Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 3
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OUR BOARDING HOUSE Famous A 13 Italian river 16 Dy«. 21 Tlnr. 23 Sun. 25 Either. 28 Therefor. 27 Young 29 To embrace. 30 Relates. 32 One who guesses. 33 Transformers. 38 Door rug. forgas.SOPul'l'e'y called lu a hotel. 41 Preface. 42 Isinglass. 44 Dress fastener. 45 Not so niucl). 47 Auto. •IS Wing. 49 Chum. , Dl Pound. ! Italy, 02 Measure o£ c'rlcan Mm " s, 53 Negative. JPIa Paris SGrsyijli mineral?. 10 Three! " " is born HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Sell II' Tine It; Rent It! Buy Itl in thfc Hope Star Market: Place Eemember, tl>e mure you teD, (be gulckcr you icll. 1 tune, lUc line, min. 30o fpt consecutive insertions, mlnl- mui:i of 3 liiKy in one ad. 3 times, Cc line, min. 50c C times, 5c line, miri. 90c 2C times, SVic line, min. ^2.W (AveraE'-- SVi words to the line> ads will be accepted with the understanding that the hill is payable on presc-ntation of before tho first puhli- Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. FOR RENT Laneburg C. A. Treadwcll, Smith Hughes instructor, spent thu week end with relatives in Conway. Edgar Daniell of Little Rock spent Sunday here with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. S. A. Moore and children of Emmet were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bright. Miss Hu/.el Daniell spent the week end in Conway as the guest of Mr. inrl Mrs. Greer Daniell. Miss Wilma Andrews relumed to PrcscotJ following a visit With relatives here. Mrs. Milford and Mrs. N. N. Daniell were Sunday guests of Mrs, C. M. Gunn. Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Fore of Pres- eolt visited relatives helie Sunday. _ i FOR KENT: South bed room, withj | or without bath, phone 321. FOR RENT— Nicely furnished three- Jroom apartment, private entrance, I bath anil enrage. Call 284 or 66. 193tc. According 'to the estimates of experts fifteen million tons of coal could Ix- saved annually in the country by elimination of hard water from locomotive boilers, this typo of water be- iiili harder to heat than soft water. FOR RENT: Furnished house, va leant October 1. Call 653 or apply 1201 I South Elm street. 3tc. FOR SALE Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat Co. FOR SALE: 200 bushels of fine pears. Sen Vincent Foster. 18-31C. BARGAINS IN USED CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. FOR SALE—"! 1 ChevroliM truck with flat bed. t-ab and new tiros. Sllij cash. Thompson Bros. Call 22. 20-:.'t FOR SALE- IV;•!>: T.ic bushel or 40f i^lf biiFb'-l cldiviTcrl. rhi.n ItiC. 2(i-.'it WANTED A niitionid oi-yani/ntion will select nevcral reliable ambitious nu>n now i'mployc'd—with -foreKiKht-f.-iir education iiiid iiipfh:inical inclinations, who want to boiler their post ions •wbo want to bailor tboir itosilinn 1 ; and are willini! I" train during spun- time 4,1- evenings to qualify .-is in.stiilhilion and .scrvii'o i-xpi-its on all lypos nl roiumercial and household Kleetrie Bi-f4'iB«rator!J and Air CoriditioninB. W/iti' f;ivini; af.c, oecupaton. education und Jjhonc niiiiiboi-. Rclriijcration En- jiu-'i'i'ini.!. WiJU- b<jx (18. A first-class sleeping coach in Eng- Uuul weight 40 tons and carries about 12 passengers. Shivering with Chills Burning with Fever Sure Relief For Malarial Don't try homemade treatments or newfangled remedies! Take that good old Grove's Tasteless Chill Tome. Soon you will be yourself again, for Grove's Ta.sHk-.ss Chill Tonic not only ri-lievt-s the symptoms of Malaria, but destroys OIF infection itself. The" tasteless quinini' in Groves Tastileh:. Chill Tonic kills the ? rial infection in the blood whili iron it contains builds ui> the j to overcome the effects of the disexs-i and fortify against further :;uari The- twofold effect is absolutely^ cssary to the overcoming ( ; f MHI.; Besider. bt-ine a dependable renj for Malaria, Grovt-'s Tastcltss C 'J'onic i. 1 . alwi an excelk'nt uiiur c.f i cral use. Pleasant to take hiiil <•'• luidy hai-niluss. Safe \c> give cl.il-': Gel a bottle today at :m> itruj; ?•-. Nov. Iv.'o siv.es—50o and S.I. The V. contains 'i\'-t tiroes as much as the i.i/e uud t'vc» you 25SI. mure fur v money. WANTED -Tn n-iit typcwiiu-rs ai. one*-. Si-i.' Mrs. A. C. Whiluhurt.t, 4M VA'U l>ivi^ion fit. 24-31 "HivAN'J'KO l.onil pot. Will I'ivc for J3c; (liiclis Ui ; liji ncai Kj'ir.to dciv: l(J-]]c: fryers. :y, D-lOc. T. I' WANTKU 'J'o hoa/1 call le. Mi VVcJI fvnn-'l. ^ MO.OIC. WANTKO <'ol,,/i-l V,o<k .'i flay:, ;, v.''-'l'.. MI^I all' i fi |j. in. CO vv<:l) or Jfan-y NOTICE CM J-'oi :;.-,!•• or RI-I.I. M am-. I.Jllli ?. lion . c : I-!IM|IM- llj;lil'., IHUljI.'.H V.al'-i. d ui^Ji'. i) n, ill'. <•';'.'/'. with yo.iii;', i:ulvr. ] nil!'- iiom to.vii. Call 'Jf>. '/.!-'•»• TICi: Fo; Sail.- ..i H.-I.I. 11 ai-) ..-.-., dri-'p Will '1'i'n |, trail in'i-. 1 , 1'J yi-^i" oil). Wf.'Dil LilJ.I-. O/il: lull"- ll'Jlll iMV.n Call .'{W 27-'U LOST Brown Lealher Bag Containing valuable pn- j)ors and men'.- c luihin.e. Iju)H' Shreveport Highway 29. $5.00 reward for return to this office. Tlit sudtlfsl s I o r y i e a i d:~"It bhonld Ii4v«- litcn Insured." ROYAHDF.R50NLCO (ffMPint INSVWHd SfKVICS PHONE diO HOPCVARK By WILil WHUDDA VA WAMT? ALL TH' WAV5 THER^,TO FIND OUT I GOTTA GO TO TH' STORE, WHEN I'M HAFF WAV TO TH' STORE ALREADY? AM 1 , AIN'T WE GOT CREDIT -THERE? SURE WE HAVE.' QOODWJQHT .' DON'T BE ASHAMED TO HOLLER HAMBURGER, ER OTHER PEOPLE HAVE THEM ONL YOU UNCLE <5/KKt IS GOING TO TtX. VIOL\N,Wm4 YES, EGfctD-W/XD YOU NOT COME: "EiUSTER\N£> •RECORD OF ILLEGALLY SB-UNO \ TIDDL1E ME W»TH TWCT STUP\T> S\T«,, WEPJE \T NOT TOR / -RAeHNE&S,__I IA\6WT VAKVE \ .^tf^^^hk. —_*—.r— -*• r— l. l-r-T- -r- SLEEP, YOU PITT TRY OU rm AX >! COUPLE HUNDRED IJ WH85.$ - -THE .HALFBACK •SEE VQU'VE Hyah, Bill, 01' Boy! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES WWQW, VOOOVJOWT ALLEY OOP , Hooev/ YOU'RE A FINE BODY-GUARD, ) YOU ARE// FALL DOWN- SCAREP T'DEATH.WHEN A OUY HOLLEPS ATCHA? WHAT WOUtDJA DO IP YA MET , „ A REAL ~ / ^ HEAD TOUGH GUY! 'IM , PRONTO/ - AND HOSV/ Getting Angry! AWTi'AKE IT WASH TUBES WILL NJOT . g OtMAND JU&TICE ~ THAT TRAlrJ. IT'S MIME! PAT MAPPEMS? A BRAUEMAKI BOOTS ME, HCRATIO BOARDMAW^OFF MY OWM TRAIN!. i EASV; BUPPIE. YOU SEE THIS RAILROAD \ . I OWM \ TRACK? I OWN IT EVERY RAIL AND MILES. By BLOSS.ER Maybe the Safest, Tooi FRECKLES CAM VbU PLEASE TELL US TME QUICKEST V/AY TO G £ T TO LEESSURS 7 y\'D IP J WE'D LIKE S TRV \ TO TRY IT ! rf OUT. J Ohj A , HILL , YES TAKE TWE VALLEY BUS .'/ . By COWAN Windy Tries a Fast One! REMEMBER '^uiMC^S MECY r- ? S V VT F ANGLES (Mo'm'n Pop) -,ctm^ ^v/spnper. ^CLEW OS- THE FORGOTTEN ,, t - and I'.-c-of ___ iMl'Cfc Ibis atl does Jiol place him on a v \ v . ^m\i '/ •^'••sffi&ffia iffiSj l^- in-"* ' —<^— -•*--*

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