Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 25, 1934 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 25, 1934
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS U"> nil i» the dny's journey— Bunshine and wind and rain, The bird's low note in the dewy dawn J-And HIP dash of hall on the pane- Itv 1ien ho! for the brave adventure Dear Henri! nke courage and start again. |The One who ordered our going, Ithink will show us the way, d give us strength for the upward climb, If! light when (he sides arc gray. _all in the day's journey, Deai Love's nl the end of the day. Paisley P. T. A. will hold their [tijtt, icgular monthly meeting Wed- day afternoon at Paisley school. 'fiu 1. and Mrs. Robert Vesey ond [liters, Jeanctte and Bellie, who been the guests of Mr. and M»s. fO Bridewell and Mrs. Vesey- ntchfield for Ihe past few days left i r fuesday for Fort Logan, Denver, Col. < Mr* Ella. Mnlone Wolfington of Washington, D. C. is spending some ttlRI&in the cily, the guest of rel- NOW Belle of ihe Nineties WED-NITE ONLY IT'S .(Bank Night' —t his swell program over! Okliihoinn City were Monday nigh gneslK of Mr. and, Mrs. A. F. Hanegan. Mrs. Daniels will remain for c short visit* joinim; Mr. Daniel at Ml Pleasant, Texas, on Thursady. Attending a group conference of Disrict 3.of the Ouuchitn Prosbyterial at Stamps Monday were Mrs. Eugene White, Mrs. A. F. Hancgan, Miss Elmina Fontaine, Miss Lucy Boyd, Mrs. £. O. Wingfield. Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Jr., Mrs. Thomas Brewster, Miss Mamie Twitchell, Miss Annie Allen, Mrs. Dorsey McHae, Mrs. L. A. Foster, Mrs, Hoy Johnson, Mrs. S. II. Briant and Mrs. N. T. Jewell, ail of the Womans Auxilary of the First Presbyterian church. Mrs. K. G. McHne and sister, Mrs. L. E. Hinton of Little Rock were the Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Meek in Bradley. Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Frit/, announce (he marriage of their daughter, Miss Virginia Duir, to Curtis Cannon, son of Dr. and Mrs. G. E. Cannon. Tho (eremony was performed on Tuesday September 4, at Mt. Ida. Mrs. Cannon iias spent the past two weeks with itr parents, and will join Mr. Can- 1011 in New Orleans the latter part of this week where they will makoj their home. Miss Sibyl Williams, Miss Geraldihe Murphy, Miss Lll)lnn Houiton, Miss Daisy Dorothy Heard and Miss Elizabeth Stroud. A party for Hallowe'en was also discussed. The initiation will include festivities at tho football game Friday night and down town activities Saturday. Tho next meeting will bo held Sunday afternoon with Miss Harriet Pritchnrd at her home on North Hcrvey street. Tlie Rhythm orchestra will be reorganized at a meeting to be held at the home of Mrs. John Wellborn, 20C West 1,1th street, on Wednesday afternoon at 4 o'clock. Children between the ages of 4 and 8 wil be eligible for membership. Parents who are interested are usked lo get in touch with Mrs. Wellborn. Bloodstains Clue in Child's Death Landlords Must Show Certificates Must Place Cotton Paper With Ginner or Tenant Mrs, Coiner Boyelt and Mrs. Char :es Briant are spending a few day with Mrs. R. A. Boyelt and Mr. an Mr. and Mrs. P. D. Smith in Dallas A:; special compliment to Miss Hel en King Cannon whoso engagemon and approaching amrriage to Jame: Knox Field of Galesburg, 111., hai been announced, Miss Harriott Pritch- :ird entertained a group of friend? Monday afternoon at her home on North Hqrvcy stro'ct. The honorco was showered with a number of beautiful gifts, an dlhe evening was spent in pleasant conversation, and assistcc by her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Prileh- ard, Miss Alice Pritchnrd and Mis. c Eli/abeth Kvans and Mary Sue Anderson the hostess served a tempting sandwich and salad course with punch and cookies. Tlie Sigma chapter of Beta Delta sorority met Sunday fatomoon at 2:1)1) at Ihe home of Miss ane Orion on ^oulh Pino slreet, with the president, Miss Mary Sue Anderson, presiding. During the business meeting plans were discussed and completed for the initiation of the following pledges: BLACK-DRAUGHT For CONSTIPATION "I am 71 years old and have used ThecUord's Black-Draught about forty years," writes Mr. W. J. Vanover, of Borne, Ky. "We are never without it. I take It as a purgative when I am bilious, dizzy and have swimming In my head. Black- Draught relieves this, and helps me in many ways." . . . Keep a package of this old, reliable, purely vegetable laxative in your home, and take it for prompt relief at the first sign of constipation. According to Frank H. Stanley, •lempstoad county agent, the land- ords will unwillingly dslay Ihe gin- ling of collon unless they leave their exemption certificates with tho gin- icr or tenant. Quoting from regulations pertaining o Cotton Act of 1934 Sec. 46 and 47, Mr. Slanley gave the following: Sec. IB. Landlord must contribute share of certificates to marketing of his cotton. A landlord lo whom certificates have been issued with respect lo any producer unll shell contribute so much of such certificate (up to the tolal amount thereof) as are required to gin and tag his share of Ihe crop grown on such unil in order lhat It may be marketed tux-free. Sec. 17.—Penalty for landlord who violates Section 40. Upon notice to the Secretary that a. landlord has failed in comply will) Section 46. the Secretary, pending investigation,, may conditionally cancel any or all certificates isssued to such landlord an not transferred or assigned by bin pursuant to regulations or not ex .•hanged by him for bale tags, and upon a finding by the Secretary Ilia he landlord has violated Section 46 he Secretary may permanently can- Nashville (Tenn.) Child May Have Been Accidentally Slain NASH1LLE, Tenn —(/P)— A laboratory test of bloodstains found on a roadway last Thursday furthered police opinion Monday that the missing six-year-old Dorothy Dlstlehurst was the victim of a fiend's attack. When the stains were found near the point where Dorothy last was seen at 1:15 p.m. Wednesday en route home from school, a test was necessary lo determine how long the stains had been there. Monday, Dr. William LiUerer, director of the stale public health laboratories said it was entirely possible they were mnde lost Wednesday, and he asserted that, "at any rate, they are not more than a week old." The bloodstains formed the focal point of an investigation which still has ''no definite clues" in the mystery. A search and a re-search of a five mile territory proved fruitless. Theories which have been advanced include one that the child was killed accidentally by an automobile and that her body wiis hidden; that she was killed by B. train at a nearby rail- Jap Fishermen Held for Filipino Attack MANILA, P. I. —(/p)_Tho captain ant crew r,f the Japanese fishing craf JVayim Maru were reported under ar rest Monday in Formosa foe assault! three Filipino peace officers on (hi Philippine island of Palawan. Th crew had eluded the search of three United Slates customs boats since the astaull, September 11. "Circus to Show Here Oct. 3 Monkeys One of Features of Dip; Circus Coming to This City Monkeys are always interesting to both old and young. One day a circus manager purchased a new rare animal, and the first day he was placed on exhibition he look a good location in the nianagerie tenl in order to witness the surprise of the people when they observed the new animal. To his chagrin, everyone made a bee Jjjie for .the monkey cage nad made the greater part of their visit watching those funny animals. When the Schell Bros. Circus closes its season and goes to winter quarters the monkeys are given a large cage road crossing and the body carried! in , hc !ln imal barn .A keep er o,ae day away on the undercarriage; that she in ctaning tllc ' t f £ \iffiu Irirlnnncwl fitirl tirvlcl fr,t. i.n t-n-m-.t . . . , , ° v-*i f ^.wj t,w it/ clo.se the buck door. Quicker than you Gorman Hints at New Strike Move Union Leader Reasserts Charge Lieutenants Are Being "Picked Off" WASHINGTON -(IP)- Francis . Gorman, chairman of the textle strxe committee, said Tuesday .that senti*- ment for a renewal of the^slrike was strong in Southrn mill centers becau/JT of the allegedly widespread discrimination against the strikers in the reemployment of workers. Gorman said he was urging union nembers to be patient until the new textile labor relations board is ap- >ointed and given time to act. Woodmen (o ( Meet The Woodmen of the World will meet in regular session at their hall, South Main street, Thursday night, when a large attendance of. the mem- jership of the order is expected to je present. Several applicants for nembership will be initiated into the rder. Following the business session he lodge will be turned into a social ffair with refreshments being served. was kidnaped and held for ransom. To this latter theory, the parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Dlstlehurst, clug Monday with fading hope, as they received no reply to a public appeal that the kidnapers contact them with police imunity. There has been no reply to another public appeal made by the father, who asked his 17-year-old can imagine it. Joco, one of the smallest monkeys of the tribe, escaped from tho bsrji and was on his way to "Monkey Land." He did not go far however. He went to a neighboring farm where ho put up for the night in a hen house. A telephone call to the circus farmn notified the show that Fla. eison-Huckins Pillows Properly Laundered and Sterilized—Each I PHONE 8 col such cerificates and (1) re-issuo o the share tenant or share croppei operation tho producer until with respect to which such certificates were sssued such amount of said certificates (up to the full amount thereof) ns may be necessary to gin and tag he landlord's share of the crop grown )n such producer unit in order that it nay bo marketed tax-free, and (2) e-issue lo such landlord any residue f such certificates which remain aft- r the landlord's share of such crop as been so ginned and tagged, According to the county agent, all producers in Hempstead county who have been issued interim tax exemption certificates and have not given them to the ginner will have to return these certificates to the county agent's office''before exemption certificates can be issued. Please bring those interim certificates to the meeting place in the county so representatives from the county agent's office can release exemption certificates, Mr. Stanley asks. "My dear, I regret to tell you that i am bankrupt." "O help! Then I married you for love after all." Husband—"You have been very extravagant, dear. You are spending too much." Dear—"I'm not spending too much; it's you that's not earning enough." .Hlllllml I 1 < 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 son, Alfred Jr., to comunicate with the monkey had been found and to him. The boy, who left home last Iconic and get him. Tlie keepers has- November, has not been heard from toned l<> tho spot where Joco was vis- since May, when he was in Tampu, j King. When Joco saw them he went j l<> the top of the barn and laugliled ; | at them. When the keepers got on | top of the barn ho went to the corn crib—when the keepers got on tho coin crib, Joco was in a tree, and as much as they could for week after week, they could not catch the traunt Joco. The winter wore on, and Joco wont from farm to farm visiting. Complaint after complaint began to come to the circus men that the monkey was eating up all the eggs the- liens could lay, and as a consequence there was many a bill to pay for the damage Joco was doing in the 'neighborhood. One of the neighboring farmers who St. Louis Within 2 Games of Lead Beat Chicago Cubs and Lon Warneke—Giants Are Idle CHICAGO — (7P)— She St. Louis Cardinals continued their furious stretch drive in pursuit of the League | | la( ] ""sowrai"visiTs7rom°Joco'watched leading Giants Monday, heating down the Chicago Cubs 3 to 1, to reduce the world champions' margin to two games. While tho Giants marked time through an open dale, Bill Walker, one-time member of the Now York pitching slaff, colloboraled with Pepper Martin and Leo Durocher in winning the Cardinal's eighth victory in their last nine games. The victory was Walker's llth of the season and Ms third straight triumph over the Cubs. He allower seven hits, walked only one, including Babe Herman, the 'Cubs' left-handed cleanup hitler, Ihree limes. Martin and Durocher played (heir him om. evening in a hog lot. There was Mat monkey riding on the back of the lags—and the latter didn't seem to mind it at all. This is how Joco manage! to keep warm, for many nights it was several degrees below zero, aitl the keepers of the wild animals aS the circus farm were sure that no monkey could live in such weather. But Joco, with his hog stove, kept uarm and lived the winter through on (he fat of the land. When he wiis at last captured and brought back to the circus he was a fine specimen. He had great long hair; his face was rough and hardy and he was twice the size he was when he escaped. It certainly made a great, man part by driving in the^runs of/ Lon < oul o[ Joc0i ., nc] today ho is , hc heal _ " ~ "" '" " '"' °""~ 1 •'•-•• -<••- - of ,vill exhibit at Hope on Wednesday, October 3. Warneke, seeking his 22nd victory ofij , ili( , st mon k e ' y ; n the menagerie c the season, and Bill Lei. Durochor [ lho Schell Bros circus, which wi — *,,-,.—,1 t \. _, ii- : ..-i : ! : j i. ' i- i .... ... iiiiiiiiiiiiiiuiii Special Selling of Our Regular $1 Silks I opened the third inning with a blow over second base and slreich/d (lie lit into a double when Kid fiuylcr .vas slow in returning the ball'lo tho nfield. The peppery little SI,' Louis •hortstop moved to third on Valker's ;acrifice but it was not neccsjary, as VTartin hit a home run into ihe left :orner seats. Warneke then resumed his jcoreloss jilching until excused for a piich biter in the eighth. The Cards.'hit Lee or their second run in the niilh. Bill Delancey singled with one out, took second on a sacrifice and (cored as Durocher got his second lit of the game, a single to center. Kiki Cuyler saved the Cubs from a shut-out when he hit a ho.iie run in the ninth. Immediately after the g£ine, which was a playoff on the Stptember 2 porlponoment, the Cards loft for home to open a two-game series with Ihe Pirates. ••»•«-•» . Commissioner's Sale Brazil is the largest republic in the Western hemisphere and is bordered by every South American country except Ecuador and Chile. STANDINGS National League Clubs— Won Lost Pet. New York ... St. Louis Chicago Boston Pittsburgh ... Brooklyn Philadelphia Cincinnati .... 93 90 82 73 72 r>8 54 no 57 G4 72 72 80 8!) .624 .012 .562 .503 .500 .459 .378 .356 Detroit Clinches Flag in American Yankees' Defeat by Boston Ends Struggle for Pennant • NEW YORK -(ffi)- The Detroit Tigers Monday won the American League pennant for the first time in 25 years without swing a bat or throwing a ball when the New York Yankees weer counted out of the race as they closed their home season by dropping a 5 (o 0 decision to the Boston Red Sox, With only five games remaining on their schedule, the Yankees dropped six games back of the Tigers. Mickey Cochrano's men can lose'all their remaining five contests and still finish with a game to spare, even though the Yankees win all their games. The Tigers were not scheduled to, play today. Johnny Merena, youthful righthand- er from Syracuse, who joined the Sox at the dose of the International League actualy clinchel the pennant for the Tigers. He alolwed the Yankees only four widely scattered hits, two by Lou Gehrig. Only one Yankee pot as far as third base and that was GehrTg, who singled in the fourth and advanced on Eddie Morgan't error and an infield out. The Sox found Johnny Murphy easy in the early rounds, making four of their five runs in the first three. The former Fordham ace allowed only seven hits but three errors, two by Red Rolfe and one by Selkirk, figured in the scoring. Rolfe's two mistakes came in the second inning when the Sox counted twice with the help of two bases on "balls. Babe Ruth, making his lasi appearance of the year at the stadium, and probably his last as a regular, was forced to retire after his first time at bat in the first inning because of a Charley horse in his left leg. He had cne putout in the outfield and walked at his only time at bat. Myril Hoag ran for him and then took over the Babe's position in right field. z American Yard Not a special purchase, but our regular $1. Silks. Regular 39 and 40 inch widths in Solid Colors, All Silk Crepes, Prints and Solid Colors. Every new Fall shade included in this special selling. Sew and Save by making your selections during this Sale. THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE GeO. W. Robison &< Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, That in pursuance of the authority and directions, contained in thq decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hemp- sleacl County, made anil entered oni the 3rd day of September, A. D. 1!):M, in a certain cause (No. 2T.W) then pending therein between The Midland Savings and Loan Company, a Corporation, complainant, and Minnie Luck, Vivian Luck Castle-berry, Also known as Vivian Luck, and W. W. Castleberry, defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vcndue to the highest bidder, at tho door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in which said Court is held, in the I County of Hempstead and Town of Washington, within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday, the 27th of October, A. D., 193-!. the following described real estate, situated in Hempslcad County, Arkansas, to-wit: The Northerly Sixty-sevrn <(i7> feet of Lots numbered Four (-1), Five <!)> and Six (Gi in Block numbered Eight (8) in tho City of Hope, Arkansas, according lo the • recorded plat thereof, the tract of land hereby described having a frontage of Sixty-seven Hi?) fcc-t on North Hervey Street, formerly Giles Avenue, by a depth of OIK? Hundred Fifty (150) feet facing West Avenue "D". Terms of Sale: On ;i credit of three months, the purchaser, ur purchasers being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order anil decree of said Court in .said cause. 1 with approved security bcarinii inter-! c:;t at the rate of ten (101 per cent j annum from dale of sale until' paid, and a lien being retained on 111- 1 premises sold to secure the payment, of thi-' pure-base money. ; Given under my hand this '.'.M\ day of September, 19:>-i. j DALE JONES. j Commissioner in Chancery I Sept 25 and Oct 2. ' I Clubs— Dengue Won Lost Pet. Detroit 97 52 New York 91 5S Cleveland 82 (-7 Boi-lon 73 75 Philadelphia 67 7il St. Loni.s UG 82 Washington (M 8.'! Chicago 51 !)!i MONDAY'S KKSULTS .651 .611 .55(1 .493 .45'J MG .435 .IM9 Nalinnal League St. Louis ,'!. Chicago 1. Brooklyn !i-l(l. Philadelphia 3-1. Only (sillies. ii League Boston 5, Ni.-w York 0. Philadelphia 5-3, Washington 4-11. Only games. A new church had been put up in the arid land region and the mayor of the town was commissioned to engage a preacher. He finally met with a man he liked very much. "I hope you're not a Baptist," he said. "Why so," asked the minister. "Because," responded the mayor, "we have to haul our water 10 miles." ^miiiimiiiiiimiiiiiimiiiiimiiiimiiiiif: PHOENIX "BUDGET" CH/FFONS WITH CUSTOM-FIT TOP AND DUO-HEEL Liiinid, Tables, Salve, Nose Drops Checks Malaria in 3 days, Colds First •lay, Headaches or Neuralgia in 30 iniiiiilcs. VINE LAXATIVK AND TONIC fllo.st Speedy lii-mudit's Known. AMERICA IMari-hcs un ID Prosperity and Happiness uilli GSS It's (.'omiiijt P D Q » There's style, quality and economy in this marvelous value! Sheer chiffon texture. Exclusive Phoenix (\i6tom-Fit Top that fits auy log. Duo-heel and all-over Tipt-toe that really wear. And smart netv eolorj. Albo bhecro. ' Car owner: "I locked the car tip bferOrfe we left it, and now, confound it, I can't find the key!" Wife (helpfully) "Well, never mind dear! It's a wonderful night—we can ride home in the rumble seat." "Too bad about Toflfi and tlfg, he is engaged to. Neither of thS good enough for'the. other." , ' * "Where did you get that idea?'* ; "I've been talking the match over' with both families." * ' ffi ' *, <k >• 1 •?; Automobile Given Away A new 1934 Chevrolet coach and 11 other prifces including 3 Shetland ponies will be given users of McKesson merchandise in Arkansas through, McKesson-Lincoln Co, of Little Rock. ' Ask Us About It. Contest closes October 22. Be sure to call for your tickets.- , John P. Cox Drug Co. Phono 84 Wo Give Eagle Stamp* $ j, Uncle Sam Says: i if Remodel NOW With the help of the BETTER HOUSING PROGRAM INFORMATION and service on the NATIONAL HOUSING ACT Plumbing material and qualified installation, at reasonable prices ON GOVERNMENT TERMS Harry W. Shiver Plumbing and Electrical Appliances Phone 259 2-thrcad shadowlt'Sfl chiffon for dross uuuauiuiib— 4-tureml shudowless chif- fou for general wear— • Lots more than a dollar's worth in every one of them! You'll like their Shadowlcss texture—the comfortable Custom-Fit Tops. Tlie Duo-heels with Duo-seauis ami all-ovvr Tipt-toes in tho Jiner chiffons mean longer wear. Smart new colors. Choice 98c THE LEADING DEPARTMENT STORE Geo. W. Robison 6- Co. HOPE PRESCOTT NASHVILLE

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