Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1937 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 7
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is HOPE STAft, SQBIS, ARKANSAS "The Moro You Tell, the Quick** You Sell" RATES One tlmo-2c word, mlntmufn Me Three times—3l4c word, mio. 50c Six time*—«c word, minimum Me One month (2S times)—I8e word, minimum $2.70 Rates aro (or continuous Inter* tloiis only. In making word count, dUrcgnrd classification nnme such as "For Rent," "For Sale," elc.-thl» Is tee. But each Initial or name, or complete telephone number, counts M a full word. For example: FOR RENT—Three-room modern furnished apartment, with carafe, close In. Bargain. J. V. Blank, phone 9999. Total, 15 words, at 2c word, Me for one lime; at 3Vic word, 53e for three times, etc. NU'fE: All ^rdcrs placed by telephone arc due and payable upon presentation ol bUL PHONE 768 Services Offered Plumbing, Contracting, Repairing Thirty ycnis experience rf. R. Segnar 120 S. Hervey Plionc 171W 5-4-tf. Hompstead County Multress Shop builds new cotton nwtli-essi-s nnd rebuilds old onus. Work and imitcrinl guaranteed. 712 West Fourlh street. Mwme Piiul Cobb, 853-J. 19-tfc SERVICES OFFERED—Do you need •tractor work (lone? Let me- do your tall plowing. F. L. PudKitt Box XA. Hope, Ark. ^8-3lp For Sale FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses In new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call trf office of Hope Star. 27-15-dh.i Notice PAGE SEVEN' TAKEN UP-tled nnd whlte-faced" heifer calf. About five-week* old. Apply at Hope Stnr for information. 21-6l*c Lost LOST—Dlack and While pointer puppy. Five months old. Answers to tmmc of Jack. Call Frank Nolen. $!i reward. 26-3tp OUR BOARDING MOUSE with . , . . Major Hoopla OUT OUR WAY STRAYED—From my farm »t Rosston. October 26. One <lnrk rod muloy lieifer, weishl itbout 375 pounds. Ro- wnnl for any informntion. M. M. Mitchell, Rosslon, Ark. 26-3tp For Rent WANTED TO RENT - A house, npnrlmcnt, or unfurnished rooms. Cull Hope Slur. 27,3tp Today's Answer* to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on PRRC One 1. Tile Gregorian Ciilendur was adopted in America in 1752. 2. A row is milked from the right side, a horse is mounted from tKe left side. o. Von can carry water in a jpve if you frec/e the water. 4. The number 565135 forms the word "efface." 5. The family numbers 26 per- yoiis. If four die 22 will he left. FOK SALE— I have eleven houses thiit I ran soil for J100 down and the hiilimci! on the Building & Ijiiin Plan j of small monthly payments. H. O. I Bridewell. Af-t. 25-31 p f Abruz/i Rye, Oals, Bnrloy, Muy Wheat, Velcn. Winter Pens, Winter Rye, Grass nnd Fall Bulbs. MONTS SRED STORE l-26tc FOR SALE—Used Burroughs bookkeeping moclune in perfect condition. Apply nt Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. FOR SALE—Two high producing Jersey cows. Also two extra fine combination mares. Dorsey McRuc. 2G-3tp. FOR SALE—Avcry No. 30 cream separator in good condition also two five gallon cream cans both for $15.00. Cornelius Farm. Fulton, Ark. 26-3tp FOR SALE—B. D. Mosley form 1'4 mile fi-om city limits on old Fulton road. Farm consists of IliO acres high state of cultivitation suitable for farming or stock farm. Has deep well water and running water year round on farm. Buildings consist of one large 5-room house, one tenant house and neces- tar.v out buildings. Price S-1,000.00. with $500.00 down and long term balance. Write or see Mrs. B. D. Mosley at above address. 27-(itp FOR SALE—Car load of apples, located at Hazel and Third. 75c per bushel. Behind 'larpley's Station 27-3tp Wanted WANTED TO BUY-I pay highest cash prices for Piunos. R. L. Meyers, Buck, ner. Ark. 19-7lp OAK LOGS We nre In the market for a round lot of Forked Leaf White Onk, Cow Onk, Overcup, Burr Oak, aim )\cd Onk Ix)«s. For Prices nnd Specifications Apply lo Hope Heading COMPANY Phone 245 INSURE NOW With ROY ANDERSON nnd Company Fire, Tornado, Accident Insurance The Best in Motor Oils Gold Seal 100% Penn., qt _ 25c The New Slcrlinff Oil, qt. 30c Tol-E-Tex Oil Co. East Jrd, Hope-Open Day & Nile COTTON LOANS We nre now making Government Cotton Loans. Bring us your cotton for quick service. Jett Williams & Co. ROPER "America's Finest Gns Rnnge" EASY TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing—Electrical PHONE 259 Former Prima Donna HORIZONTAL ' 1 Famous singer pictured here. ,14 Molding. 15 Mole. , 16 To relieve. 17 Measure of cloth. 18 To deviate from vertical. • 19 Social insects. • 20 Chum. |21 Bodies of troops. 24 Like. 25 Withered. 26 Actual being. 127 Sloth. :28 Horse's food. , 29 To corrode. 131 Semi' diameters. 33 Butter lump. 34 Fish. 35 Railroad. 37 Half. 38 Nay. 39 Honey gatherer. •JO Payment demand. 41 Little Answer to Previous Puzzle children. 42 Upon. 43 King of 44 Cogwheel. 45 Themes. 50 Ell. 51 Skillet 52 White man, 53 Opera melody fi5 She was- fumous as an - soprano. 56 She stiiirc.'d in - - pictures .'ilso. VERTICAL 1 To depart. 2 Genera of shrubs. 3 Register. 4 Every. 5 Behold. 6 Heathen god. 7 Nodes. 8 Kind of fig. 9 Musical note. 10 One- who rents 11 Rodents. 12 Onager. 13 Note in scale. 18 Possessive pronoun. 19 Genus of geese 20 Mating. 21 She some years ago. 22 Electrical unit. 23 Eating sparingly. 25 Monkey. 27 First man. 28 Poem. 30 Opposed to closed. 32 Stir. 36 To sent aftain. 37 Sol. 39 Sack. •10 Dowei- property, 41 Sound. 43 Hodgepodge. 44 Beret. 4ti Form of snowshoe. 47 Dry. 48 Sound of surprise. 49 Sweet potato. 50 Silkworm. 51 Italian river. 52 Father. 53 Preposition. 54 Form of "a" WELL, IP ALL YOU HAVE TO PO \%:jk IF YOU WILL By WILLIAMS AMO BOUNCE; A BALL ALL. PAY, YOU CAM pAPPLE YOUR HULL. IMTO THE CELLAR, TAKE OM A CA'RGO OF WOOP AWP "POCK IT IM THE FIREPLACE/ MY PEAR SISTER ,WC> MATTER. WHERE r TOSS THE OOLP BALL, IT INVARIABLY STRIKE'S THE j~~ FLOOR, OM THE -SAME r^f SPin"/ THIS PROVES THE |pf IWVEWTIOW IWFALLIBLE-—- ^\y HAR-R-RUM.'F / EVERY <30LT=ER WILL B>E ABLE TO SMITE HIS BALL. STRAIGHT TOWARPS THE CUP, AT EVERY SHOT/ YET THE PRINCIPLE INVOLVED IS SO SIMPLE THAT EVEW YOUR BRAIM CAM COMPREHEMP (T/ r SOME. IDEA THAT'S so OLD IT'S VV OR COULt? MAVE BORED ms WAY OUT OP TH' WOOD? %*. \! $Mi f< VICE, INC. T. M. R6 t-TUOOPLE APMITS PAT. Off. HIS COAT LOOKEP \ . , SO I TtSAtLED AND MINE! WE CAN THE VESE1ABL6S EQUALLY, But WE'LL KNOW 'OWN JAMS AND f=(?Ult, HIM- feUTT t NEVER SHOULD HAVE MOVED THAT ROCt< ALONE I J I MINE AND, Of 1 COURSE, 60T STUCK. IN THE HOLf], X HAD TO CALL FOfc HELP. ^M'l^-^^^ 1 • /r///ll ^ l ''^- -^ . M...B.EG. U S. PM. .Of I &OR.N THIRTY VE.AR5- TOO SOON BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES A Good Idea, at That By MARTIN CVASL-t \ AM A.\\_\N' Ot 9O LAMB R*GM1 SiOOO AH .HER OOT VOOT \T'& ||KrV\\ PxSOOT, OF , AVA \ ^v\ ErXU 00<bV\\TfX ALLEY OOP HEARP SUCH GOOFV SOUNDlNL/ BOTH OF 'EM IN TALK-5OTH OOP AM' FOO2V.' NOBODY CAM UNDERSTAND < M^rcomnt o,A^m:f . 'EM! WHAT'S IT ALL ^ MYSTERIOUS PL ANTS.f GOLLV.'WHKT'LL I'M IN A SP0T.' The Unscrupulous Old Rascal! PR. 1937 BY NEA SERVICE. INC.. T. M. REG. U. S. PAT. OFF WELL,COME OUTA VER TRANCE?/ WHAT ABOUT THIS CRAZV BUSINESS? WHAS5A MATTER WITH THEM , _ ^ __. J 6OT WASH TUBES LET 'IM HAVE IT! &UZ,VOUR HISHNESS, 1 HATE TO TELL VOU THIS, BUT AS A MAN OP SCIENCE, I FEEL THAT — tW~- WELL/ IT 15 VERV EVIDENT) TO ME THAT- AJ^eap to Safety By HAMLIN ALLEY OOP AMP FOO2Y ARE TH' VICTIMS OF A PANGEEOU5, YEA, EVEN A VERV DEAPLV, CONTA6KW DISEASE! By CRANE FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS Determined ijtEo. n.«. PAT. OEB.. By BLOSSER I'M THE OWLY GUY LEPTOWTHE BEMCH, I/ IT MEAWS THEY NUTTY J DO YOU KUOVV J THIK/K YOU'RE PURPOSELY WHAT THAT MEANS ? ^(_ LETTiwcS THE TEAM DOWN .' WHY DOW T IT r c ^<»™' BLAMK AMD TELL THEM ABOUT YOUF2 BAD -IEY BLAME MY I POOR PLAYIWG OW "TWEL FACT 4AT I'M C3OIWC3 , WITH THE DAUGHTER OF A TMEW YOU OUCSI-TTA CHUCK HER UUTIL AFTEFZ NOPE! THERE'S A PRINCIPLE AT STA«E .' FOOTBALL / ILL SHOW SEASOW J /THEM ! YOU WAIT !.' IS5 D SJ' A°D T rM =T J^ H .^ S»AWS!D^•«"'- ifiS^^S 1 4 ™» T 'S»??,2" ^rssre?^ 0 *^ ^M.sti... rui I r**^\^, -^/<&=.%&IV' ' ^/ -w f Sr\,v^''^~\ 1.tt-V.l ^ ^$^ MYHA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSE Bull Karpon's Girl J6^@ f^^^ffT U 5 PAT. Off. .. ^r-Tn -i^»- '»" BY NE» SEBVICE. INC. H By THOMPSON AND COW- IM SITS IM HEE, CELL, IW THE PRIVATE PEISOKJ OF P&. SHE HEAJ2-S A' WOMAW& VOICE WEXT WHAT'S VOUE- vi NJAIVAE? WHVACE VOU IM I'M MVEA NOETH - I WAS VOM BODEW'S MUESE... BUT I DISCOVERED THE DOCTOR'S EACIiET/ HA-HA...SO PID I, \ OMLV I WAS BULL KAR- \ FOM'5 GIEL.THEV \ WERE AFRAID I'D TALK, WHEM I DISCOVEKED I BULL WASM'T CUREP/ ) /SAEAMWHILE, DE. JA'-VOW GROWS Ov\i MOCE UWEASV EVER.V MOMEWT, AS HE ATTEMPTS TO CDMCEKiTEATE OM HIS WORK /M THE LASOSATORV. SOMETHING'S UP/ EVER.VOWE 5EENAS TO BE WA7TCHIMG

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