Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on October 26, 1937 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 26, 1937
Page 4
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SfAS/ Me mln. 5fc £ tto*»*-<c wort, ttJfllmuta We Btath (M ttm«s)-ISc wfflfd. ~ tom- lirki0r **« Jar taaUnir word count, dMOfcatioa aao« Meb « "Toe ,,B*tt*> H "TM Sate,*' etc.~*hls Is taw. '•Hilt MKh initial or name, or earn- flt& telephone number, counts •* * faQ word. Pot etampW: M5NT— Three-room modem apartment, with ganc* CkM* in. Batjain. J. V. Blank, JfcMNMNL 1$ worts, tt fc word, *c tin*; iiiHie wotd, 53e tot HtM ttdtet, eta. JHIMs All .cten »Uced by •jflhjkumi ate due »nd payable 0900 ftCMUUfiMl «< bitL PHONE 768 Service* Offered _ _. Repairing Thirty years experience b -Sfegnar 130 S. Hervey Phone 171W STORIES -IN- STAMPS ROMAICS o/ THE OLYMPICS \'M , *Henjpstead County Mattres^ Shop "-jftfijds aew wrtton mattresses and re- "Wttlds old ones. Work and material ./guaranteed. 712 West Fourth - street Pfynw* Paul Cobb, 853-J. 19-tfc ;t" ForSaie ""• FOR SALE—New sorghum molasses to new buckets, high grade. 55 cents per gallon. Call tt office of Hope "Star. 27-15-dh. "t r, . f ____ f __ t _^____ — « FOR SALE—I have eleven houses that 1 con sell for $100 down and the balance on the Building & Loan Plan of small monthly payments. R. O. Bridewell, Agt. 25-3tp Abruzzi • Bye, Oats, Bartay, May Vetch, Winter Peas, Iflnter Grass and Fall Bulbs. MOOTS SEED STORE l-26tc " FOR SALE-Used Burroughs book• kming machine in perfect condition. -Apply at Hope Star office. 22-tfdh. SALE—Two high producing cows. Also two extra fine •combination mares. Horsey McRae. •e _ . SALE—Avery No. 30 cream f.,_ separator in.good condition also two fWejgallon cream cans both for $15.00. ,' Cornelius Farm, Fulton, Ark. 26-3tp :,f'~ • fVJ^ Wanted CANTED TO BUY—I pay hi^aest cash ^' R. L. Meyers, Buck. 19-7tp '• Notice \TAKEJT UP—Red and white-faced <slf. About five-weeks old. at Hope Star for informa- a-6t-c :;', Lott ' ^STRAYED—From my farm at Boss- toivpctober 20. One dark red muley •heifer, weight about 375 pounds. Re- Ward 'for any information. M. M. Mitchell, Rosston, Ark. 26-3tp <• -'LOST—Black and White pointer puppy. Five months old. Answers to name, of Jack. Call Frank Nolen. $5 reward. : 26-3tp < Sequoia National park rangers report that a flying squirrel in the park U inordinately fond of uncooked spe- :ghetU.' LONt), pink-cheeked. 27, sole heiress to the Netherlands throne, Princess Juliana of Holland first saw Prince Bernard 2u Lippe - Bicstevfeld at Garmlsclv- Partenkirchen, Gerrnnny, during the 1936 Winter Olympics. Apparently it was love at first sight for both. They were married amidst great pomp and ceremony at The Hague, a year later. Thus the world was givep another famous romance, bet-s'een a popular couple. Substantial, embodiment of all the Dutch virtues, including that of being a good housewife, Juliana ' is n noblewoman of first rank. Yet her old classmates nt-r Leiden still call her "Juli." •', Scion of a poor but likewise noble German house, the prince studied to take up a commercial career. Then he met Juliana, the Queen of Holland liked him, the Netherlands ministers approved him. So the prince became Prince Consort of Holland's Crown Princess and- future queen. As consort he was voted $110,000 a year. Some day with Juliana he wiU share the $5,000,000 annual income of the queen. Germany's winter Olympics at w h t o h the famous couple first mel is portrayed on a recenl issue of the Reich. JConyriEht, 1037, NKA SPrvlcc. Int I Today'* An>w«r> to CRANIUM CRACKERS Questions on Page One 1. Diagonally a dollar bill measures 6 11-16 inches. 2. Andrew Johnson served as president although, not elected to that office. He became president After Lincoln's assassination. 3. Iceland is without militia, army, navy, and air force. 4. The sentence is incorrect. A person can be one-half, one-fourth, one-eighth Indian but never 'one- sixth. *5. 13 and 1, multiplied produce 13. National Insignia BORIZONTAI, 1 Coat of arms *! Of — -, pictured here, f Capital of this jepubjic. Answer to Previous Puzzle 'iRrrLlsLJElEIBIRlUlNl arbarians. r. jn, ,18 Civet type of -30 Coin slit sheep. 84 Cubic meter. MI4le prisoners. 87 Anything steeped. 39 pack of neck. 38<3rief, 33 Within. f$ A wrong name ~ p aH»A»Ah5KaRLftje l?efore. Sweeps dust. S W ty m Tward. 49 Plural. 50 Company. 51 Courtesy title. 52 Dye. 54 Northeast. 56 Wan. 58 Breakwater. 60 This country's president. 61 This country's currency units. VERTICAL 1 Harbor. 2 Bay window. 3 Constituent of rennet, 4 You and me. 5 Choking bit. 6 Affirms. 7 Flannel. 8 To rent, 9 Exists. 10 Bundle. 11 Smell. 12 Short letter. 15 Jewels. 18 Asperses 20 Street 22 Lukewarm 24 Game. 26 Thing. 28 To be indebted, 29 This country> chief industry 31 There is freedom of in this land. •34 Nautical. 36 Sea miles. 37Rhythjii, 39 Encountered, 42 To accomplish 43 Senior. 45 Knife, 46 Ketch. 48 Upon. 49 Moccasin. 50 Eccentric wheel. 53 Rumanian coin. 55 Being, 56 Pair. 57 Half an em,. 58 Postscript 59 Road- OUR BOARDING HOUSE with Major Hoople OUf OUR WAY smiTT-SPUTr t IT/ t AM THe MSMTAL, YOU HOP i WTO ' A AM MOW ASS-ORBEP IW A PROBLEM "THAT AWAY WITH OR THAT ISTHfe Ot= MAUY A 6<3AP, WWEW MY "PATEMT <30UT= BALL WILL MAVAE (T POSSIBLE T50R PUFFERS ID- <50 6UT BOUT WITH 1W A OWI.Y HAt> TO THE R'APIATOF*, WHY YOU ROLL UP MDUR ( STRAIGHT POWM u THE coulee. | E V-. m UP,F,Y THIS OWE - ALOWCS , MAc7OF,= BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES The Mood Indigo ALLEY OOP HAPPENEDTOX^I WISM.WOW^ F001V-HE (I HAPM'T SEMT HAS BEEU > HIM OUT T'QIT ME GOME FOR [ THEM MVSTEEIOOS PAVS/ r-^ PLANTS I USE TM4KE TH 1 WOOIV .TALK/ Tuesday, October 26 By W1LU HE WASM'l TAKEN ANY OP ME WH£K) t LOOK IMC), THEM THIS .SHOULDN'T BOTHER HIM STRAIGHT JACK IT.' By MARTIN ie Voice of Guilt BE JUS'UKETH'RUMWY TO TR.V MOMKEYIW'WlTH 'EM-THAT 15, IP HE HAS HAP AMY LUCK FIMPIN' 'ENA/ %%C<!?V-^ w>. m- *f% &*• FOOZV.' MV GOSH, i'C? JUST ABOUT GIVEU VOU UP/ HOT 2IGGY, I SEE Y'GOT TH' PLAMTS/ BOY, ARE A PAL.' 8V GOLLV FELLA, I'D JUST ABOUT OSWCLUPED VOU'P TCIED T'EXPEGIMEUT WITH THIS STUFF - SKITLBV PA SPEEDDUWKITV WELL ; I'LL 5E— !.'.' HE DOME IT/ JUST LIKE I KWEW HE WOLH-P.TH' CKOOKED, LtfU', LOW- OOWM, PICTV DOUBLE CROSSER..' RtWr» ;j .'p ^'Sfi WASH TUBES GET VOUR.&UNS; SHOOT THEIR i PONT 5EEANY ONE TO SHOOT. Monkey Business "IVEM^. CONTINUES TO CLAM& F IVE MINUTES PASS AND THE BELU C . . . - FRECKLES SO THEY DON'T GIVE SHACYSIOEf A CHAWCE THIS VEAR wrrw FPiECkLES' OUT OF THE LIWEUP, EH? SO IT'S A OWE-MAW TEAM,I HAVE, EH"? WE'LL SHOW TWEM ! FRECKLES' OR NO FRECKLES, WE,'RE STILL IM THE FIGHT.,., WE'RE 1 MOT COUWTED OUTLET J AMD WE'LL PROVE IT. 1 MYRA NORTH, SPECIAL NURSfc Behind the Eight'Ball AT 1 ? FUNNY) 5OMETHIN&5 GOME WRON&' FROM wow ON/ AFTER TWIS SEASOW IS OVER I OUGHTA WRITE A BOOK EWTI- TLeP:''HOW TO WATCH A FOOTBALL GAME FROM BEHIMD THE , EilOHT BALL !' ,^ V '^ By BLOSSER [ff^EALLY*U?P£N£D IN TOOTBEq '^^ BOYf'WHATA9WELU TIME TO coi_t.ecT W HEN Georgia Tech and Howard College were playing at Birming'' ham, in 19U, Howard was backed up to their own goal and wanted' to punt. But the field was short and there was no room for the puntev. to fall hack behind the goal. "Will you lend us 10 yards," asked Howard's captain .of the Tech leader, "we'll gladly repay you," Although unusual, the deal was made f and Howard kicked out safely. Apparently everyone forgot the debt} as the game wont on. j Then Tech worked the ball down to the 11-yard line. "How about! those 10 yards, now?" Tech's captain demanded. Howard objected,' the "debt" was payable on demand, the referee ntled, and the ball moved to the 1-yard stripe. Tech scored on the next play. On By .THOMPSON AND . ., MV6A ATTEMPTS TO PQ&CE Of^M THE DOOK TO HER CELL, BUT D^-VOM 6PP6W STALKS POWM THE HALL wrfH A CHUCKLE ..... cp/ne a*c*: • voy CAWT pq THIS TO TP HIS PFFICE^VOW BOPEN FIWP5 BULL WELL, BULL THE NURSE IS WISE.I'VE HAD TO JUCp HER. WA/AT.' HOW 'BOUT JASON? WOW'T HE GET SAAART,TOO? OF COURSE,BUT HE'S SAFE, FOE. THE MOMEMT WOW, HERE'S WHAT 1 PLAM

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