Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 26, 1934 · Page 1
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, September 26, 1934
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produced und«r dl visions A-2 it A-S Graphic Arts Code, Hope <AI*)—-Alrnnfi Annorlntcil Pres» (NK.4)— Mrnn* IN>(v«imi>pr Star -,.--.----- -i j;,;, ttEATHEB Arfcaiwas—Thundmhowm, anil colder Wednesday night; Thursday partly cloudy In wosf, showers In east, colder In cast and South portions. HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26. 1934 n. Hope Star. Jnnnnris Here and There Editorial By ALEX. H. WASHBUBN- ill BSfiL • IffPEAKING on "The Constitution and thc New Deal" a Sfc/ Cincinnati, Ohio, Tuesday night Secretary Roper macK 4- . unlm ' HtaJtaIj 'y Pl«in that the Roosevelt administration wil |W)hoId American government in substantially its prcseir Institutional form. The more vigorous recovery measures iay or may not be constitutional, says thc Secretary of Com- icrcc—but it doesn't matter much, for they will last no long- ir than the emergency which demands them. ', T~ ~ — — •: This plain statement from a mem Inh 11CAM tt HOlrfllCi bor of tno Roosevelt cabinet is coup- 'UllllOUll llvoimid led with an illustration of Ben Franklin before the conslitutional convention of Mny 14, 1787, which is perhaps thc best point in Mr. Roper's address. XXX Here is what Ben Franklin said about the constitulion and thc broad principle of government to which this sgns {as Chief of NRA; Jmergency Passing [Blue Eagle Administrator's Job No Longer Necessary ^SPEECH BY^CABINET Secretary Roper Assure: ' Business Emergency Measures 'Temporary' ' f !> T *i'* WASHINGTON -(/I')- Tlie long- i expected resignation of Recovery Administrator Hugh S. Johnson came late Tuesday and was acccplcd by k ; (President Roosevelt. Word of thc resignation -was re ccivcd in silence at NRA Tuesday night with all available officials de- cling comment upon Ihe aclual taking of this expected step. Tlie resignation will become effective f October 15. For the present the president has no other job for the recovery admnistrator who has served 15 months under thc New Deal. Thc resignation came in thc form .of a letter to thc president and was accepted by Rr. RoosevsH in another letter which complimented Johnson on l\is "hard work and assured the /ship- Sought to Quit Before It was made plain lhal Tuesday- resignation was far from the first timu iff thc NRA chief had tried lo quit. Several times before Johnson had submitted informally and verbally to the president, his resignation. It was never before accepted. Tuesday the recovery administrator revealed his reasons in some measure for giving up his job, pointing to pressing private work. Johnson called thc president's al- lention lo Ihe fact lhal thc NRA was being reorganized and under thc sch cdulcd set-up he felt thc job was superfluous. He asurcd the chief executive that he would have his (Johnson's) continued friendship, and that should he be called on again to serve the New Deal he would bo ready to do so. instrument addressed itself: President Roosevelt in accepting Johnson's resignation said he felt tin NRA had fulfilled its first phase of usefulness, und thai the time bad come to revise. It was made plain the reorganization would come soon, perhaps within the next few days. It wa.i indicated the prcsidcn plains within H few days after he arrives in Wnsh- iiiKton tomorrow, lo sec Johnsoi ;ir<i t;ill( with hi.s concerning Ihc NI.A. I confess that there are several parts of this constitution which I do not at present approve, but I am not sure that I shall never approve them: For having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by boiler infor- mnlion, or fuller consideration, lo change opinions even on important subjects, Which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise In these sentiments, sir, I agree to this constitution with all its faults, if they arc such, because I think a general government necessary for us, and there is no form of government but what may be a blessing to the people if well administered, and can only end in despotism, as other forms have done before it, WHEN THE PEOPLE SHALL, BECOME SO CORRUPTED AS TO NEED DESPOTIC GOVERNMENT, BEING INCAPABLE OF ANY OTHER. A shrewd quotalion. Secretary Roper is rminding thc Vmcrican jxjople, wilh thc words of n immortal patriot, thai there will ivcr be an American despot so long s there arc American citizens who re willing to resist despotism. -"The'rery of-' "dictatorship" these doubtful days fades before the memorable words of Ben Franklin and public confidence in this present-day cabinet officer who so aptly recalls them. ^_ _ ^^^^ ^H ^^^ ^^^^m .^^^ ^M —" -'"*• *•""""> IB.. ipzB. x'-tuvjin oc *JUjr I * * * * * # * * * W W MM ^-^ **>*'&•'&<&'& Slain Detroit Child Found in Trunk Lillian Gallaher Strangled, Police Declare at Probe Girl, 11, Slain by Degenerate and Hidden in Apartment House SEEK MAN, WOMAN Crime Discovered by Janitor After Couple Leave Rooms DETROIT, Mich.—(/P)—The body of rillian Gallaher, missing since Thursay afternoon, was found Wednesday, n her lllh birthday, in an apartment nly n few blocks from her home. Thc body had been stuffed into a •unk. The jL;ir! had been slain, but police id not disclose at once how she died. Police immediately began a search or a man and woman who had occupied thc apartment until a few days ago. Later police said Lillian was apparently strangled to death nnd her body stuffed into the trunk—undoubtedly thc victim of a degenerate. The apartment house janitor, Clyde Burgess, called the police when he dctccled an odor from the apartmen caused by decomposition of the bodj Bulletins MKMI'HIS, Tcnn.— (/P)— The office of Hugh Humphreys, director nf the fifth region of the Federal Housing Administration, Wednesday announced Hie appointment of community chairmen, including George B. Smith and I). C. Gates, of Fordycc. WASIIINGTON.-(/P)-rrcsidcnt Roosevelt said Wednesday upon his return to the White House Dial he would take up immediately, probably late in the afternoon, the question of reorganization of the NRA and the protest from textile strikers of discrimination by their employers. 7 Kentuckians Are Indicted by U. S. Mississippi Cuts Its Property Tax Ad Valorem Rate 1 for 1934 Is Reduced From 8 to 5 Mills Prcstonburg Mayor and. Others Accused of Relief Fraud PRESTONBURG, Ky.— (/P) -Seven persons, including a mayor, county judge, and a minister were indicted :icre Tuesday on charges of fraudu- "J'Vir Kincrgcncy Only CINCINNATI, Ohio -(/I 1 )- Seeking lo reassure business spokesmen who had manifcstcr "apprehension", Secretary Roper Tuesday night asserted the New Deal would safeguard individual initiative and that there need be no fear that all or most emergency recoverey steps "may become i.porinament." In what was generally accepted as n reply to the Chamber of Commerce of the United State.s that the administration clarify Its position, Roper declared there was no thought o (Continued on Pace Three) FLAPPER FANNY SAYS: nr.G. u. s. PAT. OFF. .If you en/i't r'--;tfl Ihf lii'mcl'.vrit- ins on the v.all tlio:;c days, yuu gul another cliaueu lently converting $122,500 in thc acl- ninistration of federal relief money. Tlie defendants are A. C. Carter nayor of Prcstonburp, Counly Judge W. L. Slumbo, the Rev. W. M. Chap- nan, Mrjf. neginn Mayo, Geo. Woods, Olto Faniiin and Herbert Salisbury. The indicljiinni, rclunird Monday nd filed Tuesday, charges "framlu- .(.•ntly misapplying, and converting !i;gal tender relief orders equivalent to money, funds and effect. 1 ' The indictment charges the accused persons were entrusted with $435,000. Mayor Carter, it is alleged, deprived tho poor of ?25,000 by using relief orders to pay for work on his Karate and in conducting his motor agency. Judge Stumbo, a physician, is accused of using .520.001) to improve his private hospital and his farm. Mrs. Mayo is accused of using $50,000 in relief orders to wreck her husband's coal tipple. Woods and Fannin were accused of using $10,000 each. Woods on his farm, Fannin in his business. Salisbury is accused of conspiring wilh thr others. Counly Allnrncy o. c. Hall .said other indiclmmts will lie returned. Hall said he will ask a jury from Pike county to try the case. According to an expert, it will require at least five years Ixifore television is established commercially in I his country. JACKSON, Miss.— (/P) —Gov. Sen netl Conner Tuesday lopped S1.450,00( off the 1934 lax bill of Mississipp property owners. The reduction will be formally effected within the next clay or two when thc governor will issue an executive proclamation slashing thestatc ad valorem rate for J334 from cighl lo five mills. The 1334 properly laxcs are payable next January. Governor Conner acted upon the recommendation of Chairman Alf H. Stone of Hie state Tax Commission, State Treasurer Lewis May, and State Treasurer Joe S. Price, who assured him that "Mississippi's finances are such that an ad valorem rate reduction can be made without endangering the state's budget or credit." A 1932 legislative act provided for an interim proper! yrate reduction up to .TO per cent of the eight-mill rate- fixed by statule, to hi- effected by executive proclamation only upon recommendation of Ihc three slate officials designated in the act. Huey Long Loses Fight for Election District Court Holds Unopposed Candidate Legally Chosen BATON ROUGE, La. -(/|')-Scnalor Huey P. Long's ordered second pri- nar.v fur Third district member of the Louisiana Supreme Court was ruled igainsl Tuesday in District court here when the "Kingfisb" was stumping the- district in behalf of his candidate. I.icul. fiuv. John B. Fuurnct. Judge W. Carrulh Jones, after a lengthy hearing, dismissed exceptions t utlu' claim of Judge Thomas F. Porter of Law Charles to the Democratic nuninalinn and ordered Secretary of Stale E. A. Conway lo recognize Porter a.i the nominee and to place hi.s America Captures Final Yacht Race Sopwith Bitter as Rainbow Beats British Endeavor for Cup NEW PORT. R. I. -(^(-Britain's most gallant bid for thc famed America's cup ended drably Tuesday night far from the open seas 'where Tom Sopwith's challenger Endeavor and the defender Rainbow fought so bravely through six races. Sopwith, so bitter he said he never would challenge again for the battered old mug, withdrew his protest o Rainbow's victory—fourth straight fo the defender after the Endeavor ha won Iwo races at the start of the sci ies, equalling thc besl showing an invader ever made in 83-year histor of thc international trophy. His withdrawal of the second chare of foul he has made in Ihc series au tomalically removed the necessity fo hearings the race committee had or dcrcd Tuesday nigth after Harold S Vanderbilt broke out the rod flag o protest and Sopwith followed suit a few minutes after another 1 ' sparring match at Tuesday's starting line. Thus ended an inlernalichal sporting incident that strated ha-e 10 days ago in beautiful accord, rai into one bump after another and leached its climax when Ihe race conmillce refused even lo bead Sopwilh's protest of the Rainbow's victory'Salurday. Since then all semblance'of international amity has been lost] though the beautiful sloops kept up a brilliant duel in which Vandcrbit's superior Kindling jusl did edge oil Sopwilh's idmjtledly swiflcr Endeavor, handicapped by the said higgling of an amateur British crew. / Thc bottom fell entirely out Tuos- tay when Sopwith got the best start e has had over hcrc./boaling Van- lerbilt over Ihe line bj| almost a min tie, but only after cn/aging in ano- licr touch NIK) go jockeying match ul of wich both cnjne screaming I'oul." They never wcjc close enough i Kcl. in trouble thereafter, but Van- u-bilt, made up :) Urge deficit on Ihc first leu of the iO-mile triangle; wilh smarter .sailing on the, second let' Camden Panthers 14 Pounds Heavier Than Local Team Visitors Herje Friday Night Are Hope's First Major Hurdle TICKET PRICE CUT Season Pasteboard Now Only $3.52—Team Ral ly Thursday Night With n banquet and pep meeting fchcdulcd for Coach Foy Hamons and he Bobcats at New Capital Hotel hursday night all eyes arc focused n the first real hurdle that thc local cam has to clear this season the same against Camden on the home icld Friday night. The Camden Panthers, despite their arrow victory over Nashville last 'cck, have a weight average of 14 ounds per man over Hope, thc Cam- cn average being 174 pounds against iO for Hope. Camden professes lo be worried vcr its showing against Nashville, jupled wilh Hope's 71-triumph over Hamburg—but "bear" stories out of Camden arc being heavily discounted in Hope. Camden has always bee Hope's most formidable opponent, an local fans consider that a victory Fri day would put the Bobcats in th clas of stale championship contend crs-dcspitc the fact that Fordyce El Dorado, Hot Springs and Littl Rock are on the schedule. Coincident with plans for Ihc Youn Business Mcn't association rally a tjio New Capital hotel Thursday night lo which all citizens are invited a 40 cents a head, with the coach anc he team as guests, it was announce! Wednesday lhat esason tickets had been reduced to $3.52. For the eight remaining home games his means an average price of 4' cents per game—a considerable sav- ng over individual admissions at the fate. jJndbergh Mystery Witness As Ihe final blow, Endeavor's bit, Annie Oakley got stuck half way u tilt; bailyards .starling the broad reach home and it took nearly .seven and rm:-ha!f minutes to set the sail. The Kiillant Englishman made up all but 55 seconds o( the deficit on the way home in a magnificent comeback, but the effort fell jusl sliort. (Continued nn p,it;r> Two) Captain's Fear of Operator Is Told Separate Kire Destroyed MOITO Castle, Watchman Testifies NKW YORK.-C/h-Tlic Morro Castle was destroyed by three separate I ires, beginning almost simultaneously. Arthur J. Fender, night watt-h- (Conlinucd on Page Two) Camden Is Worried CAMDEN, Ark —Tackling and block- ig wil be stressed this week by Coacl lain Colcman in preparing the Pan icrs for Ihcir toughest assignment to ate and one of Ihc hardest games of iic 1934 schedule. Tlie locals go to [ope to play the Bobcats on their new icld Friday night and Hope's smash- ig victory over Hamburg, 71-0, las •eck has made them favorilcs. The Panthers failed to block and pen up on the offense until Ihc lasl raclice this week. On defense the give the learn plenty of blocking ractice this week. On defgcnsc thc cam looked weak at times with play's tackling too high. Nashville plow- 1 through the local line at will dur- C Ihe first, half making five first owns on straight football. In Ihc last, half Camden slopped this attack wilh some degree of consistency, Bui Ihe teamwork was crude in spots and Posing in happy mood with a friend, In (his exclusive-picture taken hv.) years apo, is Isidor Flsch, right, dead for six monhte, arimnd whom mystery centers m the Lindbergh kidnaping case. Bruno Richard Ilaupt" mum., .masoned suspect claims Flsch .gave him the $13,750 ransom found in Hauptmann s ffarnge, when Flsch went to Germany, where he fflcd''iasT a^a^y^tt^ajftA±~. thc .showing was not any too satisfactory for the coaches. On Guard for Hope Hope has n vetcranl (cam Ihcre this year, and in addition to Brown who starred here last year, and Turner, another veteran back, the Bobcat* have Payne, Nashville high star, who is a speedster of renown. Foy Hammons, former Pine Bluff high coach, later with Ouachita and Monticcllo A. & M. College is coaching the Bob- this year and his first game was an auspicious opening. Hc has a Irickly eleven and the Panthers arc tluc to -sec many off taclc smashes, coupled wilh end runs, passes, reverses and thc like. This week the locals face lough prac- icc sessions and they will be Ixiuyed iv the fact that they have always ><X'ii lough for Hope. The probable starting lineup for Jamdcn follows: Tackles, Cawthon, •aptain, (2271, R. Smith (234); ccn- cr, O'Neal (1441; fullback, N Cath-1 Mills Uncertain as to Arbitration Their Acceptance of Win ant Inquiry Board Remains in Doubt By the Associated Press While shulllcs in the cotton mills wove a return to normalcy Wednesday, strike leaders and mill operators pun divergent views on thc re-cm- iloymcnt of the strikers. In Washington Francis J. Gorman lational leader in Ihe recent strike hargcd rang discrimination was bong manifested against union workers George A. Sloan, president of the lotion Textile Institute, said he could ol say whether thc mills would ac- epl the Winanl textile inquiry board eport, or whether it would comply 'ilh President Roosevelt's request lat. all textile .strikers be taken back without di.scrmiinatiun. In the meantime, the former em- ployes were .streaming back to Ihc mills, and demobilization of national guardsmen continued. Refunding Is Near for City Districts State Certificates Are to Be Completed During December Rhyne's Successor Is Due Wednesday Highway Commission Accepts Resignation of Director LITTLE ROCK. - (/f) _ Highway Commissioner Dave Block, of Wynne, announced Wednesday thai Ihe commission had accepted the resignalion of James R. Rhyne as state highway director, effective October 1. Rhyne's resignalion was lendcrcd al Ihc last commission meeting, August 29, at which time the resignation of J. A. Francis, thc department's purchasing agent, also was received. j Block said thc commission would irobably consider the election of niiyne's successor during thc after- 5 Certificates Are Unsigned, Illegal r LITTLH HOCK.-Plans .- ./ Agent Immediately Notice was gicven thc Notice was given thc public Wed- Colonel Lindbergh Testifies; More of Ransom Found True Bill Names Hauptmann for Extortion of $50,000 Ransom AVIATOR'S STORY Hero Tells of Waiting While Money Passed Over Cemetery Wall P-l Lead Lingbergh Col Lindbergh .. NEW YORK _(/p)_Th c Bronx county grand jury Wednesday indicted Bruno Richard Hauptmann on a charge of extortion as the alleged receiver of the $50,000 Lindbergh ransom. Earlier in the day police discovered additional money to Hauptmann's garage, which the German said was part of some money entrusted to him for safe-keeping. Police said it totalled 5840, and was part of thc Lindbergh ransom. Lindbergh Testifies NEW YORK-(£>)-Charles A, Lind- -.indbergh returned to the Bronx Wednesday to tell the grand jury how ic waited while his emissary, "Jafsie", >aid $50,000 over a cemetery wall on lie kidnapers' promise lo return his irst-born. The famous aviator spent 20 min- tcs testifying before the grand jury. As Lindbergh appeard before the jury, police announced some unidentified money had been found in Hauptmann's garage when officers' searched the premises again Wednesday. Bronx county jail attaches said the German was heard crying and sobbing in his cell during the night. Copyright Associated Press NEW YORK —(/p)— Flying in from the West, Col. and Mrs. Charles A, Lindbergh were back Tuesday night tt>-SW 'ther-Vcvivcd-'JKveaHgatfcJh* fnto; the murder and kidnaping of their first child as authorities announced discovery of importance new evidence against Bruno Richard Hauplmann, accused recipient of the ransom. Colonel Lindbergh was to appear Wednesday before the grand jury considering extortion charges against Hauptmann. The Lindberghs stopped at the home of Col. H. Norman Schwarzkopf, head cf thc New Jersey state police Tuesday night for dinner and a brief discussion of the case. Inquiries af. thc Schwarzkopf home brought the reply from the stale police head thet he did not expect to see Lindbergh again until Wednesday morning. After dinner the Lindberghs departed to the Englewood home of Mrs. Dwight W. Morrow, mother of Mrs. Lindbergh- Kidnaping Case Seen Coincident with their arrival, Gov. Harry A. Moore of New Jersey declared his state stood ready to try the suspect on charges of kidnaping and murder. Thc flying couple landed at Trenton only a few hours after police had found, jolted down on a hidden closet panel in Hauplinan's Bronx home, the private telephone number and address of Dr. John F. Condon, the "Jaf- sio" intermediary who was paid $50,i 000 ransom. On another board in the ?:amo closet investigators found a scr- ies of figures which they said might bo serial numbers of thc ransom money. Tlie New York Times said a quanlily of writing paper thai malchcd the paper used in thc Lindbergh kidnap- ing and ransom notes, also was found today in thc home of Hauptmann. Explains Numbers District Attorney Samuel J. Foley, submitting the Uvo panels lo the ,, , .i i f- • . • -e- i suomiumg me two panels to the nesclay that five m crim cert,ficalcs) granc , juryi dcc)al . cc , ,£ c isonet . , l rf -lo in c rculat.on allhoush meliRiblcj admltlcd aulhorship of t & mcmoran . lou.sc because they have not been da . Hc gave as his reason for making F r k T H-ii"" ' V ™™>" Utc '";<''- the penciled notations, Folcy said, B ,i I'lallK J. H . :i«^1i:t:m! m friftriM * ' made to complete Ihc issuance of re- adjustment, urges funding certificates to the 220 city icalcs be rcturne paving jiid districts in Arkansas during December, J. Frank Beaslcy, supervisor of the State Refunding Board, said Tuesday. No certificates will bi; issued before December 1. he said, but offiical.s (Continued on Page Three) (Continued on Page Two) Handwriting^omparisons Confront Suspect Frank J. Hill, assistant in cotton! that these ccrtif-! returned promptly to the county aeon's office. The numbers arc: 1-12,18 j; 142,186; H2.187; 112.188; M2,1SO. (Continued on Page Three) The yak is ;is essential for milking i und tran.sporiation in the Himalayas! of Asia as is, (he buffalo in southern India. Markets Hope Cotton Exchange HAUPTMANN LETTERS- HANSOM NOTES— -r^^^^ L/ Ihe similarity ol the handwriting in the Lindbergh ransom notes and in letters written to friends by Kruno II Hunptmann, suspect held in New York, has led experts \J New Vork Cotton Open High Low Close Ocl J2.5B 12.57 J2.42 J2.42 Dec 12.72 12.YX 12.57 12.57 New Orleans Cotton Ocl 12.57 12.62 12.57 12.48 bid Dec 12.75 12.76 12.58 12.58-60 Chicago Grain Open High Low Close 10-1 78',i 103',i 79','t 78 531 a 52-":a Quotations 103-)i 78Va 52% ('» declarr. llml u,,.. y \ Vl! |-c written by the .same person. Above, tor purpo.se.s of comparison, are shown enlarg-e- .same words taken from the sources its in- niontH oJ the dicated. Tin? words reproduced are, left to right "and" "money." "will," "you," "as," "baby." Note especially the characteristic a's, o'.s, m's. n.',s and v's. ' Wheat Dec ! Corn, Dec. : Oats, Dec 52(s ' Closing Stock ! Amrr Can AIIKT Smelter 31-'> d i Amcr Tel and Tel 112 1 -:; Anaconda H': 3 Chrysler 33(j, General Mo lore 29',-i Swony Vacuum XXX U. K. Steel 331,.. Standard Oil of: N. J 43 ;; " ( I-itllc Rock Produce •Hoiix, heavy breeds, per Ib 10 to lie Hens. Leghorn breeds, per Ib 9 lo lUc Broilers, per Ib 10 lo 12c Springs, per Ib 12 to loc Rooslers, per Ib 4 to 5c Ego^'. candled, per doz 2U to iMe.

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