The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 7
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Old Banim Wan Wrong World's Pair Decides Quits Hit Castle l'-\ PAUL M \ Vmu Sfifl toMtsrmildrnl U1A1II VAILtY Calif Apia 2 -ihe income 11" fellas imc bun pestering Death Valley Scott', again, and they have B onc away as bewildered and cmpty-hnnded is Every year, agents of the Internal Revenue Service trek inlo (lie desert, lo remind Waller Scott. that he hasn't filled out Form 104(1 fid to ask how come. They have heard the persistent legends of a fabulously rich mine. They have .seen Seotly tossinc., S1CUI) bills on (lie bars of the night pases of Hollywood. They have visited Death Valley Ranch and its $2.000.000 mansion, called Scotty's Castle, which are sup posed to l)e jointly owned by him and the Chicago millionaire. A. M. Johnson. The mystery man of the blazing wastes patiently explains to the "federals" that, he hasn't been making much lately—not enough In pay a lax on, anyway. He de dares he lives simply and just borrows enough from liis partner to get along on. Like the income tax fellers, I visited Scotty too—but not at the castle. scorrvs CAKRFUL ABOUT HIS PUBLICITY We drove auoiit 50 miles up the valley to the north and whisked pasl a road and sign pointing to Scotty's Castle. "Hey!" I said, indicating the can yon. "That way!" "Nah," said the man at. the wheel. "That old sidewinder don't live at the castle. Hates the place ' ever since Johnson started chnrgiii 1 tourists $1.10 to go through it Scotty thinks that's picayunish and-bad for his personal publicity Nossir—.Scotty's got a place of his ownr'reah-privhte." •Presently we turned off the good road onto a one. It got worse Then we stopped at a Gate while one of the men picked the pad lock with a piece of wire. "The old boy's probably got his telescope and a rille on us right this minute." he chuckled. SCOTTY STILL WKARS I.ONGIKS The cm" bumped around a. rocky trail to an nnpainted shack, about 2S by 10, with bonrcled-np windows. He an;l the other tivo men yelled, "Scotty!" a few times, and a voice. said lo come in. ! It wns pretty dark inside. Scully had been in bed. The plutocrat of Death Valley wore long underwear, a right -shoe, and a bandage on the oilier loot. While he put on some trousers I lilanced around. Only wall decora- lion was a calendar. In an alcove opposite the entrance was a slack of old clothes and a couple ol cases of fine whiskey. There was one chair—a good leather one, and he sat in it. "If you got. no place for people to sit down." he observed amiably, "they'll state their business ami ait out." MOUNTAIN' I.IOXS A LA SCOTTY He hospitably opened a bottle of Scotch, though, while he (old how tiie income tax fellers had been after him again. Death Valley Scotty wants privacy, and lie needs it. Right out in the front yard he has a glistening porcelain bathtub. He fills it with a garden hose from a spring part way up the mountain. The mules drink from it and he tellies in it. often at the same lime. He explained his gouty foot with n story of how a mountain lion climbed n tree in the yard to get some meat hung there, jumped down on a heavy table and upset. H so that it fell on Scottys foot - - t 1'Aliia. ilJI'i uantii | minister of ni'iiiinncni.s, miiilnitc^ 1 to pay Klovviiu; triljutcs to the women of Fiance who an: woiktnt! in niluiiliiins plinu.s. 'I his rom'spomk'in visited some n! the facloiics in wlileli liunchi'ds nf vvuiiicin arn hc'lpinj; ID ki cp ivnr liiidiietlon ;ii Us maximum. I he: woim-n an' wiirkini; in almost i-vciy Sndiistiy -iniloinoiivi.' branciies, shells and iniinilions. in planes and elothlng. They liave 1'illul the (ilnei-s left vai-ajn by men wli» now yiiiird tlu> M»i',inol line They are dolni; all tin> IIKIII work wiu-ni detl lintiers uri- neod- ul and wliere paiiistakint; care is t oilla). In :i Itmd «'hu're for cc 1 ])- tiirles Ihe women made lace. :nll- tuiil flo'.vcrs. dainty clnthine, mid Oiire they created .-tnd csrc'iitecl ihc world's styles in tires':, it is natural for them to luiu ui the Jiijjiuiiciable tasks where iwlleiice iinci piecision are required. Koine Operate [Allies In Ihe l)l(i Industrial plnuts, a fm women opeiate small lathes nid autoina'Lic mnchines. but (or most part they work where cnly ; the hands and eyes are needed, lii cue big lank producing luc'.ory. <ni of the Inrgcsl of its kind in Ihe world, (here are scores til women engaged in the quietest, and 11 ingest of nil orcujxitioiis, but, vitally important. They were test- ins, inspecting and grn<1ini> roller 1 L i ings, from sizes almost loo ••in ill to be seen with the naked ni to biy, polished cylinders and spherical hearings large n.s marbles Dressed in white smocks, ranged in rows of little desk-like boxes, they turn the bearing over thin bhck cauls. Rusty ones and those 1 . t might develop flaws are discarded. 'Women are much belter for this work than men." Ihc door superintendent said. "Men have not. enough patience for such continuous routine." Ihc bearings passed ami in- 'necled by women move into long galleys where special distributing machines cull them out, in graduations of a thousandth of an inch. They roll into little drawers from which the mechanics choose them for insertion in Ihe hundreds of mnchines vised in modern ' " ' "" " l-'ulr De.ilh Valley Kcntlv Yukon Clings To Us Deail MAYO, Yukon Territory (UP) — Mute testimony of the hardships encountered in Hie frozen northland was the lifeless, frozen body of Alfred Burrfitn, whose tractor crashed through the ice of a rlnr recently. Biirrian's brother and three companions hacked at the ice for 48 hours before they freed Ills body. Marriage Licenses Seven couples have been granted licenses to wed from tile Blytheville office of Ihe county court clerk dllrillir Hit past W ,. C )^ N llmrs of Ihc couples and Uu; mintslnrs or officers performing Hi,, (•eiviimnu'.s. if listed, follow: Deivanl Lcdford and Mrs. Alline Dowdy, both of Dell, by Msjjistr.-iie T. L. Cassidy; Clinton 1iu»ene Wiuiley and Miss Corinne Blackard. both of Blyihevlllc. by iMn»Islrnte Cassidy: H. U Hush and Miss Irene Coleman, both of Tomato, by the Rev. T. R. Shepherd. Jessie L, Tomlin and Miss Adel Williams, botli of Burdetle, by J T. Renfro; Elmer Willis and'Miss Willie Pay uixon, both of Blytheville. by Magistrate Cassidy: Orady McCsllum and Miss Flora lirosdop. both of Blythcville. by Magistrate Cass-icly; Wesley Hall and Miss Bertha Ford, holh of Ulytheville by the IJcv. J. o. Vance. Woman Cries Robbery, Cash in Her Stocking PAWTUCKET. R. r. (UPi-Fin- isliing a soil drink in ;i cafe, a iniudie-aged woman opentd her piirsa and .screamed: "I've bcc robbed. I had S2-I when I sat down." Police were summoned to the cafe and while they considered v.-hiit action to take, the woman sal down. A !c\v minutes later she juhped to her feet, pulled down her stocking-lop and look out Ihe S24. "I BUCSS I foi'6,01." was her com- nieiil. Cracli's IlaiighliT sta rs ALBUQUERQUE. N. M. (UP) — Elinor Jones comes from an athletic family, and n vcs Uj) , 0 „,,, name. She's Now Mexico women's golf champion and forward of n crack independent, women's basketball team. Her father Is J E Jones, bnskcltan and track coach at New Mexico Universily, STONEVHLLE 2 B Experiment Elation Tests Trorc H To Be Best Money Value Cotton For M i s s i s s i i> n i Comiiy W« )i«e a limited supply or these seed wMrti ar <- first wr ftom greed stoneville '1 B bought direct from the breeder it «••,, IroLn local rarn» and Its purity Is insured by social supervision' and ttrt separation In pUtitinB. picking mi ginning. stri Qet fresher nni r>n«r seed now— we will fcc gill to Uarte for vo'i or yon may olutn these dclluled seed for «2.50 per Imurtred. RED TOP GIN Thonc 273 Noitli Gl Hlglittay r seed :c, Atlt. Um.s in On-rslls- The offices are filled with women, naturally, but looking over Ihe wide area of a machine shop in a mass production factory, it. is difficult to recognize the women, so much do they resemble men in their movements. In the heavy shop work (hey wenr dark overalls. In the lighter jobs they are usually in while or blue. The plane and .small machine factories, ammunition, shell and hand ureiuulc fnetories are more adaptable lo women's hands, fn one Ma shell planl, (h c delicate work of adjusting and assembling Hie various p:irts of the detonators, shell caps nnd percussion parts is performed exclusively by wcmen. The nose of n little tiirec- qimi'lcr inch shell is compose:! ol intricate pails, delicately and ingeniously com rived. Like Ihe noses of Ihe larger anil-aircraft shell:;, they eventually explode the missile if it does not hi! n target. This is to prevent a rain of projectiles on the earth below and in the case of nnli- aircraft shells, to prevent a counter bombardment of civilians. fn Franco women arc engaged in every war activity except actual fifhtiiif. III. TOM WOI.K N'i:A SiTvk'c Stuff CuiTCsmindcnl : '.W YORK.-. The- New Yuri: World's Fair l!i:W learncil llirouijli llu nose Hi it Huimm i lout stnu dc id \ou c nit urn i uLUsslill lair if half your pilrhmen's Klois "Never (Jive a sucker nil fun llieil when Ihe New York World' lAilr 1'J-H) opens its it; i^iles on •lay II, it will lie. lit;,, its most iplencliferous new e:Ui:,vauanzii, n •mil bin, cheap. "American ,lul>- That. Is (he promise uf shrewd. | conserVHIive, banker llarvev U. Gibson, chairman of the Fair il, who has shied H couple of Wall Street dornicks ;,t (lie lilyli dlk lop lint of ihe dapper Mister I'nover WlmlL-n. Gibson has taken over the bulk of ihe l'"alr administration, allhoii};!, Mister Wlinlen still Is president in mime. The Gibson regime is working hard to remedy the major cbm- plainls about ihe I0:t!l spectacle on the lilled-ln Flushlinj Meadow.s: ill a mediocre amusement, area; 12) too many stilf, top-halted ceremonies; CD (he famous, and fictitious, "dollar hamburgers " AMllSKMHNT AltKA IS KKOKOAMZKO In the amusement area, ninny alterations have been made. It will lie a wise 193!) fairgiu'r who recognizes the JSHO child. The niosi striking change lo greet the pleasure-bound will be new. tricky "pin- whcel" Hetuira; clVccts — many limc.s brighter and gayer Ihan last year's. With the exception of the "ride.s" roller coasters and variations thereon), few of (he old shows remain n this amusement area. Oul- stiinding among the repealers are Billy Rose's Aquacade, Michael Todd's Music Hall, the parachute jump, and "bigger and belter" fireworks on Liverty <F<iun(alnj Lake MOlti: "IlKiNESS" I.KSS 1 OI01ALITV Biggest, and most discussed, or Ihc new spcclncles planned is Albert Johnson's Kiirgiintimn "American Jubilee." Featured on its lari;- I'St-ever-buill revolvim; stage will be four historical sel.s. niiide "lo size" instead of "to .scale." Problem number '.>, "lop hats." is largely eliminated "because we needn't have formal ceremonies this year. We're gciing lo keep Ihis fair completely informal. That's a promise." The promise eomc.s Horn Fuir-clilef Gibson. To control food prices, the bij;- gr-sl bugaboo of 1!1M, (he Fair board this year contracted ( 0 keep them lit a carnival-time minimum. All IliKli I'owcr Line Stolen NEWPORT. Art. UII>)-Some- thing new in (he way cf thievery reported by local" power company oflieials. They say the thieves, stole—of nil thimjs—a )>,.>;), power line. Tim is, the thieves tonk the wire from the lines which weren't, "hot" at (lie lime. Metropolitan LOANS iis. B. Clark fllnicoe ll lll.rtlicrlllr Ark. ,\ll(linnVed iMorlsace Loan Suliritors for the illclriipnli- lati Life Insnrnnrc Co. LOW RATES I'KOJII'T INSl'ECTION'S l.ONO TEIIJIS liKI'AVMENT Clark-Wilson Agency, Insiir. •las. li. Clark INSURES UNIFORM QUALITY CLEAR HEADS CCIEAR-HEADED DUYE85] CALL FOR duinii'lis. "i Ki !> pi in down to ) i t si i ni s <l'i mi. liuls - con i luauK undii 'III Ill si (lit «I|H|1|) I S2:i,iit!tl,tll)(l NUT ( VN I 111 ( ItHKl I) I'le-M'uson es!lm:it!cm of ntlend- " lu '' l Ji n piovid iitibiunss "Hi. and this vear none Is wllliiii- lo .slick his neck out. No mutter how Inrije (he tun,. nil, however, not enough 5()c adult. Me-children udml.winns can possibly be taken in to retire ihc '•.tmiiued $'j:i,ot)(i,«]|) KU U . bonds slill oijlslandiiii; Hllss falls on Love llinl EUUKKA. Cal. lUl'i — Kfi'ii love i\ls lire of nuirrleil bliss once In while. It. seems. While the cafi In which iwn love birds were confined wns bcliiy cleaned, or.e es- cnjicd nnd perehed on a hlyh dec- '•': liole wire. Then It Hew off to other parts of the city and (| 1( , lonely love bird in |], P c.'iue tvns left lo make ihc besl of the sllua- tion. PAGE SEVEN Pupils' Safely Record Spotless for 10 Years HAKEUSKIKI.U, Oil. (UP) — A 10-year safety record In which no Ilnkersllem child has been killed h automobile wliili! (lit! tlilH n pedestrian or riding a bl- tycte wiis ieveal«l at tt mccUni; of Ihe city Ijoiud of education. ! lie .slfinilk'ance of (he record mined added emphasis when it, was polnled out there are, liCOO children In Dnker.slHd between I lie M|'c.\ </| 5 and lf> |;oln|< to and | hum schools dally and that diir- 'ii|'. Ihe 10 years prior lo 1010 rec- id .'.honed 2-l.txkl children htwe un killed in tlio United Hlnlcs, Life t/iiiler SK Kuli'rs wiNNll'HO, Mun, tui')—llnvlnfi lived In Miinlloini under six Hilt-' I'll Mivercluiis 1 , .Siiniuci Desrosiers PiCbicI nl CIO\M Wlukn Ndwork t,r limits 'Hie Cllant. Si'dunln im: l»l> root only (larins t'u- .VHirs of Us lotiis life, •riii' K si-lids Its roots IiUvrnlly. close enrlv NU-WA Laundry-Cleaners Phone 180 For Prompt Laundry and Cli'iinlng Service dl«l here at the nge of 108, the oldest innn In this western prov- nco and reputedly the oldest man In Canada. His father, a'carpenter K'lm Hie Hudson's Bay Company ww born In Manitoba, and Samuel was Horn In a cottage at Bird's PRESCRIPTIONS Freshest Stock ; Guaranteed Best I'rices Kirby Drug Stores Washer Heed Tuning Up? JUST CJ1VR US A CAU, FOR KXPKRT WASHING AIAOHINR SKRVICK —All Makes— PHOHE 233 We. have f;ecm-ccl Hie services of Mr. Phillip prlc. a factory trained Maying Service Man HARDAWAY APPLIANCE CO. Service On All Makes SKIN CANCER rlin-o lliiiiinainl iicrsoim ft aluilm) lU'XilKO'ictf. Tj-tu':! vary li miy lie in iwonlcd nml <luvolQ|ied si» illo of fk! IL cancer annually, wlilcli we (cnn en complex, Unl uhln cancer lA If Ucalet! early while tbo IMmiionlcil uiolpj .,,,,1 dm |,orjl«l«u ai»:,p|ica, Ilk,: orillliaiy wailn bill m-foiv Uii-y doi'oluii liitir (julctitUI c ly lirflvniitcit liul, U lreali:<l In II.-, . •. , — ............ v . ]'li;»Jolliora|i)' Irratmwil, t euro may !>« Will, ,„»,•» «t ,lmi r , «x|Mrl.ilc« ,iul troa nlo,! -*jrt« which Jo not Incrcaae ahoiilil ho treated icon. Shin csncen arc not vrtinl.' ly Ijy 0110 .klllsil M-HH hundred* of castj «"«»U«, rr.. »d DRS. NTES & NIES niylhevlllc, Arh. Move is the Buid SI-KCIAL 4-door touting sedan i licrc to those ncliicvcd a liTclime ninhilion. 'I'hnt isiosuy.lhcydoii'lyctownnHtuck. We wont (o point out a few facts about (lie linick Sl'liCIAL pictured here—show how il swings wide Ihc door on a golden opportunity. Step inlo this sleek sweetheart. Your treadle fool touches ofTa s Infill at forltn.slnRNN<'oii|i» — Stxlnn tilnrl at !S ^delivered at Flint, Mich. Transportation based on rail rates, state anil local taxes (if any), eptieual ct/uiftment and accessories — extra. J'rices subject lo change without notice. quick Dynaflnsh slrai£ht-cii>lil cn- giut; llinl's jusl iilxnii tlicsmuulhcsl \\\\\\g llnil runs, thanks to uiicro- poised-haliincin^ after assembly. Swing (hrmijjli (hc gciir clinnfjcs nnd you find Ihc stunt; eusy, fitter-nick shifting us in the uiosl costly Bnick. And Ihe same recoil-mounted Knce- Aclidii slinking up bumps before they reach your hand on the steering wheel. Take a rough road in stride. You'll find that stout Bui- Coil Springs inutile oul (lie humps — and they'll never need lubrication. Look oul (hrough (he easy- vision vSafefy Plate Glass in every window. Check up ou the equipment: Two- Way Direction Signal with nuioiiinlic cut-off, built-in automatic choke, oil-filler, high-capacity water pump—they're nil there. Here's (lie smart style, the blithe performance and the solid, substantial Uuick quality of materials and workmanship thai make this the car you've been looking forward (o. Yet the figures on theSPEClAL make you think it's a six insteadofahusky straight-eight. Indeed, when you count in the included equipment, it costs no more than some cars with lower advertised prices. Soiook into the Buick SPECIAL. See if this isn't the time to "step up" (o the car you've always wanted. You can take a trial drive any time jus! by asking your Buick dealer, EXEMPLAR OF GENERAL MOTOSS VAIUE LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Ikoiilnny & Walnut

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