Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 5
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ry, ftenteinbei' 2l '1034 HOPE Stf Aft, E6P E, iRAYSON i'ELMONT PARK, L. i. Many a ecplc chasing horse Is frolicking on e flat. This reverses the procedure, which »• years has been put to mediocre ind even first rale runners on the flat [liver the jumps. The career of Brown Jack, England's famed thoroughbred, started the .!ad. Brown Jack lias been the recipient of more universal publicity than ny oilier galloper of Ihe last few >cars. Known as the "world's craz- est horse," Brown Jack made British urf hislory by winning Ihe Alcxdra tnte, at two miles and three quarters half dozen times in a row. Brown Jack started life as a chas- T in the outlying districts of Old J Albion. His ability ort thai flat was £fcOon suspected, and, like the late la- ?lnenled Chase Me. He was given a fehot tit flat racing. Distance His Dish Brown Jack, aside from having a ^disposition which no one, except the veteran jockey, Steve Donahue, scorns' , to have been able to figure out, prov- • cd no great shakes at such sprinl distances as a mile, and a half or even two miles. He won over routes of over li mile and a half and up, aiid really became a star at journey. 1 ; of more Mh.in two miles. Thus, at nine. Brown Jack brought Ins string to a clone with a .scintillating sixth straight victory in the Alexandra Plate, and added another brilliant chapter to the life of Donahue. fror a number of years the crack of Joseph E. Widcncr 's hurdles • has '• been Azucar. This one is just about the best of (he day, many considering him the peer of Arc Light. Tourist II, and Green Cheese. Now at a fairly advanced age. Azucar is being given an opportunity to lope on llie flat—and is succeeding. A'/.ucar made his bow at .Saratoga and bent a spanking set of mile horses in fast time. He then proceeded to piove that he was something more tlun a one-race horse on the level by comind down in front of excellent fields. Apparently he will enjoy himself in his new role to an even greater ex- loilt that did Brown Jack. A peculiar thing is that Azltcar has remarkably early foot—the sort one associate.': with a sprinter rather than an animal tlial can pick up 165 pounds and run with it on a four-mile quest. One might have expected Brown Jack to do well at two miles but hardly a sterling obstacle eater to excel at the shorter, distances..., . Whether the Widcner connections Will keep Auzar on the flat remains to be seen, but since opportunities for earnings arc somewhat improved there he may remain to become one of the superior American sprinters, and to write something new in racing books. HOOTS ItAICIIUIlN, 18, plant* tvllii HUSS L.UNO, unlmnilnR ,ln- Btrunlor. When lie (corn in Ktnr. I (In, iirnnilftlfil! to nrnil for her Inter, like noon lo work In n ile- pnrlmeiu more. Hun* lined not, vrrllo. Month* nn«» nhd Ilii-n comm word tlint he linn lirth killed Iri il iholorliodt neeiat-ht. Ilonu nieru DEMS FFiMWAt, youtiK nuilior. nntl lODU'Alll) VAN SUIVKU, irr.-iltliy nnil llnnin l> leiilmm nil mirlnlljr n love trlili | nt lu-inillfiil prominent. Drill* nnd KAV CIIII, liobtii KPI« u ]oli In n book • tore nnd Ki>m home to live In order lo liHp hrr mil-ruin llnnri- rlnlly. nuunrd fi-tieim-ill j> nr|{rit tier to mnrry him mid nnnlly H)IC aarerm. On Clirlminim Dn.v tlu-y BO lot ; n wnlh In (In- fois. loilu-nru 1» finllly liurf nnvliiR lier from & rreklrNa driver. NOW GO ON WITH TIIF. STtiltt CHAI'TRR XLII1 rjENIS cnme 6Vcr to talk to Roots LJ nhout fed ward that riiglit. "i ought to telephone iilin." slis fretted, "but when 1 call the nurs'e says he's 'resting comfortably arid that's nil. Don't you think the doctor ought to let me go down there? I want to." Denis waa reassuring; ho was a very tower bf conifon. Ilia coldness and htobfhess had dropped from him like a garment. The doctor was perfectly right, ho said. Ed waa getting along lli;c a house afire, lie had grinned as he'd toid ahout the cast they were piittirij; on. And he had particularly stipulated that Coots was to stay in bed and remain pqrfccly quiet until La Fargoha'd given other orders. Her rufficd hair, her pink, woolly bedjacket made her look young arid feverish. There was a glitter lu her eyes. "This was a punishment for me fpr not .appreciating Kdward as I should have." G!IO told Denis ex- want to marry and make up to him hlni citedly. "1 right away, for it." "Don't talk so foolishly," ho sal steriily. "You had nothing wluii ever to do with It. It was a com blnntlon of reckless driver- heavy fog—that was all." Isabel called up and even Pati\ called In the days that followed On the third nfternoon Roots wa. allowed to ihovo rather iihakii. about her room. That evening Denis drove her dowti to the ul_ briclt building on one ot New Maitin's side streets and she saw Ed ward, ibokitrg big arid haiidsome In the- narrow, hospital bed. He laughed at the nurses: h taugheci at everything, it was i riot, ho said cheerfully. Hoots was a sweet thing to worry about him. but look!—his wave Included the baskets of fruit and (lowers, tilt bright jacketed books, tlie tele gritihs. There was* even a 1 hoi phonograph on a corner- which grdilnil o'ut tlio tiines Bf the day. i i i ENIS stayed on at the Martsea. KlTCH Croutons Make Soups Children's Be- light CruiH'hy Morst'ls Used as Lure to Hearty Meals BY MARY . DAGUE NA Service Staff Writer The cleverest mother I know has worked out a rino plan to get. enough noontime nourishment and vitamincs into her youngest child, who is one Tcir-uiTow's Menu BREAKFAST: . Baked apples with cooked cereal and cream, crisp toast, milk and coffee. LUNCHEON: Cream of celery soup, croutons, sliced tomatoes, Bcston brown bread, peach dump- linas. milk and coffee. DINNE: Breaded veal cutlets, marcaroni in tomato sauce, Kentucky wonder beans, grape pie, milk and coffte. <f those ri'luctant caters, that causes parents so much worriment. What the does is to serve a carefully prepared vegetable soup made with meat or chicken stock and different vege- etables every day. , Then to add food element and Interest, she accompanies the soup with Croutons, those little brown cruelly squares of butturbd toast that children love. There are several ways to make crouUm. 1 :. Some cooks dip the neat cubes of bread in melted butter aiid browil them in th L . oven. Other drop D E Often and often during those first weeks he drove her down to New Martin to see the smiling young man in the big bed. Edward greeted them, grinning. The doctor was "nuts," he said cheerfully, lie oxpectfed him to stay there on His back for six weeks! Meantime the music box tinkled cheerily away, the books and baskets from Fifth avenue confectioners continued to arrive' and to bo distributed grandly among tho patients and nursing staff. Edward's mother arrived magnificently during the (Irst week and. having assured herself that her son waa in no danger, swept majestically bff to Florida, "Yoii'ro my family." Edward told Boots as Denis ranged about the rooin, smoking clgarct after ctfta- ret. "Look after her, won't you, Dlnny?" Denis had nodded restively. Doota was still at tho shop. She would not tender her resignation Until, their marriage date waa a certain thing. But tho strain o: the long winter was beginning to tell on her. She grew paler, noticeably tlilhrier. There wtre always tlrtrk circles under her eyes now. Tho doctor frowlied thoughtfully whenever the invalid spoke bf leaving the hospital. A little longer, ho counseled. Better not rush It A break lli<b that wa,s a serious tiling, hot to bo tHfletl with. "They're /crazy about rho here," Edward said, chortling. "They don't want to lei me go." 'Inhere was a little nurse with Irish eyes and a flyaway cap who iad been on night duty for a while. Now the patient no longer requirec that service but Boots noticed Idly that Miss Kerrigan was always somewhere about. She had "an ap pbiitlbctoiny" Just down the Hall she said gttyly, bin that was cbnilnfe along all right. It appeared sh had time to spare to dawdle In Mr. Van Sclvor's doorway, listen ing, chatting merrily. February raged out and Edward was in a wheel chair. He couiti walk next week. Dr. La Purge said It seemed odd to think of the till yollng man taking a few tentative itlmout frightening slops. Better not rllsh it. ... The coal bills piled up at home Boots paid oiie. paid something oh another. Her fatiibr chafed at the restraints of the winter, also. Once Edward had spoken haltingly ot a loan bul Boots had been so proud Iti lu-r refusal that he had not men- toned the matter since. It sconied to the girl that every lithe she inet Denis these days they quarreled. It was ail right when they were In ICdward'3 room to- t'other. Then tiiey iiad to keep up appearances, for the Invalid's sake. But when they were aione each said sharp, hurting thiiigs lo the other. "How's the beautiful Kay?" She woiild lift tier eyebrows Insolently when she asked it. "1 couldn't tell yon. She'll b-: home soon, though. Mr.ybo 1 wdri't be glad." "lie hates me, ho hates' mo." Boots would tell herself, burning with resentment. Tl/TARCH stalked in and the bonds of fate seemed to draw more tightly about her. Edward spoke confidently now of their marriage. It would only be a short time until le'd he as well as ever.. ..E.!u;h_ time he mentioned it tYlb' '".prospect seemed to draw nerfrer. Tlie girl faced tills with an actual fainting of the spit-It. "CSood evening, Mrs. Lund. I'm ust on the wing. Off duty. Got i little boy with tonsils in :!U'! le's going homo right away." Thus Miss Kerrigan. "She's a pretty little thing." loots reflected. "That dazzling "Love me?" "You know I do." It was true- It was true! No OIIP could help loving Edward. Ho was one ot the world's best. If lief heart did not beat double time at the sound of bis voice, her breath corhe and go suffocatingly in her throat at the thought of him that was surely no one's fault But fine marriages, splendid marriages, had come of just such love as this. The other was a wild ness, a dream that must Ue abandoned. Denis appeared In the doorway. Ho had been smoking a clgarct in the stinroorh down the hall. , "There are 10.000 prospective fathers storlnlng up and down this corridor," . ho announced gloomily, ramming Ills hands Into his trousers pockets. Edward gave a shout of delight. "Ten thousand catlinh! The maternity floor's the one above." "1 know, I know," benls said testily. ''But they've got some ot them parked down here to keep eh) quiet." ' The nurse on duty at the dfi.'-k Iboked in smilingly to remind them that goodhlghts wore Imminent. Boots' Hissed Edward dutifully and went out In thn hall toward tlie dleViitor. "'Bye, old man." Denis paid, klckirig tlie bed post for want ot something belter lo do. "Clieer-oh!" Edward waved his hand. "Be seeing you." The fair young girl and ihc dark- browed young man rode down ID Ihb grilled cage. A blue-eyed nil rue in a crisp linlform lllrtcd tier skint- around Ihe corner ot the diet kitchen lo watch them ;;o. Then flife stepped into Mr. Van Solver's room. Jlist to tie sure ho was .settled for the night. . very blt.-:y! Said Clerk may employ one deputy at n salary bf ho more than One Hun d.C.<rd Ppllnrs <5100.00) per month as herein provided. If the work increases, the clerk may, with the approval of the County Judge and a majority of the members of tlie Levying Court, employ ah extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen arid no/100 Dollars ($18.00) per week for not more than sixteen weeks a year; provided such extra deputy may not he worked more than four weeks! on any one approval; and, provided further, that the approval of said Jddge and a majority of the members of the Levying Court may be obtained by mail or petition without the expense of assembling the Levying "'ourt. Section 6. Tlie Sheriff of Hempstead Courtly, Arkansas, shall be ex- officio Tax Collector as now provided by law, and said" Sheriff and ex- officio Tax Collector is riot placed on a salary, but shall continue to render services and perform duties bn a fee basis as hereinafter fixed. The fees for services to be performed by'said Sheriff and ex-officio Tax Collector shall be only those hereinafter mentioned and set forth, and shall not, In any instance or in any wise, exceed the fees hereinafter mentioned arid set forth. Seclibn 7. The Sheriff shall be allowed foes as follows: For serving every capias, sum- S mons, scire facias, or attachment, for each defendant and garnishee '. 50 For taking and entering every bail or delivery bond 50 For serving every writ of garnishment on every garnishee .50 i For serving a writ of injunction on each defendant l.DO For attending each Circuit or Chancery Court, per day ........ 3.00 For attending each County, Probate, Municipal, or Justice of the Peac'e Court, per day 1.00 For calling each action at each time : 10 For calling each party at each time it) For calling each jury The (lour head was hitehess ully, and lue." "Isn't she a swell girl? els off her skin beaull- her eyes are blub as Edward sked once after the nurse had wept her starchy skirts down the all. "Very pretty,". Boots agreed. "Not jealous?" "Not a bit," she told him, smiling nd laying lier cool hand on his Ig one. pVNE of those evenings when Hoots arrive;! home ln.-r mother net her at the door In Incoherence ind excitement. ; •S.-ih. don't lot Daddy hear! It there shouldn't |-,e "To what?" "The man came out from the newspaper right after I sot the vlre." went on the older woman n some agitation. "1 was so this-' ercd I didn't know what i w:is diking aljoiit, Even now 1 think herb's something very odd about t all. Maybe someone's playinr: a iractlcal joke." Miss Floiida was siltin'T tenrely n Ihe edge of a couch, her eyus cry large. "Would someone," Boots Inriulrpij ndulgently. "tijll me ji::il what tins s all about?" For calling eacli witness For committing a criminal or other person lo jail For furnishing a prisoner, per day, when paid by the prison. er, For .serving liabere facias pos- sessibnem, or attachment For serving every writ of execution lu It!" For making, executing and subscribing a sheriff's deed, to be .05 .50 .75 l.OOJ .75 2.00 ;H "Here's ivligt. happened. P.:ir- bara," Miss Florida IK . but was !>y Mrs. immediately iiiterrrpiuil Kueburu. "1 bought n lotirry ticket iasi 1'aU — Hint charily thlia. ' yoii < know?" "Tile Sweepstakes?" J "Yes. The boy at [lie (Jnig'storo lind these tickets nnd iie/nskud .;r 1 wanted one. 1 jm:t th(jii[;-Ji! I'd take a chance for the fun 1 of It — " menu you've htul tome "You word?" Her mother waved the yellow slip Impatiently. Coots, taking It. read; ''Congratulations your ti/kot &o;;!U was drawn await In.struc mailed March twentieth. "it may bo just a prac Sons being ical joke," 'altered tho older woma , her eyes tiling. "Cut oh, my /car, If it sn't!" f (To Ue Contlnrcd) he cubes into deep hot fat and fry o a golden brown in (id seconds. Choice of Bread is important The bread chosen fro cruotons is eally more important than the mcth- d. It should be stale but not too dry nd crumbling. I fine, close-grained I'xliire it. essential. Cut into slices a- out 1-2 Ilich thick, remove the crust ml cut each slice into cubes with a harp knife. The cubes are dried until they are crisp through. After this they may be toasted or fried in deep fat. Croutons may be properly served in two ways; Passed to each person immediately after his sculp is placed before him, or if the soup is served bj the head of the family at tho table English fashion, lie may drop one 01 two tablespoons full of croutons into cucli plate us ho serves it. Croutons, unlike crackers, are supposed to go into the soup and form WOMAN 92 YEARS OLD Has Used "Mendenhall V' Chill Tonic Over 30 Years Years Old Mrs. Agnes Rendlemen Alto 111. Agnes Rendlemen, Alto Pass, III, dictates the following letter to her grand-daughU-r, Agnus GUIUI, a registered pharmacist: "1 urn !)2 years old, mother of eight euiltlriMj, all living. Have used iirmleiiliuU'M Aluluriu Chill and 1'Vvi-r Tonic over thirty years for Alalarlu, ('hills and Fever. Constipation, and as a general toulf. Also for Colds iind Coiiyha due to colds. It has its place"in our rni-dk-luo chest all tlie year aruuud." NO'l'Fi We makp Mcndoiiliall's Mnluiki ('liill anil Fovi-r Tonic in UM< forms— with and without. .solih-. As t'> lluj value n( ciiir Chill Tonlu wilh ai.si-nii-, \»e ijuuLo from tho I T . -S. UUpniMilui-y: "Arsenli; la tho nni;.t Mir.-i-i-.sf »1 c'iit In (h,- ti •.•aim.-lit .,f i-hrnitli: iliiriii, nuilarial ur hiltnm; fi-v;rr. inli-rnilltfiit IYvi-i- m- ihill.s. IHOW- iu-, hfiJilachc, neuralgia c.i rh.-u- niatNni due to nial.'iri:t or j-fncral i] health. It inri,.-a.--i'-, th. ; a|»|><>- tllc- and dlKi-stii.ii. WL-IK-IH and strength of the iialii-nt, and has srelit power to iininovt- the c-mi- iltion nt the blood. it i--: one of Ihe fuw BUbMtanees whleh de--erv; tlnj ijpinu 1.1 f a KVIILTU) tonle." Undo by J. (.'. Mendcnhall llodl- iu Co., liv' part of it. Consequently they 'are eal en with the soup from the soup plat and never with the fingers. Toast sticks are what their name in plies, sticks of toast. The bread fc these is cut in strips about 1-2'incl thick and 1-2 inch wide and 8 inche lout. It is toasted in a hot oven anc served unbutiered, like crackers, eacl person helps himself and butters hi. .slicks cr not, as he prefers. Toas sticks are not broken with the soup. New Hope Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Watkins daughter .vpcnt Sunda with Mr. Mrs. Recce Arrinrjlim. The ouny people of this community enjoyed a tacky parly given at. the homo of Mis;; Jewell Deane Cox Fri- Mi f . Lester Wai kin:-: spent the weekend with Mr. Tullio Hair of Hope. Mr. Van Ai rini'.ton is visiting friends at C;il(> this week-end. There will be a sock supper at i!v home (if Miss Jeltie Watkins Friday nij-'lit. 'I In 1 (jirls will bring the socks slulTi'.-l with sandwiches and the boys will buy the .';oc-lis. i'Toci'i-ds will HO lii ihc church. The giant Iris-h deer has an antler upi'ead of 12 feel; this animal became xlincl in the Hth century. N O T I C E rcpiiKfd Initiative Act Submitted to the I'eoplf of Jlt-miisti-aU L'ciunty, Arkansas, by Initiative I'clitlims. Petitions have been filed in the of- iiee of the Counts' Clerk. propoKing Initiative Act No. 1 of Hempstead County, Ark;iiiKa:;. as follows: •INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OF HEM1'- STEAJ1 COUNTY, ARKANSAS more. Section 2. The count} and probate judge, for his services and expenses as such judge and as ck-officio road commissioner, shall recc/vc a salary of Twenty-seven Hundred, and no/100 Dollars ($5700.00) per yiar, and nothing more, payable out of the County General Fund, provided, however, that the Levying Court; may authorize a part of said salary to be paid out of the Highway or Ron:! Fund as now or hereafter allowed by law. Section 3. Tho county judge shall do and perform all thb duties now or hereafter imposed upon the county judge as ex-officio road commissioner. Section •!. The Clerk of the Circuit Court shall receive as compensation and salary Ihe sum of Twenty-seven Hundred and no/100 Dollars ($2700.00) ' per year for performing all the duties) of said office, either as Clerk of the Circuit Court, Ex-Officio Clerk of the 'hancery Court, Ex-Officio Recorder or Commissioner in Chancery, as well as all other act,-; and duties, and paid by the purchaser For executing a certificate of purchase for real estate under .execution 50 For every return of noh est on a .'. writ, original or. judicial 25 For return of mllla bona .25 For executing o writ of inquiry 1.00 For summoning a grand jury 7.50 For summoning a petit jury, regular panel, selected by jury ,. commissioners 10.00 For summoning a special jury to assess damages on special venire 2.50 For summoning each witness 50 For each rion gst on subpoena 10 For serving each notice or rule of court, notice to take depositions, or citations to executors, administrators or guardians 50 For every trial of a civil or criminal case, .or confession in open court 30 For every trial in a capitdl case 2.00 For executing each death warrant 25.00 For mileage in serving each writ, | process, notice, subpoena or rule, except county matters, for each mile circular 05 For advertising goods or land for sale 75 For returning each execution or attachment 75 For advertising elections for each township 2.00 For delivering poll books fob each township 2.00 For serving each order or rule of county court (but no mileage) 75 For collecting and paying over all fines, penalties and forfeitures, 3 per cent. For commission for receiving and paying money oh. execution or proness when lands or goods have oeen taken in custody, advertised, or sold, , 2 per cent. For posting each notice required by order of county court of letting of all public contracts lo build bridges 25 For services in attending upon Ihe grand jury each day it is attended by sheriff or deputy 2.00 I N the new sheer woolen.'; or crepe, this frock will attract admiration. It is available.- ih puilcrus sized 14 lo 20 and ',','2 to 42. Si/.c IS r<!f|!ili-<'s .'! 7-,S yards of .'i.'Mlitli fabric plus .'!-1 yard contrast and - H-S yards-of ribbon. To secure u I'.VJ'TKlt.V and STUI'-HY-STEP KttWIXO IN. STlM'(Tlb.VS, fill oilt the cb'llpon below, being sure to MICNTIO.N' riti': NA.MI-: <n TIM.'; MOUSI-AI-KK. Thn i-'.\iii; I'.rrnWN iUiOK, with a complete selection of Jillia I'.iiyd design*;, rlow is ready. It's 1C cents when piuvhascd separately. Or. if yon want to order it with Hits pattern above, send III jusl an additional 1 ti i-enu with ilin coujioij. .lilhlA r<OYi), 10:1 i'AKK AVK.N'UE, N10W YriltK Kudosed is ] r ., cents in coin for ration) No size ; Name Address , City stale Name of this newspaper ....... ex-6fflcio Tax Collector, where th fees for such Services are no.t fixed by this act, he shall receive the fee for such services as fixed and fouric in Crawford & Moses' Digest of the laws of Arkansas published in 1921 but without any amendment thereto Section 9. The Tax Assessor shal receive as compensation and salary and fpr all traveling expenses the sum of Twenty-seven hundred anc no/100 Dollars (?2700.00) per year, and nothing more, for performing the duties of said office, in lieu of the fees, commissions, and other compensations allowed by law, and shall receive no other fees, commissions emoluments, expenses .or perquisites cither directly or indirectly, for services rendered as such assessor or as the result of holding said office. , Said Assessor may employ one Jeputy, at ,a salary of not more than 3ne Hundred and no/100 Dollars (5100.00) per month as herein provided. Should the present law, requiring he County Clerk to make the tax jooks, be changed so as to put this vork on the Tax Assessor, then the 'ax Assessor may, with the approval f the County Judge and a majority f the members of the Levying Court, mploy an extra deputy at a salary of Eighteen and no/100 Dollars (?18.00) er week for not more than sixteen vceks a year; provided such extra epiity may not be worked more than Dur weeks on any one approval; and, rb'vlded further, that the approval f said Judge and a majority of the lembers of the Levying Court may e obtained hv rnnil ^,- nofiij^^ i,,;iti_ salary. Section 12. All salaries provided for in this Act, unless otherwise provided, are annual salaries and shall be paid in monthly installments by county warrants,, issued to and in the name of the officer or deputy entitled to same, and based upon a verified claim filed with the County Clerk, but no such claim shall be allowed or warrant issued, until sufficient fees for such office have been earned and collected and paid to the county treasurer to pay the same; and thereupon warrants shall be issued for any months in arrears in said fiscal year, to be paid out of said fees so earned, collected and paid to the county treasurer. If the fees and compensation earned and collected during any fiscal year by any officer who, by law, is required to charge and collect fees or other compensation for services rendered, shall be •insufficient to pay in full the compensation and salary provided by this act, then and in that event the Salary of such officer and deputy shall be reduced ratably and alike in proportion to the earned and collected •evenues bf said office. Section 13. AH . county officers whose salaries are fixed by this Act except those receiving no fees, shal :harge and collect, for the use and Benefit of the County, the same fees, :osts, commissions, perquisites anc compensation as are now or here- ifter required or permitted by law to 3e charged by such officer for such ervices. A'll sums so earned shall be iublic funds, the property of the with For attending on Circuit Court for each day the court is attended by a deputy sheriff 2.00 For any and all other services where the fee for such service is not fixed by this act, the Sheriff shall receive the fees for such services as and found in Crawford & Digest of the Laws of Ar- shall receive no other or further •umpcriKttion, peri)ui:;ilc:i, emoluments ir fees, either directly or indirectly, 'or services rendered by reason of or 1.1 the result of holding the office. 'Juid eliTk may employ one deputy fixed Moses' kansas published in 1921, but with- oul any amendment thereto. Provided, In criminal cases where the cost:,- are paid by the county, no sheriff, cororner, constable or other person serving subpoenas for witnesses thai! be allowed to receive from the county pay for making more than two returns on subpoenas in any given out the expense of assembling the Levying Court; provided further tha if Uils extra deputy is ailowed to the Tax Assessor by the County Judge and a majority of the members o Hie Levying Court on account of the law being changed as referred to, then the County Clerk may not have an extra deputy as provided in Section 5 of this act. Such portion of the Assessor's salary and deputy's salary and expense as may be due from the State and other state agencies shall be paid into the County Treasury, to the credit of the County General Fund, and shall be used only for the purpose intended; and if such portion ever be paid direct to the Assessor or deputy, the same shall be deducted from tlie compensation as herein fixed, so that the entire amount paid to the Assessor it a salary of no more than On* jcu.su, and in no case shall either of j shall not in any event exceed the •llmurocl Dollars < $100.00) per month, said officers or other persons charge j sum of $2700.00 per year ami the en- or receive pay on mileage in serving! tire amount paid to the deputy shall the dork any writ, process or subpoena in a I not in any event exceed ?100.00 per is herein provided. If the work increases. nay, with the approval of tho Circuit criminal case for more than the actual i month. "An Act to Fix t'ne Compensations and Expenses of County Officers am! to Fix the Manner in Which Such Compensations and Salaries Shall b..> Paid and to Reduce thi> Cost of County Government, and for Other Purposes." Be it enacted by the people of Hempstead County, Arkansas: Section 1. From and after January 1, 1935. the officers of Ilempstead County, Arkansas, hereinafter named, shall receive and be paid out of the rov- ui.-:; of the County as luMvinafu-r provided, the I'uinpensalion.s and sal- udt;e and a majority of the members' number of miles traveled. 'f the Levying Court, employ an extra I The Sheriff shall have charge of Icputy at a salary of Eighteen and I tlie county jail and may appoint a 10 10(1 Dollars lljlS.OOj per week forj jailor who shall also be ex-officio year;' deputy sheriff and for whose conduct ot inoi i; than siMeen wee provided such extra deputy may not | the Sheriff shall ba responsible as Section 10. shall receive The County Treasurer as compensation and salary the sum of twenty-seven Hundred Dollars (?2700.()0> -. r year for performing all diitir_"/ and out of said ' County, and the collecting officer shall receive same as trustee for the County. Tlie said fees and other compensation shall be collected in each instance in advance of the rendition of the said services, and eacli officer shall be charged in his settlements with all sums so earned by or accruing to the office whether collected or not; provided, however, that when bond for costs is tendered and accepted or sufficient cash deposit is made in lieu of bond for costs in any contested matter or action, in any (if the courts, the clerk may carry the accruing costs as uncollected fees un- lil the matter or action is concluded but, in no event longer than sixty days after final conclusion of said matter or action. Each such officer shall, between th* tint fchd fjfl each rrtorith, render in <3ii'" * duly verified report of a darned by the office during ceding niortth, showing 5fi *...„,„ sources and amdnnts of said earn! _ one copy of which shall be filed Wfi thb County Treasurer and thS bw with the County Clerk, and the porting officer shall then p"zl£ 18 County Treasurer all suihs so and reported. Section 14. The County shall keep a separate and correct count of .funds received front eft«£Ht: officer herein named arid no jfttt «" such funds shall be transferred *$• any other futtd or account until fcna-* unless the sums credited thereto * shall in the aggregate exceed the'bri% nual salary of said officer and Mitt 1 deputy or deputies and such expenses * as a're herein fixed and authOfiM84 •> for ihe current fiscal year. In tttlM event any officer Whose duty it is.td,, file such report and pay Into' th<|« treasury the receipts and revenues ftl % his office for the preceding rnbnth 6t t defined in this act shall fail or refdis* f to dp so, it shall be the duty of th& > Treasurer, within five days, to report j- such fact in writing to the Count* Judge, Circuit Judge and Prosecuting [ Attorney. >, Section 15. Each bounty officer whose salary is fixed by this Act* except those rfecelvirig no fees, shall ceep in a well-bbtrnd bobk an ite: daily statement of all sums he office for services tendered; ng thereih the nature of respective services rendered arid ilK£; 'j- sums accruing therefor. At the, end' of each month said Officer shall and add to said statement the „.. ^ of each page and of the vfrh6l& suiriS, A > so earned during satd ihonth, atfit.'n 1 shall attach to the said statement ( lfri !h* certificate under oath thdt the ,«tf*™ { totals represent the full, true' a»filjj'^ correct amounts of all fees, ctiafaf? , commissions, perquisites arid t toftl-^ji? r perisatidn or other revenues ^eifrheilj ' by his bff ice frbm. all sources whJit-V', soever duHng the sard nibrtth. ' The" <_ ' system of keepirig such books, the ' ^ books to be kept and the forfft' <5t statements to be madb, shall fjrst be S approved by the State Auditorial ue-ti <1 partment or officet whose duty il will be to audit the bodies artd reports* ^ « of such officers. Said statements^.« shall be open at all timed to public'' s inspection. The sard offlccJ-B Shall, al i v the expiration of their terms of; office, <• i deliver the said boolcs to llie County f\ Clerk, who shall preserve the same* S3 ' } a public record. Section 1C. Any and all purch f or contracts for supplies or equipment necessary for the conduct of tlie several county offices and instij tutions shall hereafter be made by the County Court, iri the opeii markeK upon invited bids and in each, instance^ from the .lowest responsible bidder. in case of emergency or ihrfnedl4tfc need, supplies or equipment nuiy^W purchased or contracted for iil amounts not exceeding ?25.0ti iri thb aggregate itt any one month witholit first inviting blds^ therefor. The County Court, upon requisition, of eacfl CoUfai- "• > iy officer, working _f° r a sabily ?& \ herein provided; shall furniSh'Wl tj stationery, books, records, stafa^,^ \ furniture and .equipment, and olW?' v. supplies and facilities requisite .f^r J 1 the proper conduct of the respective , offices and institutions, except an >, otherv/ise herein provided ' Section 17. After all salaries ana J, expense claims have been paid, ds f provided- in this Act, tlie surplus, tt t any, at the end of the fiscal year, shafl « be transferred to the County General _ Fund. . ,t Section 18. The various provisions and parts of this Act are hereby dei clared to be severable, and If. any provision or part should be declared unconstitutional by a court of last resort; tlie same shall not invalldal* or affect the remainder of the A,<A. V Section 19. All laws and parts laws in conflict herewith shall be they are hereby repealed and Act shall be and become effective oh January 1; 1935. ,. Said petitions apperr to be in form required by law oM are srgned by the requisite number of qualrfred electors. ,. Therefore, notice is hereby grven that the queslion of adopting or re"- jecting said proposed Initiative Act will be referred to the people in the manner provided by lav/, at tire next General Election to be held ort November 6, 1934, and will appbar oH thfe official ballots in the following icrni: "INITIATIVE ACT NO. 1 OF HEMFSTEAD COUNTY 'An Act to fix the Compensations and Expenses of County Officers and to' fix the manner in which such Compensations and Salaries shall be paid to reduce Ihe cost of County Government, and for oilier purposes." FOR INITIATIVE ACT NO 1 AGAINST INITIATIVE ACT NO; 1 Each elector of the County may vote 'or or against adopting said proposal act. WITNESS our hands and ihn seal if said County, in the Town of Wash-i upjon, ili.-mpKtead County, Arkansas, n this r>lh day of September, 1934. H. M. STEPHENS Couirty Judge.' " A. C. ANDERSON, County Clerk. Seal of County Court) THE CLEW OF THE FORGOTTEN MURDER | shall pay all de-put" "* il! Said Treasurer s'Tj'l ' hi 1 worked more than four week:; on I now provided by law. any one approval; and. provided The County shall f fiathcr, that Hie approval of said'and equipment and keep the same in'or further Judge ::nd a majority of the members-repair and shall also furnish all; emoluments, fees' _ of the Levying f.'otirt may be obtained bedding, clothing, medicine and ined-[ cither directly or fi Seal attention necessary for the proper' vices rendered by roasu by mail or petition \villi.uil th of The Treasurer xecute For feeding and keeping prisoners Ilie County Clerk shall 'confined in the jail, said Sheriff shall; "surety bond" to cover Ihe first Fifty 1-ompen.v.atinn and salary receive seventy-five .cents each per Thousand Dollars <$M).000.00) of liabil- hcr .i-rein provided, and nothing of I pcnse Court. Section receive ; tlie sum of Twcnly-scven Hundred Dollars ($2700.00) per year for jxr- formim; all duties of s.-ii-l office, either as Clerk, of tlie County Court, Clerk of the Probate Court, Ex-Officio Clerk the Juvenile Court, ;,,- -.veil a:; other act:: ami duties, iMid shall receive IK.> other or further cnr;ij>eiis:ition:',' perquisites, emoluments or fee:;, either directly or indirec.!;,, for services rendered by i ea.son of or as the i-.-..nll ,cvyinu care i.i prisoners, but notlring more. result of, holdm;; the or as t.ie th ofti i lay, ijuyalile as now provided by law. Section S. The Sheriff as ex-officio[ official acts with some qualified Tax Collector shall receive commission j surety or bonding compa.ny as surety for ci'llecling the revenue as follows: j thereon and, in, that event, said For tho fir:t ton thousand dollars Treasurer may file claim for pre- j collected, five per cent, in ki'id; for niiums paid on such bo.nl and tin- all sums over ten thousand dollars ' same s;hall be allowed and paid as au and under twenty thousand dollars, ; ex;-ei:;je of said office, three per cent, in kind; for all sums. Section 11. Sections 12, 13, li. ami over twenty thousand dollars colled- ^ If, of I'm:; act have no reference to lined, two per cent, in kind. i Sheriff ai:d t•:; -uffiei,) Tax Collet.tor, i'ur any and ull other iervice.-i i».'J' siiicL- thi-J ait doe.-; noi pl;u-c- him on a Dan Blceker, dynamic newspaper publisher, sets out to avenge Ino murder of one of his reporters. Sleeker hires a famous criminologist, then himself takes a hand in tunning down "The Clew of tho Forgotten Murder." Tho o-.ory starts .".oon in ihir; ne'.vsnnner. nj iii Yrit CL.LVV OF THE FORGOTTEiM MURDER ,..g:

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