The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1940 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 5, 1940
Page 1
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS ____ ' A 81 Al 1,11 OP NOK1 HliA K I 1 AHKANSAS AND .qnilTH>i<AR-i> MIM«MI,,>, r*~S VOLUME XXXV11—NO. 17. niytheville Dally News Elylheville Courier Allies Muster Their Power For Bid To 'Strangle' Germany Mississippi vnllcy Leader Ulylhevllle Herald AND SOUTHEAST MIHHOUIU HIATIIl.-VIhUi-, ARKANSAS, KU1IMY, _A\>RU, R, ~lfMll IIOtllTEO SfflE SI! Hi United , Sliai-|) fighting was reported from Die western front lo-'Bul Discharged Worker's (tity as the Allied powers mustered Ihoir full economic iiKiiiiisL Oernutiiy. The Gcrinan high command announced Unit, a Kronen stronghold had |,ocn winail out and in Kreneli nolilicrs killwl! when Clennan shock troops iittacked southwest of Saar-' laiilorn, *• — . In Paris, French military .sources nsserled that Hie German attacks had been repulsed despite heavy artillery fire and attacks by two low flyini! ,,| uncs OM thc A1|i , lines-. The action was still definitely in the category of patrol skirmishing out with the advance oi spring it Activities In \- a r o i e. Matter Crilicr/.od LI'I'l'LE HOCK, Apr. 5 <U|>)- Ciov. Carl K. Dujley sa | () Ultlll ,, mt In his opinion 1, it, lloovor, di.s- chnrged slalehonsi- gardener, had nol violated any l:uv in aecepiin" money for alleged activity in securing clemency lor Karl' FiimK pnpT v r n r = .r 1 -' 1 !' 011 iitco1 wm ^ <r - n ^ a ^ f ™>' lilnll f Hnr'- lcker 1>lis0 ' 1 fimn °" i"-obniion UudlLI 11 111 •"• J "' ic ' tm - j . ' ! know of no stale Inw iioover ] violated In obtaining iinxls fr api>eared to be Betting thc vast power of their empire resources r ' re "'at swept through a wing of into action and were vigorously at- ll >e Georgia State Hospital for templing lo seize Ihe iniliative insane last night, endangering the .from Adolf Hitler by strong state- " vcs of '. 5 °0 inmalcs. ._ -, . ^ fever form. The British mid, French— Odc « said today thnt a violent after seven months of conflict.— Pnlicnt crawled into tlie attic and crossed electric wires to start the ments of confidence and a fever Tlle approximately '7,500 patients of diplomatic activity. housed in Die Cabaniss "twin Plans for mass production of building," scene of thc lire, and an merchant ships in Britain and cqual '"""her from the other winy . commercial schemes lo outbid and * vcrc lcci to sflf "><•>' by aUcndants [","" 8 "' e " 21 - VC(lrs '" 'he penlten- outpressure Germany iti tlie Bal- aml ™l"nleer workers, many of - v - kan grain, mineral and oil mar-:) vllom l>°urc<l from a theater when matter was a closed case so far nx he was concerned Hoover lold Mall he was leaving for California and that the whole affair was one of misunderstanding. Hoover admitted receiving S50 from Pranks for his part in obtaining a parole for Ihe Detroit j man, who was convicted ii of a .'Passengers On Merchant. Shin Onscnix*. Bailie SING[,fi COPIKS FIVE CBN1S mow OSLO. Norway, Apr. 5 (UP)— A spectacular air unii sen- butllo In which n liritlsli destroyer drove oil an attacking smmdron of German 0 , . airplanes wns reported (oilny by UaVK, lot, nasaem-m of the steamship Mtrn, , r '• ,,' ; which arrived in nergcn. ! '"sis) Upon I rono By The battle occurred In Iho North ' Sen all the Scottish cons). The Mini, ii i.i:)2-(on passenger „,„ ----- vi-sscl. wus ntl:icki<d by a groiiii or "'WH'NUTON, April B. rui>)~ German planes, passengers said' I ru l |ll 8«n<lft activities or foreign The pianos dropped flvo bohita f? l ' m ' s llllcl none Miwk (| u > vessel. After l " lm »"W sllm-d somite esse. er attempllim lo bomb u,,. s |,|,, » lvo 101| «)' to press for n» enrly planes then returned and mnchlnn " " Ol P™l>n«niuln mul u». '*' of '"I'etRti agents In vessel, wounding two ,„.. Mils , "™mi (Hem., H. commit lei; rim- DcDre. degree murder charge .Resident Of linnned tin! persons'. Mranliine a Urlllsh destroypr raced up to a posliion near tlin Mhn and npenpd tire with Ha anil- ""'"""I* wniite funds, snld he wouto ulreraft batteries. Under fierce lire cu " " "*<'<''it*K soon lo consider i, from the destroyer lho German "' sol " llo » Mwasorcd by Ken, liennei, plnnes flew away. ; L - Clark uji-m., M O .» propasln B ,, Passengers of the M| ra were s< '""" ! Investigation of foivliji, panic slricki'ii dm Inn th (! attack '"'"I'-iSui'du. Clark's resolulion in,' Jilt were calmed by th e .ship's of- '"''"" "I'Dfovcd by uie seimic loreiai" """"••' K.-I..HU.M commutec and culls for an ejipendlluic of bntweeii sir,,, and $2:1,000, '' • | "1 have notified Sen. ctark that ' there probamy will be hearings OM his IcuMiuion," Dyrncs said "I want 10 tint! out wj,ai H 's ,,11 auoul and 1 want to know whether ul| S"l to spend money j or s , ic ii il hLs proposed Investlga- designeci to Him ou i ,T Girl' Musi Hang Messages and letter ex'chaiised Mississippi County For 42 Years Succumbs Today lion was Roosevelt, Garner Differ On Extension Of Trade Treaty Plan April (i. (UP)—President Roosevelt lor doleftt of proposals to limit uxten- —• +ycar. y | Vice President John N. Garner (supported the one year extension proposal. This ivns lo ho offered by Sena lor David I. Walsli iDem Mass.) Morn Hie senate vote^ 'British Claim INn/i Warships Hit By Bomb LONDON, Apr. n (UP)-Tim ulr ulnislry announced today Him, Koj'iil Air I'mcv plunca hud lidinl)- 'o\ir destroyers, lit Ihe' North Sea mso of Wilhelinshuvcn, npparenlly Inflicting damage, 'I'he ulr raid wns inmomiced after Jeneral Kir Udmund Ironside, chief >f the llrltlsh-imperial stall, hnd 'old reporters that (he Allies-alter enriiiK n Oerman attack for six .nunlhs—wo™ now prepared for any onslaught, having turned Ihe corner In Ihe last two weeks Tlie swift, blow at Wllhelmshavcn as well n s |he Increased confidence now beliii; expressed by Drills)) Girl" ronl Henry, above, must die itu [lie Louisl'min leaders appeared lo bo n part of the ijroimnn that resulted In shift- ng of Drills!) cnWnet ministers lorcinn agents liuvesonsnl |°ws for the murder of J. P. Cul- Hive Winston Churchill ncreWd IK';- nnnllr. »,*..*,.... ... . IrvWllU ll,-n „- ... . I...... . _^"'"Jl-"'l> IllUC.l.'iell by Gordon Connnt, Mike" Dcnton, a resident of Lux- to Immencc pnohc opinion in inis 'owiiy, tir coiu.iry m i,, vor OI Ollc Qr (hc her a lift Tho girl, otncr side hi lhc Europcini wnr , wlll) u companion, Harold P interest In tne senate propa- J^n-lts, shot Cnlloway near Uko Bnnda was precipitated yesieruuy cllni ' lcs . La., ns he plendcd for mercy. MIQ tnul Hnrhs decided ID sloal his car. neutral nations with the imfnvor-,, able prospects of the Germans ! l)rt *™en $25.000 and $30,000. Allied shipping losses in Ihe Afler tho fil ' c . about 400 patients month of March were described in lme '' et " nl «' to the undamaged London as Hie lowest since the parl of lhe building and the re- outbreak of tlie war with only M mnilltlcr housed in a new fireproof Allied and neutral vessels being I strllctlll ' c whiel1 1 " a ' 1 J»st been sunk by German sea and air at- i ™ m l ))c>t ™ '» a program of replac- tack or by German mines Tlie . g . somp of llle a>]'!<l«ntcd dormi- ! , 52, Uearden Jr., pastor of the Melho- Allies *L Ch . l " Tl l' assistcd by the Rev. Cromwell'., Mrs. B. T. Worthy Is Recovering From Injuries Mrs. U. T. Worthy lias recovered from Injuries received iii a highway mantis for sterner nllle.s part, attack on thc , . ministration's request for a ihree- ycar extension of the program Mr. Roosevelt insisted a three- year extension would be best calculated lo assist Industry and business, nod to olJVltilc possibility of embarrassing uic new administration, which takes power next January, whether It be Democratic o Senator pal McCnrran (Dem, Nev.) an opponent of tho {radn program conceited that the administration would succeed in sending the Uiree-yeiir 1)111 to the White House without amendment, "I don't think we could get. enough voles lo write lhc Lord'.s Prayer Into the hill," ji c said. .. Garner believed no emergency exists lo wnrranl the 'three-year' extension and it lie were permitted lo vote he would ba'ck Walsh's amendment. Garner can vote only in event of lie, and administration" leaders expressed confidence Hint. figure was lower than neutral sla- tortes. Dr. Ogden said investigation show«l thai a third floor patient in- n ' h01 ? llc Described as "a bad one •'• „, . | stoo « his : bed on end and tore a Germany was rii- h(llc ,"!™ UEh lhc Ceiling. Then he I'ian iron ore ship-!" awled . lnto the ' M ^ and found North Sea to thei'7..""™- crosseU (il ™ and start- Arrangements completed- for the which will be In upon arrival of ( funeral services tlstics compiled oulside Brilain, but in any' event the last month saw a sharp decrease in the Nazi roads pn shipping"'' Reports that G verting Scandinav ments from the !,-,.>.. ^u ^ n. M , .. Gulf of Bothnia, to await the!™ 1 ™ ,. spring thaw; announcement thatf UBClen ulrt lloL Australia would Institute contra-1 £ band control Monday; disclosure! ' that despite Japanese anger, Brl-i^y 1 ^ 1 ™' ff-VT*'!? "' c i Ralh ™« '» Momphl.r7or"about"30 pTton' who tain intended to exercise full hel-1 ^andli Hi e iiT " "^ \?"* mlK " ls «U"monl In 1933 two on a,, hgerent rights in,the Asiatic Paci- " . ".•" ," le " le - j because of ill health. tic . lo keep Russia from sending 'Thir accident near Marked Trco Sundn any of ft. N. Forbes. J. j. Mlfflhi, Charles Corkiiin. Jesse Brown. Allen Posey, William Thweatl, Ho lrle Born In Dandridgc, Tenn., Mr. Denton married Miss Martha Ami ending trans- lling the fire, lis incident, however," the He Is also survived by his wife. governor said, "is evidence of the ! Mrs. Mary Cox Hardawny rJIPP H'/» lif) irn I>^.— „.._•___ -,. I it _! j ' . _ "«'J> Germany supplier along the Siberian rnUroad. all combined to I rflcc we J7ave been cunning witli i three sister's, Mrs K*"n l T"\vk nml _i. i__».,. , I 5*,11/* t ll n fUrni-fr... r_.. .__ . . . I ». _, _ . ' i.Ji-ni,i tLHi.1 and ,s)ioiv hmv Britain was extending the relentless tentacles of Us blockade throughout the world. „ .. , , = . . . . s an a disaster for yearn niM Mrs. Olaf Johnson, both of Mem- points to thc wisdom and in , - 1'his, and Mrs. Ned Wilson of A report by William We«l W «*.|f£ nmb ".°i?; '" fiT 11 " 1 * 11 ., 0f com " le secretary of the ship constructors'!!;"" b> lh ° sln "' lms P" < " si " h "i- nml shipwrights' association now New York Cotton aiding the admiralty, disclosed plans for an unprecedented program of mass shipbuilding. In which each yard would build but one type of ship. Earlier il had been made known that lhe admiralty was consider-] j,|Jy ing the construction of concrete Oc[ freight ships (o test whether, as: Dec some experts asserted, they could Jlln ' be built more swiftly and cheaply j\j ar ' than steel ships, and thus conserve; steel supplies. Some such ships, built during the World War. are! eVf?«» reported still in service. Westwood's shipping report said lhat the government had already ;; fl;v °f_'he fireproof building pro- i ShrcveporL, lj,V "' ' " ' Ml '- and Mrs. O. O. Hardaway will join other mcmbsrs of the fBinily in Memphis for the services Prev. Open High ijj w close Close 10G3 10'il BG9 972 912 HfiO 1035 1015 989 974 972 SCO 1002 10^1 98G f!71 069 957 10G4 1042 988 972 969 957 10G3 1040 980 969 970 958 started its effort to break all world shipbuilding records with a program of ••emergency ships" to be built in yards all over the British Isles, and add tonnage lo the mer- May July Oct. Dec, Jan. chant fleet faster than Germany Mar. In any calculable submarine, mine and airplane offensive could sink them. Eacli yard is to build the par- licuiar type which experts find it can const met and most economically. It was emphasized that mistakes made in thc World War. when Britain and then the United Stales were buildiny ships al feverish speed, would be avoided and that all ships would be built to last. A new English Commercial Company, Ltd., launched Kith a modest survive nd (heir In 1914. They h: two daughters who father: William and Waller Dcnton of Luxors Mrs Ora Hill of Halcigh. Tenn., mid Mrs. P. M. Bonds of Luxora. In 1916 Mr. Denton married Mrs. Eva f.awrance who also survives him. Mr. Denton farmed since comlii" lo Mississippi County unlll 10 years ago when he retired. He went to Other rdatives from St. Loui ., who Osceola ,„ 18 » and cam 'of „ a were here today are cnrouu: lo eijhl years later MP " lllh!s ' He Ls also survived by three - : brothers, J. p. and nr* ' n, Shed Is Damaged j Slightly By Fire' A siied in thc rear of the Bentley Grocery on West Main slrcet was slightly damaged by lire which broke out yestcrdav noon. l He U also survived by brothers, J. p. and Bob ' Demon of White Hlne.Tcnn.. and I'cte Demon of Ro.ssville. Ga.. and ihrce sisters. Mrs. Laura Wills of New Market. Tcnn.. Mrs. Susie Hill of Wnn» Pine, and Mrs. Ida Shell of Dandridge. At least 150,000 variations lo existing' • manuscripts of the New found. tions called for Iininedlnfe adopts., of the following steps as ttic answer to demands that tne United states Join the European war: "An unequivocal 'no' irom Hie president to proposals from Ihe Allies llial (his country enlcr (lie war. "Adoption of a war referendum as the people's defense ugalnsl presidential diplomacy and un- ncntral ambassadors," Dcbalo In the senate followed Issuance or a statement by Sen. Ar- cntir H. Vandenbcrf (Rep.. Midi) in which he urged approval of Clark's resolution and expressed distrust In this country's diplomatic rcprcsentalives allegations in "white book." curve In u. ' Alone nt tho lime when cnraute home from Marked Tree where, she had vlsllcd relatives, Mrs. Worthy's car overturned twice Inlo a deep ditch. A physician was the first passor- by lo rc'iicli her and she wns Immediately ctxrnctcd from lhc demolished machlno and given first aid. Permanent Home Is Sought For Boy, Five A permanent home Is sought for n five-year-old boy who has to love him. Tlie lad, who Is n Immctl Iniiiorlanl Cases Remain On Trial Docket; Ellioll Gels Suspended Sentence ,;,,.• , ° lrc " 11 ' court, In session since f last Monday, adjourned Thnrs-lny lufternoon until nexl Monday with thc session expected to come to a close by Tuesday, H wns announced. Judge Nell Klllmtgh, of Wynne is presiding. . '. ' • i Riibu Elliott was nlvcn/a one- year suspended .sentence on charges of transportlns stolen properly and accessory after U| C fact to grand larceny in n companion case in which Marvin Htwliey was given u directed verdict of acquittal on the same charges. Thc case Brew out of lho theft of J4HO from two Leachvllle farmers. Snm TJiqinns and PlnLf Keel- Inff, which also allegedly Involved Mary Qlllls and Mary Gibson, charged with grand larceny. Several Important cases, dock- no one cled lor th!s,,weck, have not yet been heard but are on call, accord- w '"> ing lo Bruce Ivy, prosecuting al- . they would defeat thc Walsh plan with voles lo spare, Mr. Hoosovcll said he had read about Darner's support of lhc one- year proposal and would be glad lo comment from what ho called a novel viewpoint in an election' year.— The viewpoint of national welfare. Sticli a viewpoint Is almost un- heiird of these days, (he president snld, with a caiwtlc Inflection.* "U Is Iho desire of all of us', to dispose of Hits bill today," Senate' Democratic Loader Albcn w. Bark- Icy said. Opponents of tho bill agreed with Ilarkley and Sen. Pat Harrison (Dem., Miss.), in charge of the icelslnllon, that It would be approved without change.. But they planned to fight for amendments designed lo protect a B rljullural commodities ductlons. from tariff rale -ro- ' .vdilam c. Biilllti.' "Thc Canadian people nd tcin;nt ihan we are statements of Cromwell, 1 the oilier tea hounds who are serving In this country's diplomatic corps as the resull oi campaign contributions." the critical wounding of G. A. Cunningham In linen year, in the month, oi May, a street altercation more than a a group of meteors flush through year ago; Kelsle Uemmcr, nlmuwl the sky, reminders of Halli coined. These meteor-; foimcd , with nssmm with intent lo kill in Prev, Open High Low C | 05e Close 1074 1079 1074 1077 part of the train of Ilnlley's comet when It came near tiie curth In tfHO. and they were left behind when it moved off Into space. ft connccllon with tlie alleged stab- 1049 S93 977 970 9GO 1054 994 977 970 9C4 1049 991 97fi 9G8 9GO 1052 993 976 909 960 107S 1049 . 989 973: 9001 955 of his estranged wife; lhe Rev. Orvcl Slocum. charged with nrson in connection with the alleged burning of hi.s house trailer. Question Girl, //, In Death Of Mollwr, Sisters And Brother Stock Prices A. T. & T. .. Am. Tobacco Anaconda Copper Beth, steel ..'.... Chrysler [ Cities Service Ccca Cola Gen'l. Elect Gen'l. Motors ..' Int. Harvester 174 7-8 90 1-2 brother LOS ANGELES, April 5. (UP1 — Police today booked Chloe Davis an 11 year old child with blue eyes and two blond pig-tails, on a charge of suspicion of murder. Thc suspicion was thnt she had murdered her mother, two sisters, ami a 30 1-8 80 1-2 88 1-2 1-4 Chloe had been questioned for hours and she had insisted over and over again that her mother hnd killed her sisters. Daphne, 10. and great activities In sports. Her mind is clear as a bell, very quick. "She Is an extremely well disciplined child and could very easily have followed her mother's orders." (The tragedy of Electra Ls recounted tn Greek mythology. She drove her brolner to take vengeance upon their mother because she thought thc mother had not been faithful lo their father. In Freudian psychology the term. 'Electra com- 128 Ann. 7. and had frigliiruiiy vvomided j pics' is used lo describe 39 1-2 her brother, Mark, 3. She acknowl- ! who is Jealous of 55 1-8 i having killed he capital of [500.000 ($1,800.000) under Lord Swinlon. is to start developing trade with Bulgaria. Hungary. Greece, Rumania, Turkey and Jugoslavia. , Ward N ' , CelUr!] l ....... North Am. Aviation Packard ..... Phillips ...... | Radio ..... '.'.'.'.'.'." '. Republic Steel • "''' 58 killing Mark, lo put ln m out of'life misery, but only because her mother had so commanded. Police tool; the child to thc juvenile liome at midnight for lhe m»ht and formally entered her name on the blotter, adding the charge: Douglas Wilson Rites Held This Afternoon l" rt ° f J ?• * _ , Texas Corp The funeral services for Doug- j U ' S ' las Wilson, announced as having been held yesterday, were held Ibis afternoon at the Promised Land Methodist, Church. Mr. Wilson died Wednesday night at Walls Hospital. Hanna charge. Funeral Home was In During January, 1940, the rc- Ini! sale of new passenger cars and trucks amounted to 285,769 55 3-8 17 7-8 25 3 5-8 39 1-2 7 22 1-8| "Suspicion of murder.' 12 j Dr. Paul rie River, police alienist, 11 3-4 ' 43 1-4 47 3-4 61 1-2 a person , one parenl for r mother and ; thc love and attention of the other parent. f-Ycud gives case histories May J«ly Chicafio Wheat Open High Low Close ,, 1053-4 1081-2 1051-2 1061-4 e , l , e '7 ° ry more lll! 1043-4 1053-4 1043-4 1053-8 participated In the questioning and examining Ihe child. He said"Her physical development is astounding in one so young. "She is cool, has no depth of feeling, has great powers of imagination, tor fantasy, ar.d is distinctly capable of planning and committing the murders. But so far I be<"-S- o Corn Open imlts. This was an increase of 3) May 57 per cent over January, 1939. July .581-4 High Low 571-2 5T Close "We must lake into consideration thc fact that Chloe might have Ind an 'E'.cctra complex.' This would lead us to believe her capable of such a deed. "She has read a great deal. She scholar. Hei development may be laid her of boys with such n strong love for (heir mother lhat they resent every caress, every kiss the father bestowed upon her. and of girls, with the same feeling for their fathers.! Chloe was questioned for nearly 12 hours In a room in the Georgia Streol police hospital, with but brief respites. The questioning was wn- ducted by Captain Edgar Edwards, Davis, 51. a butcher. Police, responding to a call from a neighbor, went there yesterday and found Mrs. Lollta Davis, 3G, dend of heavy blows and burns. Mark, dead of n crushed skull, and Daphne and Ann dying of identical head wounds. Eleven year old Chloe had gone to a neighbor's house to report to her father by telephone. She told police lhat her mother had been afraid of demons, had flailed her children with a claw hammer, then had given her thc hammer and instructed her to neat her head. Chloe said she complied, beating her mother for a long time, pausing only onco to give her a glass of water and to drink a little herself. Chloe, obviously, was a very bright child. Her placidity was unruffled through her questioning and her blue eyes remained steady and dry. Police interviewed her school leacli- cr, Elsie Cooper. Miss Cooper wept. She had found Chloe such a bright several delcctlves, and Dr. rie lliver] ant * wc " behaved child. There had At no lime, they said, did the child lose her placidity of disposition. They will question her further today. Mrs, Wlllard Axtcll, a former neighbor, told police that some time ago her daughter, BeUy, told her that "Chloe grabbed her mother by the hair and bailed her head against a concrele wall because her mother would not give her a nickel for Ice cream;' Chloe was the only survivor of the tragedy which owurred In the been such "a strong bond of affection" between Chloe and her sisters, she said. Neighbors told police that Chloe was known to her playmates for her calm disposition and her many kindnesses. "She never got mad at anyone," one playmate said. Chloe changed her story only once—to acknowledge that she had killed her brother, but her description of the wounds she said her mother had lnf'H"d i>i f" •'•- " year old was such ns lo Indicate home of her father, -p. Barton I that, he must have been in a dying condition. She had acknowledged from thc first lhal she had beaten her mother with Ihe claw hammer —at tier mother's request. Chloe's story was: Her mother and her sisters and brothers were all still in bed when her father went to work yesterday morning. Her mother then gol up and begun dressing. Meanwhile lho older girls had lakcn Mark from ills bed and Mark aud Ann were in thc kilchcn. Her mother appeared. partly dressed In the kitchen, grabbed up the claw hammer and beat Mark and Ann on Ihe head. She went to the bathroom and found Daphne in tlie tub. Wllh a lew blows she crushed her skull and Daphne collapsed face down in (he water. Chloe heard a dislurbance and. In pajamas, ran inlo Ihe hallway where she met her mother. Her mother swung at her with the hammer but she moved and the hammer only grazed her head. "I'm doing this for your own good— they're after us," Mrs. Davis said. "I love you so much that I have to kill you to save your souls." Mrs. Davis then handed her the hammer and ordered her to help drag a mattress into thc hall. Mrs. D.ivLs lay on the mattress, set fire to her hair a»d night dress, and shouted at Chloe ot heather until she breathed no more. Chloe started to beat her on tho head with tho hammer, she hit fttlc | ag,iin— perhaps 20 30 to 42, 'IT-proposal 'by' Senator AlcCnrran, which would have re- jlHlrctl state department assurance that vales in any ira'de agreement would equalize differences in production costs resulting from low wngs standards abroad. A similar amendment by Sen. Robert A Tafl, <ncp., O.),-which also called for public hearings before an ••'erccmchl could be consummated wns defeated by the some vote. - Buys New Equipment For Shoe Shop Here A number of Improvements n'ro belno made by Paul E. Potter owner of Potter's Quality shoe Shop at-121-West Main street who recently purchased lhe business from Mrs. H .a. Campbell. New equipment Is being ridded to facilitate tlie work and other improvements being made in the sfstcin of handling shoes. Repainting and redecorating of lhc interior of the shop will also' add 10 Its atlracliveness. Mr. Potter, who came here from Union City, Tcnn., when he acquired lhe shop, lias been in me shoe business for lhe past 19 years. For nine years he was connected with tlie Brown Shoe company's plant at Union City and he later opened his own shoe rebuilding place there which he recenlly sold. Also associated with Mr. Polter are E. H. Cobb, well known local shoe man who has had many years of experience in repair work, and Olis Sandefer who has been associated with Mr. Potter for .the past ten years at Onion City. die, and. her mother urgin-j her on, sliu beat her with thc Iron head of the hammer. The exertion made her thirsty and she went to the bath room, got a glass of water, drank some, gave the glass for her mother to drink. Her mother was crying with thc !>alu of Ihe. blows and Hie fire, which had been burning rijht along. and she resumed beatltij her. After n while, she was ihlr.?ty again and this time went to the kitchen lor water. Mark was still alive, moaning. She asked her mother If she shouldn't put Mark out of his misery anti her mother nodded. "So I went back and liil until lie was still." Returning, she resumed beating her mother. At last her mother was still, so she washed her face, , combed her hair, and decided to I report to her falher. She went to ! the neighbor's to use the telephone. returned and sat on Ilia doorstep waiting for her father. He arrived, went Into thc house, emerged a few secorlds later, screaming. "I lold him, 'You mustn't get excited. Lot's go for a llttla walk'." Chloe told this story over and over again. The detail of Mark's _ end however, was not entered un- | Arkansas-Fair, coldet-, frost In be ' tunas. Tho head Hew of/ the h«n- Caruthersville Cuts Its City Tax Rate CAR OTHERS VILLE. Mo., Aprils —llie Cariithersville city council yesterday announced n reduction in the city tax rate, lo become effective immediately, following unanimous vote in this regard at the j regular April meeting. Tiie motion lo lower lhc rate was made by Alderman Wyman Ditlman. The reduction wns for ten cents p;r hundred, lowering thc rate from $1.40 to $1.30. Cm motion of Alderman Gordon Wright, the council voted to remove the poll tax, since very few persons pay It, Proper Alderman ordinance Wright said, repealing the poll tax is in process o! preparation and will be acted upon at the regular May meeting'. WEATHER iu to mention It before, she said. Q, north snd ccntral portlons tcrilsht I '? ° 'I' 1 '' ! r? Men Saturday fair and continued cool. It before, she said. ; Memphis and vicinity - Cloudy Police said they had learned thit ard-coldsr tonlEbl, lowest temper- Mrs. Davis had been 111. she was atvire tonight about 44, Saturday anaemic acd r two weeks ago a mostly cloudy and continued cold, physician had prescribed injections, rising temperatures Sunday.

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