Bros, because there was already one Pat O'Brien on the lot. Fred Keating, originator of the amazing disappearing bird and bird cage trick, and now a movie comedian has never been out of work for more than three days since he was 18 years old. ' Patricia Ellis, at the age of twenty, has the astonishing record of having At the New SUNDAY & MONDAY "MELODY FOR TWO" with James Mellon, Patricia Ellis, Marie Wilson, Fred Keating, Dick Purcell, Winnie Shaw. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY "FEDERAL BULLETS" "Luck of The Roaring Camp" THURSDAY & KKfOAY "CARNIVAL QUEEN" with Robert Wilcox, Dorothea Kent, Hobert Cavanaugh SATURDAY, NOVEMBER Cth "DOOMED AT SUNDOWN" witli BOB STEEL Will Rogers Film in Return Showing "Handy Andy" at the Rialto Wednesday and Thursday The Mardi Gras at New Orleans forms the rich and merry background for the outstanding scenes of hilarity responsible for the great popular de- played thirty-six feature roles in mo- manc | wh j cn has brought back Will TELEPHONE lion pictures, in addition to having appeared in several stage productions. James Melton recently treated his father, J. W. Melton, to a trip around the world. Harry Warren and Al Dubin, songwriters who did several of the songs for "Melody For Two," have just completed their 100th song together. j The fifteen girls who compose the all-feminine orchestra in "Melody For Two" dyed their huir blonde overnight for their roles in the picture. Without, the dark, like folds of crepe Plots every star from sight, Fur ghostly form and goblin shape Arc> all abroad tonight; The bitter wind.'; in fury howl Like tortured .souls unseen. As imps and fiends and witches prowl Without on Halloween. i Within, huw warm the fires glow And jack-o-lanterns shine, What happy .songs anil laughter flow As gfjldenly a.s wine; For all the spirits hiding hero Arc lho.su of what-has-beun Of age-old-love and fun and cheer Within on Halloween, --Fn.ru an old scrap book. Again wo v.Miild liko to remind you that Saturday night when ghosts and goblins howl, mid you make merry ob.-erwii,; a Halloween [hut is brought forwaui <,i)c day^. this year on accounl nl I!R' .')!.•>t falling on Sunday—Do not Mrs. R. M. Briant and Mrs. O. A. Graves entcrtaintd jointly Friday afternoon with a beautifully planned informal tea at the home of the former nn North Washington street, a.s special compliment to Mrs. A. L. Johnson who is leaving soon for her winter lorne in Asheville, N. C. The guest list included the intimate friends of the honoree. The spacious reception room was beautifully decorated, with roses predominating. Tempting refreshments observing the Halloween motif were served from a lace covered table centered with gorgeous yellow and red chrysanthemums. Mrs. D. B. Thompson presided at the tea urn. fhavu yi fun and make merry at the '.Vcrit Feild. Crrl • ry expen.-.e of your neighbor. Talhul Feild. who bus spent the past two months in El Paso, Texas, is the Kuest nf his grandmother. Mrs. J. T. nut .-.isler, Miss Ilullie Anne • Nn. 2 n! i he Womans Mission- t.iuly of the First Methodist •.lunch. Mis. J.. li. Koonce leader, will meet at (lit church at .'/ o'clock, Monday afternoon. -O- Mrs. A. L. JohiiHin, wl'io has spent the summer in "The old home lown," will leav: Monday for her home with her daughlt-r, Mrs. L. L. Campbell and Mr. Campbell in Ashuville, N. C. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Lowthorp arc ..•.nests of Mr. and Mr.s. C. S. Lowlhorp ;n route to LaPlace, La., from Denver, Colo. —o- Tlie W' m.-in.-: Missionary Society of the First Christian church will meet jl 3 u'cluck. Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Waller Curler on Soulh Elm slreet. —O— Circle No. 4 of the W. M. S., First ! Mathodiat church, Mrs. D. B. Thomp- I -.on leader, will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. R. | M. Briant. Moi ih Washington Street. -o- Mrs. C. S. Lowthorp has returned from a few days stay in Rogers, Ark., where she attended the annual Stole U. D. C. convention. Circle No. 3 of the W. M. First Methodist church Mrs. W. G. Allison leader will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Chas. Harrell, West Sixth street. Mr. and Mrs. Joe L. Lasetcr entertained with a Halloween party on Friday afternoon in celebration of the .sixth birthday anniversary of their little son, Donald Joe. The Halloween motif was observed in the decorations, Jack-o-lanterns, witches, black cats and pumpkins, were used throughout the rooms. The guests were in costumes, with little Miss Martha Nell Urrey and Albert Chas. Stoiiequc.st U.-' prizes. Games and contests were enjoyed. Creighton Middlebrooks won the prut- for excelling in tho contests. The presents were numerous and lovely. The little host led the !i() little friends to the dining room where the beautifully decorated cake was cut and served with delicious ro- ;reshrnents. The hostess was assisted n distributing attractive favors by Mrs. Corbin Foster, Mrs. fllton Honeycult and Mrs. Johnny Clarke. -O- The Young Mother's Circle, First Methodist church v/ill meet at 2:30 Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. Curtis Urrey on South Grady •jtrect, with Mrs. Wayne England as joint hostess. The Executive Board of the first I rcsbyteri-jn church will meet at 3 o'clock Monday afternoon at the church. Mr.s. G. W. Matthew's had as Friday night guests, Mr. and Mr.s. Eugene Hale and little son from Little Rock en route to Prescott for a visit with relatives. The Library club of the Hope High School will hold installation exorcises Monday at the high school. For further details, please call Miss Mary Frances Hammonds. -O~ The Jo Vcsey Circle of the W. M. S., First Methodist church will meet Monday evening at 7:,'i() at the home of Mis;; Clarice Cannon East Second street. -O- Cirrle No. 1 W. M. S. First Methodist church, Mrs. J. P. Cox leader, will meet at 'i o'clock, Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. D. L. Bush on East avenue B. -0- Tho womens Auxiliary of St. Mark's Episcopal church will meet Monday afternoon at ,'i o'clock at the home of Mrs. C. C. Spraggins, South Hervey street. -O- Members of the Jett B. Graves Sunday school class were delightfully entertained Tuesday night at the home if Miss Kathleen Brown with Miss Vewclle McCullcy assisting. The living room and dining room were attractively decorated with autumn leaves, with Halloween colors predominating. Prizes in the games went to Mrs. O. A. Graves, Gladys Watson and Jcwellc McCulley. The prize for the most original Halloween costume was awarded Martha Cowger. Late supper was served from a dining INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON and Company Fire, Tornado, AcddeiU Insurance Rogers in "Handy Andy" to the Rialto Wednesday and Thursday. The Twentieth Century-Fox picture is acclaimed a.s the funniest the famous comedian ever made; the sequensce wherein Rogers masquerades as "Tarzan of the Apes" at the Mardi Gras Ball and executes n wild adagio dance with a little French girl rivals the peak of his comedy. table centered with n huge jack-o- hintcrn in which fortunes were hidden. The Hope P. T. A. city council will meet at 4 p. in. Tuesday at Hope city hall. All members arc urged by the president to IK- present. The wisest men That E'er you ken Have never dreamed it treason, To rest » bit And just a bit And balance up their reason, To laugh a bit And joke a bit in Season. —Selected. About $150,000 is expended mi bread daily in the city of London alone. The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., q»,..._ 25c The New Sterling Oil, tit, 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co, East 3rd, Hope -(/pen Day & Kite See Our $5,QQ Silk Dresses L A D I E S' Specialty Shop 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 9-cerit loans are bere, and we are now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largest and most influential planters in the Hope territory for that unusual length of time; and those who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can be assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Co|Con Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Ecuiirlor's principal export is balsa wood, lightest wood in the world. John Barrymore ii Bulldog Drummoi Louise Campbell Also Film at the; Saenger Wednesday John Bnrrymore returns to screen in the new mystery film, "Bull* dog Drummond Comes Back," sh< "* ing Wednesday only at thcfSaeng The popular star plays the role ._ a Inspector Nielson of Scotland Yaru|{; ami dons several interesting di.sgu for the part. In addition to Uarrymoro, the cni includes John Howard, who plays It title role, Louise Campbell, Rcginall Denny and E. E. Clive. OAK LOGS We arc In (ho market for n round lot of Forked Lcni White Oak, Cow Onk, Ovcrcup, Burr Oak, mm lied Oak I.ORS. For Prices nnd Specifications Apply to Hope Heading COMPANY llione 2-15 t !*> t> The return showing of the must thrilling enter- • tniiimunl of your pIclurc-gohiK (lays! JOHNNY WEISSMULLER ; —and— ^ Maureen O'Sullivan 'I —in— "TARZAN ESCAPES" >'*! WED & THUR Will Rogers-in-"Handy Andy"- SUNDAY MONDAY TUESDAY You can at the TONITE (Siiluriluy) BIG DOUBLE SHOW —ill holli— SAENGER & RIALTO world's newest fun favorites in their first starring laugh sensation ! WO TTA LIFE! anil in the. cast are: TONY MARTIN—GLORIA STUART i''KE» STONK-NAT I'UNDMJTON-KI) TIIOWJKKSHN-WCK KAUIWIN JOHN MARSII-DJXH: WED.-ONLY • THUR.-FRl. HERE SHE IS! SHIRLEY TEMPLE ~in"HEIDI" Irene Dunne & Cary Grant The funniest picture that Hollywood has ever produced! "The Awful Truth"

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