The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 6
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RAGE SIX Happy Birthday—Mail (/.War al 23 ! ( T uly Uoin <im ' Jl)r whom .,„, I'-' -' -.V" 1 <u ^'' 1 Pl».v but li, <!i,. rase of (lie Yankees NWS ff They're Any Flaws Champs They're Mound Slalf ST. PETKR.SBUKG, 1'ln,, April 4. <UPj—TiVe New York Yankees lire heading nortli with nuoiher riiuv- les.s outljt ready and eager to .smash all records by winning their lilt!) tonsraitlve Amcrivasi }.••<•*»•: ]>i"> IIUIH. .Manager Joe McCarthy is MI- prrmply confident dim lie can keep his hirelings liiislling ami on tlieir toes ihroiijli anolner rnuvli cain- . palgn and leave tlie mlir-r seven clubs taulJii" for second pluee. 'Die Yunkc-o plnyerc themselves are rontoniuiuous of their oj>|)o- .sitlon, Bui undeniealli Die surface trouble may be brewing. No Ya:i- tee regular need be a(raid or Hie I boss calling him on the carpel and threatening to ship him down the river. The American League's no- trade rule for a champion lends to give all Yanks that satisfied lei!li.,(> that breeds disaster. The Yanks liavo practically ilic same ball club that won the pennant by. 17 gamis last year and 'then knocked down Die Ueds four straight in the World Series. Only three' new players at most arc .likely to make the Yanks, and al) of them nre pit-chers. If trouble develops this season, it's likely to stnrt with the pitching staff. It's not exactly foolproof. Charlie Ruffing noiv 30, has to lilt, the 21-garae mark again lo make the Yankee staff sturdy. If Ruffing (lowii'l go, the Yanks may have to do some first-class worrying for n pitching ace. Preparing for pitching headaches. McCarthy plans to carry 12 inomids- nien. Behind Ruffing he'll have Alley Donald, Sieve Sinidrn. Monte 'Pearson, Lefty Gomez. Bump md- ley, Rusty Russo, Spud Chandler, and relief man Johnny Murphy'. Oral Hildebrand, from " last year's staff, hasn't shown anything ihis spring and may go. - The two best rookies are Marvin Bruer and Tommy Reis, a pair of i THURSDAY, • • — — -wi »i iv i unitcm the three women who Inherited the club from the laie Col. Jacob imp-' pen arc siwsilnj; that (hey UK; laser to fix! a buyer anil unload their holdings ul the peak price Heretofore, tin- Yajiks Jnivr "been famous for their "real, teamwork nl! the way from the top man in the from office drnvji to Hie krnli- utility man. On a ball club „],. I vum.sly lor sale, ih<: superb orgaiii- /atlon or other years may rat !unction IIKI per rait. Today's Sport Parade MctKMOR* She Looks the Part Man o' War, greatest of thoroughbreds, sound as a dollar and just a big stout, poses proudly for earner*,,,,, „„<, visitor , ^ ^f ^ Red celebrate his illd hhlhclay on Samuel n. Riddle's Faraway Farm, near Lexington, Ky. iuht-lumdeis from Kansas City. Lctty Lee CrUsom ii also trying lo sneak into a berth bul lie doesn't ipenr to lie the Yankee type. Brner, \v!:o piiclieil 15 inning In four grimes In Hie grapefruit league mid allowed only Ihrce riiiif and 14 lilts, looks like he'll get plcsly of work. Rusty Kusso. tin Hnlliiii left-hander who was culled in from Newark in in Id-season i: year ngu to win 8 and lose 3. is definitely ticketed for stardom. No other pitchers on the Yankee staff look like they are going to rto any more than they did fast year, some of them aren't likelv to be a:; good. Pitching will play *a major role in determining whether the Ymiks become the first club in history to I LOOKED LIKE A WILTED WEED I win five straight pennants. There's I nothing UK; mutter with the club I defensively but the old power isn't I there. Some ol those Yankee pitchers like Donald need plenty of runs to win. Babe Duhlercn, hitting .235. and Prank Cmselti. tattling .233. take some ol the teeth out of the Y-.inkcu attack, mil there's nothing wrong wllli these men afield. They save plenty ol' bull (fnmes, c.spccinllv Croselti who seldom fails In make Hint vital double play in the clutch. Joe Gordon at second and Red Holfe at third round out the test defensive infield in baseball. Charlie Keller, joe DiMag«io— who'll try in rcpcui as America League butting clinniplon — an George Selkirk will give Ihe Yank what some consider the gninc' classiest outfield. Tommy Hcnrid •mil Jake Powell are nitty outflelc reserves while in the infield Bill; Knickerbocker is the handy-man Another key man in the Yankee club LS Catcher Bill Dickey. Hou long can Dickey keep it up? if you wan', to throw u scare into Ihe Yankee board of strategy Just hint that Dickey may slip this season. Behind Dickey the drop is terrlfl; to Buddy Rosar a-d Aniilt Joi-aens. Another anijle which may or°mnj- not fiffcct the Yankees on the fie):i is the recurrent rumor that tin; club mny be sold. Hall players gen- , (ia., April I, dj|i, I'.'u-ry .sjirinjj in Georgia ihf ui.v- tcrln and Ihe dojjwucn! bloom — only «i die, Kvi-r-y s)irin!{ in (jcorjjl.-i i.w hearts o!' a miLHon nu:!i leap :i!r! .soar-only :rj fall. Kor along \iUli tin; IlO'.ver.s, jov- | ally hlooms in Ihe spring ir, ciciu- ssia. Ami alum; with ilu: flown 1 .';, royalty slowly dies. It dies usually' I on ii Wednesday or Tlinr.sdfty, soiric- i limes o;j a l-Viduy, because- Bobby j Joneii, kin;; ol the links in Cleorjiiu i 1.earls, is no-.v a man iiislead o! :v ; imrt- was Ihe lime when ,)oiu | wasn't a man. Call him aviiomatoii. * rol.-ui 01- what you will, from ii'i 110 1030 he wasn't humnn. He « i a bcauliliilly precise iimcliin: gen fd to drii'e golf bulls 240 yards aiu! putt golf bulls 40 yards as ea.silj I as presses turn out valves i:i a Ford plum, lie almost never lo i because In a machine there is no element of human error. Bill Hint was years afo find today Jones is a decade removed I rom competitive golf. New nanus and new generations have |j«.v,ed ; htm by in Ihe course of Ihe seasons i so now ho pluys in only one lourh i j mem each year. That Is Die M is I tcrs, which began here in AumisU [ today, and which set ull of Geor 0 ii i lo hopi-j. njjainsl hope for n Jo i i victory. i A man who has played in only a half-dozen tournaments in (lie ; space of 10 years cannot be on edge. The Jones swing thnl once was smooth as 'fresh cream pour- gej- rars v.'ill iir- $1.25 lo $150 nn<i S-l lo Sio j>er through trip for trucks. Bus companies clamored for /ranehises to operate on the route, which not only is a great deal shorter than existing roads between Ihiirisbiii'j. IUHI I'ULslwrgli. Ijul is also much safer since ii reduced "Its to ;i maximum of 3 per cent, nealli It on ICO overpasses find iijirtei'iMsses. The Turnpike Commission opening the. road to all bus com- |));inirs willing to pay the lolls, bin . final decision rests wllli the Slate, il'iiblic Utility Commission. | Walter A. Jones, Turnpike Commission chairman, now a candidate lor Democrat !| Peru , "iih .Miiuuui as iresn cream pour- Ini; from a bottle is little changed. Init (he famed Jones putting stroke has corroded with the rust of inactivity, in these past few Musters. Jones has bloomed on Wcdneilny and sometimes Thursday. Around about Friday royalty hns died for lack of the putting'touch and thj heart of Georgia has slowed for another year. Bul Georgia always comes back to its kins in the spring. So bst night in Aujusla's mngiillicenl club house the nnine of Robert Tyre Janes sold for the second lustiest sum bid in (lie Calcutta pool, only S:im SJiead brought more, and Snead is a yonny man who is the closest tiling we have to a Jones otluy. , All Ihe gooil players arc in this Whcn you set Swim foi Week" posters spoiled around town next .June, they'll picture comely Ann Corcoran, of Vir- I'inia. She was chosen Ihe "1340 .Swim for Health Week Girl," in a reccnl Now Ynrk rnniest. Yes, sl'e can all riglu. BEFORE I began wearing a HANES Undershirt on warm days, I used to look like a dislirag by afternoon. I felt clammy and uncomfortable, too. Now, a cool HANES Undershirt takes the wet out of sweat. Its soft, absorbent knit rests on my cliest as lightly as a breeze but blots up the perspiration Evaporation is even and rapid. I feel as cool as a sail on a boat. And my top-shirt stays a whole lot neater. Gentlemen, HANES Shirts are knit to fit snug across j'our chest and back with a trim, elastic feather- touch. And they have plenty of length to tuck down inside your shorts without creeping up to wad at your waist. For matched comfort, wear them with HANES Crotch-Guard Sports or Shorts or with HANES broadcloth Shorts. Have your HANES Dealer show you these comfortable garments today. HANES SHIRTS AND BROADCIOIH SHORTS •ZCc "Z $1 J«/f J FOR 1 « j' " t - *"K B |U» Ijbtl rts and broadcloth Short, a. low a> 27c! Score in sports—and feel spruce at II work Kit This SAMSONBAK UNION-SUIT is cut so it won't cut you .With HAHE9 <; : - jCrotch-Guard Sports you have the gentle, athletic support of the HANESKNIT Crotch- Guard. Convenient buUonkss fly-front! A-11-round Lastex waistband. Just Ihe garmc nt for active men. HANES CflOKH Gl)»8D E*pcrlly tailored to c,xnct sizes. Avoids cuuine or tiinding at the shoulders, crolch or "cross llieb.ick. San- forized shrunk. Not a pinch ia any i nc i,. PalcnlcdTiigo'War uclt — guaranteed not to rip, break or pull out. A bargain in comfort at SE SALE OF 50 FARM RADIOS P.H.KANES KNITTING COMPANY WINSTON-SAltM, NORTH CAROLINA WM. R. MOORE'S WHOLESALERS MEMPHIS No wcl linlli-rics lo nrul rcduir-c . . . s! Sr If. . I'liilcn hat- tcrj- Itlm-k gives nlitn^i . cut current ilr;iin In oiH--llur<l. Slill \m\ enjoy llio lincM Intir ]>i < rroriiiniiri< ,-u tin; price. llninlMiirr \\nl- mii Only 50 at This Price Regular $64.95 Philco 1'iiy only one-hall' (i <i w i\ and the balance next fall. •Small c a r r y i n y charge. Complete U'illi Batteries FURNITURE COMPANY Maslers tourney. Sarnzcn. Pi:ai-d and Guldahl, among others, have won it heforc. Jim Deninrct and Ben llogan are riding streaks. )iot- ter thai: a city sidewalk at noon of a midsummer day. Nelson, Smith. Ulllc, McSpaden arc oolfcrs capable of chopping par into match- weed. Yet Bobby Jones, who hasn'i cione better than lath in the oi« tournaaient he plays each year, sole: in the pool for almost 51,033. That is because Georgia has sect, the wisteria and the dogwood. Georgia has seen Jones shoot a 60 in practice the other noon antl a 70 yesterday and Georgia hopes. Back in those misty vcare whc-. Jones was king in fact, you remember how Geoi-Jia:-.s perched ii. trees and on fence? and on telephone poles to watch him whip th, links. Well, that was uotUln,. to what yon can expect (his iVcci. should Jones just keep a'blooining. If he is home today in the rnr- nin?. every man from Columbia. Richmond and Jefferson county will be back in those tree.s on Thursday. II he Slavs in the running on Thursday, they'll com: from Ds-Kalb and Fulton to cheer him on Friday. If he is in .strikins distance on Friday, his people will come a'jogging from Uaile and Walker and Echols ami Tho; o.; Saturday. _ If he has n char.ce to win on iuiulny. the people who :ire in these parts to lake the census uiijht as well join ;Ue national guard. In nil o: Gfjrjia they'll find m .:nc al home. nsylvania Dccli c a I e s Super R o <i d w a y On i Fourth Of July i United Press Stall' 0'omsprmdenl i HARRISBUflG, Pa. cUI'j.-Ppmj- i sylvanla's KiO-mile siipr-r-hiahway i through the formidable Appalach- j inn mouiuains. conm-cliiig Ilarris- i burg and I'iu.sburijh, will provide | impetus- for similar projects throughout, Iho counlry and jiussl- bly a system erid-ironing the na- J lion, its- biiildei-s believe. I The $'(0.050,000 road will be opened formally July 4 with ceremonies at ivlilcli President Hoosevelt, who has shown much interest in the project, is scheduled to speak. The highway consists of divided doubled lanes ol concrete spanning valleys and tticams over i;ia bridges ranging up lo COO feet, ni length, and through seven sub- montane tunnels, which average nliout n mile cued in length. It utilizes the roadbed and six of the partly-bored tanners of the I "Dream Rnilroad" started by \v. II Vanderbilt and Andrew rjarncglc only to be abandoned SO years ago. Plans to build ; t railroad along the route had been formulated and discussed sporadically for 50 years before (he VunderWa-Carnegie venture and the project was broached a number of times since Ilien, but. it never foi far beyond the survey stage. The 1037 Pennsylvania legislature passed a bill creating ihc Pennsylvania Tiim- pike Commission and authorized it to finance and construct the road. Federal Funds' Provided Initial difliculucs in financing Ihe project were overcome when Ihe Federal government made the necessary funds available. PWA made an outright, grant, of $29,250,000 at Ihe express wish of President Roosevelt, and the RFC purchased 540.800,000 worth of the 3Ti per rail bonds, ivhieh arc to be •ecured by tolls and amortized vithiii 30 years. The turnpike is to become part of the commonwealth's highway system when the bonds are redeemed although the slate itself does not participate in any form of guarantee. Under the tentative tariff stritc- :ure, average toll rates for passen- degrees; no other highways cross i il ul grade—they span it. or go be- Head Oiirler News Jaycees To Sponsor Pilots Opening Game CARUTHKRSV'ILLE. Mo.. April 4 —Al the first regular April meet- in.-;, tho Junior Chamber of Commerce voted to sponsor the opening •lay game of Hie Carul'nersville v\lots. K-hich win be held early in May. Jaycee President Kcnnctt W. Dlllinan announred yesterday. The cltil, had ueeii asked'to sponsor the game by Pilots President J. Ralph Hutchison. President Diliman also announced appointment i,( commtttscs lo function at the animal Christmas Parade j-Y.stival lo be held next full. Leonard Limb.msh was name;! gin- cral chairmar. n!id committee heads are a.s foifov.s; Lloyd Rogers and Bob Mclulr. street decorations; Walter Koljcitson and Joe B. ll-m- ley. parade mukeiiii and asseinX!/; H. I,. Ward Jr. and Byron Ward, special floats. The paivuli- lust year attracted 15.000 spectators and was declared one of tho iaritc:;! civic undcrtakinjs In SoulIiMsi .Mi.v.ouri. Dillman siM he was makiii-; commia^e head appointments so that conimitlccr. might bi-aii) functioning c.irly toward bctlc-rini; c.i c parade over Inst year. j ^"irajo bridse. only span across (he Colorado river for 1000 miles, Inis a shvjlp nrr ), B ig f eci a sp,,,, of 835 feet ard rises 437 feel from ! the surface of the water. The I bildgc Is in Arizona. 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