Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 16
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 16

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1952
Page 16
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r I s T A** , « o f i, A* , July 17,1954 ft HmH B« ta Offiet tw Before t.09 1,90 1.38 1.50 A** FihMrtiifa • §* nr* fufuvm In wm N Accepted iHewtrf WHh TNa Atteuftt li Pay. IW li wftdefed, Thfee Bit One D*9» Day* Mont ,00 1,50 4.IM • l.BO J.OO O.OC 1,90 2.M 7,!H 1,10 9,00 8.0 8,10 150 10,0 8.40 4.00 12.00 3.70 4,90 11M 9.00 0,00 Ifl.Of 55IFI6D DISPLAY titti* ...,„. 78c par Inch i * jn|( ,.»•»,„„,.,,.... 806 per Inch llPJTiel'„..„.., ., BOo per Inch tjoetad obovt en lot ton- InMrttwu, Irrtputof or «tup- I Will fefc* tht oiWMtoy rot*. 1ly jfloiMfltd odvftfffDrta copy -^WM unill » p.m. fv he (oiiowino day. '"•" rntrve «M right f» adwftlwmwiti of« oilon end lo r»|*tt ila odv»r lining *ut>- . ena or mot* lotto, flpurw «uch 01 heutw nurnbm count nt or* ,- - ~ rOr Will riwi D4 fttpQft* erren in went AIM uni** " "1M*d to our otldnlion . Inwfllon of od o»w ONLY th« ONE Incorrttl '"* ^PHofif 7-3431 >I*E STAR II, tvtty w*«kday ofumoon by Al,tfUlMlMlN« CO. '*" Mlttr * M«n*ilni mir, Mtih. I n 'MMN «Un mmitf •« OHItt tit MM*, AfliKinii, At( tf M*N* 1, U»7. »r Rot«i (poyobl* In od- ln Hiipa ond Mlghbor- .28 ' main in H*mpit»ud, Nivorlo, 11*, Howard, wrt MHItr court. .19 1.60 2.60 4,60 , ttt ilhi „. UO 329 u.'oo <|tl( "AdVtftHlna H»pi«wniollv«u I PaHH»i, IMC,; 16091 M«rlck ' 'ill 1 Tenn«-M» N. OKI : !, Mich.) Oty a, Of th« ijj tb ttu OfcA for • »T F»*» »*ww iwi i w r «n-]^wiimi loc«l rwwi prmttd in Ihli 01 < will 01 all AP n«wt WanUd ejipirienc«a waUreu, Good y, See Ura. Curroll, Dla- 1 Cute, aa-TF For Rtnt 3 ROOM unfurnshed Private cntrnnce«. AHlc ion rocnn CJrdvn Aparlmonti. Din 7-JM7I. IZ-flt room unftirnl»hort npnrt mont. Aide fan. Hiilll.lnn. 1.118 BouIh Mnln uticct. $47.50. THnEE room tinfiirnlnhMJ Mti'fit*. UpAtnlrn nnd downtdnlm. $20 nnd »M. 202 W«>»t 13th »trt«et TIIKKK room unfurnlihm) «pnrt- incut*, Attic form. I3I» South Mnln Htrwt «'nd lifil Rn»t Third Mri-i't. $;(S.(>0 to $40,00, HKAU'Y COMPANY 10B K, and T«I|. 7-W«l 1(5-31 FHONT bodrcHim. Within OIIP block «f Mnrlow Motol, Kltrhon prlvl- lo«i'» If desired. Phone- 7'2HS. I.V«t IIOOM dupli'x with Uiick |iorch M" window fnri, Ni>wly rcdccor- nttMl. 410 Nrirlh Kim, Phono MK.IK fmnlnhcd 3 room npnrl- HtHit. Upmnlm, Prlvnlo bulb, Will 7-3174. irt.;u HOOM ftirnlKhcd npimmimt, nuia Ul Sou lit Ftillon. Phono ROOM fiirnlnlu'd hou*«. Apply MiddlebrooU/i Qrnvery, Phono 7-3701. , fl . flt APAHTMKNT. »2« par month. NlBht Phone 7-3003, Dny Phono 7-2I7S, W«do Wnrren. ifl.flt X. prit dour "noirtliTf ""'tho Kroger Iluildln«, Phono 7-34BI.' 17-3t tt.W, Pnrnkeel ffoiti 50r nut Street, Prwott, AH«inn(i*, Phono Cli'iii'uo Tent, nt :uu Won fed fro Buy lldi'lKHT nrlcpH p'ald f^r'luimf. Brown prmluvo, TIU-IIOI-'H Uroccry A Murkol. Wont Third. ift.tu Yankee RS~~ Again Haunts «Bll»-y > Apply n\au> Cafe. H«tf ) «tw»dy womon IWWk. OlHHl (,. ,, .. rt ,. f JDIamoud Cufo, I l«-tf '•' ttv, RALPH ROOKN •AP SPORTS WRITER Tim Yankee Studlutn, (ifa f Uiivetund penn«n( di'Jvo* In the nut, in hMuntiiiH the Indlnns once An In. Clovolnmt stoi-lled the ba*ehnll orlrt by wlrinln« It* firm three mv» In th« home of the New ork Yuitkttoy IhU ye«r. This nN Hint nuitched their victory total or thtt pi-evlous two nt'asons, dur- <R which they mnnnMod to win lily five of 17 »nm»>s In tho tuttim* «(U HutH UullU Hut Clevelnnd'n dromvti of a iiippy huntlntt ground in Dm Sin- ttlum were rudely tdinttcivd yen- tei-dny, Tho Indian* wijtsod u brll- linnl ouportunHy to -vtrUuilly tie the Y«nk» for first plttco by drop- |»ln« built endii (if « donbloheader, «-V In 10 innlnKi and 7-4. The flve-Kmno nerleii will be todtiy with a twl-nluht Political Announcements The flur li authoriced to announce the! the following are oindMate* lor public office eubject to the action of the Democratic primary election*: For Tax Aeteeior CRIT STUART OUT OF DOORS with for Circuit CHrfc OARRETT WILLIS A> IB "W HUTSOMf For Reprtitntetlve TALBQT FEILD JR. For County Judge CLAUD H. BUTTON y, g. ciAiinETT FIIKD A. I,UCK for 0H«rirr C. COOK For Alderman Ward 1 JOE BIUTT R. C. (Bob) DANIELS JOK JOUE8 For Alderman Ward I FRED JOHNSON DWIOHT UfDQDILL J'AUt, RALKY PAT UUKFIK For Alderman Ward I " State 8«nau TOM J. 8IL.VEY ZLP 1 CROW ._. Chancellor (PIrat Dlvltlon. 0th DUtrlot) WKSl.KY ilOWARJ) A. l». STKKL Far Congrei* OH KM MF AMERICAN LEAGUE New York ^Irvcland Chic u no l'lilliuU'l|>lilu St. KntilM fv troii W I. Pet. Cin 51 32 ,nn -17 ,'iv .MO •!' . .,VH fl ,S4(I 0 .a:io 7 .474 IPj .400 HI ,:a"> y.\ 40 ;iv 47 40 .H ;ni !HI 40 ;|| 51 M so WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS New York 11-7 ek'voliimt 7--I, first Kitme 10 liinlnus .loston 7 ChlcnKo 3 Ik troll 0 Washington U St, l.ouls »t Philadelphia, double- homier postponed rain NATIONAL LEAGUE ilrtxiklyn 'w York »'• I .dills CInvlnnntt lltsbui nil W I. ,M aa \ ,ia 2U 48 aft 44 40 40 43 as 4« 33 4» 23 (H Pel. ,714 .(Ha .,WH .5^4 ,.)HB .422 .417 .204 . OU ft H i j U'. a 17'>> 23 " M'.i 37 ForSoU UOO PIANOS me4t ITS, to §top m s. .' n-lm UUtioii Mink, L,<«wlr«, wis 9-151 room *ulto*i »y»ai«i boater. Cheap, """ r, ttOl K. Third »lte at KIM ' : t»*;¥iK; f, ,;. ^,^, J . Wynn opened tho eerie* rw*d«y night by pitching the In- diHns to u 7-3 victory, Thut etit the yanks' lettd to 2!^ ««nu»s, A sweep Vvnterduy would have pulled the Indluim to within H h«lf if«»»« -•••• eert«lnly would have demornl- WEDNESDAY'S RESULTS .'i»Ho a Iloslon a, fa innlnns Phllndelphiu 8 PlltNburKh 7 New York a St. Louls7. 10 Innings Brooklyn 3 Chu'itmntl ;i COTTON STATES LEAQUE Pel .831 .851 '.518 .518 .500: .300 NitU-he* looomvoort Monroe Pine Ulviff El Dorado S8 31 50 30 44 40 43 40 43 40 43 42 32 30 aa 57 Lust Night's Results Meridian 0, Greunvlllu 1 Notches 2, Greenwood 1 Monroe at Hot Sprintss tppd i Kl Doriulo at Pine Uluf SOUTHERN ASSOCIATION Logo I NoHce .40TICt""fo BIDOBR8 POWKR PUNT IMPROVRMCNT6 FOR THE CITY OP HOPE, ARKANIA8 proposals will bo r«e«lv«<l w H wuofflct> of «>« City Clf rk. City JitUl, Httpe, Arkniiaun,, until 7:00 P. M. o'clock Centrnl Standard Vlnu>. wt IVeiday, Jvtly 89, ttt82, at which time proposnls will pubU«ly opvnod and rend aloud, for! Contract No. 3 — S\yttch««ar AH .equipment, material, and labor must b« in accordance with *!>» SBeeUioatiww on «l« with the City Cl«rk, City Hall, Ho»«, Ai- and in the «ttic« 6( the McDonnell .,*£niin«eriitg ' J*«» and Troo»l <*. O, >. Kaiua* City 8, Mi*wuri, of the Ct»»tr*«t Oocumenu to Blddm, m»iri&ttda» to |*dd»M. Propowl FOrm.^Cotitract Form, Bond Forms, Regulation* ol the Cttntraet, and Detailed Sp»W> it desli-ed tor Wd<ilni( pui- may be obtained Iram tlu- 8ur»>» A wrttfled crek on a 0 / *« W<1 bttftl * *" 1 «» lo Qv* |>erc«nt (J^t) of the ot fee Wd iwwt ac- wtch proposal withdi-W his bid Atlanta chutlunoona NIVV Orioaiu Mubllc Nashvlllo Hiriuli\nlu>i\> Motnphis l.ittlc Hock W L 52 41 JMj .35UI the Uombi'rs but instead the Indians were sent reeling 4i a jjames off the pave. The Yanks wert» forced to come from behind to win the opener. You! Berra tied the score at 7-7 in the eighth timing with a two-run homer, his 30th of the season, »md Hunk lljuier broke it up by slngliiiK home rvmkie Kal Semrist from second base in the JOth, The Yanks won the nightcap with a four-run rally la the seventh a^ulivst Bab Keller, Gil 14cD«ui>- uld's ihree-riu» homer was Ihe bit; blow of ihe rally. The defeats also endangered Cleveland's grip on second pluvo as the third-place Boston Red Son defeated the Chicago White Sox, 7-3, to move to within a hulf earn- of tt»c Tribe. Leixy Mel Parnell scattered nine Chicago hiu as be coasted to his seventh victory. Southpaw BUI Wilht pitched the Detroit Tiger* to a «M> vicio»-y overi W»shiiM;to4» to toe wily other Amwictiu p»i«u« g»i«e. While the Sajt|>t4M^ to fow hits whUe »i Breaking the Backtracking Habit By JOE STETSON Dog Editor ".lust hfyi'iid that onk to the riKlit," I crtllcd, pointing so that J.-M k could »i>ot the linp "Oo ovi-r slowly mid call !li(? pup tnwnrd you riot Itnlstciitly hul so thnt l»> v.'«rks his way over. If hi; doesn't tome vviilk in, pick him up nrid carry him over to Ihc new lln/v" Itncklrncklnu wiis th>- problem fnclnu ,7»rk. I If had a v,ery prom- i»ltii! pup In Uownbciit —• develop- IMM nicely but suddenly ttoken I" runnliiR the line In revernc. Jink iviinted \n know how to break thin liiiblt. As a h.-iektrtn-kliiK don If. iiM-looi niul n« I would he free UK- next Snturday. we had agreed to liickle the Job loKdhcr. Kven id.' most eiilliusinslic doRs ciui i(et into u burklrackinu hiihlt ftnd they c;in Inive Kood noses too. H'H ii iniitler of not knowing thnt n new line etui he found some- 1 whei c whenever n check I* overrun. | A.s nil riibbil hunterx find most (•(ireful observers of bunny behtiv- ior know, n nil*jll Is not hnrd ; pn-H-ird by » betiglc — beH«lo ti(-M beiiiK kept within such limits us! will not Ui.Mi/ouniHo a riibblt from' elrelinn In HH home territory. ] A rjiliblt scurrios off on u Ibie i niul nrtci building up Texarkona Juniors at Park Tonight Tho American Legion Juniors will |il;iy ho.-t to the Texurkann. Juninr I .OR ion baseball team to riUht in Hope's Fair pnrk, tho giiniv .stni tin 1 .', nl 8 o'clock. Dale ./on' s will probably pitch for tiu> lue:;il-'. tt-rintf frantically trying to unravel the mystery, .but too far out, Ho was too interested to be persuaded by voice, so Jack went over to him, picked him up gently ,-md put him on the line. The frustrated whining immediately changed to n couplo of ecstatic chops and a long falsetto wail as he set out to run the new line down. » "It Idn't always easy," I sa i(j us we joined the pursuit, "but quick lead - u ,,i of it hundred yards or no, squats ! " '" ly!i Rooc ' dividends. Soon he'll mid Ilitlcnx. As the pursuers ap-' lin " w ' 1|1L>1 ' 1 pi'dai'li, the rabbf (ingle on another This iitopping and taking off In Unions. As the pursuers' ap-i lin " w ' thc ''e is a new line to locate rabbit takes off at an i n " cl hc> " lo " rn Ilot t( > stay in close on another line. when he lias overrun the old line It's like everything else. You need enthusiasm, but there's no substitute for experience." nnother direction constitutes a "check.'" Uo«s running the line overrun the chock and failing to find the new lino either lose the Irail altogether or run tho old line linck. In breaking the backtracking Baseball wnteh Juibit ii is important to ahead and see where the rabbit has slopped and where the new line has been established. This requires some Hi-illty. careful observation and a bit of luck thrown in. Pnietlei,' Is very helpful and ohltlmi-rs eiin ofleiuimes outnuess a rabbit beeau.se of their knowledge of rabbit behavior. Jack moved quietly over to the new line I'd while I .stood old line to intercept the IJOK if he started runnlnu It back. seen ihe bunny run ten feet back on the By The Associated Press PACIFIC COAST LEAGUE Hollywood H-g San Diee.o ()-:> Oakland 5-2 .Seattle ;M San Francisco ;i Sacramento 2 Portland 3 Los Ari«ele.s 2 INTERNATIONAL LEAGUE Rochester 5 Montreal ;i Toronto n Ottawa (I liulTalij 10 Sprinjifiekl 2 Syracuse al lialtimore, postponed AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Indianapolis a St. Paul 1 Minneapolis 12 Milwaukee fl Only Kames scheduled TEXAS LEAGUE Tulsa (1 San Antonio 4 Sports in Brief By The Associated Press GOLF OF.NVKR Hill Parker, Tulsii. Oklii,. tii)'h school senior, clefeiiled I.. M. C'l .-ninell Jr., defending chum plfii. :t .ir,d 2. in first round of Tr;ms-M!>.si^.'-ip|)i. WINMI'KC; - Skoo nicffel, Till;n; Johnny Tnhner of Badln, N. C'., imd Sinn Leonard of Vancouver shot (ill's to lead after | holes of C'iinaiii;in Open. TENNIS INDIANAPOLIS — Don Candy of AuMr,ili;i was upset by iGrant Golden of Chicago in third round of the Western Tournament. OLYMPICS HELSINKI — Avery Brimdnge of Chic;i«n was elected president of the International Olympic Committee. TAMPKRE, Finland — Italy eliminated the United Slates 0-0 in the (nullifying round of the soccer tournament. BASEBALL CINCINNATI — Reds' catcher Andy Seminick broke a 52-year-old National League record by making three ei rors in one inning against Brooklyn. RACING CHICAGO - Real Delight ($3.40) won Modesty Stakes at Arlington Park for her seventh straight victory. *• , • - " »*»iii miLiMiii' t Meanwhile Downbeat was quar-. Other «ame.s postponed Men, Women! Old at 40,50,60! Get Pep Feel Years Younger, Full of Vim Don't l.l:inn- i.\ti;iiistf,l. \v..ni-niit, nin-ihiwii (efllui; mi ;. .mr ;mr 'l ii.iii-.ituls i.tmucd at \viiin a hitlu lii'PI'iiin up wlili iMri-i IIII.H iluiio. C' .ilnn innli: nil,'ii iicmlnl alHT 4il - liy hmlli'i ,,1,1 ju»i I.HMUMI 1,,,-Slrii Iri.n; »!..,> (,IIUI<||H Huiiplrnioniury (loses iMli'liiin. pliii<|ili,iriii. V ...iniii n, Why trrl ( ,|,|: Iry o.-iri-c 'ri.uli- 'l:,lili'l» 1,1 dvl |ii-ii|iy. VUIIIIKIY, i-iiUiv 't'ri:,l .^i/.c ,,,HI^ iinii- drSAVl: MO\I:Y-- lifl n-nillar -:| 10 >Uo nlily '.IS^ l',,r .'/111 lilwr u.ivllitfs u^U In sf« lariil! luipulur "Krolminy" sl/.u At all drug stores everywhere— in Hope, at Cox Drug. Saturday Specials CLOSE OUT —ALL SUMMER SHEER DRESS MATERIAL AGAIN FIRST QUALITY 51 Gauge 15 Denier NYLON HOSE Sjl 41 .530|| 50 4t) .5UI 40 41) .404 43 50 .4t!U 41 53 ,430 3» 52 ,4^2 Last NlghU Rnultt AlUmtii a, Utrminijham 1 Chuttunoogii U, Nashville .1 Little Hock nt Memphis (H tain Mobile ut New Orleans i2> ppd- i a til 5Oc Yard 84 to 11 67c Pair LADIES SUMMER PURSES Reduced to Clear BOYS' 8 OZ. Sanforized Shrunk BLUE OVERALL JEANS 4 to 12 Few-Pair Men's Pair A 'SPECIAL BUY LADIES RAYQN MESH REDUCED TO SELL MEN'S COTTON CRINKLE CREPE PAN11ES I SPORT SHIRTS Small Medium SMARTS SPECIALS HUNTS No. 21 Con PEACHES Limit 2 Cans to Customer BANANAS YELLOW RIPE Lbs. 25c ADMIRATION 1 Lb. Pkg. COFFEE LEMONS California Doz. LIPTONS TE 1/4 Lb. Pkg. KOOL AID ALL FLAVORS Pkgs. SNOW DRIFT 3 Lb. Can SHORTENING With Coupon Worth 25c Inside MEADOW GOLD Makes 1 Quart POWDERED MILK BUY ALL YOU WANT POTTED MEAT Per Can POCKET COMBS Reg 10G0 ^v 5i MIRACLE WHIP Quart SALAD DRESSING CHILDS tsr RAZOR BLADES 3 '/4OIL ^ Can i SARDINES ARMOURS DEXTER SLICED Lb. BACON SUN VALLEY MARGARINE •;te GOOD GRADE BOLOGNA HOOP CHEESE 45 Fresh Dressed —Tender U.'S. INSPECTED Lb. FRYERS 55 PRICES GOOO FtlPAY AND SATURDAY HOPE STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS .Eisenhower's Explained By JAMES MARLOW WASHINGTON I*— One of the Lbast labor-saving devices in the |fiefd of ideos is to settle for a l! single answer as the only answer Ito n complex problem. It has been [-tried In explaining Gen. Eisenhower's victory. But there were more • GLIB BARTON for Attorney General • Has more experience than all his opponents combined. • • Endorsed 10(Kr nt Home by lawyers and judges! Pol. Adv. Paid by Paul Johnson, Monticello. than one at work in Chicago. For example, il has been said Eisenhower's win was the triumph of the internntinnnlist over tho isolationist win« of tho Kepnblican party. Isolationism versus inter-! n;ttimiitlism was certainly an olr-| nuMit in the delegates' thinkniR but surely not the only one I Although Son. Tnft rlenie, bom" - h " " 1 PRESCOTT NEWS Thursday, July 17 j The I'l-csriiit Kiwanls Club will' ui-t ;it (5:15 for its weekly tlin-j .i i IIH I'tinij. 1 | meaning -2m Friday, July 18 The Victory HD Club will nieot on Friday atlernoon In the home 01' Mrs. Hi.y l.oomis at 2:30 p.m. •.ivon I))' J. W. Cirimrs, (ii-onp singing was also enjoyed durinK the evening. The next supper will be held on ihe lawn of Mr. and Mrs. George Green. h.-isl .. v H iory was th • t-mph of the younger win;, ,','f tho party over the Old Guard. At Chi ca^o it was. Whether it's a permanent triumph will be shown in Congress next year if the Republicans win a majority of the seat.s But there were other, and important, (forces working in Chicago: a largo chunk of personal stilf-interest among the delegates themselves; morality; some smart political tactics and sonic wretched ones; perhaps sonic symbolism; and faith; and hate. It is possible a majority of tho CLIAN-SMIUINO GU A* ANTE ! D 12 01. CAN REPHANS : SPECIAL SALE: LADIES SHEER SUMMER DRESSES Regular 6.98 values. ; SPECIAL SALE: Ladies & Children's BATH ING SUITS Real values. Now OFF ^SPECIAL SALE: Dimity & Batiste PIECE GOODS Beautiful patterns. Regular 59c values. I SPECIAL SALE LADIES SUMMER SANDALS Cool Flatties for hot weather wear. Victory H D Club Has Family Night Air. and Mrs. Jot ty Jo and Joey nl are visilinx Mrs. Loveless, Arlinuton. Loveless' Members of tin- Victory Home Demonstration Club entertained with a Family Night picnic supper on Kriiliiy evening on the lawn 01 Mr. and Mrs. Nat Wooslry. i The sixty present wore seated at small tnbU's.. The invocation was I 1.2MS delet',alns :u-tnnlly preferred! Tr.lt. who lias been n lonstlme; party failhftil. to Kisenhower. who; is a Johnny-ro!\ie.-lati:l,y in Kepiib- lican nolilles. beenitse a majority, in:-,;- 'nave fult closer to the senator's thinkni!.: than to tlio KIVI-^ eral's. ! Hut for many of the clelouales— ', those holding city or state offices' or lonltiiiL; for them 'his year--, then- was a practical problem: ' which, Taft or Eisenhower, seemed! to have the bolter chance; of win-j nini> in November. Tin." answer v was; important to tho delegates with a i-'tako in jobs, for a Republican swee]) would carry thorn in, a' Democratic sweep might knock them out. And the public opinion polls, plus Kisonhowcr's showing in tho primaries, indicated he had a lively chance of winning. So it's possible n lot of delegates who may have preferred Taft, personally, voted for Eisenhower. Mr. and Mrs. W. nld also Mrs. Walter of Washington. 1). Bel- Vn.. par- Me Itn- iin- di-iiu ither daughter of the McOouttulds is visilinR here. Their friends will remember them as the former Misses Gladys and Ueteh Me- Kefauver May Use Tactics of Eisenhower By JACK MCDONALD WASHINGTON (fl — The sue cessfui tnetles used by Dwlght D, Eisenhower's supporters In winning the Republican presidential nomination for the general may bi influcnelnK the bnckers of Sen. Ksles Krf;mvpr of Tennessee In his quest for the Democratic itoml- marvelous I Mr. and Mrs. Wilhuni Willis and sen. Glenn, have returned from i\ 2 weeks' visit with her parents, Mr. nnd Mis. H. C). Barber in .Shieveport nnd in Grand Prairie, Texas, where they were the RUests ol Mr. Mrs. Charles Willis. There appear to be four in Manees of successful Ike moves which are cropping up In Kefauver maneuvers: 1. The appeal for support from party governors, 2. The protest njjalnsl alleged control over the conventions by an opponent's "machine." •A. The plea for full radio and TV cover.igi of the conventions and U. S. CHOICE HEAVY CAW tin ir important side meetings, 4. The charge of Illegal moves Mrs. V. I. Wnrlham and Miss to u in drletiatvB. Dorothy Wortham were the Sunday I. Tennessee Gov. Gordon Brown quests of Mr. and Mrs. I.. L. UiKinj;, who will nominate Kefauver, ehanan. j h;.s wited all Democratic' governors, soliciting their support In a Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hallom, Jr.' and daughters. Caroline and Patricia, spent, the weekend in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Gus Warren and daughters. Hita and Peggy, have returned from a visit In Hot Springs and Magnolia. Mary Buchanan and Johnny I.angley have returned from Siloam Springs where they attended the Baptist Assembly, free, unlrammeled Miss GenevieVe spent the; last two King, who has weeks in Little drive lor a convention." Gael Sullivan, Kefauver's mana- fier. has charged that backers of unnamed Democratic candidates were trying to gang up and stop Kefauver — a "machine" in the form of a coalition. Sullh'an has urged that all meetings be open to radio and TV us well as the press. The Kefauver delegate issue was raised by his camp's report that someone Is trying lo bribe awuy i some of Kefauver's California dele- T-BOHE STEAK lb.99c U. S. CHOICE HEAVY CALf SIRLOIN STEAK U. S. CHOICE HEAVY CALF SHORT RIBS Ib. 47c DECKERS TALL KORN SLICED BACON lb.45c AND SAVE NOW!! SPECIAL SALE! \ MEN'S COOL DRESS SLACKS Regular 6.98 values ^SPECIAL SALE! CHILDREN'S PRINT DRESSES Size 1 to 6X. Regular $1.49 and $1.98 values SPECIAL SALE MEN'S COOL DRESS STRAWS These arc regular 1.98 values. Now ; SPECIAL SALE BOXER STYLE SHORTS Little tots shorts in stripes* with elastic waist. SHOP AND SAVE REPHAN'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE VI^WF ^^^p^ f MffW4 P^p^t Top Radio Programs NEW YORK 1*1 Topics tonight: NBC — 7 A Life in Your Hands; 7:30 The Chase; a Dragnet; U:30 ounle.r Spy; 9 Night Beat. CBS — 7 Mr. Keon; 7:30 FHI n Peaep and War; Mr. Chame- eon; ll::»0 Sieve Allen; !):0n Danec Variety. ABC' — 7:30 nefen.se Attorney; Amateur Show; i):HO Dance Mu ie. MMS — 7 Ja/7. Noeturne; 7:30 Manly Family. U:05 Hod and CJun Club. SMOKED SLAB BACON •YTHE PIECE NO. V GRADE DRY SALT EIGHT 0 CLOCK COFFEE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES SULTANA 12 Ox. Jar IONA PEACHES SLICED OR HALVES No. 21 Can FLOUR SUNNYFIELD 10 SOCK 71C POTATO STICKS DICKIES , Can lOc OUR OWN TEA '/2p£39c PORK & BEANS SUL ™ N c A o,, lOc Friday Programs: NBC I) a, in. Welcome. Travelers...CBS 9 a. m. Godfrey Time... ABC 10:30 a. m. Break the Bank... MBS !1:30 a. m. Mac McGuire... MBS Game of Day Network 1:25 N. Y. Giants at Chicago. WHITE HOUSE MILK Large Cans GREEN LABEL STAR-REST TUNA No. i/, Rock as the giiotA of Mr. and Mrs. Jim Uush antl Mrs. Ira Ward, has rctifrJied homo. • Mrs. C. D. McSwain has returned from Memphis, Tenn., where she visited her daughter, Miss Ann McSwain. Miss Loyce Stewart of Little Hock has been visiting her moth- ei, Mrs. Bob Stewart. Miss Dorothy Wilson, who has spent the past two weeks with her mother, Mrs. Robbie Wilson, has returned to her home in Little Rock. CANNI QUART JAKj Dozen BALL LIDS 2p k9S BALL DOME CAPS Ih • ••••••••••• iii ELBERT LEMONS Lb. 19c Mr. and Mrs. Watson White, Jr. arid Miss Elizabeth Franeisco have loturncd from u weeks' vacation on Lake Hamilton. Mrs. Cleo Mines, who has spent hj past few weeks in Snn Antonio, Texas and Denver, Colorado, has returned home. Mrs. Mary Montgomery had as her Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Cat-Item MeRae and family of Kl Dorado. Mr. and Mrs. Horace Jones wore the weekend guests of their daughter, Miss Sue Jones, in Dallas. Mr. and Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton were the weekend guests of Mr*. G. R. Haynie in Cumdcn. SEEDLESS GRAPES Lb. 21 c FRESH PLUMS Lb. 35c ICE COLD WATERMELONS «, 4c BANANAS Lb. 4 DOZEN SIZE , LETTUCE "HfeiTcf i YELLOW ONIONS -Lbs, CALIFORNIA ORANGES Lb. Mrs. Tom Bumis and John Pittman wcru the. Kiiosts Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Powell Morgan In lot Spiings. Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Cole had as weekend guests, Mr. and Mrs. George Bruner, Mary Catherine and Nell from Terrell, Texas. Warrant Officer Horace Green of Booneville wan the weekend sst of relatives. Sonny and Louise Green remained for a longer visit with Mr. and Mrs/ Gordon Danner. Major and Mrs. Willlard Home of the Canal Zone, who are the suests of Mrs. S. H. McMahan, spent the weekend in Gurdon visiting Mr. and Mrs. Horace Estes. The Negro Community Or brlM IUm« t«. MlM Tunwr •t Hlckl Fuiwr*! Htm* 1^1 OLD DUTCH CLEANSER 14-oz. Pkg PETER PAN PEANUT BUTTER 12-«. Glaii NIAGARA STARCH 12-oz.Pkg , LIFEBUOY Pkg,, PETER PAN SUTED PEANUTS 7'/j.o«.OIa$$ LIFEBUOY WESSON OIL Pin* Bottle >""31^ The member* ot the Hazel Street MeOiwlist Church wish He e*j>re*» their sincere tbenlw to all tiw&e who helped them IP &# baby &"*' teft which closed Sunday, oi«bt, • .^.«_. *M SHOWDRIFT SHORTENING ^|-lb. Con 2 Both Ban,. LUX SOAP 2 ««.i<i/, .....15* Mtd. |flfi,j.,.,^| SWAN 2. -; -r^a V^A ^»4f LUX SOAP 2 LlfTONTU -ftjk iff'"

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