The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 4, 1940 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 4, 1940
Page 5
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THURSDAY, APRIL 4, 1940 BLYTHEVJLLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS Osceola Society—Personal |Ctrcle One, had thirteen 'present. I'T ' T> I i i t-^. . /-, , X^«^ n J?£rV"V.l liollc y Khubarb Pie Gives New Slant On Dessert Problem Driver, Jr., as devotional leader, Four now members were added to i (his circle: Mrs. Ira Wright,, Mrs, | T. V. Connor, Mrs. IX R. WcrUs and Mrs, Raymond Coiner. j Circle Two In Ihe home of Mrs. ! Doyle lincl eleven members who clfcu '" ""• c ' I! Dri "' °"" 1 " John Kelsci Si l no rise and fall of the Empire In Peru dating from 1100 j ^i'^" Baker lo 1533. recent archaeological discoveries, will! something of the Mayan and Aztec civilizations war discussed by John Kelsov before the Osceola Progressive Chili al their April meeting In the Methodist Chape! Tuesday afternoon. Mr. Kelser, wlio has (.raveled extensively in the United Slates.,,, ,, ... „, , ., Eurojic nnd Mexico with pin'tlcular ?, olinc ' otvthc Christian slurty of prehistoric civilizations In " rs - J <"' Youn « L ™« m lhe " rsL thc Somhwesi, showed samples of I '"'° . cll!l l )tm «<• tllc meeting lu nnd Mrs. Joseph Cough were added to Hit'; circle as new members. • , ISoglns .Mission Slml.v i "Training For Service" is the '. name of tho tiew mission study class textbook lo be used by thc Senior Circle of the pottery collected by lilmself in (he ruins of the-West, and nlso used a chart explaining thc recent discoveries of Dr. Douglas of the University of Arizona relative to the use of tree rings. Mr. Reiser will also speak lo the members of the Literature Department of the dull in their night meeting In the hone of Mrs. John Edrlngton next. Tuesday night, on (he "Indians of thc Southwest" basing his address on his studies while a member of the faculty of (he Aztec High School. Aztec, N. M.. last term. In the business session conduct- by Mrs, D. n. Wertz, president. Mrs. John W. Edrlngton gave an Interesting report of the sessions of thc biennial meeting o( the Forrest City District Federation ol Womens Clubs which she attended in Helena last week. Mrs. Leslcr M. Blckford played two numbers ol Krcisler's entitle;! "Sehon Ros- narlnn" and "Viennese Caprice." Guests of the club were Mrs. Baker Springfield. Mrs. J. A. Pigg. Mrs. II. B. Jones, Mrs. Allan Segraves, Mrs. John Binford White, thc '"' Fran * c ° m ™>' and Mrs. Paul Conway this week. Mrs. J. C. Scurlcck was devotional leader. Mrs. Frank Conway will teach the next lesson in the home of Mrs. Mary Dean on April fifteenth. Wills Award it JonrtjlMH'o Mary Virginia Segravos, editor- in-chief of the "Seminoie Pow- Woiv" Osceoln High School paper. won first place in feature writing at thc fourth annual Journalism Day nnd Hie slxlh annual Academic Contests licit! in Jonexboro Saturday. Myrleen Hall placed fourth in preof reading, with Jim Bumi winning first ))lnce in Science in thc academic contests. The test was based upon the texl "problems in Democracy." Mrs, C. L. Moore and Miss Chloe Clark are sponsor and co-sponsor of the Pow-Wow. Miss Clark and Miss Dorothy Starr accompanied the group to Jonesboro Including Miss Segrnve.s, Myrleen Hall, Jim Bunn. Merrill Nelms, Adair Hook. Adclle Hook. Betty Ann Whit worth. Edna Mae Shelton, Vera Ilendrix. • SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON World of Today Should Meed Amos Pleads for Justice; and Miss Catherine Harwell Hostesses were Mrs. W. T. Ram- Drtvcri Bwld BnM fey, Mrs. B. P. Slanton, Mrs. E. S. Shippen, Mrs. G. B. Segravcs. Mrs. Mliot Sartain, Mrs. A. P. Splcse, Mrs. A. S. Rogers and Mrs. John White. V. IV. A. Meets Black and yellow were the used in decorations at the Court House Cflfe lor the supper meeting- of the Young Women's Auxiliary Monday night. Low block bowls filled with jonquils centered the black econoUtc tables with yellow candles burning in • black candle- l,,, , trstmc green and yellow Spring . Mary Katherme Grillin, . Billle tV.teiul Conventions itv ,-\rits. OAYNOH MAODOX N'lvA Service Staff IViilpr Combine honey with spring rnu- bnrb, take In your flakiest pastry and you'll feel as frisky as a young lamb. HONEY HiUniARB 1'IK (Serves Six) 1'astry for shell and lattice top — 4 cups fresh rhubarb. ^ cup honey. \« cup sugar, 2'i table- siicons quick cooking tapioca, l-l lenspcon salt. Line a glass pic plale with pastry. Mix rhubarb cut up m finall pieces, honey, sugar, la]>lcr.i. and s«H together nnd pour into pie plate. Place latlice crust over the top and bake in a moderately hot oven ('ICO degrees FJ for 'lo inlnuUs or until rhubarb is dour. Forest City District Federation of Womens Clubs are Mrs. D. R, Wei tii, piesiclcnt of the Osceola ,, „ . icluh; Mrs. John W Ediiiiulon Mrs Folloi™, B the .supper at. the cafe. > K P . Jacobs . Mrs . w . E Tlunt ami he group went to the home of f Mrs. S. L. Gladish Mr.s Wort" was heir counselor, Mrs. B. E. Moore, elected treasurer'of the fct ct Mrs. Hale Jackson, Mrs. Frank Serve from the attractive glass pic Williams. Mrs. Godfrey White and ' plme nt the table. Mrs. A. vv. Young left today for j TO a simple dinner add this i-ort Smith to attend thc sessions kmmtintl dessert and you'll IHWO of (he annual convention of the' a feast- Arkansas P. E. O. Sisterhood. Mrs. j Willlajns is thc newly elected presi- i dent of Osceola chapter "O". They will return Saturday night. Members of (he Osceola Progressive Club who went lo Helena lor llic biennial meeting ol the was added as a new member. . Margaret Burton, who is a mem- Bin II next wccl ber of the f. W. A. when at, home but who is a .student in Ouachila College, was a guest, The Hcv. Wilburn Powell of Tcxarkana. nt the state convention in Pine housegiiest of Miss Burton, was a gurst and gave three reari- ings after thc program. Ho is' a ministerial student in College ai Arkadclphia. Ouachita Prrsliylerian Circles Oreauijc Members of thc Presbyterian Auxiliary whose church year bc- glm on l!>e flrsi of April" jjict in Mrs. Harold B. Tiliman is in Phic IJ]i;(T this week attending the annual convention of Woinans Missionary Union. She made (.he (rip with the Rev. Ralph Douglas ami Mrs. Douglas of Luxora. Mrs. Frank Conway. Mrs. J. C. Scurlock and Mrs. w. T. Ramsey were in Blytheville Monday to see "Gone Will) the Wind." Mr. nnd Mr.s. R, n. Langsdon visited his parents. Mr. and Mrs. thc homes of the two circle chair- C. P. Langsdon in JODcsboro over men. Mrs. B. C. Bryan and Mrs. , thc weekend. George Doyle, on Monday for or- Memphis visitors this week have animation, study of the plan of i been Mrs. j. L. Williams' Mrs work and appointment of standing Frank Williams Mrs K n'rro»ii" ! «l. H- M. Fletcher,' James' Dru-c,- of | C. K. Driver, Russell Crockett, Ruth COI "' nUl ^ s ' Al'I'LE VAN IKHVDV (Serves six) Six tnrt npplfs, 2-3 cup sui;ar. 1 Test. Aimis 5:1, It).IS, 'il-'U »v wiM.iAM i-:. niiiKor, i).n. Aimis was not tlie r.rsl of Iho Hebrew ptoiihet.s. but hi- was tho first n-liwp pro|iliceU>s hnvc i'onw down to us in H book nitiiclied to Ills niunc. Uc Is it stilkliiB llgHvo, and Hie Interest of his prophecy lies In the tsct (hill so much Unit lie snld I'oiu'ernliiji |ils own Unit' upplns with etjUiil Inlcnslly and rcallly to om- time. Amos was a herdsmitn who (ended his Hocks In Tekoa, a Illllo village about rj miles soiilh ol jern- siili'm. He hud soinelhlnK of (he IIIIIIIIM-'S srnsc of values and rlrar- ness HI vision; ami, when lie cnme into Jt'niHilem and obsiMved what «'ns lutpiienititi in (lie (owns ami dues. l«> mi.s simrki'd HIKI mis moved t<> protest, just as u plain. iHini'M. hiiKl-worklng mini mluhi lie fllMiii'lii'd today wtdi much that he sees in our modern I'lly Itfi-. It wns 11 time nf so-called prosperity In Palestine, intt what Amos saw mis extreme cotititist of weullh niul poverty. Soiui' were living lives of Indulgence and luxury, while others starved. Amos saw not only tills ri-ntinst, |jul he tilso lid taklnu no dellifht in Ihcso ns- lembltc's. And it Is not only tho 'oleo of AIIKW. but it l.i the' voice, of nod linn one hears In (lie great ijassmjo of Ihe tlniil verse of our lesson: "Let Justice roll down as miters and rlshleousnes.i n.i u mighty slrenin." Surc-ly one can read tho application of all (his to our own day. Amos, as n prophet of Israel, preaches directly lo our own lime us much as If he actually stood In our midst. teaspoon cinnamon. 'J tablespoon. 1 ; butter. I recipe unking powder biscuits (using 2 cup;; flour). Pure and slice apples mid arrange them In n '.vcll-gri-a.scd one quart utility dish, about lOxBxL' Inches. Mix suziu and ctmunnim P OSSI ' KS < 1 <1 were unwilling In sliaru • STAMP NEWS produces n new crop of ,i,i,..-,i, um ,,c 111.10 MIW stamps am) Ilio present Euro- Ihiu beneath It, and in soinn metis- I pc "" coll( " ct Is no exception. ure causing It, there were real in- ' Amoll B recent war issues is the Justices, " '' -•-' ' Mix sugar together nnd sprinkle over upplev nnd dot with butter. Roll the bak-' 1 - 1 ' ing powder biscuit (lough ottt to one-half Inch thickness and cover apples. Gash In several places lo allow escape of steam, flake In a moderate oven 1350 degrees F.) for about 30 minutes. Serve hot with nutmeg cream. KOTiMKG G'KKAM Two Inblc-spoons llncly granulated suriar, 1-4 teaspoon nutmeg, I cup light cream, Mix sugar and nutmeg together. Pom cream over sugar and slir until dissolved, U WHS not only Hint those wlio •sxed were unwlllln wllh those who had not. bin socl« Itself WHS full of malel'milMii and cflrn:|)llon. The rich nnd powerful were exploiting the power for tlielr own ends nnd their own Spnng Accompanied By Screen Problem Massey, Charline Masscy. Mrs. H. S. Wilson and Mrs. Ben Butler. A. P. Taylor and Virgil E. Crawford of Memphis were guests ot Mr. and Mrs. I. S. Burton this week. Dwight H. Blackwood lias returned from a month's visit, In California. Mr. and Mrs. Blackwood accompanied by their daughter. Mrs. Jetllc Driver and baby son. Jerry Driver, went to L«s Angeles in February to join D. H. Blacfcwood, Jr. Mr. Driver, accompanied by Mrs. J. D. Borum. motored out three weeks ago lo Join his family. Mrs. Borum is Ihc guest, ot her sister. Mrs. Martha Carter, and of her niece, Mrs. J. V. itodge and Dr. Hodge, a Los Angclc.s demist. Dr. George Cone is expected home Sunday from n visit of ten days with his brother. Dr. Adolph Cone in Jacksonville. Fin. Memphis visitors on Tuesday included Mrs. S. L. Gladish, Emma Cox and Mary Lorine Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Williams have had as guest-s (his week, her mother and brother. Mrs. E. D. Boseman and Clarence Bozeman of Crawforrisville; Mr. and Mrs. V. P. Avery also of Ciawfordsvillc; Franklin Robinson and son. E. D. Robinson, of ClarRsdale. Miss., nnd William Wallace and W. J{. Wallace. both of Marks, Miss. Amos describe. 1 ; what he snw In vivid words, us llic poor were l)e- iii|4 trampled upon. He snw also corruption In tmllllcitl life, brlbi'ry and dishonesty, lie snld (hat the man who Is prudent would keep silence nt. such 11 time, lint Amos himself wns net prudent; he «•«« above all tilings honest ami lear- lejis. As hi 1 saw grenl evils in (he society of the time, lie appealed to the people lo seek good and not evil, lie warned them (hut thc course they were pursuing wns boiim! to bring deslrucllon upon them. Religion itself was perverted from its (mo ways and its emphasis upon holiness nnd In the Springtime home owners' thoughts linn lo screens. Many home owners paint the frame nnd Die wire, doll) of ihelr icreens ...., ..,«-,• nuum-nn nun HKIUCOUS- cvcry Spring in order to maintain I ness, ft luul become very largely a a fresh and colorful appearance, i matter ol form. The people were In repainting- (he wire cloth of I observing their feasts nnd meet- screens it Is better first In scrub[inj: in Ilieir solemn ns;;embiles, 11 lightly with a brush, nshv snap ; They were bringing burnt oiler- and warm water. liinse with clcnn i ings, but they were not ollci'ln water and let it dry tlmicmghly. i tlinlr own lives as sacrillces unto P.iinl the screen from one side : Ootl in holiness, •only, letting thc slrockes go up anil | So Amos poured out his wrath (Iow'|i. from right to left, and dim;- j on these things. He represents the Dually, Thc other side nt 'the•:-Almighty us despising chcse things screen should be treated with a dry j brush in the same manner. French semi-tiostal reproduced above, one of Iwo stamps issued for soldiers. The spire ol tho Ca- (hccirnl of Slrassbourg is shown in the background. A colonial soldier Is pictured 'on Iho other stamp. France also hns announced n series honoring World War heroes, find an airmail sol, picturing World War aces. Revision of posfa.l Kites produced reissue o( 53 slumps of France nnd French colonies. Wnr lax stamps, such ns were issued In 10H-18 arc expected lo be Issued in England. U hns nlso been snggeslttl that Great Britain Issue her first charity stamp, R feint-postal for (he Red Cross, but no definite Announcement of such n slump has been made. 'Bad* Money And Forgery Subjects 01' Films Shown The twin ilnngers o( counterfoil money unit government check forgery wore shown lo students of the city high school, local banker. 1 ), iiUM-chnnlK and city, county nrul stale nollce In nil educational film JiDumoiwl by (tio United State Secret Service presented this Jiiorn- iiij! at the Rosy thciitei 1 by Basil f.'. Kiiwtoi), secret service agent in clmrse of the Arkansas district, assisted by Nell Blianuon, secrn service will, with the cooperation of Mr. and Mrs. O. W. M:Cut;lien. owners of Ilio Diealor. one of the only two motion pictures ever nmde of money, the film depleted true mid coimu-rfclt money and ilio forgery of poi'Tii- menl elicck.i. The other film, nlso recently nmde of the printing of money which was filmed by n mcllon picture company In COOJHT- i\tlon wllh Ilio government, was recently shown «l Uie liltz tlwnlcr lii'fe as n "short" In connection wllli a rcjjiilar pj-oifriim. Mr. Newton :ipoke briefly ui the work of Ihc United Slates socrcH service In tills field "Know Your Money" urn! urged obsernnice of n few simple rules "to sale-guard the, pockelbook of tho nation." In tlio past It has bceii unlawful W photograph any ; kind of money nut special permission was given lor llieso two educational fllms-unc to te made by a pri. vale concern for Ihe theater patrons and the other made by the government for tho general public—In an effort lo stop these crimes. It was pointed out. . . . BACKACHE, LEG PAINS MAY BE DANGER SIGN Of Tired Kidneys II li.jrU.-li m ..mernl>]i>. ilim I jusi i about llrein, N'ltuiv li your (iiilrji.yi nrcil ixi Thir Idcjin-y, ,110 N OMCM "Cl'ls iillil inrh lnii»l. I li»y lulp rnwl rii™kiiig yu' i.l <ln tlltlltlll (, r iiMi wulr O'K ol Ili JI t'lrn (A In il Tl l ri tin. ,l,,,.| , iMltwIir,. rl.c nj tii..r8 S ., liullinni r ( ullr.1 uf kiitucy l,,lio.i :,,„! !i||,, t , -' '"""".""» """ lo iu«Hw »lay» ,, ),„,„„,„ ,„„,, , u ,, t ,,., B ,' nliii |i»nn, |I K jmln,, I,,., J licuiim i[, iiiulil. 5»-,,lli,i K , • " Although coyote.? have dens, they always sleep In Ihe open. • FREE! AH Spark Plugs Cleaned Free During NATIONAL SPARK PLUG WEEK •one This uiTcr will neck only l!fsliuiiii|{ Sunday, Apill 7lh Ihroufih Salurdiy, April laih. PHILLIPS MOTOR CO, 1'liono 311) Kiglifh (iradcr \\Viglis .118 i NORTH JAY, Me. (UI»)—Ciivirr ! Kiltrccige. 13. probably is Ihe larg- : est boy of his age in Ihc United j Sidles. An eiehtli grade pupil,'' Cuvier is 0 feet 5 inches lull am) , weighs K'lH pounds. The only rcudy- l to-wear clothes that his parents • buy for him arc overalls. I want to express my appreciation lo my friends for their voU 1 and cfTorts expended in my behalf in Ihc recent Municipal .liutye Election. Diiylc Henderson. FOR SALE \Vi- havr ciirlrnitl I'l'digrci'd 1). I'l. and Klonevllle. Rrcd. Also liirgo uiiMHint nf same kind thai has been planlctl here one year See or Gal! Us For Price! Vriy Illii-i-iil price allon-ancr Tor your old seed. L. R. Matthews Gin Co. I'limic •ltl.i-tv-2 Yarhro. Ark. or reor&c TO OOTIAG! iPw ill^ "Alntofpcnplcloolinl llicitiy.cnml (IIKililyofn I'onlijrrnntl decide "ith- <H,t ever invcMi£iitin£ lluil 1*1)11- tiac's price is beyond ihcir rcocb." if y %pnt me in my hijl, new Tun- Imc.-nxliiKliiirrluin IcnnalTord il. Fc« re.ili/c that t'nnliac'j, price is riftlH Jl)«n ivilli ttic lonot." tell them to t,ikc a fund lorrk ;it :, rnnliac price (ag. It's a n cyc-opciicr. Anil Iliat'i ulij- I'm driving n 1'ontiac. 1 ' ,rr "1 never riii'is u cliiincc to sh my I'ontkic. Tlicrc Isn'i ;t Miiomlirr engine «ur cnrlli, nnd I'm {clli'ni! ilirct to funr more milti a ^ollnn," S ^I'S HUMAN NAIliKli ti> lei VOI.T friend:, in on n ^MU! tiling, \\w\\ why I'oiKi.ic owners urc M> hnsy atKism^ ihcir fricn;!-, ID buy [he new I9H) )Vn( They're pnintinA mil ihnt, nt a price riffti ilmvn with the hx'rst. Tontine dt-li\crs you n hi(!> (""d-Mhcclhasc cur — wide-senIctl aiuf roo»ry — fiirnishcJ nut) ftnislicd in JIIMI- ri(ms E-Jshion—ntul posvurcJ hy n pos^cr- pjckcd cnijinc tlmt c!inllcn£cs ihc ^su- line economy nf die t"iri!lr\f curs. Why postpone tfiai hi'i-car, i|ii;iliiv- c;ir llirili? \Vh.i*'s r<M(<ip jcm, »?icii ;i hii* t hcauiilul I'ontimc cu>li vi littler 1 *Dclivcrfii ni rnntidf. Miffr. TrntnfiftHtiHmt basal nn niit tuffs, \ttiic anil finit faifs {if nny), ftfitinnat rqnifnnfnl nnd nffrs^orifx — rrfr<7. /'rrir^ .\nfijcrt In identic witfjtnf notice. A (/Ctteraf Mot'n* litfuc. Special Six -/-Door '/'oaring Sedan, as Illustrated $SS-( LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. I'hunc 1001) „„ ,!r,,,. B i»l (,, tnl|y by ,,,mi;,,,, („, y BIVB liipiry ,«!„•[ 1,|,,1 ,,,11 | l.t ki,h,,,y l,ii l • Mo/fos 70 /fas, of ice '. • 4-pc. china oven ware set! New type Food Gvarcf/an / • 5-year Protection P/on.' « Two of t/ie A s/ie/ves CTO sliding ac//usfobfe.' Check Al! the Nev/ Foafores af This Amazing low Price! !S Oown, S7 Honlhty, to All thc developments above mil ni.iny mote! 15.9.1 MI. [l. " Area! Scalctl unit! S»« (his Him W-Wloday) Compare anywl,«r«l IT'S AMA/INc: llic imprcs. siin, iif hifili-pticcil luxury Ilir ln,v-priced l'on(i:ic lias (Jivcn Ir, Hie Aiiierie:,iip,ihlle.lnareccnl survey, nine nnl nf te Incised llic I'nnliac price frnm $MHI I.) S21M) l,ii'l,er thmi ll.e itctllrtl figure. ,lr;i/ 1') who IJIICSMJII Mi llifili saiil /( tivu fcoi Ih thai iliflrrrHfr! I'hbiic (j7Ci

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