The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT COURIER NEWS THE BLYrHEVlLLE COURIER NEWS THE COURIER NEWS CO. K, W. HAINES, Publisher J. GRAHAM SUDBUH.Y, Editor SAMUEL P. NORKIS, Advertising lifanager Sole National Advertising Representatives: Arkansas Dailies, Inc., New York, Chicago. Detroit, Oklahoma City, Memphis. Published Every Afternoon Except Sunday Entered ss second'class matter at lite post- office at Blythevillc, Arkansas, under act of Congress, October 0, 1917. Served by the United Press "SUBSCRIPTION RATES ~ By carrier in the City of Mytheville, 15c !>«' week, or C5o per month. By mail,- within n radius ol 50 miles, $3.00 per year, $1.50 for sijc months, 75e for three months; by mail in postal Kones two. to six Inclusive, $6.50 per year; in zones seven and eight, 510.00 per year, payable in fuivance. Keeping A mcricaus 'Free and Equal' More than. 260 years ago, Thomas Jefferson decreed thai "all men avc created free and equal," and on those words a nation was launched. The Jetrursonian conception of equality has been modified from lime to time, but, above everything, the meaning that the Colonial patriot meant to convoy was Unit the nation he helped found must be kept free of castes in I he sense that they existed in (he old world. His idea was to establish a nation devoid not only of earls and barons and feudal landowners but also of all the shackles and evils for which class society. stood. Today that tradition is being menaced, President James R. Comml of Harvard University recently told those participating in the 72nd birthday observance of Hie University of California at Los Angeles. Dr. Conanl conceded that modem college youngsters ;u-c inclined to sneer at the phrase, "equality of opportunity." It is up to the universities to make some, revolutionary changes in their methods of preparing young folks for adulthood, the educator said. The idea of a casteless nation must lie revitalized, given new impetus in colleges, he maintained. But is it enough merely to preserve the ideal? Isn't American society as a whole largely responsible for preserving the equality tradition by .-giving the youngsters with their brand- new diplomas a chance to use the tilings they learned in school? How can anyone assure the hopeful graduate a job when the existence of from 8 to 12 million unemployed remains an uncomfortable- reality? Educators can do their p;ivt in renovating the school system to meet the needs of a new, technological America, It's up to those of us not in college to find a way to.make use of this new talent. When we do, the idea of equality will become a living thing. It won't need to be pumped inlo anyone. Preventing Tomorrow's Okies A grotiji of porsons, in (.crested in conservation, orpmrml rvrenUy In eon- duct a campaign to siive the soil. Known as Friends of (\ K \ MW \ t u, c sponsors are convinced munition of farm families is largely allributable lo luck of soil consiTvalioi, dVoils in the pasl. __ "No nmlkT whidi jiulilicnl [«u-ty OUT OUR WAY gains ascendancy as the years," said Morris L. CooRc, one of the sponsors,- "whether we remain at peace or go to war again, this fact will remain: so long as we keep scrubbing off top soil and wounding oar water sources, business and social conditions in the country will remain fundamentally im- sotmd." Any steps that can be taken to keep land fertile for a longer period of'Unit: should be considered seriously. It may be important in saving ourselves from having lo consider the problem of migrants in years lo come. delated KfisU'i' Su.iif.lay was a freczing, si.iowy, wind-blown occasion for nmny northern cities. Thousands of people felt cheaU ed of (he opportunity to display new finery in outdoor "parading" which has become a real feature of a day devoted properly to move serious things. In Cleveland, therefore, a movement has been begun lo set April 2.1 us a "Spring Parade" day, on wlucb all llioso. , disappointed on the true holiday will step out in their now bibs-and4nckerK anyway. It isn't a bad idea, and: possibly two IhingK will have been accomplished, a greater Waster Day concentration on the feast's true significance, and a better to parade spring finery in milder and more auspicious weather. THURSDAY, AHRIL -4, wo Propaganda Hither the Urifish government has a puor press agent or llicro are molivc.s behind the Graf Spec mutiny story which Americans can never appreciate. As it stands, there are only two interpretations of the incident: 1. is true that the N;«i sailors. mutinied, which is unlikely, the British deliberately detract from what has so far been regarded as the most glorious victory for His Majesty's llnet. 2. If false, then nobody can believe anything that (lows from British propaganda sources. Every story will be suspected as phony. '" Under either: circumslancu.s, ^'tiiti-. British would have been belter, ol!' had they kept Iheir months shul. Americans have good reason to be' pretty suspicious of a lot of things th'at have been happening in this war— on both sides. • SO THEY SAY A political program Is alwnys fur safer- in Ilic- hamls of its friends than. Us enemies,—Postmaster General James A. Farley. Not a few people today Ha,ve lost, peace bc- ratisc Ihcir prophets or thcri rulers have turned invny from His Christ.—Pope Plus XII. * . •* - * K a HI iiQt easily pushed arowiH..-6ecrctavy ol War Jlavry Wqodr.ii.ig. t * * The Kcpublltfin party needs to have it krtown Hull, ii doesn't fcom n'omeii.—ConerciHsn'oniiiti- clccl Frances t>. uolloi\ (l<ep.. Ohio*. t «. * I want evcrylxjdy to know lhat I have romcci a new word, u's "Tobeyhoo!"—Dr. Vergil D. H'Td. chief asslsliiul- director. Buveau' of Ihe Census, conuncntinj; on scnalorial crUiclsiiVH ol (lie census. SIDE OUNCES by Qalbrahh am- 'MO f "fA. utHKf, me. T. y, ,. F AI. an:. "All the fellows al the office agree, \vilh me tl\;{( the nian _• .should'handle llic. family's.-income." " THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William Ferguson THE INSTITUTION! IS KEPr UP 6V WEALTHV /vAOORS, WHO REcSARD THB BIRDS XXS •SACREC?. T. M. KEC.U. 5. PAT.OFF. IN ' PENNSVLVAINIA, 4SS HUNTINC3 ACCIDENTS OCCURRED IN IS>38 . . . WITH ~7Q BATAL.ITIE&, ANSWpR: Qlacicr Part, Montana, and VV;,tcilon Lakes Park, Di^.Stephcii Voslcr live CM Ihc Su»aimcc river? Town Clock No Longer Summon? Police Cars ANACONDA. Mont. (UP)— This city lias passed mil. o( Us "I'anl Hcvcrc" <(«ys. Until rccenily, when lite drsk H>rgeun|. al liic police sUition wiMi- cd tn .siinimon a pntrol c;ir al "Iglit. li.e (limed off the lights an the cll.y hull brHly clock, the fmir fitcivi of which nrr visible rniin "iij' iKjInl in (he city. The iroliw depart incut noiv hus a two-way radio system for i-iilliiii,- Its iwlrul cars. Formerly, when iiolicenvcii nn<l piitrol cars used to Bft a cull by soritiy UK- cily hall elfk-k "blucked-out," il\cy would qtlule Ihr line from "1'aul rtcvcrc's Hide": "One if by laiul and two if l>v tea." • SERIAL STORY K. 0, CAVALIER BY JERRY BRONDFIELD COPYRIGHT. '" '''?" "' buvlnif Ciiviiller Irnlri u/j (lie .Vuriiipiu jifiir. ifc,.,- ,.,,„•( all'onl lu i'lini-el ,,ud Himicn wim'l (urn liac-k. Hold,.! ||,c iiuliUclty. "Ill linek Iht »tudluj.i. Miff Hey hlu- l,if,)rm» Cnvnllrr Hint lif'll liu Ijnl xlic'll Blvu lilm „ »<| wurlc ivllh (he ornv, olt. (iri7/.ly Triplets Kiglilril MISSOULA, Muni. (UI 3 >—Three Lewis and Clark national forest rangers n-pon M-ciiig grimly bcai Iriptrlx in „ piimji'ivc area near the Oonlhirntal divide. Grral> triplets are snld to occur once u .1 million births. HE TOl.D ME HI SECRET OF SUCCBSS W.\S 7H-M EVERY \ TMEHESA\JEC>EMOIK5H I MONEY TO LOOK LIKE COWBOY'S SPOSED " iOOk, HE'D BUY ANOTHER RANCH THE RUSTY KING By J. K. William, OUR BOARDING HOUSE withlbjo. Jtfoople ^ NOW, LEAMDER, PERCHED ATOP " TMAT eo\,VOU ARK AS TALL AS I AM— WAR.-RUMPH.'? REMEMBER, I GUARD UP, KEEP COOL AND POISEO, ' AND WM6M I ADVANCE, WEAVING ANO BOBBING LIKE THE IMMORTAL DEMPSEV, USE YOUR LEP:T AS A RAPIER Q(3 FOIL TO REPEL MV ONSUAU&HT/ ALL RIGHT, ALL «%( READY ? OKAV.' RIGHT/OMLYTMiS la,™.,.VOL) GLAD- BOX AIM'T so GOOD/] IATORS CEASE CfttfT USE AMY -A BLASTING WUEf-J FOOT WORK,OS POP/I TAP THIS VOO OtJ THE BAV ^JT, VJlNDONM.' U ^- LESSOR ^ GETS UMDER WAV/ frc V 6 rtl <£t. vi "QKAY, you lugs. Hit th 1 decli!" Unity Kclso opened one eye and squinted at Ihe big seaman bellowing inlo the crew's quarters. Duffy shuddered. On all sides oj him men were gelling out o£ bed but Kolso drew his blankels up closer to his chin. When he looked up again the uijj fellow was standing over him, grinning. "C'inon buttercup. Time to bloom. What do you think you're (loin 1 ?" "Right now," Duffy muttered, "I'm hoping you fall overboard before you're a day older. Whalsa idea (jetting me np in the middle of the night?" Next thing Dufty knew the blankets were rudely pulled from his bunk. "It's almost Ihrec bells," the seaman roared. "Cap'n Hansen sent some new duffle down for you hiss. Get. inlo it and lay to." Duffy sal up, groaning again. "Why can't they U.Ik English?" he asked Pop Grimes. "It's like being in u foreign country somewhere, only much worse." He turned to Cavalier. "What time is three bells?" 'Tivc thirty," Eddie fold him. •"llow'd you know that?" Kelso inquired suspiciously. "I read ;i book once," Eddjo suid sarcastically. "Big words and all." A red-headed seaman came in. "Mi'ya boys," he began. "Hi'ya, Duffy. Gncss you don't remember me, do ya?" Duffy looked at him closely and started. "Mike Kelly! Well, I'll be - ," lie cried, wringing (he red-head's hand. Suddenly he drew his hand back. "What lh' deuce am I doin' shaking . hands with', you," lie growled. "You're part o' this mob, ain't you?" Kelly grinned, disregarding Kclso's last remark. "Ain't seen you since—since that ijjghl in ihc Garden." "Yeah," Duffy agreed. "As I recall, you lay on th' canvas for 10 minutes after Buddy Jones tagged you." "That's why I'm here now," Milce said seriously. "And al least 1 know Ml never be walkin' around on my heels and making funny passes every time a trolley motorman clangs his bell." Mike nodded toward Eddie Cavalier who was buttoning his blue denim, shirt. "I ain't never liad Hi' pleasure o' shakin' hands with lh' champ, Duffy, Could y' introduce us?" Eddie smiled, even before Duffy could voice the ceremonies. "Hello, Mike. I'm not champ yet, thouglj." "You will be, kid," pumping his hand. "I've seen, you go. You can't miss." "Oh, say Mike," Pop Grimes broli? in. "Let's gel down (o a little business. As long ;is we nave to make the best of this mess, what kind of tack you got on board?" Mike raised his hand Fignifi- cantly. "Plenty. Lucky I keep it on hand for me an' th' boys lo putter around wilh. Two .sots o' eight ounce gloves, a light bag, a pair o' bag gloves and a head guard. Almost made to order, hey Pop?" "If I rlidn'l know belter," Pop muttered, "I'd swear il was a frame." 4 * * WITU the exception of lliose on duly everyone was already seated in (he small mess quarters when they entered. "New hands," Captain Hanson told the crew curtly as they sat down. "Kelso, Grimes and Cavalier." Hanson grinned behind h'n napkin as the boxer sat down across from Val. lie looked startled at seeing her. "Didn't think I'd be up '.his early, djd you?" she said swce'.ly. "One surprise after ;mql!/er," Eddie Kighed. "First thing we'll do is put up a ring for Mister Cavalier," Val said evenly. "After tliat Kelso and Grimes will join Ilia paint crew. Cavalier can do a lilile of his road work around (he deck and then report back to Captain liansen." Eddie Cavalier glared, "Give ;;ny orders you wish, but don't go forgetting that Pop Grimes is my trainer. He'll make the suggestions about any road work I'll do." "Paint crew," Dully muttered. "A Hcmbrandt she wants to make oula me." RIGHT OR WRONG ABOUT PEOPLE What Foods Will Ward Off Old Ago? «V DONAU) ,-\. LAUll> I'll. !>., Sci. I). tlioiigii most of us look forward (o reaching n rijjo old .igc 1 . :horc is nolhing uUiac.Uvi; nuoui the possibility of years of ixilsicd. still, pain-vacfccd (iccay. 1 here arc tnany recent laboratory and clinical Indications lhal doclining yenvs can be imulc more vigorous and lirnUhful by the ds eaten before olc|-.'i{;c yets us in Us grip. The foods eaten in middle life, even hi childhood, serin to have a great deal to do v.ith how spry wn are in after-life. Foods eaten in early life also have a bearing on how long we MAC. Rome faddi.sU Ijrlicvo that by I'-ccpIni; very .slender on a starvation diet we shall live longer and be lirallhicv i» ( ,lil aec. Tlicrc is no M-icntilic JiislilU'iUion tor this. On Ihe olhrr hand, ovcrralinp and o>rrwcii;la lluoiipliont life make ol(l-aye tdine mori- quickly. One ol the lirM rules, therefore, is moderation. Not toy little, nor ton much. Oilier faddists have kcjM. children on mere existence (He's on (lie f:i!st* notion that retarding groii'lli in chiklliood helps olci a(je. This may help some laboratory £T was early May and the sun shone brightly over th.c-gcullv -oiling Pacific. A thin streamer of jmokc im the horizon was the only oilier sign o{ life. Val Douglas br.eallied deeply and sauntered up behind Eddie Cavalier who lay stretched full ei)£lh upon ;> hatch cover. 'You don't look very active for a fighter supposed to be in trailing," she said .casually. No answer, lie was iniingvable, wi!h his arm flung across his eyes. "I was talking to you," 5he said cily. "1 heard you." "Why didn't you answer me?" "Why don't you (hr.ow me in the brig for insubordination?" "It's an idea to toy with," she n formed .him menacingly. "Way- >c you'll wish you hadn't given birth to it." He got to his feet then and started working his arms across vis.chest in circular-in.oli.on, to- .ttlly disregarding her. Then he Dioltc into a slow jog around deck. She paltered alter, hini (or a Jew slcps. "Don't forget lo report to Caplain Hanscn.wh.cnyou're through." He slopped dead. "Scram!" he larked at her .so savagely she was stunned to silence. Ho trolled off again and lelt her. "IKE KELLY was pulling up (he last slrand of rope on the ring when she came up. "Did you ' nave any help on this, Mike?" she asked. "Sure. Grimes and Kelso bolli looli a hand." "\Vhero are they now?" "Cap'n liansen gave Kelso permission lo send that wire to Sara olden. He must be up in the radio room. Grimes is up for'rd with Hi" paint crew.". Cavalier went by and waved to Kelly. "Great Ixiy," Mike beamed following Eddie with his eyes. "Clean-cut kid, too. He ain't just another pug with a couple hard fisfs and a harder head. He's got class, lhat boy has." "I fail to see it," she countered. "B.egging your pardon, Miss Douglas," Mike said apologetically, "bvil mebbe you're just a little blind if you can't tell th' difference between a guy like Eddie Cavalier and ;i pug like—like—well, like me, for ins.lance. That guy's another Gene Tunney. This guy Cavalier even went to college for a couple years. You'll change your mind about hun some day, you will." "Maybe so," she iiiullered, "but not in print." (To Be Continued) [foods I okcep Ihe body well supplied with energy and flesh, plus a wide assortment to fortify with vitamins and minerals, make old age something to look forward lo. Liking one or two foods loo well, and culiiiB loo much of them, i.s not, advisable. One-food families are likely (o be short-lived families. The housewife should develop skill to prepare a nev,' dish cnch week, ilcr family will enjoy the .surprise and ivil) be more likely lo enjoy btd-iigc. rat.-, Inc longci. but m.iko, them less vigorous and less playful. Stunting during: the growth period cloo.s not help old age. Feed Ihc .voinigilcis: don't deprive them. Another rule is to have a wide variety of foods to play safe on gelling enough precious vilamin.s and minerals which prepare the body for rrfis(ui B (h c ravages ol old age. There Is no sii )g ) R f 00 d w i,) c h will perform a miracle and act as afoiinlain. of yougi. l!ul cnoui;!] NEXT: Do Women Ituy Heller Than Men? Traffic- Loss.Pleases, Fewer Toboes Carried ST. LOUIS (UP) —There's one kind of Iraflic the Missouri Pacific railroad doesn't mind losing. The road saw only improvement in a B.31G drop in one type of passenger carried last "year—hoboes. Special agcnls reported the number of lioboes "ridius the rods" fell from TiMO in 1938 to 07,007 in 1539. Announcements: The Courier News has hcou lor- inally authorised to announce the following candidacies for office snb- jecl lo Ihe action of the Ucmomtic primary in August. Mi»iwip|ii Ciniiily .llldsc RLHiAND GREEN Sheriff and Cnllrrliu HALE JACKSON County Treasurer H L UilLLVl OAINKS 'Km Stx-ond Term! JACK 1'lNLt.Y ROBINSON County and I'rohatc Clerk T. W. POTTEn H-'or .Second Term) Circuit Court Clerk JMKVKY MORRIS (Kor Second Term) <l-'or the sr-M, now held by Wofxlrow Ifiillon) J. liEK HEARDEN For ijusl now held Ijy Frank Williams FRANK WILLIAMS i for Second Term) (For |»st now held by 1., H. Antryl U II. AUTBY (For Second l*rm> KltANK I). UNDERWOOD W. W. (BUDDY) WATSON U'or Second Term) Head (Xjunur Nuws want ads. HOLD EVERYTHING By Clyde Lewis 'Say, Professor, can. you give uie.$20 change for thisV""

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