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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, September 25, 1934
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This ncw*pjip«r produced under <\l visions A-3 A A-! GrapliJc Arti Code, j^^^^^^^^^p ^^^^^^^^^^_ Hope VOLUME S5—NUMBER 295 (Al 1 )— Mrnnn A«»orlnl*il J'resd Mrnnft Neivnnnp" HiilprprlHo ANS'IJ Star ;m Arkansas — Mostly cloudy! Tuesday night and Wcdnes- f day; showers and cooler tit northwest portion Wednesday.! HOPE. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26. 1934 NET TIGHTENS ON HAUPTMANN '* ^ # # • # * # # '" Landowners Urged to Renew Rentals on Jones Oil Test R. 0. Bridewell Makes Plea in Behalf of Jones Test Which Is Threatened With Abandonment E | tlgiir Jo)l " so "' dr '"'n« »ic Jones lest south of Hope, f nccs difficulties r? 'M"" =" llc ? 111ation of furthw "SI tota unless the landowners can • ° " " d " 1C rcnlil1 pcriod for six months ° r a year, according to n. O. Bridewell, rral estate man who has 'assisted iji arranging several of the oil explorations now under way in Hcmpslcad county. -<•• "Mr. Johnson came into the picture in the Jones test J;it c in Ihc day, and America's Yacht Rainbow, Defeats British Decisively "Mike" Vanderbilt Sails Rings Around Sop\vi th's Endeavor U. S. LEADS 3 TO 2 With Three Straight Victories, One More Will Clinch Cup NEWPORT, R. .'.-Fleeing before the wind like a huge while gull, beating •sturdily back as though shc never had known a conqueror, Harold S. (Mike) Vnndcrbilt's Rainbow for the third straight time Monday trounced the British challenger Endeavor, skip- pered by T. O. M. Sopwith. Monday night the doughty Englishman, after winning two straight at the starl, was farther than ever from li&iiiE the historic Amelia';) cup. Britain's unrequited dream from the day in 1851 when the yacht America sailed so fast around the Isle of Wight in winning it that Queen Victoria was sadly told: "There was no second, your majc.sly." By nightfall Tuesday, needing only one- more victory in the best four out of seven series. Rmnb.ow. on the bn-si, of present form, may have wound up one of the most turbulent streaks the compelition ever has known. Experts Surprised The amazing American defender, despite the loss of a parachute spinnaker torn to pieces in a brec/.e lhal al times reached 20 knots, continued lo upset expert calculations by turning in the highest winning margin thus far, four minutes and one second, in weather supposedly made to order for the invader. It wa.s the second official victory for the American in 24 hours, for Sunday night the race committee threw out a protest Stopwilh had lodged after Rainbow led his blue-hulled t'loop home by one minute and 51 seconds Saturday. There was no chance for protests Monday. Endeavor, in difficulties shortly after the start when her mammoth spinnaker, nicknamed Annie Oakley because it's punched full of holes like a free fight ticket, wrapped around the hcadstays and couldn't, be untangled for fully five nun- ul es. Whrn il- was finally worked away, and filled wilh the sprightly M-knol wind thai flicked up wjiilc caps and drenched all hands, Jlainbow was 200 yards ahead. Thai, it turned out, was Ihc closest Endeavor was going (o gel at any time thereafter on Ihc 15-mile run to the leeward, mark and the best back lo the starting buoy. Sail Is Torn Rainbow, wilh her parachute spinnaker expert. Herman Ho.vt of New York, at the wheel in Vanderbilt' place, was a full half mile ahead three quarters of an hour after th< start, when the rip suddenly appealed in the side oC the huge canva halloin bellying oul ahead of her. It a moment the air about was full o whipping canvas out, of control ant her crew worked rcspcratcly. In five minutes, as Vandcrblit kep the course with only his mainsail, th< crew managed to get the wreckage o: ?2,500 worth of sail on board. Wilhii 300 minutes a new spinnaker, identified as Ihe parachute borrowed Sunday from Yankee, the Boston boat defeated by Rainbow for Ihe right U defend Ihc cup, was broken out, ami Ihc race wus us good as over. Rainbow's elapsed time was 3:5-1.0,1 and Endeavor's 3:58.OG. considerably over the cup record Vigilant set at 3:2-1.39 back in 1895. Harold Collier" 12, Dies at Hospital Centcrville Boy Succumbs Following Emergency Operation Harold Collier, 12, son of Mr. and , Mrs. Roy Collier of Centervillo, diud i Monday afternoon in Julia Chester hospital follovying an emergency op- cralion for appendicitis Sunday night. Funeral and burial servies were held at Oak Grove, near Shover Springs, at 1U:M o'clock Tuesday morning, conducted by the Rev. Wallace R Rogers. Harold is survived by his parents ana several sisters, Eorne of the annual rentals will be due," Mr. Bridewell told The Star Tuesday. Urges Renewal "Ho already has a small fortune invested here in equipment, labor and fuel. The landowner has nothing invested, and it will mean much to him to have oil discovered on or near his acreage. The least he can do is to extend the rental pcriod for six months or a year. "Mr. Johnson is an oil man of experience, and wants to give Hempstead county an oil field, but this is going to be impossible unless he meets wilh the co-operation of the landowners. The leases in this block were gotten up about a year ago by W. P. Morris, who made drilling contracts with two difcrent parties to drill the test. Bolh failed of financing on account of the report that all the big companies have combined lo discourage taking on additional acreage anywhere or aiding in the discovery of idditionnl wildcat fields. "Mr. Johnson, F. W. Martin & Co. and Dr. E. L. Austin arc all drilling csts in this area with their own noncy; they can sell no acreage, and hey can't, get outside help—so it is up o Iho landowners to lend them every issistiince to keep going." Drill-Stem Freed Mr. Johnson's crew found their drill-stem hung fast 2J5Q feet down or the last five days, nccoring to Mr. Jridcwcll; and all efforts to pull it oosc with the lines iaiicd. Finally Mr. Johnson resorted to a little-known trick. He pumped boiling water into the well, expanding the drill-stem—then quickiy followed this with six tons of ice-water, contracting the stem. The stem came loose quickly. Banquet for Bobcats Thursday Night f+ • I 1 ww V -m *r-». T _ * I & Expect Roosevelt Home on Tuesday President Leaving Hyde Park to Resume Duties at White House HYDE PARK, N. Y. —(/P)—President Roosevelt decided Monday to return Tuesday night to the White City to Hold Pep Rally on Eve of the Camden Game Coach Mammons and Squad to Be Guests of Young Business Men ALL CITYTNVITED Business Men Urged to Support Rally Before Important Contest Hope's Bobcats will be Riven a ban- iuet and pep-meeting rally of local ans at 8 o'clock Thursday night as a endoff for the game against the !:imdon Panthers on the local field "riday night. Camden, a slate title contender for ic last several years, will be the first cal test for Coach Foy Hammons 1 ejuvcnatcd Bobcats, who snowed nder the Hamburg eleven last week i the season's opener 71 to 0. The banquet Thursday night will bo tendered Coach Hammons and his entire sqund by the Young Business Men's associaton, 8 o'clock at the Now Capital hotel. , Hope's football fans ore urged lo ' lcy ' tllcd , at S:45 °' cloc * , Monda y subscribe to the banqucl and attend. | it will be free, of course, lo the coach Bulletins NF,W YORK. - (/P) - Percy A. Rockefeller, nephew of John I). Rockefeller ami prominent New York financier, died Tuesday. He was n director in important banks and industrial corporations. Percy Rockefeller was rated n.s one of the world's richest men. GENEVA, Switzerland.— (/I') — The, European gold bloc countries voted Tuesday to adhere more firmly than ever to the gold standard and maintain integrally the existing gold parities. Delegates from France, Switzerland, Italy nuil Holland arc attending the meeting here, which has for one of its purposes the increasing of trade between nations still on the gold standard. Mrs. Featherston Dies of Injuries Bradley Woman Succumbs Following Lewisville Auto Collision Mrs. Feathcrslon. susloined inter- to caiTy on after a thorough survey of affairs in a month of con- 'crences here with national leaders. Reorganization of the Nalional Recovery Administration, subject Mon day of a long talk with Gerard Swopc prct-idcnl of General Electric, will he me of Ihe firsl problems attacked by vlr. Roosevelt upon his arrival at the and the players. On the face of last Friday's magnificent team play Hope is given a gooc chance to "lake" Camden, despite Ihc lattcr's advantage in weight and previous season's records. Good Line Play The 71-0 score against Hamburg last Friday was no indication of the rca difcrence between the locals and the Ashley county eleven, for the firs team was yanked at the half, and the score could just as well have been l. r >0 lo 0. Coach Hammons' theory thai a football team begins with its line play was emphasized by the results against Hamburg, when the Bobcat field- rimers got away "clean" in almost every instance, never having more than one" man to dodge, and sometimes jeing in Ihe clear by many feel. Local fans believe Ibis kind of teamwork will turn in a surprise victory over Camden. Should Hope defeat Camden Ihc Bobcats will have the first slate con- endcr in the last ten years of Arkan-as high school football history. Hamburg Figures Figures on the performance of the ndivichial players in last Friday's game against Hamburg follow: •apilal Wednesday. 'Ihe president is maintaining slric .ilencc on his plans, decling commenl m new reports of the retirement of Ion. Hugh S. Johnson, industrial ad- ninistralor and talk of enlistment ol Bernard M. Baruch, New York finan- ier, and Raymond Moley, intimalc riend in a new set up. A thorough decentrali/alion of the administration of NRA is scheduled. Also there is going to be a pronounced simplification of this vast and basic recovery unit. Baruch and General Johnson are close friends and worked together for years. Raruch was here Saturday, remarking after his talk with Ihe president (hat "I am nol taking anybody's job." MAPPER FANNY SAYS.- REfi. U. S. PAT. Off. Phiyrr-- I. Speedy Drown Payne ..... 11. Turner Spears .. Harper Slroud J Turner Fenwick .H .. (i . fi 3 . 2 . .1 2 following a collision Monday noon below Lewisville between the taxicab in which shc wa. being returned home and a Shrcvepor truck. Shc was taken to Bradley carl} Tuesday for funeral services from he home. Mrs. Feathcrslon sustained inter mil injuries, a broken left hip, anc other hurts. Her husband, also at Josephine hospital, received several broken ribs in the accident. The taxidrivcr, Jimmy Field ol Hope, broke his right arm, the same which was broken in a collision with a cow on the Fulton paved road during the summer. Field's arm was placed in plaster cast at Julia Chester hospital. The truck-driver, John Lund, of the Air Reduction Sales company, Shre- veporl, was taken to'a hospital in that city following the accident, and the extent of his injuries was not learned in Hope. Both car;; were demolished by the impact, which was attributed to the Shrevcport driver going around ano- nnothcr car and colliding with the B'ope taxi on the lattcr's side of the road. Tackles: Hamilton 7: Andersun Harper (i; W. Slonc; fi; Secrest C; F. Ban- (i; K. D. Spears fi; Holly , r i; licece 5; Spears •!. Dictatorship Over Banks Abandoned Commissioner Wasson Announces End of Emergency Control MTTI.K ROCK --(/Pi- Allhouyh •c'linqiit.<--hing hi.s authority under tin: <u-ra|l<-.| h,ink dictatorship act of liKi.'J, M-i1" Rank Commissioner Marion Wat Min declared Tuesday he would i net let up on the regulalions he pro- mnli'ak-d a .year afio requiring banks In keep ihe minimum amount of cash mi hand lo prevent robberies. Mrs. Crow Given life' for Murder Quickly Convicted of Part in Slaying of Buck Pearson TKXAKKANA.-Mrs. Lida. Crow, 22 was found guilty and assessed a sentence uf life imprisonment by a Mlllei counly circuit court jury laic Monday aflcrnoun Iliat deliberated hei guilt in UK- slaying of T. E. (Buck) Pearson, rural mail carrier, only 2( minutes before returning a verdict. Mrs. Crow received the verdicl calmly, and in a jokingly hospitable mood invited her friends and relatives to "come to see me on visiting days —the second and fourth Sunday of every month." I'aul Favors, who was near the scene of the killing, already has received a life sentence; and Elmo Smith, wdio has entered a plea of guilty as Iho actual slayer, will learn his fate Tuesday, it was disclosed when a jury of 12 will hear all the circumstances. Highway Shakeup Is Believed Near It May Follow Rhyne's Expected Resignation at Capital Wednesday Move to Transfer Co. Committee to Washington Lost Proposal Voted Down at Reorganization Session 22 to 3 ATKINS RE-ELECTED John Barrow, Ozan, Succeeds Frank Trimble as Secretary A motion to hold all future mcet- ngs of the Hempstead County Democratic Central Committee at the coun- y-scat town of Washington instead >( Hope was defeated 22 to 3 at the •corganization session of the com- nitlcc Monday afternoon in Hope city i3IJ, W, S. Atkins, of Hope, was re- lectcd chairman of the committee, nd John Barrow, of Ozan, was chos- n secretary to succeed Frank Trim- 'ile, of Hope. The meeting, which began at 2 p. m. ilonday, was attended by 25 of the olnmittec's 38 members. By a unanimous vote the following ounty election board was chosen: C. E. Cassidy, Democrat, Hppe;John larrow. Democrat, Ozan; L. A. Car- Icson, Republican, Hope. Photos in the Day's News r.nii-rwH-y Has Passed I.rrn,K ROCK -The perio liank dictatorship in Arkaisas n-lr'l. and while Act 88 of 1933, which •-i-Hiili.il drastic powers lo the stale LITTLE ROCK.— (/|'i-A shakcup of of officials in the Slate Hishway Dejwrt- has '"lent following the expected resigna- I' 1 "" Wednesday of Slate Hicliways Dircclcr James !?. lihyae. wus liiutud Little Rock Hotels Quit NRAEmblem Grady Manning Declare; Operation Under Eagle "Impossible" LITTLE ROCK- (ff) -Terming it impossible to operate under the hotel and restaurant code and stay in business, H. Grady Manning, president ol Southwest Holels, Inc., told Ihe NRA advisory board Monday that he did not intend to fly the blue eagle over his hotels hero and at Hot Springs. Manning said despite the payment of les wages and waitresses than called for by the code, "there's not a girl working at the Marion who is not making more than $75 a month, when she counts her tips." The advisory board, with Former Associate Justice Chrroll D. Wood iresiding as chairman, opened pubic hearings to determine the recommendations it will make to the state VEC in regard to code compliance. Manning, who is chairman of the nopcrative stale hollel code autbori- y, was charged by Brooks Hays, NRA ompJiancr office rfor the slate, wilh laving influenced oilier hotel men to handon the code. Manning denied (.his, hut said lhat vhr-n Ihe national holel code authority ceased operating in June, he abandoned the blue eagle. He ronlendcd he wa.s nol violating Ihe code when he took clown Uic eagle, but Edward McLaughlin, executive assistant to the For the first time in the history of contract bridge, kings fell before the acknowledged queen of all, Miss Elinor Murdoch, above, of Birmingham, Ala., when she won the individual master's championship of the American Bridge League at Its tournament in New York.. Throw away your diet lists, ffirls, and take a lesson from Mrs. Miutha Nasch, above, of St. Paul, Blinn. Mrs. Nasch insists she has gone without food, without drink f\nd without sleep for the last reven years, and feels fine at that. Of course, you may laugh, as do the doctors, but Mrs. Nasch, a son and n neighbor girl confrlm her claim. NEC chairman, James J. Harrison, took issue with this statement. Hays and McLaughlin charged Manning with having prevented NRA investigators interviewing hotel employees, bul Manning said his reason was that he did not want the em- ployes disturbed when Oie "correct information" was obtainable from him. N. Y. Commissioner Hits Mayor, Quits O'Ryan Assails LaGuardia for "Political Interference" With Police Bribe Charged by Parks in Contest Accuses Kitchens in Ashley—Hits Illegal Hempstead Vote EL DC'RADO', Ark—(/P)—Attempted bribery in the seventh district congressional race was charged Monday by Tiiman B. Parks in his answer and cross complaint to the contest suit filed by Wade Kitchens of Magnolia, defeated candidate in the race. Parks also charged that more than 750 illegal votes were cast for Kitchens at the 22 boxes in Hempstcad and Nevada counties and that 500 illegal ballots were cast for him in his home county of Columbia. Parks' cross complaint, filed in Ashley circuit court at Hamburg, charged that control of the Ashley county patronage was promised members of the commitlee and the Crossett post- mastership was promised Gene Aikcn. ts sccrclary, if the vote was switched to assure Kitchens 'election. II further alleged t.hal on other occasions Ihr ^ommittoc-men were told there was 'some money in it" if ihe Ashley , r oto was switched. Aai attempt, to "buy" the Crossed hox on election day with an offer t< "pay twice as much therefor as any other person" also was charged. Congressman Parks seeks to have the entire Columbia vole thrown out. State Bloodhounds Spring-man, Arkansas Escapee, Resembles Pretty Boy Floyd GENTRY, Ark. —(#>)— Assistant Superintendent L. J. Acklin of Tucker Prison Farm .is en route here Tuesday with bloodhounds to join officers from three slates in a hunt for a woman and four men—one of whom is described as a double for Charles (Pretty Boy) Floyd. The quintet, said to bo armed with machine guns, was trailed into the woods near here Monday night anc forced lo abandon two automomiles. The specific object of the search, as far as Arkansas officers are concerned, is Lawrence Springman, des- scribcd as a double for the notorious Oklahoma outlaw. Springman escaped several weelcs ago while being transported to Tucker Farm. City Managership Move Is Blocked Number Written on Closet Panel Discovery of Memorandum; in Hauptmann Home Told to Grand Jury 7 F o o TPRINT" SIMILAR Justice Agents Find ; His>"l Shoes Match Prints on Lindbergh Estate NEW YORK -(#)- District At-' torncy Samuel Folcy announced oh Tuesday after a 3% hour grand jpry"'J session that the case put up by Bruno ' Richard Hauptmann, receiver of the Lindbergh ransom money, had been "completely broken." Foley said it was disclosed before the grand jury that two closet panels"] had been found in the Hauptmann' home which bore the address and telephone number of Dr. John F. (Jaf->/| sic) Condon, who paid the hansom to the supposed representative of ihe kidnapers. The prosecutor said Hauptmann admitted writing the numbers on the panels but insisted it was only because he was interested in the case. Meanwhile, the Department of Jus- 7 j lice disclosed it had found a similarity between footprints found on the Lindebrgh estate the night of the kidnaping and those of Hauptmann. Before Grand Jury NEW YORK -(&)- The ransom money found in the garage of Bruno ' > Richard Hauptmann, alleged .receiver of the 550,000 Lindbergh ransom, the. ransom notes and other messages'from' the kidnaper, wccr tazcn before tec Bronx county grand jury Tuesday. The evidence was presented in an effort /e-joMjiMijJndJcUnml chargin extortion against Hauptmann. Ransom Money Traced LEIPZIG, Germany — (ff>)-^ Isadore Fisch, the man from whom 'Bruno Richard Hauptmann says he received the Lindbergh ransom money, who, died here this spring, turned over to Leipzig relatives considerable amounts of money, it was revealed Monday. Paul Fisch, Isadore's brother, admitted that in the course of a year he had received approximately $1,500, but he also said he had maintained constant business connections with his ' brother in America. It was not made known whether these payments by Isadora were the results of these business contracts or whether they were made as gifts. Since Hauptmann's arrest directed attention to Isadore Fisch and his family here, neighbors have remarked that in spite of the business depress, particularly acute in the fur eianini: . ionei , will remain in ; Tuesday in political circles. You'll leant how much you nn- BOt when those first examinations are-litld. '.•m- unlil next March, no rfforl In ; nv( In- Ihc authority of the law will li- '"aril- during Ihc •.•nnsiiini; live month.". Ciinnnissiuner Marion Wasi-un -iid Monday. Ail.'antas banks which have been | ce|il under management of the depailmenlj imc March 11133, wil be returned to | Ihe iiipervision of ChanceryCom ts i Th " .-•"nn us an inventory can be made.' " Mr. Wason said. Mr. Wassoji said he will not link j the next legislature to extend the j "dictator" law. Chairman J. S. Carole of the SUilo Highway Comini:.;.ion declined t" cuirmenl upon re|iorl.s uf a i-haltcup <T Ihe rc:-if.'n.iliun nf Kliyiie. ur v, lielh- cr tin- coiiiiui:-:-iijn i-nuld actually ac- Illiyne'f- n signal ion. Kifllt Sunday Meeting fifth Sunday meeting of the Union .•..••soeiation i.s to bo he-Id v.ilh Ihe Corinth church .Sunday, 20 miles .'•mill (if FroscoK, il was announced Tuesday. The introductory sermon wiH be delivered by W. E. Thomusoii. NEW YORK -(/}>)- Gen. John F. O'Ryan issued H bitter denunciation of Mayor F. H. LaGuaraia Monday light and then turned in his shield is police commissioner a day ahead of schedule. The city was left" withoul a Dohce chief unlil Tuesday morning when Chief Inspector Lewis J. Valentine, who has been designated to ucceed the commissioner, was to be >worn in. While his views and those of the city';; chief executive have been at variance for some time, O'Ryan said that the "incident which determined my resignation occurred on the veiling df primary day." Hhe charged (->>'-' mayor had impaired the morals of the police department by eoncenlj-alin., •100 palrolmont and detectives in La- Guardia's "political bau'wick," on that night. lit: alto implied flic mayor had sought to nterefere with the ruining of the police department. The mayor'.-, attitude, he concluded, was tending to "demoralize the morale of the department in suppressing public disorders." returns. In the. event the of- votcs are not recognized, he claiming that only one box with ballots, tally sheets and poll books had been in proper custody of the county clerk after Circuit Judge Patrick Henry of Monticello issued an order September 19, which placed all seventh congressional district boxes in the custody of (heir respective county clerks. The order alno permitted inspection of all boxes, and last week evidence of tampering was reported found at every one in Ashley county. Ballots and election materials at all except "three or four" Calhoun county boxes have been lost, destroyed or misplaced by (he rival faction. Farks contended in his cross complaint. He asks lhat the official Calhoun vote be accepted as reported. Both Ashley and Calhoun were carried by Parks on Ihe basis of tlu: official fieial asks that he be allowed lo brine voters to court and prove that they supported him. T h c congressman requested a purge" in Hempstcad. Nevada and in Columbia as a whole. He charged lhat the boxes were left "exposed" in the clerk's office at Magnolia "to anyone desiring lo tamper with them. He aljo claims the clerk refused to allow hi-j representative to ,'ce the poll hooks, tally .-heels and returns. Parks, who formerly resided in Hope, carried lleinpslo-ad county by u small majority. Columbia and Nevada ruijnlicH v.ere slronglioM-. of Kilcheni.. In euiiclu.-ion. (he emigre;,.,man claimed he had been reno:n'natr;l by a vote of HUG") to 13.-19U. Official returns gave Parka 1 \M'i and Kitchens 13.77-1. Lueani Browni. a species of fish. lives in hut water .springs where the business, Paul has been able to considerably enlarge his business during the lasl few years. Paul however, says, "I welcome any investigation." Another member of the family said to have received money is Isadore's sister, Anna Fisch, although no specified amounts are given. Anna, hov- | ever, revealed thai her deceased bro- T...I ,-, i-n/r • i-,. I ther loft a bunch of keys among which Little hOCK Meeting Side-' ™ believed to be a key to a safe dc] posit box in America. Anna, herself, said she did nol know whether such a key was among those turned over by her brotiier. Anna, who maintains an apartment of her City Council LITTLE ROCK —A proposed resolution that would have criticized the city council for urging, and the Democratic City Committee for scttng, the city primary, have caused ap- an early dale for and which wiulcl poinlmenl of a committee to continue the fight for a city manager system of government, was tabled 15 to C, at a meeting of about 55 persons al Ihe Easl Side Junion High School auditorium Monday. The meeting was called by W. S.! Mitchell in an effort lo aid the move- | nient for a city manager government here. Following the vote on the res-i olution which he had proposed, Mr.' Mitchell said "the effort is not tab-! "Whenever Ihc city eounlcil opposes! led." j a chance in government wliich wnuld'ocl. give the people- a chance to get along 1 Dec. without the council you may depend j >n it that the people will be heard," I Ocl Mr. Mlchell said. ] Dec. Former Governor George W. Don-1 aghcy discussed the history of the ini-! own, is a stenographer, at present out of work. Isadore's father said he had received no money from his son. The Leipzig police called on Ralph C. Busser, American consul here, today and offered to co-operate, but neither the police nor Mr. Busser had received any request or instructions thus far. Police authorities said that exhumation of Isadore's body was possible only by a. court decision. Markets Hope Cotton Exchange New Vork C'otlou Open High Low C'lose 12.41 12.60 J'2.40 12.51 12.60 12.73 12iS5 12,68 New Orleans Cotton 12.53 12.64 12.46 12.58 12.68 12.78 12.60 12.73 Chicago Grain Open High Low Close .sprinss temperature of the water round u; UKi decrees. th e year liative and referendum amendment, i Wheat. Dec. 101 7 a lOl'-'i 10M« 104 : <« and said lhat the aldermanic form of. Corn, Dee 76 7S',i 76% 78'Ti, government has failed the city in: Oats, Dec 52 53 51 53 sins of omission." Taking the cityi Closing Stock Quotations walcr supply as an example. Mr. Don- :: Amer Can SO'/i aghcy criticized the quality of the ! Amer Smelter S-l'.-j water and said thai the aldermen have j Amer Tel and Tel 112'-.. done nothing about it in 25 years. He ! Atchinson 5H; suggcsk-d that the citizens use the Anaconda IZ initi.-ilivn ;jnd referendum amendment Chrysler 3iU lo "gel a good \vaki- supply and a : General Moturs ;iO eily manager form (..t government at , .Sorrny Vacuum l-lVi; the tame time." - L'. S. bleel 3! ; ->, ---»o—- - i Standard Oil of N. J <i3"i Secret:; of the great jewel robberie.-.' : I.ittlc Rock Produce First of i>. startling series of arlicles Hens, heavy brecdi. per Ib 10 lo He by the wife of a ma.ster criminal be-; Hens, Leghorn breeds, per Ib 11 lo Ilk Kins in The American Weekly, the: Broilers', per Ib 10 lo .I2i magazine distributed with next Sun--Springs', per Ib 12 lo l.'ii day's Chicago Herald and Examiner. Roosters, per Ib 4 to SL --Adv. | Egiji;, candled, per de^ 20 10 2-lc

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