Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 4
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iftsday, September 27,1934 HOPE STAR. HOPE. ARKANSAS Mfcs, Sro HENRY ocietai NR * III!Ill TELEPHONE 321 B/ fa*Si*f ,-J Our Days days they come, the days they «0« Beads upon life's chain, 'Wilh opalescent hues they glow, lake drops of pearly rain , 'That vivid tainbow colors show This, when life and hope are young •And love her sweetest songs hath sun. The days they come, the clays the go Notes upon life's scale And minor chords of deepest woe Tell of hopes that fail, And greatest loss that earth coi khow. God grant we keep the rainbow hue Still Hope and Youth's glad song renew . —Selected. Miss Marie Purkins and little Miss Nannette Williams spent Wednesday with relatives in Foreman, they were accompanied home by Master Thos. Edward Cannon. The Paisley P. T. A. held their September meeting at 3 Wednesday PAGE THREE *ilL ETC* Aft* Mrs. L. E Hinton v ho has been the guest of her sister, Mrs. K. G. Mrliac and Mr. McRae. left Thursday for a Short "visit in Hot Springs before rc- .turning to her home in Little Rock. Mrs. W. M. Brummett and daughter, Marian left Thursday for a visit with relatives in St. Louis, Mo., arid Illinois points. , Mrs. H. M. Daniel who has been i the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. / A.^F. Hanegan for the past few days , left Thursday morning for her home in Oklahoma City. She was accom- . panicd by her sisiter, Miss' Loiii::e Hanegan who will be her guest for the, .next week. ;Warrcn Stanford, Jr., will arrive Fri day to spend the week-end with Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Stanford. afternoon in the auditorium of the Paisley school. Much enthusiasm and interest was manifested by the 70 mothers present. The meeting was conducted by the president. Mrs. Ched | Hall, and a most apporpriate and beautiful devotional was given by Miss Mamie Briant. on the them?, ''Let Us Rise Up and Build," basing her remarks on the story of Nehemiab. Mrs. George Green, principal of the Paisley school, introduced the teachers after which, Mrs. Dcwey Hendnx read the by-laws. The president announced the various committee chair-' man, who gave reports. Plans for the school of instruction to be held on September 29th, were discussed, fol- [ lowed by Mrs. Minor Gordon reading] the national president's message. In :he count of mothers. Mrs. Charles i Toulon, Jr.'s room won the dollar. On Tuesday evening at the 'ark the Service class of the Fair I First ! s it nt er V( tr , ri r. t Christian Sunday school enjoyed teak fry. Folowing the supper the ' guests were entertained with {•aisit.-s; and contests. Mrs. W. H. Hutchinson had a guests Wednesday the members of thi Wednesday Contract club at her home on South Elm street. Bridge wa played-from two tables with Mrs. R B. Stanford scoring highest. L. W. oung was a Thursday businct visitor in Benton. Begining the first of October the cemetery association will sponsor a very attractive Holland Magazine subscription drive. If they fail to see you please call either, Miss Mamie Briant or Mrs. L; W. Young for the dcfails; ONE CENT SALE Per mane nts 2 For $4.51 Call 287 for Appointment Mary's Beauty Shop •It's here folks it's at the— The screen's biggest, newest and most fascinating girl show of 1934! By Helen Webhhnef IJECAUSK llicrc was 1*0 oilier place to look That quiet day my frightened eyes went, high, And so I saw the far- flung pattcran' Of brave, swift wings beat down the clouding sky. In search of drifting green, of distant springs, They winged their way, and watching Ineni I knew Not all the birds that flew in gallantry Would lind the .south . . . that there would be a few K way would end before (lie flight was done. Ivnd noiselessly . . . when birds in passing die There is no cry, no faltering; unwatched Their crumpled wings drop swiftly down the sky. So would I go ... around me all the surge Ol' life that seeks the dawn, the south, the springs. Oh, it would be a gracious thing to find Eternity on brave^mbroken wings! Census of Church Members Planned Workers From 5 Churches to Meet at First Baptist Thursday There will be a meeting of census workers from five of the churches of, the city at First Baptist church Thurs- : day night at 7:30. The following' churches are cooperating: I First Christian. First Methodist, Tab- j ernacle, Our Lady of Good Hope, and' BLRLIN. — Tho German Business First Baptist | Research Institute published Wednes- Arms Issue Ghost Raised by Russia Europe Alarmed bv Litvinoff s Message to'Lea- gue of Nations GENEVA, Switzerland—(/P)-A pcr- nianent peace conference in which the United States could participate is still the goal of Soviet Hussia, Maxim Litvinoff, her commissar for foreign affairs, told the assembly of the League of Nations Thursday. Litvinoff is believed to have SUR- ijcsted a plan whereby the United States could Officially and effectively participate in peace activities of the League without actually joining it. Germany Must Buy Food From World Drouth Has Reduced Crops Below Consumption Demand The meeting Thursday night will be a survey of the effects of the in preparation for the city wide re-1 drouth on German food supplies. This ligious census which will be made' survc - v constitutes a serious blow to At that time; ' no Nazi plan of autarchy based on bumper crops of the last few on Sunday afternoon. 125 persons from the co-operating M»T KEIU* . DICK POWILL JOAN UONDIll ZAZU PITTS CUT KIBStt HUGH HIIIIRT churches will meet at the First Bap- years. It reveals that during the com- tist church for final instructions and ing year Germany will have to import will then go out in teams to cover the far larger quantities of food and fod- whole city in one afternoon. j der than during the previous year to The census will be directed by J. i maintain her nourishment standard. P. Edmunds, state secretary of relig-I ious education for the Arkansas Bap- ', Slnco --winking German exports tist State Convention. Mr. Edmunds havo no strained German balance pay- will be assisted by the pastors of the ' ™ents that they can be maintained local churches and by seven out-ot- ! onl >'. b y r 'g ici government control of town workers who will be here ' fol- cign trade and the growing use of through-out the following week in an' domestic substitutes for foreign raw enlargement campaign and training materials, the food .situation presents school at First Baptist church. | a »<- % w serious problem for Minister cf Economics Scbacht. It is expected to lead to intensification of Germany's efforts to promote barter- deals with j raw materials countries even if such | deals as a rule entail higher prices because of the additional risk involv- fcd. She survey shows a garin harvest— wheat, rye, oats and barley—of only 20,500,000 tons compared to 24,000.000 tons last year. There is a "national reserve" of which much has been made but it amounts to only 1,000,000 tons. Adding that to the crop, the HAMBURG. Ark.—A mass meeting ' supply still falls 2,-100,000 tons below has been called here by citizens of last year's actual consumption. Ashley County to Demand Showdown Mass Meeting on Election Fraud Probe Called for Friday Prohibitive Profit Tax to End Wars Senator Nye Would Seize 98 Per Cent of Large Incomes Russln liaises Issue GENEVA, Ewitzerlnnd —(/I')— Hus-' sia's surprise move to get the Conn- oil of the League of Nations to strike a balance on disarmament apparently had stirred up a hornets' nest Wednesday night. i Because of the "dynamite" contained in Foreign Commissar Maxim Litvinoff's request that the council ob- taih a report on whether the disarmament conference can be success- ' I fully resumed, efforts were mnclo'l Wednesday night to induce him to withdraw it. i Statesmen in some quarters were -known to be apprehensive lest a re- | port from Arthur Henderson, president of the Dbarmameht Conference,' might blame failure e-f the conference on Germany's withdrawal. j Thi.v. it was explained inevitably, I would raise the question of the alleged rearminc; of Germany—a ques-' lion which England for oho is dc-11 sirous of avoiding. 11 Litvinoff's proposal would throw the whole question of disarmament nack into the lap of the League Coun~il, which then would be responsible for choosing the path loading to clis- •\rmamacnt. I Litvinoff said there had beeh no opportunity to discuss the question of disarmament until now because the assembly had refrained from appointing a disarmament committee. Ashley county for 1:30 p. m. Friday as I a result of an election contest filed in Ashle Circuit Court. Every ballot box ' in the run-off election of August 28 was found to have been tampered with. Tally sheets, registration o' j voters, and in many boxes, ballots ; were found to be missing. The domestic supply of other foods is even smaller in proportion. No official estimates of the potato crop have been published, but the Business Research Institute puts the crop at between 10 and 15 per cent. It likewise admits the production of veget- .This meeting is called to make de- | al >\cs. milk :ind eggs' will be consider- mands that the guilty persons be brought to justice'. Carl E. Bailey, i prosecuting attorney of Pulaski county and Democratic nominee for attor- i ncy general, has been invited by the citizens of Ashlc.v county to at'end t'ie mass meeting. Bailey, over the lelr:- ably lower this year. The only increased yields expected arc in sugar beets, fruits and wine. ohrino. said that, if po.';ible, he would ' be present. I Mr. Bailey has been infonve 1 that affidavits from judges and clerks at Belton h'undH.v t-clmol and I 1 ,. Y. 1 . ull attended here Sunday. C. T. Dotson and W. E. D; U. wrrr several prccintcs in Ashlov county | lint inc.': s visilnrs in Hope Friday. —SHORTS— Cartoon: "Robin Hood, Jr." Paramount News I would seem to indicate ii discrepancy | of more than l.OOfl in th; vr,\c for ,-it| torney general in the Aiu'itst 11 Drm- i ocratic state primary. Returns filer! ' bv judges and clerks showed that Bailey carried the county by more than 100 majority but the official countv tabulation Have Attorney General Hal L. Norwood a majority of G52. THE WISE OLD OWL YOUILF1ND PCDRFUEL [ A BIG EXPENSE FOR REPAIRS RUN HIGH _ IN CONSEQUENCE Mrs. Adolph Gischee is hack after spendim; lh<-' summer in Florida. ! Miss Lela Daniel spent last week with relatives in Smackover. • Mi-.s. J. A. Peters was in MeCaskill T ue.-clay. ! Mr. J. L. Eley was in Hope Saturday on business. J. A. Peters was a business visitor ' in Ma.-bvilk- Satunliiy. I Mr .and Mrs. Cbester Dolson of rra.sh'.'illc v.'ere the week-ciifi guc.sls of relatives here. I Mr. W. T. Daniel of Snrn-kover was vbilin:; relatives here Sunday. S. F. I,cslk> and Vic'or [f.unpicin wen.' in Nashville Saturday on business. Mrs. Milton Stone «;,ve a b.'idal slio'.ver Sa'urday afternoon fur Mrs. G'/oru'e Dunaway. A lar»e ei'owd attended and every ojie reported a niee tiine. Providence | Mr. and Mi.,. \V. D. Mt;rrow and fairily :-|j"ul Salurdav -.vitli their WASHINGTON.—M')-Scna tor Nye of North Dakota, chairman of the senate munitions investigating committee, will press in the next congress a l for confiscatory- federal income (axes in time of war. Nye sriid he would fight for this legislation as hit- reply to assertions of munitions manufacturers and militarist that the government should not nationalize the munitions industry. He intended,"he said, entirely to strip war of its porf- its. His bill. Nye said, would provide for doubling income taxes on incomes below $10,000 and taxes of 98 per cent on all incomes above that figure to Dccome effective on the clay that the Jnited States declared war. He said .he measure would apply indiscnn^in- itely against individuals, companies ind corporations. • i "The country is with us on this.' 1 he ! declared as he interpreted a coiifcr- ; cnco with William John, British mem- ! 5er of Parliament, to point to more :han 10,000 telegrams, cablegrams, cttcrs and post cards frorh people and organizations in this country and broad, urging his committee to jo the limit in describing the activities of the munitions industry. John, one of the whips of the British Labor party, culied on Nye to discuss the American investigation. He said British public opinion had been greatly stirred by revelations in the United State?. The British Parliament, he predicted, would crdcr such an inquiry. EATON KILLING Chargin 1 -; nictitation of affection, a a watchman's wife is suing the woman whose house he is watching. She must have hired a watchman to wa(ch the watchman. i Washington has just been deluged with three inches of lain. Perhaps nature was afraid the munitions parley would blow up. i Too Late to Classify FOR RENT—Furnished four-room ipartmont, private bath, electric refrigerator. Phone Ki2. Mrs. K. G. McRae. 27-31-c. . I (Continued from Page Ore) SMOOTHER PERFOKMAMCE ESSO SERVICE STATION Third unit J,. & A. Tracks Phone li'-i elson • 1 Pillows P^aperJy Laundered £" ^ _ _ ' iai ^ B S5*p t ^ r ^^* e '; f ;lf ~^ & ^- 1 ; :,-'i •••!,::• "operate^ tvduy i:; a:, i _. ," .".",,. -., ,j thought - prov-ku.-; :>:.!! i.icuiiilifs and pi .. .- *--v. " '" ' .hoi ::::..••:*• bam. ;.-•' i. ,.:! rf-'r - ,:!>•-! ••••;•• jj: , family of near Wasliin^ton. ! Mr. and Mr.-. Willard Bateman and Children of Hope spent Sunday with . Mr. /.an Bate-man and family. Mrs. Loia Jones and ehildren of ' Hope .-j.-ent Sunday '.'.ill, M r . ; , I1( j ,M,- . K. S. Join.-., an.I family. I Mr.-:. Hen'in:-. of [•.,tini,.- i, vi.-iiiirj i.'•!• dair;:,;;.!-. Mr,. Ji.-ff Mii.c-h.-ll and f.nnily. Mr. . nd M,-.-. H ;J ; I{ 0 1 ; ,..,-,., ;,„.,.; .•-..,-urd,,y i.i-hi and Sunday with Mr ' and Mi.:. Gr;-dy Mro-.yn. 1 Mr.. ChailiL- iioh-,1 . M,. . II,.,,,., Mi.i ILII and Mi... IMi,. ? Vv'il on :-pei.i S i:;'i ,;. i.fiernoon y i|j, M,,.. J..ff Mitel,i-ll. Mr- Will M.•[•'.,,;.„„! .,,„! : „,, ,,, Ki,-.i,,i t .-jjeiit Sunday afternoon v.-ith Mr. and Mi/. C. C. Ii.-o.ynin-. < ','•: a- 'ni SunJ.,'.- *i---ruo L ,n -.-. uj, M, / afternoon of July )0 (the day of the cscupe and the dav before the slaying.) "I asked him if he was looking for a mad rloy. He said, 'No. I'ir loekin;: for SOIIIL-- thint; n damn si«lit worse.' 'Jlien IK- tolrl me about. Hc-len Spenee Raton cseapini;. I as.ked him if there was a reward. "H-..- said, 'No, but I'd uivo a 510 bill for a ' i'llil of her rinhl now.' "I asked him, 'Would you sliool her?' "He said. 'This is 0111- lime she'll he sorry she ^'ot away.' ''1 said. 'Aw, you wouldn'l do thai would you'.'' and he said, 'you're damn ri;;ht 1 would.' "1 said. Tel just let her &, if it was me.' and he said. 'If you were doiim '.'-\ yr.-rii-K like I air,, you wouldn'l.' That was the first I knew he was a eonviet." Defen.'e eotinse] tried vainly to shake this teslhnony. P,:l!u,:;.-;' c-m- phalie reiter;ili(.ii:; brought laiush.'i from 111-..- speelators. ihe first demon- ^Iralion of any xirl all day. Judu'e- MeO( hi.-e r;i|)ped for order and the •ourtriKini ri-siimi.-d Ihe r|ui'-t that had ire-vailed all flay. Guaranteed Typewriter Repair Service O. W. MILLS 21S So. Walnut Phone IJfi BLUE It's a BLUEBIRD'- The Symbol of GSS It's Coming p D Q lart. There will b'.- prrarhiiu; at thisplac:- he seiond Sinid.iy in O^lober by Bro. Villie liisler f.f I.ewisville. Kveryone s in\'ited to coipe. WAKE UP YOUR LIVER BILE- WITHOUT CALOMEL And You'll Jump Out of Bed in the Morning Rarin' to Go Tf you feel sour and mink and th*» world looks punk, don't swallow a lot n, milts, mineral watrr, oil, laxatire candy or mewing cum and *»iprrt (horn to make yon :mdde:nly sweet tiod buoyant and full of sunuhine. For thoy can't Ho it. Th/»y only mnvn UIA liowi-lrf and a mnro mim-mr-nt. do*«n'L m>i nt thp raurt*?. The nil sun fur your duwn-iinti-tmt fr-oJing is your liver. It should pour out twi pounds nf liquid bile into your bow'fl d;u y. If this bile is not Smvinc frwJy, your luoil diiran't digest. It junt d.-i*ays in tim bowel.*. Gits hi on LA up your at >mnrh. You havr a thjrlf, bad taste and your hrrat.h in foul, akin often brenk.s out in blfrniflhc-a. Your lu i ad arhK* and you fi.< I down aod out. Your who It* Byjtirn U poisoned. It lakes tlui-.n good, old CARTER'S UTTKK I.IVKK 1'II.LS (o gpt Lhr**< two pounds of bilu Mowing freely and malo- you (pel "np ami ui>." Th^y contain wonderful, hannlew, Cfntle vegetable rtlrarta, amazing when jr, com PS to m.iking lh« l»:lo Ho-,- frorly. Hut,don't8t)k fr,r livdr pillw. Ask for Tarrrr'a Litt.le I.ivur Pills. I,nok lor the name (,'iiru-r'i I.ir.H« Liver I'ilh on th.; rod Uh*>l. Haunt a •ul)3lituU-.2ocaLdrugsLurtfl. O1931C. M.Co. 12c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Funn:; for cffeelim; ;;overn:n'-nl. l^-e<;nt loan:, are hen-, and v.''.- ar-- nf_.-.'.' jacparer] to ;. f v;.ir.'" loans \v'i:h th'.-.line prompt and careful eonsi'ieraiion thai v. e have, ex- ti'jid'd the pit/dueej- fi^r o\'ei- ,'iU \'i-ai'S. The e-.-idcni e of Ilii; i-ni.'11 uelive and ;;r,il if-.-'lr; .-.i-ivi;-i- i, ill" leteniii;ll of the V.llinbli' |.at ruliaiv 'if :,i,ine of III'- lar::".i and nio.,1 influential p!,jii!.(-r.i i;i th" Hop-: leiTi- loiy I'.'r that. Uiiii:ijal I'ni'lh of ii.-r.e; and llio..e who an- tie:; al' 1 |.!,ei:;:, (heir eotlori in l!i-'_vnt /.joveriiiii'-lil loa'i.. e;.n I-" ••' u: i-d of ihi o.'. i an./..< lor. i!i:-otio:i. Kia-'ii- ai-i-,u:-;i Iheir 1. .,;;.. |l,r-. : i;;li ,,in fn.n. E. C. BROWN A CO. Cotton Merchants V.,, Check Robison's Everyday Prices HERE'S QUALITY PLUS PRICE CHILDREN'S Union Suits 39c Ladies Dresses Ladies Silk and Rayon Drosses. 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