Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 4
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HOPE STAR,-HOPE, ARKANSAS Htish Make Concessions to Fill Thin Army Ranks By MILTON BRONNKB JfEA Smlce Staff Correspondent tONDON.— Feed 'em and stretch 'em ~that is the system British army authorities have developed to bring pros- ti«Uve recruits up to required stand- of health, :height, Vght and re. JShn Bull has been having a tough tiate raising an increased army as part offthe extensive armament plans that have the "tight little island" buzzing. Last year the army called for 47.200 retruits. But the number fell dis- . COUragingly short. Jtfow efforts are being made to make '-th6 service more attractive. A plan firf pensions after 21 years' service has been devised, and special quarters and * ^allowances for soldiess who marry have been adopted. But the most ingenious plan is the one for bringing . Up to physical standard the ominous -^number of applicants who didn't measure up. In 1936 there were 296 rejec- *tions for every 1000 applicants. * Reduce Requirements ' Confronted with this serious condi- Hion, army ; authorities reduced the ^•physical standards for certain services. Modern mechanized armies have -places for men who can't march 30 miles a ^day under heavy pack. , Then the medical officers of the army came forward with a suggestion. It was that a certain number of re- One branch that has little trouble in gaining recruits Is the air service. Here are Royal Air Force recruits leaving Victory House, Klngswey, London, for training at West Drayton. Middlesex. 11 Women and Ofte Man on Jury of Young Mother in Poison Case Thursday, October 28, Ij Saturday with MlsS Marf PfulU. Mrs. J. L. Booker Is vlslllng.J mother in Nashville this week. Mr. nnd Mrs. U. K. Wood and^l of ElDorado were the Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Paul tXulncy, Rev. W. E. Elmorc was a Hopc.vu Monday. Eleven women nnd one man, the jury pictured above, sat In Judgment of Mrs. Anna Mnrie Hahn to decide If the young Cincinnati mother was gilllty of poisoning to donth Jacob Wagner, an elderly acquaintance. Most of the women are housesvives. The prosecution asks the death penalty. Mrs. Hahn's indictment followed in vestijjation into mystonous deaths of n dozen elderly persons with whom she had been friendly. The jurors are, left to right, front row: Mrs. Edna Clark, Mrs. Ella L. Black, Mrs. Frances Sullivan, Miss Georgia McDonald, Mrs. Anna Thompson and Mrs. Alice Peters. Rear row: Mrs. Emma Cassidy, Miss Stella Tragesscr, John Granda, Mrs. Jennie Grecnwold, Mrs. Florence Bartlett nnd Mrs. Marjorie Bishop. >A Three Days' Cough vis Your Danger Signal 3, No' matter bow many medicines *-you have tried for your cough, chest '» cold, or bronchial Irritation, you can , - get relief now with Creomulsion. "^ Serious trouble may bo brewing and 1 you cannot afford to take a chance with any remedy less potent than J Creomulsion, which goes right to i the seat of the trouble and aids na- •ture to soothe and heal the inflamed *> mucous membranes and to'loosen •'•"and expel the germ-laden phlegm. Even if other remedies have failed, , , don't be discouraged, try Creomul- ^ slon. Your druggist is authorized to -^refund your money if you are,not , thoroughly satisfied with the bene- " fits obtained from the very first 1 bottle. Creomulsion is one word—not two, and it has no hyphen in it. Ask for it plainly, see that the name 'on the bottle is Creomulsion, and ' ? you'll get the genuine product and , the relief you want. (Adv.) Prescription 200, 000 Kflls Parasitic Itch (Scabies) In 30 Minutes Price 5CC JOHN S. GIBSON Drug Company ' " The Rexall Store Phone 63 _ .. Peljyery. case might be, the men were charged at the outset with some of this cost. Thus, the men sent to Palestine last year had to pay for their own pith sun helmets. It's All Supplied Now There was a roar about this and they finaly only paid one-third the cost. From now on. the state will supply everything the coldier needs in the way of uniform and equipment, and the allowance tor maintenance of his kit will be increased. This will make a big dlfcrcncc to the men. In the British army the new recruit gets two shillings a day, or about $15 per month, compared with §21 given ihe beginner in the American army. After the British recruit pases certain educational tests, he gets an additional three pence per day. And after he has been in the army for a year and shows certain soldierly knowledge, he gets another three pence a day. His pay is thus raised to $17.50 per month. Washington ativcs in Cuniden this week. Mrs. M. H. Stewart spent the week Mrs. A. P. Delony, Mrs. S. H. Smith nnd Bill Delony visited relatives at Shuver Springs Sunday. Mrs. Annii Turner i:; visiting rel- end in Magnolia. Mrs. W, 1. Slrotid nnd Mrs. Mclson Krazier »nd little daughter Frnnvcs, .«pcnl lust Tliursday in Shreveix>rt. Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy May atul children spent Sunday with relatives in Tuxarkana. Miss Nina Mac Bttllnrd of Columbus Call Harry Phone 148 Cull Itnrry I'll pick "P your Imimlry. HARRY PHIPPS HAPPY FROM PAINFI BACKACHE Caused by Tired Kidneyi Mflny of thono ermwing, nitKKinit, pi ImcKiirhea people bmino ou eotdrt or at [ire ollcn canned by lired kidney*—mid bn relieved when trenleil in thn right wny\ TliBkillnoyit nro Nnture'n chief wuynful Clres.9 nridfl nnd pm.ioni>u« wnxf(« out '* blood. Mont people pivwt about 3 pints ft about 3 pound* of wnnte. . ;•« It tho 15 mile.i nf kidney lubei nnd ml non t work welt, poiflonnun waste nmttor ftjE In (bo blood. Thrne poison-i niny Klsirt im^ biirknchej>, rheumatic piiin.i. li.Vi uf'pcpi enerny, getting up l)i«htn, ntvelliiiK, y under tho even, hendurhea nnd dizrint .Don't wnitl A/tie your dnicKUt f'.r 1'ill.H, imed BureeflNfully by luiHinjm fur o 1 yearn. They *lvo hnppy relief nnd «iil holj IS mill* nf kldu-ry tiihra fliudi out imijo.. wivato from thl blond. Ocl Uoan'n 1'ills. •*§' All British recruits arc now warned to be ready for overseas service on enlistment. Here is the second battalion, Grenadier Guards, being inspected • at Chelsea barracks, London, just before leaving for service in Egypt. jected men'riouhd to have~ho heart or lung trouble! but simply under height, under weight and under-nourished, • should-be sent to Aldershot barracks sous a as FULLY-INSULATED No matter what the weather, it's a pleasure to cook on a Norge Concentrator gas range. The fully-insulated oven holds the heat ,,,. The famous Norge Concentrator and {Simmer-Concentrator burners can be turned so low that you can cook the new "waterless" way, saving both vitamins and fuel. See the Norge ranges today—there is a wide selection of colors, feature, and sizes in the new models. E. TERMS AS LOW AS A DAY AGAIN NOlHSe IWADSf for an experiment. This was to take the form of special feeding in the way of meat and milk, and special physical training. Thirty- three men were chosen for the trial. In the end, 31 of them—an enormous percentage—were brought up to all the army standards and were allowed to enlist. Encouraged by this, a special camp is being fitted up at Canterbury, to be opened this autumn. Here 300 would- be recruits at a time will be put through the process tried at Alder- j shot. It is estimated that the average' stay at Canterbury will be three months and that the bulk of those who go there will eventualy prove fit for enlistment. Went to Bed Hungry I In addition to this, the army execu- ; live is trying in every way to make conditions such that a career in the army will prove more enticing to young men than in the past. First, there is the ever-present question of grub. In the past British sailors got four meals a day, soldiers only three. The argument was that life at sea gave the sailors a bigger apeptite. As a result, the soldier got only breakfast tea and often complained that he went to bed hungry unles he spent some of his own money for food. Both the quality and quantity of food is; being improved for him now. For breakfast the English soldier now gets porridge, sausages, bread, butter, tea arid marmalade or jam. Instead of the sausages, he may get on other mornings bacon and tomatoes, or eggs and bacon or liver and bacon. Tea and "High Tea" For his midday dinner he gets roa.st meat, gravy, potatoes, green vegetable-s according to season, raisin ....' -- 'h jam sauce. Instead of the roast m^at, on other days he may get! meat stew and peas or meat pies. Instead of raisin roll, he may get sultana roll and custard. His "ea," which come;; at about 5 o'clock, consists of tea, bread and but,or, cake, lettuce and radishes and am. Or if he wants a "high tea" instead of sake, he may have cold meat and pickles. To this has now been added the 'ourth meal called supper and served about S in the evening or a bit later. [t consi.'rts of cocoa, bread, rabbit pie and potatoes, or tea, bread, meat rissoles and tomato sauce, or cocoa and stewed steak and potatoes. I The men have a voice in the making of their menus. They are represented on the mess committee which is presided over by an officer in charge of the mess, and to which is added a medical officer to ensure that the proper amount of vitamins is represented in the food. AH Under One Roof One of tho unattractive things about (he British army was the old-fashioned, co-Id barracks. New ones, which are being erected combine cooking, sleeping and dining arrangement and ablution facilities all under one roof. There is a constant supply of hot water and the barracks are steam- heated. As rapidly as possible all those amenities are being extended, even to the old barracks. This left just one more big kick on the part of the men:—there was held out of their pay a certain amount for certain articles of kit with which they were required to be furnished. Also, when they went on foreign service to cope with the heat or the cold, as the Last Call for the Geo. W. Robison & Co 3 STORE SALE Ladies Silk Dress »««« up i,, „ I1CH . si|) , Everyone can afford ™ oiio fr,,m this „„ '£ «> cs and B or,(| C() | or s es S \Y>' The Geo. W. Robison & Co. Big 3 Store Sale ends Saturday, October 30. We are offering some extra specials for the last day o fthis big 3 Store Event, and want you to be sure and get in bn them. Read every tiem of this i ac l—then come to town and buy. You'll see so many mroe extra bargains you'll be. glad you came. BROWN DOMESTIC Good medium weight—39 inches wide. During this sale— DOUBLE BLANKETS 08x76 size Douhled Blankets. Gel yours now while they are— KOTE'X Regular size box of Kotex. While this sale *1 tftl" lasts only— ' *- AV Red Goose School Tablets Slock up on Red Goose School Tables now- Priced during this sale only— OUTINGS Good heavy Outings in solids ami Fancies. Good colors— WOOLENS New fall colors and patterns in 54-inch woolens. Get yours while the selection is. K<xxl. •KBBBBM WASH DRESSES Newest styles in wash frocks. All colors guaranteed. Well fitting. All slices. ••••••• MEN'S DRESS SOX Men's fancy dress sox. Regular 15c sellers. All sly.es, all colors— ••• MEN'S WINTER UNIONS Heavy winter unions in white ur ecru. KeRiilui- 12 Ib, weight, heavy rib— M MEN'S NECWEAR Regular $1.00 Phoenix lies. AU fall padurns and colors. Stuck up now— Men's Blanket Lined Jumpers Heavy denim, full cut, heavy blanket lining. Keep off Ole Man Winter for only— - aw Now! MEN'S PANTS Mule skin' finished men's pants. Good weight, well made, dark stripes— BOYS' DRESS SHIRTS New fall patterns, colors guaranteed, full cut, well tailored. Buy a supply now— MEN'S FELT HATS Good fall colors in good Jiapes and all sizes. Fine quality for only— We Give Eagle Stamps The Reading Department Store GEO. W. ROBISON & CO. Hope Nashville

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