Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 29, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, October 29, 1937
Page 3
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Friday, October 29, 1937 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS PAGE THREE sat. Take time to work-it. i.s the price of success. Take time to think-it is the source of i ower. Take lime to play il is the .source of perennial ,\ oiilh. Take lime to re.id- it is the fountain of wisdom. Take time In wur.sl.ip -il is 111'- highway lo Ivvrix-llrr. Take time t<> be friendly--it is the Take time to rrud it is hitching your WUMOII to a r-iar. Take time lo love and bv loved—il is the pi lvlln;e nf the HO.I;,. Take lime to look around—it is too :M t a tl.iy to In.- M-lfi.-h l.iui'h it is the music of sh Take tim the .s ul. 'Hike time to In, ! ••!•;<• lei ted. Mr. IIOUIK Carolyn lit lh<;; Mr-:. Si Miss l.oi J i m 11 u way wli (lit Mr.s. .11 ri t, i ll.ili. O i. r .ill d'tM- Smith ait- .1 little dutichtiT, ay. Ortobrr 'i'i. iiith Klin street, i ,-j7trmlH-i etl as y fur C.'on- the boinc- Baby's Cold ft I 1 ! <IVC(I l>y two \^-/ \',< in i alums of mothers. or CKS v AF»O RUB ^&L£ Mrs. George W. Shipp of El Paso, Texas, arrived Wednesday for a two month's visit with her parents, Mr. md Mrs. C. R. Baker. —O— Mrs. Don Ligoti who has been the guest of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Reed for the past few days ha.s returned lo her home In Fort Worth, Texas. She was accompanied home by Mrs. Reed. The. Members of the Ogburn school of dancing were entertained at a very delightful Halloween party Thursday evening at the studio on South Main street. Each member of the class was accompanied by a yuest, and nil were in oc.stume. Twos a night when goblins came and the witches, black cats and .spooks reigned .supreme for on, one night of the year it's fun to be on intimate terms with witches and .'trance creatures who emerge once n year from the land of fairy talcs. The ilecnrulions added lo Ihe wcirdness and beauty of the occasion, and the 1 rovei-bial fortune toller was present and revealed fatal futures in her i-andle lighted corner filled with eerie shadows. The games were as usual, "Doing the Ini|x>ssiblc." but bringing about a lot of fun, such us diving for the apple, pinning the donkey talc and a score of other laugh provoking stunts, followed by informal refreshments. Enjoying this delightful occasion were Jessie Clnirice Brown, Martin Poolc Jr., Jo Ann Card. Herbert Griffm Jr.. Barbara LuGrone, Matilda McFuddin, Betty Jean Hall, Mary Darnell Bearden, Dorothy Na.sh, Mill-hell LuUronc, Carolyn Hamilton, j I.i.ris Ward, Bobby Bearden. Maxine Brown. Billy Ann Pago, Charles Wul- lis. Follyamia Williams, Carolyn Cox, Dorotha Lea Perliack. Betty Lou C.ieen, Mary Laselor. Eva Jean Milam, Mary Ann Wilson, Russell Porter, Or- villi- and Bradley Erringer, Jackie Ji-nn Tolleson, Alice Lile. Kathleen Beauty Convention Is Heldfor State Miss Carmen Cooper, of Sibyl's Shop, Home From L. R. Miss Carmen Cooper, of Sibyl's Beauly Shop, in the John P. Cox Drug company building, has returned from the first annual convention of Arkansas Hairdressers & Cosmetologists association in Little Rock this week. More than 800 beauty shop opera- 'tors, owners and cxhibitorse attended. Mrs. Louise Norris of Kansas City, Mo., nationnlly-known beauty expert, addressed the convention. "Il is a profession because legislation, orgimi/.ation nnd educational phases of the work have nil played a part In building the Business of making women youugcr," Mrs. Norris said. "It i.s not a haphn/nrd Irade in which one can start from scratch and succeed. It usually takes several years for the student of beauty culture lo become aclually engaged in Ihe work. Most of (he lime a girl will start as lui apprentice and work up into the profession. "It requires real skill for a trained beauty operator to work on the skin and hair and that is the reason they should be classified an professional workers. Milady no longer has an excuse for looking old, when millions of dollars are being spent in advancing beauty work. Proper corrections and proper application of beauty accessories will tend to keep women ever youthful. "Beautifying faces is just like painting a picture. The work in difercnt sections of Ihe country is varied. In the south Ihcrc is more natural culture and the beautician must learn how to accentuate that culture," she said. "Most women today have incorrect eyebrow lines. A pointed eyebrow gives- one surprised expression and a round eyebrow line is out of vogue especially on Die round-face type, "A swing line eyebrow which is arched well above the orbits is fashionable and flullering. Five lo 10 years HOI HI.K SHOW "HOOT" GIBSON "FRONTIER J U S T I C E" Mi'tnecn O'Siilliviin Uaitir I'ldgrmi "MY DEAR MISS ALDRICH" ••• UAKKETT MEMORIAL BAPTIST Hollis A. Purllc, Pastor MAItY I.IVl'NdSTONK noil KUmV KOr.K.ltS THIS WAY PLEASE" See Our Silk Dresses LAD I ES' Specially Shop •lolh-.son Kathryn Wallis, Joseph in the appearance of a woman's age I'.rarlley Dorothy O'Neal, Chas. Dana j can be eliminated through the raising kson Jr.. Sidney Warren, Bobby ! of the eyebrow line. Persons do not Ward, Billy Bob Hurndon Jr., John l !«>y enough attention to eye hygiene.' 1 rice Jr., Arch Moore Ellington. Bar-i Mrs. Norris said. An eye bath Iwicc barn Sue Stephenson, Eddie Stewart, " day is essential to eye beauty, she Kathryn Cox. Betty Willis Northcotl, .said. Martha Ann Atkins, Marylin May, Gloria Wolff, Edsel Nix, Nancy Shults uid Jim Ogburn. -O- Mrs. B. J. Oftburn will .spend the .veck-end in Fort Smith w'nere she will lake a special course in rythm and the la (<•.«, I improvements in her line of work. Dr. and Mr.s. G. E. Cannon will return to HOIK; Saturday from Chicago ' where Dr. Cannon attended the annual meeting of the American College of Surgeons. The time of year is approaching when some of our boys and girls in the spirit of Halloween feel it their privilege to take possession of every tiling in sight; most of the time, this annual nocturnal prowl means nothing but ;i little harmless fun, but again it materialie.s into more serious business when heartsick and helpless property owners find the next day thai they have been victims of those who have not been taught to respect the rights of others. It i.s a most disheartening tiling to build for beauty and have one's efforUs destroyed overnight. Young people, when you are having your fun Saturday nmhl remember, destruction is not fun, and misplacing or chunking other people's property is only a p.ilile phrase for a more serious one that may be the beginning of i an unhappy career. Sunday school is to meet at 9:45 a in. We have n class for every one anc every one who am arc urged to be present. The lexl will be. "Come Over Into Macedonia and Help Us." The B. Y. P. T. C. will go to Battlefield to put on a program Sunday afternoon at 2:30. All classes .of the training course will meet al 6:30 p. m. for the regular program. The ladies auxiliary will meet at the home of Mrs. Hollis A. Purtle Monday at 2:30 p. m. nil members arc expected lo attend and visitors arc welcome. At the New 'Radio's outstanding comic stars are surrounded by a bevy of alluring show beauties in RKO' Radio's scintillating musical comedy, "New Faces of 1937." last times Friday »t the New. which features Joe Former, Milton Berle (above), Piirkynknrkus, Harriot Hillard, William Brady. Jerome Cowan and Thclm:i Leeds; and introduces a corps of gorgeous chorines, including Mary Lou Smith, JunniUt Fields, Betty Johnson and Harriot Brandon (seen from left to right). War Prospect (Continued from Page One) HOPE GOSPEL TABEDNACLE Bert Webb, Pastor LAST DAY Game Returns TONIGHT JOE PENNEH MILTON BERLE PAnKYAKAHKUS HARRIET MILLIARD WILLIAM BRADY JEDOME COWAM THfLMA tEEDS SATURDAY KLAXINCi ACTION ON' T11K HAN'MIT Ken Maynard With His \Vonilcr Hiirsi- 'TAIt/AN' -in- 'BLAZING TROUBLE 1 Comedy—OUR GANG —in— "LITTLK PAPA" No. 1 "PAINTKI) STALLION" 1-2-3 FREE CLUB Uu.vs and (Jirls lo II! .vcars grl your l''iTr .Memhei->lii|) riinK ill Ilio biix offii-o. Allrml II wi-flis Mmiglit. The Next Wi-ok l-'UKK! Sunday school meets at 9:45 Sunday; make an effort to be present witli you family; help raise the attendance mark from last Sunday. There is a department for every one and a blessing is in store for each person. The pastor will deliver the morning worship sermon al 11 and the evangelistic sermon at 7:45. Christ's Ambassadors and Children's church meet ut G:-15. We are extending a cordial invitation to those who have not been ul- lending Sunday school and church anywhere, who were contacted by the census workers, lo vusil Ihe Hope Gospel Tabernacle next Sunday. We hope you'll like il well enough lo attend regularly. A fellowship and business meeting will be held ut the Tabernacle next Monday night beginning ut 7:45. Everyone interested in the program of the Tabernacle in Hope i.s invited to be present. Following Ibis Monday night service, there will be a week of prayer at the Tabernacle, cue hnighl ul 7:45. Spend an enjoyable hour, Sunday I night, al Ihe Hope Gospel Tabernacle, il is Hope's full-gospel center. ! I-'IItST CIlKISTfAN CIIUKCH V. A. iiamnumd, 1'o.sloi- the practically all-powerful Japanese army leaders were not ascertained. The significant point of the Japanese attitude us understood here was that Japan intended to keep her armies on a line to the south of China's five Northern provinces. The frankly admitted object of this was to prevent Russia from sending troops to China through Mongolia. The statement was considered im- portunl because it i.s known several delegations are going to Brussels with the realistic idea of trying to determine the minimum terms Japan would exact and the maximum conditions China would accept. The official Japanese view here is that it would bo difficult to negotiate a Far Eastern peace from Brussels and Ihe beginnings of peace could only be discussed ut Tokio and Nanking. Suggests Parley As the American delegation entrained for Brussels, the Japanese authority broached -the idea of peace ne- golialions being opened simultaneously at Tokio and Nanking. The suggestion envisioned talks among Joseph C. Grew, American ambassador; Sir Robert Leslie Craigie, British ambassador, and Foreign Minister Koki Hirola in Tokio while the British and American envoys at Nanking sounded out the Chinese government. Other interested powers than the United States and Britain, according to Japanese here, were France and Italy, who would be expected to take part in the conversations. Japanese Statement The following authorized stalcmenl on Japan's position was given lo Ihe Associalcd Press: •Japan refuses lo participate in the Brussels conference for reasons already known, but that docs not mean Japan will not accept conversations with the principal powers interested. "Evidently Japan has u strong desire to ba rlhc roule in Northern China against penetration of the Kominlcrn (the Communist International with headquarters ut Moscow) and to work amicably with the Chinese. "But as long us il is necessary to lake measures to assure these things, evacuation of Japanese trops from Northern China is impossible. However, that does not mean Japan has lerriloriul designs on thai resion in- thai she seeks to create an independent slate like Manchuukuo. "On the contrary. Japan desires to collaborate with Chinese, Americans and Europeans because Japan's national economy imposes the necessity fur keeping open Chinese markets." "Football Special" (Continued from Page One) Crop, Anti-Lynch (Continued from Page One) This is not. a high-speed road, Hope Seeks 7th Win Tlie Bobcats will be seeking their seventh victory of the season and their ' conference win the clash with ; Camden. The Panthers have won four! (Wines and have dropped two. to Little j Rock and Pine Bluff. ; The two lines are about equal in ' weight. Camclen's buckfielrl will considerably outweigh the Hope- ball- carriers. A comparison of weights can be found in a two-column box on this page. Lutosl reports said that Freeman Stone and Joe Eason. only injured players on the Hope squad, had improved and both would be in the lineup against the Panthers. The Camden squad is reported in top shape and is seeking lo avenge last year's defeat. The special train will leave Camden on the return trip to Hope about 10:-!5 o'clock, arriving borne two hours later. In Liimar. Colorado, the oldest .gasoline station in the world exists. The station itself is quite modern, but it-s building material i.s estimated to be 175.0(10.000 years old. II was constructed of petrified wood, gathered from a prehistoric forest south of Lamar. HIP presidential special session program, and like crop control having u direct bearing on their state's economic structure, should keep the Arkansas house members busy. The- Arkansas representatives refused to join other house Democrats la.st. session in urging the rules committee to report the wngr-s and hours bill. The other presidential program points anti-trust law strengthening, Government reorganization, and regional planning—hold interest for Arkansas. A renewal by Representative Wade II. Kitchens. Magnolia, Ark., of his proposal to create n Ouac-hila Valley Region for flood control and power development i.s likely. r l be Morris and R;mkin bills last session included the Ouuchila Valley in a rc'gion with the Arkansas and the Rio Grande Valleys. Kitchens «ii<l the Ouachita should compose a region by itself and that the Rio Grande should be separated from the Arkansas because of wide geographical separation. Floyd control and hydroelectric power development in Arkansas concerned all dclegulionists last session and undoubtedly will again. Miller, who may advocate an $-180,000.000 floor! control reservoir construction pro|.'.rwn in connection with regional planning, and the rest of Ihe dele-nation is expected to support substantial appropriations for 1938 flood control, either throimh regional planning or the execution of projects already authorized. Senator Hatlie W. Currawuy. a senate commerce- commiltee member, Kcpre< "illative John E. McClellan. Mulvern, Ark., a house flood control committee member, and Representative William J. Driver, president of the riv.rs and huihors congress, will be in advjiiitj'iioous positions to voice flood control needs. New Styles—New Fftihien*—New Method* Mi** Carmen Cooper Has just returned from (he Arkfinmw HalMtesers and CosmelologrlsU Convention in Little Rock. Call one of our expert operators, Herloise Miller, Alice Harrington, Carmen Cooper, Kathrine Brown SIBYL'S BEAUTY SHOP PHONE 86 BAL. COX DBtJG CO. HERLOISE MILLER, Manager. Liquid, Tablets Salve, Nose Drops checks Colds and FEVER first day Headaches, 30 minutes. Try "Hub-My-Tism" World's Best Liniment The nursery rhyme about "Twinkle, twinkle, lilllc slar" is now out of dnlo. for today we know the very materials which make up stars. Mirrors coated with chromium nnd r-luminum will catch invisible starlight in greater quantilies than silvered ones, according to the discovery of two Cornell University physicists. YOUR FEET HURT YOU HUKT ALL OVER Don't neglect aching, tired, burning feet. Let our shoemen, trained in the methods of Dr. Wm. M. Scholl, noted Foot Authority, show you how the needed Dr. Scholl FOOT COMFORT Appliance or Remedy will give you quick relief, at little cost. HITT:S BROWNbilt Shoe Store There's More to This Corselette than meets the eye! \ $5-00 The picture shows you what's, behind the suave pink exterior of this grand Corselette, for the woman whose proportions are those of a Juno, rather than Venus. (Juno was a goddess, • too, don't forget!) That hidden underbelt, by way of boning and an uncannily clever arrangement of elastic bands, holds in the abdomen, flattens it, yet leaves you free to breath, move, stretch. Prepare for a transformation scene when you try on this new WAYNES BROS. "There Is No Profitable Substitute for Quality" Trade Mark Reg. U. S. Pat. OH. CASH ONLY one ii Ki -We Deliver Dold's Fancy Branded BABY BEEF Lb. 29c Whole or Half Lb. 22c PMfaff ^yii 1 yjtti i i*& vHILI Pound 15c Pound 59c LEAN Best Cuts—-Lb. Fresh Dressed Hens, Fryers, Fish and Oysters Sunday i.s our last chance this month lo bring our attendance average m the Sunday school up near our goul. Two bad Sundays have brougljt our uvrafie down to the lowest mark in over a year. Let's make n special effort to lx! present Sunday morning and to bring somebody with us. Perhaps this is Ihe week when we will reach our goal. Following u brief opening worship service and the observance of inc. Lord's Supper Ihe paslor will speak Sunday morning on Ihe subject "A Wonderful Old Testament Rally." Nclunu'uh, who rebuilt the walls of old Jerusalem, was first of all a man of God, or God's man for his time. He was also a man of prayer who knew the great secret of relief and a man of intelligence whose mind was sanctified us well as his heart. He knew God, his Bible, men and tilings; he knew history, and he knew his business. Hu was a man of action, not a man of theory, plan and purpose only, but of practical service. He had im-lh- od, patience, courage and thoimiylme.sx He saw what needed to be done, und he did it. A study of bis character and service for hi.s Lord may HUi'le us into the same kind of active service for our Lord and Master. We may become God's men and women for uur times. The subject for the evening sermon. in the one hour service beginning at 7:30 o'clock, i.s "Spiritual La/incs.->. based on the story of the Samaritan woman al the well. She asked Je.-ii.-, "Sir, give me this water, that I ilia-l not, neither come hither tu draw. There were two reasons hack ol her request, two thoughts in her nun, I. The spirit of the sivond reason animates people today. The pn.-v.:li-i-t d i.s posit ion is lo .seek ivliKimis bem lit ill .some way which does mil invol\e endeavor and responsibility. onwi - sion i.s not a completed work, \\hen a man is converted he has a new s'.ii'l und must go forward. If he doe-, not he will befein going backward. TOD many prcsenl day Christians have not learn etl Ihe truth thai Mundmu --I'll is the same us going backward m '!'<•• Christian life. The Missionary Society will :> i-et Monday afternoon ul the home ol Mis. W. L. Carter on South Elm street Mi>. Harry Whitworlh is program Ir.ni'-i. All ladies of Ihe church are inviu<i lu attend. You are cordially invited to wor-hip with ILS Sunday al 11 ;>. m. and .a;.an at 7:30 p. m. And there is a ela.. MI you in the Sunday school muiti... -ii 9:45 a. m. Co and 9c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED Forms for effecling government 9-cent loans aru here, and we arc nov. prepared to arrange loans with the same prompt and careful consideration that we have extended the producer for over 30 years. The evidence of this construclive and gratifying service is the retention of the valuable patronage of some of the largest and most influenii.il planters in the Hope territory for that unusual leuglh of time; and tho.-e who anticipate placing their cotton in 9-cent government loans can U- assured of this most satisfactory attention. Furthermore, they will fnui it to their decided advantage to arrange their IOHJIS tlu-ougb our firm. • Respectfully, E. C, BROWN & CO. Cotton Merchants 8 South Walnut Street Hope, Arkansas JL\. lot of smokers have found that Chesterfields have a taste they like. They've found out for themselves that Chesterfields are MILDER. You can prove for yourself that Chesterfields SATISFY. • , t/ieyllgive you MORE PLEASURE Copyright 1937, LIGGETT & MYERS TOBACCO Co.

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