Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on July 17, 1952 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 17, 1952
Page 11
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%'n^ I * t ' .is : fug,*-*,?-* low, not to dieturb the o t h " r «. "Let 1 * maH« • n n r n I n. I, **£* •i MOM STAR, HOM, ARKANSAS No Move Yet to Break the Steel Strike By JOHN it atlst tttuf Bob •(mp»on and oi*n AM Turf and Bon tow you , -It foih| Along In an |r fMhion," Htt» dM/if § fln« ?«rtifftljp U, «e you have hg to wotty Kbotit on that you rftt«i my f««l ut«t of fiob fitting baiildo •, "tou'll M a* good M ah know it Until than .. Mf», P»UL „,** thought of Uob'« praying fitrri, tti* two men «*u(rH( tlit.rert ot Oi« ptoplt quint, 10 *uppllca _, » it Wa* Bo» who PAVI who intentd. tAuMMd. Aft«r a month in ,a wh«tl ohalr in tb« tun* People cam* to MO him, tht fIfu, puftcid*, erowword »w, brought flower*, new*, ,,, Mra. fiagu want to •«« ' WM oroM with h*rf«lf. **l deotarc. 1 don't know M tnto m«. Th« 4inini iUfM haa a oraoK. i told . rtad too, Or. not Knowing WHO troubl* with tht . ipoH« atx»ui you «nu» tut nnd flxln* up a *tudy ,., cleaning wo ma n't no n«r, cr«m< Ortnby round m« « A Hrl. My. Pm btury, Mr. fhOM rinft «ll thi time, com* to th«ih«u*e. I wrott down. Her« , . , *v«ryon« tad Mid tbty pmy (or lnur»d , p*0f»*, «nd Ml** Onunby r mueh of M* oornnpon- it hMvtl from ptople, mtny itninr«rii othtr polio Bong thorn. It had ruohtd twly in hl» illn««», imd d«luf*d with Mat ht felt aa if n« wore « ttlw, M If they oouldn't •mm, tli«a« kindly atrAngort, H, "I Know what It'a like, •won through It X pray for r>« Utter* ha antwertd htm- f Whon he ooulJ do so, lie wrote •rat ot ail. "l cannot ado- t thank you for your Ittttrt. i Up in a wh«*| chair now. I ivbowt quit* brlnkly. Connie, •"'"" i ^ u w you m»y oome, in Would you be hurt tt M ywt put when 1 r*» nt,.where the** to privacy. ' thtn I may Know more ,.. «than iKMt now," reid the letter and cried out "Ho dotHw't want to "I bellevt he love* me. Tht* time Pm tur*. (f that'* »o, why in u natural? Nothing'* changed!" "You'll hitvo to convinc« mm. not me," laid ««r mother, "H« thlnkt It la, I pitta, How iwrry aro you for him?" Connie looked at h«r, "How can you a*k that, Mother? t can't measure it" "He can't ntand to have you tor* ey tor mm, Connie, *o he doesn't want to ice you." "B«t I'm not, in that way," Con. nle ftrgufd. "He ha* *v«rythtng, hla mind and heart and future. 1 thought maybe I oouldn't tw a part of hla future, 1 Uiougftt he didn't renliy need ma ... Out now I can lit* part, li know It I'm «tok with being totry thai he had to nave thi* I Mk«d Jem when flmt I knew, doe* n* nave pain 7 and When ha *tld, ye*, I could feel it lit myeelf." Bhe wa* quiet nnd then •Aid, "I'd rather have Paul if he were to be forever *hut In i>etw««n four walla than any other man llv* '»«•" Mrt, M»r»hall twallowed. Bho •poke practically, not daring to apeak otherwise, "Welt, If th«t'» true, tell nim ao. Mostly women do tht proponing, whether men know It or not Your father WM the most •urprlnsd man in five e o u n 11 e n when nt reallaed he was going to be married 1" On Utt night he wrote Connie, Paul heard the boy in the next hud crying forlornly. lie wa* aoventoen, a thin, cheerful boy who hud been ill a long time, lie had a very •ever* involvement of both IC»K» and one arm, lit muffled tho sound with the pillow* leit a night nttmn hear. And Paul uked, "It there anything I can do, Ben?" 'No, air, thank*." After * while he tpoHa again. 1 jiwt get down aomettmtt, not often but ipeclaily after the folk* nave been to •»« me. Borry I made a fool or my* eolf." "We all get down at time*." "I auppone you'll think tt mite," •aid Ben, "but 1 thought I wan gong to play pro-bojiobull iomntlrne, :*vt b«en «et on It *tnce I wan n tld, Bo It burn* me up you •eo, 1 am—I mean 1 wn«—protty darned good," Paul aald, "B««n, you have to believe that when one door cloac* another will open." "Oh, aur*. But do you believe it, Mr, Lennox T" It wa* *ome tlma before Paul *4t«werwJ, "1 iUMd to, Ban. I try W, now,* "Thank*," aatd Ben. "1 mean, for •vellng with me, Hay, 1 never thought you got down, being A mlnl«er and nil." •That doMn't alwaya save you from deprwwlon." Thoy *polto very ' i<y." MOODY Philip For 'a Bunch of Amateurs' the Eisenhower Brain Trust Must Have Played It Smart { unable to save They showed and radio from mltlce hearings ! an action ! since (hey let 1 "*iS , July 17, .hemselves. his in barring TV the national corn* on the delegates, coinpfrtely unnecessary newsmen cover *.»*f/ word of the hearings. But it played into the hand»| the Eisenhower people by ad to whatever suspicions or de they already had been able 1 plant in the public mind. Thunday, July 17,1932 HOP! ITAt, HOPt, ARKANSAS thing* get too rough, you let me know, CM do tho tame. And we'll try not to Km down at the Mme tlma. Vmi muth of a chin-chgosr, Ben •*!<! diffidently, "Not t o o good, mnyhe. Uut now and then Mom would drag me ..." "Hhe t a u * n t you the Lord'* Prayer, f'm »urff," »aid Paul, "when you w«*ro vi>ry nmHll. any It now, in your mind and heart. 1 *hall, loo," lie now knew the other patient*. At flr»t Me had cured little dhout them, nor wa* MB intrrrntrd in their Individual cnn«» and problem*. Out Klowly, In «plte of him•elf or becaiiite he wn* denper»t<>ly In need of looking away from Paul Ixwinox, he hegnn to take lnttr»»L 80 their name* and background* were familiar to him; even their •hope and their fear. People had al- waya turned to him, they mill did •o, Originally It wnc an effort to force hlmflflf to listen and to an- •wer. It aeemrd Ironic thnt they aaked counsel of him. Tint he gave It. Mo IlKtoned; he Iramod from Ui* doctor* what, In each co»e, wo* the heartening thing to iay. lie prayed with thane who united It of him. HA learned to laugh at the Jokcn, gome of th"m macabre. And •o grow to think about th«*o other* not only with hla mind but with hla heart. ' In about ton wnokn from the time he wan hospitalized, he wa* meaaured for the Draco he wear on the right log, and «ome ten day* later It wtui ready. He nnwt remnln another two week* or *o In order to learn the UM of hi* appllnnco and of crutche*. He watchrd the others; very young children, name of thorn, to wham a itep wo* a mile of n brace, victory, a crutch, the »yni- bo) of achievement. Hut ha said to Jon unhappily, "I'll never become accustomed," "Ye*, you will. Speaking of crutches, ever think nbont thosa all of nn use, tho In visible on«n? Tim hod alcohol, a bad cnitch, It let him down. Now ho has a pair which won't; Ronalle and A. A. I hnvo Rhoda, I supponc. Home men hav« dr«amfl: *omo hav«\ work, Qod . . ," But that was a bud period. Dr. Rvana aaid, of the right leg. "I can't promise you It will ever bo normal, 1 don't believe U will Ue, But I do predict that you will bo n great deal bolter. I believe you will get out of tht* with a Ump, no more. Hut tt will take care, worlc, patience, and moat ot aJl your own determination and «:»• optratlan. And time, a great deal of time." (To IMn, by f»lth «»l<Jwm Cuthrtlt. DUtrlbuUtl by King F««tur«« tlyuakvu, owe ! Yoii ! .._, 1 FREE DELIVERY LIPTON TEA 29c box \ '/») - Philip Mur-' of tki> striking CIO St«'i>lworki'rit, wntU'il today! for thi> White Mouse or industry' t" tflkf MIHW *t«-p lownr<l br«'«klrii! ! 'he pftr»ly?irif( 40-duy-old rilsjiutc. There tin* fof-n no visible cf. f' H on cither Mile to reach ?i set- tl'-rtitnt In tlie I'r.-firi'imy-KtrimKli'U! ulncc Monday, when ni<i/.i>- arrunic'd by PreKlilcnti.-il .Icihn l(, Sti-rlmim cmler! > in <llM<il<K'k. A rnnx« uf rumors sprnnt( up! •'luiincl lh« country about posslbl'-' nfffi-i seltli-rneMl iif the strike th;it I.HS Ullpd more than I'j million: workers, but Murray brushed them 1 ' ••II 11-i Id e with: "They nre without foundation," or "Thiit nimply lnn'1 so." Iron Ai;e miif<<i?i'U', a trade jour- : n.'.l, .inId Murray's rejection of the! indlistry'!i compromise offer at the! l.'iht pcarr tiilkti did not meet with' approval of his union lieutenants. | Tint tmlrm officials r,;ild Iron Ane'^i rr-pnrl Is without foundation. | The lustie of a union shop, which i would rc«|iilre till workers to Join! the union, or some modified form! ol It appeared to be the bl« stum- blJiiH block In the path of a settlement. Murray wunts compulsory membership, but the industry is hold- inn out for union membership un ;i voluntary basis only. Murray sinld he has contracted no one in Koveiuroent or industry In the past 24 hours, uddlny: "Tho situation remains as It has been, I know of no plans for any further noKotlatlnK sessions." 'Murray luis called the steelwork- rrs' 170-mnn WIIKC Policy Committee to meet In Pittsburgh Monday. Thut committee make.-, all major union decisions, Murray s:ild he will rport on the strike and risk the irruup to map a course of future action. Meanwhile, the luniiest strike In r.teel history drifts alonjj In itM ; ; eventl. week. In addition tu Urn. Ulle steelwoi-l'.iM-s there are ni-urly iiilllit)ii workers on furlough from industries thnt depend on steel fur inw material. The best available estimates by observers nre thnt steelworkers luive lost something like- 37 million dollars a day in wanes since the strike started June 2. Workers In allied industries have lost an estimated 1)5 million dollars a day in wnnes, Steel tonnage- lost through the strike U valued at $1,050,000,000. By JAME9 MARLOW WASHINGTON i/P>- "Just a bunch of amateurs." Thnt was the nppralsa! of Sen. Taft's bralntruMcr* given with a jjrin by one of the men most re- spnnsittle for Gen. Elsenhower's victory. Pro or amateur. Toffs advisers were mostly political oldtlrners. Maybe that was their trouble. They used thi< oldtlincr approach: Hull your way through. When that failed all they had li ft w.-is the primitive lactic of personal attack. They used that on r,ov. Uewpy but it didn't work then, cither. Perhaps nothing would have worked. Perhaps Elsenhower's nomination was cinched before the convention started. At any rat.'. Taft's rlKhthand men are blaming one another now for what hap- prtii'd in Chicago. j;oy phcer force, because they controlled the convention machinery, thry rolled over Kisenhower before tho convention started by i hiding the speakers' list with pro- iKH DRESSED RYERS Ib TOP - KICK DOG FOOD 12 cans 1.00 SPECIALTY IE BROS. FAT NS CORN KING ON Ib '' • NO. 1 POTATOES 10 Ibs. S9c DONALD DUCK 4i OZ. Grapefruit JUICE 23ccan GREIN LAIEL STAR KIST TUNA 2 for 59c FRISH Cantaloupes 6clb. FRISH LETTUCE lOchead Juice Ike Off on ,. Fishing Trip in Rockies By MARVIN L. ARROW8MITH ^DENVER Wi —Gen. Dwlifht D. Eisenhower packed some knockabout .clothes and his fishing gear for a week's vacation starting today at a Rocky Mountain ranch. The Republican presidential nominee originally had planned to set out yesterday for the secluded spot tibout 70 mlleH west of here near Krasor, Colo, He delayed his departure 24 hours so he and Mrs. Klsenhower could be on hand fur a 30-minute stop-over of a plane carrying their son, Maj. John D, Eisenhower, to Seattle-. The major will leave there later this week for duly in Korea. The general's only companion durhth' a week of trout fishing at Kruser will be his long-time friend Aksell Nielsen, Denvor Insurance man, who owns the ranch. Mrs. Eisenhower will remain at the home of her mother, Mrs. John S. Doud. in Denver. A five-ear caravan of newsmen will accompany the general to the Nielsen ranch and remain until cvenintt. They won't stay on there because of lack of accommodations. Eisenhower headquarters a n- lUiunced, meitnwhllc, that Sen, J tunes H. Duff of Pennsylvania, a Hey iigure in the campaign which won the Republican nomination for Eisenhower, will confer with Ihe general in Colorado next week. To Reshuffle Foreign Aid, Ask for More By EDWARD E. BOMAR WASHINGTON Wl— A reshuffle of slashed foreign nid funds and j H^ possible new npponl to the next CoiiKress for more money were forecast today by administration officials. Congress cut President Truman's foreign military and economic aid r<f|iies.t by 25 JK-I- cent, to $0,031,- !M7,750. In sinning tho appropriation bill Tuesday, the President termed the slash "the falsest kind ol economy" because ot the effect he said it would have on defense Plans of the Western Allies. TacklillK the job of sealinu down previous estimates, officials said these were amoin; the steps under (unsideration: '~"««| 1. Shiftini! part of the $3.12!l,22-l,750 earmarked for military aid to Kurope to "defense support" — Kconomic assistance — of hard- pressed Britain. Last year the British received 350 million dollars. About 590 million was bud- Beted for the 1953 fiscal year be tfiiinins July 1. The leslslatlon per mils such a transfer of up to 10 per cent within the tolal European allotment. 2. An appeal to the next Con I'.ress for a deficiency appropria turn to Increase Point Tour aid to South Asia, particularly India. Congress cut the South Asia tolal by GO per cent to (17 million dollars. The result is thai only about 44 million dollars will be left for India, compared wilh lasl year's 30 million. The administration had requested lit) million for fiscal 1953 InrKcly with the aim of bolstering Prime Minister Nehru's regime KJKainsl communism. The India situation is considered most urgent, as terms of the -act prevent a transfer of funds from other purposes. Meantime, a sweeping American aided program of devclouing thousands of villages and Increasing food production faces a possible, cutback. There aro 158 species of living roos. species and sub- and fossil kanga- Kidney Slow-Down May Bring Restless Nights When kidney function ftlowtt down, lumny fulkn coiunUin of nnvgiiiit kuckuclie, h«ftil- ftch««, ilUztnviui mid lowi uf i>ep mul cnurvry. Don't nunVr real leu ntfiliU with these dii- coniforu It reduced, kidney function U setting you down—due tu buen commun cnuxea M *tr«x mid Htrulii. over-vxti-tiun or expu- •ui-* tu mid. Minor bladder trrtlution* due to cold or wrong diet may c*u» tfKlliiiK up nlfhti ur frequent pxougn. llon't urglwt your ktdiirya if thvw condition* butker you. Try llonn'a I'llU-n mild diuretic. Vttii •ucctwfully by niilllimii (ur ov«r CO > ran. It'* umuilntf how many time* Uo*n'» f lv« happy rvlief from tliue ili.icom- foru-nrlu the I3mil*ii>fkldmiytuu*« and til- ten 4u.li out WMU. t!«t L)o«u'« I'jlb today! HOLT FOR GOVERNOR Qualified by HONESTY* MATUWTY 4IIMTY Taft per.ple. But. looking back, it's plain now that Taft b..-(;an loslnfi ground wh-:i hi.i' Southern followers got into a wrnnsje with trie Kisenhower pr-of;l< over delegates. It handed tlie Kisenhower staff something they badly needed, nn i>«ue. They worked it for nil it was w< rth. They eallcrl ,t a nioral Issue. They cried "theft and cor- iiiptlon." They «(.t the Hcpublcian ttovernors lo yell for "fair play." This ruii:|)iia practically Kiiuran- tred Ki'enhower would win the disputed delegates once tlie quarrel lilt the ^invention floor, and for this reason: Unless he won. the party would have t(y (•'! into the cnmpaijin with a corruption charge over its head, the very charge the Republicans wnrittd tu use against the Demo' ci uls. 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MAKES UP TO 24 GALLONS OF SPRAY OR.DIP BRINGS COSTS DOWN TO AS LITTLE AS 8c A GALLON EQUALLY EFFECTIVE ON POULTRY. , LIVESTOCK, DOGS, TREES, SHRUBS AND FARM BUILDINGS •;,, When Used According to Direction* .-'I Mr. and Mrs, J. C. Flnlgan Celebrates 51st Anniversary Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Finigan of McNab celebrated their 51st wedding anniversary with a dinner at their home on July 13. They have been residents of Hempstead Coun ty for fifty years. Those present for the occasion were Mr. and Mrs. D. T. Finigan of Lillle Rock, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Finigan and daughter of Schaal, Mr. Harold Finigan and children of Texarkana, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Young and daughters of Schaal, Obrinc Robinson, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Robinson of Mineral Springs, Mr. and Mrs. James Robinson, and son, James, Jr., of Schaal, Mr. and Mrs. Sonny Young of Nashville, Mi-, and Mrs. Malcom Hall and son of Saratoga, Bo Jones of Schaal, William E. Jones ol Texas, R. H. Rak;y of McNab. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Lewis anc children of McNab. Mrs. Hilton Davis. The president, Mrs. Thomas Fcnwick, presided vcr the business session. It was oted for the Post and Auxiliary o have an ice cream supper Fri ay night, July 25. The meeting losed with repeating the Lord's 3 rayer in unison. After the meeting, the hostesses, >Irs. Jimmy Miller and Mrs. Olin Miss Barbara Ross to Wed Sfc. Nat Impson Mr. and Mrs. Burl Ross of this city announce the engagement anc approaching marriage of thei daughter, Barbara Ann, to St'c. Na O'Neal Impson of Ft. Jackson Soutl Carolina. St'c. Impson is the son 'urtell, served ookies to the iresent. iced drinks and eleven members Bette Davis to Start a New Picture By LOUELLA O. PARSONS HOLLYWOOD, July 15 UNSt Bette Davis read Bert Friedlob's c-i-ipt of "The Star" and likes it o much that she has agreed to tart work August 4th. The story is right down Belle's Ult-y becjui.se it calls for some •col acting. The original idea, by Dale Eunson and Katherine Albert shows Bette as a fallen star, lu: onger wanted by Hollywood. Bui t isn't ;i downbeat tale, and it doesn't uid unhappily. She finds lappiness elsewhere. 1 assumed after Bette signed thi;. Freidlob contract la 20tli Century Fox project) that she was stopping out of her Broadway play, but i merely means she is postponing re hearsuls. Uotte did okay for 2011 in "All About Eve" and in "Phoiu Call From A Stranger." Coming and Going Miss Lulic Allen left today foi Greenville, South Carolina, to visi he J. T. Greene's. Mr. and Mrs. Emory Ethington of Alhambra, Calif., and Mr. an< VIrs. Jack Lambert of El Monte lalif., have returned to their horn after a visit wilh their mother Mrs. T. O. Bright. Mr. and Mrs. Ethington and Mrs. Bright also visited in Idabcl, Oklahoma. Markets By The AiaocUted Press Wheat and soybeans moved n- nciid a bit in early trading today. Oats held sleady and corn WHS lower. Wholesale meats were mostly steady. Cattle were steady to 50 cents lower and hogs were steady to 50 cents higher. DOROTHY DIX Cotton futures opened cents a bale lower. Wheat futures were n litlle hlfih 'Talented 11 Wife Dear Miss Dix: We hnve been married four years and. duo to inn- financial circumstances, do not h.ixe children. We are in our i-arly thirties. My husband hasn't much education and has a routine % i!e gradu- ince tho beginning, our mar- has been marked by con- 10 lo 60 i job. while I am n ?e. He has no patience at nil \vhtm I am sick. Occasionally, however, he goes into a burst of overwhelm ing consideration, but soon reverts to his usual nagging, guarrclsomc self. We can't maintain pence lonf enough to have friends visit us. At present I am recovering fron mv last illness and wonder how your superiority and Icnrn to ex- 1 toll hla virtues. He must hnvo some jtood points, nnd It's A nice Idea to show Appreciation ot them occasionally. Recognize him aa head of the household, render more respect and admiration, and wntch the war clouds disappear. or in early dealings today on the j slant qunn-cling. At first lie b.uul- Chicago Board of Trade. Oats held '-' "' ' : 1 "" ' ''' ' Mrs. Johnnie Fadal, Mrs. Dixie Cryl, Mrs. Edna Hearn, and Mrs. Bill Powell of Hubbard, Texas, were the Tuesday night guests of the J. B. Ellen's. If all goes the way Shelley Winters plans, she'll be in Rome with Vittoi-io Gassman in October. Hosier' Cowan wants to star both of them in "Street Scene," the Elmer Rice play. He's calling it "Street Scone in Milan," and he's engaged Rice and an Italian writer to write the script. Cowan, who is just back in town, tells me he has plenty of financ ing and if the picture goes the way he expects he'll do "Street Scene" in every country with different actors. Certainly something new un dor the movie sun. He has yet, however, to get permission to borrow Shell from U-I If Julia Adams isn't the soul of tact — she'd belter start practie ing up. She has been elected ; queen at the national conventioi of the Veterans uf Foreign Wars Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Johnson and son, Kenneth, are visiting Mrs. Johnson's brother, E. E. and family in Tpxarkana. Moses • LAST DAY • ADDED SHORT SUBJECTS • Starts Friday • Best Double Features Hospital Notes Branch Admitled: Mrs. J. C. Warren Hope. l Discharged: Mrs. Benson Edwards, Hope. Josephine Admitted: Mrs. David O'Dell of Patmos, Mrs. O. McQueen, Hope. Mr. and Mrs. Morris Poindexter announce the arrival of a son on July 16. Mr. and Mrs. David O'Dell announce the arrival of a daughter on July 17. in Hollywood in August. And she'll welcome both General Douglas MacArthur. and President Harry Truman lo Hollywood! Not at the same time, I hope. Meanwhile, Julia's career at U-l is booming right along. She costars with Glenn Ford in "The Man From The Alamo." It you clidn'l happen to catch the brunette Arkansas actress with Jimmy Stewart in "Bend of The River" ther first big role I you'll be seeing her in other important U-l films. steady and corn was lower. Soybeans started lower and then moved upward about a cent a bushel. Smaller receipts of 409 cars of wheat, and indications that arrival will lessen now that the harvest is about completed, were bullish influenced in wheat. Also, some export news was reported late Wednesday. Here is today's Commodity report, furnished by the USDA: Light receipts ot hogs are scll- ng steady to SO cents higher at eastern cornbelt markets. Supplies at 12 midwest terminals have fallen to slightly less than 46,000 head. Receipts a week ago wore some 56,000. Choice 180 to 240 pound hogs have sold from ?22.'i!i at Chicago East St. Louis and Indianapolis, In fact, a very few hogs reachec $22.Hfi at Chicago. Butchers up to 30U pounds are reported down ti $20.50 at East St. Louis. Qlose to 17,000 cattle are estimated at 12 markets, compared with 18,000 last Thursday. Trading is slow at Chicago where slaughter steer are steady to 50 cents lower. Heifers held about steady. A few sales of choice to low prime yearlings as well as steers under 1,200 pounds were made at $31.75 to $114.50. Commercial and good grades brought $20 .to $31. Limited early sales of spring Denr Miss DIx: Because my mo' ther nnd father are so harsh with me. I want to leave school and go to work. I'm IS, M. M. Answer: Your rmrents nre proh I'd the finances, but 1 discoveied hat his gambling was dopleting he pmsr. so I took over and have M-oven a verv economical and cf-islai,,! it? It's about time he had n • , . . . . , . /tliaw i-1 i i unit 11ti i 11 u.t ii 11; pi »iii lone I can stand this kind oMlfe. | nWy s t r i c t w m, you beemi.se they C. M. want to srt feMunrd your own healAnswer: well, lady, my question {h ,, n( j re)U i a llon. Tho worst thln ts how long can your husbnm! u-ient manager. 1 am unusually talented. Kvery IMIH; 1 do is above average in ac rMmplishmeiil •••- cooking, sewing.' fine arts, music, even such masculine ta.vks as furniture finishing, papi'i-ini:. painting, carpentry, etc. My husband is not talented at all. lie enjoys relaxing, sleeping and arguini'.. Hi- is Very poor ns a mini around the house as he never seeks perfection in anything. Perhaps I contribute something to our constant arguing as 1 nm ; nervous breakdown, too, and when i it comes It should be a benulv. j Your plethora of talent hns made you so overbearingly conceded aiul j selfsufflclcnl that only a paragon i of nngels could live up lo your ox- I peotiUlons. You have thwarted your husband In every mnsculin prerogative,' then you expect him to sit down meekly while you proceed In run evorylbing and critl- cl.'.e his shortcomings. He's Head of House You usurped bis right, as heiul th and reputation. Tho worst thluf you can do Is leave school and try to face- a business world with in adequate eduction. Finish high sen ool, then you'll be better c(tu!ppec to enter the highly competitive, business world. quick-tempered. The tension led to , of the bouse, to run its finances. a severe breakdown of my nervous | The excuse you give for doing so system, which lias been repealed lie flimsy. You refuse to have n twice. With each illness my hus-i child because of financial condl- view of tho s ncccisnry. Many t walked around, worked," „.._, most active for yeari ftttUf^ «lvcn the s»me new's - henvd. Medical skill h rapidly today that rnahS lions, onoe considered respond miraculously ment. Make it your Itnm inuss to consult n specialist Iti particular malady. You ft rtrently In need ot spiritual which t recommend a I6 with your minister, Yotl more help thioiiRh prnye* $ from a'ny other source. Relenscd by The Bell SyndtCttli Inc. band's treatment has become wor- lambs held steady al easlern corn- Clubs THE OLD WEST' PLUS BUD ABBOTT LOU COSTELLO 'One Night In the Tropics" Evening Shade The Evening Shade Home Demonstration club m.et for their July meeting at Ihe home of Mrs. Frank Smilh wilh 8 members and Mrs. Lorraine Blackwood present. A short business meeting was held, discussing Ihe club picnic in August to be held at Mrs. E. Heckler's. At 2:30 p.m. ten guests from the Liberty Hill club arrived for tea. Mrs. Smith had cosen pink and green for the color scheme. The lable decoralions carried oul these colors wilh pink tabors and pink, flowers in the center. The group was served lea by Mrs. E. A. Weatherford. On the lable were sandwiches, minis, and small cakes. Afler. being served everyone returned to the living room. When Spencer Tracy arrived in London he bad to stand all during Katharine Hepburn's play, "the Millionairess. 1 " Katie had no idea the play would have anything but a moderately successful run, and she didn't reserve any seats for her friends. But it's really a hit. Tho London. Times said, "Miss Hepburn gives a performance thai will never be equalled in Ihis country." Another London paper called' her "Katharine, the Great." Larry Weingarten, who accompanied Tracy, also had lo stand all during the performance. bell markets, with choice to prime! grades $29 to $30. New York looks for unchanged to fractionally' higher trend in butter prices. Some 92 score has sold from 71"'i cents per pound. Meanwhile, Chicago butler price are expected .to decline from Vi to 34 cent on 93 score and 1/4 cent un 90 score. Some 93 score butter was offered at 71U. Declines of from S'.i to Gib cents per dozen are in prospect on top grade large si/.e eggs at New York Other eggs are expected to sell from unchanged to 2 cents higher. Chicago looks for unchanged prices on all grades and sizes of eggs. Use of Special Oil Pump Barred MAGNOLIA, Ark. l.l'l The Arkansas Oil and Gas Commission says the Phillips Petroleum Company can not install reda pumps in three Cairo Field wells. Keda pumps, generally used only in stripped fields, nre designed to handle larger amounts of fluid. The commission also acted yesterday to impose a SOO-barrel-a-day limit on the amount of salt water which wells in the union County '• field may produce. est for the limit was sub milled by Carter Oil Company as a counter proposal to request for reda pumps. Phillips | said the pumps j,vere needed to ob-1 tain it!; fair share of pool. In Britain the corresponding au tomolivi' term for defroster is "de mister." lions — Ihougb y.ou could afford lo buy :i house. If your parents wove willing to offer assistance In (Hill purchase surely Ihey wouldn't have been less generous In the case of a baby. A woman of your cnpabllty should have no trouble in financing n child — thousands ot women wilh far less money than you can do it. There is no reason why your husband can't be peacefully maintained, but It is you who will have 11 do most of the reforming — not your husband". It's a'fine thing, Indeed, for ti woman to be as gifted us you, but when accomplishments ore con stanlly brought up as a reflection on your husband's lack of them, they become a grave hindrance, rather Ihan a help to successful marriage. Suppose your husband isn't too handy or capable around the house, Let him do the things iil from the lu wants'' to do, shut your eyes to their imperfections and graciously acknowledge his assistance. After all. he wanls^ to be more Hum a pay check in Ills own home nnd you won't give him a chance! Stop reminding him constantly of Dour Miss DIx: I nm n youni wife of 2ft, married six years, am have three children, My doeto tells rne I hnve only n year to llvi nnd I cnnnol bring myself to toll my husbnnd. Should 1 tell him now and Klvo him his freedom so he can prepare for life without me, or should I try to keep his happiness by withholding the news? E. A, Answer: My trying to carry this terrific burden yourself, you are doing tho entire family a grave in- husbnnd most cer- know exactly what justice, Your tainly should jour condition is and I'm surprised Lhnt tho doctor hasn't already acquainted him with Ihe fuels, Perhaps you nre hiking a morn Phillips Ginger Rogers slipped out of. town without saying a word. She was met in Chicago by Jim Kimberly, head of the Kleenex Company. They motored to Wisconsin to meet his parents. New York: ton 3G.'I5. Noon October Cot- J|>t a Name Stephen Foster never saw the Suwanee River and had not even heard of it untill he saw Ihe name on a map, while looking for a name to use in his song. NOTICE Effective Friday, July 18th ALL BOTTLE DRINKS OUTSIDE lOc KING'S DRIVE IN WHITE'S DRIVE IN > Plus New Serial • Chapter One 'Radar Men From the Moon" DON'T MISS IT! . Also • Color Cartoon Baker The Baker Homo Demonstration club with Mrs. J. L, McCullough, vice-president, as hostess entertained the members of the DeRoan HD club with a tea Friday afternoon at the home of Mrs. James McCullough on 6th Street. Artistic arrangements uf summer flowers were placed at vantage points. Guests were greeted at the door by Mrs. McCullough who introduced them to Baker club. the officers They were of the invited fe/RIALTD • Last Day • Young Man With Ideas into tho living room by Mrs. A. A. Andrews. The table, covered with a linen cutwork cloth, was centered with a crystal bowl of rose bou- ganvilla vine. Mrs. % Merlin Cox presided at the punch bowl. Approximately thirty guests called during the appointed hours. ADDED SHORT SUBJECTS • Starts Friday • 2 — 810 - HITS — 2 IORITTA YOUNG ROBERT PRISTON — in — "Lady From Cheyenne" Federal Aid for Defense Area Schools Snaps-hots of Hollywood collected at random: Phyllis Thaxter, Warner aclrcss, expects a baby in January. She is married to James Aubrey, TV sales manager. She has just finished "Springfield Rifle" with Gary Cooper and will make no more pictures unlil next year. Is Sieve Cochran as serious as ho acls with Fay Faylcn? That question everyone is asking. Dorothy Lamour is having her share of trouble. Her stepfalher is critically ill with a heart condition, and her mother hasn't been well. Dorothy, who is a devoted daughter, has been spending all her time with her invalids. Hearst Executive Bob Levitt's bride, the former Sherry Chad- burne, is a lovely redhead. He tells me they'll be here August 14th. Bob was formerly married to Ethel Merman, who is making wedding plans of her own with .Robert Six. Newspaperman Bob Sylvester's book, "Indian Summer," is about to be bought by one of our top film companies. Bob is being paid $12,000 for twenty five cent cdi- lions of his novel. Olivia De Havilland will nol file for divorce from Marcus Goodrich unlil September. Because she has been out of California for so long that she wants to fulfill the legal residence requirement before going into court. That's all today. See you morrow! West Bros, Big Money Saving BLANKET PROMOTION GET YOURS NOW to- PLUS CHARUS STARRCTT SMILEY BURNITT — in — "BONANZA TOWN" WASHINGTON UP) — Arkansas may receive $2,276,926 of 67 million, dollars allocated by the government for school construction in lederally-attected defense areas. The reservation of funds, announced by the Federal Security Agency's Office of Education yesterday, has only tentative approval end actual grants will not be made until after the government completes engineering and other surveys. The Arkansas schools and allocated funds were: North Uttle Rock Special School Dist. $661,000; Pulaski County Special School Dist. $44,168; White Hall School Dist. No. 27 — Jefferson County, $84,713; Watson Chapel School Dist. tio. 24 — Jefferson County $83.980; Dollarway School Dist. Ho. — Jefferson County $57,807; Texarkana School Dist- No. 7 S449.8QO; Harmony Grove School $125.00: and Newport Special »L T Jwdfwt? County Arlwaw* Total USE OUR LAY AWAY PLAN Our Lay-Away Plan is simple and easy to use. Just pick out the blanket you desire, make a small deposit on it plus small monthly payments. When winter rolls around you will have your new blankets and you'll never miss the money. 2 More Counties Ask Disaster Aid LITTLE ROCK IJI-J. V. Highfill, state Farmers Home Administration director, says that two more Arkansas counties have requested to be designated as disaster areas because of the drouth. Highfill said last night that both Faulkner and Crawford Counties have requested the designation. Benton County's similar request has been forwarded to the Agriculture Department. The FHA director said the disaster area loans probably would average $500 each, would bear 3 ptr cent interest and would be used to buy livestock feed, seed| and fertilizer. BLANKETS Blankets . . . Blankets ... and Blankets. We have them in all fabrics, colors and designs that are sure to please you. Yes we also have electric blankets and you can buy them on our Easy Lay-Away Plan. Buy now for cold winter a'ays ahead. BEDSPREADS See our large and complete stock of bedspreads. Very popular spreads in assorted colors and designs. Use our EASY LAY-AWAY PLAN. WEST BROS. Cool W«3ther Nut» U has been iouug, that people | more nuts during the OF G000 YALU HOPE DRIVE-IN THEATRE 8. Main A Country Club rd. THURS, • FRI. •*-*«Kw**M*""t ^ * * , . , v».,*,«W**v OPERATION PACIFIC * WA1N1I MOL ,KIVM MONEY • Hospital Room and Board * , • Surgical Foci • Special Hospital Service*- - - > • Doctors' Calls In Hospital • Maternity • Polio Have us tell you about the T exceptional new Fah Hospital and Surgical ipense plan now to be'], . , from the METROPOUl/ili TAN LIFE. You Will W4r it giving just the pro,t$c^ tion you may havte seeking, Write or Phone ' \ Winfred HUCKABff 817 S. Main Phone 7-2606 AIR CONDITIONED For your shopping pleasure. Wo will feed tho meter 'j for you, just stop inside tho door and get ponneys oufof ij largo jar for your parking motor, and then shop wlthx4 ease where it is cool. .T"^ VANILLA, STRAWBERRY, BANANA and CHOCOLATE*! /DCAki You can serve it every meal l^KtAIW at this low price, i Gal. Cake Mix BETTY CROCKER 54c 2 Boxes Fastened Together For . . Snow and Cns 3 Pound Q Can O CHERRIES FOR THOSE GOOD PIES No. 2, Cans PEANUT BUTTER Peter Pan 120z. Glass OZARK VALLEY — SMALL SIZE LIMAEBANS No. 2 Cahs HOMINY No. 2 Cans TISSUE QT Rolls MILK PET and CARNATION I Largo' Cans 98c Miracle Whip 5SING' 47c SALAD DRESSING' Quart Jar KLEENE 2. 200 in Box ,yhj! Boxes LIBBV SLICED 3 No. Cans. FROZEN FOODS Orange Juice WHOLESUN 2 Cans' 25C Strawbe PRODUCE DEPT. Cantaloupes HOME GROWN 2 Pounds 15C Watermelons HOME GROWN 3c Pound BANANAS GOLDEN YEUQW Pounds LETTUCE Size 4Doz. 4 v {.<-•,&,? i' MEATDI Pound I-;: m&--

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