Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1934 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1934
Page 4
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'&! FOUR HUJfE STAK, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, September 25,1934 Siamese Ruler ; HORIZONTAL t Who Is the 'king of Siam? 11 One who frosts cake. IS To habituate. 1CH*U. 1? Small child. 18 Person entering aa asso- cittion. tt Baking dish. 21 S*etl bag. 22 Age. to Previous Puzzle* 26 Subsided. 29 Single things. 31 Eye tumor. 33 tedium. 35 Slight depression. SFJtiue flowers. (3? To merit. 38 To turn aside through fear. 49 Hirer in France. 41 form of "be."';55 P;m of Slam 43 Kind. 43 Structural unit 45 Northeast. VICKTICAL 1 An outfit 2 Portrait statue. 3 Mesh of lace, 4 (Irani. 5 Skins ti Social iiivfi'f. 7 Tlu>so vprsetj in I;yv. S Constellation. oci'upfes llie 9 Low sand liilis. neck of the 10 Exists. Peninsula 11 House cat. 46»Corpse. 47 Mother. 4S Capuchin monkey. 50 Chum. 51 To inclose in walls. 54 The capital uf Siam. 12 To leave out U Relatives. IS Electrified particles. |j 19 Correct. 21 Prototype. 28 Tempers. U The prevailing religion In Slam. 25 Tropical disease. ' 27 Hard-hearted man. L'S There are extensive deposits of in Siam. 30 Born. ::i Therefor 32 You. 34 PiU-her. .'!!» LOIIK grass. 4i.i Deportment. 4 I To besmear, 47 Sundry. 4!i (.Jod of war. SO Onus cC Brasses. ' 52 Half an era, 53 Deity. Sheppard The farmers are having fine weather for gathering their crops. Bro. Jesse Mason of Arkadelphia wil preach next .Saturday night and Sunday at Guernsey, everybody is invited. The pcrty at George Gilbert's on DRESS SALE Entire Stock Cotton and Silk THE GIFT SHOP Phone 252 SeU It! Find It! Rent It! Buy Itl in the Hope Star Market Place Remember, the more you tell, the quicker, you sell. 1 time, lOc line, min. 30o Kor consecutive Insertions, minimum of 3 lines in one ad. 3 times, 6c line, min. 50c 6 times, 5c line, min. flflc 26 times, 3V4c line, min. $ZW (Average S'A words to the line) NOTE—Want ads will be accepted with the understanding that Uie bill ia payable on presentation of statement, before the first publics tioa, Phone 768 Screen doors—Hope Bldg. Mat. Ca FOR RENT FOR RENT: South bod room, with or without bath, pl«Mie 22\. FOR RENT—Nicely furnished llm-c- roorn apartment, pnv,<u; cntiiinLi-, bath and garage-. Cull 28-1 or tiG. l'J3tc. Saturday night was well attended and everybody reported a nice time, Miss Ophelia Cunningham left on Sunday for Ashdown where she will Aubrey Arnett spent Saturday night with Raymond Cornelius. W. L. Cornelius left last Thursday for Booneville, Ark., where he will take medical treatment. eW wish him a speedy recovery. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Cornelius, Mrs. Pearl Cornelius and Raymond Cornelius were in Hope Saturday afternoon. Mrs. Fannie Blackwood returned from Nashville last Wednesday where she had a delightful visit.. Miss Mamie Lee Arnett of near Guernsey spent Saturday night with Misses Lucile and Christine Cornel- The Kukenaam falls, in British Guiana are the highest in the world; they rise to a height of 2,000 feet. DON'T SCRATCH Use Prescription 200,000 Destroys :»ll germs of scabies or parasitic ITCH. JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company "The REXALL, Store" Phono 63 Hope, Ark. Established 1885 FOR RENT: Furnished house, vacant October 1. Call (ijl! or iipply l^'l South Elm strt'c-t. 3tc. FOR SALE New Coats Just received complete line of new winter Sport Coats. Popular prices. Ladies Specialty Shop '•Excusive But Not Expensive" Best Paint Sold—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co FOR SALE: 2UO bu.-iliol.s »t fine- pears. Sec Vincent Foster. lB-3tc. BARGAINS IN USED CARs! P. A. Lewis Motor Co. Wall Paper—Hope Bldg. Mat. Co. USED PARTS FOR ALL CARS. P. A. Lewis Motor Co. FOR SALE: Scholar.-.hiii in T.. !• Commercial College. Tyli-c. Ti:x, Value $100. will si-11 at Mip.-U.-mti;,! di: count. Apply at Si;u- office. Help Wanted SALEMAN WANTKO-Foi- rural sales work, must have car. :,alarv and commission. Apply Si-pt. '-'•''. and i!i John B. Grt-e;,on, White HI/IMC, fcist Second St. iu-Uip. WANTED A nwtiwuil ru-:;,i!ii/.iiif.ii \- ill '•!'•' I ievcral rt-liijljlf: ;i.,il,iti'n,., IM--I, imv. employed •-'.'. i;h f--i - '--lit I'm <-ln- cation nn'l ir.---li .:./. il K:. hi, iii'-i. .who wiin! ti., I' •"•• '•' '•'•• ••'' :•' •• who v,-;un to l,r)i. i- i.':- ,.-•• ii.-<i. -I"! arc willin;; i'< h.-u^ ••'::,!::• ;I;H" I:;!." or t-vt-iiiii^.. !•• <r< -i.i • •' '.•'! -'i'-" and w:rvicL- i---::.-. i '• ••! >•: i •'[<•' • "' i'oninicri.'i-j! ENLARGE YOUR FIRE INSURANCE As your home in- creast-.^ in value, in- frea.-;- y(Hir insurance iiroportionate- lv. \\'c ta!:c a I'h'li- SON'AI, interest in e\ p ery i'"licy. Writ*.- :jivu,:,' i-;>-. ' • -!:.••-•:: • -^ ,'•",, and phi/iif in. ..i- r 1;. :'. .-•; ,•.:<•:. !vn- \VA.NTKI> !'., j. . i : . ••• •-. ,,-• omv. hi.-,.- .M;-. A C V, (,,:••,•.,i, Wc-:,t Ur.-i..:i,!; .-,! * I ' ' coHPit rc I NSUfANCC SERVICE / (> Phone 81 0 rr Hope , /Arkansas OUR BOARDING HOUSE By AHERN OUT OUR WAY By WILLIAMS WELL, JAKE TTHfe "BEING PICKLING SEA>SON,Wt HE^R TrAt MAvSOPl A BAV LEAP ABOUND NOSE, AN % PUT YOU ON TW SHELP / — VEH —WE HEARD ME "RIPPED TW STITCH\Ncb OUT OP YOUR AN N STUFFETJ IT OC HE SA\D YOU VOU S\GNEO "TVA' "OkEtJ OF TH" rA\N& OVER TO V\\M, "BUT YOU TR\&D TO "PUT TH' CROW ON H^^A WITW A. -^LVJPF L^SUIT/ BEFORE LEAVING TV' INTO ^STe^N OF UNTIL IT CAMfc TO KNOWING "THKT YOU IN AT SCHOOL TaLUE. •PA.NTS/ BEGR&ES YCXJ SHORE MUST GIT A LOT o 1 PLEASURE OUT " THEM OU IMDIAM RELICS; i TO PACK THAT OL' CORKI CJR1NDIN 1 OUTFIT ElQHTeEW MILE5. / MAK4V A SQUAW GOT A \ HAM ON HER BACK FROM * THET THING, BUT WHUT I CAIMT SEE.IS WHY AMV MODERN,EDUCATED FELLER WOULD LET IT PUT A HAM ON HIS BACK. VUM KMOW, PEOPLE DIDST KNOW MUCH,THEN. our OP THE PAST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES Bon Voyage, Ronnie! 6y MARTIN & ^ Q 9 ^ \ • 'ft i < ^niAf ALLEY OOP Umpateedle Takes No Chances! WELL.YA P/ZZY OM.YeAMT SAY, I'M GITTIN' CLUNK, NOW / TIRED OF ALL THIS MONKEY YOU ARE J BUSINESS/ NOW, LEMME TELL SUNK/ XT YA SUMPIN.'i AlNT GONNA MARRY WOOTIETOOT-P'YA 6IT THATfYf THAT'S ALL yeRV \VELL, )WE'RE GONNA 1 BUT LES HEAR YA TELL /GIT DINNY AN 1 MOW YOU'RE 0-ONNA ' SCRAM, KING- DUCK THIS MESS J6-UZZLE NOT- OF ROTTEN LUCK THAT MAKES ME SMH--- HAPPY.' LE'S , HERE MAKE IT r ' COMBS I SWAPPV/, • By HAMLIN WELL, \VHO )./ WE'RE FROM I WE'RE JAN' We'BG 6ON(VA ARE YOU, .' ( HER MAJESTY, JYOUR \STICK RIGHT WITH AN 1 WHAT )\ UMPATEEDLE,\ BODY- \VA ALL TH'TIME; PO YOU ,-•' (, TM'QUEEN-/GUARD-) TSEE THAT V, WANT: ' ^—-> -' ^ --'.-^^^~~<. NOTHIN' . ( HAPPENS > 1334 Br NE» SERVICE. INC T M. flEG. U S PAT. WASH TUBES A Threat! By CRANE OP ALLTH' DZZV Y BOARDMAKI, Y WELL, i GOT^ STUkJTS I EVER SAW' PAYIN 1 /IMPOSSIBLE. / PESKV HOBOES ' TO HOP OFF TH GOT ANY KWC, BUT IT WAS WORTH MOWEY IT.AT LAST WE CAN L IM PR.VACV. AIND HIS FRIENDS ^s*f^>n —•-— ^ ^ - ~-—^/ v u// -Q I034.BY HI.A btHVICE. IHC. T. M nEG U S. PAT. Off.'^/lc, /I'M A gf? \^TRAN y gf?AKEhV*KI/ CiET THE HECK OFF TUfS BEFORE I KICK YA OFF ! ' DAD I'M SEF?IOUS J IF YOU PAID ABOUT THI5 IDEA j OHLY ft IE?, I OF BUYIMG AM /DOH'TSSE HOV/ OLD CAR FOR j YOU COULD ABOUT ft I5.0O ^ BE SERIOUS.' l» NUTT/ AMD I HAVE A LITTLE MONEY LEFT FROM OUR VACATION.,. AND V/E PLANNED To GO Rp-ry-FirTY OKI BUYING TWE-CAR/ THE NEWFANGLES (Mom'n Pop) A Business Boom! FAR BE IT FROM YOUR OLD DAD TO INTERFERE IN A MATTER OP SUCH \ GREAT IMPORTANCE ^^ J "^a ?*>" 1HEH YOU REALLY V/OULDWT GET MAO IF I V/ENT OUT V/ITH NUTJY AMD BOUC3HT ONE; AMD DROVE $ IT HOME ? r/^7o : : BUYING ONE FOP? $15.00 IS ONE THING... DRIVING IT HOME IS ANOTHER? BUT GO AHEAD;.' By BLOSSER r :zy N ^ •");> BUT ILL BET YOU'RE . — JGOIK'G TO FIND IT THRILL\\Ol ( \NG TO SIT AND GRIP Y/HEEL,AHD WATCH kIDS ON SCOOTERS BY :.' i T M nr«-, u t; TAT o.-T. - . t<*T« F»Y f-TA bERVICC^JNC. ^.^/ '\ CUPLC/'.'i A LOOK UP THE STPEET, ,, QUICK 1 .! DAN &OT IT THIS V/A\T'LL 'rtjlJ SfF VIW-l'i HE LOOV<^ A Good Man Gone Wrong! __ K^ :: ^>v 'N M?, ^ ,'- *-.4, V -.£•' By COWAN fe^.^1'1: POES THET/ 1 CMI'T TEW A HAH, I UEVEC WAMT >i (T !

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