Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 30, 1937 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, October 30, 1937
Page 5
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Saturday, October 30, 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPEe ARKANSAS "The More You Tell, the Quicken- You Sell" KATES One lime—2c word, minimum 30c Three time*—3',ic word, mln. SOe Six Ume»—<te "rtford, minimum Wt Ono month (2fi times)—18c word, minimum $2.73 Rfttcs lire tot continuous tnser- ll«us only. In making word count, dUrcfford classification name such as "For Rent," "For Sale," elc.-«hls Is free. But each inltlnl or name, or com- jltlc telephone number, counts us a full word. For example: POtt HENT—Thrce-toom modern furnished apartment, with garage, close in. Uiurgnln. J. V. fUank, phone 99*3. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me (or one time; at 3V4c word, 53c (or three times, etc. NUTE: All wfders placed by telephone nrc due and pnynltle upon prv.sciiiflllnii of bill. PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty ycais experience A. R Segnor 120 S. Hervcy Phone 171W 5-4-U Today'* Aniwori to CRANIUM CRACKIflS on PflRp One I. The mimernl four tteslfirmtos (lie niimhcr of loiters with which it is spoiled. 't.. There nro 32 blni-k .squares on n eheekcrbonitl. II. Gripvous is pronounced grcev- us. •I. Smith's mother is twice the nge of Smith. 5. The only child of my father's futhcr-in-lnw is my mother. BOARDING HOUSE, - , . , with , 7~~~;Major Hoople "OUT" dUR WAY By WILLIAMS Orville W. Erringer Mope. Ark. Representing Hamilton Trust Fund SiJbniwrtfd by Hamilton Depositor* Corp. Hempslcnd County Miittrcss Shop builds now cotton mnllrc.ssos mid rebuilds <ild ones. Work »nd mulcrial Kunrnntecd. 712 West Fourth street. Phono Paul Cohb. 853-J. 1'1-lfc SERVICES OrTERED—Do you need tractor work ilimuV Let me do your frill plowing. F. L. I'ndRill Box S56, Hope. Ark. 28-3lp For Sale FOR SAT..E—New sorghum molnsscs fn now buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call tt office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh. Abruzzi Ryo, Oats, Snrlay, May Wheat, Vetch, Winter Pens, Winter Ryo, Grass and Fall Bulbs. MO NTS S«F,D STORE l-26tc FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping machine in perfect condition. Apply nt Hope Star office. 22-lfdh. tllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltllllilii REXALL OKIGINAt. ONE CENT SALE November 3rd, 4lh, 5lh and 6tb JOHN S. GIBSON DRUG CO. " n i in mi in mi mi nun inn iiiiititiiii Call Harry Phone 148 Call Harry I'll pick lip your Inumlr.v. HARRY PHIPPS COTTON LOANS QUICK SERVICE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arknnsns FOR SALE-B. D. Moslcy farm U-> mile from city limits on old Fulton road. Farm consists of 160 acres high state of cultivitntion suitable for farm- infi or stock farm. Has deep well water and running water year round on farm. Buildings consist of one large 5-room house, one tenant house and neccs- tary out buildings. Price 54,000.00, with $500.00 down and IOHR term.bal- ance. Write o r see Mrs. B. D. Moslcy at above adch-es.s. 27-12i'p Notice TAKEN UP—Red and white-faced heifer calf. About five-weeks old. Apply at Hope Star for information. 21-61-c For Rent WANTED TO RENT - A house, apartment, or unfurnished rooms. Call Hope Star. 27.3tp FOR RENT'-Threi; room apartment •with private bath and entrance. .'121 West Fourth street. ,'iO-2(c The most important factor in Dante's whole life was his love for Beatrice. lie tells of his Krpal love in his Vita i Nuova. Afiain. in his m;isU i rpiece. the I Divina Commodia, it is Beatrice who carries him through the nine revolving heavens. FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with all conveniences, $50 and up. Also homes on easy payments. See A. C. ERWIN Phone 158 or 191-W. OF?T THAT A«M* CHAIR BARWACLE ~?O PUT IJP -Vx-J HS'S ABOUT AS USEPUL- AttOUMD THE HOUSE AS A POOR WITHOUT A KMOE> f an, AMDS / fe ^^^^^ : -"-^" AMOS/ *3mM^^% *- \- '• S'^//S//,,-/ ' .'-s^f ^^•v^''' WMP.-- '•^TtME -ZANY/ 32. SA HUM, LAIPOUT Ll^ A ^AT PUCK OW A X % T-' L <- ^ , CHAW<5Et7 A BIT, EXCEPT \£ &UUMBET*.' A BUS POUBLE ORPER K, MUST GET OF LAZINE:^^/ IP HE f'^T ~ THE M'^BLE WAS MAF*P.IEDTOME, YfX' MlWD TO tip HAVE HIM YOPetlMe YJf* WORKIMG OM AM ICE Y'J > ><?, '<", ^ OKI A SCHEME TO "RIP THI-3 MOUSE OF THAT /MEPPLER' •v*>4 '•' V< 6 ',/ L l^^s I/ -V ' ^ , ~-f\ o.•-.-•; -\ ^.^^ai N?^ »<_ r *«*'0 V^^c*.. /n £nA HOOPLE WHO ISM'T Si-vTl KUMWINJC3 ^"^7-~S ""^7S ; 1 TRUE TO THAT AINJT A BLACK CAT/ WE jus seen pet TIN' HIM TOO MUCH AROLINO HERE. COPR. 1937 BY ME* SERVICE. INC. I T. M. BEG. U. S PAT. Off. TAN. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Have your winter Suit dry cleaned In our i modern plant—pressed by experts — delivered promptly. PHONE 385 HALL BROS, Cleaners & Hatters Prescription 200, 000 Kills Parasitic Itch (Scabies) in :to nrinutes 50c Price JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company The Rexnll Store Phone fi;i Delivery Clawed Shellfish HORIZONTAL 1 Pictured shellfish. 7 U belongs lo the genus 13 Opera air. N Unusually large quality. 16 Pigmentary spot. 17 Social insect. 18 Sawlike organ. 19 Female sheep. 21 Pieced out. 23 Stiff collar. 26 To scold. 48 A novel 29 Opera, or opus 5lNothing _ 52 Garden tool. 54 Pedal digit. 55 Piece of poetry. 56 Pertaining to barium. 58 Sea eagles. 60 It is a shellfish. Answer to Previous Puzzle protuberance. 34 More rosy. 36 Mason's patterns. 37 To gaze fixedly. 38 Conjunction. 39 Like. WRatite bird. 41 Southeast, 42 Owed. Devilish. 01 It has two pairs of —•r- VERTICAL 2 English coin, 3 Flour box. 4 To surfeit. 5 Actual being. 6 Regretted. 7 In this place. 8 Public speaker 9 Last word of a prayer. 10 Line. 11 Rubber tree. 12 South America. 15 Pair. 22 Relations, 24 Marsupial animal. 25 To deprive. 27 Soon. 28 To cover with gold. 30 Asiatic kingdom. 31 Valiant man, 33 Alleged force. 35 Street 39 Stir. 41 Ragout Of game. 43 Devoured. 45 Small wild ox. 46 Row of a series, 47 Tea. 48 Bridle strap, 49 Demigoddess of fate. 50 Dinner or supper. 53 English coin. 55 Afternoon, ALLEY OOP On the Sidelines- li *\?ii,wit(¥.:-':,.l, LU By MARTIN Who SaidGuz Was Dumb? >PR. 1937 BY. NEA SERVICE, INC. T. M. REG. By HAMLIN I KNOW / 6UZ-FOOZV AN 1 OOPARENIC66UV5 WHEN V THINK OF THEM , aovc , c . HAVIN' TH 1 BUDO GOOFUf 1^!?,, ai 1T T _ lir ., ' ''GOTTA SIT DRASTIC.' l^TS ^TlJL. HAFTA BE DONE! HEM! ME FELL FOR IT N\ /GOLLV, BUT X\ LIKE A LANDSLIDE! \\( UATE -f 1 NAFTA ] MOW I WON'T HAFTA " l HA ' & T MArTA ' WO&RY ABOUT THEM BOOBS LETT/N' MY SECRET OUT! KEY, < BY GUM,! J WASH TUBES YOU KNOW. I'VE BEEN EXPOSEP TO THIS . &LOO GOOPUS,TOO« SUPPOSIN' X W/» TO , COKAE DOWN WITH IT-IS THtS WHATYCT'L-L On the Run By CRANE 1 Musical note. 20 It feeds on 57 Court. 59 Southeast. iCOME ON/ WE'LL GIVE THAT TUBBS \ WE'LL THROW> KID THE SCARE OF HIS J HIM TO THE S^kCROCOPlLES! i >>HEV, HENIPPEDN ARE Wh'6OlN)t> TO LET ....,'. OLP BOTTLE- A SAWED-OFF RjNT MV LEW/ N05E IN THE/ LIKE THAT SHOOT Oil "*• "' A t'i'-^cp» x BOTTLE-MOSE AND , <bVT AWAY i ITH IT. ^X VOLJ BET WE '• 11 HIM X HE'LL. PAY PLENTV.J i ANU HiS FRIENDS .COPfi.' 1937 BY NEA SERviCE. INC. T! M. REG. U. S. PAT. CF> C «. ,.ll< ^ v/^v* > >.' ^;. % LOOK AT THAT FOOL FRECKLES f WE'RE BACKED UP '(O GUP OWM GOAL. LINE:....THIRD DOWN, SIXTEEKJ TO GO, AMP HE'S GOIMG TO THROW A PASS ! ,,\ •--.>«!« SSr, ;.-S ..rrv'Wk^fc' X" " " V} ..'^?*^4 ' ^-^^-w^ B"^^-<3; Passing—Out of the Game " ^ BAD AWKLE, HEV, EASY, HElP,HELP>y By BLOSSER GEE, THAT'S-. A DUMB f'LAY | RUW....t)O TO CALL ) PASSIMQ IS IN THAT SPOT .' WHY'S HE DOIWG IT? "" ALL Tf-IAT'S LEFT FUR HIM TO DO.... I CAN'T LOOK .' . GOSH j [ THAT'S WO WAY THEY > -70 PLAY FDOT- MADE I BALL! SUPPOSE IT • I THAT PASS HAD ^15X-pJ, BEEW If-'TER- SSCORED/ceFTED? JERK " >i M^GOOSETY,' i N PL.Jl w* i 'A BUT HE! JUST ~\ EXACTLY....AMD T WAWT IT KEPT PUT THE GAME1 JTHERE ! HE'S TOO RECKLESS.' I OKI ICE , ^-/HAVE A WEAK HEART, AK1D I DOW'T COACH .'.' J: : 'ikz WAWT THEM TO HAVE TC PUT ME OW ICS.TOO !.' ,// "•" % »«<, •*s "I. * ^ V ra I "V*^ <x T J -COPE. 18371 MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Myra Agrees to Queenie's Plan By THOMPSON AND CO14L SURE MV PIAM'LL WORK- I HAVE IT ALL -OOPEP OUT.,. BUT VOU GOTTA DO VOU« PACT.' I'M 6AME,QUEEWIE... BUT, IF WE FAIL, OUR LIVES WOM'T BE WORTH A DIME.' 1AV-STAET YEILW FOR H PIGEON), MOW, BER3RE ALL 1HOSE MLJCnS LEAVE 1H 1 HOU5E FOR THE EVEUIMfo- GEMTLEMEW. THE TIME HAS COME FOR US TO PULU OWE, FINJALj HAUL...AMP THEM WE BLOW THE COUMTEY. KJOW, LISTEU CAREFULLV TO THESE FLAWS - TONISHT NIGHT.' WWSTAII2S, IM VOM BODEW.5 OFFICE, 7HERE IS GREAT ACTIVITY. A5 THE EWTIRE QAWG GATHERS A COWFEREWCe ;'i !

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