Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 27, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 27, 1934
Page 2
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TK$ HfrdldtFroin False week-day afternoon by Star Publishing Co., Inc. «X i.'mSS Tfc SbunO, « The Star building, 212-214 South .WtlnUt *tre«t, Hope, Arkansas. . ....... i ' 'C. B. PBi sen Atfet HL WASHBURN, Editor and FnbtMm flatter at the poStdfllce at H6i#, " "W Art at Maich 41857. ,...., ton: "th* iifcwspapdf IsiSn institution defelopea by dtodern present {fa* news A thb fey. tt foster tbnurtette tod Industry,, ely'.cteaifted advertisements, and to furnish thdt check upotJ which ns tbnstitutibh has ever beefl able W {irovid^'-CdL R. The Tunitei-aniental Artist and the ^finished Masterpiece (Alwayi Payable Ul AdVaftceh By city djfrief, P«* .15; on8 year J5.00. fly mail, in Hefnpstead, Nevada, ifayette counties, ?3^0 per year; elsewhere ?5.00. I*cmMr <ft ttfe AsSodated #*ss: The Associated Press is excliudvfely «nt5fi^Ttd ttfe tisfe fdt fcpabllcailtm of all news dispatches credited to it or ,3t t>8ifer*ifce cfeaited lii this paper and also the local news published herein. ~~ National Adtfertiltiig KUjitcsintatlTes: Arkansas Dailies, Inc.; Memphis, fetto.J Stferidfe fiiag.{ Neiv Tbrk CJlty, Graybar fildg.; Chifcago, 111,, 75 K. Waclc- er, Drive; Deto^-Mich, 7838 Woodward Avb;; St Louis, Md., Star fildg. Charges <Jn tributes, fete: Charges wiU,Be..mflde .for all .tributes, cards of tfaanks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newspapers hold to this policy In thd news columns to protect theh- readers from a delbg'e bt spacfe-talclrig memorials. .The Star disclaims responsibility ftfr the safe-keeping of return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBE1N Editor. Journal ot the Medicai Assbdmloa, arid 'of Hygela, tile Health Magazine HILDREN Baby's Teeth Before lequire Cnrt ilrth! By OlivS Roberts Barton Care of the baby's teeth involves, first of all care of the mother's teeth during the period .before her baby is born. The care of the mother's teeth during this time will provide her w.ltli a suitable cliet for both her and her chitd. Calcification of the first set of the baby's teeth begins during the fourth .'--•' .."... i . •• , ' ' ; t ' t ••_ f Ji_ U.1..4U | Child Tease Seeks IVtore Attention "What is the psychology behind the tease?" asks a lady. It seems that her son is one of those things, and she Is very mtich worried. No one loves a joker and every one detests a lease. The tease graduates Into the joker. It is all one and tlie same thing. believe the psychology behind it it- fifth months before its birth. Good teeth, therefore, are determined largely before a child is born. . ^"p OSS 'ibT y gfet out'of'his 'perform^ Since most bab.es depend on their ^ ^ ,.. ^ ^ .^^ ^^ un( , om _ mothers fo'r nourishment during the i ( o] . (a k] e period of early infancy, as well as be- j f / : - n . serious iy, fore birth, much depends on how the j, - rtf , nioihe? feet s the nursing per- contain bon? and j , ( facl ^ most i augll ing .it ie jihSnc'e"^ phosphorus, and the necessary vita- regitimate to ' chuck j c at odd mishaps mins for making ca cumi and phos- nobo a y thinks us cruel when phorus available to the baby. | , , The chief sources of calcium and V • Wojilj . TrU j t to chance phbspKpfus- material are milk, leafy vegetables, , fruit juices, whole-grajn j Thus the. Same spirit probably md- cereals, eggs, cheese and nuts. Milk | j; va t es mischievous youngsters. O'.ily is by far the best source of the nee- , ^ey don't trust to chance to create essary minerals.. .-'.,.. Evidence develppe dby investigators shows that calcium is not stored in the these episodes. They plan the traps themselves. If they do it with gibes, cr words, instead of tricks in hats, it as n p rma i a pd need not be taken Usly. However, when it be snows uiui tuM.iu4" 10 nww „>«-*.« ... .-— cr \voraa, body, and that it, must be supplied]^ al i the same thing. They like to daily in the-diet, or harm will' result j -^ £ p'eopie sijuirm so they themselves to the bones and teeth. ,. j ban get a laugh. In case .children are artificially fed, I ^ b [[ O f teasing is usually regard- instead ^of being fed on mother's milk, j, ' ' - •• • - • • • their diets must include these same j substances in adequate amounts. Since the human being can eat only a certain amount of food at, any one time, it is necessary to avoid pastries, highly spiced'foods, too much tea and coffee and large amounts of meat _ in order that adequate amounts of spinach, grapefruits, cauliflower, peas, fruits, siring beans, carrots, beets, celery and asparagus-may be taken. If the .baby' is breast fed, the body of its mother selects suitable sub- stances for the mother's milk, so that it gets the right materials. There is l\j SC4 lUU^aijr . **.w IT w • •-» f ••»- — •- -- — comes a habit, and increase in quality and quantity, then it earns the title of'real cruelty. Why? Well—there is the bully in stinct, "inferiority" covering Up it own shame by pretending to be heck of a fellow. Another answer is "jealousy." Thi is not most likely the case where th same person is always chosen for target. Teasing Is Bid for Attention Again, teasing is merely a bid for Both Cardinals and Giants Are Beateh National Pennant Race Still Stands One Game Apart NEW YbltK.--(tf>)-The New York Giarfts received another si-verb sct- bnck In their battle for the National League pennnrit Wednesday when they dropped thbir second successive game to.the Phillies, 5 to 4. Gils Mnnciiso drove 111 all of the Giants' runs with two homers and a long bly but In the elid, the world champions' first string catcher was the "goaf 'of thq game. He failed to stop 'a low pitch by Relief Pitcher Adolfo Luquc in the first of the ninth and Sylvester Jdhnson scored froil) third with the deciding run. The pitch first was scored as a wild pitch but the official scorer changed the ruling to a passed ball ayiiihst the little Italian catcher. 7 lib game was nil exciting affair from the start with the Phillies scoring first in the fifth and the Giants tying the score in the eighth oii Mancuso's long fly. hul Schumacher, seeking his 24th victory of the season, and Euel Moore, the Phillies' IhtHhnit hurl- or from Oklahoma, storied on • the mound hut neither finished. Schumacher was lifted for a pinch hitter in the fifth and was followed by Carl Hubbeirand Luque, who was charged with the defeat. Moore was sent to ilie showers lifter Manager Bill Terry led off the eighth with a single, and Sylvester Johnson finished to receive credit for the victory. St. Louis I-tiscS ST LOUIS.—(/Ph-Waite Hoy I, a world series star When Paul Dean was a barefoot boy in the Southern cotton fields, prevented the St. Louis Cardinals from moving into first place in the National League pennant nice Wednesday. lloyt, who is waking a remarkable chme-back with the Flltsburgh Pir- ales, held the-Cardinals to t^'o hits, bolh singles by olmny Rothrfck, awl emit them olij, 3 to 0. Young Dean, his starting inound opponent, ftnvb Six hits in six innings and retired in favbr of n pirich-hltter. As Bill Terry's New York Giants body lotion or oil. There's a Vench lotion on the market which, n addition to making your skin as nicoth as satin, has a delightfully ragrant odor that clings until time or the next bath. It takes the place of cologne or toilet water, is easy to ise and actually will keep the skin ir.ooth and beautiful. Weekly Sunday School Lesson Shover Springs The singing at this place was well •Utehded Sunday night. We have sing- inf every fourth Sunday night. The people of this community are having the church recovered and repapered which adds considerable to ',k looks. They are also adding new lamps. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyett Laseter spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Merrell Huckabee. Mr. and Mrs. Barto Bearden and children spent Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWillia'ms. Mrt. Ella Hodnett and Thad Vines were business visitors in Hope Monday. Mr. and Mrs. .S. Reed spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Phillips and family. Ohn Hery and Neal Butler of Rosston spent Sunday faternoon with iheir grandmother, Mrs. . W. McWilliams and Mr. McWilliams. Mrs. B. Sherman called to see her it gets the right materials. There is , Again, teasing is merely a bid for ^ ^ p . ckara ^ Cora Dbnncll no better food for babies than moth- attention. Children and even adults Presco tt Friday afternoon. ... . l...l,^ t ,,^.1 4l<m* o I*M trvn itt IP not IPPfl »*wf»«*- • «• .»«.ii • er's milk. , ^ liiiif^t . . . - i Care of. the mouths-of babies for protection of their teeth does not involve a great deal of attention. If the baby is well and if it gets the right food and .plenty of water, its ' mouth will need little if any attention until the first teeth appear. After that its glims and teeth may be wiped off daily, with a soft clean cloth dipped in water, to which a pinch of salt has Heen added. This should be done exceedingly gently. After the 18th month, the teeth may he brushed daily with a small tooth brush and, as soon as the child is old enough, it should be taguht to brush its own teeth. I who feel they are too little noticed By BRUCE CATTON Intolerance is not always an evil thing. Considered broadly, it may be nothing more than the reaction which an alert .society displays to any force which threatens its continued existence; conversely, it may be the reaction o£ a rebel or reformer to established institutions which, he dislikes. And the reverse side of this i.s that tolerance itself may be nothing better than indiference. These aspects- of the question are brought out in "Intolerance," by Win- cften use unpleasant methods to gain attention. A parent can regard the tease casually and without alarm if his antics are poradic and only in fun. But P chronic and vicious tease is different. Causes must bfe looked into. Strange as it may seem, kindness and more love and sympathy are likely to work a charm. However, to give the offender ah occasional dose of his own medicine may help. But usually he is a short sport and can't take it. If this has been tried and failed, there Is no harm in try in gthe milder method. It may supply the very craving for attention the child is after. 6LORIFYIN6 YOURSELF Bath Brush Beautifies Back In these days of low decolletages beautiful back, smooth shoulders an r.now white arms and elbow.-; are a important to a woman'.-; beauty as perfect complexion and pearly teell No evening gown can do you justic fred Ernest Garrison, a careful sur- j if your good grooming habits art.- vev of the things society has done in • { ,\\ el \ only to face and neck. •• . ..,,,__ ri'L. f r . „ ' -.-. . 1 *U..4 4l,n ft'i'iK ospital in Prescott Friday afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. George McWilliams ncl her mother, Mrs. Jeans of Even- ng Shade spent Sunday with their aughter and grand daughter, Mr. and Vlrs. Joe Daughtery. The Harmony school will start on October 1 with Mrs. Yarberry as the eacher. Mr. and Mrs. J. W. McWilliams were bed time guests Sunday night of Mr. Review: God lit itebrew History Gcldoil Text: Psaliil M5:13 The international Uniform Siindity School Lesson for Septeriibcir 30: BY WM. E. GILROY, D. d. Editor of Advance The review of the quarter's lessons has a significant title, "God in Hebrew History." God is in every history, though it is not always easy, particularly in the midst of contemporary events, to discern His hand and His judgment. We aro too apt to think of God, as certain Hebrews thought of Hiln, a* a being who is on our side, atld whb cheeses us for His sp'efcial revelations sncl mercies, while ignoring the mean- inr cf God that the truly devout and prophetic Hebrews had. What the.prophet saw was the importance ef being on God,'s side. He knew that Gcd did ndt make arbitrary choices and arbitrary judgments and" that the Almighty was not a beim? subject, to vain and human sentiments, ready to bs swayed by man's show cf devotion and by the obsequiousness of his ritualistic observances. The prophet saw God as a being of righteousness and truth, merciful anil ready tc fcrgivc and receive men who turned to Him from their sinfulncds and error, but nevertheless unyielding in His righteousness demands on those who bowed in reverence with irreverent hearts. Those who gave their allegiance io lightccusness and truth were the chose nof the Almighty. The prophet saw the judgments of while the integrity bf righteousness, lio matter what the condition, was a silre foundation of blessedness. We see in these lesons a kingdom divided by strife. We sec the down- lull df tribes, unwiling to yield themselves to righteousness and to God's guidance. We see . kings devoting themselves with high statesmanship to high courses and'bringing blessedness to their subjects, al^o kings who turned to their own schemes and their own ambitions, overwhelming both themselves aitd those over whom they professed tc rule. sufere dnnother defeat at the lianUs of Philadelphia, the Cardinals remained one game behind last year's world champions. The standings show the Cardinals lied with New Yortt on'the losing side of the ledger and two victories behind oh the won side. The Red Birds still can gnin a tic for the championship by winning their re- mnlnfe four games, all with the Cincinnati Reds, even if the Giants wii their two with the Brooklyn Dodgers Galyeston Beaten in Dixie Opener New Orleans Speed-Bailer Mows Down Texas Champions 3-2 GALVEETON, Texas -(,!>)—'Ctaj Bryant, yoilng New Orleans specc ball pitcher, doubled with two dowi in the twelfth, then raced holii-. 1 o> I.'i'S hoi;' sn'f-le to f'.ive his llnni .Mn-r. victory Over the O'tlvosll.t I'.uc.-anecrs Weill'.o. clay stP,ht in I IT fir*i (:ame of the I>ix!i? ser<-;v, Nothwithstanding that he scored th winning run, Bryant'S outstandin Ijerformahce of the .night.-was hi (ji-cat pitching; particularly in th pinches. The Buccaneers, who hav opposition, scored in only one of th 12 ihliittgs. The New Orleans right-hander wa almost matched in effectiveness Ii Jim Blvin, one of Galveston's tw best right-handers. Both pitchers shoyed signs of yeakening In the extra innings but they stuck it out. American manufacturers of expert- Ive stationery articles, such as high- vddfr fountain pens and pencils, have uilt up n Rood trade In India. . •**•*«• — Ears of the long-earetj bat are iiost as long as the combined lengVj >f its head and body, find may bo . .•urleil forward and downward while '.*. he animal sleeps. New Coats Just received complete line of new winter Sport Coats, Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop "Excuslve But Not Expensive" a';: the man of courage, and plain spok- enness. . Then in Uie last seven lessons the of inn in v«v t*«.'v "- • — quarter, we see the prophets in { . n»w ora of IsrcaV-s- prosperity, appealing to the peopl.b to build upon line foundations and uging them to riuht the wrongs that, unrlghled, have Home Clubs niin. We see Amos In a flourishing period of the nation's materialism pleading for justice, urging that religious ilte* find worship be saved from fbr- irriTism and pretensie. and denouncing self-indulgence. With clear vislo nhe saw captivity and defeat before a esses! tc rule nation weakened in its morale. We see the struggld of right person- i n Hosea the prophet s "lessnge em- ' . ... 'i . i!i__ n«i!tnU .i<i + ki 1 ._i- :..„,. 4V«i-> n/^tr» n\ (iO(l S IOVC. Jllvi Columbus. The Columbus Home Demonstration Club met at Ilu> home of Mrs. T. T. Clendenin last Tuesday afternoon tit 2:30 o'clock with Miss Helen Griffin a.s leader. Tilt roll and minutes wore omitted as our secretary was absent. Miss Griffin save a vury interesting clem- V ,,, M , B ., „- onstration on making floor wax. She every era of prosperity to a ho gaye a number of useful ways in which to make floor stains. ur next meeting will be at Mrs. Tiilor's. The subject being hot rolls and coffee cake. Everyone is invited to attend. ifled in a prophet like Elijah, with wiltulness and perversion, as personified in Ahab and.his wife, Jezebel. .. Lp'm$Ic-whKisthe,ljd We have the spectacle of prophets in their heroic stature daring to speak words of li-iith, when they knew that the kind who hud power over them dfcslred words Of smoothness and comfort. We i-eb the prophet in another role in Ellslia, helping the needj—the man ct kindliness'arid helpfulness ,-i.s well pmi 5 i«::> the note of God's love, ai in Mlcah We have a clear simple expression of religion In terhis of justice and mercy in walking humbly before Gbcl. . . „ It is these same,notes that pet-sisUj in the story of rlbzcklah's leading of his people back to God,, in Isaiahs contrast between true and false worship and in liis counsel to the nation t c . avoid entangling alliances and to link its destiny with the divine character and purpose. DdN'T SCRATCH Use Prescription 200,0d(3 Destroys all germs of, scabies or parasitic ITCH. HH S. GiBSbN Drug; CdtTflparty "The RExALp Store" Fhone.63 . Hope, Ark. Established 1885 "Four Home Should Come First" Better Furniture, Better Homes, Better Citizens. Furnish your home now. Hope Furniture Co. Plinhc Five WASH OUT 15 MILES OF KIDNEY TUBES Win B«ck Pep . . . Vlfcor . .. VitilitJ Medle»l authorities Rsree that your Idd. nejl totatiln .10 >IlLEi} of tiny tubes ol fillers which baip to burify the blood (mtf kei-p you htalthy. . . It you hnv«, trouble with, too frequent .... fc(W<lcr paisiec'. with scanty amount cau^ WJ tnit burnlnt and discomfort, the IS MILES * of kidney tub?! need woshlnu out. This.dan- ^ ger niirnal may. tc tie beginninlt of nailing backacne. Ic2 pilns, loss of pep And vitality, u'0 nifchts. lumbauo, swollen feel i'ji . , and ankles, rheumatic pains,and dlnlneia. It kidneys don't .empty 3 pints, every, daj and (ret rid bt 4.pounds of waste matter, your body will take tip these poisons causing serious trouble. It may knock you .out.and lar yoo op for many months. Don t wait. Ask your arOltlit foJ IJOAN'3 ril,IJl. .. a doctor's prcscrjBtion . . . which has Been used successfully by.millions of kidney «uf. ftl-ert.for over 40 years. They Blve uOltk relief and wil\ help to wash out the MILES of kidney tubc«. But don't take chances with strone ot so-cilled "kidney cures" that claim you up in 15 minutes, for they may serlousl; injure and irritnto delicate tissues. ,Ini!sl on DOAK'S MLLS . . . the old rellatlc relief that contain no "dope" or hablt-foralni| aHiss. He sure you E et DOAN'S PILLS •t your druceist. O 1931. FosUf-Mllhuni d» ind Mrs. Bunk Sherman. Mi. and Mrs. Hugh Laseter and Parker Rogers spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Phillips. H. B. Sanford and son Harold and lamily and Mrs. Wade O'Neal of Big Springs and Mrs. Ree 0. Gray all spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Willis Hcbb of near Hope. Gcd moving in the lives of individuals and nations. Sometimes it seemed that these judgments were uncertain or deferred. The prophet saw the wicked and the unrighteous flourishing at; the green bay tree, while raints suffered want and prosecution But thingswere not as they seemed. Injustice und sinfulness had within Ihem the seeds of ruin and defeat, THIS CURIOUS WORLD 1 resDonw to mankind's long fight for 1 Remember that the daily bath, freedom ! the first, and ct-rlair.ly the most m It is a sensible and intelligent con- ' r , 0 rtant, :,lup tc daintiness and bcaii- sideratioh of a very difficult subject., ly . A quick shower won t suffice. for as Dr. Garrison points out, intol- | ]' m talking about an honest-to-gooci- erance is not an evil thing per se. i ness bath, with plenty of wprm wat- It is only when people are intolerant I t r . E0 ap suds and the right beauty cf the wrong things, or intolerance for j a i r j s . the wrong reasons, that it becomes a for instance, there's curse | tor of a bath brush. This happens, he continues, when: be- one in every woman's bathroom, intolerance is motivated by fear or by j ift d .she should use it every day. U hatred, or is besad on ignorance and , yc u don't own a bath brush, invest m greed. Since the race i, what ii U. cnc-of the new long-handled vanet.es This is usually the case; and then the; v .ith uniform bristles that are line story of the fight against intolerance ! an( j soft and which will not irritate /" human liberty. ' When you've thorou^ly t ear»orl °r)i- Garrison sees the American • an d massaged your back and shoukl- Constitution, with its sweeping guar-j irs, remove the brush from the ban-, S o" complete civil and religious I ,lie (modern brushes are made that «jjjn-c v/i w-'» f j. 11 . .11, i __. .. i,.^,.,. r k -ir,d L/--ciih :trms. CI- I liberty, stones in ^ FOLLOWING ANIMALS HAVE BEEN USED FOR. TRANSPORTATION PURPOSES IN AMERICA/ I CLAIM THE MOST FIRING CHARGES CLAIM MOST POWERFUL J SHOOT THE WORKS! I CLAIM . SVIRYTHINC! WHATSAUTHE SMOOTIN'FOR! rnplcte civu aiiu ienK |uuri "it- MJIUU^*«* »*««..-« -— — the greatest of all. mile- i way, you know) and scrub arms, el- ( O^Ts long fight. But he bo*s. knees and feet. Notice how the j W fa ' vi«orous brus-hing removes discolor-) Incidentally, i SlOIlCa i*» w"- -~?-s> "7, , , warns that it is only a milestone, arid that the goal i^ijl a__long way ^ ation scaliness. dnK of the ftlROS DO NOT FUV HOME WHEN WINTER. CO/AES/ THEIP. HOA\=S ARE THEIR. NESTING. SITES, TO WHICH THEY GO IN THE SPRINGTIME. RUN BY ELECTRICITY HAS A GENERATING? PLANT CAPABLE OF PRODUCING MORE ELECTRICITV THAN ALL THE POWER. STATIONS IN NORTH DAKOTA, WYOMING, MISSISSIPPI, NEVADA AND DELAWARE, Trick stunts, as such, may be iikeh, But none tif thutn serve to portray How fuels behtive when once they are Put to the test in your own cur. That's ic/iy the wise old owl opines, There's nothing to these monkey-shines; What ytiit should have are first-hand facts From which tojud£e how fuel acts. Seeing is believing J Test Essolene in your own car.. any way you choose. Observe the results. Then pass judgment. We're content to abide by your decision. (Essolube Motor Oil in the crankcase enables Eaolene to do its best] AT REGULAR •§ GASOLINE PRICE Smoother Performance .r. 1 ';31, Etna. Inc. STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF, LOUISIANA

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