Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 28, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 28, 1934
Page 3
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28, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE TEtftER In Autumn ' Who, walking in the spring, shall sec New green upon the poplar tree, And smiles with hope ns he ROCS by— Is servant of his destiny. Who, walking in (he summer fields, Sees all the gold of harvest- yields, ( And labors here unceasingly— NOW PICK POWELL RUBY KEELER JOAN Blondell "DAMES" SATURDAY ; Here's another double program with rcd-blood- : cd western action and a prize-fight story, both filled with lots of thrills! . REX BELL He handled 'em rough and made 'cm like it! "RAINBOW RANCH" but who can see the beauty fad Is comrnde of his destiny. • Tile noble workers that God has mad And keeps faith bright in hi soul's eye- Is imistcr of his destiny. —Selected. Ncuring the end! Chapter 11 "WOLF DOG" SUNDAY & MONDAY Servants Entrance ' *: The School of Instruction.(u be hole nt the high school on Saturday, September 29lh, sponsored by the Patent-Teachers association, will bcgii at 0:45 with free luncheon at noon it the school cafeteria. Circle Wo. 4 of the W. M. S. of the First Methodist church will hold thcii October meeting at 3 o'clock Monda afternoon at the home of Mrs. E. P Stewart, North Hcrvcy, with Mrs. J W. Strickland, Mrs. Frank Hcarnc and Miss Anna Wagner as associate hosts. o Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Martin of New Orleans, La., arc house guests of Mrs. Martin's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Will Porter. Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Ellis and Mr. ind Mrs. Matthew Reaves have returned from their wedding trip to New Orleans and other Louisiana Mints. Mr. nnd Mrs. Ellis are doni- cilcd in the Frank Russell home on South Main while Mr. and Mrs. Reaves arc in the Sullivan apartments on South Main. o The executive' board of Hit' Woman's Auxiliary of the First Presbyterian church will meet at 3 Monday afternoon at the church. Miss Mattie Evans entertained the members of the Thursday night club and one extra guest, Miss Lorainc .Moses at a Mexican Pie supper at Morcland's. Following the supper, the guests saw "Dames" at "Uie Saenger. The Harmonica band will meet at To Mv Friends and Customers After a months absence I will serve you four days a week Mondays-Tuesdays Fridays-Saturdays Phone 39 For Appointment Mrs. B. C. Lewis Lewis Beauty Salon the home of Mrs. John Wellborn Saturday morninff at 9 o'clock. Merit badges will be presented at this time. ..... "-O ...... • Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Lock were Thurs day visitors in Hot Sprihgs, where thy were called to attend the beside of a sick relative. Mrs. H. M. Briant has spent the past two days visiting In Malvern and Little Rock. The Woman's Auxiliary of St. Marks Episcopal church will meet Monday at \ o'clock at the home of Mrs. J. T. West, Division street. All members are requested to bring their collections for the blue box. In celebration of her sister Zilpha's birthday anniversary, Miss Mary Louise Keith entertained at a most tempting course dinner Wednesday evening at her home on West Fourth street. The perfectly appointed table was centered with late summer flowers, flanked with burning candles in crystal holders and covers were laid for the honorce, and Misses Harricl Story, Mary Matthews, Rutha Mouscr, Louise Bailey and Mary Louise Keith. Following the dinner they saw the picture at the Sacngcr. SIDE GLANCES By George Clark KITCHEN )(>hi(,' ew Things Wllh Vegetables— Garden Dishes Need Not Be Dull By M A R Y. E. I> A C. U E NBA Service Staff Writer Why is it, I wonder, that vegetable ishcs, except for a few romantic cx- eptions, always sound and often taste o deadly dull? Perhaps it is because f the casual and uninspired cooking icy too frequently get, so that in tho nd they arc unmistakably in the un- itcrcsting category of things that are good for us." Yet when I go to market these crisp :tulumn days and sec the colorful I line-up—rich red tomatoes, creamy STEALS SPOON (Continued from Page One) dough," Braue said of the suspect's spending habits, asserting th.it Hauptmann described himself as a carpcn tor who worked "here and there." When a morning of examination had ended at the Bronx district attorney's office, the importance of Miss Lutzenbcrg's qucsctioning and that of other Hauptmann acquaintances was minimized by attaches but it was regarded significant that Miss Liitzcn- bcrg returned after lunch. Mysterious 'John' "We always called him 'Dick' " Miss Lutzenberg had said of Hauptmann as detectives studied pictures of her and the prisoner in a family album. "Everybody knew him that sumer at Hunter's island. All the girls liked him." But in the party, she said, was a "mysterious John"—a man who seemed to have something on his mind. "He almost never said anything," the girl commented on "John." John, she said, was "Dick's closest friend and Dick was the only friend John had." The gay vacation group on the is- and in Long Island sound was pictured in a variety of photographic "The thing about this job f* you have to set usi?ri to betes on yeur feet all d*y." CHUKniES GARRETT MEMORIAL MISSIONARY BAPTIST CHURCH D. W. Bnlley, S. S. Supt. Tomorrow's Menu. Breakfast: Grapes, cereal, cream, broiled pan fish, spider, corn bread, milk, coffee. Luncheon: Tomato and macaroni Neapolitan, graham rolls, salad of Chinese cabbage and red and green sweet peppers, peach collage pudding, milk tea. Dinner: Sauerkraut juice cock- Uiil, baked corn, oysters in celery sauce, jellied fruit salad with cheese cups, plum duff, milk, cof? fee. Sunday School at 10 a. m. Prayer meeting Wednesday evening at 7:30. Rev. Paul Byers will preach at the 11 o'clock hour, and Rev. Hollis Purtell will conduct the service Sunday night. You are invited to come and worship with us. THE CHURCH OF CHRIST West Fifth and Grady Streets Glenn A. Parks, Minister Mid-week Bible study each Wednesday evening at 7:30. Services for this, week-end arc as follows: Bjblc 'Study 10 a. m. Preaching services 11 a. m. and at 7:30 p. m. Subject for morning sermon, "Useful, Christians." Subject for evening sermon, "Fruit Bearing." These services are very interesting'^ lo everyone who attend, find is look-' Automobil< Given Away A new 1934 Chevrolet coach and 11 other prizes .including 3 Shetland ponies will be given users of McKesson merchandise in Arkansas through McKesson-Linc.oln Co. of Little Rock. 1 Ask Us About It. .Contest closes October 22. Be sure to call for your tickets. John P. Cox Drug Co. Phone 81 We Clivc Eagle ,'iliimpa cauliflower, jade cabbage, orange carrots and emerald broccoli—I feel that I ought to be able not only to write, but to cook, vegetable poems. C'T course, if you are bent on stick-j ing for the worship of the primitive ing to one way of doing each vcg- church. They arc simple, but uplift- clablc, if for instance, tomatoes stew- ing to the spiritual man. Come and be with us. We cordially invite you. Beginning Sunday. October 14, the Church of Chi 1st will begin ils fall meeting. Remember the date and PHOENIX CHILDREN'S FALL SOCKS p i •^SfeKr*'*' ;x - ^, 'jrw III ., . smart tweeds and heather mixtures! ' 4 Look I .. . . X "Cane-Batk" RaB u<ith each panhoM • New Phoenix patterns are here for Fall— smart stripes, tweeds and heathers. Anklets, half-socks, juniors and knickersox. Long-wearing Phoenix quality. 25C ed represent the ultimate in imagination to you, then obviously there arc no cooking poems in your soul. Speaking of tomatoes, b,tre is a grand array of things that can be done to them. Stuff them, bake them, use them in chowders, scallop them with bread crumbs, combine them with meat, macaroni or rice! Try, for instance, tomato and macaroni Neal politan as a luncheon dish. Or use spaghetti if you prefer. But don't break the sticks. Put the ends in the boiling water and as they become soft they will curl up and the whole lengths can be put under water. Tomato and Macaroni Neapolitan Two cups cooked macaroni, 1 cup milk, 1 tablespoon flour, 2 tablespoons butter, !'•> cup grated cheese, 2 or 3 largo tomatoes, dried bread crumbs or crisp rcacly-lo-scrvc cereal, salt, pepper. Melt butter, stir in flour and slowly add milk, stirring constantly. Bring t,h the boiling point and stir in cheese. Remove from heat and add macaroni. Mix thoroughly and spread in a shallow baking dish. Peel tomatoes and ' cut in halves. Lay these over the top, cut side up, pressing into the macaroni mixture. Sprinkle tomatoes with salt and pepper and dredge with bread crumbs or the crisp cereal. Dot with bits of butter, sprinkle with more gralcil cheese and bake in a moderate oven until the tomatoes are snfl. but not broken and the cheese is melted and a rich brown. Serve from baking dish. Oysters in Celery Sauce. Two cups diced celery. I cup white sauce, 8 large oysters. H thin slices bacon, few drops onion juice, juice half lemon. Add onion juice to lemon juice and dip each oyster in it. Wrap each oyster in slice of bacon, fastening the bacon with small skewers or wooden toothpick?. I-'ut in a COLD iron frying pan and emik slowly until bacon is crisp, turning often and pouring off Die fat as it cooks out. Place in a border around celery in cream sauce on a large deep platter. To prepare celery, cook celery in boiling salt water until tender, letting the water cook away as much as po.'sible. Drain and combine with white sauce. | PRIMARY'BURDENS JUDGE FORCED (Continued from Page One) Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 218 So. Walnut Phone 36 Southwest Louisiana all week and will wind up his speaking tour here Friday night. | Long's comment when he heard of the Supreme Court's decision was: "Tliis is good news and puts Porter in a hell of a fix." Tokio Mr .and Mrs. Fred Stuart of Nash- yille attended church here Sunday flight. .'. Mr. and Mrs. V. A. McLaugliLin were Nashville visitors Saturday. . E. A. Sanford, Vcrnon Harris and \V. J. Lair wcer business visitors to Nashville Saturday. Joseph Cooley of Highland visited hclativcs heer Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. A. M. McCarthy of Nashville were Tokio visitors Monday, j 'iiirner Rogers of Pump Springs at- BLACK-DRAUGHT "Snch a. Good Laxative," Says Nurse Writing from her home in Fes- tua, Mo., Mrs. Anna LaPlante says: "I am a practical nurse and I recommend to some of my patients that they take Black-Draught, for it is such a good laxative. I took it for constipation, headache and a dull feeling that I had so much. A few doses of Black-Draught — and I felt Just fine." Bceaue to man? people know fr«m fc»rlnr nied It that Thedford'i BUck- Draofht li a food, purely rrretable laxa- ilre, ntUlini or f ack>[» ef It are sold trtrr ytar. Lazytiine cfiic . . night-time ifort. com\ ;j inrnei rulers or rrtmp a tended church here Sunday. " plan to attend. ADOPTION OF (Continued from Page One) power of the legislature shotilcl bo limited. , The governor declared tha'. much harmful legislation would hate been avoided had the measure bcci in effect during the past few yiars. He referred to increased taxes, Jiond issues and extravaganl expcdture of the state's income. ' Deplores Tax Confusitn HOT SPRINGS, Ark.—When the states and the federal govcrijmcnl can agree as to their respective! fields .of taxation, so that both will n,»t be taxing the same thing, the burden of taxation will be simplified for the people who pay the taxes andjthc agencies that collect, Governor Pulrcll told delegates attending the cijih annual conference of States Tobacco Tax association, which opened a tvp-day session here Thursday. "The federal governmen! and the states should not tax Hit; s;hie thing." Governor Fulrell said, "ani the fields of taxation should lie si-pirate. Until this is done tTtfcrc is certain to be dissatisfaction and coiifu.ion. Hampton Roads, Va., was the scene of the battle between th:.- Wuiiitor and Mernmae, first ironclad vessels. ,,.,Tlie"Rcv. Mr."Mason of Arkadelphia' is conducting a revival at the Christ- ijin church here and is having good I Congregations and good interest. | Bill Byrum of the CCC camp spent .he last \vcek end with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Pruller Steen visited Wr. and Mrs. Joe Gosnell at Biugen Sunday. j Mrs. Ben Cooley visited Mrs. Brew i Blaekwopd at Bingcn Wednesday. | Mrs. Blackwood is suffering from a broken hip. Mrs. P. A. Cooley returned home Wednesday from visiting her daughter, Mrs. Drew Blackwood at Bingen. Misses Katherinc and Florinc Cool- ' cy of Murfrecsboro visited relatives here Sunday. | Mrs. Quinton ' Sanford visited rcl- i alives at Mineral Springs Saturday, j Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Whitmorris arid i son of Prcscott visited Mr. and Mrs. Sam Huddleson here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Blackwood were trading in Nashville Saturday. J. W. Threat was a business visitor in Hope Thursday. Paul Cooley was a business visitor to Highland Thursday. BARB • Balbn'ggan pa* jamas ;ind nighties by Munsing- wear—just what the smsrt woman wears for lounging and sleeping. So practical, so snug, so comfort- able.They're knit with unusual care. They're tailored to fit. They wear for months and monthsjaunder in a moment.They come.jn the charming dainty colors. You must see them today . . . you'll be snoozing in tnem tonight. $1.98 The Leading Department Store GEO. W. ROBISON & Company Hope some <liiy General Johnson won't say a thiny. and the country will agree with him. The: .yacht races off Newport, R. I., are worth the effort, if only to rid the stores of their leftover summer nautical outfits. Prescolt Nashville views. The fiirl, of above average size, was wearing a two-tone swimming suit in one picture. Hauptmann, in trunks only, was nearby. Another picture showed Hauptmann strumming a ukelele and still another had the girl and Hauptmann playing a beach game. The South Atlantic .Ocean contains islands which sealers'Jia^e used for years, but have .never seenr rlftey-are* in a perpetual fog. , • ,-• f^ ••yi. ~'--- • tv* fif -**, ir' *'*, The ccremonfal 1 'dancefs of "Africa haVc been known Tb ifrnirl 160 hivdlu* lions without a stop. 'M' System Store It Pays to Buy Quality Groceries Specials for Saturday SUGAR 'PURE CANE—10 Lh. Cloth Bag 54c FANCY LAKGE HEADS' 6c CARROTS-nice bunches 5c CABBAGE-Pound 3 2 C CALIFORNIA TOKAY 2lb15c I able Garden Salad Dressing, qt. jar ,25c Relish Spread, qt. jar.v.^...25e PET MILK SMALL CANS :.:....„..... 3c LARGE CANS ... 6c APPLES FANCY JONOTHAN—DOZEN 15c ONIONS-Yellow 31bs. 10c QUAKERETTE 21b.box 19c WILSON'S Plain or With Beans—No.'l. Can IQc RED AND GOLD—POUND 20c Wheat Flakes KELLOGGS WHOLE—Pltg. 10c RAISINS, New Crop 15 oz. pkg. lOc 21b. pkg.;. 19c LARD Wilsco-8 Ib. carton 73c 24 Lb. GOLDEN PUFF 85c 48 Lb. GOLDEN PUFF.... ....$1.65 -MARKET SPECIALS- PICNIC HAMS-Lb. 15c BACON DECKER'S TALL CORN SLICED—LB. 28c BEEF STEAK-any cut, Ib. 10c BEEF ROAST 3 Lb. 25c Pure Pork SAUSAGE-Lb 17c Mixed SAUSAGE 3 Lb. 25c BOLOGNA SAUSAGE By T/ic Piece—LB. 9c Salt Mackerel FRESH SHIPMENT—EACH lOc Fresh Dressed Fryers-Hens-Fish THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE ©3D, W. Robison 6- HOI'L' I'RESCO'iT Co. JS.ASIU ll.fJJ elson'Huckins Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each PHONE 8 C (Continued from Page One) declining—for which we must be very thankful. More and more men and women an- looking up their own faets and fin-mint! their own opinions. "Wo are learning to discriminate between news ami rumor. As a people v.'i- put our tongues in our cheeks when a fact or a series of facts are ili:.torted. no matter what motive is Ibe muse of that distortion. "We a.- a people are less inclined to believe tlin.M' who would create fear oi" eneoorage panic. We as a pcopK- I'.iy Miiall atk'iiliou t<; ihose t;o.s.sip- monyeis who invent tales, generally with a selfish objective behind the tale.-." A pro.-pi-'clive husband and wife inns; remain secluded together for •II) ilays before the wedding ceremony i in Java. I Saturday at BURR'S Here's a Sample of Our Many Bargains LADIES GOWNS T ,. Ladies and Misses OXFORDS $1.00 $1.3!) value LADIES HOSIERY $1.00 MILLINERY !?1.2i) values Choice $1.00 '2 Pair $1.00 Meats Groceries Stew Meat Pound 5c Cheese i I'ull Cream Pound 17c Smoked POHK JOWLS Pound 17c Weiners Large Si/.o Pound 12c LEMONS ORANGES Gelatin Apples Cranberries SUGAR CELERY COFFEE SOUP SUNKIST—DOZEN NICE SIZE—DOZEN liOVAL-All I'-lavii I'aiic.y .IdiiDlhan, l^irgc Si/.i—I)u/.<.-n 1KESH, FANCY—QUART Sic I'UHE CANi; LIJS. 15c 53c JUMBO—UUNCJI Chase & Hanliorn Dated—Pound HEINZ ASSORTED 2 XCH ('nip Evaportcd L i,i;.s. TOMATOES GRAPE FRUIT 1J1Kil! 1'niH'v Hand 1'ackcil—Ne. 2 t'au sixi: L I -OK BUFFALO FISH AND OYSTERS Decker's Smoked PORK SAUSAGE Dry Salt For Boiling round.. 1Gc Sliced Bacon found 23c Pound 14c reamery Butter Pound I

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