Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 6
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£AGE SIX HOJfJfl-STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, September 27, 1934 Schell Circus Has All New Equipment 4-Ring Circus Will Exhibit in Hope Wednesday, October 3 Ihe entire equipment Schell Bros. Circus trucks, wagon, tents, paraphernalia, costumes and wardrobe, Sic all now this year. The horses and wild animals of all species and kinds have undergone the most rigid inspection, and only those to the very pink of physicial condition have been retained. Every detail and item not measuring up to the highest standard has been discarded to make room for only the best obtainable. These replacements, together with the vast enlargements in all departments, place the Schell Bros. Circus which shows here Wednesday, Octobir 3, in the very van of all tented amusements. The program has been recently augmented by several new and stupendous features, notable among which is the newly imported display cu trained wild beasts acquired by representatives of this organization in Europe, at tremendous cost. Wad animal experts all over the world unanimously agree that these groups of jungle besats are the very finest sub- iugated by mah. Fabulous salaries have induced many of the worlds greatest arcnic artists to affix their Signature to Schell Bros. Circus contracts this season. Truly, our sole incentive in assembling this remarkable performance has been to obtain the best, regardless of expense. -Many new ideas have been adopted, both for the convience and comfort of our patrons. Wherever attaches Come in direct contact with the public they have been schooled in courtesy to the last degree, and the slightest complaint of their being discourteous results in their immediate dismissal. London county ambulances made 40,619 trips and carried 39,767 patients in' the period ending March 31, 1933. These figures do not include ambulances other than those maintained by the county council. Ozan Lindberghs Smile at Trouble Miss Eugenia Goodlett returned to her work in ElDorado Tuesday after spending her vacation with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. D. F. Goodlett. Miss Ilecn Butler of Dallas, Texas, was the guest of Mrs. Irma Rye Sunday. I Warner Cittv of Ashdown was aj visitor here Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Estes L. Johnson and girls', Betty and Ester of Te.xarkana were the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Matthews Sunday. Mrs. J. K. Green was shopping in Hoce Saturday. Mr. and Mrs. Ford Hanna surprised their daughter, Elizabeth with i six o'clock dinner, given in honor -f her 19th birthday. Monday night. Those enjoying the hospitality were: Misses Dorothy Fijeeman. Willie Stuart, Jack Goodlett, Robert and Reese Goodlett and Charles Stuart. Games and contests were enjoyed throughout the evening. Rev. and Mrs. F. F. Harrell were visitors here Sunday. Rev. Harrell filled his regular appointments at the Methodist church and at St. Paul. J. P. Robins of Haynosville, La., has returned home after a visit with his sisters, Mrs. D. E. Goodlett and Miss Lillian Robins. Imon Norwood returned to school in Arkadelphia Sunday after spending the week end with his parents Mr. and Mrs. John Norwood. Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Smith of Nashville, were visitors here Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Robins were visitors to Nashville Sunday. The W. M. U. ladies of the Baptist church wish to .thank all who helped to make the pie supper a success. The pie supper was given Saturday night nt the school building. Mrs. Reedcr Goodlett of Nashville was the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Ford Hanna Wednesday. The St. Paul neighborhood is ex- recting a large crowd at the homecoming on the first Sunday in October. All old settlers are envited to attend and bring some one with them. Dinner will be served on the church ground. Just Received Henderson Corsets and Brassieres THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 England Christens Sea's Largest Ship Giant White Star-Cunard- er Is Launched as the "Queen Mary" CLYDEBANK. Scotland — (/P) — Queen Mary of England, defying precedent. Wednesday gave her own name to the great Cunard-While Star liner which King George described as "the stateliest ship now in being." Christened the ''Queen Mary," the 40,000-ton bull—Britain's bid for su- prcmack of the seas—slid smoothly down the ways into the bnsin of the river Carl. The roar of rain on thousands of umbrellas and the volley of cheers t'rom 250,000 spectators echoing from the hull's red and gray fides made the qucen'f: christening words almost innudiblc. King George, whose brief address preceding the launching dedicated the ship to "revival of international commerce" and "better trade on both sides of the Atlantic," and the Prince of Wales, in his naval uniform, watched as the queen pressed the button that sent the huge hull gliding down the ways. Elaborate precautions to stop the ship tons its lingth. including 18,000 drag chains and fleets cf puffing, watchful tugs, met with en- ire success. The king, in his address, gcslifrcd n friendly fashion toward the United States, though without calling that lation by name, he said "This (ship) is built to carry the icoplc of two lands, in great numbers, o and fro, so that they may learn to understand each other. Both arc faced with similar problems, and they prosper and suffer together. May she n her career bear many thousands of each race to visit each other as students and return as friends." EASES ACHES ELIEVESpainciuicklywithou enin* nerves or upsetting: sl Banishes nerve strain. BrinBS J"*«> relaxation. Correctly blended formula Blevins The Blevins school opened Monday morning with a big enrollment ofj students. The teachers ar e as follows: Superintendent, J. Glenn Coker, principal, Horace L. Lay; high school teachers. Mrs. J. Glenn Cokcr, Miss Esther Garland and Lee Graves. First grade, Mrs. Warren Ncsbitt, second, Mrs Blanche Brown; third, Miss Mary Leslie, fourth, Mrs. Clyde Martin, fifth Miss Dorothy Soveridgc; sixth, Miss Bess Wood. There are'fice busses being driven from all parts of the school district. Bus drivers are Dai- ton Pye, George Sampson. Garland Brown, Bual Daniels and Dutch Wai- tsrs Miss Lorene Fulsom and Mr. Irvin Brooks, both cf Blevins were married on Saturday, September 15. They are residing at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J A Brooks, father of Mr. Brooks. frtr. and Mrs. John Ridgdill of Hope There wasn't any porter waiting to take cliarga of their bass when motor failure forced them to land their piano in a corn field near Woodward, Okla., so Colonel Charles A. Lindbergh himself carried their luggage to the home of Farmer Henry Aitkens, who offered •Jiospitallty while the flyers waited for repairs. Ann Lindbergh's happy smile shows how lightly she takes misadventure in tlio air. were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. 1 son Franklyn wene to Pine Bluff on END OF THE MONTH CHAMBRAY Yard Solid and Stripes BATH TOWELS 15c 20 K 40 Fancy Borders Men's Good Quality Work PANTS Blue and Grey Durable Covet Cloth Flannelette Y.tnl ISO inches Wid MADRAS TICKING 15c Vanl HIut; and Pink J. Glenn Coker. A. H. Wade, Clarence Allen, W. O. Beene and spent Friday in Little Rock. Mr. and Mrs. H. M. Rhodes of McCaskill wcer in Blevns Sunday afternoon. Dr. L. K. Huntley of Prescott attended church in Blevins Friday night. Mr. and Mrs. H. . Nolen of the Bethel Community were Tuesday visitors of thcid daughter, Mrs. Roy L. Bonds and Mr. Bonds. Rev. John Ramsey of New Boston, Texas preached at Blevins Baptist church Sunday. Mr! and Mrs. H. H. Honea, Mr. P.H. Nesbitt and Mrs. A. H. Wade attended the Presbyterian church at Btngen on Sunday. Dr. David Shepperson of ElDorado was visiting in ElDorado Wednesday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Tom J, Stewart, Miss Charlinc Stewart, Dwight and Aubrey Stewart were shopping in Hope Monday. Miss Ruth Huskcy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Huskey left Tuesday for Conway where she entered Central college. She was the honor student of that college last term and was given a scholarship for this term. Mr. and Mrs. Algie Thomas and children were visiting friends in the city Sunday afternoon. J. L. Houser and Monroe Yokom spent the week end with relaties in Blevins. They are at the CCC camp Graysonia. W O Bcene and Coy Cummings spent Wednesday of last week at Bearden. , Mr. and Mrs. Earl White and son spent Sunday in Cale. Center Point Mrs. A. L. Caudle and Mrs. Henry Nash spent Wednesday afternoon at the home of Mrs. W. W. Wright. Mrs. A. L. Caudle was .shopping in Hope Saturday and was the dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Dutch Huck- abce. Dclrrui Wright and Pony Reeves were callers at the home of Mr. and Mrs L. G. Kennedy Friday afternoon. J B. Wright spent Saturday night at the home of Mr. and Mrs. W. V,. Wright and called to see Mrs. Howard Wright at Julia Chester hospital. Miss Iva Nell Caudle and A. Caudle spent Saturday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Willis Putman. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Vines children spent Saturday night ant Sunday with relatives in Hope. Mr and Mrs. Luther Galloway ant baby of Hinlon spent Saturday nigh and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. J. W Galloway and children. W. W. Wright and son Delma spen a while Sunday afUrnoon at the home of Mrs. J. W. Galloway. Mr and Mrs. O. D. Middlebrooks of Hope and Mr. and Mrs. Ruddock ( -f Melrose .spent Sunday afternoon [with Mr. and Mr.;. Henry Nash. They I called on Mr. and Mrs. Lee Brown Sunday evening . | Mr and Mr.-. Lee Bmwn were visit- ! i,u< relatives in Hope Saturday. i Misd Mary Glenn Beckrriri - l pt i Sunday with Miss Jerelcne Taylor. ! Little Misses Dorothy and Daisy | Kennedy called at the home of Mr, ; and Mrs. P. L. Aslin Sunday inorn- '"fvir and Mr:;. Dutch Huckabee and children of Hope spent a while Sun- jday evening with Mrs. A. L. Caudle and children. . Mi.ss It'iby Htihbard spent Sunda> with Mi-s Eha Forterfield. Mi:-':; Jerelene la>lor .spent Sunday ! nielli with MI.--S Mary Glenn Beck- Sunday. Miss Gurteen Caudle spent Satur day night with Miss Trudy Murl Dav idson at Bright Star and attended the party at Mrs. Walter Tomlin's. Henry Nash happened to the misfortune of falling from a. ladder Saturday morning as he was working on his barn, causing internal injuries. Harry Wages spent Saturday nigh and Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. L. C Kennedy. MacTavis had deposited his savings, which amounted to about $2.. r >00 in a certain bank. A few weeks later he approached the cashier and demanded his money. He was asked if he did net want to leave a small balance, just to keep the account open. ''No," he persisted, "I want my money." So the cashier counted out the $2,50t and handed the bundle of notes to him. With great deliberation he counted the bundle and handed it back. "That's O.K.," he said. "I onl> wonted to sec if it was all there." Long Sustained by La. Supreme Court Election Ordered tor High Bench, and Campaign Is "On" NEW ORLEANS— (/P)—The Louisiana Supreme Court Wednesday split wide open over Hucy Long's election practices and three justices passed down a writ which permits holding a .second primary called in the Third district to fill a vacancy on tho supreme court bench left by the death of one of their members. Justice Winston Overtoil. Three justices of the court granted a writ asked by E. A. Conway, secretary of stnte, to suspehd judgment of Judge W. Carruth Jones, in East Baton Rouge District Court, ordering Conway to recognize Judge Thomas V. Porter, of Lake Charles, as Third District Democratic nominee for the Supreme Court in the September 11 primary. Judge Porter was the anti-Long candidate in the primary, but his opponent, Justice Overtoil, died two days before the election and in the opinion of Judge Jones in the lower court. Porter was entitled to be declared the nominee under the primary law. But Long, who was supporting us- tice Evcrtoh for re-election, declared that no election had been hold, had he District Executive Committee de- lated the primary "null and void.' ind another election was called for October 9. The senator is now stumping the Third District for Lieut. Gov. John B. urni-t. his candidate for that clec- ion. ahd i.s declaring that his enemies ire trying to elect Judge Porter to the bench so he can rule against the dictatorial laws passed for the "king- is!'" by the recent special session of the legislature. . Judge ones of Baton Rouge enjoined Secretary of State Conway from having the ballots printed for the Oc- tober primary ahd instruccd him to pjlace Porter's nnmc on the official ballot for the general election November 6. Hut the three members of the su- , ionic court suspended his writ until November 26 which means that the caso will come up for hearing on it* mcrit.i more thnn two weeks after the general election. Earth quake vibrations travel thru the earth at a speed of 375 miles an hour. ! '. U!i The famous half and half drink con ,sisted of half ale and half stout in the old days. "Full Feeling" After Meals Here is how Thedford's Block- Draught proved helpful to Mr. Archie W. Brown, of Fort Green, Fla.: "I have taken Black-Draught when I have felt dull from overeating or eating too hurriedly," he writes. "Small doses right after meals rid me of gases and heavy feeling. I am a great believer In Black-Draught." Thcdford's BLACK-DRAUGHT Purely Vegetable Laxative "CHILDKEN IIKE THE SYRUP" THE STORE FOR MEN AND BOYS Outstanding Values In New Fall SUITS 2 Big Groups 95 o $ Newest fall patterns in all-wool worsted suits. You will ilke the fit of these suits, the high quality material and the fine tailoring. See these new fall suits before you buy. Dress Shoes $1.98 Black or brown, wing tip toe with high heels or plain or cap toe blucher. You will find shdesit hard to'duplicate shoes at this price. EDGERTON SHOES Made by Nunn-Bush $4.95 Corduroy Coats Genuine Hockmeyer Corduroy, the very best. Swnvrl Cloth COATS .... Wind and waterproof and look real nice. BOSWELL & HIGGASON West Second Street ' U Mi- ,-s .Ii's.-.i • Ma,- Wrif/ht and Mary ' Glenn "iiccl-.ham visited in the Putmos sch<.,-l Mi^uday. M,--- ViTa Ke'.'••'•:. and dauyhler, Kathleen spent ti," v.-.-.-l-: vi:-i!in» her pm -,. :it ,, Mr. ,,nd Mr:, M. V. Uerry- l- JL . n v '.f H,,lly Gr,,ve. Mr;; Carlos Roberts spent rriday !% vi'i, A!.: 0,!e Tiiyl->r. 1 Mr and Mr- Carl M iv .-'pent Sat: U r,i,,v i.i.-.i.t '.villi -M'-- •""-' M'---" MlJ1 " yan May ut Hop.-, i J f,],. ,,nd -Mi - T""i Mi'i-U'-' 1 " •-"•"•- : -'"' 1 king. "It's toasted" ^ Your throat protection —against irritation against couch Copyright 103*. Cli« Amerlcm Tobnco CompUJJ Thecl tf^/^VS^/gj-ji , these a*Mflffflt^ st lcaves TM^ re Naturally, they taste better—because Luckies use "The Cream of the Crop"--only the clean center leaves—-these are the mildest leaves—they cost more—they taste better.

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