Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 28, 1937 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, October 28, 1937
Page 3
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y, October 28, 1987^ Tlirec Sure Fncts Three things nre sure—who seeks to win Must hnvc the courage to hngin Must i-'tnrt against what odds defy, And, win or lose, set out to try. , That law is first—lie makes no gains Who ante nnd sure nt home remains. The .second law—Twlxl base and top Rnch mnn decides where he will stop Once started on his upward climb, He picks his ciultling place nnd Iho time. Tis his to Kay against dcspnir how much his will and strength cun bear. But once lie dro|js his sword nnd his .shield UP Walk.* H loser from the field. The third luw Is—till hn|x> be gone, while strength remains to carry on To fight it out, what e'er the test, and make the victor beat your best. Kor who holds (/n through thick and thin Ha.« given himself a chance to win. --Selected. The Friday Mu.sic Club will meet I Friday afternoon ;ii the home of Mrs. | Fred H. Hiirri.son, South Pine .street. | The Choral club will meet promptly at 2::iO followed by the Study at .'Kill. Mrs. C. M. Heck of Korl Randolph. FOOTBALL RETURNS- The Hope-Ciiinden jfiimi 1 ininoinici'd by'Quarters Friday nite lit the— MElofft TONITE & FRIDAY n —with- Mary Livingstone (Mrs. Jnok Benny) "Buddy" HOKCI-S & Betty Ornblc SATURDAY DOUBLE PROGRAM— Here's Ilop-u-Ixmg Ciissldy! Pnnnmo. nnd Mrs. Jack Kerkam of Washington, D. C., arrived Wednesday for u short visit with Miss Kate Bridewell mid Mr. and Mrs. li. O. Bridewell. -O— Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Cornelius hnve moved from their town residence on {South Fulton street to their fnrm near Fulton, where they will be domiciled for the winter. -O- Mr. and Mrs. Kline Snyder were recent visitors with Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Garrett in Okalona. Q Mr. and Mrs. H. A. King of Tuylor, Ark., are guests of their daughter, Mrs. Frank Hidt'r /"id Jiidtfe Hidcr, attending the bed side of their daughter, Mrs. II. O. Burnsidc, who has been critic:.lly ill nl the Julia Chester lios )jital for the past few days. Friendr will bo i»lud lo know that her condition is reported as improving. -O- Fred White. Mrs. W. Y. Foster, Mis. B. Waller of Pcescott and Kdwnrcl T. WayU? have returned from Cuindcn where they attended a ll.rce dnj s conference of N. Y. A. supervisors. -O- Mrs. Toinmie 1'iiik of MeKamie was the Tuesday ijiiest of her sister, Mrs A. 1,. King and Mr. King. _Q Mrs. H. C. Brown mid little grand- von Hilly, have returned to their home in Texarknna after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. George Median. -O- Mrs. J. W. Phillips is spending the week with relatives and friends in fehreveport. Rising Taxes and (Continued from Page One) £EC h;is charged that for throe months, insiders, instead of supporting the market for their shari's, wen.' selling at an alurmniM rate and thus actually K.'ttiii|! in motion decline.'! in their own fhares. As to margins, there is nut the slightest doubt that the M |>cr cent margin rule, along with the anti-manipulative precautions, reduced the volume of husiiu'.fs on the exchange. That may he bad for business--the stock exchange's business, the broker's business—but it is not a bad thiiiB for ev- Firsl dniina of (lie floods! —STARTING- SUN. FOOTBALL RETURNS- also announced Friday lit the— )RIALTO Thursday & Friday Laugh! Gasp! Whistle Those Tunes! with JOj: PENNEU MILTON BKHLK PARKYAKAKKUS HARRIET HILUARD WfLLIAM BRADY JEROME COWAN T1IELMA LEEDS and 100 news faces Plus "Communlt) Sing" and Fashions See Our S5JO Silk Dresses L A D I E S' Specialty Shop ARKANSAS Virginia Will Wed Director Virginia Bruce, top, who for more than a year since the death of Actor John Gilbert has been Hollywood's most popular widow, will marry at Christmastime her director, Jack Walter Ruben, below. Miss Bruce began her theatrical career in the Follies and is considered one of Hollywood's loveliest blonds. I JLjJLj 6Y MAftY RAYMOND $«rvte«, l CAST Ott . JRWllf, hero, tl»lnf JIM'* Jilt'* aVffON, oil erybody else's business. It is an excellent thing. If manipulation were permitted now. if insiders were permitted to trade without diclosure, if margins were down to 20 per cent as of yore, there is no doubt the market would have been wider, deeper, more active. Far more people would have been in and on a larger scale. And, as a result, prices would have gone much higher. And the break would have tome sooner and far more violently. Will the market go up again? Of course that is difficult to say. There is a good deal of anxiety about taxes. The outlook for heavier taxes is certainly not an encouraging one for business—and this has nothing to do with the coundness of the taxes. The notion that the government's persisting deficit caused the crash is so far wrong that the opposite is true. It wax the givernment's deficit which chiefly" caused the rise. That is why the rise was so unwholesome—it was buili on u series of government deficits, on a credit inflation generated by government borrowing. It the government balanced its budget tomorrow and .some other credit force were not set in motion the whole thing would collapse more than ever. In fact, I think it a fair assumption that it was the widely advertised belief that Mr. Roosevelt was really get- tiny around to trying seriously to balance the budget which convinced n lot of people that the inflationary movement was going to be checked and which encouraged them to get out of the market. It looks as if the government's credit is going to b'e greatly curtailed. I do not see any sign of private credit making up the difference. These facts lead me to believe that there is going to tie no boom; that instead an adjustment of some sort is inevitable. But I do not think the country as /i whole is ycsl prepared to believe that. Therefore it is entirely possible that the new recovery in the market may develop some further strength. But it cannot last. Atnti d*tn*M Mf love for Jill. Tfco fvtnt U In (he bnnd« of Palo HOW, CHAPTER VIII P ATTY had dropped by Alan's studio for q cheering word and also with a practical suggestion, Had he ever done illustrating? J»iore was a chance her publisher might be interested in having him submit some sketches. Alan thanked her. But color was his forte. He would feel as helpless as an armless man trying lo express himself, through any medium but paint. "I've had sorrje good fortune since I saw you," Alan said. "A man — I haven't been able to discover who he wqs — bought one of my pictures through n dealer. He paid the unbelievable sum of $3000 for it." "What a brealf!" Patty cried, She was genuinely pleased and bewildered. Here, she -had been giving the old town a black name for coldness and callousness. And straightway it had taken this newcomer to its heart. The bewilderment lasted all the way round the corner to her a; inrtment, where she found Ar- rl, ith Holm stretched out on one 01' the cots, the flowered cover in a wrinkled heap on the floor. "Come to life," she said to Ard&th. "Wonders do happen. That painter fellow has just sold a picture for $3000. What do you think of that for a nice piece of luck?" Ardath sat up and stared at Patty out of her strange eyes, w'hich now had an excited glow in them. "Tell me about.it," she said in her low, throaty voice. "Not much to tell," Patty replied. "I don't think he knows so very much about it either. He said someone — he didn't know the man's name — had bought a picture through a dealer." "He must have some big friends," Ardath drawled. She She stopped. There was a fjucer smile in Ardath's eyes. Her voice sounds rich," Ardalh drawled, Patty stared. This Ardalh wasn't so dumb after all. Jill's voice did sound rich. Well-bred, beautifully modulated. The voice of a thoroughbred, who had had thor- What did you oughbred training, know about that? "Well, it should," Patty replied. "Her father's John H. Wentworth, the millionaire," "Then, she's Jacqueline Wentworth," Ardath gpsped. "Of course. Her friends call her Jill." was a flttg at the door. Alan opened the door of the Ismantled living room and laced Ardath. • "Hello," Ardath said, "How are you?" Alan spoke more formally. Ardath held out a long, slim. land. "Perhaps you don't remem- jer me. I'm Ardath Holm." "I remember you qwiU" well," reached for a cigaret and began to smoke, lazily regarding the circling smoke through half-closed eyes. a. * « y>ATTY was digesting the remark. She rejected it scornfully. "He doesn't know anybody. The seediest crew of people you could imagine have been coming in to sec his pictnres. Except for a lot of browsing down and outs, he knows only you and me—and Jill" If you think Jill had anything to do with this, you're mistaken," Patty continued, crossly. "Jill was wild for him to sell something. But even a rich man's daughter doesn't go around throwing money away on pictures." "Maybe she wouldn't be throwing it away—on a picture." Ardath's voice sounded wise. Thinking it over, Patty came to the conclusion that Jill must have interested some of her wealthy friends in Alan's picture—if she had not been, as Ardath hac hinted, the actual purchaser. I wasn't likely that a purchaser hac dropped out of the skies and lef such tangible evidence of his visit But she would not tell Ardalh Holm this. She wished fiercely that she had not said a word about it. Though, she couldn't see how Jill could be hurt by Ardath's sly insinuations. * * » T^HE last of Alan's pictures had •*• been boxed. He had paid cash for a three months' lease of his new, fur nished quarters. A location which was very different from the roomi he was leaving. The new place was not luxurious. But it had dignity and good taste. Even the most fastidious of visitors would not be able to find fault with its atmosphere. • During the next few days, Alan was a man with two minds. One functioned calmly, rationally for practical purposes. The-other was filled with dreams. With tender phrases, tenderer pictures. With one mind he drove a shrewd financial bargain about the lease. With the other, he was writing the prolog of his great adventure. He was in love. Tremendously in love. And amazing as it was, this lovely girl was his. Tomorrow he would bring Jill to his new place. He would show her how they made tea in English homes. And Jill would sit across a small table and pour tea from the antique silver teapot he bad brought from home. Alan an I rt, was trute. There was something dangerously arresting about this girl. You might not admire her type. But you would never overlook her- in crowd. "I'm afraid t must appear inhospitable. I can't ask you in, Miss Holm. I'm moving. In fact, I have moved. I'm walling now for a cab." I heard you were going away," Ardath spoke, slowly, "and that you had sold a picture." I'm afraid I sounded boastful. Spreading the news. But it was hard to keep. It's pretty great, isn't it?" - "I should say so." Ardath still stood, looking up at him. SUe made no move to go. Alan, restless, eager to be on his way, wondered what more there was to b« said. "Jacqueline Wentworth must l» pleased," Ardath said. "Who—oh Jill." "Her real name is Jacqueline. All her millionaire friends call her Jill, I believe." Color surged to Alan's face, but he said nothing, After a moment, Ardath continued. "Patty said she was wild for you to sell a picture. And you did. It's wonderful what rich people can accomplish, isn't it? But, naturally, the daughter of John Wentworth could do pretty much what she started out to do. You were lucky to pick a friend like this Wentworth girl. I guess you know that." "Yes." Alan's voice was cool and controlled. Rage and anguish within. But this girl—this insufferable girl, who had toppled his world, should not know. "Well, goodby—and congratulations," said Ardath. ^ "Goodby." Alan stood in the doorway of his forlorn, barren, place. He watched the taxi coming toward him. He motioned to the driver and went inside. He picked up the telephone book that hung dejectedly by the phone and opened it with shaking fingers. Yes, there WM the name, and the address. And the number JU4 had given, him. (To Be Continued) PAGE THft! :*r. .' g • goodnight kisses to raise house funds. th the old days that was accepted as tho "payoff" fQr an evening's enter* tainrnent. The latest nrmy fighting plane, departing from conventional miltilary design, reverts to the pusher type of pioneer aviation days. Twin motors drive the two propellers mounted be* hind the wings. This leaves clear vision and a free field for the gunners, p|lot and observers. Actual weighings show Alt 20,000 bee-toads arc •hMMlmy to btfftf in a pound of nectar, which will nlakg about one-fourth of a pound ot honfey* itmiiiiiiiimiiiiiHiliftilimilttlllltfUU f REXALL § ORIGINAL OMB CENf SAtfi I November 3rd, 4th, 5tli and 6(h ': JOHN S, GIBSON f DRUG CO, | llllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllUliillllHIT * i 1837—THE PENNEY YEAR Broken lots, odd sizes and special purchased merchandise will make this event worth your while. Shop and Save at Penney's. 18 Only LADIES SILK DRESSES Reduced S2.85 Close-Out 54-Inch Plain, Fancy 98c Yd HUB 36-Inch Fasl: Color SUITING 36-in. Fast Color PRINT lOc 27-ln. Heavy Light Colored yd. 8c .4 ' 24x48 Washable Rag RUGS 18c 42x36 Belle Isle Pillow CASES 10c Must Go Yd. Margin Cut for (Continued from Page One) ed in the past. The New York Stock Exchange, however, has required short sellers to a post a 10-point mar- sin. Wall Street Pleased NEW YORK—W— Action of the Federal Reserve Board on stock margin requirements was hailed enthusiastically in Wall Street Wednesday night as a step in "the right direction" calculated to go far in restoring confidence to brokers nnd traders who have been shaken up badly following a 525,000,000,000 washout in stock values. Dr. Lionel D. Edie, well known economist, said: ( "Action of the federal authorities I will probably have n wholesale psy- Ichological effect on the stock market, ft is significant mainly in that it signifies the willingness of government officials to recognize a situation which has been the subject of much discus- THE KM) Once only the dream of the aviation industry, completely automatic: land- inH.s have become a reality. From a portable station on the ground the .ship is brought smoothly to earth at the airport. A good show •;mls. Gable — Harlow— Loy —in— 'Wife vs. Secretary' FRl,-SAT, iicrp's A no) lit r "Swell" DOUBLE SHOW! "HOOT" GIBSON —111— "FRONTIER JUSTICE" Serial & CurtooH BJAIJBEEN Q'SULLIV4N JJPNA MAY OLIVER & WALTER P1POEON -in"MY DEAR AIDRICH" LOUISIANA STATE FAIR Shreveport, Now Through November 1 Agriculture—Live Stock—Poultry Horse Racing DAILY Except Sundays (Ruin or Shine) Post Time First Race 2:15 Purl Mutuols Seven Races Daily Good Hursts State Fair Jockey Club "STAR BRIGADE" Musical Extravaganza Nightly Thrilling Airplane Crash Friday, October 29 AUTO RACES | FIREWORKS SUNDAYS EVERY NJGHT FOOTBALL Saturday, October 30 Monday, November I CliNT vs NAIiY WILEY-SOUTHERN MISS. STATE (Colored) "' It's Yowr fair, Sp Be There" sion among stock brokers and trad- New York Mayor (Continued from Page One) had persisted nevertheless "in retaining this man nnd in accepting his political support." The mayor's claim that Tammany had made a "pay off" amounting to $739,694 to "27 Tammany district leaders, three ex-Tammany leaders, 233 Tammany county committeemen and many others," came in n prepared statement issued in place of his regular "lesson on good municipal government" which he has been "dedicating" to Mahoney, This alleged "pay off", LaGuardia said, was n "lesson i n Tammany greed," and "is not out of the pocket of any Tammany politician. It is out of the public's pocket." The "Tammany uristacrary," he added, "was paid off" through Democratic Board of Estimate salary additions to the city budget for "useless exempt f.' '•';'//'V ffffif^'far !&':.;./ .'^4?* : ; ^ .- ' -J ' ••,'*"• ifff>- {$&*• i£/v'#•-'••• ' positions" and restoration by that board of salaries which he had sought to "cut to a reasonable point." New German pact guarantees inviolability of Belgium. That will be a great comfort to all the Belgians who can't remember as far back as 19U. Joe DiMaggio will receive $50 a minute for playing basketball. Which places him in the same category with the late Calvin Coolidge, whose words were worth $1 each to a magazine. Four persons were killed in auto accidents in Kansas City the day the National Safety Council opened its convention there. Just to impress upon the visitors tht seriousness of the problem. Co-eds charging boy friends for Friday Will Be REMNANT at PENNEY'S 39-Inch Marked Down to Sell Now 18x36 Heavy Bath TOWELS E. lOc 3 Men's All Wool SUITS E aJ7-77 Men's White Dress SHIRTS E. 77c Men's Cotton Work PANTS P, S8c f"3 ,1 10 pair Men's All Wool PANTS P, $197 Men's Button Coat Sweaters Ea .98c 18 Pair Boys Long PANTS 98c Men's 12 Lb. Wister UNIONS 69c I . •', .C •„•,•- P .f N N C V C O.M PAN Y.-,'. I > c o" r f a i ;. I ACROSS STREET FROM POSTOFFICE WHERE HOPE SHOPS AND SAVES "Y0» gotla ftois naive squawkfn' about th' mu4l What about me? \ gotts walk BACK1" Cox's For Fine Toiletries Famous Perfumes At Cox's Leutheric Tweotl Cotys Emeraude Corday's Tou Jolr Mai Arden's Blue Grass Lcntheric Miracle Evening |>j Psris Corday's Orchidee Bleuo Houbigant Ideal Arrid Deodorant Don't take a chance with your complexion. Buy cue of the World Famous lines of Cosmetics that wo handle and know that you are getting (lie best. Famous Cosmetics At Cox's Barbara Gould Elizabeth Arden Harriett Hubbard Ayres Max Factor. Lady Esther Woodburys Ipana Tooth Paste 39c Ponds Cold Cream 39c Lavender Hand Lotion 6 oz. size 25c Message Brush, Pitch Hal* Tonic All 50c Calox Tooth Powder 50c Dr. West Tooth Brush DRENE SHAMPOO $1 Large size for BOTH 59c Barbara Gould CLEANSING CREAM Just A Few Left $n.oo $|,oo i Size . I Face Powder end Bottles Perfume. All for John. P. Cox Drug Company Phone 84 We Give Eagle Stamp*

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