Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 22, 1934 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, September 22, 1934
Page 2
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Hope Thy Herald rtrett, Hope, Arkansas. C. E. PALMER, President . . , ALES. H. WASinJUUN, Editor and Publlshw second-class matter at the post othce at Hop*. Under the Act of March 3, 1897. The Headless Horseman \-& ^IVM ""The newspaper is Jin institution developed by modern clvil- *«""""'— * «, ™« «f thi> <tov to foster commerce and industry, H. McCormick. In Uus paper and also the local news published herein. Term., Stertclt Hiag.; new 10™. < -"J r , «»=j«— "' °V • TT c*.,, -nirirt erTDrive; Detroit, Mich., 7338 Woodward Ave.; St. Louis, Mo, Star Bldg. Charges on Tributes, Etc.: Charges will be made for all tributes, cards nf flunks, resolutions, or memorials, concerning the departed. Commercial newsoaDers hold to this policy in the news columns to protect their readers -from a deluge of space-taking memorials. The Star disclaims responsibility for tho safe-keeping or return of any unsolicited manuscripts. Your Health By DR. MORRIS FISHBEIN Editor, Journal of the American Medical Association, and ol Hygeia, the Health Magazine YOUR Strange Eye Troubles Arise After Forty ICHILDREN j By Olive Roberts Barton I "Be Good" Only Is Paradox to Child. As old age creeps upon us, the ability of the tissues of our eyes to respond becomes lessened. lac creasing years. For some of tnese j there is possible compensation through ous the use of eyeglasses or by means ot | surgical methods which bring about , improved function. For others there j is no known treatment. doe£n , t do a bit of goocl to teU a ^ ,. good .. O be a good little boy." doesn't Certain changes take place with in- j mean Q thing on earth to n j m| b e _ j cause the word is overworked, vacu- vagu ,, js contpary> an admonishment Q ,. fae goo ^> me ;, ns for him to give n ^ see H our way jf j, e j s no isy, the same utterance Nevertheless there are all sorts of , nicans to be quiet. quacks Who thrive upon the promise'; j If he is jumping., it means to stop. they make to those who are incurably . jj j azyi - lt me ans to hustle. afflicted. This applies particularly to j If eat j n « too much it means to «o weaknesses of the eyesight. j easy— if too little it means to get more Durin" the first 40 years of our ; inside him. lives the ability of our eye to focus; To be "good" means just about the imaees on the retina and thereby ^ j opposite of what he happens to be them accurately is carried on by doing at the moment that doesn 1 .suit means of aanuscular mechanism whose us. It is too general a term to be of action depends upon the ability of the j use because it classes itself with the ' lens of the eye to mold itself into a discarded "don ts. ' To Gravel Fulton Washington Road Will Be mi All-Weather Thoroughfare When Completed Workmen, under th t . supervision of Gco Beck, bcKim work on the Wash- iiiKlon-Fultou road early this wcc'K and expect to build mi all-wrather thuroiiKhfnro out of the present iliu | .,,,d clay road, i-omplctinK their work ' sometime thirini; the winter months. Work started within the city limits ,,f Wiishinj'ton and will continue out the Columbus road to its intor.wclion with lb" eld Fulton road, two miles wc-t uf town. From there the roail Yllows to Cross lioads. or intersection iih the Ilii|u-Culumbus hifihway 1 The sector between Cross Hoads nnd Kulton received some attention from the FERA last winter and spring., but ,, ul ch of it remains to be widened and graveled and placed in condition to be traveled under all weather conditions. There is no gravel at all on the section between the intersection with the Washington-Columbus road and Cross Roads, the roadway bemi, s;m d and clay and virtually impassible during wet weather. This is a very old road and in yc.u-s and years of usage has n narrow rotul- w -,v which has been worn down m tho red clay hill, until now it is only a one-way road, with banks 10 to 1.' feet high on cither side. This narrow road wil be widened Mr Beck advises as will all o Her portions of the Wa.shin (! ton-Fulton section requiring it. The work is being done with federal funds, as part of the government's drouth relief program. vVo k- men are those taken from the relic rolls. At the present time Mi'. oerK foreman over about 25. St. "PaiifFolki Plan Homecoming K^ivvvi* -—--47 7 1 _. •* • ^—-•••i i "'• SIDE GLANCES By George Clark "For. , the love of Mike! Can't you whistle any other tune?" lens or me vy* in *«»•- —— satisfactory shape for focusing. The eye, therefore, is able to see objects Certainly a child should learn that goodness means the verities—to eve therefore, is aoie to ^c ^^,~--.~ e uuunc M ,,. t c..~ — •--- -- 3e that are near or those that are far I truthful and honest, kind and help" u " •"• • i f u i. orderly and polio and all the rest a ^m's ability of the lens to mold it- } of it, . Gets Wrong Idea of Goodness children must get terribly tired of Inis aoiutj* WL <-"<- *_*.~ — self diminishes progressively through life and, some time after 40 years, a ejnimren must get lemui^ m=-.i <" stage is usually reached in which it j u We wou id feel like committing is not posssible to see well at ordin- j may h e m or jumping off something if, ary reading distance. j every time we overstepped, some one Nobody has yet developed any treat- pouted at us, or even cried over us, mentby means of drugs, exercises or or sweet ly purred at us, "Now do be anv other method that will prevent good." . orcurelhis condition. However, it Is) After a while a child begin to as- orcurei ^^ ^^ of | c oci ate all the unpleasant things of • • -' ijf e W ith "goodness." It frequently has the cpposite effect of what we seek to instill. As a matter of fact pCSSUji" fjy i*j*j*t, --— — the proper strength to bring the near point to a convenient distance and thus enable a.person to see as well as A more difficult change, which takes nlace in the eyes with increasing old aee is cataract. In this condition the lens of the eye gradually becomes . opaque so that it is impossible to see "±£1 -—«• —-± rs; '""Sr±; f? DUI only on the upper lid lend it outward beyond the corners -girls simply don't go in for those grotesque ochre, green and lavender effects this fall. Get a powder (hats suited to your type of skin. There are Brand ones with adherent qualities for dry complexions and many light. " rather fluffy are oily. varieties for tkms that THIS CURIOUS WORLD Powder must match the skin. Smart nF.GI.N HERE TOUAV nOOTS RAF.IJUH.N. IS. elope. „., nUSS I, UNO. hnnd-on.. F^ir^ B-"~" T. s,v^r^:'-.2 '^tt,'? £ I "Why do you do I ward complained one 1 he found her particularly 1 and tired. , \ ••Why not marry me andjtepj right out of it all. urged with Impatience g. walking toward her, attended •wo or three young men. Syl- 3 high-haeled shoos were shin- and elegant, settins off her nar- feet to perfection. Her dark crowned by a fez-like cap o: cruaned golden brown petals. A wave of expensive scent preceded A III I VAN j ?,.,. lieen killed i« » molorooin "'«*., no-.. no-.-.^.V.J.-S ^^iw'ri ««^, lf -x '» """•" XTu rT .r»P «# '"- , KCO lier parents nnd take* In'' tieu »»ii." ....i wa,ve OL c.\^^ iiji • ** . Boots could not—would not ex- , Boota> jn her tweed coat which plain the situation at home. Her d secn throo seasons' wear, her Be would not permit iU To fly brog|ies an d Btockinga have Edward offering to subslduU ]arncj at tUe hecl§ her parents would be most «"™i»'i indeed, unless it has become repuj nant by trite reminders. Good people, honestly and sincerely self-controlled, self-disciplined, and -o indeed much happier GO ON WITH THE STOJIY :HAFTER XXXIX darned at the heel, was conse oua ot her own shabblneas. Sylvias eyes flicked her once, raced past her; it was the cut direct. Hoots turned away quickly, her u oei— , c, 0 blood racing. It was silly, H y,as from lite that she hated. Sho sMip((] IQ , )0 hlll . t b y the incident, wiq more mature, more sturdy: assurc d herself. Sylvia was now: she -would not make that , gnoranti crnBS and^ruel.^ Hut tho mistake again. jblow Kt.uu So she put him off. M "' 1 '""'-- 11 LD i. w «••—-•—- lau.u-. Besides, she felt dollnite- y that this was not the way out --marriage. She had slipped into It before as a means ot escape ^,^i tin'.* *-* •- — none tho loss, and all Action Better Than Talk Tills i.s why a mother would bR B .mi nnw sue SLIIU. .m« .-...DOTS went back to the ""^1^ content wltu that. UIOW KI.IIUo, nui." • So she put mm on. — i«« lho way ,:, to the city she read her now she said. And Edward had wiU , inace |n R cyna. hor heart 11 * _ ..... * i. »i, n » . .__!„„ ^ ,, r ,.. i n w i r ii i n not. /Ylvliuu&ii v«^»i. ^*-" time and money have been spent en- ; ripavoring to find some way to stop ^ _ .. .. ' fue lenses from becoming opaque, or ! wiser to handle- a wayward chud -to clear up the condition after it be- | bit differently than jusrt to toss off comes opaque, it is safe to say that the time-worn word. no one has yet discovered drops to be | Take , for instance, the little gii 1 put into the eye, any exercises or any : who never comes when she; ,s cr. lecl. «ther method of a medical character j -you must be a good little p.irl, Sat wTll toke care of this condition, j Isn ' t going to change her much when Thp ore hope at present is proper j , he has heard it a hundred times, surgical treatment when the" time is : she wouW never have reached this J *3 .!._._ _f»,-»ri;t^iiri.iir>(» in trie* 111 h ripe. . . . Another rather common condition coming on late in life is glaucoma, in which there is increased pressure in- <ide the eye due to a defect cf the stage of un-discipline in the first place, but once she has, there is no use begging her to be- good. The .situation requires a course ol action, rather than words, perhaps a ft-w disappointments because she partmont she shared with Francos, and which Frances occupied alone before her com- ln" Briefly she explained the Francos was all sym- sitiiatlon. riu..— • pathy. all understanding. f-ai- urally Boots wanted to be with ^ ^ _.. her people if they . needed__ her. ^^ )n dcf)palpi mimmnnert the burning "The coal bill, the light bill, gro- ..,—it cost so much to live! i he CYLV T.VC engagoment to some small fill- S jlr Crogonlan was announced in tho vill^n papor tiiat week nnd a score ot."funct.lnn»" followed In tho nnnotiirempnt's wako. Sylvias First Affair Will Ik- Hold There October 5 to 7 The first homecoming for the people the St. Paul neighborhood two i,, K north of 0,nn, will he held on dobcr r, to 7, il was announced this euk. The homecoming event has been cntemplated by the citi/ens of that ommunity for the past several years, ut onlv this year have their plans lalurialized to the point of seltmi, a "Vhe homecoming celebration will oRin Friday night, October ath wil L . continued the following night, and vill last throughout the day Sunday. Church .services wil be in charge ot Dr Walter S. McNutt. At i p.m. bun- lav the program will continue with j-ief histories of the early families who -settled in the vicinity of b- Paul. The memorial address for the occasion will be delivered by James William EIH«. Texarkana attorney, .vho. incidentally, is the S rt j ut : BI '?™T son of the man who donated the U ,, build the- first church-at St. Haul, nearly SO years ago. Homecoming arrangements «'<•'", ,harue (,f the- Rev. Waller W. Nelson , of Sheridan, who was born and reai- nd at St Paul, and Ed and Ben Good- t of St Paul. The Rev. Mr. Nelson writes: "I doubt that any community th,, state can boast of more noW« •e Her com-1 • • jse n | )sorb0 (l her small etl- :plaincd the grenfl ily while her mother be- ,,oo nil Rvm- penu feie j ... _ ,,„,,„ olmnsl wailed tho necessity dally. On the .»« day of lu>r pcopie " m^j Boots glanced around the gay and which she had in oos, , Meal furnace man who had always in tho baso- jn nit: i".-ii. v«--j -- [j^p aiinouu:unn-iii- •» •• " old boiler collapsed and ' m . 0j n mtterlng ono showlim tho . ,i^ u ,>.,ir Kiimmnneri the ... „„'j,eii-iss in an overling gown of darlns «t with the inovllaWo orchids on her shoulder, smiled I10 .„.. forth from tltn sncloty pages. The mont liKiirliu;. considering. A new ^ Cnfjts ^ lhla partiiSilnr pic- boiler would be $200. tliro s ], o , )a U tho Urst Instnllmont •"We can't pay it." Bnots Baid| on tl)O ncw furnace and had her with the calmness of utter despair. , own Kh ooH half soled, ••ril take your nolR. Miss Boots." .. n lsn - t Uut I mind tho Ennd, * l . _ l _ I, .1 r. tir t It A ' . .' .. ervoil thorn. Me spent an hour MOON WANDERS SLIGHTLY FROM ITS PATH, AT TIMES/ ALTHOUGH IT DOES NOT STRAY MORE THAN ABOUT 2.O MILES FROM ITS PREDICTED POSITION, IT IS THIS , VARIATION WHICH CAUSES SLIGHT ERRORS IN TIME SCHEDULES OF ECLIPSES. WALL sSTREET, NEW YORK CITX" TAKES ITS NAME FROM A WALL, BUILT IN ISS3 AS A DEFENSE AGAINST TW E.*"~'!CH IT STOOD ON THE PRESENT SITE OF WALL STREET. Glaucoma is one of the most ten- ] netj(la Uicl , md pc . rse rver- ous conditions that occur and the pa- | a lo ' comhat h . tient should have the attention (-r .1 , ^ children learn that it pays specialist in diseases of the eye as ; ^^ ^ ^ naughty," rather than bu- soon as possible. j . . llst -.good," a real light comes up Tliere are certain changes on 1hfc i ahua( |' 0 £ t hum. But the words "bad," outside of the eye that also be-in t.» | .. naughty - an a "good," as mere adjec- occur v/ith increasing age. Ono of , t . <rfc( . [o t , a j 0 i L . or condemn or relieve the most unfortunate of these is the - ^ fjwn f( , c . lsillg . a ,. f .. n 't of any use gradual rolling outward of the lower , ^ ^ eyelid due to the relaxation of tissues _—..^-— and the degenerative changes. There is sometimes also a gradual loss of the fat that i.s in the skin. The eye also water a good deal, Ivecausf; of the lack of proper joining of the ; eyelid to tho other tissues. With the eyelid in this condition there i.s al.-,o . increased likelihood of infection. j Sornetimc-s attention to the hygiene- of the eye: and simple physical intas- ures will bring about relief, but in the more severe forms a very simple- plastic operation, which any physician specializing in surgery of the eye can perform, will cure the trouble. Older people may get ytllov/ith plaques or spots on the- skin of the eyelids, due to degenerative- chang,.-.. These may be removed by .suryical operation. It is also possible K destroy the rnby radium or by elec.MC- Hy. colorful room ... boon so happy. Hy contrast with tho shabby house In Larchneclt it wore a particularly Inviting air All the soft lined lamps were lighted. Frances, in vivid pnjnmns of vari-colorcd Bilk, toasted bread before the fire. "I'm sorry, honey. I ^guess thorn's nothing elf.e to do." Francos cncliod her bird-Hko r ^ s'^'neirthe note; She cut dark head up at hor. .down on lunches. Shu mended her Boots had h'-r ba:rs packed. ! worn stocking painstakingly. She Thu lurnitiire nil belonged to j ,, aspt j inwardly at the k» owln(J ^ Krai'oos Thoru was a Mower | UKU ,, er fni |l mothnr traveled over print on the bedroom wall, one t Uie K XC lianKO with the dozens or 1 ' "-' '! rolls in traya. How did pcoplo get 1 money'.' Sho marvfilcd. it to her came the Hunnas, the Greens and the Citlys. and many others that could be mentioned UK Paul church has sent out U St uul that 1 "I'll tiUe your iiom, .um^ ,-.•"•-•, J(j j.^ n (, Ll ,s^ ^ • -- aald Mr. Herrln^r who knew the j she whisporml to l^.-RMf.^onl^y thj|t ivas repaired p,eacl,er :: , aiul I ' understand that . | h-we the honor to have been the fust, Iriving left theer 42 years afio. 1U EvSybudy who has a connc,..Uon with the St. Paul community it <-. ; hally invited to attend its Ui-t humocominK on October .1 to I. Kdward GLORIFYING YOURSELF linots hud admivod and had bought for 'ior. "I'll take this," she said, "in romiiul nifi ot our good times.' Her old room with its wldu windnv.-s UinUod sparse and shabby m.v/, but It had a welcoming air Miss Florida had put an ivy ,,l;uit on tho hanslrm sholf and; Mrs IlaiOinni had put up clean j curtains. Thpy wor.j HO glad to j s ,..r. 1!,,(,IM that it hurt. She wan j u:-hai;ir-(l that Ciiiythin.-; shfi miKlit do would f.<> allfrt anyone. H'-r j u 1-nn.r tiirnr-d in his chair to -st-e:^ ), f . r rorno ill. She ki,^rt Ins i , fj.,1,.,1 di.-ok. I'l-f^cruly. tho her salary would nr l;oc'i> thr: old house Ro.-.. ly Every dsy some new need mnnifcstod lt:.olt. The pliinil.lns was old; the roof leaked; th? porch nopdnil mondins and painting. thinner nnd ! I lor mot her grew marveled, u B.MM.U-, more K aunt and more <^™"<;< y that hey had never had cheerful. Hoot, watchojl tlio B ..IKuit iiutL i.ii^j t i ' •• -- -•• i.-iif fnnrfnllv. eiioush. really, but things li.id never been so bad as thi.s. • • • IFK was diiiet in the big house. jJ- 1 Occasionally I.-uibel ran over for 5 Kossip. Once Johnny Ihi.T ernbarrasHodly. to In. ra and went an cams call. Hut hy Hoots' new status lionlii ft ami. moreover, that ^ no\v. They neemed to move a different world. figure narrowly, fearfully. The first snow of December fell, ushering in actual winter. Hoots figuratively tightened her bolt. " Klin nui-t feel as a :-:olilnT hlmsc-lt ,lnes who 1'arns -., Invalid upstairs Convict Was lluss In Dr Hera Tells Ama/.."K '•World's Worst Pen IJy BKUCE CATTON D ... Louis Bore wa* nice ica of cu ;il New York's Welfare Island ,.|IM,II for tome time- before th raid of last January. Illlill liin.T.iiu. -- • . . . obviously awed! with his .solitaire hi, Florida cumo and went. Sho was -Mvin- muHie )e,,;ous now but Ihoy T,,™. i,,.,. finnner.;: were low and ro- They cnuld .bout ' fa By Alicia Hart ^ Kmart Women Curb Use of Makeup. "French women." .says a fashion and bc-,ut yaulhority v/ho has just returned' from Paris, "are using a minimum of makeup this fall. utsUmdmg Con, int . !VL; ,l beauties and girls who aIL noted for their meticulous groornmt. :,.u trying to look as natuial as pos- .-ible." ,, ci-.r. advises American \vomen to ),,r cnu,e in. She ki«;on MS, , (l different world. """ ' i VP , • nv-nd " wlllumt Mi-« " li "- fi ""- (1 T*-- uu'v^'t oi Sh« Pa^e,, Mr,. FerneU on the • n» -« » ^ ,|, wi(h Mr . Kae - l! """ J '' """• ','" ,"•;;;'.I, ,'on,'' .it' *"«* n "° Hl "" !: ' y ^'•' !0 '"'. ! ;; ul hum when his wire went to tho :l „.„ M.-PS but f'» ""- '•"',: the older womnn bowed cordially. »» nv.n.liiB and afternoon. I"-' ^ L «-:,s hr-i-o .y lie o,.^ ^^ ^ ^ w fit()p aml I -^"^" c , .. l]|Ifl!)lni ,,„„, for her v.-ii;d(i\v. \vateini;.; the \.oi.u -o • ,,,,,. ,,.,.„, nn lier way ' sl ' . " . . ... ..,....,..,. i .,i,i nnnts. cond unique. Finally, there is the U v , wm- • — — - . • a gradual change in the colored r of the eye, so thai there ap- i to be a grayish arc over eacl> , ve While this is slightly disfigur- in,T' it is hardly of sufficient miport- a,rc'e to demand any operative proc..- dure or other attention. An-erl^TiST^^s ^;- is due tendency to u .-.e onl yenough rouge to give v.-iiulow, by. It was Htrai:L',o taking her pU:e-; iiaain in this old. familiar world. E c,-l US 'He tame Iti.-L-s: l'^"-'»^ . !;cl ,:c ;I ,, !„;-. the :«imo voices: i..'ali;:in." Hie ou. • order of things still P'.•'.• vailed. "" mutter what her iier.-:oir.i I ':arih- rnr.iUe had been. .-:ho\vevs " "•' fclill Kivon fur eiu'.a.v d -'"''^ Ji.alousie-s and riv:-.lri •.- w.-re -till ..i ,. 0: Klic seemnd to wish to stop and ' " chati'-r but li'^H went on lier to-lily Sli" wu-; not to be drawn into" eoiiv.ration with her old ,.pei:iv \Vitii Hlmrpoiicd vision aud she realized there waa .Mrs. [••crnoll would have as a resume of the Invaliia'ilo, physical :iid. Roots, a -chool girl, had bo.o.n mildly .Vs t ,,n cnmbino with pi •c and stupidity to pro' ulilions, this book IK i'l- 1 liiiow of no otliei 1 (•(,;• L Hi »-i"- - * (.Ut'irl V 1)()ok which shows (initL- as cle.ul> the dreadful |,r:ce society can ... forced to pay for its i " ) " tliy , Here was a prison that w.s PI..L both for tier (i lly nm by tlie worst inmat,.'.s. ; ,y lelpless in their cells • IV,, a'-diool '--irl. had bo.p.n mildly healthy liunsjatcrs U» U'oler.iit ot the .pare, angular ,pn- i ljie prison hospital. Li, r viih tlie rathor gush in? lausn. , ;cf ldlcd openly all o ,.i!J • '""• • •- • , i lu'iu in in':ii' •»• i-.iii>i"•i,-. She would Have liked \ whl( . h t;ho w; , s n ,, L n hi :o '-.i-uvel in Kpirit, saying, < at ease in Narcotics were all"Ui;tr r| "»- i Hie pi isun u,^t".".- . :u-. r v;Hh the ,-atlior gu.hii.g huish. j Addled openly "» ^^f^/'^bafie -irtriS 1 ;,::-^;;,;;^;^;;^:^:^'™;;^,^: »" w ' -i'--"'^^-^^" sensanonal Ind.-'< • 'I •y.,;i in water v/ith our meals. , on from above causeJ of '* vacuum above the che,ks a healthy glow. The prope place fo it, ^ we all know, as ex.-.ctb where your own hit;!, color shows after u"u'vc- been exercising. Don I u:-.. f( u -e to make your cl.c.ks more vivid ,!,..,„ they are after you have doiK- SO UU,K-"|» exercise, for fifteen nun- ^ "tipslick. one of the most neceswry j ,( all cosmetics, .should bo applied, from corner of tbo mouth. Leaving !;,;. corners a:. th,y an, ami putt.nK , little d-.bs of lipitick riiiht in tlie cen: t, r of both lip- is r.l! wrong 'I^ye3i. ; '1'ry to make your month look lull j ; and healthy. , l ! U.-..C fi-,i:-cara arid eyeshadow 1 uigl/ '••" tlie -« tet - Eyeshadov/1 iti-.s all. old club and somrity .Jvin;^ diiiiiM.-. nov; tt'.i; embraced u Im.-'i <•' ' u and qiiiirri-l.- and i'-i Isabel K'ld l;>-r ai.'. Isabel now be'.dn: 1 .'-.! I" • ' ihinUs she's going to me all over a^ain shu's " I;,M(S told herself cold- nMM'l cal.ch ll.ti Hash of I mid IriHlralion iu the Q VI.VIA IMVI'.US. llont-: 1 ^ hail been abroad. S!i-- \ ba back "any day r.ow." llionght ot Sylvia left li.ioi moved. It seemed a:;.-•.=. nso turioa, that she hail r-nvieil :i had hated aud resented her. .-•'•'•'-' went back and forth lo the city every day. On the train she was absorbed la h&r newspaper aud !'.•;! i! !;,,• i.'iiciiiinter with Mrs. ;•'. , :;• ;i I:.ild lo hurt her, the ret ::;-:i ',: :-'.y 1 v;a Kiivr:; did not leave ,:,--i;-ly nntoiiehed. Boots MIL; fur Ler usual early i rain on the crowded ata- IjUilfiirm when sho heard a hi^h. affected voice, a gu=t of rippling notes of laughter. ClUiuclng :.T niorni I ion a-'a in. i lint it was not easy goin:^ for thei , ,'irl She had her ini.ments ot black disrouia^einent. dlffiriilt to coneeal. H was In one of these that Kdward, 8 l'<li"S »!' '" '"? ?"' P . .. ' llis bis car one early wn.let tw 1 "lit, found tier. ••Urop all tlii«." '"= '"•'-"•' 1 alnulHt angrily. "Let mo lake' eaie ot yo.i. o£ all ot them. 1 want to do l. It was tempting Tho fm,w fel steadily outside. Bontr, dared not bny tho warm thin.ys she tiee.led to Ueep out the nuuuuiu;; cold. »n' Kdward. wunnurirm m ''-r e . talked ot a *ani..-r einnale fo, l,,r father, gulf strear. can be given a guy the sorority start-the rushing .arance with bright crepe oM™ ^ ^ ,f 39-iuch fabric " up, £'.ie saw SylvlaT wrapped In ilie I nal sleeteat and softest ut Island prison, Ki- h t-cr,:okL-d polities. Second- lliai ,,, L c,,li;,rly hateful kind of publ c Uuub.H,..; wliiel. n.,t only puts up W i,|, crooked ,,,-.lili. : ». l^'l '" J " •' l f ., ,„.;,„,. oue.ht not to be a health IL: t ,,'t and that any attempt to run a ,. i.; ••ruddlinM lh sensational ,,',' unansweialjle one. 1 eun ilia! il li''t-: an «.-xceplion- i-L-arliiit!- STIU-rrioNS; liiV out the coupon below, 'I'Hi: \\MK 01' THIS M'.ttSl'.U'KK. The I-'ALL I'ATTKKX HOOK, with a Julia lioyd design.s, of ; COIlll^iv^i.^ "^ cents when purchased above, seuu tho coupon. JUl.IA BOVU, 103 PA UK-AVION UE. NEW Kudosed is 15 cents in coin (or v Pattern No • Size....... Name Address City • Statc •'" Nam-.- oi this uc-w.spapei'

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