Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 6
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SEC HOPE STAR. HOPE. ARKANSAS Friday, September 28, 1934 Elections Held by '* Saratoga Classes Jane Spates Is Chosen 1 President of the Senior Group The seniors of Saratoga High School electee! the following officers: , l( Jane Spates, president; Marguerite! Mobtey. vice-president; Earl Cowling,! Secretary - treasurer; Erma Lester, Maltye Lou Tolleson and Jose Rosen- fcttum. social committee; M. H. Peebles, sponsor. . The senior basketball girls elected the following: Mattye Lou Tolleson, ' captain; Yydia McJunkins. sub-cap- fain. Mr. Peeblee is coach. Junior class officers are: Lydia McJunkins, president: Sadie Spates, vice ^reSident; Mallie Sturgia. secretnry- treasurer; Louise . Walkup and Mo- Jlclle Cannon, reporters; Imogene J. V. MOORE E. W. WKAY The Market Place Complete Line K. C. and Native Meats Sell For Cash. We Deliver Phone 412 HAMS, Whole or Half-LB 20c PICNICS, 6 to 8 Lb. Pound ._ .. 15c BACON, Decker's fall Corn-LB SALT MACKEREL i to 10 od.—Each ..„. 10c BEEF STEAK Any Cut—LB. .. lOc BEEF ROAST 3 Pounds for ... 25c CREAMERY BUTTER Pound , 28c COUNTRY BUTTER Pound _... 30c PURE FORK 4 -7 SAUSAGE-Pound I I C CHEESE—No. 1 1 O*» Full Cream—Pound I DC BEEF STEW Pound 5c NECK BONES 2 Pounds 15c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE Q_ (By the Piece)—Lb 5/C VEAL CHOPS STEAK—Lb lOc MIXED SAUSAGE 3 Pounds 25c Just received new catch Salt Mackerel Dressed Fryers, Hens and Fish Vnnnc and Louise nnd Lucille Walkup c<s entertainment committee. The sophomore class, with fin enrollment of 20, has elected the following: President, Edytho Thompson; Vica- ;>rcsidcnt, Dan McJunkins; Sccretary- Yrcnsurcr, Rodney Harris; Social committee, Joyce Bowles, Lewis Webb, ind Louie Hughes; Reporters, Edythc Thompson and Joyce Bowles. The freshman class elcctd the folowing: President, Marylsis Spates; Vice- president, Inez Bell; Secretary-Treasurer. Glenn C. Ellis, Jr.; Reporters, Mildred Lnyton and Charles Collins; Sponsor, Otis Rose. Eigth gra^e organization: Presi- den;. Elizabeth Ellis; Vice-president, Helen McJunkins; Secretary-treasurer Nellie Ann Ciilbertson; Reporters, Paulene button and Sybil Clayton; Sponsor, M. H. Peebles. Seventh grade organization: President, Opal Spates, Vice-president, Ruby Cleo Raley; Secretary-treasurer, Helen Dodson; Entertainment committee. Louise Smith, Francis Cowling and Russell Collins; Sponsor, Mary Thompson. Student librarians appointed by the teachers, are as follows: Frist period, Jane Spates and Marguerite Mobley; Second period, Malic Sturgis and Bnblcy Stanton; Third period, Mattye Lou Tolleson and Ruby Schooley; Fourth period, Elizabeth Ellis and Marie Blackwood; Fifth period, Lydia McJunkins and Mozelle Cannon; Sixth period, Janette Roscnbaum and Edyth Thompson, Seventh period, Mildred Layton and Doris Colcman. ^ riMKKI GRAYSON With an average capacity of 10,000 horsepower each, two turbines, said to be the world's largest, have been built for a government hydro-electric plant in Sweden. The New Deal in Happiness Will Hit Hope on Sunday OKAY GSS Watch Saturday's Paper! The famous bit of repartee between two United States senators anent the I tax situation at Winston-Snlem is now > classic. The first—a northerner—said no one had ever heard of Winston- Saletn. The second—n southerner— scored a clean left hook to the chewers when he rctorcd that Winston- , Salem paid more taxes than any other city or state in the nation save only New York. The answer is tobacco of course. The greater part o fthc tobacco consumed in cigarcts in this country not only grows in North Carolina, but the fags . are manufactured there as well. And no one needs telling that the industry has prospered. And since one of the outlets for important money lies in sport one is not surprised to find the name of the Lo- rillards a familiar one on the turf in bygone days. Since the days of Duke of Magenta, the Rcynoldscs have kept the name of the" filthy weed in the harness horse game. The present brilliant pacing son of Single G, Dick Reynolds, is named after young Dick Reynolds of tobacco millions. The Tobacco Triangle But these ventures into sport have been mere nibbles compared to the present venture, for tobacco has quite definitely thrown its hat into the arena of intorcollcgiate football, the biggest hag leaguer of them all. The greatest of college games now has a tobacco triangle composed of Duke. North Carolina, and North Carolina State, institutions situated within a radius of 25 miles in the northeastern part of the Tar Heel state. Wealthy Duke University launched the tobacco trjanale in 1930 by importing Wallace Wade. The latter, an organizer, knows his formations from Brown to Alabama and back again. As was anticipated, he, lost no time in skyrocketing the Durham school into a national figure on the chalk lines. Americas "Oxford" was edged out only by Georgia Tech—in its final came—last year. Now. North Carolina State and Carolina did not begrudge their neighbor its widespread fame, but no good tobacco man is going to sit still and watch his school get whipped by another tobacco man's varsity even it the difcrence is but a single touch- 12c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecting government 12-cent loans are here, and we ore now prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this constructive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largnst and most influential planters m the Hope territory "for that unusual length of time; and those who an- i/patc placing their cotton in 12-cenl government loans can be assured of this most satisfactory attcntion. Furthermore, they will find it to their decided advantage to arrange their loans through our firm. Respectfully, E. C. BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants 3 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas Saturday Specials PRODUCE SPECIALS Turnips and Tops, bunch 9c Yams-Bibs 10c White Potatoes-10 Ib 25c APPLES, Doz. 15c TOMATOTES,31b. 25c LEMONS, Doz. 15c GRAPES, Tokays 3 Ib. 25c CELERY, Jumbo 10c Yellow Soap, "It's 0. K. Bars Blue Mountain Glassware 1 OATS—Large Size Heinzs Assorted Soups 3 Cans 25c Oceclar, Wax and Applier All For 89c Norwine's Leader COFFEE—3 Lb. Bag. 55c JELL-WELL Gelatin Desert~8 Flavors-pkg. 5c TABLE SALT 3 Boxes 10c B R 0 0 M S Each 29c SWEEET POTATOES 2 No. 2V., Cans 29c Bulk MACARONI or SPAGHETTI—Lb 10c A FEW OF OUR MANY MARKET SPECIALS CURED HAM Center Sliced OGiTO JIalf " r Whole 1 Qp I \f V I'ouiid Pound -CALF LIVER Sliced—Pound 10c SAUSAGE or LOAF MEAT Lb. 25c BEEF ROAST Or STEAK Pounds FRANKS Or BOLOGNA 2 Pouncls 19c FANCY K. C. BEEF COMPLETE LINE OF SALT AND FRESH WATER FISH—HENS AND FRYERS CHOICE NATIVE BEEF Home Operated Weds in Haste, Repents Rapidly Cardinals Pull Up Within Half Game They Play C i n c i n 11 a t i Again Friday While Giants Are Idle ST. LOUIS, Mo.-iy'i')--- The Cardin- nls whittled the New Ycrl< Giiints' National LcaRiic lead down to it mere half fiamc Thursday hy defe;\litif, f the lust-place Cincinnati Reds. $ to 5, in a game which snw very little haschall of champonship caliber. Tlic Giants, who had an open date, were unable to defend their lead. As a result of this combination of affairs in the keenest championship race in the circuit in years, the Cards have an opportunity to tie for the lead ridny, when they play the Red.? nBaiii and New York has another day of idleness. That would put. the ultimate decision, when they both gel into action auain, the Giants facing Brooklyn and the Curds still encountering Cincinnati. A "blow-up" by Gordon SUule, Cincinnati shortstop, right at the start was the deciding factor in Thursday's struggle. The first three plays in the Cardinal half of the opening inning went his way and he made errors on all three. That gave St. Tiouis its first run and upset Paul Derringer so that lie yielded three hits and the Cards had five runs before the inning ended. The rest of the way they had n fight on their hands to protect that lead as 13111 Walker wilted under n Cincinnati nt- lack in the fifth and sixth innings and finally was removed when the Heds stopped just one run short of a tic. At this danger point the Cards came through with a counter-assault against Si Johnson which netted three tallies, the last on Joe Mcdwick's 17th homer of the t-eason, and settled the ball game. In all, four pitchers worked for the Reds and limited St. Louis to seven hits, all but one of which figured in (lie scoring. The Hcds belted Walker, Diwy Vance and Tex Carlton for 1.1 less effective blows. BellTchapel A large crowd attended church here Sunday night. Mrs. Carter and Mrs, Murray of Delight spent the week-end with Mrs. H. F. Tate. Mr. and Mrs. George Ross of Minn-al Springs were Saturday guests of Vfr. and Mrs. Melton White. Mr. Carlton Kulsom made a business !ri pto Prcscott Friday. I Mrs. Jack Foster and children of Blcvins spent Thursday night with ( Mrs. Ira Brooks . Mr. and Mrs. Frank Honcti of Prcs- cott called on Mrs. da Wood Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Shackclford spent Sunday in Nashville. Mr. Dale Parker of Hope visited relatives here Friday. Mr. and Mrs. Will White of Prcs- cott were visiting relatives of this place Sunday afternoon. Mr. Guy Talc has gone to his school at New Liberty. Mrs. Edgar Levcrellc and daughters O*cll nml Rcbn Spent Sunday afternoon with Mrs. Lon Wood. Mrs. Will Cumming.t was the guest of Mrs. Delln McCnskill Thursday. In 192!), there wore 1,035,847 golf balls, valued nt more than $6,444,727, manufactured in this country, A Serbian sculptor hns perfected a fire and water-proof brick made chiefly from paper. The oldest assembly In the world Is thought to bo the Welsh bardic congress, the Eisteddfod. It has been estimated that the millionaires of the world have increased 600 per cent since 1923, It costs London more tiirm $70 a week to maintain each b^d In its smallpox hospital, and $25 to main* tain each bed in its fever hospital. Women Prefer This Laxative Nttdlng taxativts mpro d?ttn, women prc* ftr delldnus Fecn-n-mint, tht chowinft Rum Uittive. It tlistrihuif.i its la;;atlv« ingredient by chewinR, morf unifornly into the ftyatcnl, thui giving * morn nmur.il and compUra •ction that n not harsh on d«lieato organs. Dtlldous Fr*n-*-minr contains a laxative In* frtdient regularly prescribed by phviidanfl. It eontiini no richness lo "fjset stomach 'or ditt. Drlay is dangcrmifl. Today get hack on schedule and stay there. Chew non-habit forming Feen-a-mint for constipation. ALL OVER THE WORLD . Two wi.-i'hs' courtship, limrlieou at Agna Calicntc, MeX., marriage on the spur of the moment, annulment two months . later in ;i San Francisco court. So reads the recent history of .fchiimu! f Havens - MonteagU', above, of n Han Francisco society family, who has won her freedom from John li. Mascliio, Hollywood booking agent. down, which was Duke's margin over State in 1333. The Other Two Points Dick Reynolds, a graduate of the scat of learning at Raleigh, is said to have heard the call of his alma mater following last season's reverse. Hunk Anderson suddenly appeared from old Notre Dame, and it became generally known that prospective material would not be discouraged. Suggestion gradually wafted up to I old Chapel Hill, until the echo of its reached the ears of no less a person- the corridors of staid North Carolina, ' conservative since 1789. ' North Carolina bowed to Duke, 21 to 0, last season. That wouldn't do, i and it is reported that the echoes reachel the cars of no less a person- ( age than Alumnus Liggett of Liggett , and Myers. j Carl Snavcly, talented coach of Buckncll, consented to change his affiliations. Thus a tobacco war is to be waged | on the gridiron, and one will hear more and more of the state of North Carolina each fall. This is assuredly a lovely thing for football, and suggests that some stray millionaire alumnus, with a penchant for some- ; thing besides beautiful buildings, . come to the aid of Yale. GLORIFYING YOURSELF ^f By Alicia Hart Enough Rest Essential to Beauty A successful actress whom I know attributes a great deal of her beauty to enough sleep and rest. There was j a time, she admits, when she tried to ' keep going on about five hours sleep , a night. But she found herself he- i coming more tired physically and soon rcali/.cd thai her nerves were gelling: the best of her. | She became disagreeable and irritable, lost her temper on tin.- slightest , provocation and was in a constant stale of unrcsl. A.s a result, small lines appeared around her mouth and circles began to show under her eyes. This would never do. Not only her | beauty but her entire career was at I stake. So, although it took a good deal of will power, the actress cut flown her working and playing schedules, leav- in eight free hours in which to sleep every night. Within a month she was less nervous mid tired. After two months the lines had disappeared. She looked five years younger and had ; regained llie charming nature for which she is famous. Any woman who wants to be at- Iraclive mentally, physically and socially should realize that an adequate amount of sleep (the average person need:-; eight hours a night) is the best beauty treatment she can give her- j self. No amount of creams and lotions can make up for loss of it. Sleep in a flat-surfaced bed—not too soft or too bard—without a pillow and with the windows open. If you're troubled with insomnia, don't lie there and fret. Get up and read until you arc sleepy. However, before reach- , ing for a book you might Iry lliink- ' ing about and visuali/.ing black velvet. Put everything eke out of your mind and simply see bolt after bolt of the sleek black fabric. It often docs the trick. No harm in trying anyway. Austria is expecting another Nax.i putsch iinc.l is preparing to thwart it. Hitler has been silent too long. Haitian delegate tells League of Nations President Roosevelt's political roadway leads to Gencvt. It's been so bumpy at the start, how could he ever get there? The kindblrd chases hawks, crows, £nd even eagles, but il will flee from I the cittack of the humming bird. DIXIE'S OWN SHOW NEW BIG V WJLO ^S TIN EDWARDS MARVELOUS MILITARY (CUE PHAIMTS GREATEST OF ALL TRAINED PACHYDERMS RETAINING CELEBRATED ORIGINAL, " 'KOIAR* COMEDY • ELEPHANT ACTORS NEW ONSOUOATIOM MOW FULLY TWICE AROER THAW BEFORE . Oct. 3rd Show Grounds WestAveB 57 STEEL CARS 57 250 PEOPLE 250 CLOWNS 20 Big Double Minstrel Show 2 Bands White and Colored 2 (J Acres of Tents 6 3 Herds of Performing Elephants 3 Featuring Miss Vates Lola Movie Star Admission Children . 25c Adults 40c n i in mi M MM inn in mi l ii II11 inn nun nun in Press Courtesy Ticket Clip this out and bring to Circus. This Coupon and lOc service fee will admit one child 16 years or under, or this Coupon and^Sc service fee will admit one adult. Good afternoon or night to Schell Bros. Circus. GRAPES, Extra Fancy Tokay—2 Lb 15c APPLES, Jonothan—Pound • 5c ORANGES, California Fancy—Dozen .35c BANANAS, Yellow Ripe—3 Lb 19c CRANBERRIES—Pound 19c CARROTS-BEETS—Bunch 5c CELERY, Extra Fancy—Stalk lOc ONIONS, Yellow Globe—6 Lb 20c GINGER SNAPS—Pound lOc CABBAGE, Fancy Green—Lb 2'/ 2 c FANCY TOMATOES—Pound lOc Hand Packed No. 2 TOMATOTES 25c Cans Standard No. 2 3 COR Cal18 MILK, Country Club—Tall—3 for 17c FLAVORING, Vanilla—8 oz. Bottle 19c CAMAY SOAP—3 Bars 14c Avondale No. 2>/ 2 In Syrup PEACHES 2 Cans 29c WESCO CRACKERS Lb. Box TWINKLE, Any Flavor—4 pkgs 15c SALMONS, Chum, Can lOc MUSTARD—Quart Jar lOc OLIVES, 16 oz. Jap Plain 21c MARSHMALLOWS, Cello—1 Pound 15c GINGER ALE, LIME RICKEY, Bottle lOc PEACHES, Dried—Pound I5c APPLS, Dried—Pound -I5c SUGAR-PureCane 10 Ib. 51 c PICKLES, Sour or Dill—Quart 15c RICE, Blue Rose—3 Lb 17c SOAP, O. K. Yellow—7 Bars 25c COFFEE, Jewel—Pound 21c Q ality Meats RIB CHOPS, Lb. . No. 7 ROAST, Lb.. STEAKS, Lb VEAL BRICK CHEESE STEAKS, Choice K. C.-Lb, Sliced BACON BRICK CHILI Pork SAUSAGE Fresh OYSTERS Bologna and Franks-2 Ibs. Prime Rib Rolled BACON BUFFALO Jresh Sliced-Lb. l*ry iSftll iH6<ilBe.sl Grade, No Stags HI- Cnlls-UJ. -8'/ 2 c ..lOc WISCONSIN—I'OUNI) DECKER'S KiiKiir C'uicd—I ItKST CKAI loo',;. PUKE—i' 1 rilYING .SI/K-I'INT No lioiu; HI- Wiistr—I.I!. FANCY I'LATTKK SLICKU-MJ. 2 0 1 2 Hope St WANT ADS Phone 768

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