Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1937 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 6
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HOPE STAR, HOPS, ARKANSAS T Tuesday, October 2^1 Djj e Speech Next - to Go-ITConnell S ' Bishop Views Alarming " Rise of Tide of Na-, . tiohalism ' ftEW YORK — kTV- Francis John Mc- CofHiell, speaking at u meeting eele- bratir.g his two dec:u:ios ami iv halt as ft fciphop of the Methodist Episcopal ehurch, predicted Monday that the "most deaillj warfare" of a lifetime would be rn.ule against free speech in the next 10 years. "la the 25 \eM~s of his Efii-'-copnoy. he added, 24 had passed "before any ejjurch m my urea refused to accept {he services of a paster because of his social viesvt.. or paid any attention to the threats of outsi.lers against the continuance of a preacher." "Thtse things." he went en. "have happened within the past year." Christianity's greatest present rival. he said, is ndticrutii&n — "a nationalism that in Italy, Germany and Japan de- uies free diwussion outright," •Bishop McConnell. known as a liberal cleric, \vas chief •rp-r.'.kir at the meeting at v hich, it v;i i m mnced. were represented rnoro than siiO Meth- edUt churches in the metropolitan area, in New Jersey and in central New York state. The Uu.t quarter century had brought to men, he =.<ud, a realisation that the World is "a much grimmer place than We thought it was," adding: "The truth is that for the majority 6f human being vho have lived from ' the beginning of time until now there has not been enough food to go round. The majority oj human beings, who hai?e up to tnis v yeaer of our Lord. l'J37, lived and died, have never had a chance at the conditions of genuine human existence." Thus, he said, "if the judgment day were to ccme tomorrow,' most of all mankind ucuM "have to be dismissed at once.' 1 because it had never "had a chance to use or misuse any opportunities which could properly be called human." Nationalism in this country, he asserted, would "reveal itself speedily as like that in Italy. Germany and Japan," if it \\ere not for the "liberal atmosphere produced in part by church discussion." "It will be a tragedy,'' h went en. ''if in these days of awful stress the spirit of sreinl liberalism fails. For liberalism means free speech and free assembly. If anybody thinks that it is to. cost nothing today to stand as a liberal for free speech, he had better revise his notion of liberalism. The next 10 years probably will see more deadly warfare against free speech than, our nation has known within the lifetime of any who heaer me." checks Colds tmd ^SNAPSHOT GUIL AUTUMN SNAPSHOOTING Fall landscapes add much to the artistic appeal of your photo album. 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Ordinary film, not the chrome type, would yield a print in which tno brighter colored flowers would appear darker than the blue ones, though to the eye the orange and red flowers* appeared lighter. It voukl not. in oilier words, give true color brightness values in black and white print. However, with what is known as panchromatic film the true tonal values in monochrome rendering will be obtained. Kjnderin.-zs of color and cloud ef- fecU p.re further improved l:y the ust- of proper color filters with any r.-ue film, includ'n; the chrome and ?.«.£••'.••?•-.•. ille. A niter is a specially prepared disc of colored gelatine, betwaen glass, which U Slipped over the camera lens. Its function is to hold back certain ray= of \\ght and let others pass through. Although there are several lands. I believe the beginner who has never used a filter might choose Marion Stewart, Washington, Dies Funeral Service Tuesday at Washington Baptist Church Call Harry Phone 148 Call Harry I'll pick up your laundry. HARRY PHIPPS Funeral .services for Maricn Stewart, •51. of Wa.<hi(u T ti M. who died at 2 p. ra. Monday in a Oimlen hiwpital, were u, be held at 4 ] . m. Tuesday from the V/aahington Batjtis!. church. The services '.VOKJ \n be in charge of the Rev. Mr. Whet-lor of Prescntt. Mr. Stewart W;IK born at Okalona, but lived in rior.i|.-.-tei«l county prycti- c-illy all of his hfe. fie liud been cn- gaged in general cuntracting v/ork sif.ca early boyt:<nxi. Survivinc; <ire Ki.v v.'i'iow, two .sons, Wilson Stew.uH ';f Siircvcport. and Edwin St w-iri i.f Hr u Inn; tw.i ilaugh- ters. Pauline Stewart Fra/.ier of Wi.sli- iru;t(.n, and Virwni;i Etcwart Tale of Miifenoliii; t'nret; hisU-rs. Mrs. J. A. Sul- liv-c.n of Hut Springs. Mrs. Foster Drake of Little Hock, and Mrs. Henry H.i!i-,.-:n uf Maide.-.. La. Paiibeiu-ei-,. Bill .Htrim-l. C. C. Smart. .ML-Dnti.ilfl, Arch Dc-lony, Paul r.- an'J fieb Fatlt-rson. ontague Denies Old Robbery Case Fled to Hollywood i'e- eaiu-e A.-'iminijd of Pulj- licity, He Say:- between the two most popularly used, or better yet, have both to use when necessary to improve the quality and artistic appearance of the snapshot. One of these filters is known ns the K-2. When using the K-3 filter with chrome type Him, it is necessary to Increase the exposure over that which you would give without the filter about 2Va times. With sttp- ersensitive panchromatic film tho exposure with a K-2 filter need be increased but two times. Tho other filter Is used largely to photograph clouds in a landscape with NO increase in exposure time. This is called a Sky Filter, one half of which is yellow, and the other half clear. The reason why this filter can record both clouds and landscape without requiring any increase in exposure is that the sky is photographed through the yellow part of the filter while the landscape is photographed through tho part which is not colored. The yellow part of the filter holds back tho blue of tha sky somewhat und gives the. white clouds more chanco to record their real beauty. Your nearest dealer in photographic materials -will gladly give you more information regarding tho use o£ color filters and I am sure that when you realize the great difference the use of a filter makes in the appearance, of your snapshots you will become a confirmed user of this inexpensive accessory. John Van Guilder Paris Beauty in Hollywood Lake Ore Shippin Nears High Peak Steel MillsTUsing Ore at Greatest Rate Since Yeai^of 1929 By P.~?TSVVANK CLEVELAND -(/P)— The hungry, white-hot blast furnaces in the steel mills at the foot ot the Great Lnk.es must be fed. Sleek 600-foot freighters ore bringing the ore from northern Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin ranges tlvis year at the greatest rate since 1929. More than GO.000,00!) tons will be carried—only 6,000,000 less than the all- time high. The Great Lnkes ore and coal traffic is a specialized business. Docks and ships are built specially to meet needs for quick movement. Every operation; is on a schedule worked out to the minute—from the time huge steam shovels bite into the mountain of ore on the northern ranges until it is dumped into the steel mill blast furnace. Thousands Employed Night and clay the big loading docks, some of them more than a mile long, send forth their procession of heavily laden ore ships from Ashland and Superior, Wis., Duluth and Two Harbors, Minn., and Escanaba and Marquettc, Mich. Night and clay 17-ton grabs are busy I scooping this ore from the ships at , the great unloading clocks on Lukes i Erie and Michigan. I The ore unloaded, massive machinery then picks up a car load of coal every minute, and dumps it into the hold of the cargo ship for the return trip. Coal loadings theirsclvcs, this year are surpassing 1929 figures. All these operations give employment to hundreds of thousands of men throughout the Great Lakes region. Railroad engineers, firemen, mechanics, shop and track men, dock men and sailors all depend on tho iron and coal trade for their livelihood. Long-Geared Craft Great Lakes bulk freighters are built as long as engineering design and navigation conditions permit. The A m-inn]) iii.n I typical bulk freighter is about 600 Agl H-UILUI til feet long, 60 to 65 feet wide and 32 feet IDS r \ Ue.SCleiy, >">{) deep. TTju T,Vj(]., v The pilot house occupies the extreme i til lvl ",> fore end of the ship and the propelling machinery the extreme after end, leaving the intervening space for cargo. Hatches cover the cargo section. They extend nearly the full width of the boat, and when loading or The It cases, moreover, were nil complicated with mnstoiditis. "They wore the kind of cases of which we may say 'there is no hope,'" said n surgeon. Sulfanilnmldc is (ho remedy made from n red dye discovered in Germany and used in (^mixture which recently IMS been causing deaths over n Inrgc pact of the United States. The fatal combination is nn "exilir" in which the American Medical Association has blamed the deaths on other drugs than sulfanilamide. The meningitis victims were treated at Rush Medical College, Chicago. Medical men there were stir- fanilamide. Saratoga Organises a Pep Squad for School At (he ai-livily period a meeting wns willed for nil interested in joining Ihe Knnitojia pep squad. Officers and pep elected as follows: Pros- Lois Spates; vice prcsi- Hughes; secretary- leaders wore idont, Mary dent, Kiity treasurer, Beatrice loader: Kafy Louis Simmons; pep Hughes, June prised nt the curative powers of sul- rtntl Paul Mils. Sponsol Rosonbourn. Other members nr' Ino Hughes, Ishnm OnOirlght, Stnnton, Cflrlton Colcmnn, Sibyl ton, Jutinita Cannon, Bernyo" borsloM, Dale Klnckwood, Troy Mickey Rope, Charles Colcy, Knufmnn, Frank Cowling, Russe lins, Lyda McJunklns, Junnlta CM Edith Mno Simmons, Mnry Loyne, Billie Mne Bowles, Mnr; Lightfoot, Claude Sutnmelt Pnuline Stilton, Berthn Mac on na Finnignn, Eddie Loc and : : Dodson. 1937--THE PENNEY YEAR The event that's ihe talk-of-the»town just twice a year ... is back againl Spectacular Bargains—Sensational Savings — Complete and Attractivf Selections are Yours once more!....It pays to shop at Penney s. Thrice chosen as Europe's most beautiful actress. Danielle Pnr- ricux, her uouquet of cliryssn- theniums almost Iv'din?: her extreme Paris-styled ensemble, is shown above as she arrived in Hollywood to begin work on a million - dollar contract with Universal Studios. She will slar in "The Rage of Paris." Call Farm Meet on Tuesday, Friday lly at Blev- ore. To Enroll 24 Boys in County in CCC A p p 1 i c a t i o n s Must Be Made Not Later Than Wednesday Twenty-fi;ur white youths of Hemp- -ik'.'iil county have an opportunity to enroll in CCC for assignment to Ark- an.sas camps if applications are made not later man Wednesday afternoon. All selectees must report to camp on Thursday. October 28th. Applicants for enrollment must be accompanied to the welfare office by their parents. This will probably be the last call for CCC applications' this yeor. so all boys wishing to enroll in CCC should make application immediately. The Hcmpslead County Farm Bureau is .sponsoring a series o aitriculttii'iil educational meetings ihrouj'.h the cooperation of the Heni|vi|i.'iid rmmty unload- i agricultural workers which include the ing, the hatch covers are removed ' cnunty agent and home demnnslra- making the- deck almost completely > ti(>n agent,- the Experiment Stationdi- open. A ship of this type carries be- J rector, and the Soil Conservation oer- tween 11,000 and 14,000 gross tones of vu ' c There has been a large attendance at • Load In a Hurry a11 ml - lot '"'' s to (llltl! - The '"<-•<••''»R K As the freighter pulls into the ore ' thilt |U ' VL ' l)ct '" lu ' M ''"•""I" Pa linos Jocks, chutes arc lot down and are I with an attendance of •)()!). Camp Allon from some 350 bins flows into the with an attendance ol LV.. and DcAm. cargo hold. Ordinarily about four w ' th »» atttc-ndance of OT. hours is required to load a 600-foot I Tl "-' meetings to be held this work vessel, but the record is held by the lv ' i " '"-' ; " Blevms, on luosday night. D. G. Keer of the Pittsburgh Steam- .October 28. at 7:1:> p. in., and at Spring ship Company. The Kccr in 1921 took | HlU im * nday night, October 2J, ut 12,507 gross tons of ore at Two Harbors, Minn., in 16'/a minutes. The gargantuan unloading equipment works with efficiency comparable to the loading. It consists five or six electric devices with ton self-filling grab bucket. With an operator, the bucket goes into the hold, fills itself, comes up, moves back over the dock and empties its load into a receiving hopper. The hopper, in turn, dumps the ore into a car for its trip to the steel plant I where blast furnaces turn it into pig iron for the processing of steel. 7-15 p. m. All farm families arc invited to attend these meetings. is FS Remedy Found for Throat Infection Sulfanilainide Curc.s Cases Declared to Be "Hopeless" Brewsters to Attend 81 x 99 Nation-Wide Reduced to Each __JS LADIES TWIN SWEATER SETS 36 to 42 39-Inch Washable Yard 2'4 Yard PRiSCILLA Ladies Fast Color House Ladies Rayon Novelty Ea. 81x90 Torn Brown Seamless Ea. 72x84 Down Filled Novelty Comforts $12-75 36-In. Brown Standard Yd. 27-Inch Heavy Fancy Yd. For Fail—Ladies Wool Pr. 70xS(f Double Cotton CHICAGO.—OVi—The ino ,„.•:• rent IVA • i recovery of II persons with >tii'[>'o- Meeting' coccus- meningitis who took the .st-nsa- tio/Kil nt'W rerm.''l.v. Mjli'^njliunidi 1 . w;i.-. j reported to the Ajv.L-rjcan CoiJuv^t,- uf Surgeons Monday. 'Streptococcus meningitis h;is been one uf the "death senloncu" diseases. fieri) g;,i..l'jr:j are corning back into f.v/or. Dr. and Mrs. Thorns Dicwstcr left Tuesday morning for Batesville where they will attend the annual Pre.'.by- terinn Synod of Arkansas which convenes at Batesville Tuesday and con- —- "i-liTl—^ tinucs through Thursday. They were • ccompanied by Mrs. Jim McKcnzic of Dope. Dr. Browster said he had been instructed by the church here to invite the annual meeting of the synod to Hope next year. Mrs. Brewster and Mrs. Chcd Hall accompanied a group of Presbyterian young people to Tcxarkanu Sunday fur a i ally there Sunday afternoon and night. COTTON LOANS QUICK SEHVICK IMMEDIATE PAYMENT TOM KINSER Hope, Arkansas FOR SALE Beautiful building lots with all conveniences, 5^0 and up. Also homes on easy payments. See A. C. ERWIN Phono l. r .X <ir I!)I-W. N. y.-..V-»Th<: l.nl's by ins I •.n..'i- JUT..., .- i h, Holl.vv. .. -;.-. toiri a juiy Tuesday tl.-.t j i.-. innocent i,f a robbery L!UH;;<_.jut 1'io'n Nev. York state be- hi.- c-1'jthmg was found in a .n;: an;- participation in Ihe •-":--o!d S7(;0 ruhhcry of a Kin J •. 'N'. Y < n,...'lh<m.-e. Mon- !-.:!',v.n in byra'ti^: N' Y.. as F'jr:-r .• pre,/ : j tion If The i.-. Of V.:'! c GOVERNMENT COTTON LOAN FORMS RECEIVED . ' fcov.TnjritM. it-cent loa. r ):-. at 1 *: here, and we f4re now . . -,'• l'j,i:i:» v/jlh UK.' s.an'.e pr';ji;i/t and careful eoiii>idera- •.'.••• : ..:••: .;:•.U:n'iL-d the pf.iiucer fm t.vti l;H years. •.,••• '.f ;.'..'., !_•"'.'.,-truclivi: un-1 L-r;mfyiji!{ .'.(.-rvjce is th'j retention !-. i.:.- [,,i' ; :,n:iii: lit -ii::,i: 'A the i.i!-t',<.-.>l and rnos.1 influential .: '••••. lit.;,': K-rriUii-y for th.it u:.usual lei.ytii uf tiii.e: utnl those -:.:,:•<: ;.'.-.- .'i ; iii--.-,r w.'Ct'.n 1.1 ',l-c<:nt gfjvt-i-r.riir.-ut loans can be : :.•.:.: n:- ,; .J.i ;"jct'.ry ammiivn. i''in'li.t::i..<,[t:. they will find I' : •'. ':-''i '„• , ... i <.,t o.' to ijiTJUJlj'.- t.V. )/ Jo;.I], IJn'ouili OUJ' fl.Jj). Respectfully, E. 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