Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on September 21, 1934 · Page 5
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 5

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 21, 1934
Page 5
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£~ Friday,. September, 21, 1934 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Clergy Refuse to Aid Long Crusade "ICingfish" Angered, Call? Them "Cowards"— "Drunkard" I» Reply NEW ORLEANS'.' Ln. -(/P)— Hucj I J , l.oni; struck :i I'.lorm of ministerial criticism Tlmi'srby in lis cnmpnifir jjiirpdrtcd gambling i\n(l vice Very Much Improved After Taking Cardui "I Imve .suffered, a great deal from cramping," writes Mr;;. W. A Bewell, Sr., of Waco, Te:uis. "1 would chill uncl have to jjo to bed for about three days at a, time. I would havo a dull, tired, sleepy feeling. A friend told me to try Cardui, thinking it would help me — and it did. I am very mucn improved and do not spend the time In bed. I certainly can recommend Cnrdlli to ot.her sufferers." Thousands of women testify Cardui benefited them. If it does not, benefit YOU. cojibult u physician. PAOB in Mew Orleans, nnd then set. out to find a larger stngp. of statewide proportions to conduct his crusades. Questioning (lie Louisiana dictator's .dncfrety in his personully-stipervised moral reform movement, 27 Protestant ministers refused to join his cleanup campaign here. In u stormy interlude, Long was dueled by ministers us colling them "cowards" and exclaiming: "You minister.'; never have done nnylhing and } cjun'l expect you to d'> anything now." One minister present told tlip gathering he "resented" Long's hurried departure, and added: "When the eil.v of New Orleans is deaned up it wll not be cleaned up by a drunkard." Senator Lonf, accompanied by his bodyguards, walked into the ministers' meeting here at about the same time Governor O. K. Allen in Baton Rouge was sending a letter to Mayor V. V. Lamkn and Police Crief C. C. O'Malley of Alexandria, ordering them to stamp out alleged gambling dives !>>id vice or face "possible arrest and prosecution." Mayor Larrikin heard the news and laconically remarked: "I'm on the job 24 hours a day and I am attending to the city's busi- The New Orleans anti-dive discussion wound up in an uproar and Ihe "kingfish" flounced out, lolling newspapermen locked outside that "nothing happened, wo just hod a meeting." The Rev. S. Orandbell Posey, Baptist minister and son of Senator Long's personal minister, was more elaborate however. He said the ministers refused to adopt a resolution prepared before the meeting pledging their support of Long's vice crusade, and that the senator charged that the ministers "hid behind their churches and kept an eye on their pay checks." Waller M. Barren, Jr., represenling Mayor T. Semrnes Walmsley, was applauded when he tendered the mayor's support of any movement Ihey might wish lo initiate. The meeting, a sequel to the one called several weeks ago by Governor Allen, was conducted on similar! ines. The pi-ess was barred. The Rev. Mr. Posey told the gathering after Long had. left that the Mmalor "never had Imy respect for the ministry." "I have heard Senior Long in the most profane language say that my father wan the oily honest preacher he knew," he exclaimed. — -««fr»«p 4 CENTS POUND (Continued from Page One) ' ome Owners Your Share OTOP the home destruction due to long ^ neglected paint protection. Don't Jet weather and rot, sun and frost keep on pulling your home apart .with a million fingers! PaintJ Then you'll HAVE the house you paid for, when itYpaid for! Social Service to "Government tae Loaners Bids. Recommendations. Special advice as to most immediate needs. ,We can vastly aid in economically protecting your home. • r empstead County i " Compary Phone 89 Stanley, county agent, announced Friday. The sale pric c has been'set at <I cents per pound. "This plan in handling the excess reitifieates " says Mr. Stanley, "does dot mean that the government will purchase such certficalcs bul does mean Unit these who haw; more certificate.'- than .they have cotton to gin and sell may turn the excess certifj- <atet; over to the manager of the national surplus cotton lax-exemption certificate pool who will handle them lor the producers under a trusl agreement. E The price of 4 cents a pound is approximately 70 per cent of Ihe lax of fi.ti? cents per pound imposed by the Hankhcarl act on. the ginning of cotton. Under the pool provisions, farmer;: whc. dc not produce as much col- ter as 'heir allotment calls for will t_ut some cash from the excess certificate!; and tlise farmers- who produce more than their allotments will THREATjS LAID (Continued from Page One) you wil be taken care of." "ICtep your mouth shut," Alagn said that Stanley R. Wright, Ward Line representative, told him. "Don 1 *oy anything to anyone. Come to in> office and this thing will blow over.' The alleged conversation took place on board the Coast Guard cutter Tampa after the last remaining officers and members of the crew had beer token off the burning 'liner, Alagna told Diclrerson N. Hoover, federa steamship inspector in charge of the | investigation. After the cutter landed, Alagna said, he was driven to Wright's office where he asked for funds to go i hpjno to Ccnneticut. He was told, he testified, that he would be taken care I (it later. I A|ag)ia declared, however, that he was offered S10 and access to Wright's personal account and downtown clothing accounts. Earlier Alagna told in detail of his efforts tc get Acting Captain W. F. Warms to send out a S.O.S. five trips and strongs pleadings were necessary, Alagna testified, before Capt. Warms gave out the order to send the S.O.S. at about 3:25. Alagna (.aid that by this time flames were so high and smoke so dense that he passed the radio room and did nqt rea it until he was faced with a wall of flame. BALLOTS MISSING .(Continued from Page One) community were said to be indignant and it is probable thai a mass meet- ling .wil ba-hcld in the next few days ,tc raj) upon the courts for indictment and punishment of those connected with the irregularities. able to jjin and sell some of their excess;. Whrn the pool is closed, all funds on hand from the sale of the certificates Lifter deducting expenses, will be distributed among producers and each producer wil receive hs shar e in the proportion the poundage surrendered by him bears to the tola! poundage in the pool. In addition, each produc- f.r will be returned his pro rain shave of the unsold surplus certificates, which-may be used next year in the .sveen Ihe Bankhead acl is continued, another season. The plan also included provision for local sales of tax-exempt certificates in a county at the same price by individual farmers provided .the sajes are made, through the office of the assistant in cotlon adjustment in the enmity in which the certificates sold j were distributed. The figure of the hour is.the hourglass figure, as exemplified by Mae West, the girl who made it-popular to be plump. Her newest starring Paramount picture, "Belle of the Nine- oe lie:;," the dramatic story of a burlesque queen of thy Gay Nineties, comes lo the Saenger on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. east of Brentcn lightship—for the 15- mile run to leeward and the beat .back the same distance against, the wind, the big cup defender gave a miser.- able display to the outward mark. The air was fluffy, puffing out of the northeast, exactly the same sort of conditions under which Vanderbilt in the first race last Saturday piled up a lead of almost a mile before the 5 1-2 hour time limit caught him two miles shcrl of the finish and made it "no contest." AMERICA FINALLY (Continued from Page One) lories straight, which she hud by the mutiiiil consent of all but Vanderbilt ut the half-way mark, the Englishman's lead was only 2 to 1. Starting out in typical Rainbow weather—a bi'cexe of only G.8 statue miles an hour at the start nine miles south- Lb. 'AW A , •*•• J I -m. Ground MEAT For Loaf Pound 8c 2 Pound 15c ROAST tnoici; 3 B I.I, CASH AND CAURY CASH AND CARRY Orders for $2.00 Delivered Free JSTUCE FHIM HEADS—EACH •1.90 SUNKIST—DO/EN EGGS Guaranteed Fresh 24c Doz SPANISH YELLOW LBS. I'UKE ,CANK 10,, „ AI'EIJ BAG Sliced BACON 23c Lb. 13, OTATOES HED TKIUMI'H LBS. IANANAS LARGE RIPE FRUIT—POUND C KOLGKK'S 21b.65c llb.33c Every Sack CJuaranteed 48 Ib $1.69 2'1 Ib iACHES NEW CROP EVAPORTED 2 LBS. Lb. Oysters E X T R A SELECT PINT SALT MEAT Foi Boiling Llj. -3 Ib. pail BONES 2 Lbs 15c Large Werners u, 10c C:iiii])l)flls POHK & BEANS Do/en 7!le—Each 7c Fancy Country Gentleman COKN--'i Cans 25c DAIRY MAID B. POWDER—2 Ib 19c DAIRY MAID SODA—0 Packages 22c PINK SALMONS I Lb. Can -2 For 25c CORN FLAKES 2 Packages . 15c Aunt Jemima Puncake I'LOUR- Package 13c Evaporated MILK All Brands—U Cans.. 20c MACARONI and SPAGHKTTl-7 oz. pkg.. 5c MAli.SHMAU.OVVS Snow Buddy—8 ox. . 9c NLAV Cro]) RAISINS 2 Lbs. :;7c -1 Lb. . . . ISc BIRD BRAND SHORTENING 4 Lb. Fk{{. 37c PEANUT BUTOCR 1 Pouiul .);«r 15c TOILET TISSUE EMBASSY--Roll 5c Bakiirx Powdov CALUMET--1 M). Can 24c Cheese FULL CREAM " 17C HAMBURG GAME (Continued from Pago.Ono) olocjccr and line plunger. Hope and Hamburg wil bo almost equal in weight, the locals averaging 1G1 pounds with 150 pounds for the visitors. The Bobcats will have a slight advantage in the line, while the Hope backficjd will be outweighed nearly pine pounds tovlhe man. A new attendance record here for opening games is expected to be set. 'Despite overcast skies and rain, the weatherman predicted 'cloudiness and cooler temperatures for this section Friday night. Season tickets ar e (in sale at four places in the downtowp section. They may be purchased at Moreland's Drug Store, Jack's News Spinel, Hope Confectionery and Webb's News Stand. Purchase pricc is $3.96 which includes tax and a saving of $1.29 on nine home games. Season tickets may also be purchased at the entrance of the stadium Friday night. Complimentary tickets hav 0 been restricted to a half; do/on which includes offiieals and the press. The probable stalling lincvms: HOPE , HAMBURG [ Kennedy .(^178 ',...,- Stone (145) [ - Right End Hitchcock (18.1) Belliolt (170) Right Tackle Owen (MS Shellon (158) Right Guard Holly (150) Riley (ICO) Center Richards (150) Burnett (155) Left Guard W. Stone (180) Estelle (155) Left Tackle Anderson (180) Greesun (100) Left End Brown (150) Watkins (1(11 > Quarter Stroud (152) J. GIVC.SCMI (125) Hisht Half Turner (I5.'i) Nnblri (170) Left Half Payne (ISO) Kleldier (I'.KH Full Back Official.-:--Ri''l'L'ree: Monlgomory of Ouacliila; Umpij'.c-, liiyyins of C/iia- chita; TiinL'ktuper, O'Neal of Ili'iulrix. COMMISSIONER'S SALE Pork RIBS L " 14 c liOYAL OKLATIN TABLE SALT 4 Pound Bag 9c WESSON OIL Pint . . 19c CAT FISH BUFFALO AND SHRIMP BAKED AND BOILED HAM SWISS AND BRICK CHEESE pig TAILS " 10c LIVER Lb. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN. That in pursuance of the authority and directions contained in the decretal order of the Chancery Court of Hemp- Mead County, made and entered on Ihe 3rd day of September, A. D.. 19!)I. in a i-erlum cause (No. 2821) then )>endi,ng therein, between The Fir.^l National Bank of Hope, a corporation, .cunplainant, and R. C. Reed el a!, defendants, the undi-'rsiyned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vcnduc lo the highest bidder, ai ihe front door or entrance i;f the United Stales ] : o.st Office, in the City of Hope, County of Ili'iup- stead, and Slate of Arkansas, \villiin j (he hours prescribed by law for ju- | dicud .sale.;, on Salunhiv, Gvtober 27, A. D., 1<W4, the following descriljed real e.staU;. lo-\vit: The West Half of the Northwest Quarter of Section Two, Township Twelve South. Riu!';e Tvveniy- swen Wes'l, cojilainin 1 .; eiyhly ai'rc: ; . more or less, .".itu-'.tc'il in Ileii!p- stedu County. Arkai)'»i:;. TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of lliroe ntcnUi.s, Uie purrh-.st'r briii.^ ii-'- quired tu execute a bun.I ;L; re(|iiired by law and the order and dec.'".' of said C'oui'l in said cause, with approv- ed security, bearing interest at the rate of ten per cent per annum from 4ate of sale until paid, and a lien being retained on the premises sold to secure the payment of the purchase money. Given under my hand this 14th ilay of September, 1934. DALE JONES Commissioner in Chancery. Sept. 18-25. The portion above the water comprises only one-eighth of lire total hulk of an iceberg. Folks Like This Laxative Because of weakened digestive organs, old ptoplc need a thorough laxative, but a gentle one, Delicious Fcen-a-mint, th,e ch.cw.ing gum tttative distributes the laxative ingredient by rhcwing, uniformly into the system, thus giving t "full 1 * complete actipn that .is more natural -r-and gentle. Doctors regularly prescribe t^e dxative ingredient in delicious Fcen-a-mint. Delay is dangerous, so today safely get .back on schedule ;and stay there. Chew non-habit terming.Feen-a-mint for censtipMtion. It is reported that more than 40 per cent of the wealth of the United States is controlled by women. Hazel and Brazil nuts rank first in t The oldest national flag itt food value, followed by the chestnut,} is that of Denmark, whteh almond, walnut and peanut. used since 1210. Where Economy Rules Shop at Your A&P Store and be assured of the best o-f> Merchandise at the lowest price the Market Affords, f Fancy Jonothan Apples, doz 15c Fresh California Oranges, doz 25e Delicious Tokay GRAPES, Ib. ... Fresh Bunch BEETS 7c 4c 25c Fancy Red or White Potatoes, 10 Ib... FLOUR "Verigood" 24 Lb : 87c 98 Lb $3.29 48 Lb, $1.65 SHORTENING Mrs. Tucker's 4 Lb. Carton 38.c 8 Lb. Carton.... 73c SUGAR Godchaux Pure Cane Lb. Cloth Bag COFFEE Trio Eight O'Clock, lb,....19c Red Circle, Ib 23c Bokar, Ib 27c PINEAPPLE Broken Slices No. 2 Cans CORNFLAKES SPARKLE Gelatin Dessert 3 Pkgs. 13c WHITE HOUSE MILK 3 Large or 6 Small eaus 17c! Lifebuoy T0Uet 4 Qg ^k f\ o TV i Q f*£J I{"f^C ^^ iB^ 67c Blue Ribbon MALT .Sparkle Chocolate Pudding. 3 13c Rajah Salad Dressing, at. 29c 8c GRANDMOTHER'S Delicious BREAD—16 o, Loaf,:..., , PAN ROLLS—Doz. 5c RAISIN LOAF 9c" DELICIOUS LAYER CAKES ,23cj Special Bar Cakes.. .I5c Pound Cakes Puffed Wheat lie Sugar Wafers. Ib. N.B.G. Cookies, pkg. 19c Candy and Gum. 3 for lOc-f DILL or SOUR PICKLES^'/, Gal. Jar 33cl —M EAT MARKET S P E CI AL S— PLAY SAFE—EAT USi GOVERNMENT INSPECTED MEAtT ' Sugar Cured English Style BACON We Slice.lt Pound .;;.,,. 25c K.C, ROAST Boneless Rolled, Lb.. ,., ..14c'- Fore Quarter. Lb 9c. K.C. STEAKS CiU Prom fancy Iliud 'Quarter Round, Loin, T-Bone, Ib. 17c No. 1 Wisconsin Full CREAM CHEESE-!!; 17c —Luncheon Specials— Pimento Cheese, Ib..25c Baked Ham, Ib........49c Savorite Lunch eon Meat. Ib.: -Genuine Spring Lamb-! French Style Legs, Ib 17c» Patties, Ib Il8c| Rolled Boneless Shoulder, Ib "What will we have to go with it?" mi iiiiiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiii nut IT'S comparatively simple to choose the meat dish for a meal. Roast beef, baked ham, chops, or chicken are always welcome. But what should be served with the meat to prevent monotny—that's the question. Of course you can turn to the cook-books for suggestions. For other timely ideas—food suggestions, that are in season and within your price range—turn to the pages of your daily newspaper. There you will find tasty, colorful fresh vegetables and fruits displayed; appetizing variety in canned and packaged foods; delicious desserts that are easy to make; crispy, healthful breakfast cereals, beverages that are appropriate for both young and old. As a matter of fact you'll be pleasantly surprised at the variety of foods offered in this newspaper. By reading the advertisements before you shop, you will he better able to plan interesting meals. Watch Our Window For Added Specials ' —^—. - . . - — ~ - .>- — .ii 11.---- •,-.- L ~f^ ' i • . .. . i i .'•',. —i— 3 u • •• . • • " ^17^ • »£

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